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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 30, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 30th. let's start with a quick first look at the whether with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. we are at the beach where the fog is pretty much gone. but temperatures have been cool this morning with a little bit of fog at about 500 feet around the bay. right now we are looking at numbers cool at the coast. 61 half moon bay, 62 santa cruz and low 70s san jose and mountain view. we will take you into the south bay right now. temperatures today once again
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very little change. the heat is on around the bay with mid-90's in san jose. mid-80s oakland. and the beach is comfortable in the low to mid-70s. the excessive heat warning things through tuesday. we are right in the middle of the heat wave but we have a nice looking forecast for the pride parade. that will be up in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, leaguesa. talks may resume today between bart and labor unions to try to avoid a strike tomorrow morning. bart workers are not sounding opt mistake, accusing management of dragging their heels after a meditation session yesterday went nowhere. lisa has more now on the negotiations from oakland. >> the line in the sand has been drawn. >> we will not wait until the enth hour to tell the public we are going on strike when the district has made no movement. >> union negotiators came to
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meditation to say they were ready to spend all weekend, if necessary, to hash out their differences over wage increases, health and safety considerations and pension. but by 4:00, the unions walked out of meditation, accusing bart of delaying tactics and refused to come to the table. after they walked away, bart came up to this proposal. >> we increased our offer of a pay increase from 4% to 8%. 2% a year over the four-year contract. >> union members want add 5% wage increase for three years. >> bart started negotiation by offering 1% a year. >> this is an exciting offer and we would like to make sure it gets discussed and worked on and continue to work toward keeping the trains running. >> but by 8:00 bart negotiators left the building and they claimed to know nothing about the offer from bart for the union. commuters are worried. >> please don't go on strike.
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give them what they want. >> at least make it work. it's 400,000 people computing every day. when they shut down it's going to be mayhem, chaos, craziness. >> in oakland, abc7 news. ac transit may not be a good alternative in the event of a bart strike. that agency faces it's own union contract deadline. ac transit said it hopes to reach a resolution by then, but bus riders should be prepared in the event of a work stoppage tomorrow. golden gate ferry and san francisco bay ferry will provide additional service in the event of a bart strike. contingency schedules are posted online. it will show the schedules, fares and parking information. here's some advice. ferries are first come, first serve, so plan on arriving early. we created a link to the options you will have if there's a bart strike. you can get realtime traffic reports and maps. find out about casual car pooling for download the exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app to help you negotiate the
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freeways. it's at under "see it on tv." and tomorrow morning we will have complete coverage on a special early ed digs starting at 4:00 a.m. the anchors and traffic reporters will bring us the latest on contract negotiations and a look at how all of that will affect your weekday commute. more same sex weddings will be performed in san francisco this morning as opponents hope an emergency motion filed yesterday with the u.s. supreme court will stop the ceremonies. at san francisco's city hall dozens of same-sex couples tied the knot yesterday. this as the sponsors of prop 8 filed the emergency action. their petition asked the supreme court to overturn a decision on friday by the ninth circuit court of appeals that aloud the marriages.
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the prop 8 motion reads they require ther circuit to wait for certification before taking action and the high court, meaning the supreme court, has not yet issued their certified judgment. >> i'm hoping this is the end of the road, though, for all the legal stuff. >> we did'nt even know about that news, and we woke up this morning and wanted to make sure we got in before anybody did anything to stop us. >> we weren't sure if we were going to do it this morning, but i've waited this long, but i can't wait any longer. weddings continue this morning at 9:00 in san francisco and continue tomorrow in other counties across the bay and the state. same sex weddings are underway right now in san francisco. the clerk's office is open from nine to five. marriages can resume in other counties across the bay area tomorrow and across the state n some cities extra clerks will be working longer hours to accommodate an expected rush.
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the weddings are adding to the pride celebrations today in san francisco with the largest pride parade in the nation. the crowds filled the street yesterday for pink saturday. pink saturday is the hall mark of the city's gay pride festivities, drawing crowds from all over the world. they say this year is different because of last week's landmark supreme court decisions that paved the way for same sex nuptials in california. >> i was very proud to hear what happened. i got to celebrate everything the day it happened, and i got to see people being happy and whatnot. it feels amazing. >> i thought it was amazing that i can marry somebody, no matter what. >> organizers say they expect a much larger turnout for this weekend's gay pride events due to the supreme court's decisions. they expect at least a quarter
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million more. this morning's gay pride parade kicks off at 10:30. it's at market and beil street. runs down market and ends with a day-long rally at civic center plaza. new this morning a home is destroyed following a two alarm house fire in vallejo. it began just after 10:30 last night at a home on cedar street. firefighters say the home was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived. they were able to knock it down just after 11:00. no reports of injuries. the fire is under investigation. an autopsy may provide answers why a fremont man died after jumping into alameda creek. the unidentified 25-year-old was diving with two friends off a railroad bridge yesterday morning when he failed to resurface. his body was later found in 16 feet of water. it's not clear if he hit something under water or why he was unable to resurface. two teenagers are expected to be okay after they were shot
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in oakland. it happened shortly after nine last night on 96th avenue and sunny side street. they are both under 18. a male and a female. authorities say they were standing in the park when someone shot them. no arrests have been made. the shooting remains under investigation. an antioch man was killed after being shot twice in two days. officers found the 42-year-old yesterday morning on his street porch with a shot in the head. on friday he was shot in the leg at the same location. at that time he gave no information to authorities about who shot him. >> heelsa is here with what is coming up.
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>> more 90s in the east bay and also we will be back looking at a cool down but that's in the extended outlook. that's next. >> and blistering heat is not just here in bait area. record temperatures throughout the west and southwest coming up. and a special treat at the earthquakes game. turns out to be an even bigger surprise. wish that came
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's the:13 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our roof cam showinga bit of the embarcadero there with the bay bridge in the background. 78 degrees for a high temperature in the city today. it does not sound unbearable. but if you live or work or visit san francisco, you know juts how hot that is going to feel. lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. >> knew this morning president obama is paying tribute to former south african president nelson mandela della by visiting the prison where he spent some 18 years. first family toured robin island today as part of a week-long trip in south africa. their tour was led by an 83-year-old politician who was also held captive at the prison.
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they viewed the lime quarry where mandela worked during his captivity. mandela remains hospitalized in critical condition from a lung infection. there are new reports this morning that u.s. intelligence agents bugged european offices on both sides of the atlantic. the report published this morning by the german news is just the latest against the national security agencies. they say they are shocked for the reports and call for an immediate investigation into the allegations. meanwhile the president of the european parliament said if the reports are confirmed, it would have a severe impact on europe's relations with the u.s. new this morning, the anti-secrecy groups wickileaks is admitting it is helping the former nsa contractor accused of leaking information only america's classified spy programs. this morning in "this week" exclusive they said snowden has a right to seek asylum according
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to wickileaks. >> there is a 99.97% chance if you are tied to a grand jury, you will be indicted. and 99% chance if in light bid a grand jury, you will be convicted. >> snowden has not been convicted ever anything and he calls the u.s. decision to revoke his passport a disgrace. he also called snowden a hero for enlightening the public by the nsa surveillance programs, which he says are unlawful. starting today checks will be distributed to help the victims of the boston marathon bombings. that money was raised by the one fund, a group established to given assistance to those hurt in the bombings.
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victims and those suffering injuries will receive about $2.2 million. jackson last night thought he was making the ceremonial first kick in the earthquakes game but instead his mom walked out. home from afghanistan. she nearly blew the surprise. >> i came back yesterday, the day before, and so i had to wait and it was very hard not to just go by and see them. >> that would be a heart wait. officials at travis air force base where the director of psychological health came up with the idea. she has not seen her month jackson for six long months. >> another chapter closes for celebrity chef paula deen. random house is cancelling the
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publication of her upcoming cookbook. it's current lit number one seller on it was scheduled to come out in october. the food network and other retailers also have severed ties with deen. we're now one step closer to the america's cup races. the coast guard has issued a permit to officials of america's cup. they require a safety plan to be implemented before the races. the plan was created after the at the time of a crew man in a cap size last month. what we are showing you now is health officials saying that a second bird in marin county has tested positive for west nile this year. that bird was found in novato in the area of alameda. officials are encouraging residents to eliminate any standing water to reduce mosquito production and virus activity. high temperatures, between 115 and 120 degrees, are
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expected in arizona, nevada and california today. yesterday in death valley temperatures hit 126 degrees. just 8 degrees shy of the 100-year-old record. here's abc news meteorologist ginger with a look at more of those record-breaking temperatures. >> today we begin day three of what is now a deadly heat wave. >> it kind of beats you i after a while. >> at least one person is dead in las vegas and dozens have been hospitalized with heat related i will negligence. it's a 115-degree record for the second day in a row, southern californians and their pets are sprinting for shade. outside san diego, a hike got too hot. a woman had to be heiress skewed, sick from the heat. >> i remember seeing a lead and she was like it's hot, i don't think i'm going to be able to make it down. >> and for the guy that lets us
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all stay comfortable, this is anything but. >> very busy. we started extremely early and i don't know what time we will get done. >> huston also had a record high of 107. volunteers there bringing the homeless water and ice. >> you send a van out there to make sure they know there is an option, by the way, here's some water and see you tomorrow. >> in scottsdale, arizona cyclists are cooling off in pools and fountains. in boulder city, nevada, these ladies are saying dry heat, my umbrella. this young man makes a refreshing discovery, while his dog enjoys his favorite new spot. >> we have our own record-breaking temperatures to talk about. you lisa argen is here now. >> yesterday oakland and mountain view broke records. today we have a weak sea breeze. le will look for comfortable temperatures at the coast. as we go up to about 105, 106
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inland. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. we have changes that could bring in higher clouds tomorrow, which could mitigate some of the heat but it is also going to make it feel humid around here. and the possibilities of thunderstorms if you were headed to the sierra for the next couple days. maybe a lot of folks heading out of town for the fourth. here's a look at santa cruz. we were well into the 80s yesterday. right now temperatures from the low 60s there, 72 as well. 72 san jose and 70 oakland, 62 in the city and a nice look from emeryville. lots of blue sky and temperatures well into the 70s in our east bay valleys. how about 78 livermore and 79 fairfield and down the road in antioch already 90. 74 in los gatos and santa rosa up to 74 degrees. san jose, a high of the 6 yesterday. about the same today. so continued hot. we are going to add on another day inland on wednesday, as this dome of high pressure will
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slowly loosen its grip. it keeps the evenings warm. and looking at more cooling, but not significant cooling. just subtle cooling by the fourth of july. so as we pan out, you will notice we have high pressure off the coast but it's high pressure to the east of us that's encompassed the entire west coast. with this lingering for another day or so, it looks like we could stay well up into the 0s on wednesday. here's changes for the immediate future. notice the fog here. this is the next couple of hours. the san mateo coast and right on through the afternoon it hugs the shoreline. so we will be in the 60s, the upper 60s in the sunset district. and then throughout the take tomorrow your monday morning, look at these higher clouds. this is in association with an area of high pressure. thatheim i will talked about. the flow around it bringing up the higher clouds. you look farther in your screen and you see a few areas of green and perhaps thunderstorms firing up in the sierra nevada. not only monday but into tuesday and possibly wednesday, making
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our skies back home partly cloudy. but we are looking at the changes towards the end of the week. here's san jose with the 6 today, even warmer monday and tuesday. then we cool off just slightly wednesday, and thursday. it's not until the weekend we get back into the 80s and temperatures more seasonal. also around the south bay look for the 5 sunnyvale, and milpitas on the peninsula. the 2 san mateo. cool 70s at the coast. upper 70s downtown and in the north bay look for 102, possibly record in santa rosa. 97 vallejo. if we seat 90 in hayward, that's record heat. and inland 102 san ramon valley, 105 livermore. for the parade it should be nice in the city with temperatures in the 70s. by 4:00 upper 70s. getting breezy with that west wind up to 28 miles an hour. excessive heat warnings tuesday, and still hot inland.
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by the 4th a little more cooling. we will let you know how hot it will take my bicycle your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter twitter @live doppler 7hd. >> i know they are very concerned about the pride parade, that people stay hydrated because you have a million plus people packed into that small space. >> it will feel a lot hotter than this. >> absolutely. thank you, lisa. coming up next, trash piling up all over califor
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>> californians are producing less garbage. curbside recycling is helping reduce the total amount dumped into landfills n an effort to help the environment tomorrow, carry-out plastic bags will be band in palo alto. under a new law no retailers will be allowed to distribute them. the law builds on a 2009 ordinance that barred only large grocery stores from supplying plastic bags. retailers will now have to start charging customers at least ten cents for reusable or paper bags. restaurants will have to start complying with the law november 1st. facebook's new advertising
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policy takes effect tomorrow. pulling ads from pages that post violent or sexual conduct. they are expanding the list of pages that cannot carry ads. women in action called for an advertising boycott over pages that encouraged violence against women. facebook said it will now review advertising guidelines, retrain workers and told groups for accountable for the materials they post. straight ahead, as the stifling heat waive continues, the new law that will help workers who have to stay out in the weather during the day. and digging for business. downtown san jose is getting their first new post recession
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting with a heat wave. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. a beautiful shot. warm temperatures here, especially in the east bay and out toward the delta. 79 in fairfield, 78 in livermore already with 70 in napa and santa rosa. so despite the warm temperatures, we are cooler almost everywhere this morning. two to five degrees cool we're a slightly stronger onshore push. that's not going to make much difference for our friends in our inland east bay and just the inland communities in general where the excessive heat warning continues through tuesday night where temperatures will range from the up he were 90 to 106. comfortable near the coast. we have the parade today and the fourth of july coming up. that looks cooler. i'll have the extended outlook coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. as the heat wave takes hold all
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over the west, outdoor workers are really faced with hard work and high temperatures. but as our capitol correnspondent nannette miranda tells us, a new law could help save lives. >> we are very concerned about this heat wave. >> despite searing temperatures, work must still get done through the heat wave, particularly in california's agriculture fields. armed with thermometers, cal osha says inspectors will be scanning farmlands, making sure employers abide by the nation's first and toughest heat regulations to keep outdoor workers safe. >> if we find those employers, in addition to the issuance of citations, we can shut those work sites down he are prepared to do that. >> regulations implemented by then-governor schwarzenegger in 2005 after he became aware of the heat fatality rate for outdoor workers. employees must provide water and breaks. shade must be available when an employee asks for it. and someone must be trained to look for the signs of heat stress.
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cal osha has done an extensive education campaign to make sure companies know the law. >> once you start feeling these symptoms, they can cascade rapidly into heatstroke and death. >> the laws on the books are not the laws of the fields. >> united farm workers of america says better enforcement of the heat regulations are needed. >> in the summer of 2011 there were 75 complaints filed on behalf of farm workers who were denied shade and they filed those complaints with cal osha and in only three cases did cal osha issue citations. >> even with the laws in effect for three years, over 200 farm workers have died from excessive heat. admittedly, calash shape said that like other state agencies, they have had resource challenges, but insist their enforcers are very aggressive. the law has been upgraded to include other professions, including construction and landscaping. nannette miranda, abc7 news.
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>> we have breaking news in new york. this is a live shot here. a helicopter has made a hard landing in the hudson river near 7 theth street. there are initial reports that four people were inside that helicopter. so far no word of any injuries. rescue boats are in the area. they are surrounding the helicopter, which remains upright, as you can see. the chopper came down about 30 minutes ago. all of the occupants have been transported via jet ski to the 79th street boat basin. ,, this brings back memories of sully, the pilot who land the much, much larger plane, the u.s. airways flight in 2009 on the hudson river with all 155 passengers managing to survive. so hope all is going well with this helicopter landing in the hudson river in new york city. >> back here at home, bart's
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labor unions say they are available to negotiate today in an effort to avoid a strike that could impact thousands of commuters tomorrow morning. bart workers say they plan to strike at midnight tonight after talks with management stalled yesterday. the two sides are still quite a ways apart on the issues of wage increases, safety and pension contributions. bart says it made a wage offer to workers to meet them halfway. >> we've increased our offer 2% a year over the four year contract. >> but union members say they want a 5% increase over three years. now adding to the possible commuter chaos is a threatened strike by ac transit workers in alameda county. their contract ex-expires tonight. bus drivers have authorized tomorrow's potential strike but the huge i don't know has called a special membership meeting at 3:00 p.m. today. for now ac transit is planning
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to help out if there is a bart strike, but, of course, that depends on whether their bus drivers walk off the job or not. we have been putting together a full range of transportation resource force you at we have information on all your commute options, including where you will can go for casual carpooling and where you can park your car for free. we also have realtime traffic maps. you can download the exclusive abc7 waze traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. tune in tomorrow morning. we will have a special early ed digs of abc7 morning fours tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. the anchors and traffic reporter will bring you the latest on contract negotiations and a look at how all of this is affecting your weekday commute. if you have to drive, get ready to spend a bit more at the
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pump starting tomorrow. that is when a state tax increase of 3.5 cents a gallon kicks in. the hike was approved in february, officially giving california the highest gas tax in the nation. at nearly 72 cents a gallon. right now the average cost per gallon of unleaded gas in san francisco is just over four dollars. in oakland it's just under four dollars, and $3.96 in san jose. >>up. 500 construction jobs are being create bayed hu high-rise apartment tower that is going up in downtown san jose. they hope it will attract more people who will then stop at the new retail stores. business and technology reporter david louie with the story. >> groundbreaking ceremonies are always filled with promise. a private investment group, essex property trust, is spending is $35 million to build a 23 story high-rise apartment tower. >> a project like this will have families and individuals down here going to our restaurants,
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going to our other businesses and that supports the neighborhood businesses. >> downtown has dozens of empty store fronts. with only 800 people living downtown, it's pretty quiet at night after office workers go home. or on nights where there are no events at the events center. just and this person who moved downtown two years ago. >> after nine it's very quiet. on weekends you can find something but after that there's nothing on. >> the 315 unit one south market apartment tower could add 500 residents. their goal is to add 2500 downtown residents, lead to go revitalization. >> my goal is to make it cool. we need real vitalization. >> essex property trust is betting big on san jose. it already has 35,000 apartment units in other parts of the city but this is their first down town project. it was influenced by a 50% break on taxes and fees and expedited permitting.
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but it takes a gamble on whether their rental units will make downtown a livelier place. >> if there isn't something to draw people here, for whatever reason people don't seem to come downtown to do things. >> and one reason is the bars and restaurants that are filled the nights when the sharks play bull have less appeal for families with children. >> a more family friendly environment would be good, y would that change your mind about living downtown? >> possibly. >> abc7 news. coming up next on abc7 sunday morning news, a photo exhibit that con cals 25 years of blood, sweat and tears of that gone into rebuilding the bay bridge. and here's a live look at santa cruz. probably in the up he were 80s there today. not exactly a place to go if you want to escape this blistering heat. for that maybe pacifica, half moon bay.
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>> we have breaking news now on the prop 8 challenge. opponents of prop 8 that were hoping to stop the weddings, the same sex wedding from occurring in california, we have just learned that supreme court justice anthony kennedy, the one who handles motions for the ninth circuit court of appeals, just today a short time ago turned down that request to stop same sex marriages from occurring in california without comment and without seeking views from the other side. justice kennedy rejected a plea that the ninth circuit court of appeals did not have the authority to put into effect on friday a federal judge's order
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allowing those marriages. so again today, the plea that had been made yesterday by the proponents of proposition 8 has failed and the same sex weddings can continue in california, as they are taking place right now in san francisco. >> the man who designed the new eastern span of the bay bridge predicts some day it will be deemed an icon and people will look back to see how the unique bridge was built. how do we capture that history? one man already has. you remember seeing that in one were the pictures that he took. he spoke to abc7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> the new bay bridge, we see it in passing along with all those face less dots of people working on it. but joseph hasn't missed anything. >> how people position their feet, what they do with their hands, how they adjust their tools. >> he's captured them a frame at a time. a body of work, a sum.
9:43 am
of its parts. >> other people may see the bridge as beautiful. i wanted to see the work as beautiful. >> joseph has been documenting this project since its inception since 1989. it's the culmination of both art and history. >> it's a gorgeous time capsule. >> meg runs an art gallery in the basements of city hall where some of joe's pictures have gone on display. imagine selecting 85 from a quarter of a million. >> it was a difficult task. >> more difficult even than gaining unlimited access to the bridge project. aside from taking pictures most of his life, he's a union guy, a retired boilermaker who has earned the trust of his subjects because he is one of them. >> they are tough as nails. >> what kind of tough do you mean? >> mentally tough, physically tough, extraordinary stamina. >> barring bad bolts or calamity, the new bay bridge
9:44 am
should last 150 years. by then it should be more of a backdrop than it is today. but if, in the future, anyone wonders what went into it, they will have joe's pictures and the people in them, 21st century iron workers digitalized and memorialized. >> have you thought of your work as a legacy? >> no. >> you are kind of humble about this thing. >> they are just pictures. >> on treasure island, abc7 news. >> what a fabulous project and great pictures there. meteorologist lisa argen is here now to talk about the accuweather forecast. >> we have the excessive heat inland but it's a little cooler around the bay this morning. a look from are sutro camera. hazy there. 93 antioch, and 63 at the coast and in between we are talking about higher clouds visiting as well in the days ahead. how that will change the forecast and how long the heat
9:45 am
stays around, that's coming up. >> also ahead, the san jose earthquakes battle their biggest
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>> breaking news. we want to tell you once again wedding bells will continue to ring for same-sex couples in california. u.s. supreme court justice anthony kennedy this morning turned down a request by prop 8 backers to stop those marriages.
9:48 am
the alliance defending freedom, the prop 8 packers, are now saying that the rule of law has been by passed in the prop 8 case. they say that kennedy allowed the ninth circuit court's order prematurely lifting a stay to go forward so that the marriages could continue. no idea right now what the next step might be for those who support a ban on same sex marriages. in the meantime, they continue here in san francisco today and elsewhere in california tomorrow and in the coming days. meteorologist lisa argen here now to talk about the heat wave that continues throughout the state. >> that's right. in fact, yesterday an all-time record in death valley at 128. we are talking triple digit heat in the inland valleys and the excessive heat warning will continue through tuesday evening although we are cooler everywhere this morning. santa cruz, sunny and temperatures in the mid-60s.
9:49 am
80s today for you with cooler temperatures before our bay area beaches. 27 mountain view and 62 in the city. 70 in oakland. here's a look at oakland. we are looking at it from our emery riel camera. 70 union city. san jose in the mid-90s yesterday. just about as hot today. tomorrow warmer and tuesday and wednesday looks likes part of the high pressure ridge wants to loosen its grip. but in the meantime we are still talking about several takes above 100 trees with the warm evenings and turning slightly cooler for the 4th of july. we will see some high clouds between now and then. we also want to give you a perspective on how hot it is now. you see temperatures over 20 degrees above average in livermore. we should see mid-80s. going for a high of 105 today. 17 december warmer than average with the 0 in redwood city. you notice not as extreme but still as much as 10 degrees warmer in san francisco. the fog will set i am along the
9:50 am
shoreline. the san mateo coast, the place to be. even the north point, they will see up he were 70s. then the higher clouds had move in tomorrow afternoon and into tuesday. maybe even a dry thunderstorm. that will bring us mostly sunny skies, but perhaps some rain in the sierra nevada. tomorrow mild at the beaches. notice we are a little bit warmer i think into the east bay. 90 in oakland. 1004 walnut creek. very little change in the next several days but we are still looking at the all-encompassing heat with 112 fresno, 10 the in chico and 93 in los angeles. low to mid-70s at the coast. san francisco 78. the 3 in fremont with 105 still in concord and the livermore valley. about 100 or so in santa rosa today. you may feel a little bit more of a breeze in suggests earn marin county and along the
9:51 am
san mateo no coast and oakland today. we will look at more heat inland tomorrow, tuesday and around the bay. but the coast still remains comfortable if you will can get there. big traffic jam. and the heat tapers bit middle of the week. the holliday looking seasonable, sort of, compared to where we are now. >> exactly. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon soccer fans around the world will be watching the confederation's cup final between brazil and spain. that game is being televised at 3:00 this afternoon over on our sister network, espn. last night more than 50,000 packed stanford stadium to see the earthquakes battle the galaxy. san jose did not disappoint the fans. here's schu with highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. we kick off with the california classic in town at stanford where the earthquakes played host to their bitter rivalry, the galaxy. 50,000 on hand for the match-up.
9:52 am
galaxy score first. 2-0 lead in the 65th minute. earth quakes breakthrough. the header. san jose went down a man. bernard gets his second yellow card of the game, despite a flop. off the throw and shea finds the loose ball. ties it up at two. earthquakes, could they go for the win? sam chips it to gord for the second goal of the game. what a comeback and the quakes win the california classico. 3-2, your final. the giants cannot buy a win. they lost 11 of their last 14. the game was on the hill and, as usual, they got no run support. do people still wear tuxedo t-shirts? with two outs, michael cuddyer extends his hitting streak to 26 games.
9:53 am
1-0, rockies. the trouble scores scutaro, 1-1 game. he was able to retire the last 20 batters he faced. aloud 3 hits, struck out 4. jeremy affeldt starts the ninth. ends up taking the loss. with two outs, nolan right up the middle. rutledge scores from second. walk-off winner and giants lose their sixth straight game. 2-1, the final. >> a's hosting the cardinals and on coco crisp ernie bobblehead day. one run on five, struck out eight, his 11th win of the year. a's pitcher jared parker retired the first batters he faced but he left in the fourth with hamstring tightness. cramps due to the heat. then the three-run bomb by matt adams. blevins had two home runs and we have one a's highlights. you don't get a bobblehead unless you make plays like this. coco, the sliding basket catch.
9:54 am
but they still fall, 7-1, the final. >> the women's on the links. parker, is 71 on the day. 10-under for the tournament. she has a four-shot lead coming into today's final round. tiger woods your host at the at&t national but couldn't play, elbow injury. you don't see this often. the second shot on 12, goes way past the hole, someone in the gallery must have said something because he gave them the middle finger. 4-over on the day. castro shot an even par and managed to save par on 18. after finding the water, who needs a putter when you make shots like this? a four-way tie for first coming into today's final round. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. i hope you have a great day. see you
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>> breaking news notice threatened bart labor strike. the governor's office has requested the union to return to the bargaining table and keep on talking. officials say bart's team will be available all afternoon and looks forward to getting it ton and preventing a strike. both sides presented new offers yesterday. reportth continues right now on twitter. we will have the latest on abc7 news at five. let's get a quick final check of the weather forecast with lisa. >> just a tiny bit cooler in parts of the bay area today. especially along the coast, san francisco. otherwise our excessive heat warning continues, especially inland. livermore 105, concord 105, morgan hill 104. 80s in oakland and several more days of triple digit heat. wednesday we turn the corner and the fourth of july looks hot but not excessively hot. then we are cooler after that into next weekend. >> all right. just in time for the holliday.
9:58 am
>> yeah. >> thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with meteorologist lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day, everyone. and we are showinga live look now at market street where the gay pride parade kicks off in about half an hour. 10:30. one million at least in terms of spectators expect there had today. have a great day, everyone. stay
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