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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 22, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, fried. the food network canned paula deen for her racist remarks. >> i beg for your forgiveness. >> are her apology videos making things worse? and can this celebrity chef do anything to save her reputation? smoked out. wildfires threatening a small, iconic town featured in movies like "the lone ranger" and "national lampoon's vacation." tourists this morning being forced to pack up and flee. revenge of your electronic devices. the safety rule hated by passengers could be about to change. the new faa plan that might allow us to keep our phones on. and doggone ugly. the results are in.
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the competition was fierce. and this morning, we reveal the world's ugliest dog. good morning, everybody. a lot going on right now, including news of a scary scene endured by nelson mandela, on his way to the hospital. and a medical alert triggered by the sudden death of 51-year-old actor james gandolfini. 51 years old. what are the heart warning signs you should be looking for? dr. rich besser is here with us this morning. >> so many people wondering if anything could have been done to prevent that untimely death. also this morning, the name game. kim and kanye gave their daughter what some are describing a wayward name. but where does it rate among offsprings such as apple, and blue ivy. and what does a name do to a child later in life? we begin with celebrity chef
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paula deen's backfiring. she had two awkward videos online, apologizing for racist comments she made in the past. moments later, the network announced it won't be renewing her contract. abc's steve osunsami joins us now with the story. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. for paul a deen, this is the definition of damage control. it was a deposition, her own words, that started this fire. >> inappropriate, hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable. >> reporter: the normally cheery and folksy self-described queen of southern cooking, begging for forgiveness, saying she's caused herself tremendous pain, insisting she doesn't discriminate. >> i want to apologize to everybody, for the wrong that i've done. >> reporter: she first put out a short, edited statement on
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youtube but quickly took it down. and replaced it with a longer, more natural and vigorous apology. >> i spent the best of 24 years to help myself and others. your color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference, does not matter. >> reporter: in the transcripts of a recorded deposition for a lawsuit filed against her by a former employee, deen admits she once suggested to an assist, that she hire middle-aged black men to dress up in white jackets and black bow ties for an old plantation civil war wedding. she said she looked the look. but she didn't mean anything derogatory. she was asked have you ever used the "n" word yourself? yes. but it's been a really long time. >> from a p.r. point of view, this is a disaster on every level. >> it's so good. >> reporter: deen's apologies
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weren't enough for her tv home, the food network, announcing it will not renew paula deen's contract when it expires at the end of this month. her nearly $16 million empire of food products and recipes could take a hit. on twitter, they're saying her apology is going over like burnt cornbread. her fans are split. you should be ashamed. you made a mistake. you should not have your whole life and career destroyed because of it. carla hall of "the chew" is also a supporter. i love you and support you, paula deen. she was a student of deen's. here's what's at the heart of this. for so very long, deen has been the ambassador for all things good and delicious about the south. but what's happened this week has reminded everyone what's not so good about the south's history. dan? >> burnt cornbread. steve osunsami, thank you. overseas, we're getting stunning new information about a harrowing scene that played out when nelson mandela was rushed
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to the hospital earlier this month. this morning the nobel peace prize winner is in serious but stable condition in a hospital in south africa. but wait until you hear what happened with the ambulance who took him here. brandi hitt is outside of that hospital in pretoria. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we learned the military ambulance carrying nelson mandela to the hospital broke down along the way. and mandela had to wait for a second ambulance. the 94-year-old former president was rushed to the hospital exactly two weeks ago today, when his health deteriorated rapidly. sprin government officials tell abc news, the military ambulance suffered engine trouble on june 8th and broke down. officials, though, will not say how long mandela had to wait for the second military ambulance to arrive. but they insist he had a full medical team with him the entire time during the transfer. and they say his health was not placed at further risk. still, he has remained in the hospital here for 15 days now,
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in serious but stable condition. just two days ago, former south african president, thabo mbeki, told the nation that mandela's health is improving. but government officials are releasing very few details. and they've not been told when mandela will be released from the hospital. dan? >> so many questions. why are we just hearing about this ambulance breaking down 14 days later? we're going to turn to new developments involving nsa whistle-blower edward snowden, officially charged with espionage this morning. the man who leaked some of the government's biggest secrets is still believed to be hiding in hong kong. and u.s. prosecutors want him back. gloria rivera joins us live from hong kong. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: there's heightened drama in hong kong where edward's days could be numbered. it's believed that the young man is holed up somewhere at a secret location in this vast city. but he could soon be forced out,
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if hong kong authorities, that is, can find him. u.s. officials have now asked hong kong police to arrest edward snowden. but officials here have been almost silent, saying only they will act in accordance with the law. despite the warrant for his arrest, edward snowden has options. he could flee if another country would take him. he could also seek asylum. but that could trigger a legal process that could take months or some say years. snowden is entitled to legal representation here for free. one legislator told me that if snowden makes an appeal against extradition, it could reach hong kong's highest court. and that process could take five years or more. really, without an unusual step, very unusual by china's government or hong kong's, it could still be some time before edward snowden is back on u.s. soil. bianna? dan? >> a thorny situation for the u.s. president having to deal with global leaders this week in europe. our thanks to gloria.
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>> and for the government of china. going to be tough for them, as well. a lot of other news overnight. but ron claiborne is off this morning. gio benitez is filling in. great to have you on the broadcast. >> it's so nice to be here with good friends. >> loving that smile here. >> let's get right to that news. we begin this morning with big delays for southwest nights. overnight, a computer glitch grounded the airline's entire fleet. in all, 57 flights have been canceled this morning. the glitch impacted everything from flight check-ins to printing boarding passes. a company spokesperson said even with a backup system running, expect delays today. and raging wildfires are forcing hundreds to evacuate the popular camping resort of south fork, colorado. the town is featured in popular movies. but this morning, officials fear the fire could ruin everything. >> reporter: this morning, the town is hoping the inferno can
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be stopped. walls of flame charges through 60-square miles of forest. south fork thought it was doomed. >> lots of plumes. >> reporter: roughly 400 residents, along with hundreds more summer tourists made a break from the town, which often serves as a hollywood backdrop. but overnight, the evacuees damaged a fiery bullet, catching a break from a shift in the wind. >> our biggest concern at this point, is to get ourselves out of south fork, colorado. >> reporter: rodney reid stied behind. threatening the family grocery store that's been around since 1946. >> we're trying to be here in case we need to provide supplies to the firefighters and law enforcement personnel that are trying to save our town. >> reporter: south fork is partly famous for its cameos. in "national lampoon's vacation," it's where the
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griswolds came to camp. and where the lone ranger and tonto came to film their new movie. and south fork is wishing apocalyptic scenes like this were only a special effect. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. now, to a shooting rampage in north carolina, where four people were hurt. police say a man armed with a shotgun first shot someone outside of a law firm in greenville. he then crossed a busy five-lane road and shot three more people outside of a walmart before police took him down. no word this morning on his motive. an employee at an exotic animal refuge is in critical condition this morning after she was attacked by a tiger. take a look. 21-year-old marissa dubb. she was cleaning the cage at the refuge in center point, indiana, when she was attacked. police say she forgot to close the gate. so, she and that tiger ended up in the same part of the cage. witnesses say the animal had
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dubb's head in its mouth. she had a fractured jaw and other injuries. but she is expected to survive. and finally, police officers never know what to expect when they pull over a car. but a passenger in the backseat gave one officer in texas a big surprise. take a look at this video. you can see officer keith moore, yeah, handing the driver a ticket. and then, he's bitten by a monkey. it turns out, it was a trained monkey who performs at carnivals. officer moore is fine. he wasn't seriously hurt. both he and his partner, though, they thought it was pretty funny. i'm thinking community service for that monkey. >> yeah. exactly. >> you come to expect a lot of things to pop out of cars. but not a monkey. >> not that monkey. >> gio, thank you. for some fliers, it is the single-most annoying part of air travel. you're in a satisfying tweet, e-mail, or video game of a youtube clip of a monkey biting a cop, when the flight crew makes you shut off your device.
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for so long, so many of us have wondered, do our blackberries, kindles, ipads and the like, mess things up in the cockpit? now, change could be on the way. and reena ninan is at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. there's always one more e-mail to send before you take off. and an advisory committee is looking into whether or not the influence of small electronics affects the situation on a plane. and while these changes are not official, some are already saying they've been long overdue. >> welcome aboard. and thanks for flying with delta. >> reporter: when it comes to flight safety, we're usually happy to follow the rules. >> make sure your seat belt is fastened. >> reporter: all but one. >> and ensure your mobile phones and electronic devices are turned off. >> reporter: the 50-year-old ban on electronics was mocked in "men in black 3." >> i'm not turning my cell phone off. it has nothing to do with no airplane. this is what we get.
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it bounces around on the satellites and blam. turn your damn cell phone off. >> reporter: on friday, news broke that the faa may allow some devices. like e readers, games, movies, tablets to be used during taxiing and takeoff. >> so, a cell phone can potentially have more power transmitting its signals. >> reporter: welcome news for actor alec baldwin, kicked off an american airlines flight in 2011, refusing to turn off his phone while playing words with friends before takeoff. >> not any game, mind you. but a word game for smart people. >> reporter: after all, pilots can use ipads in the cockpit to look at maps and manuals. sure beats the backup plan from "airplane." if the faa accepts the suggestions, you might be able to play angry birds during takeoff. but the ban on cell phones is expected to continue.
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that may be that's a good thing. >> excuse me? you're not supposed to be on your phone. it's bad for the plane. >> oh, i'm sorry. are you a plane doctor? >> reporter: so annoying the cell phones. ultimately, it will be up to the faa to decide what to do. now, if only they could figure out how we can keep our shoes on during the security checkout lines, really important. >> one step at a time. are you a plane doctor, i like that. do you know when this is going to become implemented if they do pass it? >> reporter: it will be up to the faa to decide whether to take the recommendations and whether or not to move forward. but there is a lot of pressure from travelers to try and allow some of the smallest devices, since there really isn't concrete proof that it's affected the use of the airplane in flight. >> music to so many people's ears, including dans. i'm curious to see the satisfying tweets and e-mails. >> right now, as a matter of fact. we're going to turn to an
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international scandal involving russian president vladimir putin and the case of the allegedly stolen super bowl ring. that ring belonged to new england patriots owner robert craft, who claims putin walked off with it when they met several years ago. the russian needer is responding to the allegation by offering an odd and somewhat lavish solution. kirit radia is in moscow. >> reporter: vladimir putin is addressing an international scandal that hounded him all week. accusations he stole a super bowl ring from patriots owner, robert craft. his response, what ring? >> translator: the ring? >> reporter: but he does remember some souvenirs being exchanged. a week ago, craft claimed that putin pocketed the ring after the two met in 2005. he says he gave putin the ring to look at. and recalled the former kgb spy saying, i could kill someone with this ring. that was eight years ago.
4:16 am
back then, craft said the ring was a gift. but now says he said that only after the white house feared asking for it back with would be a diplomatic debacle. a kremlin aide says the ring was definitely a gift. calling craft's claims, weird. on friday, putin was sarcastic when asked about the scandal. >> translator: if it's such a big value for mr. craft and for teams, i have a suggestion to make. >> reporter: his idea, make him another ring so blinged out, he'll forget about the old one. the old ring had a mere 124 diamonds, totally just 5 carats. putin's snarky suggestion -- >> translator: i will ask our manufacturers to produce a really good visibly valuable thing, made out of very good metal. >> reporter: a ring so much better, this time, craft won't let it out of his sight. the ring is reportedly somewhere
4:17 am
in the kremlin behind me. the question is, if putin is going to give craft the new ring, why doesn't he just give him the old one back? >> that is a fair question. >> that is. but on the flip side, russia's known for its fine jewelry. gold, diamonds. peter, i lost my wedding ring. >> you lose your wedding ring? >> no. ginger was watching that piece and was confused. is that vladimir putin's voice? or the voice of a translator? >> i thought it was at first. and then, i was watching his mouth. no. not talking. let's go straight to weather because we had almost 300 severe weather reports. this is not a laughing matter, from south dakota into minnesota, with 15 reported tornadoes. it wasn't just tornadic winds, it was winds almost 90 miles per hour. those pictures from some of the damage in south dakota. look at minneapolis and listen. >> whoa.
4:18 am
>> just one of those thunderstorms rolling through. but two major rounds came through. hundreds of thousands reported at different times of the night without power. they even felt that 2 1/2 inches of rain. but surrounding areas, close to six inches. it love to tell you it's changing. but it's not. the exact same spot is going to get more storms today. watch along the stationary front, from rapid city, to north platte, all the way through sioux falls. green bay, and des moines. so, a lot of bigger cities, right there in the midwest, have to be aware. and if you don't have the severe weather, you'll likely have the floods. some flash flooding problems, especially in central minnesota. that purple area, all the way from nebraska, into wisconsin. so, you go complete opposite. and you get good fire weather. and by good, i mean terrible because it's hot and dry. humidity levels low. less than 10%. 91 for santa fe today. look at 92 in grand junction,
4:19 am
colorado. things not improving too greatly. if you want moisture, you have to go to the southeast. here's a quick look at florida's forecast. >> two really great photos to sure with you, facebook and twitter. first, from the oregon coast. we get a lot of notes, saying you don't talk about the pacific northwest too much. because the weather is so nice. that's cumulus. you tried, dan. you see the name on that picture? >> that's my mom.
4:20 am
>> oh, wow. >> yeah. nice. a double rainbow. >> that's dan's mommy. she took that up in boston. hers was the nicest photo. i had to include it. thanks, nancy. >> she loves you so much. she's going to really love you now. >> good. >> we do love nancy. moving on now. all this week on "gma," we featured dog versus dog competitions, with canine gladiators performing their best tricks. the winner was a yorkie named misa minnie, who has full-body bowling skills. >> misa is a cutie. but this morning, the winner of a different competition. canines vying for the title of world's ugliest dog. rachel smith is in los angeles with the story. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: good morning bianna and dan. on the heels of our dog v. dog week, the best in show has been
4:21 am
captured in the world's ugliest dog contest, by the mutt named te wally from california. look at all of the stunners that pooch had to face. >> the 2013 world's ugliest dog contest. >> reporter: you have to be a real dog to compete in this lack of beauty pageant. >> the advantage of coming to an ugly dog contest is probably the less you do, the better. >> there's no grooming. not much you can do. they're not going to get prettier or uglier. they are what they are. >> reporter: 29 mutts and p pedigrees were presented by their owners. >> look at that speckled coat. >> reporter: hoping to get a leg up on each other at the world's ugliest dog contest. >> doesn't that dog look comfortable? >> reporter: this is the competition's 25th year, as in california, with a new book,
4:22 am
honoring man's best friend. >> look how thomas has groomed his face to match toots. >> reporter: it included the weather of football legend, joe montana. and john provost. >> earning the title of the world's ugliest dog, give it up for wally. >> wally looks like an experiment that went wrong. >> wally was the unique dog in the world this year. >> everybody says there's something wrong with him. his head's too big. his back is too short. >> reporter: the owner of 4-year-old wally, loves her part boxer, beagle and basset. >> he's unique. >> reporter: and now, the winner of a trophy, $1,500 and barking rights. the underdogs may have bones to pick for not fetching top prize. the nation paused to remember
4:23 am
there's always next year. and they can only hope that as they get older, they get uglier. it's important to note that the fun-filled contest helped raise serious awareness for rescue dogs. and watch for wally. he will make an appearance on wednesday on "jimmy kimmel live." >> an experiment gone wrong. that was mean. coming up here on "gma," new information about the sudden death of james gandolfini. and the warning signs everyone should recognize. dr. rich besser will join us. kim and kanye have everyone talking about unusual baby names. growing up in the celebrity spotlight is tough enough. does a creative name make it harder? and the news on the cast of characters for the new "star wars." "pop news" after the break. [ female announcer ] why does lipton tea & honey
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kim and kanye join the long list of hollywood parents giving their baby an unusual name that has everyone talking. north west. that's their daughter's game. but does being creative baby names spar a child growing up? it's hard enough to grow up in hollywood with famous parents. i don't know if having an unusual name like that helps or makes you unique. >> before you had jake, were you considering jake or pilot inspector? >> it has a ring to it. >> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. this is saturday, june 22nd. also this morning, leonardo dicaprio showing off new moves from a new movie.
4:31 am
a closer look coming up. first, we have details in the final moments of actor james gandolfini. an autopsy reports that the 51-year-old star, worth repeating, 51 years old, "the sopranos" star tdied of a heart attack earlier this week. >> he spent a typical day with his son, with no sign that anything was wrong. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: this morning, a clearer picture has emerged of gandolfini's final hours at this rome hotel. after spending wednesday touring the vatican with 13-year-old son, michael, they settled into a meal here. waiting for gandolfini's sister to arrive. they were supposed to attend a film festival in sicily. but three hours later, the 51-year-old actor had a sudden heart attack of natural causes. it has stunned those close to him, including friend, michael cobalt. >> jim was a really happy guy,
4:32 am
especially because he had just had a baby daughter eight months ago, he and his wife. he was extremely happy. he was healthy. nothing wrong with him. this came as a surprise and a shock. >> reporter: the autopsy showed no sign of substance abuse. the family has debunked stories that he had a decadent meal that could have led to his death. the family is working to get the body of the emmy-winner back to the united states as soon as they can. they are also reflecting on the man he was. >> if you were in trouble, if he could do something, he would intervene. this was jim's thing. he always helped people. >> reporter: there's been an outpouring of affection for gandolfini by his hollywood colleagues. >> so gentle. you know? just a gentle giant. and just had a magnificent heart. >> it is a loss. a great actor. but he was a great man, you know? good things to say. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie has ordered the flag at all state buildings to be flown at half-staff on monday, in honor of their native
4:33 am
son. the gandolfini family hopes to be back in the states in the next few days and have the funeral in new york by the end of the week. >> so many medical questions about this story. let's bring in abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. rich besser. 51 years old. i can't get over that. how unusual is that? >> i think it's more common than most people would think. each year, 10,000 people under 55 die of a heart attack. >> we don't know much about his medical past. but we haven't heard reports that he was experiencing heart problems in the past. is it unusual that he would just have a heart attack now? >> one out of every two men and two out of every three women who die of a heart attack had no symptoms before that. you really need to know your risk factors. high blood pressure, or high cholesterol? are you a smoker? diabetes? obesity. and did someone in your family die of heart disease when they were also young? those are the things that put
4:34 am
you at the greatest risk. >> what about in the moment, should you be watching for? >> there are atypical symptoms that are more commonly seen in women. unusual indigestion or a sleeping problem. pain in your neck or in your back. or shortness of breath, with some exercise. you have those things, you want to call 911. say i'm having a heart attack. chew up an aspirin and wait for somebody to come for you. with a sad story like this, there's a tribute you can pay to him. and that's to make a small change in your life. this weekend, go out for a walk. try a weekend without any soda. the small, baby steps can make a big difference in your heart disease risk. >> well said. thanks, doctor. appreciate it. a lot of other news overnight. we're going to check the headlines now. ron claiborne is out this weekend. but we're happy to have gegio benit benitez. aaron hernandez is now the subject of an arrest warrant, on
4:35 am
obstruction of justice charges. it based on the possible destruction of evidence in connection with the shooting death of his friend. abc news has learned the security system at his home was intentionally destroyed yesterday. hernandez lost an endorsement deal with muscle milk. in a stunning development, the food network is cutting all ties with paula deen. controversy erupted after deen admitted in a court deposition to using racial slurs in the past. she released two youtube videos apologizing for those comments. and facebook users, watch out. the social media company says a beg in its system accidentally exposed the private phone numbers and e-mail information of 6 million users. facebook says the problem is fixed. and they are notifying users who were affected. and finally, some bad news if you can't survive without your morning cup of coffee. starbucks announced it is raising prices on some of its drinks. under the new pricing, a tall
4:36 am
coffee will cost 10 cents more. the price hike takes effect june 25th. final for the weather and ginger zee. ginger, we have three days to get that cheaper coffee. >> just the coffee? or all of the specialty stuff, too? >> just the coffee for now. >> let's go ahead and start with the weather here in chicago. they have had a stormy and slightly -- the western suburb of chicago, a stormy start to their weekend. a little hazy there as we look at the trump tower in the background. you're going to see storm action today. you're close to the flight risk and throughout the weekend. and we want to check in on d.c. temperatures very similar. but sky cover different. the jefferson memorial there. that will be a nicer, more clear morning for you. let's look at the summer heat. summer is fully in effect now that we are astronomically in our time of summer. chicago will get to 92. that should be the hottest they've seen this year. that happens tomorrow. and st. louis, look at them, right in the 90s. d.c. remember, guys. this isn't just 90 degrees.
4:37 am
it's 90 with the muggy air sticking around. not just the hot. but the hazy and the humid, as our meteorologist said, we're right in the three hs time. not so much in the pacific northwest. a new storm, a decent storm for this time of the year, going to bring rain showers for northern california, into oregon and into seattle. >> this weather report has been brought to you by quicken loans. dan was just asking, full moon overnight. we want pictures. send them to us on facebook and twitter. >> it's a perigee ring. >> somebody's been studying. coming up on the broadcast,
4:38 am
i'll be giving you more astronomical terms. coming up here, with kim and kanye, the latest celebrity couple to give you their unusual baby name. this question, how do names like north and apple and pilot inspector impact these kids as they grow up? and the seven characters who will take over the new "star wars." we'll break down the cast. but can you think of anyone for the roles? the secret is out. hydration is in.
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one of the first and biggest responsibilities every parent has is to name their child. most people go through and make sure it's a solid name. not one that the kid will be made fun of as they get older. why do celebrities seem to buck that trend all the time? >> actor jason lee named his son, pilot inspector. and jermaine jackson came up with the name jermajesty. and linzie janis is here with the story of north. >> reporter: kanye and kim's baby daughter has a name. but it's the lack of a middle name that makes this one so creative. rumor has it that kanye west and
4:43 am
came kardashian have dubbed their bundle of joy north west, breaking with the family's names. >> i'm khloe. >> reporter: it's part of a different tradition. stars giving offspring unique monikers. last year, jay-z and beyonce, introduced us to blue ivy carter. and who could forget apple? and why george foreman jr. isn't that odd, what about seven of them, girls included? perhaps they were inspired by 1970s rocker frank zappa, who named his kids moon unit and dweezil. the name mason soared to popularity after kourtney kardashian had her son. >> how exciting. >> there's a general trend in excite of people choosing nontraditional names for their children. we tend to hear about it and remember it more when it's
4:44 am
happening in the bright lights of hollywood. >> reporter: for most expecting parents, picking out a baby name can be a challenge. >> it's horrible. i was a little out there, but -- darwin. >> oh, my god. our child will be beaten to death in the schoolyard. >> reporter: but bullying aside, are there risks? >> being born into the media spotlight has challenges. but i think what's important is that parents always realize that their child's needs have to come before the parents' needs. you give a child a name that won't be hurtful for your child. >> reporter: next up on the baby-dar, the monarchy's newest momma, is unlikely to choose an unusual name. reports are that kim and kanye's daughter will be called nori for short. it's unusual. again stefani's son --
4:45 am
>> that's got a ring to it. thank you, linzi. coming up, leo dicaprio as you've never seen him before. that's after a quick break. you've never seen him before. that's after a quick break. it's "pop news." ♪ue lo imposible sea posible, ♪ ♪ que todo lo increíble se vuelva visible, ♪ ♪ tres, dos, hola, ula... ♪ aplaudan en la luna. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, of mild to moderate alzheimer's disease is exelon patch.
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ginger and i are excited for "pop news" this morning. leo dicaprio. >> heard them in the commercial break. >> no. we're asking a professional colleague of yours, rachel smith, in los angeles. >> good morning. good morning, gio. nice to have you with us. buckle up for "pop." first up, we're getting a little taste of abc's parent company
4:50 am
has in store for the brand-new "star wars" movie. the casting directors have released a breakdown of who they want waiving the light sabres across the big screen. alongside the iconic characters. some of the things they're looking for, a man between the ages of 20 and 25, that is witty, smart and not classically handsome. they're looking for an independent girl in her late teens with a sense of humor and a strong physique. then, there's the tough guy around the age of 70. director j.j. abrams says he expects production to start at the beginning of next year. until then, may the rolls be with you. let's talk about leonardo dicaprio. we remember that famous scene in "titanic." now, he's back with brand-new moves. we got a first look at dicaprio's movie "the wolf of wall street." there was one part that really stood out. leo breaking it down.
4:51 am
take a look at that again, shall we? >> wow. >> all right. there it is. right? exactly? now, the 38-year-old superstar plays a new york stockbroker who not only shakes things up on wall street. but apparently, also knows how to shake it out on the dance floor. and finally, two things you never thought you'd see together. a "game of thrones" and a baby. the fantasy series is reaching out to a new audience with a seriously cute baby mobile. the fan base is getting up close and personal with some of the "game of thrones" most memorable features. it's available on the craft site ess etsy. and will keep baby and parents smiling. >> rachel, thanks so much. >> exactly. thanks, guys. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time.
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thanks for watching, everybody. you go. >> no, no, you go. >> david muir is back later with "world news." thanks to gio benitez for filling in. we'll be back tomorrow morning.
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>> good saturday morning to you all. it's 5:00 a.m. and i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. >> hey, katie. we have a full moon out there. it is a beautiful night. a few numbers close to 60. 53 san francisco, 50 oakland and 57 san jose. we are already warmer than we were yesterday. 51 santa cruz and today it will be be a warm afternoon with temperatures topping out in the mid-90s." at the coast we will see plenty of 60s. this evening is nice and mild before increasing clouds and we are talking about a lot of changes coming our way, not only tomorrow but some rain headed our


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