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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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underway. >> yes. talks mere here at 6:00 this is considered a neutral location here. there is kinld of an odd sequence of events this, afternoon, bart sent out a relief saying talks would resume before one major union about it. bart announced talks were back on. that is about 1:30 at 3:30 they announced they'd participate and fdiu represents mechanics and maintenance workers and the like. both sides say they're eager
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to get trains running gene i think it's a great sign. >> we're concerned and it affects all of us. you know? but we need to hold the line. and keep employees safe. >> now, over the weekend both sides moved a little bit on their respected positions. bart is offering 2% per year over fours years and wants work dwrorz pay more for their medical coverage and start paying into pensions skb unions say they need to me see more improvements in terms of safety. talks set to begin at 6:00 we'll be here and have an update for you tonight at 6:00. in oakland abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. >> casual carpooling is something a lot of commuters stranded by the bart strike. how sit go something. >> well, it's going i guess okay but this is the main point for people go together east bay. this is a woman getting into the car there. then, you stand here wait for the car. the car comes they pick you up, you leave. regulars say there had been more people here than normal. we've seen a lot of cars stop by here and pick up passengers but not enough to empty these cues quickly. one woman wanted to go to walnut creek but there are no drop off points she ended up going by ac transit.
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we founderic johnson he says the strike has been a boon to casual carpooling here he s. >> this was heard, traffic picked up it's there is 10 times as much traffic as you normally see. >> so what are they saying? >> as i said more people here than usual. how long have you been standing in line? >> one hour. >> because of the demand we've added two more points on spear street which is two streets down from here. >> let's check in with traffic reporter up since wee hours
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make sure you know where biggest trouble spots are tonight. >> yes. thank you so much. good afternoon everyone. this question is would you like good news? or bad news? good news looks like done bort onis moving along at a moderate clip f you jump up tolt san mateo bridge it's moving along fairly decently. it's about a 20 minute commute. that is a where you're feeling the pain there. it does start to movement you can see traffic bunching up hitting 80. richmond bridge loading up as well. folks using this are going to be met with heavy traffic going to take 20 minutes to make it from san rafael and into richmond. cheryl? >> thank you. >> the city of oakland is
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giving dwlifrz got a ticket yesterday a break. officials had told the public there will be no enforcement, turns out some showed up to work and handed out tickets. anyone who did get a ticket will be getting a dismissal letter, soon zac transit providing buses today though drivers are in the middle of a commute of their own. still, there were long lines waiting for a bus this morning in oakland. >> driver is g i did a detour got to work about 15 minutes before i had to start. worked out perfectly for me. >> the contract expired on
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sunday. >> ferry system making a difference for commuters. we're live in san francisco. i sai saw long lines there today when i came through. how is this now? >> well, it's still jam packed but you can see people getting ready to board we talked to folks who tell us they're loving the ferries. 7400 people piled on for 11 ferries and the lines to get back home forming about 3:00 this afternoon. now, hopefully, this is going to be resolved soon f they need some outside intervention,
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the man credited with ending the bart strike is willing to help. >> each had positive relationships with me. positive and positive business with me and if they twoobt settle each will look for someone that they trust who is not at the table to become henry kissinger between the us us and china. >> sounds good. so i think that anyone will come in that would be helpful. right now we're desperate. >> we think would it be the governor he's not stepping in so we're all held hostage. >> so can you hear frustration? they told us that they blame
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both sides but there seems to be little sympathy for bart employees. people trying to get back home to the east bay. >> tonight will be the first a's game. the team encouraging fans to carpool. officials believe they'll have enough parking. the team hosting cubs in a three-game series. >> ucht ber says is seen an increase of 50 pfrs customers use an app to request a ride.
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and join us again tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. morning team will have latest on contract negotiations that is tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 p.m. >> we're in the middle of a heat wave and power alert. you should see sweltering heat in this video. let's check now with sandhya patel on the roof. >> yes. i'm here on the roof of the abc senter and as i look fog is rolling in, winds picked up. today up to 105 degrees in antioch. that is the high so far.
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the wind gusting to 32 at sfo. that is a good indication sea breeze is coming back in. 73 in san francisco. check out middle town 115. that is extreme heat. 92 in san jose. heat warning has been extended until 7:00 p.m. be careful out there. i'll be back to let you know if the hot weather will come to an end as you make your 4th of july plans coming up. >> wayne freedman has been out neat all day joins us live where it's been steamy. wayne? >> they're calling it a cooling trend out here. jokingly of course.
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a lady walked by a sign that read 94 degrees she goes that is nothing. you can read it. and you'll still sweat. >> felt warmer yesterday. >> jennifer spent tree skmours lost about five pounds advertising the virtues of a mere by lunch buffet. >> how do you get this lucky to get this job this week? i've been asking myself that all day. >> imagine working construction on this day. no. don't. it will make you thirsty. try selling fire works in this heat. no. don't that. will make you more thirsty when you hear about martha and friends tried to keep cool in
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this box baikd by the sun we use scarfs around our necks. >> we might have used music from lords of arabia. but we weechblt long with birds... >> yes. >> a living thing happening by the farmer's market in downtown concord. >> he did not sell many as expects. >> why don't you call them cold links. >> where does your mind go? >> it wanders by itself, you know? >> we have it all melted away.
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>> the more you complain, worse it is. >> in concord abc 7 news. >> and still to come the place where failing to visit your spairnts now punishable crime. >> yes. that story and why a shooting ghaigs a restaurant is no longer considered a robbery attempt. >> michael finney tests the smaller named craft theaters to see which deliver the best flavor. >> they've been called in this
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6. things could be worse, you can be stuck in this car using cell 7 technology a live picture from embarcadero. there they are. going nowhere at light speed.
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live picture hinld the wheel. he's been inching along and said he went just four blocks. you can see traffic stacked up towards the bay bridge going nowhere, fast. >> police do not believetw employees were killed during a robbery. they were shot to death just before midnight. police determined the victims apparently were targeted. we're talking to a friend of one of the victims and felling news on affordable health care act. the obama administration announced it will delay a major part of the law requiring medium and large companies to offer a a.fordable coverage to workers
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or face fines. president says business groups are asking for more time to comply. >> consumer reports is partnered with 7 on your side for a report on great craft beer autos this is the hard yeflt job michael finney ever had to do. everyone knows big name beers but there are 2400 brewerries and most are craft beers. consumer reports sized up a couple dozen craft beers in time for your celebration. this company prides itself. >> our side has flavor and intensity of flavor. >> how do you find a good craft beer adam and pemplts at consumer reports conducted blind taste tests of 23 ales and lagers and found
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differences. >> one kplaired a lowest rated to a peach tea drink but 14 rated very good, and excellent. >> india pale ale has bitterness. >> bitterness might be too much for people. so could the price nearly $11 for a six pack. for much less this is a best buy a range of malt and hops all three are good choices when your thrift -- thirst is
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brewing this summer f you're thinking of brewing your own beer, more of us are we take a looked at one of the popular kits from mr. beer. just add water and brew your own beer testers found process wasn't bad but beer wasn't gooded.. >> thank you. >> okay. now, here is a quick riddle. water is to ice as marriage is to... money. yes, money key to a happy marriage is getting finances in order before tying the knot. >> beer doesn't hurt it helps too,. >> yes. >> we have a new smart phone app to help you get latest developments and you'll be able to watch live breaking news.
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it is really easy to down load remember if you have our current app you need down load the new one. again, web site abc 7 >> and sandhya patel back on the roof. >> this is a cooling breeze. it's starting to get windy up here, we're getting relief around the coast and bay. not inland communities it's still steamy. you'll see what it looks like from that other parts of the coastline we have high clouds moving in. check out numerous thunderstorms this just in.
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flash flooding reported at 4:49. interstate 80 shut down directions. just keep tha in mind. scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. as you look at highs so far asterisks indicating records so far. death valley 127, couch. 11 in redding. those are records. but still steamy in other areas like palm springs. this beautiful view, clouds and lightning in the northeast. san francisco with 63 degrees. 70s in oakland. 87 san jos yai. chill is in the air in half moon bay. you can see why. fog coming back into play.
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those clouds you're seeing above high clouds. checking out this view you can see that fog and if you can still hear me, moisture and clouds moving through. a wide range of temperatures for 4th of july. taking a look at pacific satellite picture still this hot air mass over us. and not going to budge immediately then relief coming up. you'll feel relief tomorrow morning with fog back. mid to upper 50s there. around the bay 60s. inland going to be warm by morning, tomorrow afternoon, south bay, 92 in san jose.
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high clouds continuing. peninsula, 90 in palo alto. 65 in pacifica. north bay communities 109 in clear lake. 92 napa. 76 fremont. you'll see triple digits there. accu-weather forecast featuring heat in the triple digits inland. up yefr 60s near the coast. low 90s indland. for the weekend our usual pattern with upper 80s inland low 60s coast side. as far as 4th of july great looking weather for parade. it's looking fabulous.
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back to you. >> i thought those sirens were coming to arrest sandhya. >> no. >> just ahead double blow for actor pierce brosnan. >> why he's been down this tragic road before.
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>> that is a sound we'll be listening for. not fire works. running gunfire detector systems including san francisco, oaklandland and richmond workings at full staff this weekend helping officers detect origins of celebratory gunfire. >> never a good idea. actor pierce brosnan's
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daughter died of the same cancer that claimed his mother's life. the actor says his 41-year-old daughter bravely fought ovarian cancer, it killed his first wife more than 20 years ago. the actor saying our hearts are heavy with the loss of our beautiful dear girl. we pray for her and the cure for this wretched disease will be close at hand, soon adults children in china being told to visit their elderly parents or else, a law requiring people to care for the elderly parents with provisions calling for dhoirn see them regularly or call on the phone. kids who don't can be sued. china faces difficulty in caring for its aging population. call your mom and dad. >> my mom is lobbying hard for
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that to be passed here. >> driving down embarcadero or sitting on
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in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 6:00 both sides in the bart strike return together bargaining table in half an hour, we'll be live with a report on expectations and any developments. also, beating the heat. it's turning out to be an expensive thing to do in parts of the bay area. and from michael finney why mixing love and money isn't only smart but necessary. >> live outside into the heart of the commute. >> yes. this is the embarcadero this, is the dash cam view. >> yes. our abc 7 news producer has gone nine blocks in an hour
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and a half and we'll see how far he goes a this is "world news." tonight, bracing to help. firefighters from around america trying to battle those flames. hot ashes four miles into the sky and we see the last image of the 19 brave young men before they were lost. pill peril, staggering medical news, american women overdosing on pills and drugs, dying more from drugs than car accidents. what is happening? and a new idea, a 16-month-old girl can swim like a champion but what about help for other parents and children if this happens and water clouds over a struggling child? something new on the way.


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