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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 24, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, the high stakes game of cat and mouse reaches a fever pitch as spy whistle-blower edward snowden remains on the run. set to leave moscow for cuba on this plane. but he didn't board. his seat empty. the fast-moving developments as we get them. also breaking now, nelson mandela in critical condition at this hour. his family gathered by his side. we are live in south africa with the latest. curse of the pharaoh? this modern day mystery. the 1,000-year-old egyptian
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statue spinning in place. why is it doing the twist? >> that's a view there, buddy. >> oh, and nik wallenda has done it again. death-defying walk off the ground, higher than the empire state building battling high winds in a record-breaking feat that had everyone holding their breath. good morning, america. to all the viewers in the west. we're coming to you with a special edition. this has been a morning of fast-breaking news. the mystery in moscow over edward snowden. that plane is in the air. snowden was not on board. the big question is, where is he now? it's an international game of catch me if you can. >> he checked in a couple of times. that's the seat, row 17. it's empty. our abc news team tracking all the latest. we start with brian ross. good morning, brian. >> it's a mystery that is growing by the hour.
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we don't know where he is. we know he checked in twice, by phone and computer for the flight. we also know that the u.s. has been putting heavy pressure on russia. snowden was booked on aeroflot flight 150 for the 11 1/2-hour trip to havana but as the plane pulled away from the gate and associated press reporter sent this picture of his seat empty, 17a. they had warned snowden not to leave. >> it would be very disappointing if he was allowed to board an airplane as a result. there would be, without question, an effect on the relationship and consequences. >> reporter: american sho authorities thought they had snowden boxed in in hong kong, but officials there said the u.s. arrest request from washington received late last week was flawed and they allowed him to fly out on sunday to russia.
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>> i believe this will have serious consequences for u.s./russian relations. >> reporter: snowden's u.s. passport was not revoked by the state department until saturday. not in time to prevent his escape from hong kong. now, not only has snowden apparently evaded u.s. justice, but he is defecting with four laptops full of the country's most sensitive secrets as he described to the "guardian" newspaper. >> i had access to the full rosters of everyone working at the nsa, the entire intelligence community and undercover assets all around the world. >> reporter: on the abc news program "this week," the head of the nsa, general keith alexander told george stephanopoulos he still did not know how snowden had access to so many secrets. >> no, i don't. it's clearly an individual who's betrayed the trust and confidence we had in him. this is an individual who is not acting in my opinion with noble intent. >> reporter: this morning snowden's lawyers in hong kong told abc news his decision to flee hong kong came at the last minute when he, quote, got spooked that hong kong would not
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give him assurances he would have safe passage out of the country. and the lawyers said the decision no let him leave was made in beijing by chinese officials. >> let's go to moscow. right now, and moscow correspondent kirit radia is there. i take it no one saw any signs of snowden at any time. >> reporter: good morning, george. nobody laid eyes on him. there were reports that the plane was met on the tarmac. nobody saw him get in the cars. people weren't looking for him. they don't didn't know he was on board. i was here for about 12 hours yesterday. i never saw him. he never got on board the flight
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to cuba. where is he? nobody knows. >> the russian government is not saying where he is. secretary kerry saying that if russia is aiding him in any way, it would create a problem with the united states. the white house is trying to figure out if there is anything to be done to stop him. pierre thomas in washington. any sense at all in the u.s. government what is going on with snowden? >> they're desperate to find out. it's a critical situation for the u.s. government. he's a walking treasure trove of information. they need to know where he is. any intelligence service would want to get access to him. >> the u.s. said they filed an extradition request. they revoked his passport. the hong kong government said the required paperwork wasn't there.
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did the u.s. strew up or is china stiff-arming us? >> it's a war of words. u.s. officials claim that days went by after the request was made. hong kong never gave a clue there was a problem with the request. the next thing the u.s. government knew, snowden was gone. the attorney general called the counterpart last week. they feel they got stiff-armed. >> thank you, pierre. robin? we brink in chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. what is the recourse for the u.s. government? >> very little. political negotiations. there's little they can do.
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ecuador has one of the worst records when it comes to freedom of the pres. last week, they passed a law where human rights watch was blasting them for assaulting free speech. he's going to places he thinks the u.s. won't be able to get him from. there is an extradition treaty with ecuador, by the way, but there are exceptions when it's a political incident and no question that he will be relying on that in an effort not to get extradited. >> he's facing three felony charges right now. if those charges were to change and increase, does that help in any way in being able to extradite him. >> no, i think the bottom line is the u.s. was trying to file the basics for now. you're talking about unauthorized communication of national defense information, willful communication of classified intelligence, theft of government property. each of these possible ten-year crimes. but there is still the possibility that they could file much more significant charges. i think they'd prefer not to file the more significant charges now. >> really. >> yes, in the hope of increasing the chances that they
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can get him back. because if they throw the book at him, i think that some of these countries will say, wait a second. this isn't fair. this is too much. so i think the best shot is doing exactly what they're doing now but i don't think it will make much of a difference. this will be a negotiation that extends far beyond the arm of the law. >> we've already seen that. >> absolutely. >> okay, all right, dan. i know we're going have you back in a little bit. over to josh elliott with the other top stories developing. good morning, josh. good morning, we'll begin with growing concern now for civil rights icon nelson mandela after more than two weeks in the hospital, the former south african president's health is deteriorating. leaving him now in critical condition. and abc's ron claiborne has the very latest from pretoria. ron? >> reporter: josh, the president of south africa saying this morning just a short while ago that the condition remains unchanged. nelson mandela still battling a serious lung infection at this pretoria hospital behind me. this after being told -- we were being told for days mandela was getting better.
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so, indeed this is an ominous change in his condition. the nelson mandela foundation sending out a tweet of this old quote, "what counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. it is what difference we have made to the lives of others." 94 years of age certainly made a huge difference in many lives. josh? >> and countless millions to be sure. thank you for that, ron. meanwhile, the body of james gandolfini is back in the united states. the plane carrying the body from rome landed in new jersey overnight. "the sopranos" star died while on vacation in italy. funeral services set for thursday here in new york city. fire crews in southern colorado are facing another high, hot, dry and windy day. those conditions make it even harder to battle a raging wildfire that doubled in size over the weekend to some 114 square miles. they do not expect better weather until tomorrow at the very earliest. thankfully, however, no one has
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yet been hurt. and no homes have yet been lost and ginger zee has the complete forecast in just moments. the mother of captured u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl. says she's very optimist you can about her son's release. she spoke at a weekend rally in bergdahl's hometown. they would exchange him for five of their most senior operatives held in guantanamo bay. and good news for drivers following the first full weekend of summer. aaa says the national average for a gallon of gas stands at $3.57. that is four cents cheaper than a week ago. and finally a return to the baseball diamond for actor kevin costner. he actually took the field in cleveland yesterday. took some bp. also got some infield work in before heading into the cage. a bit of an irony here. he is in cleveland actually making a movie about pro
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football. but it's always a field of dreams. >> pro football but out there. >> yeah. >> wanted to get some passes in but middle of summer. the browns will have their day. the browns will have their day. >> thank you there, josh. >> you bet. we're going to go to the supreme court now, where the most contentious and sweeping rulings of the year could be announced this morning. voting right, gay marriage, affirmative action, all hang in the balance and terry moran is at the court this morning. good morning, terry. the court always seems to save its most important rulings for last. let's start with gay marriage. a whole bunch of possible outcomes here. >> reporter: that's right. that's the big one. is there a right in the constitution to same-sex marriage, to gay marriage? all americans are guaranteed equal pretext -- protection of the laws. does that include marriage laws? prop 8 which banned gay marriage, congress' effort to limit federal recognition of gay marriage, possible outcomes, the court could say, california voters can't do that. the court could say some states which have already granted domestic partnerships must also grant the word marriage. or they could say, the
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constitution is silent on this. let the voters decide. and they could strike down that defense of marriage act which means that federal benefits would flow to gay couples or could uphold it. >> a huge reaction to whatever the court does right there depending which direction they go. also two big cases where race is the focus whether it can be a factor in university admissions, affirmative actions and whether states still who have a history of racial discrimination still have to submit their voting plans to the department of justice. >> reporter: that's right. these are two legacy issues, if you will, from the heroic era of the civil rights revolution. on the voting rights, that dates back to 1964, there are states and counties, localities that need to get the permission of the federal government in order to change their election laws. is that still necessary? that's the question at the court here. and then on affirmative action. the court's been wrestling with this for 35 years. should students of minority backgrounds get a plus in admissions to universities? the court's been slicing this onion center and center saying no quotas, no numerical goals
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and maybe they'll try one more slice or they could say, we're done with this. we'll see. >> either way it is going to be an historic week at the supreme court. terry, thanks very much. >> a lot of people are going to be watching, george, as you know. now to the beginning of the george zimmerman trial. he is charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. opening statements about to start today after a bombshell ruling in the defendant's favor this weekend. abc's matt gutman has the latest. joins us from sanford, florida, this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. lawyers today are expected to take most of the day to make that crucial pitch to jurors. nobody disputes that george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. the question today is is it second-degree murder or is it self-defense? this morning, opening statements 16 months in the making. the jury of six women will first hear the prosecution, accusing zimmerman of killing 17-year-old trayvon martin with, quote, a depraved mind. >> to prove second degree murder, prosecutors must prove
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that zimmerman was filled with ill will, hatred or spite. >> reporter: the defense fighting to prove zimmerman, seen in this police reenactment from last yore, acted in self-defense. >> said, you got a problem now and then he was here and he punched me in the face. >> reporter: already over the weekend judge debra nelson making a pivotal ruling. on this 911 tape -- [ screaming ] >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> reporter: preventing the prosecution from using two expert witnesses who say that voice you hear is martin, pleading for his life. >> without having those experts identify whose voice it was on the 911 tape the prosecution now has a hard time proving zimmerman followed someone, was the axwres -- aggressor, and gunned him down without just cause. >> reporter: experts hired by zimmerman say it's his voice
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calling for help 14 times in 40 seconds. all of it heaping more pressure on that six-person jury, five of them mothers ranking in age from their 20s to their 60s. all of them will now be sequestered away from their families and from news coverage. and they'll be barraged with as many as 200 witnesses, including neighbors who saw the scuffle that night. and the last person to allegedly speak with martin, the unnamed friend known only as witness number eight. >> he said a man's following him again. behind him. i say, run. >> reporter: she saves she was on the phone with martin in the seconds before he died. martin's mother says she'll be here throughout the trial. >> i'm committed that i have to be there for trayvon. >> reporter: now, on the other side of the courtroom from trayvon martin's mother will be an entire row of zimmerman family, his parents, likely his siblings and his friends. and in the 16 months since that shooting, we know that the families have not exchanged a single word. robin? >> matt, have you gotten a sense already what the strategy will be for both sides?
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>> reporter: they've been outlining this for quite some time. the defense will try to show that trayvon martin in some way instigated a fight that led george zimmerman to shoot him saying he had no alternative. he felt like he had to save his life. the prosecution is going to say he knew what he was doing, george zimmerman went out there, he had a gun chamber, a bullet chambered in his gun, ready to shoot. he instigated the fight. he did not follow the orders of the police dispatcher and continued to follow martin anyway. they are going to say that it was zimmerman's fault throughout. robin. >> all right, matt, thank you very much and as we've been saying, the trial should last two to four weeks. get over to lara now. and we were holding our breath last night. >> indeed, it was tough to watch. now we have the latest death-defying feat by nik wallenda. he crossed over niagara falls last year in a dramatic and record-setting feat. now he's done it again except this time he walked 1500 feet over a gorge near the grand canyon in arizona late sunday. no safety net, no harness and high winds whipping all around
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him. >> praise you, god. >> reporter: it was the pulse-pounding, heart-stopping walk of his life. filled with words of prayer. nik wallenda put his life literally on the line to be the first person to cross a gorge near the grand canyon. >> help me to relax, lord. >> reporter: with no safety harness, just his skill and balance, the 34-year-old inched his way across hell hole bend, an area known as the little grand canyon, just east of the grand canyon national park. >> it's hard to relax when you're 1500 feet above the canyon. >> reporter: wallenda was slow and steady, surviving on just a two-inch-wide cable 1400 feet long. that's more than a quarter of a mile and 1500 feet off the ground, higher than the empire state building. >> winds are way worse than i expected. >> reporter: battling winds up to 30 miles an hour. there was no shortage of
7:18 am
nail-biting moments. jogging and hopping the last few steps, emotions flooded to the surface after wallenda made history again. >> it took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time. >> reporter: after his big finish the seventh generation flying wallenda took a moment to honor his great-grandfather karl who died performing a similar stunt in 1973. >> he's a huge inspiration to me i'm carrying on a legacy. this is in my blood, it truly is. after seven generations, it's in my blood. and such a huge honor to carry on the legacy in a huge fashion like this. >> he's not done yet. if he gets permission he wants to do it right in new york between the empire state building and the chrysler building. >> i don't know if he's going to get that permission. again, like what we saw him with you in niagara falls to hear him praying, to hear him, i love that they have the mike on him and hear what he is saying the entire time and what his family must be going through watching him. >> i'd be running at the end too. >> focus every single fiber of his being on to that wire.
7:19 am
>> he is something else. all right, lara, thanks for bringing that to us. time now for the weather. sam taking the day off. we've got ginger zee here. beautiful on the east coast this weekend but that wasn't the case everywhere. >> unfortunately, no. a lot of folks, almost 600 severe weather reports since friday. we're talking high plains and places elsewhere in the midwest. and look. it looks like snow. but that's hail in eastern colorado. that's east of denver and today we do have severe weather and it's just north and east of that same area, rapid city included. fargo, des moines and omaha all on alert. watch your local abc stations for the latest. your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. first your select cities brought to you by mercedes-benz.
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hello, everyone. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. the supreme court has issued major decision. i want to go to terry moran at the supreme court. the case was abdwal fisher versus the university of texas. she said she was discriminated against, her, a white woman. the program was upheldly the appeals court. the supreme court has sent it back?
7:21 am
>> that's right. the supreme court is punting on this case with some very severe instructions to the lower court. the issue is this, can universities use a racial preference to decide who can get into a college. abgail fisher said, i didn't get in, race shouldn't be used that way. the supreme court has been working on this issue for 35 years. the university of texas said we're abiding by the law. this is the law as it exists. we're abiding by it. what the court said today is, the lower court just rubber-stamped that. the court said any use of race is suspect. and what they're saying, in a 7-1 decision here is you were not tough enough on the university. you gotta give it more strict scrutiny. you should be more suspicious of this suspect classification. they want, essentially, the lower courts to go back and be a little tougher on the university of texas. it's not a lot of guidance here.
7:22 am
not a lot of clues as to whether or not this court will strike down affirmative action once and for all as justice thomas and scalia have argued. they're holding back, which is why they got seven members of the court to say, we're not ready to do that. make this case come alive for us more with stricter scrutiny of what the motives of the university are, the actions. whether they really need to use race in this way. >> the only dissent coming from justi justice ginsburg. any reaction from the white house? >> nonyet. the program at the university was a i proep rate. saying race can be a factor in decisions as far as the administration is concerned. strong language in the case itself. the solicitor general saying our strength comes from people of different races, different creeds, cultures, uniting in a commitment to freedom and a more
7:23 am
perfect union. the president himself is a supporter of affirmative action. he says he opposed quotas. prefers universe listic policies. >> pierre thomas in washington. the court said it is still possible for this. as terry pointed out, justice thomas concurred with the opinion and said he would have gone much farther and struck down affirmative action programs full court. >> they've been wrestling with this for so long. senior justice officials position has been race can be used to help universities have diversity. they'll continue to watch and fight on the issue. >> dan abrams here. the big supreme court decision not overturned, gruder versus bollinger. justice o'connor said at some
7:24 am
point, affirmative action would have to end. not yet. >> many people thought that case would resolve it now. can you use race as a factor. the question people were asking is, is the court going to look at this case and make it specific to texas and say, texas was a lot of tings that can add to a diverse student body. they accept the top 10% in every school in the state of people to get admitted to the school. that could lead to a more diverse student body. the question people are looking at is will the court say, that's enough in this particular case, that doesn't necessarily mean it would apply to other cases. as terry points out, they punted instead and said, send this back to the lower court, apply the right standard, and then let's talk. >> it may take time for this to get back to the supreme court. thank you, dan. the supreme court not done yet. major cases still to come on gay marriage and voting rights. we'll cover them when the
7:25 am
decisions come, likely later this week. we'll return to regular good morning. i'm eric thomas. you heard the supreme court of texas ruling. we're waiting on others. the court is in its last session of the term. yet to rule on two landmark same sex cases, proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage, that a federal district court ruled was unconstitutional and the other the defense of marriage act.
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good morning. it e's a soggy start to your monday. look at the rain from san francisco over into san leandro. we widen out and there is light rain shower activity from the north bay to the east bay all the way down to caramel and salinas. your forecast today calls for a break in the afternoon with 70 in concord. more rain tonight and tomorrow. eric? >> all right. thank you very much, lisa. we did not get a decision on prop 8 today from the supreme court np anytime this week it could come down so you want to stay with abc7 news. thanks for joining us for this news break. we'll have another in a half hour. see you then.
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check that out right there. ancient egyptian statue thousands of years old. he's been doing a twist in this case at that museum turning around, revolving. what is going on here? the curse of the pharaoh? >> could it be? >> could it be? i have no idea. >> is it something? >> it could be a lazy susan. >> is there a payoff here because it's something. >> i deliberately did not check because i want to know. >> me too. >> inquiring minds want to know. >> we'll all find out together, america. >> right here on "good morning america." >> welcome, ginger zee in for sam champion. >> the latest ahead on patriots star aaron hernandez, why police used german shepherds to search his home over the weekend. and the new surveillance tape of him raising big, big questions.
7:31 am
>> uh-huh. it wasn't so much the questions as the answers that have these next two people, well, in -- on center stage. there they are. serena williams, maria sharapova, number one, number three as wimbledon begins, one of the great rivalries in women's tennis, is it fair to say heating up before anything has actually started. >> i mean, if that's a the harbinger for a good match, i'm ready. also we are starting our countdown, listen to the music, to the highly anticipated -- oh, that was my english accent. >> is that what it was? >> the birth of the royal baby. >> could somebody get her a lozenge. >> tapping pregnant princesses of our own getting the royal treatment, getting facials and massages from a spa. how kate is getting ready for her big day. >> look out the window and what is going on? >> i know. >> wow.
7:32 am
>> that's all coming up. we begin with the latest on aaron hernandez after that police search of his home. john schriffen is live in north attleboro. good morning, john. >> reporter: george, good morning. aaron hernandez's home behind me has turned into quite a spectacle. fans even showing up at his house last night knocking on his door looking for an autograph but hernandez has not come out all weekend and police have been very tight-lipped about this active investigation. this morning investigators are poring through surveillance video and other possible evidence trying to figure out who killed 27-year-old odin lloyd, an associate of new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. the 23-year-old was last seen saturday peeking out his front door's window, the same day police searched his home again. investigators arrived around 1:40 in the afternoon with a dozen officers, dogs, even a locksmith. this time authorities searched not only the nfl star's million dollar mansion, but his backyard
7:33 am
and his white audi suv too. after nearly four hours, investigators emerged carrying brown paper bags from the home which could hold some answers. >> you want to get the maximum amount of evidence you can potentially get before you charge somebody. >> reporter: sources tell abc news police are focusing on hernandez due in part to surveillance video which appears to show that two men were together near hernandez's house in the hours before investigators believe lloyd died. lloyd, a semi pro football player for the boston bandits was shot execution style in an industrial park about a mile from where hernandez lives. a car rented in hernandez's name was found nearby. while hernandez has not been charged in lloyd's death, this morning abc news has learned investigators now believe hernandez intentionally destroyed his cell phone and home surveillance system at some point after lloyd was killed.
7:34 am
and this morning, abc news has learned an arrest warrant has been drawn for charges of obstruction of justice. but it has not been signed by a judge meaning aaron hernandez has not been charged with a crime at this point. we reached out to his lawyer and he said no comment. george? >> okay, thanks very much. more from dan abrams and let's talk about this paper warrant first. issued but not executed. what does that mean. >> it means any day now, if not any moment now, aaron hernandez will likely, likely be charged with this particular crime. but, remember, this is just the beginning of the investigation. the authorities are not there at the house with dogs and locksmiths over an obstruction of justice investigation. they're there for a murder investigation. now, that doesn't mean that they're pointing the finger necessarily at aaron hernandez but it means that they are certainly investigating this case there. >> but the warrant for obstruction of justice, that
7:35 am
doesn't mean they can't move to murder later on. >> absolutely not. this is likely the first step in this investigation. now, we don't know if there will be a second step, but they feel that based on what they have now, the lawyer handing over a cell phone in pieces, a security system that had been destroyed, witnesses saying that housekeeping services had been there and i think that's really important, by the way, because i think they're looking for trace evidence now. because if someone has cleaned the entire house, that doesn't mean you still can't find trace evidence. you can't find things that are little items of blood or something else at a crime scene. so i think that's why they're there. very interesting to me there's a locksmith there, that there was someone there apparently with something to pry open a door so there may have been some other entrance that they were trying to get access to as well. >> a lot more shoes to drop. dan abrams, thanks. now to that baffling museum
7:36 am
mystery straight out a movie. an apg shents egyptian statue spinning in place at a top museum. john muller has that story for us. >> reporter: curse, caper or clever prank. this morning heads in england are spinning after this time-lapsed video appeared to capture an ancient egyptian statue doing the same thing, spinning. this, they say, is no night at the museum. >> hey. hi. how are you doing? >> reporter: instead it's happening in broad daylight. that's right, watch again. the curator of the manchester museum says this is not sleight of hand, instead, he says it's a thousand-year-old statue seemingly turning its back on onlookers, all filmed over an 11-hour period and then sped up and the museum says this wasn't a one time 1 0. it's been happening for months. even though the museum says the thousand-year-old egyptian idol is locked in a glass case. >> i was working in this gallery
7:37 am
for around an hour and a half and the statue had moved 45 degrees and the gallery was closed and nobody was walking through. >> reporter: so could the pharaoh be fed up? is this ancient artifact angry. >> they were placed in the tomb as substitutes for the body in case something would happen to the happen. >> reporter: others say it's because of weird vibrations. >> the statue only seems to spin during the day when people are actually in the museum. it could very well have something to do with its individual placement, the individual character of the statue. >> reporter: of course, some wonder if that foot traffic theory may have some electrics. the neb-senu statue has been caged up in the display case for 80 years facing forward. perhaps it now wants people to see the indescription on its back asking for bread, beer and beef. and maybe a ride to the local pub. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york.
7:38 am
>> okay. ♪ you spin me round round round ♪ >> you spin me. >> yes, i know. >> i love it. love it. let's get over to ginger zee. i almost sent you a picture of the supermoon from my backyard in connecticut, but, boy, look at those picks. >> i say this year we call it super-duper. this picture from cincinnati, ohio, don't even need lights on the skyline. so many people got to see it. if you didn't, good news, you wait till august 2014 and get to see it again, okay, maybe that's not the greatest news but summary weather, hot and humid from oklahoma city at 93 to new york city where we have a heat advisory in effect until tomorrow. it's going to feel like 95 or even close to 100. i'll leave you the look at all the rain that will still fall after such a wet weekend in the
7:39 am
good monday morning. mostly cloudy skies, scatter litd rain showers throughout the early morning hours, temperatures in the 60s and 70s day as >> this brought to you by straight talk home phone. we do have to talk about wildfires. i'll do that coming up. >> thanks for that. coming up, serena/maria, lots of tough talk off the court as wimbledon is set to begin. let's play:
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with one of the great tennis rivalries heating up once again off the court before wimbledon begins today. defending champ, serena williams, versus maria sharapova. both stars with some tough words for each other and abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: serena williams is apologizing, again. >> i apologize for everything that was said in that article and i feel like, you know, you say things without having all the information. >> reporter: known for her tirades. >> [ bleep ]. i swear to god i will -- >> reporter: the meltdown. >> you're a hater and you're unattractive inside. >> reporter: those tears leading many to dub her a cry baby. >> i never thought i would be here again, you know. >> reporter: the 31-year-old has seen her share of controversy, but this morning, fresh
7:44 am
criticism and regret after quotes in "the rolling stone" article where she implied a 16-year-old sexual assault victim in steubenville, ohio, quote, put herself in that position." >> one of the first things i did was reach out to the family. >> reporter: some asking if her apology is enough? >> she wants this to be on the sidelines, playing tennis and focusing on that. >> reporter: that interview included negative comments about maria sharapova's new boyfriend. >> i made it a point to reach out to maria, as well, and i said, look, i want to personally apologize to you. >> reporter: sharapova and williams may face each other at wimbledon in the coming days. >> at the end of the day we have a tremendous amount of respect for what we do on the court but i just think she should be talking about her accomplishments, her achievements rather than everything else that is just get ago tension. >> reporter: now williams is promising to talk more about the sport she's so good at without bringing on more controversy.
7:45 am
>> maybe i wasn't focused enough in the past on tennis, so, you know, i'm definitely going to try to focus on that for the next two weeks. >> reporter: and serena williams has one more potential challenge. she'll be playing without her sister venus who has back problems, the first time in 17 years that venus has miss wimbledon. guys, back to you. >> by yway of that, starting on our sister network espn. paula deen's fans fired up saying her punish many has been too tough. the latest for the celebrity chef just ahead. and "play of the day" that we just can't show you because it would give it all away. fair to say multitasking taken to new levels by one team. >> oh, interesting. >> i hope. shall we? [ sniffs ] mmmm, this is the most beautiful pepper i've ever held. [ knife blade slicing ]
7:46 am
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7:49 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> sometimes teenagers get a bum
7:50 am
rap. they can't, you know, they can't do anything, they can't focus. they can't focus on one task. >> sometimes they deserve it. >> most of the time. but sometimes they can actually focus on two tasks. we used to say, well, there's this one kid, ben, who answered the question should i be a supports star or a rock star. what if he could be both? >> why not? >> got the beat. got the beat. >> pretty good. >> wait for it. ♪ >> wow. >> come on. >> drop the mike, watch. as he walks off, that's a drop the mike moment. >> yeah. >> i am out. >> i love it. >> and i don't know how many types he had to shoot this for the shot to go in. >> rock star material. >> does not matter. >> rock star material but, you know, he could declare his intentions for the draft. >> i say don't make the choice. he could do them both. >> the kid has choices. he's a bo-fer incarnate.
7:51 am
we thank you very much. we have melissa mccarthy. we have army hammer today. we have bobby flay today and we have more. you guys are committed and that's what we love. [ male announcer ] oh, dan, checking out of the doubletree isn't the end. your next trip is calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. a restaurant is set to reopen this morning three months after a devastating fire. it was damaged by a fire from an electrical short forcing it to close for major repairs. lisa is in for mike with the forecast. somewhat atypical june rain with rain along the san mateo coast into fremont. 680 looking wet right now. lighter amounts to the north and we'll be looking at cloudy skies through the afternoon and more rain tonight and tomorrow. sue?
7:57 am
>> thanks, everybody. we have some wet roads out there due to the rain and we had this earlier accident eastbound 508 at san ramon valley road to the shoulder to richmond eastbound at regatta. that accident clear but look towards the san rafael br
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it started with a whisper and that was when i kissed her ♪ ♪ and then she made my lips hurt ♪ that's not all. we got a whole lot going out there in times square right now. kicking off our baby -- a royal baby week. there are three mothers-to-be getting the full royal spa treatment thanks to the experts at keel spa, all in anticipation of the big royal baby coming pretty soon. >> yeah. it is quite a week ahead. all the trends being inspired by that beautiful woman there, duchess kate as she prepares to give birth and today how she is decorating the royal nursery for that future monarch in the making. also, we'll be switching gears. celebrity chef paula deen has
8:01 am
now lost her tv show. could be poised to lose much more after admitting that she used racial slurs in the past. why so many now of her fans are coming out in defense of her. lots to get to here. also on the program, stacy keibler looks so great. it's not just because she's got george clooney on her arm. she's revealing her diet, beauty secrets that everyone can take away from. and wait, there's more. the hilarious and we mean hilarious melissa mccarthy. she's going to be here and she's bringing "the heat." >> love this woman. >> oh, so funny. >> they are gold together with sandra bullock like that so we'll be talking to melissa. can't wait for that. >> looking forward to that. let's get it from josh. it's the news that led the show. now the edward snowden. staying a step ahead of embarrassed u.s. authorities at this point. the man who leaked sensitive nsa secrets to the world was
8:02 am
supposed to head to cuba in morning after flying from hong kong to moscow. but he apparently never showed up for the flight leaving moscow this morning, snowden is expected to seek asylum eventually in ecuador despite u.s. demands for extradition, much more to get to, of course. also more breaking news here, the world keeping a close eye at this hour on nelson mandela after he was downgraded to critical condition. the 94-year-old former south african president remains in a pretoria hospital surrounded by his family. this now his 17th day in the hospital. and more breaking news from the supreme court, just moments ago, issuing major decision about affirmative action. they sent a case regarding race-based college admissions back to a lower court. that is just one of several high-profile decisions we're expecting this week. also happening rite now, a rough start on wall street. the dow plunged more than 240 points on concerns over china's economy. it's since rebounded.
8:03 am
we'll track it throughout the day at millions of starbucks customers, you might want to get ready to pay just a bit more on your favorite drink. starting tomorrow, the company is set to hike prices on popular beverages about 1%. so that's about a dime on a small coffee but still, you know -- >> a dime is a dime. >> a dime is a dime is a dime. who are we kidding? finally the way we drink them it's like 1.50. so who are we kidding? the latest twist in the fast food wars. it's a beefy new weapon from the wendy's arsenal. it is your pretzel bacon cheeseburger. >> oh. >> premium burger, cheddar cheese sauce. >> sauce? why can't it just be cheese? >> i don't know. thick-sliced bacon. other fixin's. it's the toasted pretzel bun i want to draw your attention to. >> those are pretty great. >> i'm into the pretzel bun. >> now i'll pour water on it
8:04 am
because it's almost 700 calories. >> i love how you say other fixin's. what else is there? >> cheese sauce. >> thanks. thank you, josh. how about a little "pop news" here, lara. indeed, good morning to you all. members of the comanche nation got a treat while attending the screening of the sure to be summer blockbuster "the lone ranger" over the weekend in lawton, oklahoma, when johnny depp showed up live and in person. depp worked closely with the comanche nation to make sure his portrayal of tonto was spot-on. he said he was proud and the indian nation would be the first to see the movie and we are thrilled to tell you his co-star armie hammer who plays the lone ranger is joining us this morning in our next half hour live on "gma." so stay tuned for that. >> he's been here before. he is so cool. >> i know. >> really nice guy. armie. >> smart and wonderful. mark it on your calendar, july 15th, the day the twinkie makes its triumphant return. the much missed treat disappeared when hostess went bankrupt in 2012 and scared
8:05 am
snackers cleaned out store shelves nationwide in a bid to get one last taste. now that yellow tube of tempting cake and cream will be back thanks to a new owner. they're calling its return the sweetest comeback in the history of ever. >> we know what we'll be doing on july 15th on "good morning america." >> i wouldn't miss it for the world, robin. >> she'll be in line on the 14th. >> how about a twinkie burger? >> exactly. >> on a pretzel bun with cheese sauce. >> george, it's only monday. and finally, in "pop news," kim kardashian, kate middleton all getting attention. but another star has given birth. this one is an endangered species. top that, ladies. a giant panda has given birth to twins, the first panda babies born in the world this year. it's an important day because, well, there are so few left. it happened in a wildlife center in southwest china. you can see the proud mom cuddling her babies. one of the twins' tails were in
8:06 am
that shot. it's hard to see. they're very, very small. experts estimate there are only 1500 pandas left live in the wild so a very special occasion. >> yeah. >> that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. outside to ginger zee in for sam today. hey, ginger. >> hey, it is a steamy morning out here in new york city. is it hot enough for you? >> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. >> feeling good. in boston they'll get close to if not break a record. look at it this morning. already 78 degrees. the dew points are so high, you can feel it. it feels like you're swimming out here. sticky temperatures not just for boston and new york city but you can see all the numbers in the 90s there. and it will feel even hotter than it is. also hot but a completely opposite, very dry in the fire weather back to the southwest, not looking good. staying hot all week really especially toward the end of the week. a big ridge builds in. i want to leave you with a look across the nation, atlanta, 88. severe storms from nebraska up to the north and west, up to parts of montana. but for now that is the big picture. let's ge
8:07 am
>> we've got some mississippi girls that are celebrating their graduation. high school graduates. your name, hon? >> madison. >> kelly. >> we want to say congrats and to all the grads out there. let's head back in to lara. >> congratulations indeed. what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." latest on celebrity chef paula deen and why so many fans now jumping to her defense. and the battle of the borgheses. the former bachelor fights for the right to use his family's
8:08 am
name. baby, oh, baby, counting down to the royal birth. pampering moms-to-be, you don't want to miss that. plus, armie hammer, melissa mccarthy and bobby flay all coming up live on "gma." [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese.
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8:13 am
we'll come inside and kick off our "gma" "heat index" and edward snowden on the run, the backlash for paula deen and a lot more. here to talk about it larry hackett, managing editor of "people" magazine. boy, edward snowden, the top of every trend all through the weekend and now no one has any idea where he is. >> headed to ecuador. >> didn't get on the plane. >> didn't get on the plane. >> stuck in the airport. apparently -- >> i think putin loves this. >> and the chinese. this could be a ruiz set up by wikileaks, as well. who knows if he will go on an aeroflot plane when he has a -- >> there's stakes involved and wikileaks, this international body getting a lot of support from them and they have a great legal team and a judge, a former spanish judge who ordered the arrest of pinochet and sympathizers across all borders
8:14 am
who want to see this guy safe. >> i was struck by your interview yesterday with general alexander. the united states waited eight days to revoke the passport essentially allowing this all to happen. >> why would that happen? >> they say that they were doing everything the hong kong government asked them to do and that they basically got stiffed by hong kong and hong kong and china said we're not going to go along with it. one of the mysteries -- >> one thing for sure, reporters love this story. you're bouncing from capitol to capital. where is the plane going to land. like old -- >> everybody looking at the empty seat this morning. paula deen fired by the food network over the weekend and, you know, over those comments she made in the lawsuit, but turns out a backlash against the food network online almost immediately. >> what's interesting about this and sol of us have been affected by this, not the paula deen case but one of the stories about the power of social media. but right now the back and forth with her fans and the people who are against her and the food
8:15 am
network is about organizations like the food network and apparently qvc trying to put their finger to the wind and monitoring what's going on. you can get very interested and distorted versions of things. i'm surprised it happened as fast as it did and her fans are bouncing back -- in qvc hasn't done it yet. >> issued a classic statement like we're monitoring things, we'll wait to see what happens. they'll see what the backlash is and whether they should do something. the social aspect speeds it up. >> makes a difference to have that aspect. whether it's 1960s or present day, race relations hot button issue, emotions running high on all sides but then when you add social media to it, as well. >> it gets hotter and your food network or qvc, you don't want to be anywhere near that so the second the flame starts to burn that close to you, you're like i got to get away. >> their decision appears final. >> it looks like it's final and it was very fast.
8:16 am
>> let's move on. this is interesting. married to actor or lann da bloom. miranda kerr. >> are you going to show pictures of her? >> would you like us to. >> so she's an alpha female. but at home she's more likely to relax and play the passive role. >> i'm glad for orlando. >> breaking news, this just in. >> that is wonderful, i guess. >> what does he say? >> i'm sorry. >> also one more out there. kanye and kim, did he propose? >> i don't know if he proposed. it's clear he is overwhelmed by the baby. he's enthralled. around her all the time. babies can create a great deal of emotion. a proposal might be a bit premature. >> did we confirm the name. >> yes, it is north, north west. get out your compass people, the
8:17 am
other names are coming soon. >> larry, you're very -- >> you are a renaissance man. you can talk about anything. >> get a little sleep over the weekend. comes in -- >> on the beach and ready to go. >> always good to see you. next up in the "gma heat index," a story we saw in "the new york times," a feud over a family name pitting a cosmetics giant against a former bachelor and abc's bianna golodryga has that. >> battle royale is boying over a name that's been part of american beauty for 60 years. one side, borghese inc. and on the other the borghese family including napoleon bonaparte and princess marcella borghese. he was the prince looking for his cinderella on the ninth season of abc's "the bachelor." >> will you accept this rose? >> yes. >> reporter: but these days prince lorenzo borghese's life has fewer roses and a lot more
8:18 am
thorns. lorenzo and his family are being sued by the multimillion dollar corporation that bought his grandmother's cost met lick line in 1992. by selling it they also sold the right to sell any cosmetics products under the borghese name. >> everything was fine till 2008 when i filed a trademark and they opposed it. >> reporter: this was for your pet product called prince borghese's la dolce vita. they filed a lawsuit against him who last a pets product line and other family members and their businesses some of which featured on the home shopping network. >> this is all from our spa in italy. >> reporter: while the borghese family no longer has any part in the borghese global company they are still in the cosmetic business and do not use the borghese name on any of their cosmetic products but lorenzo does use his family name for his business. the company claims the family's marketing strategy plays up the borghese family heritage to sell its products. >> their argument is, oh, it's
8:19 am
going to confuse consumer when we're selling cosmetics and the same name, family is selling pet products. >> i don't use the same fonts. i'm in different retail outlets. unless they're selling borghese mud at petsmart or petco for dogs, i don't get it. >> reporter: but legal experts say it's not just about a name. >> the company would argue that people are going to think that these pet products are somehow related to the beautiful borghese cosmetics line and they will say that reduces the value of our products. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news the borghese company says the law concerning trademarks is clear and the precedents long-standing. once a business obtains a trademark and invests in a business built on that trademark, u.s. law protects that brand, that investment and that business from trademark infringement and unfair competition." the family claims the lawsuit
8:20 am
which has cost them $4 million in legal fees has an emotional cost, as well. >> i think my father feels that his family's been attacked and he wants to make sure that he can retire in peace and know that his family can use their name and share their history. >> reporter: in the statement the company also mentions that the borghese family members have collectively been paid millions of dollars for the rights they sold and, in fact, continue to receive royalties today. they have absolutely nothing to do with the development of the borghese brand for more than 40 years. both the family and the company claim they are being bullied and intimidated by the other. of course, you can see this is fascinating and very complex legal case. >> yes, thank you. >> we'll have dan again on that one. thanks, dan. also burning up our "gma" "heat index," stacy keib leer is revealing her beauty and fitness secrets and opened up about her intense diet and exercise regime in "new beauty" magazine and let
8:21 am
me say it's working based on that cover shot and linzie janis checked it out. >> reporter: famous for her skyscraper legs, dance moves and her beau, george clooney and now stacy keibler is sharing her secrets. >> i try to eat a lot of organic vegetables and fruits. >> reporter: the former "dancing with the stars" contestant is "new beauty" magazine's latest cover girl and revealing her health regime and super strict diet called the clean cleanse saying "my life changed when i did the 21-day clean program. i eliminated sugar, fruit, beans, corn and gluten and looked at it like an experiment with my body. it sounds really extreme. >> it is absolutely extreme but i do really like that she has dramatically reduced the amount of sugar in her overall diet and taken out all packaged processed foods. >> reporter: but what else goes into her glamorous glow? >> my fitness tip is to try to sweat every single day.
8:22 am
♪ when you see it. >> reporter: the key to keeping those never ending legs red carpet ready, cellulite busting body brushing. >> i've actually just started getting into lymphatic brushing that is really, really great to get your cells moving and your lymphatic system moving and you'll see a difference. >> reporter: stacy is just open. she really is just a likable, warm, genuine person. >> reporter: top tip from the beauty who's managed to snag one of hollywood's hottest and most ee losistic bachelors. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> all right, well, there you have it. >> lymphatic brushing. >> lymphatic brushing. >> twice a day. >> secrets reveal sfwld she looks great, i mean honestly. okay, baby, oh, royal baby, here we go. we've been giving outside three mothers-to-be the royal treatment this morning. facials, massages from the spa and some rave dancing from phil and will and i'm sure these moms
8:23 am
have been shopping for their babies so it comes as kate -- so what's been on the royal trendsetter's shopping list? >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm going to guess it's not a visit from those two. amy robach here with that. >> what am i looking at? the royal couple says they don't know if they're having a boy or girl so tracking traditional color cues are out but there's been a few cues and clues as to how the new mom will outfit her little royal highness. ♪ while dad-to-be prince william spent the william attending a wedding with his brother harry his wife, an eight months pregnant kate was getting ready for the new heir to the throne due in july. the stylish duchess made her last official prebaby appearance last saturday and is believed to be in her final nesting stages. many wondering what the littlest royal's nursery will look like. >> kate's decorating style is very similar to her dressing style. she likes very classic, very
8:24 am
clean lines, very simple things. very elegant. >> reporter: kate is reportedly preparing two nurseries, one at kensington palace and another at her parents' estate in the small english community of buckleburry where the duchess is expected to spend time with her mother carol following the baby's birth. items in the royal nursery will include a moses basket similar to this one that retails for $500. kate and her mother were recently seen loading one into a car. and kate's also been seen shopping at chic london boutiques for throw pillows, rugs and drapes in a herringbone brown. while she's purchasing upstale items don't expect her, say royal watchers to go crazy in investing in ostentatious baby bling on the market like this swarovski crystal baby tub. >> we know she's haggled for antique things in markets. >> reporter: one decidedly modern investment kate has made is in a buggy. she reportedly impeach purchased
8:25 am
this bugaboo in a jewel blue with stripes. it's considered a unisex design perfect for kate who opted not to find out the baby's gender in advance. managers at giggle, the baby store to the stars, say they expect what they're now calling the kate stroller to sell out quickly. >> the color she picks, the products for the nursery, they're all going to be hot ticket items. >> reporter: moms we spoke with agree. >> she's got fantastic taste and she's dressed so well throughout the pregnancy. >> i think everybody will just be looking to see what the baby's going to get. i will for sure. >> reporter: and that said you have to imagine that every baby gear manufacturer in the world is hoping the duchess dresses her newborn in their clothes or buys their toys for him or her to play with. but first onesie setting will be -- >> you mentioned him or her. odds have dropped and british book makers, charlotte is now like 10-1. maybe they all know something
8:26 am
that we do not. we want to -- >> oh. >> does have a shot. by the way, all moms out there send their congratulations to will and kate, sign our royal baby book. go to on yahoo!. go nowhere because melissa mccarthy brings it next.
8:27 am
it is set to announce more rulings tomorrow morninging. stay with abc7 news for live coverage of the supreme court decisions on air and online when they happen on twitter, facebook, and our new abc7 news app. of course right here on abc7 news as well. meantime, new car pool lanes on 880 in san jose open this morning. the north and southbound lanes between 237 in milpitas and 101 in san jose have a new designated car pool lane. speaking of car pools and lanes, here's sue. >> we have a problem with the accident in the dublin area, eastbound 580 right at the
8:28 am
junction. traffic backed all the way into the castro valley, tow truck en route taking time to get there because of the backup. harrison on-ramp blocked with a truck accident and we still have this accident woodside off ramp blocked with a big rig and san mateo bridge, we've got some rain there. eric? >> thanks very much. when we
8:29 am
good morning. it's pretty soggy as the rain continues to push from the peninsula into the south bay, even towards morgan hill this
8:30 am
morning, so we are drying out in the north bay. skies will be mostly cloudy this afternoon and ♪ right here. >> crazy, crazy monday crowd. right here. i don't know if you guys can hear but i think everyone is listening to demi low separate to. a big blockbuster concert coming up this friday, "gma" party in the park. cannot wait forthat. we have a party in times square. >> we have an all-star morning in times square. the hilarious melissa mccarthy. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. >> hello. >> and in "the heat." look forward to talking to her coming up. and "the lone ranger," armie hammer is also with us live. he is the man in the mask alongside johnny depp as tonto in this summer blockbuster.
8:31 am
i am telling you -- >> we've invited hundreds of our dear friends down here because we are having a barbecue with bobby flay. oh, bobby. i got to get -- oh, this is delicious. we are barbecuing. we're bb-cueing. back in a moment. looking delicious. robin? >> oh, i'm sorry. you were saying? [ cheers and applause ] we are delighted to have the hilarious oscar nominated melissa mccarthy here with us this morning. [ cheers and applause ] following her star-making turns in "bridesmaids" and "identity theft" and she's bringing "the heat." see how i worked that one in. >> that's good. >> brand-new movie joining forces with sandra bullock as a couple of mismatched law enforcement officers that will take down a drug lord. we'll take a look at the clip and talk to melissa. >> helps to take down -- >> you wouldn't even have known about larkin if it wasn't for me so obviously the fbi can get
8:32 am
information you can't. >> i need a little help -- >> this is rick -- ridiculous. >> i want that third floor to hear. i need your help, mullen and give me an echo on that mullen. >> i need your help, mullen! mullen, mullen. >> move, move, move. even in that you're annoying. >> first of all, melissa, it is great to see you again. >> you too. >> it looked like you all had so much fun. please tell me it was as much fun as it was to watch. >> it was ridiculous. it was so fun every day. we were just torturing each other but laughing at the same time and she's so funny and so nice that every day was kind of a real treat. >> you said when you first met, it was like in your words fireworks, the two of you. >> it was. i think we're really similar. we have a very similar sense of humor. my younger is 3.
8:33 am
hers is 3. like the kids get along great. we have very similar obsessions like we're both renovating fanatics so we were constantly have you seen this piece of wood? like and everybody else thought we were wildly boring but -- >> no. >> we just have a lot of mutual friends and it's the weirdest thing that we've never met and finally when we did we're like, okay. this is way overdue. >> thank you for acting like there's not smoke blowing over here from bobby flay's barbecue. >> i'll have it in me all day. she smells like it. that's so weird. >> what's going on here? but there is something about the magic of you two but also in this film, it has heart. i mean we know it's going to be funny. it's a little bit different. you know what, you make funny not mean and that puts people at ease, melissa, when they watch. >> i personally don't find it funny when you -- when somebody just -- i'd rather be the butt of my own jokes than make somebody else the pumping bag. i just don't care for that kind
8:34 am
of humor. i think some people can do it well. it's not my thing and i think what paul does and the script that katie wrote, have to balance the funny with heart. >> we are seeing -- you are bringing the funny in this dance scene that you have with sandra. and was it choreographed, the dance scene or did you just go with it. >> i think if that was choreographed we'd be out of a job but we actually talked about it. we're supposed to be the unhip -- where neither one of us should be able to dance that great so we literally just play kind of simon says. if you do something, i have to follow. if i do something you have to follow. so every time we're yelling like go left or do this, like we are literally just making it up as we go. >> it's magic. it works. busting moves like that and also you look like a cop. no, all -- didn't you go to boston and learn how because when you're holding that gun -- >> i know, i wanted to make sure if i was -- i have a lot of cops
8:35 am
in my family and i didn't want to be a silly cop. i thought she could be dysfunctional as a person and her personality could be challenging but as a police officer i wanted her to be really good so i trained with some of the boston pd and everyone in boston was amazing to us and had a great crew from there and everybody kept saying do not turn that gun on its side. if you turn the gun on its side we'll break your wrist. i got it. i got it. >>coulds are watching. >> ricochet -- it's -- it's like videos and weird movies. >> and i understand you've got really good aim. that's what they were saying. that's the word on the street. >> my husband and i went out and did target practice and i don't know why and i didn't even have my glasses on which i probably should have let the officer know that but i had good aim. who knew? >> you mention your husband. we won't show the clip but he has a little -- a cameo, let's say, in this film. >> good cameo for me. >> she loved it.
8:36 am
she loved it. >> the last time i saw, melissa, was on the red carpet at the oscars. >> with my mom. >> with your mom and this is -- this is what you dreamed of. i mean people -- you have worked hard. >> i -- this was very surreal to be sitting here because as i'm at 46th street for years and would walk through here to get to my job for about a year and a half and it's a really crazy thing to be sitting here with you and sitting here in the middle of all this like great stuff like it's -- it kind of blows my mind. >> you've earned it. you have absolutely earned it -- >> i have that picture of you, me and my mom up in my office. >> that was a special moment for me too. well, thank you. i'm glad i'm not the only one. good to know. you make us laugh. you make us happy and we wish you all the very best going forward and you've got to see -- we are bringing "the heat". >> and smoke.
8:37 am
so much heat, it's smoking. i mean -- >> you heard it from melissa mccarthy. >> somebody had to say it. >> okay, check out "the heat" coming to theaters. time for a final check of the weather and ginger zee in for sam. ginger. >> i'm right behind you, guys. i'm also in the heat and smoke and it feels so summerlike out here. this young lady, your name. >> sharon siegel. >> i was in her class, she said, years ago, i'm sure in michigan. how much fun? and from virginia, back here, a lot of things going, right to the weather forecast. a couple of photos. thank you to lois from portland. look at that lightning in the background and then parts of indiana close to ft. wayne, a rainbow so nice of what won't be nice, damaging wins and hail. kansas city makes it on the southern tip of that and really odd and abnormal rain in the pacific northwest. you see redding close to the red, more than 2 inches. don't usually get it this time of year. still more to come but first
8:38 am
good monday morning. mostly cloudy skies, scatter litd rain showers throughout the early morning hours, temperatures in the 60s and 70s >> this weather was brought to you by target. robin. >> you picked a great day to fill in for sam champion. armie hammer, star of "the lone ranger" here live with us in times square when we come back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back. "good morning america." 8:41 and now we get to one of the hotly anticipated movies of the summer. in fact, who are those masked men and women in our audience? all of them. fans of "the lone ranger" himself, armie hammer who is with us to tell us about taking
8:42 am
on this iconic role. first let's take a look at one of the many exciting scenes in "the lone ranger." >> oh. ♪ >> going somewhere. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> no we're not. >> no. >> yes. >> shut up! >> yes. >> and here he is, armie hammer, the lone ranger. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i saw it last night with the family and you and johnny depp have such terrific chemistry. >> thank you. it's not the most difficult thing in the world when you have the best guy to work with like that. he's such a nice guy. >> what was it like for you
8:43 am
taking on such an iconic role as the lone ranger. >> pardon the pun, it's big boots to fill because we know there are a lot of people who grew up with this show. it's a big tender part of their childhood, very nostalgic so wanted to be respectful of them but there's generations who didn't grow up with it and wanted to introduce it to them. >> you added a modern twist. you're funny together. don't necessarily love each other. >> right. >> morales great fun. >> we are literally chained together in the beginning of the movie and figuratively chained the rest of the movie. >> ton of fun to watch. tell me about the first time you sit down to work it all out with joplinny depp playing tonto who dives into the character. >> he dove so much into character that the first time we sat down to read it in an office building in albuquerque, new mexico, he showed up dressed fully as tonto. all of a sudden someone taps me, oh, johnny would like to meet you. where should i go. he'll come to you.
8:44 am
i get a tap on my shoulder and i turn around it's like, boom, oh, my -- hi. it is so nice to meet you. >> you guys respect even filming yet. >> see, i thought -- this is very -- this is extreme that this guy is going to wear this all the time. find out we're doing a camera test so that's why he had it on. >> understood. you guys had to go to cowboy boot camp. sounds like a boys' dream. >> we didn't have to. it was basically two or three weeks going to a working horse ranch out new mexico and have a bunch of cowboys kick the city out of of us. >> well trained. johnny had a scary close call. you were right there. what was it like? >> yeah, you know, it was funny. we were riding next to each other in the desert. i was a little ahead of him and i'm riding and see the cameras and everybody behind camera cover their eyes or their mouth and just running towards us. >> yeah. >> that's not how this is supposed to go down and i see
8:45 am
johnny's horse running with no johnny on top. >> he's below. >> in a big old pile of dust 20 feet back. >> that had to be scary. the insurance people must have been freaking out. >> yeah, i don't think they were happy. yes. >> one of the favorite scenes and i know there were scorpions and other tough conditions on set. one of the great scenes involve silver, your horse helping you out getting scorpions off you. >> we basically get buried up to our necks and put live scorpions on our face and then to get them off, brad, one of the props guys basically put on a horse tongue, something you'd see ott a butcher's shot and smother it in k-y jelly and burred up to my neck and just slap me in the face a bunch of times with it. >> how do you get through scenes like that. >> you got to try not to laugh. >> it is so fun, congratulations. everybody, "the lone ranger" rides again. thanks to armie hammer and johnny depp. it opens in theaters nationwide on july 3rd and thank you so much for being with us. >> yeah, of course, thank you for having me. >> would you do a favor and stay
8:46 am
with barbecue with bobby. bobby flay, everybody, is coming up. [ cheers and applause ] >> here you go, baby.
8:47 am
8:48 am
one of our favorite friends of the program, bobby flay, here has a new cookbook. "bobby flay's barbecue addiction." makes sense when you taste and smell what we're about to. he's going to make some of the great dishes you can find in the book and welcome bobby to the program. how are you? >> good. >> i want to get to the book and food in just a second and ask you, though, the paula deen controversy involving the network, food network. your thoughts. >> it's a real unfortunate situation but, you know, i'm not going to comment on it. i'm here to talk about some rib
8:49 am
eye and food network star and let's move on to summer barbecue. >> speaking of last night, two more episodes. on my dvr. phenomenal show but what i love about it, it's not just about the cooking but finding a television star so it's all about the presentation, as well. how close to true real life is what we're seeing on every episode. >> it's the ninth season. these finalists are really savvy and get to watch the food network and are students of what's going on. say situation like this with live television and have one on chore actually interviewing you and one eating, you have to be in control at all times. i'm sorry. three of them eating at this point. you have to be in control at all times and obviously you want to really let people know what they should be eating out there. >> of course, they have to cook so let's cook. >> let's do it. >> first of all, what will we have? >> this is a bone in rib eye and it smells unbelievable. i wish this was a scratch and sniff screen on the tv. what do we have here?
8:50 am
>> we're making a bone in rib eye with a molasses and red chile glass. shallots here and chicken stock and cook it for a little while then these are known as ancho chiles. they're kind of like -- they're not that spicy, it's kind of like a spicy raisin, a little fruity, a little heat from them. i make a puree. let's move down here and the chiles thicken it up. molasses with brown sugar and creates this glaze, okay. now, we get to the rib eye. i would say that a rib eye, hi, lara. >> hello. >> i would say a rib eye is probably like a chef's or a good cook's favorite cut of beef? why? because there's fat in there and we need a little flavor and that creates it. >> bone in. >> well, bone in, it is sort of that cowboy steak. i think that you're ready for a bone in rib eye. >> i'm ready. here we go. >> okay, so let's see. we have some on the grill right here. what i like to do, here's an important point.
8:51 am
i'm just going to dig in here. a really important point, where did you go? >> right here. >> is that you put the glaze on the rib eye after you grilled it because there's natural sugars, molasses, brown sugar and we don't want it to burn on the grill but become part of the steak. >> the part of the steak that's on the grill itself, you're glazing the other side. >> really simple. really quickly, salt and pepper on both sides, put it on the grill. let it get nice and crusty, flip it one time on direct heat, flip and glaze. if you don't want to make it use your favorite barbecue sauce. >> or make that. and sides also, delicious. >> side dishes. >> avocado. >> after vad dough and obviously summertime, corn on the grill. we made a butter with some fresh mangoes, butter and habanero chiles. >> look at this. >> this is what you're looking for, josh. >> a little -- >> oh!
8:52 am
>> yep. turns out it's delicious. as is the hiccama slaw and everything you can find in the new book by bobby flay. catch him live do not miss it, new york fine and food festival. phenomenal time. all the information plus these recipes, on yahoo!. bobby, thank you. we'll be right back.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by aveeno positively radiant face moisturizer. >> before we go, armie hammer's wife elizabeth chambers owns a bakery in san antonio and brought us our own our ranger
8:56 am
badges. thank you, elizabeth. >> very cool. josh. there's mine. thanks a lot. bobby, thanks, the crew will be happy. >> we're going to feed everybody in this crowd. [ cheers ] >> awesome. >> also, we want to wish a big 11th birthday to -- >> leslie. >> leslie, happy birthday, leslie. thank you for watching, everybody. >> armie, melissa, thank you all. ♪ everybody talks everybody talks ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. there's been rain in the area this morning. let's find out if there's more expected. here's lisa ar gin. >> cupertino, san jose, down towards san martin, but we're getting a break in the rest of the bay area so mostly cloudy skies today, more rain arrives tonight into tomorrow. up to a half inch to an inch in our north bay communities, then we dry out and warm up for the weekend. sue? slick conditions on the roadways. we have this accident in oakland west 508 at park street, center divide, two cars involved. the san mateo bridge issuing a slick road advisory so be careful, there is rain on the roads of the san mateo bridge.
9:00 am
kristen, eric? sue, thank you very much. join us for >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, comedian and star of "the heat," melissa mccarthy. and hi ho silver. it's the "the lone ranger" star armie hammer. plus, carrie ann inaba takes a turn at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are michael strahan and carrie ann inaba!he cheers and applause] ♪


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