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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 22, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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mobile devices. insure insure this is world news tonight, the air show disaster. the tragic stunt that played out as stunned onlookers watched in horror today. america's top wing walkers and the pilot gone. as the plane plummets to the ground. extreme weather, the lightning, the hail, deadly tornadoes, the severe weather warnings as we head into the evening. the incredible flooding, raging rivers north of the border tonight. abc meteorologist ginger zee is right here. off the air, the face of that american food empire, a new video that surfaced even after the rare and public apology. and moonstruck tonight. why it's called the super moon, and when and where will you have the best chance at seeing it tonight.
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good evening, thanks for joining us on saturday night. we do begin with an air show disaster, that played out as thousands of families were watching on the ground in dayton, ohio. one of the most eagerly awaited moments going wrong. a wing walker on top of a small plane high in the sky. the plane then turning upside down. plummeting, the wing touching the ground before the crash. this video showing another view of the plane crossing the sky, going out of sight. and then suddenly crashing into a fire ball. rina ninen leading us off. >> reporter: these were final moments for wing walker and her pilot. screams heard throughout the dayton air show. her plane plummeting to the ground in a giant ball of fire. witnesses say she was performing one of her famous stunts, sitting on the wing of the plane, as it turned upside down. in this video she describes the incredible acrobatics she performed.
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>> we're going 140, 150 piles per hour, the wind is intense, i have to brace myself and keep everything tight. until we get -- we get upside down. >> reporter: wicker returned to the skies last week after recovering from a previous injury not related to wing walking. tweeting this about today's show. in dayton, ready to rock this town. had a great drive, must get to bed, if i want to be fresh for those 6:40 a.m. and 7:10 a.m. interviews. in 2007, veteran stunt pilot jim leroy was killed when his plane crashed and burned in the 2007 dayton air show. wing walking may look effortless, but the moves are hardly simple or without risk. still, drawing large crowds to watch the high altitude acrobatics defying gravity. it comes with little training. >> back in 1990 i answered an ad in the newspaper that said wing walker wanted, no experience necessary. >> so it was on the job. >> it was on-the-job training.
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>> reporter: her passion began when she answered an ad for wing walking for one of the small planes behind me here in virginia. realizing the skies were her true form. officials say they'll investigate today's tragic crash, but officials in dayton say the show will continue tomorrow. david. >> just horrific pictures. we'll turn now to the severe weather threat this evening, dangerous conditions across much of the midwest. thousands of homes without power. from storms that have already struck. seems like just when the lightning breaking across the sky in minneapolis dropping flooding rain. meanwhile, in the west wild fires, turning an iconic colorado town into a ghost town. everybody forced to evacuate. tonight they believe that town will be saved. this evening abc's clayton sandell on the newest pictures coming in. >> reporter: mother nature kicking off summer with a deadly blast. raking the plains and upper midwest.
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one woman killed when powerful storms slammed eastern south dakota. >> we definitely have seen a lot of damage. >> reporter: the town of hot springs bombarded by golf ball sized hail. tornadoes were spotted in minnesota, in the twin cities squalls leveled large trees and streetlights. 60,000 power customers left in the dark. in canada, floods killed three people and put much of downtown calgary underwater. >> this is downtown calgary, state of emergency remains in effect for obvious flooding. much of the downtown core has been closed since friday, it's expected to remain that way until midweek. >> reporter: out west they could use that water, wild fires have erupted all over colorado. the worst threatening the small town of south fork, 400 residents and hundreds more tourists forced out. >> the next thing you know, they said leave now. so they just hurried us on out.
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>> reporter: unexpected shift in wind and terrain is helping keep flames away from homes for now. >> it's always a successful day when we have not lost a life. and we have not lost someone's home. or done damage to private property. >> reporter: but they are not out of the woods yet. those red flag fire weather warnings still in effect meaning hot dry winds could still spark a new round of dangerous flare ups. david. >> summer just arrived. clayton, thanks to you. abc meteorologist ginger zee tracking this. severe weather straight through the night. >> ugly skies from illinois back to parts of wyoming. that's happening as we speak. earlier today, near sycamore, that structure is a beautiful shelf cloud, but with it comes damaging winds. we have seen winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. be on alert still tonight anywhere from northeast colorado, nebraska, and
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minneapolis later tonight. it's not just tonight, david, it's tomorrow, it slides to the south and east, places like iowa, into kansas city, and even again, close to chicago right on those western burbs. >> what kind of rain? >> one to two inch rainfall, we are talking flooding concerns in places like southwestern wisconsin, that already had issues today and south and east minneapolis look out, more rain coming your way. >> ginger, thank you. one more weather picture tonight, this one from overseas, stunning images from india, monsoon flooding and landslides have killed nearly 600 people in the himalayas already, soldiers trying to evacuate tens of thousands of people still stranded. so far at least 7,000 people have been air lifted to safety. now to the fire storm over whistleblower edward snowden who revealed the sweeping surveillance in the u.s. tonight snowden leaking new secrets, the former nsa analyst talking to a major asian newspaper a day after he spent his 30th birthday learning what crimes the u.s. government is now charging him
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with. abc's gloria riviera is in hong kong. >> reporter: >> reporter: snowed sn reported to be safe in a secret location, not under police protection here in hong kong. snowden also makes new claims that the u.s. hacked chinese telecom companies and a major university. but the question remains, why is snowden free, if the u.s. wants him in custody? he has to be arrested here before formal extradition begins. the three charges he is facing in the u.s. carry a maximum sentence of 10 years each behind bars. he can still seek asylum and the appeals process could lead all the way to the high court in hong kong. and that could take years. >> some claimants are known to have resided in hong kong for ten years, fighting the proceedings. >> reporter: hong kong operates under its own legal system. but the chinese government in beijing maintains a degree of
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authority and could intervene behind the scenes or more publicly. >> it also depends on what more mr. snowden has to say. what more secrets he would spill about the u.s. system. >> reporter: the white house has said it expects hong kong will abide by expedition treaty law, for now the world is waiting to see how much longer snowden can keep u.s. justice at bay. david. >> abc's gloria riviera. thank you. we should point out tomorrow morning george has an exclusive interview with the director of the national security agency, that's general keith alexander, his first television interview on the agency's controversial surveillance programs, that's tomorrow morning right here with george. we move on tonight, though, to the fast moving reaction this evening to paula deen's fans, they are speaking out after apology over remarks about race. her cooking shows already off the air. this as a new video surfacing tonight revealing her candid discussion before about race and the south.
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abc's steve osunsami on the story tonight. >> reporter: this morning pulling episodes of her popular show off the air. >> breaks my heart. i have watched her for a long time. >> reporter: as the emmy winner and cookbook author struggles to recover from her own words, admitting during a lawsuit's deposition she used racist language, new videos are coming to light. >> i have a young man in my life, and his name is hollis johnson. and he's black as that board. >> reporter: in a conversation on race relations in the south, with the new york times last fall, she introduced a young man she described as a son, who she joked was as dark as the board behind her. >> i know i can trust him with my life and color ain't got nothing to do with it. >> reporter: earlier, after discussing a great grandfather, who owned a plantation, she shared this. >> i feel like the south is almost less prejudiced, because
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black folks played such an integral part in our lives. >> her deposition she admits she suggested to an assistant she hire middle aged black men to dress in white jackets and black bow ties for an old southern plantation wedding saying she liked the civil war look even though it was when black slaves waited on white people. she said she didn't mean anything derogatory. >> please forgive me. for the mistakes that i've made. >> reporter: the question now is whether her apologies are enough. david. >> all right. steve osunsami tonight. thank you. a major ruling this evening in the trial of george zimmerman accused in the murder of trayvon martin. it involves the recording of a 911 call on which screams for help can be heard. but whose screams are they? tonight the judge ruling that the jury will have to decide that for themselves. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it's a central question in the george zimmerman trial. who is crying for help in that
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911 call? is it zimmerman or trayvon martin? >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> reporter: zimmerman claims that's his voice, and he shot martin in self defense last year. but the martin family and prosecutors argue it's the 17-year-old crying for help. but now a judge rules prosecutors can't bring in their voice experts. writing in an order, there's no evidence to establish that their scientific techniques have been tested and found reliable. the two sides have battled it out. prosecutors trying to convince the jung to allow voice experts. defense trying to dismiss them. >> this is not unusual for scientists to have very different views. >> i don't follow the difference. the 911 recording is probably the best evidence of what happened, other than george zimmerman himself, and remember, we don't have the testimony from trayvon martin. >> reporter: it's so complicated even a voice analyst abc news brought the recording to said he
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couldn't be sure whose voice is on the tape. because the recording isn't clear enough. >> there are standards for voice identification, that this case doesn't match. >> reporter: and opening statements are scheduled to begin monday morning. but now we know jurors will have to decide whose voice is on that tape, david. >> that's such a huge point in this case, gio benitez, thank you. now to a young woman recovering this evening after being attacked by a tiger, she was caring for at an indiana animal refuge. she's alive because of a dramatic effort to rescue her. abc's tanya rivera on how this unfolded. >> reporter: from her facebook page it's clear marissa dub loves cats. especially the wild ones she cares for at this exotic feline rescue center in center point, indiana. but on friday, a 300 pound male tiger named raja attacked the 21-year-old as she cleaned his enclosure. it appears dub forgot to close the gate separating them. and witnesses say the animal had
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her head in its mouth. >> when the cat let up on her head a little bit they were able to spray it with a hose to shock the cat a little bit. >> reporter: joe taft runs the refuge and led the harrowing rescue for six long minutes. talking to the tiger, and offering him meat as a distraction. >> we were able to get the tiger off of her, and the tiger into a confined area. >> reporter: dub's condition was today upgraded from critical to serious. so far, a more hopeful out come than the last big cat mauling to make headlines. in march, 24-year-old diana hanson was killed while cleaning a cage in a california sanctuary, when a lion escaped from his feeding pen, pounced and broke her neck. >> the lion has been taken care of. >> reporter: another young woman with a love of wildcats, turned on by one she cared for. and the director of the rescue center tells us, if the tiger had wanted to kill dub, it would
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have. and he won't allow anything to happen to the animal. as for dub, we don't know the extent of her injuries, but tonight with friends and family by her bedside, there are many prayers for her full recovery. >> everybody pulling for her. thank you. much ahead on world news this saturday night remembering respected actor james gandolfini, this evening the unlikely friendship the actor forged with an american watch maker. tonight hep talks to our team in rome. and later this evening, moonstruck. tonight america's front row seat with the super moon, but why is it called super? and the exact moment the moon will seem largest. scientists with the answer right here tonight. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. this weekend tributes mount for james gandolfini, the story of a friendship we hadn't heard a watch maker from america who raced to rome after learning of the actor's death, he and gandolfini were friends for years ever since a phone call. alex is in rome for us tonight. alex. >> reporter: good evening, david. one of the reasons james gandolfini was here in italy, he was supposed to receive an award at a film festival. tonight his close friend tells us they are working through the red tape to get him home so they can lay him to rest next week. michael kobold is an american watch maker who became close friends with gandolfini when the sopranos star called him to buy a watch. he rushed to rome when he heard the tragic news. >> what made him so loveable as a human being, he was so self
5:48 pm
deprecating. he didn't see himself as a huge actor, very, very successful. >> reporter: gandolfini brought his 13-year-old son michael, who just graduated from junior high. >> jim was a really happy guy. especially because he had just had a baby daughter eight months ago, he and his wife. he was extremely happy. and he was healthy. there was nothing wrong with him. so this came as a total surprise and a shock. >> reporter: the autopsy revealed gandolfini died of a heart attack due to natural causes. >> you have known james a long time. what were your lasting memories be? >> a really happy guy, who sometimes could be the funniest man in the world. he should have been a comedian. >> reporter: michael kobold told us gandolfini's generosity was endless, if he heard somebody on the radio who was in need, a complete stranger, that he would try to figure out how he could help. david. >> so many family and friends echoing that, thanks to you. when we come back, the jolt from starbucks many weren't expecting, it wasn't the caffeine.
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our instant index this saturday night into a headline affecting 6 million users on facebook. their personal contact information accidentally breached. facebook says a bug in its system revealed their emails and phone numbers, tonight facebook saying if you were affected, that information was only given out to other users, who already have a connection with you. to that jolt from starbucks tonight not from the caffeine, customers being informed starting tuesday, prices going up on some drinks, small brewed coffee prices increase by a dime. it comes as the cost of coffee beans goes down worldwide. to a drink with a bigger price tag, a six figure bar bill, if $100,000 worth of champagne. the club told them, it's on them. likely getting far more from the champions showing up at the club. when we come back, moonlight serenade, super moon. what's so super about it?
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tonight here, this is a natural photograph behind me of the new york city skyline, a full moon. tonight even fuller. if that's possible. it's called a super moon. this image from new jersey last night. the super sized moon not even at its peak yet. the actual super moon will be seen across america tonight into tomorrow in fact. we have long had a fascination with the moon, who could forget the famous flight, et in silhouette. and of course moonstruck, that moment at the window. >> i've never seen a moon like that before. >> we're about to be moonstruck again. tonight the biggest and brightest full moon of the year known as a perigee full moon, closest to earth a mere 221,000 miles away, that's 17,000 miles closer than the typical full moon giving us a view 13% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. tonight nasa helping us pinpoint the exact moment.
5:57 pm
>> the actual moment of super moon when it's closest and the most full is going to be at 7:30 a.m. this sunday. but that's actually after the moon has set. so i would say any time on saturday night go out and look at this beautiful big bright full moon, my personal favorite time is right after sunset. >> right after sunset tonight she says. for that nasa scientist, the moon still mystifies, she has so many favorite images, talking about the six flags put up by crews from apollo spacecraft during the '60's and '70s, most of them still up right on the moon's surface. >> some of my favorite images are of the apollo landing sights, in some cases you can still see the american flag still up. you can actually see the scars left by huge impacts. that one boulder you see in the middle is the size of an entire football stadium. >> while we won't get that close tonight, with a clear sky, you will see this. one of our producers setting up their camera during the last super moon, allowing the moon to do the rest of the work.
5:58 pm
crossing the evening sky. she revealed the precise time, 7:30 tomorrow morning, she says watch it tonight. tweet me images, we'll show them tomorrow night. gma and this week first thing in the morning, i'll see you tomorrow night for world news. good night.
5:59 pm
>> breaking news, a wildfire burning in san jose has shut down a freeway. a close call for a train that went underneath a burning overpast, nearly hitting a firefighter. >> new details on the accident in san francisco. what we know about the van that plunged into the bay. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: two brush fires are burning out of control in san jose. shut down part of east capital expressway. let's get to lisa amin gulezian who is live in san jose. leaves lease. reporter: there are two fires burping at this hour, starting at 4:30 today, and they're spreading.
6:00 pm
right now there's a fire burning in the field. but before that, it was over here, over my right in that field. it spread from north to south. here's some video we shot a little while ago. at least six air drops have happened since we have been here. calfire has been called in to help of the larger far is near capital expressway, crews are starting to leave this father and -- fire and heading over there. the officials are call this fast-driven, wind-driven fires. >> it jumped six lanes of traffic and has proceeded south. right now we do have the head on the fire knocked down. we have requested help from cal fire. >> there were explosions. i been here a while. reporter: no evacuations are in place but residents who came out here just to look


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