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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 23, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we heard a loud boom. it sounded like an explosion. >> two houses erupt into flames after a car slammed into a gas meter. four children's ages nine through 12 out for a joy ride in a stolen car. i'm ama daetz. first let me tell you what happened. the car headed northbound without the lights and the officer followed and when the 12-year-old driver he made a sharp right turn and headed across the street and slammed right into the gas meter of that home.
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>> it exploded with lights sirens and flames. >> it was around these two homes on bluefield drive. >> screeching around turns and then we heard a loud boom. >> it was the sound of a stolen car plowing into a gas meter on the side of this home. 12-year-old driver and three of his friends who ranged from nine to 12 were out for a joyride. they noticed them around midnight. they followed the boys who suddenly turned a on to bluefield and into the homes. >> they are just reckless. they are not watching out for people or anything. >> sources tell abc7 the boys are from east san jose. driver was taken to juvenile hall whei the other boys were cited for joy riding and then released to their parents. they rushed to the burning houses to help the homeowners escape. they all made it out safely but one officer was hurt in the process.
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this morning the families what they could salvage out of their burned homes. >> they are thankful to be alive. when you see something like this human value is more important than anything. >> no other homes on this street were damaged but everyone around here was evacuated. one more thing i do want to mention. sources tell me that since all the kids involved were juveniles, that means their parents were responsible for paying for all this damage. authorities in san francisco have not released the identity of the woman that drove her vehicle into the bay. the miw any van was pulled from the water in the morning and body still jumped outside. it jumped a curb going about 20 miles an hour and plunged into. >> the bay. >> it's horrible. it's very sad.
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we are fortunate the soccer field wasn't loaded but loss of life but thankfully no one else was injured. >> members of a boating team tried to break the back window but they didn't succeed. the woman was diabetic but it's unknown if it was a factor. >> a sonoma county firefighter buried up to his neck in safety. this is cellphone video. a group of adults tried to join two separate holes they dug with a tunnel. that tunnel collapsed. man in sand he was having trouble breathing. the man who was trapped for about an hour refused medical treatment. tonight a wooden bridge in south san jose after catching fire. this cellphone fire shows the fire bunch on the bridge and then moments
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later it jumped to the hillside below. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. a couple of trains passed under the burning bridge before firefighters could stop them. >> once they burn they fall down and have a serious derailment hazard. >> the flames damaged pipes under the bridge. one carried raw sewage that dripped on to the tracks. they fixed it. >> fire officials have determined that was a series of propane tanks that caused a fire. by the time fire crews got a handle it jumped six lanes and burned eight to ten acres. homeless camp was in a canal near a golf course. >> a rage can apartment fire in san leandro this afternoon sent one firefighter to the hospital with second-degree burns. people living on durant avenue got out okay but at
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least three cats died in the fire. firefighters saved several other pets. let's go to meteorologist leigh glaser and check in with leigh. >> you can see the light fog starting to move in parts of downtown san francisco. a very strong weather system sitting to the north and west of us. we'll you up there. this is producing light rain down to eureka and folks, this is going to be our wet weathermaker for sunday for parts of the bay area. let's take a look and see how long the wet forecast will stay with us and who will see the showers tomorrow. gay pride was marched to city hall but not
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everyone is happy about it. sergio quintana has the story. >> rainbow flag has been flying over richmond since thursday. it's a detail some visitors didn't even notice. >> i didn't even know how long it's had the flag up there. >> when the flag went up and email went out to 900 richmond employees some didn't appreciate the colors flying. one employee wrote waving the gay pride flag in richmond is not appropriate. linda wrote i have never seen a flag displayed for native heritage month or hispanic heritage month or irish month didn't they struggle, too? other minority groups are also regularly celebrated. >> no moreersy controversy than
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juneteenth. >> the decision to fly the flag was made by the mayor. gay pride been flying for the last few days and mayor said it will continue flying for the rest of the month. residents we talked to didn't mind the rainbow colors. >> i don't think it's that big of a deal. >> they also said they respect city employees who oppose the rainbow flag flying because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >> a missing teenager who suffer a traumatic brain injury could die. last se they were last seen a month ago. the family hopes the new medical opinion will change his status to medically disabled and bring more resources. last cellphone call was
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traced to golden gate park. >> to prosecute edward snowden for espionage. obama administration is asking hong kong's government to extradite him under an existing treaty. he has been in hiding there after revealing classified surveillance programs. >> now to the tragic air show in ohio. a pilot and wind walker died in front of hundreds of spectators. here is more on what happened. >> sitting on top of the world. >> this is an air show in dayton ohio. their plane exploded in a giant ball of fire including including taking their children to see a show. >> we never thought we would witness this. >> it's kind of surreal you can't believe it.
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hat that actually happening in front of you. you are kind of in a state of shock. >> the safety word is investigating the crash. >> this is a tragedy for what a very small community. obviously i our thoughts and prayers go out to those two individuals and their families. >> jane was performing one of her famous stunts,ing is on the wing of the plane as it turned upside-down. >> most intense part is when we are diving for we are going about 140 miles an hour and the wind is really intense. i have to brace myself and keep everything tight. >> wind walking has been a feature of air shows and it is risky. >> back in 1990 i answered an ad in the newspaper that said wing walker wanted, no experience necessary.
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it was on-the-job training. >> organizers cancelled the rest of today's air show but it will continue to o sunday. >> still to come at 11:00 a 90 mile strip turns into a nightmare. how a bay area man ended up in oregon. >> an amazing view in the skies tonight. when you can catch the super moon and later.... >> please forgive me. >> less than 24 hours after her apology paula deen is off the
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an 88-year-old vacaville man has been found safe in oregon. an officer found him last night next to his van with a dead cellphone and dead
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battery. he was trying to get to elk grove and got lost. he had no idea he was in oregon. the officer drove anymore to medford and dropped him off at hotel to wait for family. >> i wrote down all the information for him because in his situation he may not remember everything. >> the officer says the men was mentally sharp despite his confusion. family drove to oregon to pick him up today. >> in alameda county two bodies were found in a home. they why discovered after reported not having seen them in several days. deaths are not considered suspicious at this time. napa police say a transient on probation murdered a man in this house stole his car and then tried to get away in it. 24-year-old was stopped by
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chp friday afternoon for driving without license plates. a check of the owner of the car lived in napa. police entered the home and found the body. he is facing charges of suspicion of murder and burglary. >> a group fighting to keep a san francisco bookstore being forced to move say it's for po are to black history. the market bookstore has led the african-american community through decades of what they call urban renewal. this bookstore is just the latest african-american business in the community to be displaced. they hope to convince the property owners to accept an offer to buy the place. >> what we are hoping that the family will be willing to be a part of preservation of the african-american community in san francisco. the offer from west side community services is on the table. we are hoping they will come to the negotiation table. >> supporters are sending emails and writing letters
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hogue to achieve that goal. >> on a world renown restaurant is ready to reopen on monday. restaurant is sold out for dinner next week and that they are already taking reservations for next month. in march the restaurant was damaged by an electrical short forcing the restaurant to close. >> a big treat for astronomy buffs this weekend. early tomorrow morning you can catch an amazing view of the moon. it's called the super moon. it's the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. let's take a look at it. it's 14% larger and 30% brighter than an average full moon. time to see it will be very early in the morning at 4:32. let's go to leigh glaser to get a check on the weather. >> i think everyone inland locations will be able to see the super moon. it will come before the clouds start to move in. showing you some of the low
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clouds and fog slowly pushing in towards the golden gate and downtown san francisco. we'll pull out further and you can see bands of higher clouds that are starting to move in. this the first of a series of late season cold fronts that will actually bring bay area some rain. north bay first tomorrow and then all of us on monday but already we're getting some returns here in crescent city and as far south as ui could rica and more gathering off the coast. speaking of the golden gate bridge camera showing you a fuzzy shot, a bit of fog moving in. san francisco right now 57. we have 52 in mountain view. santa cruz 61 degrees and once again that super moon out there over downtown san francisco as we take a live look from roof camera. santa rosa still holding heat at 70. 67 in fairfield livermore is at 61 degrees.
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we will look at changes beginning overnight tonight with increasing clouds. mist and drizzle near the coast and showers developing across the bay area north of golden gate bridge tomorrow. then it looks like we're all going to get wet on monday. it will be the first cold front that will move in thickening the clouds for your sunday. temperatures will drop about ten degrees and then most of shower activity will stay north of the golden gate bridge but it's going to be the secondary cold front that moves in overnight sunday night and on monday. this is going to give us all rain off and on. some could be heavy at times north of golden bridge o gate bridge on monday. the timing tomorrow 11:00 already we're already starting to see some of the first rainbands as far as south as santa rosa. by 3:00 4:00 sonoma where the nascar is taking place tomorrow possibly could see a few brief showers there.
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then that system moves on out but it will be wouldn't on monday 5:00 a.m. commute and bam all that rain moving in by 11:00 into the north bay. 5:00 monday night is going to be sloppy and continue to see showers for tuesday morning's commute, as well. one to two inches of rain expected in the higher elevations in north bay and lesser amounts in the south bay. pretty impressive rainfall potential for the bay area. overnight temperatures with clouds moving in the 50s. if you are heading to the sonoma race way tomorrow it will be cooler. i am going to put a chance on few sprinkles maybe just a shower the last few days. 70s in the north bay. 60s at the coast. accu-weather seven-day forecast rain likely for all of us on monday scattered showers linger
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tuesday. then it's out of here and we'll be back in the mid to upper 90s by next weekend. >> we have new smart phone app to keep you on track for the latest news weather and traffic. the app is really easy to downtown load. go to for all the details. if you have the current app you will need to download the new one. we have mike shumann for all of our sports needs. >> giants in a losing streak and a's are not to not to be sleepless in seattle and
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niners only give the a's trouble in seattle. they are 11 and a half
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games back but once again gave oakland fits. oakland well represented but bagful of a's. 3-2 a's. after scoring two more in the 7th raul ties the game. we're tied at 5. 5. franklin three more tonight. mariners still giving the a's trouble evening the series at w a 7-5 victory. >> zito on the mound three days after his dad ace passing. that was the 31-year-old rookie ed lucas 1-0 marlins. and blanco drives it. a fan reaches over and catches it.
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maim manager and 1-1 ballgame. bases loaded. hector sanchez blanco scores giants win 2-1 and zito told us he had a heavy heart on the mound. >> i try to minimize distraction regardless of what it is. some things are heavier than others. >> brief time out before we look ahead at sonoma's 350 and patrick cane was one goal
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stanley cup finals tied at two apiece. game five is pivotal. hawks score first.
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he breaks the stick. they will take it 1-0 hawks then in second wrap around goes to cane and second goal of the game. blackhawks win it 3-1 and they will take the lead back to boston. >> nascar 350 set for sonoma race way. this is one of two road courses on the circuit with the oval tracks that makes it tough. instead of one car going one lap they go around for five minutes. it determines starting position. mcmurky took first pole first of the year and. danica patrick will be the first female in nascar event at sonoma. she'll start in the 31st spot. >> when you look at the
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race somebody wins that they didn't think it was a good road racer. they're usually a little bit of drama on the track so it's about being in about position and if it is your day it will work out. earthquakes facing d.c. takes down on a questionable call and penalty kick, with the goal. and d.c. united wins 1-nil your final. >> plenty of sports this time of the year and we do our best to bring them all. san diego competition they don't mind getting wet. with their owners they compete at san diego's
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imperial beach. they catch waves and judged on confidence level and length of riding. he is hanging ten there i think. a lot of fun for everyone. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino and coming up a grandmother checked off the bucket list. you won't want to miss it. >> major storms are battering the midwest and the destruction. less than 24 hours paula deen apologized for using racial slurs she is pulled off the air. plus the end of the
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good evening i'm baits. officials have not released the identity of the woman pulled oust san francisco bay. her car accelerated that parking lot at marina green. drove over a wall and went into the bay. >> a 12-year-old boy is in juvenile hall after driving a stolen car into a gas meter in san jose starting a fire that destroyed one home and damaged another. everyone inside the home managed to escape. the three passengers between nine and 12 were release today to their parents. >> a sand tunnel collapsed on a man. man was stuck for an hour. >> for the second straight day dangerous storms have battered the midwest. electrical storms and tornadoes have hit minnesota. one was killed after a storm lifted up the trailer.
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south dakota was also struck by hailstorms. as many as 200,000 people are still without power. >> in canada floods have killed three people and put much on of downtown calgary under water. aey are finally started starting to recede tonight. a massive fire in southwest colorado has grown to 60 square miles. hundreds of residents and tourists have been forced out of south fork. no structures have been lost but the wind is helping keep the flames away from homes. another fire in colorado destroyed more than 500 homes before it was finally contained. now to fast moving events following paula deen. her cooking show is now off the air. after giving candid remarks.
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>> executives at food network that paula deen didn't waste any time pulling her show off the air. >> i have watched the show for a long time. >> as the author struggles to recover from her own words admitting during a deposition that she used racist language new videos are coming to light. >> i have a young man in my life. his name is harlis johnson and he is black as that board. >> in a conversation last fall the young man she described as a son whom she was dark as the board behind her. >> i know i can trust him with my life and color ain't got nothing to do with it. >> and great-grandfather. >> i feel like the south is less less prejudiced because black folks played such an
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integral part in our lives. >> in the deposition she suggested that she hired middle-aged black men to dress up white jackets for an old southern plantation wedding saying she liked the civil war look even though it was when black slaves waited on white people. >> please forgive me for the mistakes i have made. >> a ten-year-old philadelphia girl is recovering after a rare lung transplant from an adult donor. she underwent six hours surgery on june 12th. her mother says she is awake and nodding to questions. she suffers from cystic fibrosis had five weeks to live. because she was a claimed she had to wait for another child donor so her family got her but the on the adult donor list and the lungs are working well. >> a bittersweet final 24 hours for the three-day
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walk to end breast cancer susan g. komen's last walk. 400 walkers are participating this year. walk will continue in 7 other cities across the country. >> still to come. man accused of killing four women may be behind a fist murder in california. i-team reporter has the exclusive details when we return. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser one last look at live doppler 7-hd. plus we'll let you
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a serial killer is getting his time in court. he is accused of series of murders that begin in 1977. he said he is not ofilty of killing four women in yuba county and two others in marin and contra costa county. now, we learn there may be a fifth victim. i-team reporter dan noyes has been digging into this case. tony lewis remembers september 19 1993 as if it were yesterday. >> he looked worried and shook up. he says my dog just found a
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dead person over there there. >> lewis was the second person on the scene at his dairy farm where a body had been dumped. >> i walked over there and laying on back and arms crossed in front of her. >> it was 38 pamela parsons one of four women joe naso was charged with murdering. and then 1977 in marin county and carmen in contra costa county. because first and last names begin with the same letters they dubbed this alphabet killer case. i-team has learned new details about a potential fifth victim. >> it's horrifying. you hear about that kind of stuff, but when it happens to someone you know. it's completely different. >> prosecutors believe joe naso killed this couple's friend. rene changed her name to sara dillon because she was
2:44 am
just a fan of bob dylan. they attended hundred shows and saw sara there. >> first night. >> the girl sara dylan. >> bob discussed her in an interview. >> people follow me around. driver's licenses and dylan is her name. >> they arranged to meet her in the west coast tour but she never showed up. >> i knew right then that she was either dead or being held a captive against her will or vegetable somewhere they couldn't identify. that is the only thing that would keep her from being there. >> the couple never saw her
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again. six years later a logger working along the road near tahoe found a skull. they concluded the victim about had been dumped down a steep ravine. skull remained unidentified for 12 years until a big break. a probation search of joe naso's reno home. >> along with handcuffs and law enforcement uniforms prosecutors say they found a serial killer's trophy. photographs he took of some of them. >> naso as a photographer and he had $150,000 cash along with sara's driver's license, passport and what the prosecution believes are photos of sara's dead body from the waist down. after the search they tracked down her friends.
2:46 am
>> they didn't tell me anything about the guy. just that they found some of sara's things and in possession of someone they were investigating. >> he helped identify the evidence including this bob dylan pin she kept in her makeup kit. this concluded past april 15 years after she disappeared that the skull was sara dylan. prosecutors believe she was hitchhiking from the concert to a show in santa rosa and san francisco when naso picked her up. the path would have taken her right by the home at the time. joe naso also kept a list of ten what they call a dump list of where he put bodies. she appears to be number eight. it's almost too much to handle for sara's friends. >> it's more than sad because of the nightmare and horror story, as well.
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sad would be release. >> at one point she is gone already. >> reporter: keith is scheduled to testify for the prosecution in august. d.a. in nevada county saying he is waiting to see how the marin trial turns out whether to charge him with sara's killing. >> now time to turn our attention to weather. here a leigh glaser has that. >> we will check out live doppler 7-hd. this is the first in a series of storms that will bring rain first one mainly to the north bay tomorrow and then the secondary one will move in on monday to bring in the entire bay area some rain. speaking of rain very severe weather breaking out from the midwest heading up to bismarck and minneapolis and green bay. this is exactly where if
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you have travel plans tomorrow you may find flight delays. it's expected to push over to the chicago area and st. louis. around our state the first cold front will start spreading rain from the north coast all the way down to the golden gate bridge by late tomorrow afternoon. rest of the state looks good. los angeles, 76 103 puarm springs and we'll look for showers to break out sacramento. 81 degrees. seven-day forecast rain likely for all of us on monday. showers on tuesday. then we warm up quickly as we head into thursday friday and back into the mid to upper 90s. you can follow live doppler 7-hd on twitter for the latest conditions rain or shine and get video forecast and power outage information. shu is here with sports. >> and wimbledon gets
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underway on monday. we have a bit of controversy, serena
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has a. grass courts of wimbledon for the first battle started today as maria sharapova started a war of words with serena williams. after the controversial comments to rolling stone magazine but unnamed player's private life with maria sharapova. she responded if she wants to talk personal she should talk about her relationship with a married man going through a divorce. she has taken the past 13 matches from maria. >> nothing personal. we talk many times and tries to create rivalries between us. it doesn't affect what we do on the courts but i think she should be talking about her accomplishments and achievements and everything else rather than starting controversy. >> a's 11 and a half games
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back of oakland in the west but gave the a's fits. a's well represented. 2-1 in the fifth lowery knocking in one of his runs for 3-2 a's. one swing of bat and we're tied at 5. and two-run single and mariners still giving the a's trouble with a 7-5 victory. taking on the marlins zito on the mound two days after his dad passing. rookie ed lucas first home run in the first. giants tie it up in the fifth. it bounces off the ground and fan reaches over the wall to catch it. zito and coach disagrees
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and he was ejected. bottom of 11th bases loaded for hector sanchez. one scores and giants win 2-1 and zito talked about his heavy heart. >> you know, i just minimize my distractions take to the mound regardless of what it is. some things are heavier than others but stay focused. >> and stanley cup finals bruins and blackhawks with two games apiece with a pivotal game in chicago. blackhawk fans expect the stanley cup every year. he blocks a shot and goes to cane who puts it in. chicago will take it 1-0 and in the second wrap around goes right to cane and his second goal of the game. black walks win it 3-1 and take the lead back to
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boston. sabercats hosting the rattlers. what a night. nine touchdowns that is lot for arena football five to fred williams. it's picked off and san jose destroys arizona 72-42. >> and des moines iowa where a record was set in women's 100-meter hurdles. >> here they come. rollins to win it. >> 21-year-old in the first 12.26 fastest time ever. clemson star that turned pro. serving notice for the up
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coming world championships. >> finally from a 21-year-old to a 91-year-old. we have our bucket list before we move on. and rose bud scratched one off yesterday. 19-year-old grandmother went skydiving. she had a blast. she wants to do it again with her grandson before her 92nd birthday. rose bud is not a one trick pony. she has parasailed and she landed without a scratch but friends were ready just in case. >> they had the car already in case i fell and broke my leg and to take me right to the hospital. >> you have to love her attitude. >> i'm not doing that at my age. >> all right. >> that is it for this edition of "abc 7 news." i'm ama daetz for all of us
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thank you so much for joining us. we continue online on twitter facebook and owl your mobile devices with new "abc 7 news" app. we continue tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. check out the super moon.
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