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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 24, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you for watching this is "world news." tonight, opening clash. a startling and emotional first day in the george zimmerman trial. the two sides use audio tapes and from one, profanity. >> [ bleep ]. >> from the other, a knock-knock joke. >> knock, knock. who's there? >> so what really happened the night trayvon martin was killed? the fugitive. the man who leaked the nsa secrets, now leading an international game of cat and mouse. where in the world is edward snowden? and weathering the storm. wildfires in the west, powerful storms in the heartland, and the billion dollars it's costing american families. good evening.
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it's good to be back with you on this monday night. we begin with the fireworks in a florida courtroom, the case that has triggered so much passionate debate in this country. the trayvon martin trial has now begun. george zimmerman accused of murder. today both sides came out swinging with profanity and punchlines. and abc's matt gutman was there. >> reporter: tonight these jarring words. >> [ bleep ] punks, these [ bleep ], they always get away. >> reporter: the words uttered in george zimmerman second-degree murder trial, zimmerman's call to a police dispatcher. >> those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark, a 17-year-old boy, who he didn't know. >> reporter: the prosecution tugging at the heart strings of the six-person jury, all women. >> george zimmerman did not shoot trayvon martin because he had to. he shot him for the worst of all
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reasons, because he wanted to. >> reporter: the defense, also trying to draw in those six women with a joke. >> knock knock. who's there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right, good. you're on the jury. >> reporter: a joke in reference to the difficulty in finding an unbiased juror in this case, but not a single juror laughed. look closely, even the lead prosecutor mystified. zimmerman told investigators he first spotted the 17-year-old walking through his development, then he says he lost sight of the teen. we now know he seemed to look for martin and encountered him around this area. they moved along this pathway and around this corner as zimmerman a day later re-enacted what he says happened. a life-and-death struggle playing out in this 911 tape. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes.
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>> george zimmerman was crying out for help and no one helped. >> reporter: as the 911 tape was played in court, trayvon martin's mother who says it's her son screaming, left the court visibly shaking. and it's going to get harder on her. the man who shot her son is expected to take the stand. >> thank you so much, matt. and this trial, by the way is expected to last about four weeks. now we turn to that other big story of this day, the high-stakes chase under way for the fugitive edward snowden who leaked so many of the nation's top secrets. where is he hiding tonight? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the latest on the global manhunt. >> reporter: the american fugitive is spending a second night tonight somewhere in the moscow airport with the u.s. outraged that russia is refusing to arrest snowden. >> it would be very disappointing if he was allowed to board an airplane as a result, and there would be,
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without any question, an impact on the relationship and consequences. >> reporter: snowden had been scheduled to fly to havana today on flight 150 of the russian airline aeroflot. but his assigned seat in economy class was empty as the plane pulled away from the gate. even though he had checked in. snowden is trying to make his way from russia, to cuba and then ecuador for political asylum. countries only too happy to defy the u.s. ecuador's embassy in london already serves as a safe haven for another u.s. target, wikileaks founder julian assange, who said his group helped arrange snowden's escape. >> edward snowden is not a traitor. he is not a spy. >> reporter: snowden was able to flee his hide-out in hong kong after a final dinner of pizza and fried chicken because of help from officials there who delayed acting on the u.s. request for his arrest, claiming the paperwork was not in order.
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and then failed to tell american officials that snowden was on the move. >> no problem at the airport? >> no problem in the airport. >> reporter: snowden's lawyer albert hall, told abc's gloria riviera, a government intermediary advised snowden to leave immediately. >> then he would be given free passage, uninterrupted passage via the airport to any other place of his choice. >> reporter: snowden was able to fly out of hong kong for moscow on sunday even though his passport had been revoked by the u.s. the day before. hong kong officials now say the passport was not revoked in time by washington. coming eight days after the criminal charges were first transmitted. they're saying it's washington's fault, not theirs. >> thank you so much, brian. so what is the latest tonight from washington on this high-stakes cat and mouse pursuit? standing by, abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan
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karl and abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, who have been reporting on the damage snowden has already done. so let's start with you, pierre. >> we're learning the situation could not be more serious. a senior intelligence official told us today he's already seeing indications that terrorist groups are changing the way they communicate because of snowden's leaks. today secretary of state john kerry was blunt, he said people may die because of these leaks. there's still worries about how much damage he can still do. he has access to the u.s. playbook for how we use technology and covert surveillance and risks the effectiveness of billions of dollars of super computers and spying resources. think of snowden as that person in the office that trouble shoots when your computer network breaks down. that's who snowden was for the u.s. government. he had access to everything, that's why top officials are so worried. >> so it's not just a paper trail. it's the technology as well, he has that playbook. thank you, pierre. let's go now to abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl on what the president is doing tonight.
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>> what we're seeing here at the white house, the white house accusing china of a breach of trust. we heard from jay carney today, using the kind of language we almost never hear them use around here to describe u.s.-chinese relations, basically accusing china of lying about why snowden was allowed to leave hong kong. >> we are not buying this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official. this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant, and that decision, unquestionably, has a negative impact on the u.s.-china relationship. >> and there's a message here to russia as well. top u.s. officials, including fbi director robert mueller, have been in touch with russian officials several times today, urging them to turn snowden over. the message is clearly a simple one. he's a fugitive wanted for a felony. if russia does not turn him over, that will do damage to u.s.-russian relations as well. >> thank you, for that team
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coverage of those top secret leaks tonight. also in washington, another decision from the supreme court that reaches into the heart of american life. here's the question. in 2013, should colleges be allowed to consider race as a factor in admitting students to ensure diversity on campus? abc's terry moran covers the supreme court and told us about the announcement today. >> reporter: it all came down to one student, one young woman who didn't get into the college she wanted and decided to fight back. in 2008, abigail fisher was rejected for admission by the university of texas, even though some students with lower test scores and grades got in ahead of her, five of those students were black. 42 were white. but fisher and her lawyers argued that she was blocked because she was white, and they sued. today the supreme court sent the case back to the lower courts, for more careful scrutiny of the university's policy.
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thus postponing the real day of reckoning for affirmative action. justice kennedy writing for a 7-1 majority did raise the bar for schools, writing that any racial preference policies must be a last resort. and university officials must prove there are no workable race-neutral alternatives to achieving a diverse student population. today abigail fisher declared victory. >> they gave us everything that we asked for. and i'm very confident that ut won't be able to use race in the future. >> so what does this all mean? it means more lawsuits, probably. more abigail fishers. college officials are going to have to scramble to show that they are considering other factors about students. socio-economic backgrounds, family backgrounds, that kind of stuff, before they look at race. so for those of us who are with kids, applying to college, affirmative action is still in place, but no question this battle will continue and get
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back here to the supreme court in the next few years. and abigail fisher, she graduated from lsu this year. >> all right, terry. thank you. of course more big decisions from the court to come. and tonight, the world is offering prayers for nelson mandela, the south african freedom fighter has taken a turn for the worse. the 94-year-old in critical condition tonight surrounded by family, as he battles a lung infection. and abc's ron claiborne is there. >> reporter: we're getting very few details about the condition of nelson mandela except that it's not changed. south african president jacob zuma said today, he's getting the best medical care, battling a lung infection which has hospitalized him now for 17 days. zuma said that over the weekend, mandela's health had taken a turn for the worse. this is a cause of great concern in this country of 50 million. indeed around the world for whom nelson mandela is an almost mythic figure and all the more startling, because days ago we were told he was getting better.
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tonight nelson mandela lies in a hospital bed here in pretoria, as millions around the world pray and wait. diane? >> ron, so good to have you in south africa tonight. and back here at home, there was more bad news today for the queen of southern cuisine, celebrity chef paula deen. after a week of controversy and repeated video apologies for her use of racial slurs. today there was reaction from more corporations working with her. smithfield ham terminated their relationship. qvc and sears, who carry her products say they are, quote, evaluating the situation. walmart plans a statement. the food network, as you know, has already announced her tv cooking show will not be renewed. and once again tonight, flooding, tornadoes, hail, and fire as the nation takes another punch from mother nature and climate. abc's clayton sandell shows us what the weather and climate are doing and what it's costing us.
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>> reporter: this tornado spotted near dix, nebraska. just part of a weather juggernaut today pounding the plains and midwest. in minnesota, 60-mile-an-hour winds flipped big rigs. and were powerful enough to destroy a trailer in south dakota, killing a woman inside. in boscobell, wisconsin, eight inches of rain flooded half the town. today, as fires continue ravaging the west, there's not enough rain. >> it's going to take a major change in the weather before we make real significant progress. >> reporter: thousands of firefighters, plus a fleet of aircraft, are adding to the growing cost of weather disasters. in 1980, $58 billion. by last year? extreme weather and climate costs nearly doubled to $110 billion. 377 people were killed. fighting the black forest fire here in colorado has already cost more than $10 million. and that doesn't even count the cost of more than 500 homes that burned to the ground. scientists say human-caused
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climate change is already helping shift the planet's natural balance. creating more heat waves, drought, and intense downpours. a stormy and expensive reality, that's already on our doorsteps. clayton sandell, abc news, colorado springs. and still ahead right here on "world news," rage on the road. the huge spike in this. and would you know what to do if you're the target? and later, a rock star's brother with a surprising charge, that the underlying cause of amy winehouse's death may not have been her addiction. could it have also been something else? but i feel skinnier, you know? not really. aaah! jessica! whoa!
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[ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. [ woman ] hop on over! i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at all right. if we're honest, nearly every one of us has felt a flash of anger when another car cuts us off the road or steals our parking place. it turns out there's also been a huge spike in cases of road rage all across this country. road rage has more than doubled in a five-year period. and abc's gio benitez takes a look at an american epidemic. >> reporter: a fight that ends with gun shots. all because this man driving with his family on a north carolina road says two young men cut him off, an extreme example of road rage. and just last week, a bruising brawl at a california
5:47 pm
intersection between a lawyer and a retired police officer. aggressive drivers are a growing threat on the roads. in fact, the most recent study from the u.s. department of transportation attributes more than 1,000 deaths to road rage -- up 170%. >> let's go for a ride, doctor. >> reporter: psychologist dr. ryan fuller says cars become weapons in the hands of stressed drivers. what's the mind-set of someone who is really angry on the road? >> now they perceive someone cutting them off as just one step too far. >> reporter: watch this. just days ago, a driver on a los angeles highway, cut off another driver, threw a can at him, and got out of his car to yell. so what do you do if attacked? doctor fuller says first keep your cool. >> take a deep breath. slow things down. >> reporter: most importantly, don't make eye contact because that can be interpreted as a challenge. >> sometimes we see people get out of the car, start yelling. is that something they should do?
5:48 pm
>> the best thing they should do is stay in their car under any circumstances. >> reporter: like this man, ignoring the angry marine ranting outside his window, just keeping his eyes on that road. gio benitez, abc news, new york. and still ahead right here, our instant index and a rock'n'roll mystery. amy winehouse's brother with a surprising revelation. did something else add to her struggle with addiction? addiction add to her struggles? caused by acid reflux disease, relief is at hand. eother than addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addiction add to her struggles? addon add to her struggles? roth
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our "instant index" starts with a david versus goliath match-up at wimbledon today. look at this. portraits of the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory. rafael nadal and steve darcis. nadal suffered a stunning defeat in the opening round today. the 12-time grand slam winner lost in straight sets to darcis. and if darcis' name doesn't ring a bell, it's because he's ranked 135th in the world and nadal is fifth. nadal played with an injured knee, but said after the match, don't blame my knee. darcis played a fantastic match. and he created one of the most beloved american tv families. >> i figured that since i'm virtually an adult now, i can call you elise, mom. >> who could forget alex p. keaton on "family ties"? the role made michael j. fox a star. and tonight the man who created
5:52 pm
that sitcom, david goldberg, has died. a self-described hippie by the way. his own life was the model for the flower-power parents. goldberg said his goal was to depict a family ruled by love. he died of brain cancer at the age of 68. and a new clue tonight in the mystery surrounding the death of singer amy winehouse who died nearly two years ago. ♪ try to make me go to rehab ♪ i said no, no, no >> remember the toxicology report showed winehouse had lethal amounts of alcohol in her system when she died. but now her brother is speaking out and saying that he believes an eating disorder caused her death, telling a british newspaper, quote, what really killed her was bulimia. he says the disorder made his sister weaker and more susceptible. and still ahead right here on "world news," the escape
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xeljanz can reduce the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe ra, even without methotrexate. ask if xeljanz is right for you. believe it or not, rusty, the red panda, went rogue. that was the word today on a clever and rare creature normally on view at the smithsonian zoo in washington. last night rusty escaped, went walk about. and so a citizen panda posse sprang into action and abc's david kerley joined the hunt. >> reporter: look fast and meet rusty, the furry fugitive which had the nation's capital all atwitter today. it was just before noon, the country's national zoo tweets
5:57 pm
out -- we are looking for a missing red panda. wanted, the less than-year-old red panda who arrived from a nebraska zoo and only went on display three weeks ago. last seen last night. officials aren't sure if he was kidnapped or escaped. >> their inclination is to go up high into a tree. >> reporter: zoo officials thought rusty was still on the zoo grounds. >> they're looking in the trees. >> good place to look. >> he's missing. >> is that what happened last night? >> yeah. >> reporter: with the search on rusty becomes a social media darling. hash tag rusty. hash tag find rusty. does he look like a panda to? >> no, he looks like a red raccoon. >> reporter: smart kid. red pandas only share a name with a giant pandas, which are bears. the red panda is related to the raccoons, skunks, and weasels. less than two hours after the first tweet, look who is spotted in someone's yard, with a tweet, red panda in our neighborhood. zoo workers rushed to the scene and high fives as rusty is returned to captivity. and then in a secret service
5:58 pm
kind of way, he's whisked away. this must be washington. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> thank you for watching. check in 24 hours a day at, and i'll see you tomorrow night. goodnight. tonight pay the price for a demonstration what. they did that will cost taxpayers a million buck autos areas of light rain and showers continue to pass through the bay area, i'll give you a look at what is coming our way. >> damage keeps adding up for
5:59 pm
one neighborhood. what it will take to clean up this mess from a 12-year-old kid's joyride. >> an exhibit chronicling 25 years of blood, sweat and tear that's have gone into rebuilding the bay bridge. >> here is the rare june rainfalling in neighborhoods throughout the bay area, good evening. >> there is another 24 hours of wet weather ahead of us. lots not the storm of the century but it did spread the june gloom we get on the coast to inkpluntsd throughout the bay area. and forced these commuters this morning and it dampened roads and freeways drivers
6:00 pm
areusing tonight. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. here is an area of light rain right now. and some off the coast of the south bay. just light rain and showers and just getting ready to move on the coast. it's been moving west to east. we can expect more areas of rain and showers and into morning, only about 2/100ths to 4/100ths in most locations. however, mount st. helena reached a quarter inch.


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