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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good saturday morning to you all. it's 5:00 a.m. and i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. >> hey, katie. we have a full moon out there. it is a beautiful night. a few numbers close to 60. 53 san francisco, 50 oakland and 57 san jose. we are already warmer than we were yesterday. 51 santa cruz and today it will be be a warm afternoon with temperatures topping out in the mid-90s." at the coast we will see plenty of 60s. this evening is nice and mild before increasing clouds and we are talking about a lot of changes coming our way, not only tomorrow but some rain headed our way for a couple days next
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week. details coming up. katie. >> lisa, next. thank you. we have developing news in san francisco where a mini van with a body inside is still submerged into the bay. the van went into the water yesterday evening at the marina green but it was too dangerous for crews to remove it. what happens now? >> what happens now is once the sun comes up, they will return here to the marina green and try to figure out how to get the van out of the water. we have video from sky 7hd right after the van went into the bay about 5:00 yesterday evening. it careened through marina green before going into the water. six members of a boating team at the golden gate yacht club raced to try to rescue anyone who may have been trapped inside but they were unsuccessful. >> it was going down at the nose. the roof was submerges.
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before we got to it three of the guys were in the water with tools trying to smash the window but they couldn't get the window to break completely. >> after about two and a half hours crews from the san francisco fire department found the van in about 20, 25-foot waters but it was so deep in the mud and the water conditions were so treacherous that the large semi tow truck that was brought in wasn't enough to get the van out. back here live this morning, i don't know if you can see, there is a blinking light. it's a bluish gray in the water. that is the boom that is now attached to the van. it's still there this morning. the body is still inside. san francisco fire department will be here. they have been given us a timeline but they will be here sometime this morning to try to figure out how they can get the van out and then begin the process of taking out that body, identifying it, trying to determine the cause of death, trying it figure out why this ran went into the water. reporting live from marina
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green, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> so unfortunate. thank you, kira. and should this ever happen to you there are things you can do to save yourself. an estimated 400 people die each year because their cars are trapped in water. most of the victims wait for call 911 expecting help but safety experts say don't wait, unbuckle your seatbelts, get the window open and get out you have of the car before it sinks and because the back windows don't wall the way down, passengers should head to the front. an inexpensive break tool can punchout the glass before water fills the inside of your car. the first 30 to 60 seconds are key of getting out of a sinking car. developing news this morning, 14 southwest airline flights are cancelled this morning after a computer glitch groundedets planes for more than two hours. at the peek of the problem, nearly 60 flights were cancelled. airline reservation system went down just after nine last night
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grounding the parting flights because agents couldn't check in passengers. problem aexpected sfo, san mateo airport. these -- flights in the air were not affect bid the glitch and cleared to land. concessions were opened late to accommodate the passengers. the computer system is back at full capacity this morning. this weekend san jose police have launched a three-prong plan to deal with a rising street gang problem. the city has already with eight homicides this year. the officers will be back out again tonight. another 24 will join them in july. police say the additional officers helped them act on tips about gang activity from the public. the man who admits leaking
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top secret government surveillance program has been charged with espionage and theft. former national security agency contractor edward snowden is believed to be in hong kong. he revealed the nsa's massive internet and phone surveillance programs. the charges were unsealed last night, but filed a week ago. prosecutors now have two months to ask for snowden's extradition. facebook now admits the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of 6 million people were exposed to unauthorized viewer. company blames the problem on a technical flaw. facebook said the data leaks began last year and were only fixed last week. the company is informing the affected users. streets in san francisco's south of market neighborhood are cleared this morning after an oil spill. four blocks had to be closed to cars while public work crews cleaned up the oil t happened at
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the peek of rush hour and right before the start of the giants game at at&t park. crews laid out absorb a want to soak up the oil burks until it took hold, cars were slipping and sliding. >> it was slick, vehicles were losing tracks. we noticed all our bicycle and motorcycle officers to stay off of it due to the hazardous roadway conditions and for a precaution i decided to close the road which down. >> the street opened just after 10:00 just as fans were leaving the af and t park. new carpool openings are opening along interstate 880. they will open at 6:00 this morning on a four mile stretch from highway 237 in milpitas to the 101 interchange in san jose. the carpool rules go into effect monday morning during peak hours from five to nine am and three
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to seven in the afternoon. thousands of nascar fans and traffic jams are expected in sonoma this weekend. qualifying begins this morning ahead of tomorrow's big race. cornell bernard tells us it is good for business. >> if you are look for a room at inn marin, it has been booked for months with fans for a need for speed. he said he starts planning for it in january. >> nascar brings over 100,000 people. with that there aren't 100,000 rooms in marin county so it tells up all of marin county, most of so mommia county and goes into vallejo. >> this restaurant stopped taking reservations tonight last month. a nascar driver made a pit stop
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here before the big race on sunday. >> without the fans we won do this. we appreciate the fans coming out to watch. it's special to come out to the sonoma raceway. >> this is like christmas june for a lot of people. people, they travel, they have this day on their calendar all year long. >> fans who want to be close to the action have camped out across from the raceway in this virtual city known at 50 acres. this woman and her family have made the trip from oregon to sonoma for 13 years straight. >> there's lots of big fans out here, lots of party fourth nascar. >> will you guys party? >> absolutely. >> if you are headed to the races, plan ahead and expect lots of traffic getting here. abc7 news. >> if you need help navigating around traffic problems this weekend, get waze on your smartphone.
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download it from free from apple's app store or from google play. hopefully that won't be too big of a problem and people have a good, nice weekend. will the weather cooperate? >> it is kind of what you would expect for mid-june, the second day of summer. but it's not exactly what you are going to get the end of the weekend. temperatures in the low 50s. san francisco a beautiful day, going for the high of 72. plenty of 80ths, even some 90s, but we are talking much cooler and rain ahead. i'll have the details coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next, a woman's appeal after her dog disappeared when her car was stolen. why she worries he might be suffering. >> i want to apologize to everybody. >> famous chef paula deen is
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>> good morning. thanks so much for starting your saturdayuous. it's 5:12 in the morning. you are looking live from our sutro camera where it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day, sunny and in the 70s. but you might want to enjoy it while you can. lisa will explain coming up in her forecast. extreme flooding in the canadian providence of alberta has now killed two people. the bodies of two men were recovered from a swollen high river here calgary. the city's mayor ordered the entire area evacuated and warned the worst flooding is yet to come. the royal canadian police say people are worried drowned in
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the floodwaters. paula deen has made apologiesed for her racial slurs but it was not enough. she's being sued by a former manager at one ever her georgia restaurants. the woman said deen's brother racially and sexually harassed employees, that deen knew about it and didn't do anything about it. deen disputes those charges but during her deposition she asked if she ever used the "n" word and she said she had. >> hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable. i want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that i have done. >> deen has written best-selling cookbooks and runs a nearly $16 million food umpire. her contract with the food network expires at the end of the month. happening today the susan sn
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gkomen three day walk for the cure tapes. the city has cancelled the race after this year because of declining participation and hay cost. it's been down since the founder sparked controversy last year when three wanted to take away komen grants for planned parenthood. a woman needs help finding her dog that's been stole win her car. she's been distraught since her dog disappeared last month. someone stole her car and the yorkshire terrier was inside. the car was found five days later destroyed by fire but there is no yorkie. >> it's a big mystery. where is my dog? is he being covered every night? he's just getting old. >> she worries the dog she has had tore 13 years may be
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suffering without medication it needs for respiratory problems. a national historic sight in martinez has plans to preserve a dying tree planted by mere himself. it was planted by him in 1852 with a seedling taken from the sierra. the tree has a fungus that will eventually kill it. but arborists has taken cuttings from the tree trying it grow a new one. >> it's special because it's a special link to john mier. it's brought interest in preservation and conserve servation. >> the park took 700 cuttings and sent them to a firm in michigan that specializes in reproducing trees. the results of the dna cloning should be known by christmas. >> a project to remove a large dam was kicked off on the carmel
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peninsula. it will be the largest dam ever in california. removing the dam will take three to four years and half a mile of the river will have to be permanently divert before cranes and crews can begin to teardown the structure. the cost will be $83 million. most of which will be covered by monterey county water user. this is the first weekend of the summer and for many people that means turning their attention to their lawn. consumer reports has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side for a report on top rated lawnmowers. here's michael finney with the details. keeping your lawn cut can be a big job. driving your mower out dozens of
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times a year. to help you find mowers that are easier to use, this consumer reports testers put their backs into it at the company's florida test side, mowing 18 acres of grass with more than 45 mowers. the easiest to use, the self pro held mowers. >> you will get the job done faster and it will save you energy. >> the self pro held mower with variable speeds is good for speeding across flat sections of lawn and slowing down for tough grass. one feet tower avoid, big wheels. >> a popular misconception is the larger wheels make it easier to mow. however, they are moved further back, making the mower heavier to push down on every time you go to turn the mower. here's a same size mow we're the smaller, regular wheels, and it's much lighter to push down every time you turn. >> after months of testing, "consumer reports" found several good choices. this $400 self-propelled honda is a best buy. the unique twin blades chop the
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grass into fine clippings that blend into the lawn when you mow and the honda is more efficient at bagging. >> the clippings are shawler so this bag will hold four or five pounds more clippings than any other mower. >> another one is the $330 troy belt. like the honda it has rear-wheel drive that helps on hills and the single level height adjustor makes it easier to change the cutting height. and check this out, you can attach the hose to get away built up clippings. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> 5:18. michael finney talking about mowing your lawn for the first weekend of summer. typically an icy season in san francisco. >> definitely but we will see big time changes that will bring the numbers down tomorrow. but today very warm. in fact temperatures above average starting out with plenty of clear skies and live doppler
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7hd showing nothing. we don't have any fog to speak of. we will have a built in the way of fog by way of the coast today and high clouds increase and we are looking at the possibility of rain tomorrow. here's a look at the emeryville camera where it is clear and temperatures are comfortable in the 50s. we are warmer than we were yesterday. 50 half moon bay, 56 in mountain view, 53 san francisco and a look from our sutro tower and you will notice we are nice and clear. temperatures this morning are already in the 60s in some spots. 61 santa rosa, 61 napa. we were well into the 80s yesterday in the north bay. a warm day today in so mommia for the race. we are talking about temperatures already mid-60 fairfield, going near 90 today with 58 in los gatos. as we look from the roof camera you notice we are talking about very still conditions. that will aid in our warmup today with sunny and warm conditions, and cooler tomorrow. chance of rain mainly in the north bay and the rain will become likely on monday.
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so aside from the coast, that cooling there, we are talking about numbers a little cooler in oakland with two to four degrees of warming from livermore and san jose since yesterday. so here's a look at the setup. high pressure is in control for today but an area of low pressure and a late season storm headed our way that will allow for not only semi unusual amounts of rain, but we could see some pretty good rain. i don't know if you remember two years ago we had some record rainfall around the bay. we are looking at right now 5:00 tomorrow afternoon where it looks like most of the day will be dry, but up in sonoma, light showers. and then through the overnight hours it becomes more widespread. monday morning commute take a look at the heavier rain from cloverdale and through ukiah and sliding south in the afternoon through marin and the rest of the area through monday evening. tuesday still showers left over. here are a few stats to get you caught up on climatology for
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june. an day and a half is what we should see of rain and that's about a tenth for the entire month. the last occurrence was june 34, 2012 we saw rain. but this is the second wettest on record, 2011, with over an inch in oakland. think it was 1 .45 in oakland and 2 inches. 88 los gatos today. 84 redwood city. we are warmer than yesterday with plenty of low to mid-60s at the coast. 72 in the north bay. look for 85 in novato with upper 80ths in cloverdale. sonoma 88. and 80 fremont. you head inland, warmer than yesterday. we saw just about 90 yesterday. today 89 in concord. the accuweather forecast shows things change.
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5 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. here come the rain on monday, lingering tuesday and back to summer and getting warm again by the end of the week. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community and you can keep track of the weather on twitter. really mix it is up around here. >> looking forward to rain, though. >> i think it will be kind of good. >> always need it. thanks, lisa. also coming up, the owners know their pets are ugly. that's why they sell out but only one can be
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>> as more men over 40 participate in triathlons, there are more health concerns for those who participate. they say it's the swimming portion of the race that can be particularly dangerous. cold water or anxiety can speed up your heart rate and breathing wants to make you want to slow oxygen. doctors say the two responses at the same time can cause cardiac arrest. they say there's an uptake in fatalities, primarily among
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middle age men. call it being in the right place at the right time. this surveillance video from eastern china shows a group of mail carriers looking up at a two-year-old girl who was teetering on a window ledge. just as a way they come up with a way to help her, she falls. the men reactly catching her after she plunges five stories they catch her as she falls and she only had a few bruises. wow. last night the world's ugliest dog contest was held for 25th straight year at the marin county fair. 30 of the ugliest dogs on the planet advised for the crown. the winner gets $1,500.00 and several network tv appearances. the best in show is. >> the ugly dog going head-to-head with room for the big prize, ladies and gentlemen,
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wally! [cheers and applause] >> wally. look at the short little legs. wally is a four-year-old mix of beagle, boxer and bassett hound. i think he's cute. victory was an upset because normally we see the nearly hairless chihuahuas and others dominating the event in recent years. coming up, president obama's message to congress as the senate prepares to vote on immigration reform. also protecting your home from burglars while you are aware. tips from local police. and new details about the faulty rods on the new bay bridge. the quality control problems that
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us at 5:30 on this saturday morning. we are going to start you off this half-hour with a look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, katie. good morning. here's a view from mt. tam. a little hazy but temperatures are quite mild already with plenty of numbers in the 60s. it's 61 in santa rosa, as well as napa with 60s out by the delta. upper 50s union city, your forecasted to calling for a warmer afternoon with temperatures climbing quickly underneath the clear sky and light winds.
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low to upper 70s today around the bay. about 77 in oakland with low 60s to the mid-60s with plenty of sunshine from half moon bay and pillar point and point reyes and inland around the san ramon valley into the livermore valley upper 80s into the mid-90s. it will be a while until we see the 90s again. we have cooler weather and couple days of rain headed our way. we will talk about that in a few minutes. katie. >> thank you. crews will resume efforts this morning to remove a van that went into the san francisco bay, killing one person. it happened around five yesterday afternoon off the marina green. authorities say there were multiple people in said the van when it went into the water. all but one were able to escape. the vehicle eventually became submerged in the water and it took dive teams several hours to locate it. after dark it became too dangerous to pull the van from the water. the body remains inside this morning.
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we have a crew on the scene. we will have a live report coming up at the top of the hour. police are showing you how to avoid becoming a victim of a growing crime as the summer vacation season begins. here's vic lee with the type of break-in getting more and more common. >> police are looking for melvin bellerd. they believe he's sons and i believe for a rash of home burglars. the m. o. is always the same. check the security camera video. a woman with an infant knocks on the door. no one answers. her accomplices again to enter the back yard and begin to pry over the sliding glass doors. >> the suspects are what we call opportunists. we want to limit the opportunities they have to break into the residences. >> because of the rash of home burglaries, it's even more important when you safeguard your house when you go on vacation. i'll give you some tips here. turn the ringer on your phone down low or off so that people
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outside the house can't hear your phone go unanswered. put your lights and radio or tv on timers so they go on and off periodically in the evening. be sure you have good location on your windows and have good location on your door. hide your garbage cans. if yours are empty and your neighbor's are full, burglars know no one is in your house. and your family member or friend to park your car in your driveway once in a while so it looks like somebody has been home. one more important thing to do, even if you don't go on vacation. >> photos should be taken of all your valuables, jewelry and stuff so it will help law enforcement later on identify this property. >> vic lee, abc7 news. good tips. new this morning, president obama is urging congress to pass immigration reform. the senate will vote next week.
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the president said new analysis from a nonpartisan congressional budget office predicts the senate bipartisan bill would help the middle class boost the economy and shrink the deficit. >> according to this independent report. reforming immigration would reduce our deficit by almost a trillion dollars over the next decade and help the economy by over 5%. >> the president adds the bill is not perfect and it is a compromise, but it is consistent with his principles. caltran has just released documents showing there were quality control problems with hundreds of steal rods installed on the new span of the bay bridge. the rods were improperly treated with brake cleaner and an in approved product. it caused them to become bridle
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and dozens cracking in march. officials say they won't make a decision until july whether the bridge will keep their scheduled labor day weekend opening. bart is marking ten years since it began service to the san francisco international airport. the transit agency said it has served more than 30 million passengers since the extension to sfo opened in june of 2003. he said ridership continues to gain stream with a 27% increase over the past four years. the sfo extension is just under nine miles long and consists of five stations. some 800 low income kids in san francisco kick off the first day of summer at the civic center yesterday with some great playtime but they are also being encouraged to avoid the so-called summer brain drain abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez explains how that is done. >> he doesn't want to stay home during the summer. >> nothing to do.
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>> instead he and 150 other neighborhood kids come to mo magic, a provider of summer programs in san francisco's western addition. >> i am improving my reading and writing skills. >> there is a lot of focus on reading, math and science during the eight weeks they are here, keeping their bodies active is just as important. hundreds of kids came to kick off the official beginning of summer by doing the things they usually are not exposed to. >> but you know what comes with fun? learning and hard work! >> supervisor said the summer learning programs are essential in these underserved communities. >> they provide activities for kids to be involved in. regular activities, regular adult supervision, but more importantly, things that keep kids' minds working throughout the summer. >> cheryl davis is the director of mo magic. she said low income and minority
5:37 am
kids suffer greatly from the summer slide. >> on average two months a year they lose and if you do that over several years, that's why we see these kids getting behind. 28,000 san francisco students participate in 80 summer programs. your tax dollars help pay for them, but most of the hone comes from private foundations. he said he gets to stick with it. >> if i get to study and stuff so you won't have more trouble than you did last year, you learn more. >> in san francisco 44% of students k through 8, will have access to this type of summer program n san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news >> happening today community members will hold a rally in san francisco to save what is said to be the oldest, independently-owned black bookstore in the country. marcus books in the fillmore neighborhood is in danger of eviction after new owners
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purchased the property following a foreclosure. meanwhile a health agency, west side community services, is offering to buy back the building from the new owners above their purchase price in an effort to keep the store open. today san francisco holds their first street soccer tournament to benefit homeless people. it will check off at justin herman plaza. more than 50 bay area soccer teams features corporate and other members compete. it goes to help support clothing, housing and education. coming up, pixar creates another monster. we have a preview. and taking a live look outside on this gorgeous morning from our mt. tam cam. the fun is starting to come up. lisa argen will tell you what your forecast has in store
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>> good morning, everyone. it's 5:41 on this saturday. live from our roof cam out the embarcadero, the ferry building and bay bridge, of course. as the sun starts to come up on what is going to be a sunny day.
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stick around, lisa argen will tell you what's going to happen. the monsters we have come to know and love are back. emeryville based pixar has released monster university, twelve years after the first monster, inc brought the characters to life. >> we are very intertwined. mike and i are very intertwined. i have loved playing him. >> crystal plays a role as mike, we fell in love with him in the 2001 hit monsters, inc. it takes us to monster university. >> james p sullivan, mike. >> here and mike and sully become who they are today but we are along with the adventures to get there. it's a story of love. >> i love his perseverance, i
5:43 am
love his stamina, i love his belief in himself, i love that he gets disappointed but he lets it in and finds a way out. >> mike couldn't do it without the help of friends, old and new, including his fraternity brothers. >> hey, i'm mark! >> some of it comes in purple. most of it i trim off. but i identify with him. i think i can be absurd and spacey and that's what i like about him. >> the film dazzled with vivid am nation and effects. the bay-area based producer and director hope audiences young and old take away much more than that. >> most people don't kind of get what they set out to do or don't become who they set out to be. we thought it was a really great story, a really great message and universal. >> a lot of movies say if you work hard and don't give up, it works out. but sometimes we know that isn't
5:44 am
the case and we within today make a show that sometimes shows it can work out in the long run. >> kira klapper, abc7 news. looks good. as we, of course, have come to expect. it's 5:44. pixar owned by walt disney company, which is the parent company of abc7. the forecast is next. >> a lot going on. not right now. a beautiful start to the day. the second day of summer. we had a gorgious full moon. there are hints of changes with clouds on the horizon for later on today and even some rain. we will talk about that coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also next, colin kaepernick, quarterback, shows off his arm at at&t park. and the first pitch before
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>> welcome back, everyone. 35:47. thanks nor joining us on this saturday morning. lisa argen has lots to tell us on this first weekend of summer. >> it's going to be nice today. if you like it warm, even a couple off the coast. live doppler 7hd. very quiet. no fog. we are starting out nice and clear. we are going to jump start on the warming today. here's a look from our emeryville camera where it looks a little hazy but it is clear with the cool numbers around oakland and half moon bay. around 50, the coolest spots. we have quite a range. about a 16-degree range already this morning. 53 in san francisco, 52 santa cruz and mt. tam, a nice shot here with the clear conditions. low 60s. santa rosa and napa. the north bay will be very warm.
5:48 am
the east bay in the low 60s right now. near 90 later. already 66 in fairfield with 58 in los gatos. the forecast highlights, here's another beautiful shot from our room camera. we will have more sunshine today with a light afternoon sea breeze, keeping san francisco very comfortable. but we are talking about cooler weather tomorrow. a chance of rain about mainly in the north bay tomorrow and rain becomes likely across the entire bay area on monday into tuesday. so with the clear start, maybe just a which is of fog along the coast. 60s from half moon bay and ocean beach. 70s san francisco, upper 70s in oakland, and there are your 80s and 90s creeping into our east bay valleys. an area of low pressure and a cold front. active storm track and jet stream aiming right for the bay area late tomorrow. so pretty unusual for the amount of rain that we are looking at. but it does rain in june. you may remember that. here's a look at the timing. where tomorrow we will see mostly cloudy conditions and 5:00 in the afternoon, just some
5:49 am
light showers mainly up in the north bay but through the overnight hours things get a little more active. on your way to your monday morning commute it's going to be quite soggy. some showers in the santa cruz mountains, the east bay. the heaviest rain in the north bay and by the afternoon slowly pushing through the bay right on through the evening commute. so plan on an unusually wet day for your monday. in fact, much of the bay will see the wet weather as far south as monterey late monday into tuesday. 66 for a high there today. 89 yosemite with 75 in the northern sierra. back home today up in the north bay, if you are planning to go to the sonoma raceway, starting out in the 50s with numbers by noontime at about 80. low to mid-80s parts of the north bay. a warm one and dropping through the 70s at 7:00. so the afternoon highs ranging from 65 half moon bay, 27 in san francisco. look for 80 fremont with low to mid-80s from palo alto through
5:50 am
san jose, morgan hill 90. 78 santa cruz with 83 vallejo and 89 in livermore. so some stats on the rainfall. we're looking at not today, in fact we are looking at lots of sunshine with temperatures dropping through the 60s. a beautiful afternoon. but i wanted to tell you about the rain here. we could see as much as a half-inch to three quarters of an in inch the north bay. usually we see about a day and a half of rain in june. here it comes for sunday into monday. then it lingers into tuesday with numbers rebounding wednesday, thursday. once again, it looks like we are going to get pretty hot after this system. so back to the roller coaster. >> yeah. that's not a bad one. we get the rain we need and the sun we like. >> helping out with the fire danger and allergies. >> thanks. in sports this afternoon, pitcher barry zito is expected to make an emotional start for the giants three days after losing his 84-year-old father. last night they tried to snap a
5:51 am
losing streak to the miami marlins. here's the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, tim lincecum took the mound for the mound against the marlins but the guy with the true heat, 49 quarterback colin kaepernick. he was a pitcher in high school so he knows how to burn it. 87 miles an hour. good thing sergio romo caught it or the guy behind the plate might be in trouble. logan morrison, high, deep, and aloha. 1-0, marlins, timmy goes 7 innings and struck out 8. a good example why miami is in last night. the fifth, i got it, i got it, i got it! giants up 3-1. marlins scored two in the sixth. this one off timmy's foot. safe at first, morrison scores and the 3-3 game. in the eighth, he comes through again him. rbi single.
5:52 am
giants bullpen not getting it done and the marlins go on to win 6-3. a's and mariners, like a home run derby in seattle. the home run. nick franklin, three-run bomb, 3-2, seattle. a's in the fourth. jed lowrie hadn't homered in 62 games. that ends the streak. 3-3. in the sixth her it comes, there it goes for coco. crisp with his ninth of the year. he and chris young kind of need to work out the dance scene a little bit. in the ninth. cespedes, his second. two-run jack. 15th of the year, four ribbies and the a's win, 6-3. after capturing the nba title on thursday night the miami heat in south beach, supposedly the
5:53 am
story nightclub served up to $100,000 of champagne. complimentary for the lebron james fans. now they want to go for the three-peat. >> to win two of the three, you know, is unbelievable. but we are excited about the future of this organization. you know, this organization doesn't rest on trying to make sure that we can put our self into position to have a trophy like this. we will be back next year again look to go do it again. >> see if they keep the big three together. finally congratulations to cal men's golf coach named the national coach of the year. he helped lead the golden bears to a 12-2 record and the pac-12 championship. this is the second time that he has been named national coach of the year. the last time was 2004. that's a wrap on morning spores. have a great weekend, everybody! i'm larry beil. we have a new abc7 news smartphone app to keep you on
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $44 million megamillion draw. 3, 14, 17, 40, 50 and the meganumber 3. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $52 million. good luck. happening today the san francisco giants world series trophy is in new york. it's on display today and tomorrow at the national baseball hall of fame and museum in cooperstown. other world series items on display this weekend include the bat used by pablo sandoval to hit two of his three home runs in game one, a jersey worn by rheinecker vogelsong and a jacket worn by manager bruce
5:58 am
bochy. next at six we continue to follow developing news. the latest on the effort to retrieve a minivan with a body still inside that crashed in the san francisco bay. we have a live report from the scene. and dozens of southwest airlines flights cancelled because of a computer glitch. we will tell
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good at day morning. i'm katie. here's a first look at the weather with lisa. >> good morning. here's a look from the recommend iville camera. you notice things are look very summer-like and still with numbers in the 50s. if it was really summer in the bay area you know we would have a lot of fog. 50 half moon bay. 56 mountain view and we are


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