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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 2, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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but, first, leyla gulen. >> thanks, eric and kristen. we are seasoned commuters after yesterday. we hope it doesn't last too much longer. good morning, everyone. we are tracking our traffic. it looks clear. it is very early at 4:00 a.m. but we are not seeing delays yet. caltran is being kind to us the last couple of days and were wrapping up construction projects early but this will last until 6:00 a.m. northbound 880. 580 headed from tracy to dublin is 24 minutes and 38 minutes along highway four and walnut creek to the maze and 80 is 13 minutes headed westbound from highway four. clear conditions. outside we go to the toll plaza and it is wide open right now with construction in the eastbound direction that will last until 6:00 a.m. with the
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cones picked up and westbound traffic moving smoothly at eight minutes to get you from emeryville to san francisco. >> it is day two of the bart strike which is having a big impact on our economy and our sanity. our transportation reporter continues coverage. >> i spoke with the strike captain at the bart station and he says nothing has changed overnight. they have started chanting for the cameras. yesterday, bart said they would not describe where we are in the negotiations as an impasse but it felt like it. pickets are across the bart system picketing yesterday all day long on 24 hour shifts. talks were scheduled -- no talks were scheduled and no talks
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materialized. if the mediators were at work, it was behind the scenes and nothing something either talked about the unions called bart's last offer on sunday insulting saying it would take a better package to get them back to the table. bart says there is room for moment with neither side submitting a last, best, and final office -- officer. we need a discussion on the differences between our proposal and their proposal. >> we left the propose proposal on senator evening and they expected a response. they said we have nothing left to discuss tonight and there will be no further proposals on sunday night, and they left the room. we have not heard from them. the tricky issues are wages, medical and pension benefits and safety for workers and
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passengers. bart says their financial challenges include maintaining and upgrading the aging rail system. we will have to see what happens today, if both sides can get back to the table. both sides are very far apart on the key issues. at the lake merritt station in oakland for abc7 news. >> heather, thank you. former san francisco mayor brown says if asked he is willing to help mediate negotiations. he was instrumental in ending the last bart strike in 1997 saying this time he is willing to act as a mediator free of charge. he suggested san francisco mayor lee and oakland mayor get involved. bart is adding more bus service. amy hollyfield is at the dublin/pleasanton bart station with the latest on this option.
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>> bart has taken what it learned from yesterday and made changes. this is still a point to pick up a bus in dublin/pleasanton but they have added another location. we have a map so you can see the four locations from yesterday still standing. you can grab a free round trip bus ride into san francisco from the dublin bart station and walnut creek and fremont but now you can also pick up the bus at the west oakland station located on 7th street in oakland. the hours are different. you can pick up there between 5:00 and 9:00 and the other locations are from 5:00 to 8:00 and now they will have 36 buses going into the city. yesterday they had 18. pickup was smooth. we were in walnut creek where buses were waiting for passengers, many sitting empty to be boarded. there were jammed roads and the commute looked tough but the pickup was the easy part of the day.
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this morning in dublin/pleasanton we do not see anyone here early waiting for the 5:00 a.m. bus. yesterday in walnut creek there was a handful of people this at 3:00 a.m. because they were not sure what to expect so this could be an indication people are feeling more confident about the process. >> the most visible trouble spot has been the bay bridge toll plaza and abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is watching traffic there. cornell? >> good morning. monday's commute was a big mess. huge backups lasted into early afternoon. this morning we are waiting to see if day two of the strike brings the same. we are seeing more traffic at 4:00 a.m. compared to yesterday. commuters could be getting a jump on things by getting out early. it is smooth sailing for now.
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monday we witnessed lots of frustrated drivers who sat in cash-paying lanes for a long-term crawling along. one driver saying it took two hours to get from walnut creek to the toll plaza. carpooling is the best bet. we saw all the lanes free and clear and open until noon yesterday. if you can casual carpool to work that is the best bet. right now if you are looking at the toll plaza we have nine lanes open and no waiting. we are in oakland for abc7 news. >> for some drivers the drive was an expensive drive. our cameras captureed eight solo drivers pulled over in less than an hour in the carpool lanes leading to the bay bridge a ticket that costs more than $400. the commute was not the only headache, evening was a bus pas.
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people who took a bus or entered lines for carpool thought leaving work well after quitting time would spare them but they were mistaken. >> i said i would be late today... >> now, extra a.c. transit workers were called in to manage crowds and buses to the east bay were filled to capacity. >> you can download the new abc7 news app with the latest breaking news on bart negotiations and real time traffic reports and information on parking in the city. the app is available for the ipad, inphone, or droid service and it is free to be downloaded at >> we want to let you know you
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can get the waze traffic app at we want to check with leyla gulen who is monitoring the roads to see how it is going right now. leyla gulen? >> it is looking clear. we have green conditions on all roads. san francisco coming from sfo into the city we do not see delays and from the north bay toward the golden gate bridge that is looking clear and if you are making the drive between richmond and san rafael, that bridge is at top speed and the dumbarton and to the south. clear conditions. there is a car fire at 580 causing slowing in the eastbound direction. c.h.p. could be reporting it in the wrong direction. we will watch this as the morning wears on. it will be a hot one. folks sitting in the cars will be conditioning.
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the forecast will be hot. >> a day of hot temperatures up to nine degrees warmer right now in some areas come paired to yesterday. if the air conditioning ran all night, that is why, some areas still in the mid-to-upper 70's and the closer you are to the coast the closer you are to the 50's. we have radar hitting the mid-level moisture and it is not raining outside. excessive heat today and tomorrow, same areas need to be represented north bay, east bay valley and hills, and santa clara valley in the mountains toward santa cruz. today's planner, the next 12 hours, off to a warmer start with mid-50's to mid-60's. by noon, in the 90's inland and 66 at the coast. hazy sunshine is possible today but that is because of mid-and-upper level moisture not because of ozone.
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the air is clear at the lower level and you look at you see the murky conditions. today is the hottest day with 100 everywhere inland and 88 around the bay and 72 at the coast and 80's and 90's by 7:00 away from the coast. hot tomorrow. the last dave 100-degree heat inland on independence day. by friday we have relief on the way. kristen and eric have more news. >> breaking news: two people were shot and killed inside a wing stop restaurant in the east bay in oakland's grand lake district. we talked to the oakland police and they say the two people were shot inside the restaurant. there are no suspects in custody. we have a news crew on the scene gathering more information. >> coverage of the bart strike
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continues. after the break ferries are packed today and next what you need to know to make the ride across the water a smooth ride. >> we are watching the bay area freeways, perhaps some of the alternate routes for bart. you can see the san mateo bridge has the tail lights headed westward. >> we will by you traveling traffic reports from the roads all morning.
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area. >> good morning, everyone, these are pictures of the district in
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oakland at the wings stop where two people were shot and killed, employees during an armed robbery. we have a reporter there with a crew. more is coming up. >> back to the bart strike, the san francisco bay ferry is ready for another crush of passengers this morning. the service was jam packed morning and evening yesterday. abc7 news reporter is at ferry terminal in oakland. katie marzullo? >> you can see the ropes are already in place ready to handle the crowds that are sure to show up again. there are two different lanes forming for two different ferries at two different locations. look at this video from year, you can see how long the lines were. these are people waiting for the last ferries home. yesterday morning, we know there were a total of 11 ferries that took 8,000 commuters to the city. normally that number would be
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2,500. passengers packed like sardines with mixed feelings of the strike of. it is time to get the best deal for them and their families. they have leverage. >> we pay $600 for our benefits and how much do the bart employees pay? they don't want to pay anything. >> from sky you can see how packed the ferries were. golden gate ferry loaned a boat yesterday morning but was not able to provide a boat for yesterday on and that additional ferry will be back this morning. yesterday, it carried 400 people so a boost to this effort to get people across the bay. >> the strike is proving to be a good thing for private ride sharing services.
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one has seen 50 percent increase in business. the car sharing services are several ways to get around using town cars and private vehicles. customers use an app to request a ride and make money by taking a cut of the fees that riders pay to drivers. >> if you have a car, we will see how the traffic is. leyla gulen? >> it is uber clear, and if you are traveling from tracy, though, we have a car fire westbound 580, causing a problem in the eastbound direction so we do not sure if c.h.p. has the direction incorrect but the car is fully engulfed catching the vegetation on fire. in the westbound direction over the altamont pass we are at top speed. 880 between hayward to the maze northbound side is 20 minutes and 101 from highway 85 to san
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jose airport is 13 minutes. 280 from woodside to san jose is under 20 minutes. outside, the san mateo bridge is wide open. if you need to make it from hayward to foster city, a short ten-minute drive. mike nicco? >> thank you. live doppler 7 hd shows with the satellite and the high clouds will keep the temperatures up and you can see them out there. visibility is down to quarter-mile visibility so we have fog along the coast with the latest readings at an eighth of a mile. we are four miles this santa rosa and doing okay there now and everyone else is fine. we will watch sfo and keep our fingers crossed. check out the temperatures, pittsburg and antioch and brentwood, 77, 79, and 78, barely below 80. it is 74 in danville and walnut
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creek. the higher up you go the warmer it is. the temperatures did not cool off in the east bay. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 60's and napa is 61 and napa is 58. eric drove in with the air conditioning on and i had the sunroof open. that is how hot it is in the east by. hazy sunshine, more heat today, excessive heat hangs around through wednesday and it will be warm over the weekend and close to average if not warmer-than-average temperatures but it will be manageable. the set up shows the trough to the west and the high is a progressive system and the high will drop anchor and we will still see major one or two areas with 100 degrees by thursday and a temperature drop for independence day and through the weekend. today, mid-to-upper 90's in the
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south bay and 100 in los gatos and morgan hill is 102. redwood city is warmest at 98, and 85 in millbrae, and low 70's along the coast today to near 80 in downtown south san francisco. 85 in sausalito, 98 in san rafael and petaluma and 99 in sonoma and napa is around 100 degrees. 85 in berkeley is the cool spot with a lot upper 80's to low 90's and hercules mid-90's. 103 is the cool spot in concord and pittsburg. almost as hot tomorrow. thursday the temperatures drop along the coast and around the bay and that spreads inland on friday and saturday and sunday still look to be the most heated days for the forecast. >> santa cruz man is under arrest accused of murdering his
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parents found dead at a him on sunday. police say the 71-year-old joseph henderson was killed when being hit by a car and his 68-year-old wife died after being attacked. their son, 39-year-old james henderson was hiding in a neighbor's yard. they are not sure what led to the killings. >> the pilot at the helm of a tanker that hit a support tower in january has received one of the harshest penalties in decade, and the captain has been suspended for five months and on two years' probation for sideswiping a bridge. difficulty not spill fuel. he must undergo radar and navigation training before he goes back to work. >> day two of the bart strike gearing up to be another challenging commuter nightmare as we enter another day. you are looking at cell 7
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technology using cell tones that allows updates traveling around the bay area. this is eastbound on 580 trying to get to the bay bridge. that was a hotspot yesterday is we will have a check throughout the morning. >> another reminder of the fire danger the bay area's heat is producing and this fire had
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>> all morning we will bring you updates from the traffic with cell phone technology we are using to bring you live feeds. dick is now eastbound 580. it is early so there is not a lot of traffic. dick? >> good morning, i am eastbound
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580 at grand avenue off-ramp looking at morning ride here both eastbound and westbound on 580 as well as all the connections, 24, 880, 980 and the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is very light and no delays at this point. eric? >> thank you very much, dick. it is 4:24. it will heat up out there weather-wise and traffic-wise as the morning continues. >> the other roads are looking how, leyla gulen? >> we have construction along e-bay bridge that will block intermittent lanes that will be wrapping up at 6:00 a.m. we do not have delays in the eastbound direction. westbound is looking clear. on the waze app, we did have an early report of a fire. fire is still there. we are questioning whether it was eastbound or westbound but
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it is actually on the westbound direction at 580. that is confirmed by the waze app and it appears one lane is blocked and the hillside is catching fire. can you track your waze traffic using the abc7 news waze app at apple app and google play store. now a look at the golden gate bridge, it is foggy. but it looks clear and nothing to impede the commute coming from sausalito into san francisco. one of the cooler spots, today, i assume. mike? >> absolutely, at 80 degrees and cooler at the coast because of the cloud cover this morning and low-to-mid 70's. if you are headed to the coliseum the cubs are in town at first pitch at 7:05 with high clouds and sunshine and dropping to 68 by end of the day. the monsoon has kicked in and
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thunderstorms are over the sierra and mid-level moisture is keeping us warm this morning. we will be around 104 in sacramento and 111 inally coe and -- and 111 in chico. kristen and eric? >> a brushfire is under control near orinda park after breaking out near grisly peak boulevard. it burned two acres. >> pg&e is issuing an alert to conserve energy today in effect from noon to 7:00 p.m. with officials saying the hot weather is overtaxing the power grid. it could lead to blackouts if there is fire or the plant is forced off line, the peak energy demand of 47.5 thousand mega watts close to the report in
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2006. >> it is day two of the bart strike and next we have team coverage of the stalled contract negotiations and what both sides are saying fill take to get them started. >> there is a change in how bart will move people around. we will have the details you need next. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, still light even for
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>> abc7 news starts right now. >> day two of the bart strike of the it is now 4:29. thank you so much for joining us. >> leyla gulen is following the traffic. >> good morning, kristen and eric. at 4:29 we have a car fire
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slowing things down and a few extra folks on the roads to get an early start. we have construction and this will be in san jose if you are traveling northbound on 880 to 280 to forest avenue lanes will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. and at the altamont pass if you are in the westbound direction 580 at slim road that is where we have a car fire with one lane blocked and the hillside is reported to be catching on fire so it is an active scene. that is contributing to a minute extra in commute so you have 25 minutes to westbound a 80 and antioch to the maze is 38 minutes. back to san jose, this is going to be 280, coming away from 17 and it is looking quiet and clear. >> don't expect the bart strike to end soon. while you slept bart and the unions made no movement toward


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