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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 24, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen-- pat sajak and vanne! hello, america. hi, everybody. thank you, jimmy. thanks so much. have a safe trip to the puzzle board. well, how y'all doing here? oh, you're ready, i can see. a $1,000 "toss up" coming up just to get things started. "proper name" is the category. go ahead, vanna. ♪ maggie. thomas jefferson. yeah, that's right. whoo! maggie woelke. yes. $1,000. a high school teacher. is that here in los an it is, yeah.
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i work at apex academy high school in hollywood. terrific. yes. uh, now you're from a town i don't know in california. whgeles?t called? calipatria, california. where is calipatria? oh, it's far away. it's about four hours from here. middle of nowhere. but i mean, is it in the desert? is it-- yes, desert, yeah. oh, at's iyeah. well, i like to learn, you know? i like for you to-- okay, now you know. i'm not--i'm not just an empty suit, although i'm close. uh, nice to have you here, maggie. good luck to you. thank you. okay, uh, katrina julian is here from san diego. i know where that is, and what do you do down there? i just started law school, so i'm here hoping to win some big money to pay for school. okay. um, when i'm not studying, i like to go to the beach, hang out with friends and family, and play with my chihuahua pac-man. pac-man? yes. all right, well, im our best. tell him pat says, "hi." okay, i will. uh, hi, mitch. hello. mitch kimbrell is from cordova, tennessee. originally from... doerun, georgia. doerun? okay, we're getting all these towns in here today. right. we're plugging everybody. uh, married man? married to my beautiful wife sara. mm-hmm. and what's the--you'redy. a student? tell us about that.
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i'm a student at mid-america baptist seminary, and when i'm not studying hebrew and greek, i love cheering for the georgia bulldogs and the atlanta braves. okay, that's an interesting combination. yeah. uh, and there are more--more like you around, apparently. yeah. i'm a triplet by-- and the baby by a minute. melonie any are the first two. oh, terrific. all right, well, it's good to have you here. thank you. and we'll ask you all to grab those "toss up" devices as we head to another puzzle worth $2d mist and "show biz" is the category. ♪ maggie. best-dressed list. yeah, that's it. simple as that. that's right. uh, you're up to--you got that $2,000. you got both "toss ups," and as soon as jim speaks, you'll spin. and here we go, pat. tonight's jackpot round is brought to you by kaopectate. announcer: for diarrhea, you take kaopectate.
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but for all these symptoms... you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate -- one and done. and here's tonight's featured prize-- it's $5,000 courtesy of ally bank. open an ally interest checking account and use any atm nationwide for free, plus ally will reimburse you for other banks' atm fees. $5,000. very nice. well, we'll start off with "same letter" as the category. (katrina) come on, maggie! s,ell, we'll start off with "same letter" as the category. um, l. there are two l's. pick up that gift tag. that's a capresso automatic coffee center worth $1,000. modeled nicely, and now you can spin the wheel again. s.
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um, can i buy an e? well, well, well. (car horn honks) n, please. there are six of 'em, so while they're coming up, you can pick up that half a kia. you're also picking up $3,000. aah! so what do you want to do? um, i'd like to buy an i. hmm. whoa. whoo. a t, please. a g, please. um, can i buy an a? you can.
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(sighs) a c. that's the same le $7,250. can i solve? well, yeah, sure, go ahead. constantly changing channels. yeah, that's it. (katrina) nice. hi! hi, how are you doing? nice to see you. whyou got here? look at all this stuff. you tell me. well, you got this coffee making center here, and you got half a kia, and when we add everything up-- it's been all maggie so far--$11,250. and if you're thinking of changing channels, put that--put--put that remote down. put it down. put it--put it down. we'll be back. nice going. good start, wow. thank you.
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well, the way it's going tonight, you never know. we may give that away. "song lyrics," the category. (wheelmobile horn okay, katrina, let's go. (maggie) all right, katrina! t. i'd like to e. mm-hmm, there are a whole bunch of e's. this--it's close to an e record here. one more, please. ohh. i'm sorry. mitch, your turn. r. all right. i'd like to buy a vowel. okay. i.
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where is the--where is that--there it is. i'd like to buy another vowel--o. okay. s. yes, pick up that wild card. you've got thaand 700 bucks. all right, mitch, what do you want to do? i'd like to solve the puzzle. all right. three cheers for the red white and blue. that's it. all right. nice job. thanks. thank you for not doing it in greek or hebrew. uh, $700. we'll make it $1,000. all right. you have that wild card, too. show america your wild card. there you go. all right. nicely done. i didn't say do that. ow-off. . uh, we'll be right back. might as well do it with flair. yeah, i enjoyed it. a nice--a nice flourish. this is real americana.
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so let's see, we have half a kia out there. we've got a wild card around here. we've got more kias loaded up on the wheel. there's a lot going on here. "phrase" is the category... (bell tinkles) and, uh, ooh, it's a "prize puzzle." talk about things going on. okay, mitch. all right. (katrina) all right, mitch. all right. let's have-- t. well, good news-- there are two t's... all right. and just a reminder,
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one of the uses of this little wild card is you could hand it to me right now, call another letter, you don't have to risk a spin, and you get 3,500 bucks for-- there--yeah, i don't have to finish that. all right, what letter would you like, mitch? r. two r's. that was worth it, huh? all right. $14,000. i'd like to buy a vowel. you can t. o. n. all right. i'd like to buy another vowel. all right. an i. ght! stop that wheel. all ri g.
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i'd like to buy an a. mm-hmm. nice job. very deliberate. getting it done. $14,700. i'd like to buy a u. and... and i'd like to buy the e. the last of the vowels. all right. what do you think, mitch? i would like to solve the puzzle. go ahead. let your imagination run wild. that's it. nice job. yeah! good solve. very nicely done. thank you. all right! i believe that's the u do it. all right. $14,200. whoo! he doesn't even know about hawaii yet. wait till he hears about that. hawaii! (jim thornton) mitch, break out your big floppy hat and sunscreen. explore the islands of aloha atewly transformed outrigger reef on the beach. this deluxe resort offers beachfront activities,
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$3,000 at stake. "living things"--the category. here we go. ♪ maggie. mockingbirds? that's it. she--she asked. you're doing well, too. you're up over $14,000. "what are you doing?" is theory,
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and maggie will spin. (wheelmobile horn honks) a g. nice. yeah. n. uh, yeah, three n's. all right. (sighs) all right, $1,200. okay, um... can i buy an i? yes! okay. ohh! uh, s. there's no s. i'm sorry. oh. all right, katrina, go. t. that gets you $1,100. i'd like to buy an o. mm-hmm.
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gonna be close. come on, one more. ohh. boy, i thought you were gonna make it. i'm sorry, katrina. mitch, it's your turn. r. i'd like to buy a vowel. mm-hmm. u. there's no u. ahh. uh-huh. maggie. l. cool. um, can i buy the e? mm-hmm. okay. h. all right. i think i'll solve. okay, go ahead. learning how to knit? yeah, that's it. yes. "to knit?"
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hi. hey. well, let's see, $1,600. that takes you up to $15,850. still in second place... cool. but getting closer. mm-hmm. and we have time for another puzzle. do you have on there, vanna? oh, thank goodness. let's see. it is "around the house," and this round will be started by you, katrina. yes. t. no, not this time. mitch. r. no r, either. maggie. oh. got a free play there. e. ah, this looks like trouble, maggie. aw. katrina, let's go.
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n. $300. oh, boy. oh, boy. oh, boy. maggie--oh, maybe i should spin. (bell dings) if i hit a bankrupt, it doesn't count. and we'll add $1,000 to whatever we land on here, and, uh, it'll be $1,600 for every consonant we find. "around the house"-- the category.e land on here, mitch, it's your turn. let's have a letter. d. "around the house." (buzzer) maggie. s. (buzzer) katrina. k. well, we got that part of it settled. (buzzer) mitch.
3:21 am
c. no. maggie. l. no. katrina. g. "around the house." (b mitch. b. no b. maggie. m. (buzzer) katrina. (buzzer) h. mahogany desk. there you go! i'm glad you came up with that. congratulations, and you know what? not a bad total. oh, great. yeah, it added up pretty quickly there. you end up with $4,800. we're delighted. thank you. i had so much fun. thank you. oh, poor baby, finished in second place. all she gets is $15,850. i'll take it. nice job, maggie. congratulations. well, you did it.
3:22 am
nice work. thank you. he's going to hawaii. uh, $21,235 altogether, but first we're gonna make a stop in bonus land and see if he can add to that total. we'll be right back. sounds good to me. stay tuned. mitch could drive home in a new jeep wrangler. the bonus round is next.
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in a new spin on america's number-one game show. mitch, you're doing great. over $21,000 cash and prizes. uh, who's out there? myiful wife sara. and, uh, and she's smiling for some reason. that's hard to figure. i mean, does it have anything to do with hawaii, i'm wondering? beautght, give that wheel a spin. come on, mitch. well, where are we here? ha. i'd like you to grab that for me, please. hand it to me and watch your step, and here we go. right there.
3:25 am
now "things," that's the category. r, s, t, l, n, e-- you know we always start with those letters. vanna will put some up. we ask our audience to be very quiet as we go through this process, and now i'll ask you to pick three more consonants and a vowel... well, you're gonna get some help above. all right, you can do this. "things." you have ten seconds to talk it out. good luck. wedding kiss. no. wedding bliss. uh, bedding... bliss. bedding... (buzzer) ah. man, well it-- it was wedding. wedding vows. ah. yeah. yeah. solve the puzzle.
3:26 am
uh, let's see what we have here. well, we would have loved to add that to the mix. i think if i told you you were gonna come of hangman and win $21,235, you'd feel pretty good about that. yeah. nice going. congratulations. vanna and i will be right back in a moment. w. well, you did the right thing. you tried... (woman) here are some categories from this week's "jeopardy!"-- "jeopardy!" has got something for everyone. you mentioned hangman a little bit earlier, and i wonder if people still play it, you know, where you draw it and you draw the thing and-- i'm sure the computer v, but you mean actually sit with a pencil? yes, yes, like we used to do. oh, i'm sure--i'm sure they do. i'm sure they do. yeah. do you? back in the olden days, before, uh, before computers and all that, yeah, we had pencils. yeah. it was fun. it was. it still is. that's what we do here, so we'll see you next time. bye-bye. bye-bye. promotional consideration provided by... my feet -- they're dry, cracked. it's embarrassing. announcer: relief starts now. gold bond foot cream moisturizes and soothes for soft, sandal-ready feet. relief starts now. gold bond foot cream.
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this morning on "world news now" -- on the run. the former nsa contractor who leaked secrets to the world fled hong kong. where he landed, where he is headed and the outrage from the white house. legal challenges. opening statements begin in the george zimmerman trial today. the evidence that is no longer allowed. and how it could change the case. step by step. nik wallenda's latest high-flying stunt over the grand canyon. what a daring move and what he is planning to do next. and singing higher. rihanna's offstage stunt, that is getting buzz. the performer is pushing for legal changes. that's in the "the skinny" on this monday, june 24th. good monday morning. we begin this half-hour with new
3:31 am
details on edward snowden's international flight for freedom. the former nsa contractor is expected to travel to havana this morning. >> he has been able to successfully evade a u.s. arrest warrant, catching american authorities off-guard. our coverage begins right now with chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: u.s. authorities were caught off-guard by snowden's sudden departure from moscow thinking they boxed him in hong kong. but officials there told abc's gloria rivera in hong kong the u.s. arrest request and criminal charges forwarded last week against the 30-year-old snowden were badly flawed. >> the hong kong statement cited a failure by the u.s. to prove snowden's actions were illegal under extradition law saying the u.s. failed to provide specific information saying, quote, there was no legal basis to restrict mr. snowden from leaving hong kong. >> reporter: snowden was allowed to board the flight to moscow
3:32 am
before the u.s. could address any problems. >> well, i would like to find out why our papers were not in compliance. that would be a big mistake by the department of justice. >> hong kong, either under the influence of beijing or not, should have made every effort to return him to the united states. >> reporter: snowden's u.s. passport was revoked not in time to prevent his escape on a route arranged by the wikileaks group. now not only has snowden evaded the u.s. arrest warrant, and defecting with four laptops full of the country's most sensitive secrets as he described to "the guardian" newspaper. >> i had access to the full rosters of everyone working at the nsa, the entire intelligence community and undercover assets around the world. >> reporter: in an abc news exclusive, general keith alexander, the head of the nsa told george stephanopoulos on "this week," there was nothing honorable about snowden. >> clearly an individual who's betrayed the trust and confidence we had in him, an individual not acting with nobel intent.
3:33 am
>> reporter: whatever his original intentions saying he wanted to help america by exposing secret surveillance programs he is something different as he uses russia and cuba to seek political asylum from the country he says he loves. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> it appears snowden is in the middle of a big journey picking a most unusual route. >> our coverage continues in moscow this morning where our kirit radia picks up the story. good morning, kirit. what's the latest you can tell us? >> reporter: good morning, guys. this very moment, edward snowden is to the best of our knowledge still at moscow airport. he doesn't have a visa. he can't leave the airport. his flight to cuba doesn't leave for another four hours. i say it is rather -- to the best of our knowledge. a bizarre, mysterious layover for snowden. nobody has actually seen him. but his plane landed. reportedly whisked away by a group of official cars that met his plane on the tarmac. we spoke to a few of the passengers on his flight yesterday, who saw the cars, but they had no idea snowden was onboard with him. it is believed snowden is in the
3:34 am
care of ecuadorian diplomats, who will escort him on the rest of his trip. we saw the ambassador's car parked outside the airport yesterday and chased one of the cars around the airport, another one of the diplomats, but he refused to comment. snowden reportedly spent the night inside the transit area at a hotel in the airport. again nobody has seen him so far again this morning. >> do you know more about the secretive way he was whisked away at the airport? it sounds like a spy novel. >> reporter: it is rather interesting. when you talk to the kremlin, they insist they had no idea he was coming. they had no idea about his plans. and yet, cars able to meet him on the tarmac. it does appear at the very least russians are turning a blind eye to this. they made it clear they will not stop him in moscow. >> thank you. abc's kirit radia reporting live from moscow. stay with abc news all morning long as we cover edward snowden's controversial bid for asylum. look for updates on "america this morning" and "good morning america." nelson mandela's health has taken a turn for the worse. the 94-year-old anti-apartheid
3:35 am
icon is in critical condition. mandela has been the hospital more than two weeks, being treated for a lung infection. the president of south africa says that doctors are doing everything they can to help mandela improve and keep him comfortable. the taliban says it killed ten foreign climbers in pakistan to avenge the death of one of its leaders in a u.s. drone strike. terrorists disguised themselves as policemen before attacking a remote camp where the climbers were staying. the pakistani guide was killed. victims including one american were preparing to climb the world's ninth-tallest mountain. the murder trial of florida neighborhood watch volunteer, george zimmerman gets under way with opening statement tuesday. zimmerman tried for the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin in february of last year. the judges ruled that prosecution's voice experts will not testify about a 911 recording of their encounter. >> the fact that the prosecution cannot present their voice recognition experts in this
3:36 am
trial is a victory for the defense. like i said before, the judge is now allowing those jurors to listen to the tape and decide for themselves who they believe the individual screaming out for help is. >> the trial is expected to take between two weeks and a month. six female jurors and four alternates will be sequestered for the entire time. their cell phones will be returned once a day so they can call family and friends, but they cannot talk about the trial. texas lawmakers debated some of the toughest abortion restrictions in the country. more than 1,000 abortion rights activists rallied at the state capital in austin. to protest the legislation. if passed the bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks and would require abortions take place in surgical centers. those restrictions would shut down 90% of the abortion clinics in texas. a dozen wildfires whipping across colorado driven by hot, dry, windy weather. the most dangerous ones threatening a resort town in the southwestern part of the state where up to 1,500 residents and summer visitors have been forced out. fires spread to 100 square miles. winds have been erratic.
3:37 am
so far, no homes have been lost. in minnesota the problem is water, too much of it. a weekend storm dumping four inches of rain in under two hours. way too much for storm drains. nearby a tanker truck hydroplaned sliding into a ditch. the driver was shaken out, but uninjured. minnesota can expect more rain today. severe storms will hit the upper midwest and great lakes region. there will be thunderstorms from the deep south all the way to the carolinas and rain in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot across the rockies and into the southwest. >> phoenix rises to 102 degrees. it is dry heat. that's what they say anyway. again, 88 in miami, hot-lanta. 90s northeastern corridor. baltimore more to boston. tightrope walker nik wallenda heard whispering prayers last night. who would blame him? anybody in their right mind would be praying as well if they were walking 1,500 feet above a river on a 2-inch thick cable.
3:38 am
>> wallenda's walk lasted just over 22 minutes above the little colorado river in northeastern arizona near the grand canyon. when he was done as you saw him running across, as fast as he could. it was more windy on the wire than expected and took every bit of concentration he had to stay focused. yikes. >> sure he said a lot of prayers. >> did you hear -- there is talk of, how do you follow that up? stringing a cable between the empire state building and chrysler building. >> i don't know -- good luck with that. good luck getting permission to do that. i just think this is hilarious at the very end. he couldn't get off of this thing fast enough. probably because it was -- >> kiss the ground. >> kiss the ground. >> better believe it. my goodness. whispering prayers across. 600 spectators watched it. obviously, live and on a big screen. very similar although a lot more people at niagara falls. >> you witnessed him. >> i did. it was great. he had to kneel down once during his walk across the falls. when we got across, he kissed his wife and was happy to be
3:39 am
across, as well. it was more the expectation and the build-up to him walking across. probably, sure that it was the same thing here. >> no net. >> oh, man. >> pulled it off. thank goodness. any time we do a nik wallenda story, it's not the lead. we are happy. >> true. good point. the emotional dispute involving celebrity chef paula deen, who is coming out to support her? later on, hanging ten with man's best friend. bringing together adventurous dogs and surfers? we will tell you. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i don't care about nothing i wanna go surfing ♪ [ phoebe ] stress sweat. it can happen any time, to anyone!
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♪ find a cure for pain find a cure for pain ♪ we have all seen the headlines about the promise of stem cells curing disease. but could they also be used to treat aches and pains from injuries? >> some doctors pioneering a new treatment that uses a person's own stem cells to do just that. but the fda says there are real risks. abc's tanya rivero explains. >> reporter: they're the injuries that come from pushing the body too hard. as we age, those bodies don't as quickly bounce back. >> basically, people overdo it. >> reporter: 32-year-old eli wilhide says 12 years of weightlifting left him with crippling shoulder pain, nothing helped. >> acupuncture, massage, icing. >> reporter: eli is not alone.
3:44 am
every year, about 2 million mostly middle-aged americans seek medical help for torn shoulder rotator cuffs. 100,000 undergo surgery on ripped knee ligaments. then eli heard of a new half-hour noninvasive procedure that uses a patient's own stem cells to relieve the pain. >> stem cells, cellular therapy as we call it. it's a strong anti-inflammatory. >> reporter: the procedure is called a bmat. here is how it works -- fluid is taken from the bone marrow of a person's pelvis, spun for 15 minutes, separating the blood from stem cells which are then injected into the joint where the pain exists. >> within two days i was stronger than i had been in a dozen years. >> reporter: but the fda and many doctors are still not convinced. >> sometimes the stem cells can form tumors in certain areas, and form tissues undesirable in certain areas. we don't want to take that risk. >> reporter: though more and more doctors are beginning to offer the procedure off-label, it is still not approved by the fda and so not widely available.
3:45 am
doctors say more testing needs to be done. but they also acknowledge the future of stem cell therapy looks very promising indeed. to be done. but they also acknowledge the future of stem cell therapy looks very promising indeed. tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> huh, clinical trials under way that could lead to the treatment being approved. it's promising if this is something somebody is looking forward to. >> particularly promising in the spinal injury area. really fantastic. that is so crippling, literally. and if there is almost nothing you can do with those kind of things. real promise for spinal injuries. >> hearing what the last doctor had to say, the side effect i didn't know about. he said injecting the stem cells into your body can led to tumors and tissue build-up that you don't want or need. i never heard of that side effect before. that is very scary. what can a tumor lead to? or what could this tissue build up do to your body, it is, we haven't been able to figure out what long term effect are we aren't using this. >> sure. >> so it would be interesting to
3:46 am
see, you know, what the two side come up as far as arguments and if it is approved what happens with that. >> exciting area to explore. >> for sure. >> the celebrity that has something in common with cheech and chong. jim carrey turns into a critic of himself. coming up next in "the skinny". we'll explain it all. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
>> announcer: "world news now" hey, thanks for this from our stopping by.. you know, i've followed your character since the first episode. i'm a big fan, big, big fan... thank you. listen, your storyline makes for incredible tv drama. thing is, your drug use is very adult content. too adult for the kids. so, i'm gonna have to block you. aw, man. yeahh... well. have a good one. you're a nice lady. ♪ skinny so skinny
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>> all right. starting out "the skinny" with sobering news updating james gandolfini passing away, 51 years old wednesday. tmz reporting that his body is actually returned from rome where he suffered the heart attack on wednesday and passed away. apparently, his body came into newark airport at 9:00 last night. eastern time. his body was flown in via signature airlines from rome, plane touching down at 9:00 at newark airport in new jersey his home state. we're told his body will go to a funeral parlor. it will remain there until the funeral services which are set for this thursday. >> oh, my gosh. >> just a sad story. right? >> it really is. >> now that he is back. just touches, literally touches home. >> you hear so many stories over the weekend. about -- he was doing well. he had a last meal here. and he was talking to friend. he looked so good.
3:49 am
in good spirits. and this and that -- such a sad story all the way around. for his family, too. he leaves behind his son and a very small baby. >> that's right. >> okay. so -- paula deen. just a little back story. "national enquirer" leaked a deposition last week, somebody suing paula deen and her brother for a bunch of little things. main thing was, that she was accusing paula deen of using racial slurs like the n word. paula deen said, yeah, back in the 1960s. yeah, i did. she admitted to using them. there was nothing wrong with what she did. that was back in the day. she issued an apology. that's the apology. anyway, the food network dropped her any way. now her fans have taken to the food network website to voice their outrage, over the fact that she was dropped as, she has been there for a long time. one of their better known chefs. if you ask. she's hugely popular. here is just one of the many
3:50 am
comments that were left. so this is interesting. there was a recipe for zucchini casserole. the comments had nothing to do with the vegetable dish, everything to do with paula deen being let go. this is just one of the comments. everyone in this nation has used a racial comment at one time or another. she grew up in south. why did this woman wait so long to make an issue. more money. that's a question. let's boycott everyone that uses that word they all used it at one time or another. total bunch of hypocrites. that's one woman's opinion. some people support the food network decision to drop paula deen. >> that one is so nuanced. i'm not touching. i am not touching it. >> let's leave that one alone. >> we report, you decide. bust out doritos and chocolate chip cookies. why, rihanna, you will see. took to instagram. saturday. you mean the munchies. >> yeah, in amsterdam apparently. took to instagram. look at that. she revealed an array of smoking
3:51 am
pictures. stating her feelings on marijuana. >> she found glow sticks. >> man, oh, man. those are some big old joints. if in fact. i don't know what is inside of them. it is amsterdam. who knows. the caption on the pic said legalize it. kind of says it all doesn't it. >> and posing for a pic with two massive blunts with two lighters. apparently not without precedent. in april, she instagrammed a cake in the shape of a marijuana leaf in celebration of 420. so there you go. >> when you are in amsterdam -- >> in "caddyshack" and bill murray going cannonball. cannonball coming. >> everybody, will remember. quickly, jim carrey in a new movie, sequel to an old movie i have never heard of, called, afraid to say this on television, i was told i could say it "kick -- 2" he can't get behind the movie.
3:52 am
tweeted sentiments. i did kick -- before sandy hook. in good conscious i can't support the level of violence. "kickass" before sandy hook. in good conscious i can't support the level of violence. all: 3, 2, 1! [ male announcer ] ...something even bigger. this year, dawn is also donating $1 million to rescue efforts. go to find out how the little things you do can make a big difference. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options.
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revealing smooth. and goddess skin begins. only from venus and olay. ♪ >> finally this is absolutely not a stupid pet trick. the eighth annual, aspca surf dog competition featured dogs doing what most of us absolutely could never do. that's why this is our "favorite story of the day." >> abc's rachel smith caught the wave action from los angeles. ♪ >> reporter: surf's up, pup. or more like 43 of them. ditching their leashes for surfboard. catching waves at the 8th annual loews surf dog competition at
3:56 am
imperial beach, california. a lot of fun. no walk in the park either. waves up to 4 feet high and conditions were choppy. the pooches were fearless. >> it was actually pretty neat. they look like really rough waves out there. so, looked kind of hard. >> reporter: the dogs scored on confidence, length of ride and overall ability to grip it and rip it. >> we have dog surfing coming from the country, desert in arizona, nevada all the way up in vancouver and even hawaii. >> reporter: more than 3,000 people hit the sand for a little fun in the sun with their best friend. raising thousands for a good cause, aspca and its fight against animal cruelty. for the first time there was even a mobile adoption center. >> we have lots of adoptable animals on site. we have another special treat for spectators. >> reporter: this year brought
3:57 am
out a special treat for spectators, youtube sensation tillman. >> tillman, the skateboarding bulldog. he can surf, who knew? so he is -- i am rooting for him to win. >> are you ready to surf? go get your board. >> reporter: he got it all right. and the gold after showing off his skills on the water. >> celebrity bulldog tillman. everybody give it up for tillman. >> reporter: it was a dog eat dog competition. but one that got everyone's tails wagging. >> tillman taking gold. >> the best form. the way he got his head down. >> you said that. as soon as that story started -- >> he lowered his head. have you ever surfed, diana? oh, yeah, that's what i am talking about! nicely done, graphics. >> thank you, graphics, that was way too kind. > we tt a >> no. >> back to the dog surfing.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
this morning, a turn for the worse. new developments in the health of nelson mandela, the latest on the former south african president's condition in a live report. plus, edward snowden on the run and carrying with him a trove of the nation's most sensitive secrets. this morning we're learning more about where he might be headed and how the u.s. hopes to get him back. above the earth without a net. the latest death-defying walk by nik wallenda. and sugar lovers have spoken. twinkies are about to make a return to store shelves. good monday morning. we begin with those new details coming from south africa. nelson mandela, the former south african leader and nobel peace prize winner, is now in cr


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