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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> an amber alert wendz an emotional reunion between a woman and her baby. police say she was abducted by the father. >> good afternoon. now the man police say abduct that had 11-month-old girl is still at large right now. >> we are live with the latest. leanne? >> that is right.
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police are looking for 23-year-old josha benton this, is the moment when justice benton was reunited after police say swhaez taken by dad. an amber alert was put out. police say the father took the baby after a domestic dispute and got into a dodge caravan. he was not driving. police say before getting into the car he fired at least one shot into the air. >> there were one to two shots fire ntd alley way. we're not it was fired at anyone but is he considered armed and dangerous at this time. >> the baby found inside, alone. the father ran off and at one point police thought he was unside of this office building. his mother was there trying to convince her son to give himself up.
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>> he's scared so i just want him to come home, safe, for them to get him safely without having to go through anything else. you know? he's scared. >> police are saying that he is armed and dangerous his mother claims he doesn't own a gun. let's show you a picture of josha benton. he's 23 years old, five eight, he weighs 144 pounds. i'm live in antioch abc 7 news. >> leanne, thank you very much. talking about weather june gloom across the bay area today. here is a live take a look at conditions and now, live take a look from our camera, unseasonal storm caused a another day of overcast skies and drizzle. put in the financial district had to dust off umbrellas and
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may have to keep them handy, too. >> it's the first day baseball camp for my son. many soggy boys out there. >> it's dark right now. you can see areas of light rain. moisture in the atmosphere is not hitting the ground yet. we close into this area through napa and into much of the east bay. we have areas of light rain or showers or drizzle and again, much of what is in the atmosphere is not hitting the ground at the moment. in the east bay portions of the peninsula. occasional steady rain but not much. pattern driving the pattern
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west and east. it has been very light. tomorrow, these are the records to beat f it rains at all in livermore that will be a record for tomorrow's date. looks like oakland at 2/100ths and 7/100ths within reach. spencer, thank you. chp believes slippery conditions for blame for a fatal accident in santa cruz. the chp says the driver hit a tree, dying at the scene. the accident shut down southbound drive off ramp for two and a half hours. a man using a are -- had to be
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rescued today. the fire spread to the attic, firefighters found the man passed out inside take ren to the hospital. >> it been a strange day. unusual weather disrupted what would be a fun filled summer day for many people in the bay area, laura anthony is wlif that story tonight. laura? it was 90 degrees plus not so today, sending people looking for alternative indoor activities like going to the movies. a little rain could sure dampen a summer day. >> we're experiencing weird weather. >> sprinkles moved in, the management decided to close up the rides for the first time n a summer day in at least four
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years. >> saturday, we had upper 90s. and today, low 70 degree temperatures. >> the news was difficult to take for this group who drove from vallejo for a birthday celebration. >> what are you going do? >> we're thinking about going to watch a movie. >> and looks like a lot of folks here going to the movies today. not to say everyone went running for cover we'll show you folks and what they are doing in this unusual weather. >> firefighters battling that out of control wildfire in southern colorado say they'll not be able to control the blaze without help from mother
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nature. the fire doubled in size over the weekend to an estimated 117 square miles. hot windy weather is just fanning the flames. several resort towns have been evacuated. >> and kiki laekz founder is claim claiming he knows where the wanted nsa leak jer now but officials can only guess as to edward snowden's whereabouts. >> edward snow down believed to still be in russia. the obama administration urging russians to expell him. >> we're following appropriate legal channels and making sure rule of line is noted. >> it's believed sneden is trying to seek asylum in
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ecuador. the u.s. government is warning latin americans not to allow him to pass through to other destinations. the white house is not happeny about hong kong letting snowden leave. >> this is a deliberate choice to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant. that has a negative impact on the u.s. china relationship. >> snowden has been receiving advice from wiki leaks saying the group paid for the flight to russia. >> he's not a traiter. he's in the a spy. he is a whistle blower who is told the public very important truth. >> he's believed to be carrying lap top computers report lid filled with u.s. government secrets. >> i had access to the entire community.
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and assets around the world. >> the u.s. passport has been revoked but was provided with refugee travel ut document autos and anticipation building for the supreme court's expected decision on california's ban on same-sex marriage this week. the ruling did not come down this morning. the court could up hold it or say they didn't have what is called legal standing. san francisco city attorney says he's hopeful same-sex marriages will resume soon. been involved in this sometime and judges in both cases so we're awaiting the decision. and are hopeful marriages near california. >> the high court scheduled to release another set of rulings
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tomorrow morning then thursday, proposition 8 is expected to be decided one of those two days. stay with us for live coverage on air and online. we'll bring you decisions live as soon as they happen. >> new impact in contract talks between bart and two biggest employee unions. union filed suit against the transit agency claiming directors are refusing to bargain in good faith and will take a vote tomorrow. the statement sedz, quote, these ploys air smoke screen that union leaders are refusing to brick the contract in line with what is normal for the bay area. the current contract expires on sunday. there are resources available.
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officials suggest you carpool or telecommute if you can. others will likely. as for drivers bring your patience, you'll probably see more drivers on highways and bridges. >> still stil head more proof on sfagering number of americans working paycheck to paycheck. it's tough. >> a stunner at wimbledon what. sk called one of the biggest in the tournament's history. >> michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. >> and you can see clouds
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still there. traffic moving fine right now. we'll check
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if you always feel low on cash you're not alone. a survey says roughly 76% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck with almost no emergency savings. only 24% of those have enough savings to cover six months of expenses. 50% have less than a three-month mo cushion and 27%
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none at all a cording to the survey the rate has barely changed over the past three years. and a survey found discharging news about the economic well being the children. the kids count report says the number of children living in poverty increased to 23% in 2011 up 1% from the year before. 23% in poverty in this state but the report did find gains in education with higher reading and math and more teens graduating high school on time. >> oracle and microsoft rivalry thaws while snap chat gets some money. >> good afternoon, despite being rivals since 19 70s they're purting it aside to fend off the younger
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generation in cloud computing announcing a partnership putting oracle's data base on microsoft's cloud service. the reader would be aimed at mobile users aggregate news content from across the social network. snap chat just raised more money and a firm is also invested in twitter and zynga. stocks uping week lower calling after entering a bear market. and can't travel to deeb eye? no problem, google street view is taking you to the stop. google just images from dubai showing everything from
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observation deck to maintenance rooms and the first time google used street world in the air wab -- arab world. >> it's being called one of the yaitest upsets in the history of wimbledon. raffle nadal docked out today but the first loss in an opening round of a grand slam event. you can see all of the wimbledon action on espn. >> that upset. >> a 7-year-old baseball camp snowed. >> yes. short sleeves and ready to go. yes. yes.
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>> how about cars? >> yes. yes. looks like maybe more more day. let's take a look at live doppler 7. we've had light showers throughout the day still a break off shore. the bay area getting wet weather right now this, is a pattern looping radar. you can see it moving from west to east. so far, this is how it looks now from our roof top camera. low clouds passing through the bay area through san francisco. 62 across the bay in oakland. to emeryville, low clouds obscuring the view of the bridge and san francisco. high temperatures so far
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average high for the date is 19 degrees below average high in santa rosa so far. and 15, 16 degrees in redwood city. you get the picture. now from our sutro -- this is our roof top camera. periods of rain, light showers, major warm up againing on thursday. and into the weekend. warm moisture on the way. active jet stream and next disturbance bringing us periods of rain. overnight, rain becoming more wide spread.
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and there could with periods of steady rain during that hour. we'll see rain breaking into spotty showers. and overnight maybe lingering showers in the north bay. rainfall totals most locations only seeing a few hundredths of an inch. maybe up to a quarter inch on the coast and bay. and north bay. and clouds, low temperatures around 60 degrees, highs not much above upper 60s and here accu-weather forecast. warm up coming our way. and low to mid-60s on the coast this, is the type of
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weather we expect this time of the year. >> yes. >> exactly. >> we have a new smart phone app to keep track of our strange weather. >> it's easy to navigate and take a look. when you're on the go, it's so simple to use. >> that is right. we've called it you can pick a certain area. let's just go with east bay here. and go to abc 7 for details if you have current app you'll need to down load the new one. >> yes. and yes, really check it out. >> another day, another job loss for paula deen. racial remarks. >> that is coming up. after 4:30 actress turned
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envoy angelina jolie testify was a demand for action to stop a disturbing act of violence. stay w
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paula deen because of a use of racial slurs. the world's largest pork producer fired deen today.
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deen apologized after admitting she uses racial slurs and makes racist jokes. on friday, the food network announced would it not renew her contract and sears and walmart all sell deen product autos singer demi lovato loses her father. >> pop star is thanking fans for support following the passing of her father. her estranged father died over the weekend. she wrote on twitter i feel humbled to have so much support from fans, friends, family ask and complete strangers. thank you so much. johnny depp says it's the star team behind camera that
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brought this resteling to live. >> vision, vision ask scope. it's mur to be a winning combination. over the weekend at movies... >> monsters university scared up $82 million. brad pitt's zombie thriller raced to number two. and a real housewife becomes a real wife, again. find out who any time. >> still to come the senate taking action on the controversial immigration reform bill. the message to lawmakers on the esh yu.
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>> the start of the george zimmerman trial. >> then, daredevil nick
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developing news out of
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washington u.s. senate has votes to approve sweeping immigration reform. senate did a vote to prove it has 60 supporters. it passed with 62. it would also allow 11 million undocumented immigrants in the us to us apply for citizenship. the money would double the number of border patrol agents. the senate expected to approve this week but will be a tougher sell in the house. the president said it needs to be done before august. a down day on swaul street stocks fell again on worries the fed will taper off it's economic stimulus program. despite the fall, markets stabilizedded after a drop of almost 250 points.
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nas dang closed lower. >> in oakland demonstrations are on track now to get thousands of dollars each from the city. the judge has given preliminary approval today abc 7 is live with the story tonight. >> well, yeah. it is. that agreement calls for police and alameda county sheriff to implement new procedures to protect rights of pro testers during future mass arrests. the sheriff told me he's ordered his deputies to draft
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new procedure autos when one of us is murdered they protect murderers. >> it was november 5th, 2010. a large crowd was stunned and angry they heard mez mez's sentence two of years in prison. they chanted loudly smrks resorted to vandalism. cars were smashed. windows, broken. near laney college a massive police crack down happened. when over, 150 people were arrested. dan spaulding was a legal observer saying police never gave orderer to disperse. >> they have to give you enough time. and one of the things happened he says pro testers were held for many hours on buses and
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handcuff autos they kept us there for a length of time. >> the national lawyer's guild found a class action su. each will receive about $4,000. city council member heads the committee. >> bottom line is that our behavior has to change in both ends. it's costing the city of oakland a tremendous amount of money. >> a million bucks oakland could have used to help improve the city quality of life. >> knock knock jokes what started on the first day of testimony on a florida watch volunteer. jurors deciding if he shot and killed a teen in self debens -- self-defense, or, because he wanted tox a start
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to opening statements. >> these [ bleep ] they always get away. these were the words as he followed in the character a 17-year-old boy who didn't know. >> george zimmerman accused of targeting trayvon martin when he shot the 17-year-old death-to-death in this neighborhood. >> george zimmerman did not shoot trayn von martin because he had to. he shot him for the worst reason. because he wanted to. >> the defense started with an ill received knock knock joke. >> knock knock, who is there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right. good. you're on the jury. >> no laugh then hearing and seeing some of the evidence the defense plans to layout.
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the attorneys saying they'll prove he was takd by the teen and acted in self defense. >> trayvon martin armed himself with concrete sidewalk and used to it smash george zimmerman's head. >> the 911 call in which someone is heard screaming for help played twice today. >> it will be up to the jury to decide whose voice that is and the fate of george zimmerman. coface live in president yn onin convicted. the trial expected to continue as long as a month. >> former italian president faces a sentence fog paying for sex during parties in his villa and using his influence
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to try to cover it up. he was sentenced to seven years in prison. both have denied having sex. there are two levels of appeal. >> actress angelina jolie appeared in front of the united nations security council for the first time today saying the issue has never been made a serious priority. >> rape is an assault of security and a world in which these crimes happen is a wormtd in which there is not and never will be, peace. >> jolie is a special envoy. >> former south african president nelson mandela was taken to the hospital 17 days ago a lung infection. over the weekend official as
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announced his condition is now critical. he was jailed 27 years under apartheid but later became south afterica's first black president. >> in alberta, canada officials believe the worst is over in flooding that devastated several cities and towns. official as announced water levels are receding there. in many cases to see how many damage flooding caused them. officials say three people were killed in the flooding, considered the worst that region has seen in decade autos coming up, talking about snail mail, just ahead at 4:00 a sacramento man got a letter from his dad who wrote it 70 years ago. >> you can contact me on
4:38 pm finney and on twitter. i'll answer your questions here, live later. >> there is a silver lining in the form of a sunny break and more rain may be on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> in san francisco, skyway jammed and still dreary.
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the man who walk add cross the type ropt has big plans for the next stunt. he crossed a little george. he says he'd like to tight rope between chrysler and empire state buildings in new york city. the commissioner said he won't let it happen. and it would be too dangerous. >> yes and a northern california man in sacramento county says letters were sent by his father to his mother 70 years ago. experts say many letters were not delivered during the chaos
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of war and an australian stamp collector bought unopened leters, and found him by searching online. he says it's wonderful to have these pieces of history since his parents are now gone but what a treasure to have those. >> priceless. >> yes. cool. >> time to check in with spencer. strange day. >> you can see areas of moisture, light rain and showers. this has been a pattern throughout the day. you can see a match of -- patch of steady rainfall through richmond and most of us there is still moisture in the clouds. rain measured so far for this event looks like it's getting wetter at the moment.
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so what about rainfall in june? june averages about 16/100ths, 15/100ths of rain in san francisco. one and a half days of rain. second wettest just two years ago, 2011. tomorrow a scattered pet pattern continuing and in the bay area areas of light rain with some sunny breaks here and there. high temperatures well below average tomorrow, we'll storm up towards the end of the week. seem like more children being
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diagnosed with adhd. there is apparently one group that is more likely to be diagnosed or treated. >> the case of a spinning statue that has some raveled. >> i'm michael finney. ahead in today's q and a six signs the company you're think about hiring to move you
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>> researchnerers say they found clues to what causes migraines in our genes. 12 genetic regions appear to play a role in triggering these attacks. it could be disrupting internal regulation of the brain. experts say koit lead to new treatments. another study found people with type one diabetes are more likely to benefit from long term, intensive therapy. saying it reduced eye, kidney nerve complications by as much as 76%. the therapy involves using
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insulin pump or frequent injeks and monitoring glucose levels several times a day. >> and children of color are less likely to be diagnosed with adhd. doctors found hispanics anding as were half as likely to receive a diagnosis as twits. blacks two thirds less likely. researchers say socioeconomic and cultural factors may be at work here. >> museum workers traveled by a statue that appeareds to be spinning by itself. take a look at this time lapse video of the statue that seems to be moving while locked inside of a glass case at manchester museum. the cure rateor says it's been happening for months. one professor speculates it
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may be result of subtle vibration. >> statue only seems to spin during the day when people under the museum. koit have something to do with individual placement and character of the statute. >> maybe the statue now wants people to see the inskrigs asking for bread, beer and beef. you may want to ride to the local pub. >> subtle vibration? it's clearly haunted at best. >> problem solved. >> michael finney is here. chris seena asked what if you get dental work you don't like? are you stuck? >> dentists are like anyone else, they're allowed to be
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lousy at their job it's like any other job. you can report them to california dental board but only if you suspect something illegal or if work is so out of control so bad you can go to them, otherwise just a normal beef. like bad hair cut, or anyone eels eva asks, when using a check sit legal for a mer dhoont ask for a driver's license number and write it on the check? >> it s people think they're not allowed to do but they're loued to ask and to write the number. you're probably thinking about credit card. you're not allowed to ask for a credit card then write down that number.
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there are sometimes whuk do it like wrenting an apartment. >> i know you've been doing stories on moving indisstory. jewel finds how to write a moving company with good ratings? >> get a friend with a pickup truck this, is very, very tough. we've got a lot of great movers but nationwide we've got a lot of problem with what is called rogue movers they're thieves they take your stuff and won't give it back until you give them money. first, no onsite inspection. they give you cost over the phone. they don't know that. no local address, license? insurance? you've got to check no, company name.
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bad office conditions and if they show up it's a rental truck. so you're looking for talk to friends, neighbors or use a major brand. >> another coming up next abc 7 top scholar keeping government honest. >> and a reason why
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for latest abc 7 top scholars. >> truly are remarkable young people. >> a young man may be the next
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sensation with silicon valley. >> my name is jerry lou. and next year i will be attending university to study computer science he is already a successful software designer with a drive to succeed. >> i want love to build now. and love creating something, watching it grow. >> jerry is the ultimate well rounded student. he tutors other students. it's hard to manage but he took care of that, too. through the tech action club he created this time management app that has been endorsed by the school district. >> it's a pretty simple form. you enter number of hours a sleep and what causes you take,
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then sets off a red alarm. you need more sleep? >> yes. if five hours of sleep it's blow category. >> he created two apps, it took me about two months. >> another app understanding current events. >> this is a clear picture of what he wants. >> it helped him find that focus. >> focus have you to bring
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honing a technique to get up to improve the mark to improve your mark. >> where will be you 10 years from now? >> strengthening my knowledge and creating cool things in the future. you can meet all seven in a special program on sunday here on abc 7. what a terrific young guy. >> yes a mazing. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 coming up, how winter like weather was all over the bay area. >> soggy now, but what will it look like for morning commute.
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>> was it a misunderstanding or armed kidnap something an amber alert has police looking for a baby's father this evening. a parade of umbrellas today we're getting hit with some unseasonal different weather if you will. rain, good morning. >> it's been a strange day. most folks prepared for this rare june gloom. turns out they managed to contribute to a house fire. abc 7 news is live tonight with the story. it's just drizzling near walnut creek. been like that. for many people it means just
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a bit of inconvenience but for one man his efforts almost cost him his life. firefighters locked up a house fire who decided to have a fire place. >> the fire became out of control of the he passed out in the room of the fire. >> the man was transported to the hospital for treatment. cool weather was more of an inconvenience than a hazard. concord water world california shut down for the day expects to do the same tomorrow. >> so any groups looking to come out tomorrow we're advising maybe plan for wednesday. when weather will be back to normal.


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