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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on monday at 5:00. >> yes, we may have some rain out there. lisa is here for mike. >> a rain party. >> good morning. not unusual to see rain in june but the amount will add up tonight into tomorrow. this morning, they are called nuisance showers with wet weather from the north. be careful out there. the rain is light. it is breezy. from highway 101 to 80 to the east bay, 680, the san ramon corridor around the peninsula from san francisco, down through san mateo and redwood city, so we are talking muggy conditions this morning, and the best chance of rain in the morning
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with the numbers in the 60's this afternoon and we will look at mostly cloudy conditions this afternoon and a break before the next rain chance tonight. sue is here with a check on the commute. >> we are not seeing slick roadways but we will follow that. we seeing fog. especially along the coast. along highway one through half moon bay, and you need to be extra careful. southbound 680 has road work, and the drive from antioch is not too bad. you need to use a little extra caution this morning. there is more rain today and it could be a tough travel day for commuters and those flying after massive flight delays and flooding yesterday.
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abc7 news reporter is in mill valley. >> good morning to you, kristen. there is flooding at the park in ride in mill valley with cars slowing to a stop at highway 101 and highway one. it is nothing new for people what use this park-'n-ride each day. it tends to flood but it is a cause for concern as you head out this morning. we want to show you our drive, hazy conditions with similar low clouds and fog with delays up to two hours at sfo. boards were lit up with chancelations with 100 flights canceled. sfo continued the ground delay pattern overnight until 1:00 o'clock a.m. which affected thousands of travelers coming and going from the bay area. a woman was waiting for a friend
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from australia. she made it to the states but was delayed in california. >> she arrived at 7:30 in the morning and she could have driven because she would be here by now. it is not just air traffic affected but this is a dense fog advisory with visibility down to a few yards in some areas. in the airport, though, good news at sfo all flights before 7:00 a.m. are scheduled to leave on time. every flight from san jose and oakland this morning are scheduled to leave on time. good news to end on that note. power is restoreed to 90,000 pg&e outage after an outage with 145,000 customers losing power
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at 9:00 last night. a city of santa maria 150 miles north of los angeles was the biggest affected by the outage after an equipment failure at a substation. there are still 50,000 customers without power. novato police are trying to determine who owns a safe after it was found on city streets. police do not know if the safe was stolen or abandoned found on hamilton drive around midnight. police are checking to recent reports of break-ins. investigators say they have no idea what is in the safe and no plans to open it. >> the supreme court is meeting for the last scheduled session today. the court has ten cases to rule on including two landmark same-sex marriage cases but it could take until the end of the week before the decisions are handed down. one is proposition eight, california same-sex marriage ban, a federal district court ruled "up constitutional."
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if justices up hole the ruling and strike down proposition 8 it allows same-sex marriage to begin in california. another decision involves a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and prevents married gay couples from getting federal benefits. we will have more in a report next half hour. >> stay with abc7 news for coverage of the supreme court decision on air and online with the decisions live on twitter, facebook, and our new news app and right here on abc7 news. >> the supreme court is also deciding two other high profile cases including a challenge to 509-year-old voting rights act. a alabama suburb wants the court to end a requirement for state and local governments mostly in the south to get advance approval of any changes in the way they hold elections. the court is looking at an affirmative action case that concerned the use of race in college admission nationwide
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involving a woman denied admission to the university of texas seeking to overturn the consideration of race among many factors in filling the freshman class. >> n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is on the run. he was expected to fly from russia to cuba to seek asylum but never showed up. for the latest we go to our reporter in washington, dc. >> good morning, eric. snowed -- edward snowden is embarrassing the obama administration saying they do not know where he is headed. in now, know snow was nowhere to be seen missing the flight to cuba after spending the night in the airport hotel, and the former n.s.a. contractor charged with theft fled hong kong yesterday carrying four laptops loaded with american government secrets. he could be headed for asylum in ecuador which is sympathetic to the case.
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>> we do not know where he may head or what the intended destination could be. he places himself above the law having betrayed his country with respect to the violation of his south and there are serious implications. >> officials are scrambling to stop the trip stunned by long congress' decision to rebuff the requests for extradition. the obama administration demanded that russia expel edward snowden and wanted others not to let him to travel. >> the diplomacy has funny ways of working and sometimes it takes a while. >> the head of the n.s.a. said the leaks have causedder reversible and significant damage. >> this is an individual who is not acting with noble intent. >> journalists who kept this touch with snowden says the 29-year-old is convinced he is blowing the whistle on government lies and abuse of
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power. >> there is nothing revealed that has been remotely endangering of national security. >> snowden is getting legal and travel help from the antisecrecy group, wikileaks, with the founder, george zimmerman, -- its founder, julian assange, receiving asylum in ecuador last year. >> today, the senate holds an important test vote on a bill to send military-style surge of border agents to mexico hoping to draw more republican support to a comprehensive immigration reform bill. g.o.p. senators demanded tougher boarder security besigning on to the broader immigration measure that sets out steps on futile legal immigration and create as 13 year long pathway to citizenship for millions of people currently living in the united states illegally. >> the acreditting commission is
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underfire, with the california faculty association filing a 300 page complaint about the commission accusing them of being overly harsh with all schools but says it crossed the line on severe sanctions at city college without first imposing lesser penalties. it complains the commission barred the public from a meeting it held two weeks ago. the department of education which oversees the commission says taking the complaint seriously, and want as full response from the commission by july 8. >> san francisco mayor lee is lending support to an effort to bring a george lucas museum to san francisco working behind-the-scenes to line up key supporters. the $700 million proposal to house a new cultural museum would feature the large collection of >>arthur: the presidio and show off digital design and animation from the film industry.
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lucas is one of 16 to take over a former commissary site at the location. >> now lisa, our meteorologist, who is getting wet? >> we have a lot clouds. this is not all reaching the ground. it is mist. it is drizzle. you can see the atmosphere is moistening up into oakland, san francisco, and in the north bay, mist and drizzle is very, very light. 680 and 80 will continue to see light showers throughout the morning and the roadway is already damp. be careful. throughout the afternoon, clouds the dominate with temperatures an the bay in the 60's and a better chance of rain tonight into tomorrow. in terms of the next couple of days we are looking at rain throughout tuesday night. by wednesday not only temperatures rebound. we will have tons of sun.
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we will have 70's and 80's. on thursday we will reach the 90's inland but we will not stop there. we are seeing excessive heat bit end of the work week into the weekend. triple digits are not out of the question. sue? >> right now, just fog. some moisture out there, too, but not affecting the drive. that is the good news. high winds are affecting the drive from the central valley and over the altamont pass at the higher elevation. as far as traffic, it is looking good. we have dock work at the ferry terminal resulting in the addition of an extra ferry all this week. bart is on time. no delays with muni. if you are headed out, 580 show as drive from the central valley at 92 the san mateo bridge from hayward to 101.
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southbound 101, san francisco to the airport, if that is where you are headed. >> twinkie lovers? get ready, your wait is over. >> also, two men were rescued after being thrown from horses and the accident now has police looking for two bicyclists. >> man on a wire, the record breaking attempt to cross over the grand canyon on a tight
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> marin county officials are looking for two young mountain bikers who caused a serious accident that left two women and a horse badly hurt. the women were airlifted to the hospital after being thrown from the horses. the sheriff deputies captured the rescue on video. the women were riding on a trail when the horses were spooked by two mountain bikers racing on the trail. they stopped and left the scene despite pleas to stay until help arrived. it is believed they are in their early teens. >> a house fire in san jose has forced a family of three to find a new place to live. a man suffered minor burns yesterday in the fire on south garden court. firefighters say the mans his fiance, and a son, escaped the
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home moments before the entire house went up in flames. the man woke to the smell of smoke and saw flames in the garage. the roof of the garage collapsed the fire started in the garage and never went off in the house. >> the average price for gasoline has gone down the past two weeks. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded nationwide is down by four cents to $3.60. in california, the state average is $4.01 an increase of nine cents. tucson, arizona, has the lowest average at $3.24. chicago has the highest at $4.23. >> i only like these fried: twinkies are coming back. >> they are not bad enough the regular way? now the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. twinkie lovers, the treat is
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back on the shelves starting july 15 and there will be ding-dongs and ho-ho. there was a huge problem with the bakers striking. >> and wendys will have a new burger today and the $4.69 premium burger with bacon, cheese sauce and onion on a pretzel bun is availabled on limited basis coast to coast. >> enjoy the price while you can at starbucks raising prices on benefit raps -- beverages tomorrow. >> drama in china overnight, shanghai suffering the biggest drop since 2009 after the central bank put the squeeze on speculation lending which is hurting china's growth.
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a mixed closed on friday after a rough week over the massive monetary stimulus. at the new york stock exchange i am jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> if you hate heights this video will make you uneasy, high wire artist nik wallenda crossed the 1,500' wide colorado river gorge and was broadcast live on discovery channel last night. the 34-year-old had no safety harness and no net. wallenda took 22 minutes to edge along the 2" thick cable. he is a 7th generation high wire artist. his grandfather was killed in a demonstration in puerto rico. >> we remember the flying wallendas doing their thing,
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back then. >> can you imagine, hoping if no win. >> seriously. >> we are looking at a lot of rain in the next day. not everywhere, dominating the north bay. we are getting a break this afternoon but right now it looks like we have a ton of rain and, actually, not raining that much. the atmosphere is still moist being up and we don't have the lifting mechanism that will wring out the atmosphere. we have a lot of moisture but it is needing to rain. cloverdale and santa rosa with light rain in the east bay and darker here, so, a little bit more in the way of rain from walnut creek to concord and westward, getting light rain from pacifica through half moon bay. the morning sky is looking dark with clouds and half-mile visibility at 55 and 62 in mountain view and 54, the golden gate bridge, be careful.
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with the wet payment, it will probably be a slower commute this morning at 62 in the livermore valley to 59 in union city. santa rosa at 57. the forecast highlights show morning showers. clouds throughout the afternoon. we will get a break. the last system comes in tonight, into tuesday, and it promises to bring measurable precipitation. we still have a kicker tonight into tuesday. that is the last one. look at the morning, we have a lot of green on the map throughout the rest of the afternoon. we are looking dry. by 9:00 tonight, were of the north bay from cloverdale, santa rosa, looking at wet weather and overnight, heavy rain from santa rosa, scattered light showers and santa cruz and everyone is in the act by tuesday morning and the commute looks more on the west side tomorrow morning and the afternoon shows scattered showers and the south by, the east bay valley,
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remaining dry. the focus is in the north bay, parts of the east bay, quarter to half an inch and we are looking at maybe 1.5" in the north bay. a wide range of rainfall, with clouds, and temperatures in the low 70's, 73 in morgan hill and, boy, what a change after the rain tomorrow, mid-80's on wednesday, and in the 90's and talking big time heat in the rest of the week. sue? >> so far, no problem with rain on the roadway affecting commute. we have high wins over the altamont pass. we have reports of c.h.p. saying there is an incident in milpitas at 237 where we have a planned new h.o.v. lane between 237 and the 101 interchange. that should improve the commute. southbound 237, that is in the lanes until 6:00 a.m. the toll plaza shows moving nicely at the
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bay bridge with no issues. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day. >> the celebration honoring a [ panting ] we're headed the same way, right? yeah. ♪ [ panting ] uh... after you. ♪ [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] it's all in how you get there. the srx, from cadillac. awarded best interior design of any luxury brand. lease this 2013 cadillac srx for around $399 per month, with premium care maintenance included. i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic! find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know. the bay area could have a wetter june than january, a summer weather system is creeping through the bay area with rain in the forecast. it could be another tough travel day for commuters and airline passengers. we will have the latest at the top of the hour. two, down to the wire for decision for proposition 8, the
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ban in california on same-sex marriage and the defense of marriage act. in 90 minutes the supreme court issues another round of rulings, the last week for the high court to rule on this session's cases. >> the whereabouts the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden are a mystery after he failed to board a scheduled flight from now to cuba. the former n.s.a. contractor was in a now hotel overnight and believed to be headed to ecuador with he asked for asylum. >> former south africa president nelson mandela's medical condition is deteriorating and is in critical condition at 94. doctors are doing everything to keep him comfortable. >> flags are at half staff in new jersey this morning in honor of actor james gandolfini. his body arrived at newark airport from italy. he died of a heart attack in italy on wednesday. >> six, light rain is picking up across the bay area, grab your umbrella. we have a rare june rainmaker
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for today. we have better rain chances tonight and through tomorrow with measurable precipitation across the bay area but get ready for the heat, we are talking hotter weather and temperatures are well above normal through the end of the work week. >> seven, sue has is looking at fog on the golden gate bridge. it is thick on the deck. visibility is hampered so take extra caution this morning. eric? >> a big milestone for a san francisco bookstore that helped nurture the talents of the best writers. birthday cake, reading and music greeted temperatures at city lights bookstore in north beach, the independent bookstore and publishing house was founded by a poet in 1953 publishing works
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of ginsburg and others and has still remained one of the few independent booksellers still open in the bay area. >> the morning news continues with the top stories and hundreds of jobs coming to the bay area. what you need to know. >> ceremony marking the beginning of a new era for an east bay city. >> local community could decide to outsource fire protection in
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on this monday morning, hope you had a next weekend. thanks for joining us. >> you are waking up to the
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possibility of rain. when does it arrive? lisa? >> well, i can show you live doppler 7 hd shows we have light rain. elsewhere, this is not all reaching the ground. it will. we have increasing throughout the morning so grab the umbrella mt. st. helena has very light runs and through the east bay we are look at a better chance of rain from san ramon to dublin, discovery bay and toward the san mateo coast. here is mount tamalpais with the layering of the clouds with the upper 50's in santa rosa and 59 in union city. it is muggy with showers throughout the morning hours. we dry out in the afternoon and more rain tonight. sue? >> good morning, thanks, everyone. rain is not affecting your drive. you may have slick roads and fog is an issue. high winds from the altamont pass, in the higher elevation
5:31 am
and the slow traffic is building from the central valley to the dublin/pleasanton area. we have a stall, rather, a car in the dip at 680 at 242 in concord but not in the lanes. we have road work 680287 and the bay bridge where we have a stall on the incline section, the right lane could slow your drive into san francisco. >> san francisco city hall is getting ready for a news conference if and when the supreme court gives the green light for same-sex marriage to resume here in california. yes or no, the ruling will come down this week. cornell? >> good morning, kristen. the waiting is almost over. county clerks across the state are bracing for the ruling especially in san francisco at city hall where the gay pride flag is flying. joy and matt clark have beenen
5:32 am
gaged for two months but they have not made any wedding plans and are waiting for supreme court ruling on prop 8. it could come this morning. several things could happen. justices could uphold the proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban, or strike it down. employees at san francisco city hall are glued to computers. the ruling is the culmination of a 10-year legal battle. not everyone wants gay marriage legalized but matt is hopeful. >> friends are here, our connections are here, we want to get married here but we can't do that if it is not legal. >> we have been surprised on a number of decisions people thought would go one way that went another way. everyone is conditioned for the court to see what happens. >> the decision would likely be posted online at 7:00 a.m. if they come out with the ruling and then the city attorney will hold a news conference after that. if it is struck down, weddings
5:33 am
could start happening in 25 days. there are three mobile outcomes, the scout could uphold proposition eight, strike it down or invalidate it saying there is no legal standing over an appeals court ruling that calls proposition 89, unconstitutional. >> thank you, cornell. we will have live coverage onair and online and we will bring you the decisions on twitter, facebook and our news app and right here on abc7 news. >> travelers in and out of san francisco international airport will want to keep a close eye on flight schedules after a hundred flights were canceled for weather with low cloud and rain triggers dogs of -- dozens of delays yesterday. the highway patrol issued a a fg
5:34 am
advisory to pacifica from highway 1. >> this morning, authorities in the in the bay are looking for four men who tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl in the community near the taco bell on highway 12. the 15-year-old told police a green lexus pulled up next to her as she walked home from a park. four men get out, called her "cute" and asked her to get in the arm. one grabbed her am but she ran away. the suspect is described as black man in his mid-20's. the sheriff had in description for the others. >> equipment failure at pg&e substation is blamed for a massive power outage along the central coast that left 145,000 customers in the dark. it happened after 9:00 last night and affected santa barbara
5:35 am
and santa maria located 150 miles forth of los angeles was the languagest city impacted by the outage. power was restored to 90,000 customers at midnight with no word when the others get their power back. >> where is snow snow the former n.s.a. failed to show up for a flight from russia to cuba. snowden checked in on the flight to havana twice, once on the point and once online but did not show up in time for take off and arrived in now at fleeing hong kong yesterday. officials tell abc7 news that there fears foreign intelligence could have copied sensitive information from his laptops with or without his knowledge, and snowden is expected to head to ecuador with the help of antisecret group wikileaks. the fop minister of ecuador is considering the request for asylum. he has been on the run since he revealed information on the n.s.a.'s highly classified
5:36 am
communities spying program. >> developing news from south africa where former president nelson mandela is in critical condition. the south africa government says the condition of the 94-year-old man daily is deteriorating and is being treated for recurring lung infection. mandela became the first black president after the end of apartheid in 1994. he was hospitalized june 8 in the fourth trip to the hospital since december. >> commuters from the south bay could shave time off the regular drive. through car pool lanes on interstate 880 in san jose will officially open in half an hour. actually, they opened at 5:00 a.m. and the northbound and southbound lane between highway 237 and highway 101 in san jose have a new car pool lane and they will be operational between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and 3 and 7:00 p.m. monday through
5:37 am
friday. >> there be an agreement for redwood city to take over fire service for san carlos firefighters. they would be managed by the officials of redwood city. the san carlos taxpayers would still pay the salaries and they would get 13 percent pay hike to match that of redwood city colleagues. they pulled out of an agreement with bell minute because of the cost. >> there is a ceremony to mark the transfer of a former naval air station to the city holding a ceremony to mark the phase one of land transfer which includes more than 500 acres of rhyme real estate. the navy closed the base down 20 years ago taking away 14,000 jobs. in turn, the navy agreed to turn the land over to the city for free. other areas will be turned over when the environmental clean up is finished. they hope to build hopes and
5:38 am
create 9,000 new jobs. >> the postal service is hiring 500 new mail carriers to work across the bay area. what of the jobs will be based in san jose and surrounding areas. all the jobs are temporary. the job fair runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. at san jose mail processing and distribution center. we have more information at >> we know that live doppler 7 hd is showing moisture in the area and is it hitting the ground? >> we picked up a small amount on the san mateo coast but the moisture is continuing but the layers of the atmosphere are not saturated. we have darker friend indicating a better chance of rain by the delta and antioch and livermore. 580 and fremont and san mateo
5:39 am
and further south you can see from redwood city and stanford this is the possibility of light rain. in the north there is low visibility. the fog is right on the deck of the golden gate bridge. you cannot see mount tamalpais. we had a nice picture a few minutes ago. 63 in livermore right now. the rain showers are best chance. this we have clouds in the afternoon. upper 60's to low 70's. another chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. then it is all over and it changes. we are talking much warmer and more sun through wednesday, thursday, and warmer beyond that. sue has an update. how is the fog? >> it is thick. especially as you mentioned on the golden gate bridge across highway one and 280, obviously by the coast. we can see by the green that is where traffic is affected by the drizzle and rain. we had a car in a ditch, northbound 242 at 680, that is
5:40 am
out of the lanes. a gentleman from the car changing a tire blocking the right lane, south 101 on the peninsula, so, it could be a dangerous situation. checking with mass transit, and bart has 39 trains on time and golden gate ferry, a 7:30 ferry has been admitted with a stall incline on the bay bridge. >> the taillights are sluggish right now. >> brazen home robbery shakes a neighborhood. the action neighbors are taking to protect themselves. >>the body of james golf
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. authorities have released the name of the woman who died in san francisco bay. investigators say 60-year-old deborah crenshaw was in a van that plunged in the bay of marina bay in san francisco on friday. divers pulled the body from the vehicle on saturday morning. crenshaw is from san francisco, or was. they are trying to determine why the van went in the water. >> two men are under arrest for
5:44 am
an assault on a santa rosa tax driver and taken it to custody yesterday morning. the men were riding with a woman in the taxi and started arguing with the driver and attacked him. the driver drove to the jail to get help but they jumped out. police arrested the men and released the woman. the driver suffered substantial injuries to his face and head. ought latest in crimes on homeowners is putting a neighborhood on high alert. home invasion robberies have spiked in oakland upper diamond and one robbery took place on friday night, a woman was awakened by two men with a crowbar who smashed through the front door. >> they came into the bedroom and asked for the money and jewelry, and i told them. they cleaned out whatever also they could of my bloggings and took jewelry off of me. >> some residents are firing a private security.
5:45 am
they do not blame police but the city for failing to protect them. >> opening statements in florida in the george zimmerman murder trial. george zimmerman is the watch volunteer who fatally shot 17-year-old trayvon martin. george zimmerman claimed he shot in self-defense. the prosecution says that the teen, who is black, didding in to threaten george zimmerman, and that george zimmerman engaged in racial profiling. the six female jurors have been sequestered. >> heavy rain and high wind are creating disastrousen cans across the middle part of the country. a major storm system is soaking minnesota south to nebraska and toppled trees and caused flooding. flash flooding in southwest wisconsin ruined 600 homes and businesses. there have been 177 severe weather reports since saturday. >> in colorado, a massive wildfire burning in the southern part of the state keeps growing and now has burned 108 square
5:46 am
miles. the fire is in a remote and dry part of the state. the first break does not come until tomorrow. officials fear that several resort towns in the path are just doomed. >> very dry. coincidentally, we are getting rain here. >> after a dry winter and spring and now summer. >> the air feels heavy. it is muggy. we do not have a lot of rain. a better chance tonight and tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd picking up bright returns so we have mist and drizzle in the east bay and pushing to the peninsula. in the north bay, a lot of cloud cover, fog, poor visibility and the 680 corridor has light mist and drizzle and from pacifica and millbrae and san mateo, the atmosphere is moistening. los altos hills could be seen
5:47 am
with mist and drizzle. the layering of the clouds, numbers in the 50's to 60's so it is mild. the dew point is high, our roof camera shows clouds fed and the best chance of showers is tonight and this tonight could bring in the measurable rain across the central bay but focus on the north bay. here is 8:00, you will notice we have mostly cloudy conditions and a break this afternoon but through overnight heavy rain in the north bay, scattered showers from the san mateo coast, and at 9:00 tomorrow morning, it looks like a better chance of a soggy commute tomorrow through the afternoon, chance of rain continues and we are looking at the atmosphere starting to dry out as high pressure moves the system out of here by wednesday morning. rainfall amounts are the highest in the north bay at half an inch to 1.5" and nothing east bay
5:48 am
valley to the south bay. you will have highs around 70 and muggy in palo alto and 67 in vallejo. after tonight and tomorrow morning's rain, high pressure brings 70's and 80's on wednesday. thursday, friday, we are in the mid-90's inland. you will stay comfortable at the beach. sue? >> we have rain issues. we have fog out there. extra care with limited visibility from the central valley. high winds over the altamont pass, you can see the red moving along at 356 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. that is already a rough commute. southbound 101, a gentleman is out of his car changing a tire in the right lane. that is a dangerous situation. you can see the green on the map where weather is affecting the traffic. it is not necessarily raining right this now but it will
5:49 am
affect your traffic or is affecting your traffic, road work, southbound 680 to 237 will be picked up. we had an early stall picked up. and the toll plaza in san francisco, cash-paying folks are packed up on the left side, with no metering lights and that is expected after 6:00. kristen and eric? >> this morning, flags are at half staff in new jersey in honor of actor james gandolfini with his body arriving at newark airport from italy last night. the star will be buried on thursday in a public service in manhattan. gandolfini died of a heart attack in italy on wednesday after being headed to a film festival that paid tribute to him. >> paula deen admitted use build racially insensitive words and qvc sells her cookware and cookbooks and could drop her.
5:50 am
on friday the foot network said they would not renew her contract. she admitted during a deposition she used the "n" word and made racist jokes. >> eating extra butter, can that help you lose weight? a new diet fad. >> and chez panisse will today serve up the gourmet dishes after damaging fire. >> at 6:00, children and adhd and some are more likely than others to be
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>> a world renowned vaunt in berkeley is ready to re-open. chez panisse will seven dinners again or diners again, at 11 a.m. three months after a devastating fire. chez panisse is old out for dinner this week. in march, the famed restaurant was damaged by fire from an electrical short forcing it to close. the entire front portion of the restaurant was rebuild. >> 5:53. can you follow the re-opening of chez panisse with our smartphone app for the latest breaking news, weather, and traffic and watch our newscast and breaking news when you are on the go.
5:54 am
the app is easy to download at if you have our current app you will need to download the new app. the old app will go away soon. >> how about fried twinkies? >> no, i want something from chez panisse. >> the atmosphere is not moist completely. we have plenty of clouds and mist and drizzle and fog on the coast so we have light shower activity scatter scattered 33 the commute. with all the clouds and the visibility down to half a mile at the coast, it is tough going. better chance of rain is tonight into tomorrow, and sue hall is here heavying you navigate the morning commute. sue? >> we do have fog out there as you mentioned and that is limiting your visibility an the bay. you can see the green on the map affecting your traffic flow but not necessarily raining now. the early situation on the if peninsula with a car and flat
5:55 am
tire cleared with though slowing. we have a new h.o.v. lane from 880 to 237 to the i 101 interchange. the san mateo bridge shows traffic slowing at 14 minutes from hayward to san mateo. eric? >> it is 5:55. officials in sonoma are launching an alternative public power agency. tomorrow the county is going to approve $2.5 million in start-up financing for the clean power authority sonoma. cities have until july 9 to take part. the agency hopes to replace pg&e as the dominant electricity supplier by providing greener energy. it plans to senator -- serve homes and businesses. >> a new medical procedure that uses your own stem cells to relieve pain caused by injuries is showing promise. fluid is taken from the bone marrow of your pelvis and spun
5:56 am
to separate the blood from the stem kremlins and injected into the joint. >> stem cells are strong antiinflammatory. in two days i was stronger than a dozen years. >> the patient has a torn rotator cuff. doctors use this on ripped knee ligaments. the food and drug administration has yet to approve the procedure. there is concern of a positive-negative side effect. there is a chance some stem cells can develop into tumors. >> as you energy your morning copy here is a new food fad. a coffee maker claims adding butter to your cup of joe you can have zip and lose weight. the creator of bullet-roof coffee says it will keep your energy levels up and gaping steam among those who follow the paleo diet but most say this will promote weight gain.
5:57 am
any extra energy is likely a placebo affect. >> next at 6:00 we are watching the supreme court this morning, the bay area preparations ahead on possible rulings on proposition 8, and the defense of marriage act. >> also ahead, the overnight mystery involving a locked safe discovered on a local road.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> summer storms, and our meteorologist, live doppler 7 hd are tracking new showers headed to the bay area and what to expect as you head out the door. >> decision week for the supreme court and two landmark cases on
6:00 am
same-sex marriage. the highly anticipated ruling could come out in an hour. >> the flight n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was scheduled to be on takes on without him. where is edward snowden right now? >> good morning, at 6:00 on monday morning. >> listening to our meteorologist over the years i have learned the word verga which we are seeing a lot of. >> that's right. not everyone looking at the rain although it is painted green here. the lower levels of the atmosphere are dry. we looked at .02 itch in the north bay and .01" at the santa cruz mountains, and better chance for rain in the morning and evening. along the cost look for light scattered showers and 60's and break and tonight we could see more rain with the energy pumped into the atmosphere. that is when we will see the


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