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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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for joining us. hope to see you back here this is "world news." tonight, the record heat wave. this evening, cities and towns taking emergency steps. more than 100 rushed to the hospital as temperatures now spike well past 100. ginger zee on the giant system now locked in place. the phone call. president obama and the first lady in south africa tonight. why they're not visiting nelson mandela and what they offered on this phone call instead. the photo. he's the lawyer defending neighborhood watchman george zimmerman in the trayvon martin murder case. today after that knock-knock joke in court, explaining the message posted with this photo. and under fire. paula deen losing millions after admitting using racial slurs. tonight the other case. the newest alleged slur from alec baldwin.
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some asking why no backlash for him. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a saturday night. we do begin with the sweltering heat, record-breaking temperatures across much of the south and the west tonight. so many communities issuing warnings and setting up cooling stations, scrambling to protect those at high-risk. look at the images a seven-month-old baby with a mother wrapping a wet blanket on her head at the phoenix zoo. one of toughest jobs, air conditioner repairman. this man standing on an arizona rooftop. this cooling station, one of several on the las vegas strip where they are well into triple-digits and the daring families who ventured through death valley national park. always hot and dry, but excessive heat warnings remain in effect. ginger zee in the blazing west where the temperatures are starting to cause real trouble. >> reporter: tonight the record-breaking heat is dangerously baking the southwest.
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>> just trying to stay hydrated. drinking a lot of water. >> reporter: at least 20 people have been treated for heat-related illnesses in las vegas hospitals in the last two hours. 200 were treated overnight at a vegas concert. the temperature snapshots from phoenix, stunning. we started our day in death valley, forecast to climb to 128. just six degrees shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded. >> the coolest part of the day, always right before the sun comes up. we're at that point. 98 here in death valley. in scottsdale, arizona, the well being checks are in full swing. >> we know people die in heat, but how do they die in heat? >> really what it is, one of two things, dehydration or heat exhaustion. >> reporter: here's how it happens and what to look for. your heart pumps faster to keep the body cool. if you stop sweating, it's the first sign your body is in distress. another red flag, pale skin. it means your body is diverting blood from the skin to other organs.
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get treatment right away. surfaces that climb above 150 degrees can scorch bare feet and bare anything in just seconds. >> you see sometimes passes out or has a seizure and lands on the pavement, they can get fairly severe burns. >> the potential for burns is really a serious thing. ginger joins us now tonight from the vegas strip. she has her infrared laser which measures the surface temperature of the sidewalk there? >> reporter: right. and right here on the strip, i'm going to use it. 173 degrees is what it reads. very hot. >> that's incredible. as you point out, the warnings for people, they can actually be burned from the surfaces of side walks and roadways. what kind of temperatures are we facing in the next 24 hours, ginger? >> that's just it. it's not that excessive heat warnings and advisories stretch over multiple states. high temperature tomorrow going to be just as or even hotter in a lot of these places. death valley to 129.
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las vegas reaching to 118. >> you've been reporting on this heat dome in place for a good 48 hours now. you were telling me earlier this system is really sort of locked in place. >> you know, i'd love to tell you this breaks in the next day, but it doesn't. that's the problem. it compounds. that's how people get sick. look at the numbers. the next three days, look at las vegas. we see temperatures, 118, through the start of the work week. phoenix at 112 monday. death valley will get to a cool 127 by the mid week. so we will eventually see breaking of this heat dome, but not until after the holiday for some. >> too bad not until after the holiday. ginger, thank you. the other major weather headline this evening coming to us out of indianapolis, where three children were struck by lightning at a summer camp. the fire department reporting one of the children is in critical condition this evening. camp counselors had begun life-saving efforts and took the children to the hospital. comes days after the boy scouts,
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in new hampshire, two dozen of them hurt when lightning struck there. the good news there, all of them were able to return to camp. our coverage of the extreme weather this evening. we turn overseas tonight to president obama in south africa this evening where he paid tribute to the man he calls his personal hero. nelson mandela. there were questions about whether the president would get to see mandela. instead joining the first lady there as they called mandela's wife who was at his side at the hospital where he was being treated. president obama respecting the family's privacy as that nation and the world prays for an icon. abc's jonathan karl traveling with the president. >> reporter: president obama met briefly with nelson mandela's family, including several of his daughters, offering them heart-felt support, peace, and comfort. but he was unable to see the man he calls a hero to the world. mandela remains on life support. south africa's president said he's in critical but stable condition. president obama drew some
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protesters, opposed to his administration's policies on terrorism, including the use of drone strikes, but he received an enthusiastic welcome at a town hall with young leaders. at every stop in africa, president obama has paid tribute to mandela. >> the outpouring of love that we've seen in recent days shows that the triumph of nelson mandela and this nation speaks to something very deep in the human spirit. >> reporter: obama's met mandela only once and for just ten minutes as a junior senator. two years ago, michelle obama and daughters sasha and malia had a chance to meet with him. afterwards mrs. ob -- obama told david muir it was the opportunity of a lifetime. >> what did you say to him? >> i told him, you cannot imagine how important your legacy is to who i am, to who my husband is. i just said thank you, thank you, thank you. >> it was expected to be the
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emotional high point of the president's trip to africa. the obama family will go to the infamous prison on south africa's robben island tomorrow to see the cell where nelson mandela spent 18 years of his 27 years in prison. david? >> robben island just off cape town there. jon, that you. now to another phone call tonight the one a mother and father received about their son studying abroad. he was teaching children english abroad when he was stabbed and killed by a protester as a tense demonstration unfolded in egypt. abc's susan saulny reports. >> reporter: he had gone to alexandria, egypt, for the summer to teach english and sharpen his arabic. a budding scholar on the middle east. andrew pochter was 21, he would have been a junior this fall in ohio. he left home in maryland to work in pursuit of peace. but he found violence instead. riots between opponents and
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supporters of egyptian president mohammed morsi erupted yesterday and andrew was there witnessing the protest as a bystander when he was stabbed to death. opposition groups are trying to force morsi from power. at least seven are dead now and hundreds are injured. the state department has issued an advisory urging americans to postpone all but essential travel to egypt. david? >> susan saulny in washington. susan, thank you. new wrangling over the fate of edward snowden who revealed this country's sweeping surveillance program. vice president joe biden making a phone call to the president of ecuador. snowden had asked for asylum there. the white house saying the conversation was wide-ranging but declined to give details. tonight ecuador's president now saying after that call, in order to get asylum, snowden has to arrive in ecuador first. this evening snowden is somewhere at the moscow airport still. he can't travel anywhere because his u.s. passport has been revoked. all of this comes as wikileaks founder julian assange who has helped snowden takes the tough
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question from george right here on abc's "this week." we'll be watching. in the meantime, to the trayvon martin murder case. and with the first week of dramatic testimony in the trial of george zimmerman behind us, it's zimmerman's attorney tonight making headlines. he started the trial with a knock-knock joke. tonight it's a photo of him with his two daughters and the message posted with it that he's responding to. abc's matt gutman has been on the case from the start. >> reporter: defense attorney don west is pictured in this selfie with two of his daughters eating ice cream cones. the caption, "we beat stupidity celebration cones." one of his daughters posted it thursday after west's relentless grilling of the prosecution's star witness. >> are you able to read that copy? >> reporter: he even exposed her limited literacy. >> i don't read cursive. >> a representative for west denied he knew his daughter posted the picture, calling the caption grossly insensitive.
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west is the same attorney who drew criticism for this opening statement. >> knock knock. who's there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? >> reporter: but zimmerman's defense fared better in court this week than in the court of public opinion. >> the person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> and he was reining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman? >> using prosecution witnesses to reinforce the defense's argument that zimmerman shot martin in self-defense. >> is there any way the prosecution can salvage a second-degree murder charge here? >> at this point it's up in the air. more testimony to come, but as we stand right now, this looks more like a manslaughter or a not guilty than it does second-degree murder. >> reporter: the prosecution's case continues next week. lead homicide investigator chris sereneo, likely to take the stand. he recommended manslaughter
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charges for zimmerman. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> our thanks to matt tonight. and to the other fast-moving case tonight. the former patriots player, aaron hernandez charged with murder. tonight another alleged accomplice has turned himself in. this case is bringing new questions about the sport as a whole. how do players hide secret lives while spending so much time with one another in practice and on the field? abc's john schriffen again toint -- tonight here. >> reporter: authorities have confirmed all three men who they say were there when 27-year-old odin lloyd was murdered, are now in custody. former new england patriot star aaron hernandez was charged with murder this week. he has pleaded not guilty. this morning, hundreds gathered in massachusetts for lloyd's funeral. the crowd spilling out of the church and into the street. >> mr. wallace, you're charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder. >> reporter: today the last of the three suspects appeared in court. wallace turned himself in in
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florida on friday where a judge ordered him held without bond. law enforcement officials say investigators are focusing on whether lloyd was killed because of information he might have had about a july 2012 double homicide. nfl players have had their off-field run-ins with the law. at least 27 players have been arrested since this year's super bowl. espn's adam schefter told us there were red flags about hernandez long before the world learned of his alleged double life. >> here's what i told from the patriots. this was a guy with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. all along they knew the devil could win out. >> reporter: next weekend here at the patriots' team store, parents will be able to exchange health insurance's jerseys for any other player at no extra charge. the team says they're doing it out of concern children won't children why they won't want them to wear hernandez' 81 anymore.
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>> thanks to you, john. to california where after the supreme court ruling this week, same-sex marriages have now just resumed within the last 24 hours there. overnight, san francisco's normally white city hall was a rainbow of color there. but there's another color sweeping that state tonight. green. these weddings an economic win for so many as well. abc's ryan owens in california. >> reporter: street cars in the golden gate may not be the biggest tourist attraction in the city by the bay this summer weekend. san francisco city hall, usually closed on weekends, is where dozens are lining up to tie the knot. the wedding bells rang late friday just two days after the supreme court cleared the way. >> don't go anywhere, don't go anywhere. >> reporter: the first same-sex couple married, these women who took their case all the way to the high court. >> this is a really great day, and the fact that we can get married so quickly is just a joyous occasion for us. >> i now declare you spouses for life. [ cheers and applause ] >> these are the first gay
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marriages in california since 2008 when voters here passed proposition 8, banning same-sex union. tonight opponents filed an emergency motion with the supreme court to stop these marriages. >> it's troubling that people could go through all this trouble and pass an initiative and it's handed over to government officials and if they don't like it, they can just refuse to enforce it. >> reporter: supported or not, gay marriage brings big money. a reach institute at ucla law, it estimates the state could gain $46 million in tax and fee revenue alone from new weddings, a boost of a half a billion dollars over the next few years. so weddings continue tonight and tomorrow in san francisco, resume first thing monday morning. here in los angeles and across the state, extra clerks are being brought in to work extra hours in some cities to accommodate the rush. >> pulling in some overtime. ryan, thank you. still much more ahead on "world news," this saturday night.
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paula deen paying a price, some say more than $12 million lost after admitting using a racial slur. tonight, though, some asking, why isn't there a similar backlash for alec baldwin, under fire for his own words tonight? you be the judge. and later in the broadcast, a battle between these baby bald eagles and that giant 4th of july fireworks plan. so who will win? find out, coming up. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little,
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tonight alec baldwin is apologizing after several tweets got him in hot water again. some are asking if there's a celebrity double standard as paula deen pays danger after admitting to using slurs herself. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it's the latest twitter tirade from alec baldwin, this time directed at a reporter who wrote about his wife. >> i'm going to find you, you toxic little queen and i'm going to [ bleep ] you up. the reporter had alleged that baldwin's wife had been tweeting from the pew at james gandolfini's funeral this week. baldwin unleashed a flurry of discouraging tweets to his one million followers. >> there he goes again. this is a guy who has a history of throwing tantrums, whether in public or social media. >> reporter: this latest tantrum happened in the same week that celebrity chef paula deen lost a reported $12.5 million worth of
5:49 pm
corporate sponsors. following the revelation that she once used a racial slur. just months ago, baldwin reportedly argued with a new york post photographer, using a racial epithet, and calling him a crack head and drug dealer. baldwin denied it. now some on twitter are comparing the two celebs. paula deen's career destroyed by words she used 30 years ago. but alex baldwin profane rant on twitter. >> alec baldwin a loveable rogue. we're sensitised to the fact that alec baldwin's had another outburst. >> last night he apologized to the gay community saying the words had absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone sexual orientation. and baldwin's wife is now speaking out on twitter, defending her husband, saying some of her best friends are gay and she would never have married a homophobic man. >> thank you. when we come back here on "world news," the baby eagles, or the loud and massive
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ruffled feathers over 4th of july walks in seattle. these two bald baby eagles too young to fly. wildlife officials afraid they'll be startled by the fireworks. the floating launch pad we've been told has been moved. the babies win this one. now to a bed and breakfast on the atlantic. perched on top an old coast guard platform, 25 miles off the coast of north carolina, 500 bucks buys you three days, two nights. if you go, send me a postcard. and on our "instant index" keeping history alive in a big way. 20,000 people in gettysburg this weekend re-enacting the battle. 200,000 people cramming into the town to mark the 150th anniversary of the battle of gettysburg. when we come back here on "world news." listen to in this. >> this was just one of eight winning calls placed to little girls across the country. what was this dream come true?
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such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. finally tonight here, thousands of little girls across america and a dream. eight phone calls later, for some, that dream come true. >> reporter: the musical annie premiered in 1977.
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two years later, recognize that face? sarah jessica parker playing annie. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ ♪ so you got to hang on till tomorrow ♪ >> reporter: annie is back. a new documentary is back, it's a hard knock life, follows the hopes and dreams of girls across this country, hoping for a shot on that stage. more than 5,000 of them auditioning all over the nation. emily got a chance to audition. ♪ >> for the first audition, my shirt said adopt me. it was kind of funny. >> where'd you learn how to sing like that? >> reporter: and from coast to coast, just like emily, little girls waiting for the call. ♪ >> a thumb's up from juna, and then the calls start coming. >> what's going on! >> on her porch, 11 years old, so stunned, she accidentally put the phone down. >> pick up the phone! >> wait, what are you talking about? it was an invite. >> and remember emily? >> hello? yeah?
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>> they're telling her right there on the phone. she's been chosen too. all of them in the new york now. the documentary following their rehearsals. all of that practice time to play those orphans. >> i've never been that mad before. i've never acted like i'm that mad. it gives me a chance to get into somebody else's life. >> a chance to get into somebody else's life as they realize a dream. >> i'm 11 years old. >> i'm 11 years old. >> i'm eight years old. and i'm from houston, texas. >> all of them on that stage with annie, now getting ready for their final performance next month. ♪ >> and we are cheering them on right up the street here. "good morning america," and "this week" with george first thing in the morning and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. from all of us here, goodnight.
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next at 6:00. a heat with a with some record highs hitting the bay area. we'll show you how hot it will get. >> how opponents of same-sex marriage are now trying to stop the influx of ceremonies. the latest on the bart strike looms monday. why talks ended earlier this evening. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> in -- good evening. the threat of a strike monday hangs over bart and the commuters. tonight, no deal is in place. lisa amin gulezian tells us how negotiations are going tonight. >> right now negotiations are definitely stalled. union members left an hour and a half ago and say they're angry
6:00 pm
and that bart is not coming to the table. bart reps are inside the building right now and saying, wait a minute. we have a proposal for you. the finger pointing started at 4:00 when union members came out with suitcases in handsignature bart was not essentiallying knowing them. mediation started this morning again. both sides agreed to come to the table and hash this out this wokeend in the hopes of averting a string. thedownons issues involve wages, health and safety regulations and pension contributions. bart says they have a proposal for the union but members need to be here to receive if. >> we have an offer read to make and we'll review the documents they gave us and respond it to. we would like to have continued conversations today about it. >> the district has kept us waiting for the last 36 hours without a substantial proposal. we no longer


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