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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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gandolfini. what happened overnight in italy. and how he's being remembered today from hollywood to capitol hill. in just about an hour, we could know whether same-sex marriages will stay legal or illegal here in california or if they'll be allowed to resume. >> good morning. 6:00. winds will be resuming today for us in the bay area. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. choppy waters on the bay as well. let's check the forecast. mike nicco is off and leyla gulen is here. >> we'll see that six to ten-foot waves and also very high winds up to 25 knots starting at noon through this evening. we'll be seeing auto warmup today as well. here's a look from our roof cam. san francisco at 54 degrees. updating right now as we pan over to the bay bridge you can see another beautiful shot there. oakland, 50 degrees currently. 53 degrees in mountain view and 50 degrees in santa cruz along the coast. for your day planner for next 12 hours, patchy clouds for the
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most part you'll be in the mid 50s. as we head into noon and toward 4:00 p.m., it really will ramp up. warming up to 8 4 degrees inland. 60 along the coast overnight we'll see clouds roll back in once again. let's see what's happening on our roads where it's a little bit busy right now as we head into marin county and also a little bit farther to the north this is through sonoma county along 29 in the southbound direction. we do have a single car crash here. lots of slowing in the area. watch out for that. give yourself extra time in hayward we're tracking this accident on surface streets. grove way at mission boulevard. it's a serious accident involving injuries. one person was ejected. we're very slow there on westbound 238 and as we look outside here we go. it's going to be a gorgeous shot into san rafael. >> thank you. we were talking about another rough day on the bay expected for boaters and wind surfers today. the waves and wind led to a pair
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of dramatic rescues last night off coyote point in san mateo county. that's where we find matt keller. what happened? >> reporter: it was a mess out here yesterday. right now let me show you where we are over my left shoulder is the san mateo bridge. to my right you can see a beautiful shot here of the bay as the sun comes up. the winds picked up over the last hour or so and are expected to pick up even more later today. here's some video of what it looked like last night here off coyote point in san mateo. around 6:30 friends got worried about a wind surfer who had not returned to the coyote point marina. san mateo fire department and south san francisco fireboat joined a coast guard helicopter looking for the man. during the search they spotteded a 13-foot boat rocking in the bay with three kite surfers monitoring a race. the winds were becoming dangerous and the boat was headed in when the engine died. >> so at some point we had to decide, okay, it's enough for the race.
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it's getting too tough. let's get back and see that we get back safely. >> reporter: as they were being towed back to shore, the coast guard spotted the missing wind surfer. he was taken to a waiting ambulance with what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder. back live, the boats in the marina may be better off staying there today. there's a small craft advisory for the bay and the winds are going to be picking up. they are expected to reach as high as 25 knots. that's close to 30 miles per hour. reporting live in san mateo, matt keller, nbc 7 news. it's 6:03 now. happening today at 7:00 a.m. less than an hour from right now, the u.s. supreme court could decide on two major cases involving gay rights. one is california's same-sex marriage ban prop 8 struck down by a federal judge. if the court upholds that decision, same-sex marriage could be legal again in california. justices could also use that case to legalize same-sex marriages across the country if
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they so choose. the other decision is challenge to defense of marriage act. stay with abc 7 news of live coverage of the supreme court decisions on air and online. we'll bring you decisions when they're announced and we'll tweet the news. also happening today, a special private screening of fruitvale station. the show starts at 7:00 p.m. at the grand lake theater. the film is about the hours leading up to the 2009 shooting of oscar grant by a b.a.r.t. police officer at oakland's fruitvale station. the movie will open in theaters on july 12th pushed up from the october opening date. it took home grand jury and audience awards at the sundance film festival in january. the dog that killed a 6-year-old boy earlier this week in union city has been euthanized. the pit bull mix bit the boy on the top of his head on monday morning at his grandparents' home. he died at the hospital a few hours later.
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authorities say the dog was put down the next day. the boy's uncle who is a san mateo police officer owned the dog. no charges have been filed. new details on the sudden death of actor james gandolfini who died yesterday in italy at the age of 51. this morning condolences are coming in from hollywood and well beyond. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. katie? >> reporter: a lot of reaction. we want to take you live to rome right now where a news conference is under way at the hotel where james gandolfini was when he got sick and of course later died. it looks like it is just wrapping up there. a family friend was at the podium and says it appears that james gandolfini died of a heart attack. a lot of reaction from not only hollywood but politicians this morning. in a tweet, chris christie, the governor of new jersey, gandolfini's home state, called the actor a new jersey pressure
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and deepest sympathies to his family. and john mccain said one of the nicest guys i've ever met. this morning we have learned that gandolfini's body has moved from the hospital in rome to the city morgue and again we expect to know officially that he died of a heart attack after his autopsy which is scheduled for tomorrow. an official with the hotel where gandolfini was staying with his son, michael, said michael called the front desk around 10:00 local time yesterday after his dad got sick in the room and the hotel then called an ambulance. a director at the hospital where he was taken says they did try to recesuscitate him for 40 minutes. friends, fans and fellow actors are shocked that gandolfini is gone saying he was too young and too talented. >> that kind of loss is -- you don't replace him. he is one of a kind and he will be remembered as one of a kind. >> reporter: in new jersey, the diner paying tribute to tony
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sopra soprano. the owner left the famous booth open with a reserved sign on it. in addition to acting, gandolfini produced two documentaries on the iraq war and he leavind his son, michael, his wife and their 8-month-old daughter. live in the newsroom, katie marzullo, nbc 7 news. >> katie, thank you. gandolfini's death is making front page news in his home state of new jersey. this is today's edition of "the star ledger" from newark. the headlines reads "sopranos" star jersey icon dies. our thanks to abc news and espn correspondent darren revel for tweeting this photo. take a look. this is the invite facebook sent out. it reads a small team has been working on a big idea. join us for coffee and learn about a new product. facebook actually mailed these invitation.
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they're not evites. there could be a video version of instagram service today and word of a feed. today's event is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. state lawmakers are getting a big pay raise. the california citizen compensation commission vote edo restore cuts made during the recession. the governor will earn $174,000 a year. lawmakers will make $95,000 in base pay. most lawmakers also take home an additional $30,000 in per diem payments and even more money for being committee leaders. california lawmakers are the highest paid in the country. on the peninsula, hundreds of drivers are now facing $200 tickets after an undercover operation focusing on pedestrian safety. police launched a sting yesterday to catch drivers who don't stop for pedestrians in cro crosswalks. those who were stopped offer a variety of excuses.
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>> i thought she was going to stop. i don't know. don't even go there. >> the irony was i saw all of the motorcycles and thought what are they doing over there? >> right when i'm going through i see this pedestrian right here. it's, like, come on. this is ridiculous. >> well, ridiculous or not, 261 drivers were ticketed yesterday. 100 for failure to yield to pedestrians. it's not cheap. the ticket runs about $250 to $350. >> see if you can convince the judge it's ridiculous. 6:09. time for a check on the weather forecast. mike is off. here's leyla gulen. >> that is free. we've got free beautiful warm weather now. as we look at you are our live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, no cloud cover. little fog along the coast. with that warmer weather it's warming trend that couldleralle. mold is low but uv index is high. have the sunscreen handy. here's a look at our three-day
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forecast. for the next few days another warmup tomorrow. 86 degrees inland. 76 around the bay. 60 along the coast. for saturday, it will ramp up just another couple of degrees. we'll stay pretty consistent in the bay area and 60 degrees along the coast but come sunday, we could have a possibility of drizzle overnight into monday and certainly a cooldown that will stick around for at least monday but then warms up on tuesday. i'll have the full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. right now, let's see what's happening on the roads where we do have accidents and stalls and everything in between. as we head right into marin county northbound along 101 at petaluma boulevard where we do have a stalled car. the driver got out of the car and walking in lanes. you never want to do that. be very careful. southbound side looks like that is loading up a bit as you head in the southbound direction toward san rafael. as we head over the altamont pass, bumper to bumper traffic. 32 miles an hour. slow into livermore. it does pick up speed once you
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head into pleasanton and let's go outside live right now and look at that. it's the maze as you make it down 580 into berkeley. eastbound side not bad. >> thanks, leyla. just released list reveals the most common unnecessary surgeries performed by doctors. find out if a procedure you've had is on that list. but first, one step closer to sainthood. the hurdle the late pope john paul ii cleared at the vatican.
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good morning. 6:14 on this thursday. beautiful start to the day as you look out toward ocean beach and those gorgeous pacific waters. leyla gulen is going to tell us why those waters may be a bit choppy today and a bit windy out there coming up. president obama and the first family are back in washington, d.c. following their european visit. the first family stepped off marine one last night and walked into the white house. the trip started on monday when the president attended the g-8 summit in northern ireland.
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after the summit, the commander in chief met with german chancellor angela merkel. mr. obama spoke at berlin's brandenburg gate calling on russia to slash supply of nuclear warheads. ann romney stepped back into politics briefly during a city council meeting in san diego. >> my name is ann romney. i'm here today to express concern with the city of san diego's noticing procedure for development projects. >> it was that ann romney. it was an appearance that caused some to do a double take. the wife of former republican presidential nominee mitt romney made a surprise appearance tuesday during the public comment portion of the meeting. she spoke out against the city's procedure for notifying people about development projects. the romneys own a beachfront home in la jolla they've been trying to expand for years. mrs. romney says their permit was stalled due to inaccurate information printed in the public notice. this morning pope john paul ii is one step closer to
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sainthood. a commission has voted to attribute a second miracle to the late pope. that's a necessary step on the road to becoming a saint. the case now goes to a commission of cardinals and then pope francis for approval. a source tells the associated press that john paul can be canonized this fall in time for the 35th anniversary of his election to the papacy. new this morning, a released review of government records show thousands of patients undergo unnecessary surgeries every year. "usa today" reports in many cases doctors recommend surgeries to get extra money from insurance companies. in other cases, doctors don't have the training to recognize when a surgical procedure could be avoided. according to the review, here are six common surgeries done unnecessarily. cardiac angioplasty, cardiac pace makers, back surgery, hysterectomy, knee and hip replacement and cesarean section. many times the surgeries take place because patients are not
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inclined to question their doctor's judgment. buckingham palace is unveiling royal baby plans. the duchess of cambridge is set to give birth in mid july in the same hospital wing where princess diana had william and harry. the couple will not learn the gender of the baby until the birth but they're in the dark as well. the announcement of the heir will mix tradition with technology. royal staffers will post a bulletin on an easel for the public to see outside buckingham palace at the same time there will also be an announcement made on twitter. you can see kate from it the hospital room tweeting a picture. >> i can't. >> i have a question. when the baby gets older starts to act up, will they say that it's being a royal pain in the foot? maybe. >> i wondered where you were going there. >> i have to keep it clean. you know what, it's a great day today. it's going to be warmer. it's going to be last day of
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spring as well. first full day of summer arrives tomorrow. as we look at our live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, we aren't seeing any clouds. very little fog along the coast. that will change over the weekend. we'll see a steep decline in our temperatures over the weekend. right now what we're looking at is this trough of low pressure pushing its way to the east being replaced by a ridge of high pressure that bringing in warmer weather. what follows is another trough of low pressure that will be coming in toward the end of the weekend. now, for our highs today, it's going to be pretty decent. we're also going to see high winds as well starting at noon we do have a small craft advisory for our local waters. so if you want to take that sailboat out it will be a gorgeous day. we'll also see high winds up to 25 knots. that's 30 miles per hour. also high waves about 6 to 10 feet. right now for the most part it's calm. 15-mile-per-hour winds recorded at sfo. now, for our highs today, it's going to be pretty decent out there. mostly in the 70s nice and
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comfortable. mid 80s toward the inland valleys if you are in marin county you can expect to see upper 70s for most of that area. 66 degrees in san francisco. we do have a game tonight. it's going to be giants taking on florida marlins and first pitch is at 7:15. breezy overnight. you may want to pack a sweater. our overnight lows in the mid to low 50s for much of the bay. low clouds and patchy fog rolling back in. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. slight bit warmer tomorrow and saturday and then on sunday you're going to see temperatures dipping right back down to 74 degrees inland. yikes. all right. it will be cool on monday too. let's look at our traffic and see what's happening out there. we do have a couple of accidents. first one i want to get to is if you're heading along into santa rosa 101 northbound at 12. car is on its side. two cars involved here. it's out of the roadway.
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we are looking at spectator slowing in the immediate area heading eastbound along 12. now as we look at delays. we do have one ace train delay number 1 train pleasanton to san jose ten minutes still. b.a.r.t. and muni everything running on time. and outside we go. see what's happening out on the roads. bright views here. bay bridge toll plaza. you need sunglasses in the eastbound direction. metering lights are on causing delays out of emeryville. >> thank you. it's 6:20 now. the controversial church group known for trying to cure homosexuality makes a sudden announcement. ahead at 6:30, the reason why they say it's shutting down. coming up first, gas or electric? single oven or double oven? consumer reports and 7 on your side put hundreds of ranges to the test to k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
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6:23 on this thursday. live look at san francisco. the embarcadero area. we have the bay bridge you can see. a lot of sunshine. it's clear this morning. we have winds. we'll check in with leyla gulen in for mike with your forecast coming up. when it's time to remodel your kitchen, one of the big decisions you'll have to make is which range to buy. >> there's gas, electric. single oven. double oven. consumer reports partnered exclusively with 7 on your side to put these ranges to the test.
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>> good morning, everyone. are you remodeling your kitchen? one of the biggest challenges is deciding which cooking appliances to buy. choices among cook tops, ovens and ranges mushroomed in recent years. consumer reports tests more than 250 models to help you hone in on some of the great buys. lauren is finishing up a major kitchen renovation. her most important decision, what's cooking. she wanted a range that delivered everything she needed all in one. >> coming from someone who had a really old kitchen, i could not believe how many different choices and not just choices between brands but choices between one brand and how many different models there are. >> reporter: according to consumer reports, she's in luck. new ranges offer additional cooking options and can cost hundreds less than buying separate units. even 30-inch ranges. take this 30-inch range with
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double oevens. large oven on bottom and smaller on top. this double oven range solves that problem. two same size ovens that can each handle a turkey. >> we were even able to fit a 26-pound turkey in each one. >> the testers found getting a turkey out of that bottom oven is no easy task. as for the stove top, should you get gas or electric? >> chefs and cooks love gas ranges but we found that both gas and electric do very well in our tests. >> if you have your heart set on a double oven range, you have more options with electric. among the top rated, that double oven for 1,800. it simmers and the smooth top makes cleanup a breeze. if you need gas stove and are considering getting a dual fuel range, consumer report says the ones it tested don't offer much
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advantage but consumer reports did find a great gas stove, the gallery for $775. it doesn't have a double oven but it does have five burners and a convection oven. >> 6:26 now. new details this morning on the violent rob ybery on a muni tra caught on camera. >> the reason police believe this is not the first time these young suspects preyed on innocent victims. >> reporter: a big decision could come out of the u.s. supreme court this morning. one that could spark a celebration in san francisco. i'll explain coming up next. warmer weather. what a sight from our tower cam just drenched in sunshine. we'll have a beautiful day today and another one comes tomorrow before
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6:29 on this thursday morning. golden gate bridge and a beautiful view. winds will pick up and the water is going to get choppy. leyla gulen will tell you more about that in a moment. >> it's so beautiful out there. let's check in with leyla gulen
6:30 am
in for mike right now and talk about what we're facing. >> let's look at this. a beautiful sight again. here's a look. a hazy start but for the most part sunshine is going to be sunshine all day long and into tomorrow as well. 53 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland, 50 degrees. we're down to 49 degrees in santa cruz. a breeze blowing in at the moment. that's what we're going to be experiencing for today. so small craft advisory is in effect. also some choppy water as well. about 6 to 10-foot waves are expected. as you head out the door, do expect to see mostly sunshine. a little cooler to start and then it will ramp up by noon to 76 degrees inland. 68 around the coast. 84 degrees inland. 76 around the bay. 60 along the coast. slight cooldown as we start heading into the evening hours. we'll have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. right now taking it out to the roads, let's see what's happening out there. we do have this. it's an accident.
6:31 am
it's along southbound 101 along petaluma boulevard. bumper to bumper traffic. down to 21 miles per hour in that area. westbound side of 80 university avenue a tire tread causing cars to move in and out of lanes. do watch out for that. and as we take you right back over to hayward where a surface street accident serious injuries involved. roadway at mission boulevard. it could be blocked at this time. you want to make sure you find another way around it as we go outside let's look at this drive. it's going to be beautiful but albeit heavier. traffic southbound along 680 toward highway 24. >> thank you. 6:31 now. happening today in just under a half hour, the supreme court will release new rulings and possibly among them decisions on prop 8 and the defense of marriage act. as abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield tells us, that comes as san francisco officially kicks off its pride celebration.
6:32 am
amy? >> reporter: if there is a celebration here at city hall, you can see own the sidewalks will be cleaned and looking good for it today. the gay pride flag is flying here in san francisco at city hall. this is where it all began for the city when the mayor back then gavin newsom in 2004 started allowing same-sex marriage starting the path to this u.s. supreme court decision that could come today and it comes just as pride is starting. there was a red carpet kickoff event for pride last night at the hotel in the city. the focus is on the pride celebration but the supreme court and the fate of proposition 8 was on the minds of many. >> still hopeful about it. i'm really excited. so many states have marriage equality movements and so this is a very exciting time and for it to happen in the middle of pride i just think couldn't be any sweeter. >> reporter: prop 8 bans
6:33 am
same-sex marriage in california. it was approved by voters in 2008 with 52% of the vote. same-sex advocates challenged proposition 8 and that challenge made it all of the way to the u.s. supreme court. the decision could come today in the next 30 minutes. an exciting time in the city. if it doesn't come today, the last day of scheduled decisions is next week. next thursday. some are saying this decision will be a landmark one. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. stay with abc 7 for live coverage of the supreme court decisions on air and online. we'll bring you the decisions when they happen and we'll tweet the news. new this morning, the controversial christian group known for trying to clear homosexuality says it's shutting down. in a statement the president of the group apologized to members of the gay community.
6:34 am
chambers said, "i'm sorry i communicated that your families are less than mine." there will be a new ministry working with other churches to create safe and welcoming communities. new this morning from the south bay, san jose police are investigating the shooting of a man in grave condition this morning. police say they found the man with at least one gunshot wound on virginia avenue near interstate 280 and highway 101. the shooting happened just after 6:00 last night near the san jose police activities league. so far no suspects. new information on the robbery of a woman on san francisco's muni. two other women stepped forward to say they were robbed by the same teenage girls. the two young robbers moved fast and hit hard punching the 68-year-old victim in the face snatching her two purses and running off the muni light rail train in the bay view district. this woman who wants to be identified only as nicky says
6:35 am
one of the girls stole her iphone last december while she was shopping. police believe the girls are young, 13 and 14 year olds. another victim says the same girls threw her to the ground and tried to take her iphone last week in front of mission district caffey on 24th street. happening today, b.a.r.t. workers are taking advantage of this dump the pump day to hand out leaflets and raise public awareness on their contract issues. b.a.r.t. and its unions are hoping state mediators can help the two sides reach a contract deal before it's too late. the mediators joined the negotiations yesterday to try to prevent any sort of a strike. talks between b.a.r.t. and its five unions are stalled on key issues like wages and health benefits. the union contract expires on june 30th. that's a week from sunday. today's eighth annual national dump the pump day encourages drivers to take public transportation to save money on gas while helping the environment. according to the american public transportation association,
6:36 am
which sponsors the event, the average family can save nearly $10,000 a year by riding mass transit. we're learning more about a hit-and-run accident that killed a bicyclist in san jose. an suv hit 55-year-old glen arnold earnest as he rode his bike above highway 87 monday afternoon. police say he was hit from behind and the driver took off. the car is described as a late 1990s dodge durango or dakota. it's dirty white, light gray or silver in color. new details in the death of james gandolfini. a close friend of the "sopranos" star gave a statement at the hotel in rome where gandolfini was staying where he died. he confirms the 51-year-old actor became ill and died of an apparent heart attack after being taken to the hospital. he asked for privacy for gandolfini's family including his teenage son, his wife and their 8 month old daughter.
6:37 am
an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. so what are you doing tonight? i know. the spurs will try to rebound from tuesday's tough loss to the heat when they were just seconds away from wrapping up their fifth nba title. you'll be watching. miami was on the brink of elimination on their home floor trailing by five points with 28 seconds to go but ray allen's clutch three forced o.t. and miami went onto win it forcing tonight's deciding game seven in south florida. the last road team to win a game seven in the nba finals was in 1978 when the washington bullets beat the seattle supersonics. our coverage of game seven between spurs and heat begins tonight at 5:30 right here on abc 7 followed by after the game. 6:37 now. a lost wind surfer and boaters in trouble. ahead the rescue effort in the bay and what you can expect for today. up next, first it was president obama's bay area appearance and now a group of protesters have their eyes set on a bay area landmark.
6:38 am
the protest that could impact drivers today. a live look outside. sun is up. you're looking at san francisco. the financial district and downtown looks like a nice day ahead. leyla gulen will give us
6:39 am
6:40 am
we can see things warming up over the course of the day. clouds staying at sea.
6:41 am
we'll see by this afternoon 60s along the coast. 70s further inland right around the bay 80s inland. inland valleys. look at the golden gate bridge. we'll experience some ragweed, 2003, ozone and grass. allergies kicking up a bit. low mold but high uv index. we'll see a warmup for the first day of summer tomorrow. saturday warmer still but sunday we do have a deep decline in temperatures. we'll have more on that in just a bit. let's look at roads right now where we have a few accidents and slowing traffic down significantly. in marin county along 101 at highway 116 is where we have a crash out here. down to 14 miles per hour. 34 miles per hour just behind it. it is just bumper to bumper traffic as you make it in the southbound direction. we do have now a 20-minute delay on ace train number one that takes you from great america to san jose.
6:42 am
b.a.r.t. and unimuni running on time. happening today, bay area nurses and people who oppose the proposed keystone pipeline project are planning to march across the golden gate bridge at noon. they are joining registers nurses across the u.s. stepping up this are call on the obama administration to reject approval of the pipeline. demonstrators against the keystone project protested during separate bay area visits by president obama and vice president joe biden this month. nurses are concerned about environmental and health problems that could be caused by the pipeline stretching from canada down to the gulf of mexico. 6:42. two more chances to win free gas in the abc 7 big gas giveaway. up next, leyla gulen will reveal today's winner. trading under way on wall street. we're starting off with the dow in negative territory below 15,000. ahead we'll go live to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange. rescue on the bay. efforts to save some stranded
6:43 am
water goers to safety after
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:45 now. the accuweather forecast calls for another windy day here in the bay area. >> leyla gulen has been talking about that. that's putting authorities on alert following two rescue efforts at coyote point in san mateo county. >> abc 7 news reporter matt
6:46 am
keller joins us live to explain. matt? >> reporter: these trees are a good gauge of the winds out here. perfectly still. no breeze out here this morning. as i take my photographer up here, he can get a good shot of the bay. beautiful morning here in san mateo. the waters are calm. that's expected to change. the winds are expected to pick up to 25 knots later today. that's close to 30 miles per hour. now this is what it looked like last night here off coyote point in san mateo. around 6:30 some friends got worried about a wind surfer who had not returned to the coyote point marina. the san mateo fire department and a south san francisco fireboat joined the coast guard helicopter looking for the man. during that search they located a boat with three kite surfers monitoring the race. their boat engine had died. >> luckily we are here and the coast guard is so aware of what's going on here.
6:47 am
i mean, we are pretty lucky with the coast guard that they are here in time and always helping. >> reporter: as they were being towed back to shore, the coast guard spotted the missing wind surfer. he was taken to a waiting ambulance with what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder. now back out here live, we've seen a few voters leave here this morning from the marina but later these boats may be better off docked. there's a small craft warning for the bay. reporting live in san mateo, matt keller, nbc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. 6:47 now. also new this morning, the senate's gang of eight and two republicans are near a deal that could break a major impasse on immigration reform on capitol hill. abc news learned a deal is expected to be announced this morning. the agreement dramatically beefs up security on america's borders by doubling the size of the border patrol currently 21,000 officers strong. the deal also calls for completing the 700-mile long fence along the border. final details are still being worked out.
6:48 am
a possible vote could come as soon as next week. new this morning, the dow sliding starting off the day down triple digits. >> credit card interest rates may be about to go the other direction. higher. bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange joins us live. >> good morning. they are all related. let's start with this. great ready for higher borrowing costs. mortgage rates are moving higher. incredibly cheap auto loans, zero percent balance transfer offers could go away. trp rates interest rates on government bonds are down. all kinds of borrowing costs are going up. comments from ben bernanke about scaling back stimulus efforts on signs of a strengthening economy. what's behind that move to higher interest rates and rising interest rates from the head of wells fargo telling cnbc that it's okay if rates rise as long as it happens because of
6:49 am
improvement in the economy. that could hurt the housing market. no sign that's happening yet. home prices may were up 5.5% from a year ago with some of the biggest price increases in san francisco and san jose. now, we did get a report on may home sales from the national association of realtors here in a few minutes. we're seeing stocks down this morning. so we are extending those losses that we saw yesterday with the dow at the moment down 135 points and the bloomberg silicon valley index also trading lower. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> 6:49. all right. i've been complaining a little bit. i don't want to. having to take benadryl and allergies. >> with warmer weather it's going to bring it in full steam. >> misery loves company. i don't want anyone else to suffer. >> good morning, everyone. don't see any clouds out there. no fog along the coast.
6:50 am
a couple patches at the most. we do have a trough of low pressure marching toward the east and that is taking the cool weather with it. what is following behind it is a ridge of high pressure coming in bringing the warmer temperatures. right behind it is another trough of low pressure that will come in on sunday and that's going to cool things down significantly with the possibility of some drizzle over sunday night into monday. we also will experience very high winds on our local waters. right now things are quite calm in most places. we're looking at 5-mile-per-hour winds in novato. 15 at sfo. that gap gets so much win. highs around the bay, 80 degrees in morgan hill. sunshiny out there. nice and clear. 78 degrees in los gatos. along the peninsula, sunshine dominates. 70 degrees in san mateo. along the coast half moon bay, 72 degrees. 59 in pacifica. in san francisco, 66 degrees will be our high.
6:51 am
63 in the sunset district and everything right now drenched in sun. 77 degrees in san rafael today. 76 in santa rosa. as we move inland in the north bay, 81 degrees. in the east bay, it feels like lower 70s for most of the area. oakland, 73 degrees will be the high and inland valleys, 82 in pittsbu pittsburg. sunny and warmer than we've been experiencing. we do have the marlins that we're hosting today. this is going to be versus giants and first pitch at 7:15. cool and breezy. again, i said there will be a small craft advisory starting at noon today and that's going to last through the evening and you're going to be experiencing 25 knots. that's about 30-mile-per-hour winds. the lows for tonight were going to be in the low 50s not most part and low clouds and patchy
6:52 am
fog will be rolling back in once again. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see where things warm up for the first day of summer which arrives tomorrow. that's at 10:04 tonight. saturday will be warmer. 88 degrees inland. sunday is when we see a drop in temperatures. 74 degrees inland. 56 along the coast. it continues its decline into monday before wrapping up once again on tuesday. let's look at our traffic to see what's happening on the roads where we do have an accident causing delays southbound along 29. look at that. this is in the st. helena causing heavy backups. southbound 101 at 116. another crash out there out of petaluma you'll be on the brakes. spectator slowing in the northbound direction and we have signal problems causing some delays on ace train number one from great america parkway down to san jose. all right. time now for announce today's winner of the abc 7's big shell gas card giveaway.
6:53 am
jeff w. you have won $700 in free gas cards from shelby liking abc 7 news on facebook. we still have one winner to go. so you still have a chance to get in on the action. all you have to do is click the like button on our facebook page. then fill out the entry form. if you are already a fan, you need to fill out the form on our facebook page. we'll announce the final winner tomorrow morning here on abc 7 morning news. it could be anybody. >> you only need one shot. seven things to know before you go
6:54 am
as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" seven things to know before you go. people are advised of high winds and choppy water on the bay today. four people had to be rescued by the coast guard and emergency crews yesterday. wind gusts are expected to reach around 30 miles per hour today. number two, in just a few minutes at 7:00 a.m., the u.s.
6:55 am
supreme court could decide on two major cases involving gay rights. one is california's same-sex marriage ban prop 8 struck down by a federal judge. the other decision is on a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act. number three, speaking from italy in the past hour a close friend of james gandolfini says the 51-year-old actor became ill his rome hotel and died of an apparent heart attack yesterday. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. b.a.r.t. workers are taking advantage of the dump the pump day encouraging people to take public transportation to hand out leaflets and increase awareness on contract issues. mediators joined negotiations to prevent an end of the month strike. game seven of the nba finals tonight. the heat will try to repeat as nba champs while the spurs go for their fifth nba title. coverage begins at 5:30 followed by "after the game." number 6, day planner, pack
6:56 am
a sweater. you'll need it for morning hours. it will warm up by noon. 4:00 p.m., lots of sunshine. 84 degrees inland. 76 by the bay. and along the coast, 60 degrees. cooler weather will return overnight into the evening hours. number 7, a live look at our berkeley drive westbound on highway 80. that's the headlights, taillights moving in the eastbound direction. no accidents out there. we do have a pretty long drive ahead of us. 101 southbound from petaluma to 580 under 40 minutes. antioch to concord drive under a half hour. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us for abc 7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> the supreme court could rule on prop 8 in the next 30 minutes or so so we'll be standing bill staying here so if a ruling comes down we'll bring it to you right away.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, "sopranos" star james gandolfini dead at 51. on vacation with his 13-year-old son in italy for a guys' trip. dying suddenly of a heart attack after being rushed to the hospital. we're live from rome with the latest. developing now, the new england patriots' aaron hernandez at the center of a widening homicide investigation. new evidence that could link him to the crime scene. as authorities now investigate whether hernandez is linked to a triple-shooting earlier this year. paula deen facing a stunning lawsuit from a former employee about her racist slurs. her attorney's now firing back, saying the southern chef has been told to, quote, pay up or be ruined. this morning -- the music helps us remember, tony soprano. he changed the way we all watch tv.


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