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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the highly anticipated ruling could come out in an hour. >> the flight n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was scheduled to be on takes on without him. where is edward snowden right now? >> good morning, at 6:00 on monday morning. >> listening to our meteorologist over the years i have learned the word verga which we are seeing a lot of. >> that's right. not everyone looking at the rain although it is painted green here. the lower levels of the atmosphere are dry. we looked at .02 itch in the north bay and .01" at the santa cruz mountains, and better chance for rain in the morning and evening. along the cost look for light scattered showers and 60's and break and tonight we could see more rain with the energy pumped into the atmosphere. that is when we will see the measurable precipitation around
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the bay, light showers wraps -- perhaps through noon and inland we have clouds but not much the form of rain. better chance overnight for you. sue hall is here looking at foggy conditions and the commute. >> fog in the golden gate bridge and at the coast and down 101 and half moon bay and you will be limited visibility as you make your way along the coast. otherwise inland is better, and you can see the green on the map where the weather is affecting traffic but not necessarily raining but slick roads. the on-ramp is blocked with a stalled big rig and smoking and they have not soon any fire there but the big rig is blocked, northbound or westbound highway four from antioch, very, very slow into the concord area and 30-minute drive from antioch to concord west highway four and walnut creek is moving well,
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northbound, with in delays moving toward the concord area, southbound toward highway 24, you can see moving at the limit with no problems through the entire san ramon valley. look good. >> we are on storm watch with more rain today it could be another tough travel day if commuters going to work and for people flying. kira klapper is in mill valley with that. >> it is now drizzling and the flooding still is here at the mill valley park-'n-ride but nothing new for people who use this but it is not stopping people from slowing down approaching the entrance to the parking lot. they are approaching with caution. the problem this morning on the golden gate bridge, and this was
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two hours ago, thick fog, hazy conditions with wind yesterday causing delays of up to two hours at sfo. there were cancellations with 100 flights canceled altogether yesterday. sfo continued the ground delay pattern until 1:00 o'clock am and that affected thousands of travelers coming and going from the bay area. a woman we spoke with waited for a friend from australia. she get to the united states but when she got to california and wanted to come to california that is when she got delayed. >> she got into los angeles at 7:30, but she could have driven from los angeles to san francisco. she would be here. >> there was a fogging advisoryr highway we with visibility at only a few yards in some areas.
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at sfo and oakland airports and san jose airport all flights are on time. at sfo the f.a.a. by 6:30 will decide whether to implement a delay program so check your flights for sfo this morning. if you are headed out to can the park-'n-ride we have better conditions than a few hours ago. >> abc7 news has a great weather resource for you. follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. there are video forecasts and "spare the air" alerts and power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather teen. >> the supreme court is meeting for the blast scheduled session of the term. they have continue cases to rule on including two landmark same-sex marriage indicates that
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could take until the end of the week before the decisions are handed down. one case is proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage that a federal district court ruled was unconstitutional. if justices up hold the ruling and strike down proposition 8 it allows same-sex marriage to begin in california. another decision involved a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and prevents married gay couples from receive certain federal benefits. cornell bernard will have more in a report in the next half hour. stay with abc7 news for coverage of the supreme court decisions on air and online when they happen on twitter, facebook, and our new app and, of course, right here on abc7 news. >> the supreme court is also deciding two other high profile cases, one is a challenge to the 50-year-old voting rights act as
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alabama has asked to end requirement for some states to get advance approval of changes in the way they hold elections. the court is looking at a case that could end the use of race this college admissions nation-wide. california already ended it. it involves a white woman denied admission to the university of texas and seeking to overturn the consideration of race among many factors in filling the freshman class. >> the novato police department is trying to determine who owns a locked safe found on city streets. police do not know if the safe was stolen or abandoned found curb side around mid-midway midnight. >> the city of san francisco is make a new offer to police officers that will let them continue cashing out unused sick pay when they retire.
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today's addition of the chronicle reports that in return, officers would only get a 5 percent pay hike over three years starting in 2015 opposed to a 6 percent pay hike. san francisco police officers are among the highest paid in the nation. happening today in the east bay the contra costa county fire protection district host as meeting to discuss the closure of a fire station in pittsburg and the district feeds to close station 87 in pittsburg because of a budget deficit. declining property taxes are to blame and the station is set to close in two weeks on july 8. the house fire in san jose force add family three to find a new place to live. a man suffered minor buns in the early morning fire on south garden court. the man, his fiance and their son escaped before the house want up in flames.
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he woke to the smell of smoke and saw flames in the garage. you can see the radio of the garage collapsed. the fire likely started there so the smoke detectors in the house never went off. >> two young mountain bikers caused a serious accident that left two women and a horse badly hurt. the women had to be airlifted to the hospital after be thrown their horses. sonoma county sheriff captured the rescue on video. the women were riding on a marin county trail when the horses were spooked by two mountain bikers. they stopped but then left despite pleas by the with them to stay until help arrived. >> san francisco mayor is listening support to build a new george lucas museum in the presidio. the mayor is moving fast behind the scenes to line up key supporters. there is a large collection of pop and classic art to display
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at the $700 million cultural museum that shows off digital design and animation from the film industry. he is one of 16 applicants to take over a former commissary site. >> we will turn things over to our meteorologist, here for mike this morning, with who is getting possible rain. >> there is some rain out there in livermore and hayward and mountain view, and you can see it is darker green and we are looking at more moisture and the rain falling. we have to misten up the layers of the atmosphere and have a mechanism to wring it out. there is a little bit of rain for you, a bonus. the best chance of rain today is early and late. by the afternoon we are cloudy with temperatures up to the 70 degree range inland and around the bay we will dry out by 11:00 and along the coast your better
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chance of showers and muggy conditions in the day and tomorrow we are looking at rain. it changes by wednesday and thursday and 80's and 90's and heat for the week. sue? >> we have fog issues and high winds out there, and the altamont pass with an advisory and slow traffic from the central valley and just under an hour into dublin/pleasanton from the tracy area. that is a grind. stalled big rig on the on-ramp to northbound 880 with slow traffic there and smoke but no fire reported. you could find slick rain with rain in san jose area and they are getting some and all mass transit is the great way to go this morning. as you approach the toll plaza, 80 westbound, through emeryville and berkeley we got reports of an accident on upper deck on the
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bay bridge to the left-hand shoulder. you may find delays. >> ahead, how much more you have to pay for the morning java jolt. >> plus, children and adhd. >> catch me if you can, the new overnight mystery
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>> covering san rafael, south bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this monday and a look at the embarcadero and san francisco at the bay bridge and the clouds. they are so gray. the clouds do carry moisture and rain for the bay area today. we are checking with our meteorologist and final out who could be getting the wet payment. >> and fog. >> the whereabouts of edward snowden, the whistleblower, is unknown again. he failed to board a scheduled political to havana. abc7 news reporter is monitoring the disappearance from washington, dc and joins us. >> good morning. snowden was supposed to be in row 17 on the russian night to havana this morning. he never showed.
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so it is an international game of cat and mouse more mysterious >> at now airport edward snowden was not to be seen, missing the flight to cause behalf after reportedly spending the night in the airport hotel. the former n.s.a. contractor charged with theft and espnu nothing fled hong kong yesterday carrying four laptops with american government secrets and could be headed for asylum in ecuador which is sympathetic. >> we do not know where he may head or the intended destination and he places him self before the law with serious implications. >> officials are scrambling are stunned by the hong kong decision to rebuff requests for center addition. the business demanded russia expel snowden and warned other countries not to let him travel through. audi blow macy has funny ways of working and it takes a little while at times.
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>> there is concern that the secrets could be passed on to try values or stole be from his possess. the head of the n.s.a. told abc7 news that the leaks have caused irreversible and significant damage. >> this is an individual who not acting with noble intent. >> journalists who kept in touch with snowed were says the 29-year-old is convinced he is blowing the whistle on government lies and abuse of power. >> there is nothing revealed that has been remotely endangering of national security. >> snowden is not acting alone, and the antisecret group wikileaks said they are helping snowden plot the escape from authorities and seek acy let -- seek asylum in another country. >> happening today the senate holds an important test vote on a bill to send a military-style of border patrol agents to america's border with mexico. the white house hopes the vote will draw more republican
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support to a comprehensive immigration reform bill. g.o.p. senators demanded tougher border security before they would sign on to the broader immigration measure which sets out steps for a guarding against futile legal immigration and create as 13-year long pathway to citizen for millions living in the united states illegally. >> just-released review fines minorities are less likely to be diagnosed with adhd than white children. the diagnosis gap is partly because white parents are more likely to seek psychological services. actions to insurance could be a reason but values and believes about psychological disorders in the minority communities couldbly a role. searchers say there is no reason to believe minority children are less likely to have adhd than white children. >> whether we are talking drizzle, rain, or just fog, the
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visibility will be tough. >> everyone is seeing rain between now and the time it is over by late tomorrow. we have light rain from mountain view to livermore and by the delta with quarter-mile visibility along the coast. live doppler 7 hd showing the broad yeah of scattered rain showers taking you to where we have heavy returns right around north of sea ranch off the coast and in the north bay it has been light rain and we are bying up with mist and drizzle. the san ramon valley toward san francisco and hayward and san mateo showing mist and drizzle and fog with slick roads. and the higher elevation of the santa cruz mountains you can see the layering of the clouds. there is tons of moisture and the dynamics are not compressive. 61 in livermore and 59 in daly
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city. a chance of showers this morning and tonight and more energy moves our way bringing more moisture tonight and tomorrow. tuesday morning, the commute looks more on the wet side. in the morning, we will have scattered light showers and at 9:00 in cloverdale and sonoma through marin county and santa cruz mountains, getting wet at night, and the wave influence 9:00 tomorrow morning bringing scattered rain to 1:00 o'clock, still, the potential exists. by the evening commute it will be drying out. we have a chance of rain in the north bay through early wednesday. through wednesday we have rain from half an inch to 1.5" in the north bay. 68 in oakland. 70 in palo alto. the next seven days show wet
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tomorrow. scattered showers and mid-80's on wednesday. 90's and beyond for the week and next weekend. >> we have fog. visibility is limited. especially along the coast. high winds across the altamont pass. we have a big rig blocking the on-ramp to northbound 880. this is no fire reports. you may have to find your way around that. 880 has a new h.o.v. lane between 237 and 101, the interchange at san jose. that should ease the commute. wish we had the same thing in antioch where it is a you it grind at 30 minutes from antioch to concord. you are delayed at the toll plaza. ten minutes from the overcrossing. >> 6:20. the international community has eyes on south africa this morning. at 6:30 a new update on the condition of nelson mandela.
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>> a gray start for the morning and you can see that on the
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golden gate bridge. with a gray start. >> josh has a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> a good monday morning to all of you there in the bay area. we will continue your coverage of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden. american authorities are searching for how he was able to be bound for ecuador. that is next on "good morning america" in half an hour. >> if you hate heights you may not want to look too closely. nik wallenda closed 1,500' wide gorge in arizona broadcast live on the discovery channel. the 34-year-old had no safety harness and no net just a pole and took 22 minutes to successfully edge along the 2"
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thick cable a 7th generation high-wire artist. his great grandfather was killed during a performance in puerto rico. >> the morning pickup from starbucks will cost you starting tomorrow. star buts will raise prices on some drinks including 1 percent and will affect benefit raps including coffee, tea, lattes and more but not up for the cool drinks. starting tomorrow, star publics will coast calorie counts inside the stores. >> we have a new smartphone app for the latest breaking news, weather, and traffic, which includes breaking news when you are on the go. the app is easy to download at if you have our current app you
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still need to download the new yap because the old app will go away. the website is >> more than 100,000 people left in the dark overnight and still ahead, part of california hit by the lay night outage. the latest from pg&e, as well, just ahead. >> the fate of proposition 8 could be decided this morning in all the nation watching san francisco bracing for a ruling this morning. >> we have scattered light rain showers around the bay area, grab your umbrella, it will be hit or miss and light through the morning and we are drying out and we will see heavy rain and you will want to stay tuned. >> yes, we are following the weather and the commute with the san mateo bridge, slick on the span, with an early accident on the bay bridge after the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this monday at 6:29, a look at the bay bridge with traffic headed into san francisco and the tops of
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the buildings have low clouds and fog as we have another day of wet weather to start per. thanks for joining us. >> and great start to the day with rain out there. lisa? >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows the rain becoming more wide-spread and off-shore the yellows are indicating the heavy cells but we are looking at light rain around 580 and 680 this morning in the livermore corridor, fremont, as well, and to the west, light mist and drizzle to the north by. the forecast for the rest of the morning calls for light rain showers and we get a break at noon and through 4:00 p.m. and a better chance of rain tonight at around 60 and the bay shows right rain showers early and
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inland you get a bonus with light showers now but clouds dominating for the rest of the day with low-to-mid 70's and big changes coming ahead through the middle of the week. and now the morning commute update. >> no problems with the fog as far as accidents but we have thick fog along the coast to half moon bay and could affect your drive with the green on the map and that is weather affecting the commute not necessarily rain but slick roads with the upper deck of bay bridge early accident incline has been cleared. still have high wins on the altamont pass, slow conditions from the central valley, and an hour drive between tracy and the dublin/pleasanton interchange and still a big rig blocking the on-ramp to northbound 880, you need a big rig tow truck to get that so this could be a problem for a while.
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all mass transit is running on time. >> in 30 minutes the supreme court could issue long awaited rulings on proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act. the fight for same-sex marriage started at city hall nine years ago. cornell? >> good morning, eric. we could learn the fate here in the next half hour and officials here at city hall say that ruling cannot come soon enough. the gay pride flag is flying over the front door. joey andment have been engaged if two months but have not made wedding plans waiting for the supreme court ruling which may or may not legalize their same-sex marriage. employees are arriving early glued waiting for news at their commuter. this is the culmination of a 10-year legal battle. matt is hopeful of it being struck down the.
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>> our friends and connections are here. we want to be married here. >> we have been surprised on a number of decisions people thought would go one way but went another way. everyone is conditioned for this court to wait-and-see what happens. >> the supreme court decision could be posted online by 7:00 a.m. pacific time today. if that happens, city attorney will make a statement and if prop 8 is stuck down weddings could happen in 25 days. there are three possible outcomes, the supreme court could uphold proposition 8, strike it down or invalidate it completely saying it has in legal standing over an appeals court ruling calling proposition 8 unconstitutional. it could be a very big day in california and we will be here to tell you exactly what happens . >> stay with abc7 news for coverage of the supreme court decisions on air and on line and we will bring you the decisions
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when they happen on twitter, facebook and our news app and right here on abc7 news. >> happening now, opening statements are underway in george zimmerman's murder trial in florida. here is the courtroom in sanford. we have some interesting activity. trayvon martin's mother asked for the public to pray for her family. families both sides were escorted out of the courtroom because they could be potential ones. george zimmerman says he shot the 17-year-old martin in self-defense. the six female jurors and four alternates began the sequestration over the weekend. in south africa, former president nelson mandela remains in critical condition. the current president updated the information. mandela was the first black
6:35 am
president after the end of apartheid in 1994 and was hospitalized june 8 in the 4th trip to the hospital since december. >> this morning, authorities in the north by are looking for four men who tried to kid 23457 a -- tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl near a taco bell at highway 12. the 15-year-old told police a green lexus pulled up to her as she walked home from a park and four men get out, called her "cute" and asked her to get in the car can one grabbed her arm. she get away and ran back to her family at the park. she described a suspect as a black man in his mid-20's at 5' 10" with medium build and short hair. there is in description of the others. >> power is on for the 145,000 pg&e customers affected by a massive outage along the travel coast last night that affected santa barbara county.
6:36 am
pg&e is blaming it on equipment failure at a substation the crews are working to get power fully restored for the remaining 50,000 customers. no word on when that will happen. happening today on the peninsula, the city council will vote on whether it should outsource fire protection to redwood city and the vote comes to years after san carlos pulled out of a joint arrangement with the city of belmont, also a neighbor. at the time, they thought they could save $1 million a year but the daily news reports that san carlos is maintaining a full staff partly because the salaries are lower than other departments. >> a much anticipatessed bay area bicycle sharing program will launch in a few months and regional air quality and transit officials say the $7 million program will get underway in august including 700 bicycles located at pickup and drop off sites which are docking stations from san francisco to san jose. officials are still trying to figure out how much to charge to
6:37 am
rent a bicycle. the program mirrors similar programs in paris, london, boston, and one launched in new york city this month. >> commuters in the south by may enjoy shaving time off the regular drive this morning. new car pool lanes on interstate 880 in san jose opened at 5:00 this morning. the northbound and southbound lanes between highway 237 and milpitas and highway 101 in san jose is a new car pool lane. they will be operation am between 5:00 a.m. and 9 a.m. and 3 to 7 p.m. monday through friday. >> rain is falling in the bay area and 9 impact on the commute and the headaches caused at sfo. >> coming up first, berkeley berkeley-famed chez panisse is ready to serve up gore -- gourmet dishes. >> and a look outside at san francisco and the bay bridge from the camera, we will have traffic and weather together
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next to talk rain as the
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>> we have low visibility, rain showers, and we are looking at measurable rain including offshore, we have heavy rain in the north bay, west of santa rosa and measurable rain in
6:41 am
livermore, san leandro and down south through hayward and union city. 680 is wet and even the south bay from cupertino, sunnyvale and mountain view, with lots of clouds and muggy conditions and airport delays of over an hour and a half with a break coming your way this afternoon. sue has a check on the monday morning commute. >> bit rainy and wet. we have fog to deal with on the coast especially half moon bay and coming down from daly city and highway one with the grown on the map showing traffic conditions for the weather but not necessarily rain but maybe wet roads. and a big rig has been cleared at hayward. a new h.o.v. lane from 880 to 101 in san jose alleviating the congestion in that area. kristen and eric? >> a world renowned restaurant in berkeley is ready to re-open. chez panisse will serve diners
6:42 am
at 11 a.m. three months after a devastating fire. we are told chez panisse is sold out for dinner this week after being damaged by a fire from a electrical short. the front portion of the restaurant was rebuild. they are taking reservations for next month. tonight there is soup with shell fish. >> new this morning, living paycheck to paycheck, and how many americans are scraping by week to week. >> trading is underway on wall street and it is not going way down 161 points. we will go to jane king at the new york stock market. >> we are tracking rain in the bay area, and we have the impact on the morning commute and how much of the rain is hitting the ground with8t ñes0p
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>> covering walnut correct, burlingame and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, the forecast is calling for a wet start. >> and from sfo to the north bay, that is causing problems. >> we are joined by kira klapper from mill valley. >> the flooding is down, now just a few inches at the
6:46 am
park-'n-ride at highway one and highway 101. people commuting here are no stranger to flooding, and something else we are in strangers to: fog. look at the golden gate bridge from a few hours ago, another june summer day in the bay area. this fog affected the travel yesterday with haze, wind, rain making up for two hour delay for passengers at sfo with boards lit up with 100 canceled flights. listen to a couple frustrated travelers. >> delays of 45 minutes. >> i am still waiting. >> those ladies were a couple of the lucky ones because sfo continued the delay pattern overnight until 1:00 o'clock a.m. and at sfo we are waiting to hear if the f.a.a. is
6:47 am
implementing another delay program. if you have a flight from there, keep on it and see if the flight is on time. headed out of oakland or san jose, all flights are on time. it is now no longer drizzling in mill valley. >> with this weather, remember, abc7 news has a great weather resource following live doppler 7 hd on twitter for rain or shine and get video forecast and "spare the air" alert and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> survey released finds the majority of americans are living paycheck to paycheck and three quarters of americans have little to no emergency savings and the rates have barely changed over the past three years go spite more people reporting an increase in job
6:48 am
security. why aren't members saving more? a second survey fines that americans simply do not have enough money left over after paying the monthly expenses. >> investors are losing money, with the dow down triple digits against plus surprising news about weight loss. >> the shrine of working at apple could be coming off for some employees. >> we will check with jane king at the north -- new york stock exchange. >> morale is low at apple cupertino headquarters and a sliding stock price presenting a bleak future with nor and more applying at h.p. and facebook. apple shares down but most are. apple is down 22 percent on the year. a current model iphone prices
6:49 am
are coming down aspectlation mounts about the next iphone and wal-mart cutting prices on iphone 5 to $129, from $189. this price cut is permanent and available only in stores and require as two career contract and not available online. >> we have selling with lingering concern and the economy, if the fed can make it without the government help. >> and china has a problem, too. the silicon valley index is down more than 1 percent. if you are thinking of twinkies or wendy's new bacon protect israel burger, a study friended by the american diabetes association shows people lost more weight eating two large males than consuming six small meals with the same number of
6:50 am
calories. the people tested did have type 2 diabetes, but it shows east breakfast hike a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. >> we are getting a drizzle and fog sandwich this morning. >> june gloom with wet weather the next couple of days. the rain has been falling with higher elevation light wind that have been increasing throughout the morning. it will do that and continue right through 11:00 in the south bay and it shuts off and the north pay shows cloverdale and sea ranch a few light showers and to the east bay you have had some in livermore and through hayward and the san ramon valley at 680 looking wet on the peninsula from san mateo throughed with wood and down through carmel looking at a few
6:51 am
light rain shower. from mount tamalpais it looks cool with layered clouds and upper 50's to low 60's. the dew point is high. it is muggy. the rest of the day the plan is the morning showers, break in the afternoon and a better chance tonight as vigorous upper-level low passes through the bay area so through the overnight hours, into tuesday morning if you do not get a lot of rain, you will get a better chance of rain. after the morning hours we are looking at our break and look what happens by 9:00 tonight, we are looking at cloverdale and santa rosa and marin, the heaviest rain with showers through the coast and the mountains in santa cruz and tomorrow morning the other slug of moisture continues to push on into the east bay with scattered showers in the south bay and by late tuesday into wednesday morning, a lingering shower in the north bay and rainfall amounts are heaviest here from
6:52 am
half an inch to 1.5" and elsewhere, quarter inch to half an inch and maybe .1" in the south bay. mid-60's in san mateo with cloud cover, and 70 in concord and another round rain tonight through tomorrow and we are looking at temperatures on wednesday and the rain ends and 90's return inland for the end of the week into next weekend. >> we have high winds on the altamont pass especially the higher elevation westbound 580 up and over and into the livermore area and a solid red line of traffic. in redwood city, the east off-ramp is blocked with a truck in the embankment so c.h.p. is directing traffic around that and the drive from antioch is slow under ten miles per hour and 25-minute drive from antioch
6:53 am
to concord. >> ahead, seven things to know before you
6:54 am
>> a look from the mount tamalpais camera with a little bit of blue sky showing through with all clouds we have. we will talk about who could get rain this morning. >> as we hand thing off to "good morning america" seven things to know before you go include one, the bay area could have a wetter june than january. a summer storm is creeping through the area so it could be tough travel for commuters and airline passengers 100 flights being canceled yesterday from sfo. >> the supreme court could rule on two key cases, prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage, and the fell defense of marriage act, and the high court will issue another round of rulings
6:55 am
at 7:00 a.m. and we will, of course, bring complete coverage the moment a ruling comes down on air and online at use. >> three, the whereabouts the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden are unknown after he failed to check into a flight to cuba. >> four, former south africa president mandela's medical condition is deteriorating this morning. doctors say the 94-year-old is in critical condition. they are making him comfortable. >> five, commuters in the south bay may enjoy shave be time off the regular drive this morning and new car pool lanes on interstate 880 between highway 237 and highway 101 in san jose opened at 5:00 a.m. just this time for the monday morning commute. >> six, the rain continues to increase across the bay area so the peninsula and the east bay, watch out, the rain showers are becoming more light and scattered throughout the afternoon, and we are talking
6:56 am
clouds, and a break before the next system brings more measurable rain tonight into much of tomorrow and then we heat up for the rest of the week. >> a re-cap on the traffic, from the abc7 news traffic center, we have the bay bridge with metering lights on and traffic back to the macarthur maze which is a grind. we have a truck in an embankment in redwood city to southbound 101 and c.h.p. is directing traffic around this truck. otherwise we do not have problems on 101 and new commuter lane, good luck traveling from milpitas to san jose, and it is easing the commute. >> the supreme court could issue rulings on propation just after 7:00. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, the high stakes game of cat and mouse reaches a fever pitch as spy whistle-blower edward snowden remains on the run. set to leave moscow for cuba on this plane. but he didn't board. his seat empty. the fast-moving developments as we get them. also breaking now, nelson mandela in critical condition at this hour. his family gathered by his side. we are live in south africa with the latest. curse of the pharaoh? this modern day mystery. the 1,000-year-old egyptian


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