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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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they will walk off the job if a new contract is not reached over the week. >> the couple at center of proposition 8 case returns to bay area and abc7 news talks to a couple about when they plan to finally exchange vows. >> president obama is on board air force one on his way to south africa where nelson mandela remains critically ill after a three day stay in senegal. >> thanks for joining us. >> let's send you over to mike nicco for the forecast. it is steamy. >> absolutely. thank you. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and you can see a lack of radar runs and dry air moved in yesterday as expected and it is here now which is why we will heat today beyond the average. we are normal along the coast with some fog on the golden gate
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bridge. it will be mid-80's around 4:00, and nice in the evening, with a clear sky and 76. the next 12 hours inland day planner is hazy this morning at 65 and a lot of us near 90 with the dry eat moving in and it will be hot by 4:00 and 97 officially but a lot of the thermometers are in the triple digits and around 91 with fog along the coast and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's opening up to partly cloudy conditions and temperatures nearing 70's by 4:00. glad is the -- that is the day planner. >> we have the unusual slow spots over the altamont pass with a report of a new accident on the shoulder in the east bay and union city southbound 880 off to the shoulder that could cause spectator slowing in the southbound direction. at 680 northbound and southbound between san ramon everything is moving along at top speeds along
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highway 24 and clear conditions as you make it to the area right hire welcomes no slowing. walnut creek northbound and southbound is moving smoothly. leyla gulen, thank you. we are less than 72 hours away from a possible bart strike with union leaders giving notice putting the tran it agency and commuters on alert for monday morning. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at walnut creek. >> we have talked to passengers who are thinking about plan "b" on monday and forming opinions about the disagreement. you will see bart works throughout the station informing passengers and let them know the strike is possible. now they have issued a 72-hour warning so the strike could happen monday morning. they were calling yesterday's negotiations "unproductive." passengers say they are dreading what this could do to the
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commute and some are saying they think the two sides need to get this worked out? >> they make too much money as it is already and they need to put some of the money back to the people. >> i will have the opportunity to work from home. hopefully. i am hear too support the bart team, both management and the employees. >> bart officials put a new offer the table yesterday 1 percent raise each year for four years but workers want a 5 percent raise each year so they are still far apart. negotiations are planned for the weekend at all hours. if there is no dole workers say this will be month trains monday morning. stay with abc7 news and we will cover a press conference later this morning from the unions and we will cover this all weekend long at the negotiations outside the door waiting for word with this developing story covered by us so stay with us on this
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important story. >> thank you, amy. this is what the roads looked like last time bart workers staged a strike in 1997 frustrated drivers crowding the roads. long lines stretched for hours at the ferry. the 1997 bart shut down lasted six days. >> it could be worse this time because then there were 275,000 riders and today it is 400,000 riders. >> there is concerned about gridlock on golden gate bridge with commuters opting to use the bridge as an alternate to avoid any extra backups, east bay commuter whose can take the richmond and san rafael bridge and down the golden gate bridge to get to san francisco. transportation officials say it could cause major delays near the ferry terminal and the toll lazy where this could be confusion over the automatic toll. casual car pooling is an alternate with pickups between
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6:00 a.m. and and 9:30 with passengers dropped off to downtown san francisco. evening pickup is between howard and fulsome. if there is a strike we have resources on for the latest on the status and commuter opens, download abc7 news waze traffic app to negotiate the freeways in one spot join us early monday morning for the latest on the strike bringing you the latest on contract negotiations and how it could affect the weekday commute. leyla gulen will be here with eric and myself on monday at 4:30 right here on the abc7 morning news. >> happening today, san francisco is preparing for the biggest pride celebration over
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following the landmark decision by the supreme court on same-sex marriage with 1.2 million people expected to attend the pride event that kicks off today with the march and now in the 10th year includes a march down market street. organizers expect a larger turnout after the supreme court struck down the federal defense of marriage act and prop 8 the ban on same-sex marriage. the festivities end with the parade on sunday that takes off from market street at 10:30 a.m. running down market street ending with a rally at san francisco's civic plaza. a list of events is on >> the city of san francisco will crackdown on drunk drivers with d.u.i. checkpoint at 7:00
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p.m. tomorrow until 3:00 a.m. sunday morning aten undisclosed location. vallejo police are looking for possible victims after a man was arrested for impersonating a police officer. they is identified the suspect and taken into custody last night after a group of people called 9-1-1 saying he followed them in a dodge van and pulled out a gun. according to the victims, he identified himself as an officer. he had on a dark blue t-shirt with the words "police department" in bold yellow. uniformed stores arrived and arrested the man trying to leave the area. >> governor brown is riding surging economic wave and boosting his own ratings to new heights. a national survey ranks him number ten among governors for private sector job creation. a blog from the american city business notes that since he took office in 2010 california
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has added 622,000 private sector jobs a growth rate of 2.3 percent. north dakota's governors got the top spot benefiting from a large oil boom. >> california lawmakers are standing in solidarity with the texas senator who used a filibuster to defeat a controversial abortion bill. state senator wendy davis spoke for 11 hours on tuesday to defeat the bill that with have banned abortions in texas after 20 weeks of pregnancy. she did it while wearing pink running shoes. california state senator evans from santa rosa is asking her senate colleagues to wear pink shoes or pink ties on monday to honor davis' victory but the governor of texas called a new session to consider the abortion bill again. >> attention drivers, certain fees you are paying could still be being paid in 2024. a bill is passed to reduce air
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pollution that extends fees on things like new tires and vehicles and boat registration that otherwise would expire in three years. republicans say the legislation will cost taxpayers more than $2 billion and they encourage people, they say, will be encouraged to leave the state, they say. >> now the forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone. look what peter taylor has for us, mount tamalpais and sutro all floating on clouds from marin. gorgeous. the temperatures today are going to be warm but, thankfully, so far, they are not getting to the point with the stagnation in the air to create ozone. that will be tomorrow. the u.v. index is extreme and grass and mold is new, and ragweed and trees are moderate and you can see the sun coming up over treasure island this morning and our temperatures are
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three to seven degrees warmer than yesterday and with 23 seconds let of sunshine compared to yesterday. where does that put us in the upper 60's to low 70's along the coast, and 77 in friend and you can see the upper 80's to low 90's around the bay and mid-90's in the north bay to near 100 in the east bay valley and only getting hotter tomorrow to 9:00 sunday evening, north bay, and east bay valley, and santa clara, highs over 100, association please find out a way to keep cool during that timeframe. leyla gulen? >> we will use our waze app to see what is going on around the bay area and right now we have an accident, a major accident in the east bay in union city, on the right hand shoulder. as we take it over to the golden gate bridge i will tell you we have plenty of fog out there and we have our wazers saying heavy fog is in the area. you can track your own traffic
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with the exclusive abc7 news app at google play or the app store. to the north, that is the drive headed into central san rafael and the headlights coming toward you in the southbound direction sun is shining. be careful headed into sausalito >> happening now, president obama is continuing his tour of africa ahead the powerful moment for the president before he departed senegal and what is ahead for the rest of his trip. >> all us share the same goal. that is to take 11 million people out the shadows, secure our borders and make sure this is a nation of opportunity. >> the senate passes immigration reform but the future in the house remains
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we are happy to have you with us on this friday morning at 6:14 with a picture from the h.d. roof camera, you can see blue skies over the ferry building in san francisco and you can enjoy them all day and in a bet way than yesterday
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because it is less humid and not so sticky and hot. that is from mike nicco. he will explain. president obama is on the way to south africa departing senegal three hours ago on air force one saying good by with mrs. obama and before that met with farmers to discuss food production he will arrive in south africa at 1 a.m. where' can president antiapartheid icon nelson mandela remains in critical condition. the president attended a state dinner last night and was thanked by the president of senegal for visiting senegal and the tradition democracy. earlier they visited the house
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of slaves and the "door of no return," which is where slaves were slipped across the atlantic to america. he called this a powerful reminder on the response of staying focused on houston -- human rights. >> immigration reform bill in the senate faces uncertain future in the house of representatives after a vote last night. now from washington, dc we have our reporter. >> president obama said the senate vote brings a critical step closer to the immigration overall but republicans in the house of representatives say the plan is a tough sell. >> the bill, as amended, is passed. >> a heap -- happy moment for hundreds of immigrants in the halls of congress. it offer as path citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants and expand visas for
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workers and has the toughest enforcement measures. this put the republican-controlled house of representatives on notice. >> we needed a significant number of republicans. we got them. >> the bill is far from amnesty say supporters telling immigrants, you will be paying taxes. you are will have the pleasure of getting to know the i.r.s. like the rest of us. welcome to america. >> it is a message that oscar, who crossedded southern border, says he has been longing to hear. >> the only worry looking for is the same opportunity that others have had since the beginning of this country. >> critics say the opportunity should not be granted until congress guarantees there will be no more oscars in the future. despite $18.5 billion spent to secure the borders illegal crossing and contraband make it through. >> people have to have confidence that the border is secure before anything else is going to work. otherwise, we repeat the
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mistakes of 1986. >> the senate plan would add 20,000 more border patrol agents and 700 miles of border fence but more security measures are needed if the bill will pass congress this year. >> thank you for that update. >> in a way the fog we are finding is probably a good thing as we try to keep the temperatures cool at the start of the day. >> at the coast it will keep the coast the coolest where you will find the relief from the heat. you can drive there today and not worry about air quality but that will change tomorrow and the east bay valley will be in a poor air quality tomorrow through, possibly, monday, and that will put all of us under a "spare the air" situation this week. we have fog around half moon bay bay with four mile visibility and patchy fog around santa rosa but at the reporting stations, it is six miles, so that is not
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too bad. some of the fog, showing fingers of fog following the golden gate bridge this morning and parts of san francisco and a great back drop to tell you it will be sunny and warmer and not as humid today. there is the poor air quality on saturdays sunday, and monday, and by the middle of next week, wednesday, and thursday, independence day, it will not be so hot with temperatures close to average if not just a touch warmer, and that is the low-to-mid 90's for most of the santa clara valley, and 95 in loss embassy and 98 in gilroy. santa cruz will be at 90 degrees today. that will be fun at the beach and 90 degree heat at the peninsula to redwood city and dropping down to the mid-to-upper 80's around san mateo and low 70's along the coast today to upper 70's around downtown and south south africa and north bay beaches, 68 in bodega and much warmer inland at low-to-mid 90's and sausalito only at 80 today and
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mid-to-upper 80's through the east bay shore and oakland and fremont at 87, keep your air conditioning going with temperatures flirting with 100 degrees everywhere. today is the first day of possibly five or six days like that. tote, in the upper 50's and the north bay valley and mid-50's along the coast where you can see the fog and everyone else is in the 60's and even some 70's from pittsburg and antioch and brentwood and the high pressure, one of them, deflecting the storm track to the north at the four corners wrapping the heat from the desert and bringing it our way. for pride weekend, check out what it is doing: it will be gorgeous with temperatures in the mid-70's along market street. we could be 10- to 20-degrees cooler by tuesday. >> i don't know if it is the quiet before the storm but it is quiet around the bay area for our traffic and commuter as we look right now we have a
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construction project that will be lasting until 7:00 a.m. this morning eastbound side of the bay bridge to 580 we will find vary lanes blocked until 7:00 a.m. because of construction. the westbound traffic is heavy bumper to bumper away from the main to the tolls. right now, our mass transit, bart, muni and caltrain all running on time and not a single delay. this is the pay bridge toll plaza, bright this, if you are headed along the eastbound direction you need your sunglasses but the metering lights are on and it is slow go ing. passengers boards a flight at sfo thinking they will end up in germany but they end up in seattle. >> paula deen has a new plan of [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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>> 19 employees -- nancy pelosi is making bold statements about hillary clinton and running in 2016 believing the party is behind hillary clinton and this is no reason she should not run saying it is not appropriate if her to endorse anyone at this time but she feels clinton is well nope, well respected, and
6:25 am
prepared. >> following a week where many her business partners left her side, paula deen is bringing in outside help to sure up her image. cnn reports she hired a crisisment firm with a hit of helping out high profile clients including monica lewinsky, michael vick after she admitted to using racial slurs. she apologizeed. her new book in october is number one on amazon. now we have a new abc7 news matter phone app to keep on the summer rain and breaking news and traffic with the upcoming bart strike and it is easy to navigate and you can check on live doppler 7 hd when you on the go. it is simple to down load at you need to ondead the new one because the old one will go away
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and the website is >> bart will strike unless a last-minute deal is reached this week. ahead at 6:30, coverage on the bart strike threat including how far apart the two sides remain to their contentious negotiation. >> if there is a bart strike, how will you get to work in we will talk about alternates. >> the san mateo bridge is moving swiftly into fostercy but
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:29. friday morning. let's start with a picture, looks like a postcard, beautiful shot with the golden gate bridge, marin headlands and the fog that is coming in and out
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like gentle rolling waves. it is a great way to start the day in the bay area but a heat wave is coming our way. >> enjoy that while you can. >> thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas. mike nicco is in the forecast center. >> we will put numbers to the heat. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows a few of the clouds hanging along the coast in the form of fog from mount sutro it is trying to push into the by with a real hard time. this gives you an idea we will have one of the huge summer spreads from 70's at the coast and triple digits inland. for the bay, we are starting off clear at 64 and by noon we are sunny and 80 hanging out in the mid to upper 80's through 4:00 and mild in the afternoon. our extremes will develop in inland valleys and the next 12 hours, hazy at 65 and 90 degrees
6:31 am
by noon and upper 90's to near 100 through 4:00 and handing around 91 still at 7:00. at the coast we are starting off with cloud cover and 58 and the clouds will open up mid-to-upper 60's in most neighborhoods with a few of you to 70 or 72 degrees. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have a few problems with a crash at 280 extension in san francisco, a truck hit an overpass and now it is on the shoulder and northbound 280, possibly some concrete has been dropped on the freeway, as well the southbound 880 in the east bay union city, this crash involving a big rig is over to the shoulder and plenty of slowing to show for it, and further to the south in san jose, northbound 101, that is where we have a two-car crash and that is blocking a lane. we are stop-and-go traffic foreign direction. the quiet drive through san rafael from the southbound direction and northbound, as
6:32 am
well, but it could be the quiet before the storm with the possible bart strike. we will keep you updated. >> thank you, leyla gulen. commuters are put on notice, bart will go on strike on monday if a new contract is not reached word came last night. our news reporter will tell us of alternatives for commuter if a strike happens. amy? >> we are hearing passengers talk about what they will do on monday, some say they will work from home one said they could get a hotel room in the city but a lot of people are say they will drive. that is going to mean a nightmare on the road. bart workers called negotiations "unproductive" so they issued a 72-hour warning of a strike saying if there is in deal reached over the weekend there will be no trains on monday. riders are dreading what that
6:33 am
could mean for monday's commute. though are still hoping this could get resolveed. >> obviously driving in is a high possibility but not going to be easy at all. we hope it works out. >> the two sides are far apart and bart gave a new offer year a 1 percent raise for each year for four years but workers want a 5 percent rate each year with negotiations planned throughout the weekend. we will cover those talks. we will cough a press conference later this morning and that is scheduled with the unions so we will keep you updated on this important story. >> and abc7 news reporter cornell bernard continues our coverage at the bart station. you are talking about
6:34 am
alternatives if a strike happens? >> 400,000 people ride bart each day. if there is a strike car pooling is a good solid plan "b" to get to work. we are at the north berkeley bart station and this is a pickup area for car poolers headed to san francisco from the east bay. casual car pooling has been around for decades. wait in the morning at one of many casual car boom stops in the east bay between 6:00 a.m. and 9:30 usually marked with signs. many are them are in oakland. you line up, first come, first serve. drivers who have fast track head for a car pool lane. many drivers and riders say if there is a strike they could just stay home or brave the track. >> how will you get to work? >> i will drive. drive.
6:35 am
>> i administer charitable giving program at a bank and i can do it by remote. >> telecommute? >> exactly. >> i have no choice but to drive or call in sick. >> some may head to the golden gate bridge to avoid the bay bridge. a lost -- lot of transportation officials worried. the afternoon commuters can pick up the car pool in san francisco. these folks are headed back to the east bay between howard and fulsome starting at 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the cass you'll -- casual car pools will be extremely popular if there is a strike. >> if there is a bart strike we put together a full range of resources on our website as from the latest status on bart talks to more on
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commute options and downloading our exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app to negotiate the freeways all in one spot at join us on monday morning for the latest on the bart strike threat bringing you the latest on contract negotiations and at look at how all of this is affecting your weekday commute on monday right here. >> developing news, a night from san francisco to germany had to make an unexpected landing in seattle after a strange smell was detected. the night took off from sfo last night headed for munich and moments after take off people noticed a strange electrical smell and the pilot decided around oregon border to divert the plane to seattle. three crew and a passenger were treated after feeling sick from the fumes. they are trying on get the 300-plus passengers on another flight.
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>> no complaints. everyone is happy to land. >> calm. very relaxed although we had to wait in seattle before we could get out. it stayed calm. >> the plane is grounded until they find out where the smell originated and the cause. >> the bay area couple that took their fight for same-sex marriage to the united states supreme court is back home this morning. ahead, the couple talk about their high court victory. >> new rules for san francisco food trucks take effect today. >> and this is a beautiful blue sky over san francisco with traffic and weather, together, next
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>> we are back at 6:40 and are look at what will happen in san francisco especially for the big pride celebration both days. the parade is sunday but the temperature both days will be close to this, starting off with sunshine and 68 hang out in the mid-70's from 1:00 o'clock to 4:00 and the light breeze down to 70 by 7:00. hope you have a great time. the radar satellite shows nothing going on across the entire state and hot high pressure from 116 in palm springs to 103 in sacramento and
6:41 am
105 in chico, and near record heat is possible with temperatures topping out near 90. if you are headed to los angeles, mid-90's. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident that will be on the 280 extension in san francisco involving a dump truck on the shoulder but it appears the top of it may have hit an overpass and concrete fell on to the roadway so we are keeping track of that at caesar chavez. we are in san jose where we have an accident, a major accident, according to our wazers and the traffic is at a complete standstill. you can always track your traffic with the abc7 news exclusive app at google play or the app store and join our group so you can travel and avoid the stop-and-go situations. >> happening today, san francisco mayor is ready to sign
6:42 am
legislation to establish better guidelines for food trucks. the board passed the measure last week requiring food trucks to be 75 feet soviet away from existing restaurants with the guidelines allowing trucks to park closer to schools and to operate on college campuses. supervisors say this is the result of two years of negotiation between the food truck industry and brick and mortar restaurants. >> forget the tight airplane seats you can barely squeeze in, the airlines sizing up for passengers. >> trading is underway on wall street with a look at the big four, the dow is down 57 points so, under the 15,000 mark again after three days that were up. >> pride weekend has extra meaning for two bay area women. we catch up with the couple at the center of the supreme court vi
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> happening today, the first big event of gay pride weekend
6:46 am
kicks off in san francisco and the 0th annual celebration starts at 3:00 this afternoon followed by a march down market street at 6:00 p.m. after two major supreme court ruling striking down the defense of marriage act and prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage in california. sandy and chris, the berkeley couple would were plaintiffs in the prop 8 case, spoke with abc7 news and say wednesday's supreme court victory wouldn't have happened without the help of many people. >> i say thank you. we are the lucky ones who got to be in the case which is amazing but this would not have happened if not for years of everyone doing their part. >> they are taking part in the week's festivities and will march in sunday's gay pride parade. their wedding 8 be the first day wedding resume in california. >> the parade is on sunday
6:47 am
starting at 10:30 a.m. and runs down market street with a rally at san francisco's civic center plaza. you can find a complete list of ride events on clicking on "see it on tv." >> more trouble for new england patriot star hernandez. we have learned police are vetting whether three was involved in a double murder in boston last summer. two men were killed in a drive-by shooting after a nightclub fight that included hernandez. he is being held without bail charged with killing a semi pro football player. he pleaded not guilty. a second man has been arrested and they are looking if a third suspect. >> this morning 9 same airline that made headlines for charging passengers according to weight is now offering plus-size seating now available on samoa air for passengers weigh more than 286 pounds. the airline c.e.o. says in a
6:48 am
country where among 60 percent of the population is considered obese, it makes sense to offer more room. in april, they ditched the per se feet and started charging travelers 50 cents a pound for a ticket. >> at 150 pounds or 100 pounds you cannot say airline seats are that comfortable. >> more progress on the massive residential development project. >> mortgage rates skyrocketing higher and we go to the new york stock exchange this morning. >> good morning, mortgage rates are on the rise in a big way. the average rate on a 30-year fix rate skyrocketed to 4.6 percent, 3.39 percent was the average a week ago so we are talking here about the biggest one-week increase since 1987. however, even around 4 percent you are talking about close to historic lows. analysts say city is saying even if they go up the recovery in
6:49 am
home building will hope if job numbers and consume confidence stay positive. we get a fresh report on consumer confidence in 10 minutes or so from now and ahead of that we have stock trading lower but remember, we had a big rally the last three days for the bank mark averages. the silicon valley index is in decline. shares of blackberry are getting slammed at 20 percent decline we are seeing, and what is happening is blackberry posted a surprise loss for the quarter, lower than projected sales number with no new traction with new models the developments in real estate project with a home building receiving a significant minority investment from credit management breaking ground on hundreds of studios and apartments at a former naval shipyard with job training centers and parks and commercial
6:50 am
buildings, with some residents being below market rates. that is business news at the new york stock exchange. >> we are not going to ditch this heat wave any time soon. >> you have reminded us the heat, how will you beat it? >> it is hard my apartment feels hot. everywhere is hot. >> it will not is be humid, though. that is the take away. the air is dry. but it will be hot. there you go, san jose this morning, we have a lot of sunshine. off to a sunny start with temperatures in the 60's and i want to show you live doppler 7 hd with a little bit of fog around half moon bay at two miles in santa rosa at six miles with some of that on the golden gate bridge and the fog there. we will talk to leyla gulen to
6:51 am
see if that is affecting the commute. and warmer temperatures but not so humid and poor air quality is poll with "spare the air" days coming at us this weekend into monday and by wednesday and thursday it will not be so hot. this is a look at what is going on in san jose this morning, temperature is eight degrees warmer-than-average and 91 at redwood city, nine degrees warmers. livermore is up to 16-degrees warmer-than-average. we will be around the low-to-mid 90's for the santa clara valley, and 88 in milpitas. santa cruz, up to 90 degrees and spreading up to redwood city and mid-to-upper 80's in millbrae. low 70's along the coast. upper 70's in downtown and south san francisco. 80 if south sausalito. the cool pot is petaluma at 92. around 70 at your beaches where we will see increasing sunshine and mid-to-upper 80's along the east bay shore and 8 in oakland
6:52 am
and fremont and the warm spot is hercules and the third day you have had the air conditioning on and we will have five or six more days of near 100-degree heat. if you are headed to the game cardinals and a's, about 78 degrees and dropping down to a comfortable 68 by the end of the game of the temperatures stay in the 60's in most areas and the exception is antioch at 76 degrees tonight and santa rosa is 59 and half moon bay at 55 degrees. we are watching the warm high pressure move in from the desert southwest again so our temperatures will be warmest as the warm air moves in sunday and monday and we will hold on to the hundreds an tuesday and drop out of the 90's on monday and tuesday and back in the 80's an the bay staying in the 70's at the coast until the 60 return on wednesday and thursday. have a great day. the fog is not causing a slowing from the golden gate bridge and sausalito. we have plenty green in san
6:53 am
francisco but not so green in san jose where we have a crash blocking a lane that moved to the center divider, northbound 101, look at all this, six miles per hour is the top speed this the single digits and bumper to bumper gridlock. a cash is on the shoulder northbound 880 not causing delays and top speed through dumbarton moving clearly and swiftly in eastbound and westbound direction and in san jose, here is 87 beyond the off-ramp with everyone moving along in top shape. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news re
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. the bay area is closer to seeing a fall on bart strike with the unions giving 72-hour notice so they will walk off the job
6:55 am
monday morning if no deal is reached by sunday midnight. bart officials said the two sides made progress yesterday and they intend to continue the negotiations. >> two, commuters are diagnose other ways to get across the bay if there is a strike. car pooling is an alternate with dozens of stops in the east bay. we have a full range of options on >> three, the heat is here. we start off nice with 5 at -- 56 at the coast but by 4:00 70 at the coast and 100 inland. the warmest weather is this weekend at 1:00 tomorrow morning and sunday at 9:00 p.m. temperatures in the north bay and eat bay more than 100 degrees. >> south african waiting for word on change to mandela's continue. the 94-year-old is in critical but stable condition. president obama is on the way to
6:56 am
south africa. it is uncertain if he will meet with mandela. >> five, more oakland police officers are on the street to try to stem another spike in violent crime. it follows two murders in an unrelated shooting and another shooting on wednesday. special teams of officers are doing checks on paroleees and known gang members. >> six, pride weekend kicks off in san francisco at 3:00 today followed by a march down market street. >> seven, i have links on facebook to help you get around the closures for pride. the maze shows running smoothly. in san jose northbound traffic is at a standstill at six miles per hour for a top speed coming away from 85 through the san jose airport at 31 minutes because of this crash. >> thank you all for joining us.
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good morning, america. and breaking now, the dangerous heat emergency across the west. furnace-like temperatures, setting records today for millions. up to 120 degrees in places. sam champion and ginger zee, with how to stay cool today. new this morning, one of the country's highest-ranking military officials, now the target of a justice department leak investigation. did this top obama deputy spill high-level details about a secret attack on iran's nuclear program? also breaking now, police search aaron hernandez's million-dollar home overnight, as we learn he is now being investigated for two more murders in boston. how did this $40 million man even get on the field in the first place? and twitter tirade. alec baldwin unleashing a new rant, taking aim at accusations thatis


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