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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 28, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the countdown do a possible strike is on and negotiations are in the final 72 hours as bart and the unions battle over new employee contract. good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. bart workers will walk off the job on monday if an agreement isn't reached by the time the contract expires on sunday. we have coverage with abc7 news reporters in oakland. amy?
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>> i spoke with representatives with bart unions to ask them about the possibility of the strike. they tell me it is not looking good. bart workers have issued their 72-hour warning of a strike telling riders monday they will walk off the job if they cannot agree on a contract. i asked the union representative how seriously commuters should be taking the wanting. >> like any other event you need to prepare for. make preparations. have a plan "b". we hope that is not what is needed. >> how does it look? >> at this point compared to yesterday? not good. >> i spoke with a bart official. he said he still has hope the two sides can reach an agreement over the weekend. both sides admit they are far apart with bart offering a 1 percent raise and workers asking for a 5 percent raise. negotiations for today are starting right now and they are back at the table starting at
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11:00. talks are resumed and scheduled to be ongoing through the weekend. we will be covering those talks. we will write you developments as soon as we get them. we are following this story closely and we recognize it is a big one. it is very important and could affect 400,000 commuters. >> tens of thousands of ridesers need to find another way to get to work if there is a strike. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us from oakland with temperatures. >> the weekend is almost here but thousands of commuters are stressing about monday if that bart strike happens. ac transit bus workers say they, too, will walk east job if their contract disputes are not reached. the timing is a coincidence but it could be chaos. >> more than 600,000 bay area commuters could be left without transportation if bart and ac
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transit workingers strike. it could create a nightmare scenario on monday. karen is working on a plan "b" to work. >> it sucks. i don't know how we will get to work. there is already so much traffic on the bridge already so i will have to make alternate means for friends in san francisco. >> the car pool stop in berkeley was busy this morning with the line of commuters headed to san francisco. on monday, many will be staying home. >> years ago when something like this were whats it was just not worth going in. they planned ahead and told us find other ways or telecommute. i am set up at home and ready to go the. >> my plan is to work at home. it will be insane on the bridge. ac transit talking about striking. >> talks are continuing for a.c. transit and management hopes to avert a strike next week and add
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extra transbay buses to san francisco if bart strains stop rerunning. those who rely on bart and the bus are feeling uneasy. >> i could not go anywhere. at all. >> extra ferry across the bay will also be added but it could not be enough to get stranded commuters where they need to go. >> san francisco bay ferry operates 11 ferries across the bay and they are trying to get more vessels in service by monday. a.c. transit will run eleven extra shuttles but if a.c. transit strikes that will not happen. >> if the unions do not strike on monday, riders are allowed to bring bicycles on all the trains. the board is opening up trains to bicycles at all hours including rush hour part of a five-month experiment. the change gives riders new freedom. they will decide in the fall weather to make the policy
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permanent. if there is a bart strike we have a full range of resources on our website as from the latest status on bart talks to commute options and downloading our exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app to help you negotiate the freeways, all in one spot, >> you will want to join us early monday morning for the latest on the bart strike threat. abc7 news anchors and traffic reporter leyla gulen will bring the latest on contract talks and a look at how all of this is affecting your week-day commute. we hope you will join us for early start at 4:00 a.m. on the use 7 morning news. >> we have breaking news. another strike on monday at 1,500 city of oakland workers are walking out over a contract dispute. members of the service employees international union, local 1021 and the international federation of professional and technical engineers, local 21, announced the strike in the past hour.
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they will hold a one-day strike on monday from 6:00 a.m. physical 6:30 at night. dangerously high temperatures for parts of the country including california. death valley is expected to hit 129 degrees close to the century old record of 134. las vegas will be above 115 today. phoenix will be well in the triple digits up to 119. video of the sunrise this morning, but wyoming, idaho, colorado, all with highs over 100 degrees. the bay area certainly not immune to the heat wave. >> it is hot. this looks nice right now. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> few areas have cover and sfo is getting a breeze off the ocean at half moon bay are two degrees cooler than this time
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yesterday. but santa rosa, fairfield and concord, eight to ten degrees warmer. that is where we are going do see the biggest push of heat the next 24 to 48 hours. from our roof camera, embarcadero looking nice and awash in sunshine. temperatures are three to seven degrees warmer than yesterday and this is the beginning, 70's in san francisco, and the rest of us in 80's and 90's, and a few 100's are possible today especially in the interior east bay valley but a better chance starting tomorrow at 11 clock through sunday at 9:00, north bay valley, east bay valley, santa clara valley highs near 100 to 105. it could spill into next week. >> happening today, the first big event of gay pride weekend in san francisco. the 10th annual celebration starts at 3:00 followed by a harsh downtown on market street at 6:00 after two major supreme
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court rulings striking down the federal defense of marriage act and prop 8 the ban on same-sex marriage. the festivities end with a parade on sunday at 10:30 a.m. running down market street and ends with a day-long rally at san francisco's civic center plaza. you can find complete list of pride events on abc7 news >> vallejo police are looking for more victims after arresting a man accused of impersonating a police officer. last night, the man followed a group of people to their apartment complex, pulled a gun and identified himself as an officer. they say he was wearing a dark blue police department t-shirt and driving a dodge van. the victims called 9-1-1. officers arrived and arrested the suspect. >> developing news, investigators can not fine the
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source of a strange smell that forced an overnight flight from san francisco to germany which had to make an unexpected landing in seattle. it took off from san francisco international headed for munich and moments later people noticed a strange electrical smell. the pilot decided somewhere around the oregon border to divert the flight to seattle. three crew members and a passenger were treated complaining of feeling ill. this morning, they trying to get the 300 something passer.s on another flight and everyone in the plane remained calm. >> very cool. no complaints. everyone was happy to land. >> calm. very relaxed even though we had to wait in seattle. now it is very calm. >> this after they are trying to find out the origination and the cause of the sound. >> new bizarre details in the
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shooting of james holmes and what he has to wear in court and why you may never see it. >> california lawmakers are moving forward with a bill to have
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>> bizarre twist in colorado shooting suspect, the 25-year-old will wear a harness and bolted to the floor during his trial. the judge said he must be restrained because he is charged with violent crime anwill be
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able to wear street clothes to hide it. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to killing 12 and injuring 70. the prosecution is asking for the death penalty. >> investigators working on the murder case against nfl star hernandez are focusing on whether the victim was killed because of what he might have known about a july 2012 double homicide. law enforcement sources have revealed that to abc and espn after being arrested on wednesday. the patriots tight end is being investigated in connection with the 2012 incident, as well, which was a drive-by shooting in boston. >> sears is the latest with k-mart to cut ties with paula deen saying they have decided to phase out all products tied to the celebrity chef. the southern cooking queen is facing new allegations of racism. according to an atlanta based
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civil activist more of her restaurant employees plan to sue her for discrimination claiming she were overlooked for president positions because of their race, a scandal so big that she has hired judy smith the crisis manager who inspired the abc7 news hit show "scandal." certain fees drivers are paying could still be paying in 2024. the california assembly pass add bill to extend fees on things such as new tires and vehicle and boat registration which will reduce air pollution. the republicans say this costs taxpayers more than $2 billion over eight years and could tempt people to leave the state. the bill now goes to the senate. meteorologist mike nicco is join ing us with the forecast. >> temperatures are very impressive this weekend and they are going do be warm, maybe not record-setting temperatures but for one area here in oakland where the record high is only 81
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degrees. we will watch that key to to the forecast is not how hot it will be but if how long. >> if you enjoy a beautiful day along the waterfront, you can pop into pier 39 and check out
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, pier 39 in san francisco has placeful new residents. meet shasta and tubs and wildcat, river otters with a permanent new home.
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their exhibit has fresh water pool, dry land and plenty of fish called otters, water shed ambassadors. they hope they will remind visitors of the response of healthy waterways that feed into san francisco bay. >> nation-wide recall of baby aspirin is underway after a pharmacist discovered a bolts was actually filled with adult aspirin and are recalling 16,000 bottles of 80 milligram pills. one bottle contained 500 milligrams of aspirin rather than the baby aspirin. fortunately no injuries have been reported but this could cause liver failure. >> we knew it was good for us, but it could help us ward off cancer. research finds women who eat fish once or twice a week could lower their risk for breast cancer. fish like salmon, tuna and
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sardines have the best concentrations of the fats. >> just in time for lunch. now you know what to order. >> our meteorologist has a hot, hot forecast. >> which of you ordered? >> this is a running joke. >> it will be hot and we will find create i ways to stay cool as hundreds of starting today and could last five, six, seven days. here is a look at the cloud cover from live doppler 7 hd, we are all doing well, the fewest of clouds are out there along the coast and pushing through the golden gate bridge and that fickle finger of fog is floating over the bay bridge this morning and we have arrival delays at sfo but they have runway issues working on them for a while. use flight checker if you have friends or colleagues or business associates coming in for the weekend, you will know when the plight is going to
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land. if you are at golden gate bridge, a lot of tourists this time of the year having a hard time getting the picture-esque shots. today, it is sunny. it is warmer. but not as humid. we have transitioned to the hot dry desert air. poor air quality is possible saturdays sunday, and monday in the east bay valley. by independence day, on thursday, we finally get a chance of seeing real cooling especially inland valleys. from the top from sutro you can see the fog moving across the golden gate bridge with everyone else sunny and eight to 16 degrees warmer-than-average. today is not even the hottest day in the forecast. that will possibly be sunday and monday. we will look at the temperatures and start down in the south bay with 98 in gilroy, headed to the beaches, santa cruz is 90 the same temperature in santa clara and sunnyvale, and 90 spreads up the peninsula up to redwood city and transition to midtown more
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88, and 72 is the warm spot on the cost at half moon bay and 70 in daly city and colma and sauce sleet 80. the low-to-mid 90's, though, at san rafael. we will be in the upper 60's and near 70 to the north bay beach and mid-to-upper 80's around the east bay shore. you can see the record high of 81 for tomorrow in oakland, an anomaly, because it will be 87, nothing close to a record. so that is interesting. 100 degree temperatures inland, possible a third of the seven days you will need the air conditioning. pg&e will want your money. stuffy at the coliseum at 75 but 68 by the end of the game. check out highway four corner, mid-70's from bay point, pittsburg, discovery bay, toward brentwood and upper 50's around san francisco and santa rosa. the high pressure is backing toward us and that will bring
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our hottest temperatures this weekend. if you are headed downtown san francisco for the pride celebration, it is going to be sunny, no doubt, you will need the sunscreen but it will be comfortable with temperatures starting in 9 low 70's around 10:00 and jumping to the mid-70's in the afternoon. if you are headed to tahoe the water looks inviting with temperatures near record highs in the upper 80's to low 90's. here is the seven-day forecast, you can see the 100-degree temperatures all the way through tuesday and we will peak in the throw mid-90's on sunday and we cool first at the coast on tuesday and back in the 50's by thursday so, five days and it is over. >> thanks, mike, of course, you can use our new abc7 news smartphone app to keep on top of the hot weather along with breaking news and traffic. it is easy to navigate and you can use it to watch our newscast and check with live doppler 7 hd when you on the go. the app is simple to download at
11:23 am for all the details. remember, if you have our current app you will need to download the new one because the old one will go away so check out >> and if you drive with paint in your car you could end up with a mess. a driver lost control of his s.u.v. in washington state driving with paint and the paint want flying through the cab and he was covered in paint from head to to -- head to toe and the paint covered his dog, yes, poor little dog, and thing do wasn't hurt, though, the firefighter used a hose and borrowed shampoo to clean off the dog. everyone is okay. now. >> looks like modern art sculpture. >> at least it washes off. >> now, a look outside at our changing weather. it is foggy near the coast but very hot
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>> at 3:00 on "katie" overparenting, what is it? how do you know if you are doing it? and where do you go to play the game "jeopardy" in the bay area, you are up against the toughest opponents ever. at 5:00, the new food truck guidelines that could change how people eat in san francisco. >> we are talking all about the heat on this friday as we head into the weekend but i cannot get over this shot, which does not tell the story of what most will deal with. >> that is your microclimates with temperatures in the 70's at the coast and triple digits inland. headed out we are 63 at half
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moon bay and 94 in antioch, so that is 31 degrees already and we will have a 40-degree spread in the afternoon. a look at the advisory, north bay valley and santa clara valley, tomorrow, through 9:00, heat advisory only goes out 36 to 48 hours and this will be extended into monday as those areas will be, again, over100 degrees. it will be hotter, though, in the central valley, possibly up to 1 seven. watch out if you are traveling through. >> join us early monday morning for the latest on the bart strike threat with a look at how all of this is affecting your weekday commute monday at 4:00 a.m. right here.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> t hi, sweetheart. welcome back. [cheers and applause] hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's returning contestant is so excited to be in new york city for the very first time, and she is hoping to walk away with $1 million. from chicago, please welcome agnes biskup. hey, agnes. >> hi! >> first time in new york and doing a great job so far. what do you want to do with the money? >> oh, well, i'm a freelance writer, and i write-- >> you're a freelance writer, yeah. >> i'm a freelance writer, and i write kid's books, and unless you're j.k. rowling, you don't make a lot of money. and i basically--i live paycheck to paycheck, so it wou b


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