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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the bart strike enters day three after negotiations went into a marathon session last night and ended just a little over two hours ago. no deal yet but there is progress and hope for a resolution. good morning on this wednesday. i am kristen sze. >> for the first time since the bart strike began there is hope.
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negotiators talked for hours last might and plan to meet this afternoon. abc7 news reporter is at lake merritt. >> we moved to the bart station hoping to get a comment from bart this morning. we are working on that. i talked to some of the picket ers manning this post 24/7 and say it was a long night but no contract was reached. they are elateed. when they brought the food in at 9:00, it was a sign they would stay. two new high level mediators called them back apointed by the governor. at 3:00 a.m. they decided to call it a night. >> as you can see it is rather late we decided we will make more progress if we get some
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sleep. we worked hard along with the fine mediators who have been assigned by the governor's office thank you for your coverage, i wish you a good night. no one from bart came out a comment and the situation is we are waiting to hear from bart. they are back to the bargaining table at 1:00 o'clock. we have a deal that has been reached between bart and a smaller union that represents 200 office workers and middle managers. they were not on strike but in a contract negotiation with no details released on that. the workers are he lated because the talks show a good sign and they are hoping this will mean there is good news for the end
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of this labor conversations. in the meantime, the bay bridge commute looks busy early on. >> indeed, we are seeing a lot more cars making their way from the east bay and into san francisco along the san mateo bridge. you can see the yellow indicating volume building and the dumbarton is moving along at top speed. we have one accident reported, though, in san jose, and it is the first street on-ramp to northbound 880, a carvers us a bicyclist so it sounds like the lanes blocked and the ramp is going to be block the until further notice. we have 580 headed away from dublin to castro valley. there are plenty of tail lights pushing around in the westbound direction so folks are getting a very early start this morning.
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>> thank you. a.c. transit buses are again gearing up to handle more than double the usual number of riders and abc7 news reporter is down at the oakland hub at 20th and broadway. matt? >> we have one person in line waiting for the 5:33 transbay bus. a few have arrived early to get to san francisco. [ inaudible ] >> we are having technical difficulty. >> woman woke up an hour early just to be safe this morning. >> i like to be in san francisco at 6:00. just in case any transportation is delayed, muni, whatever, i have time to get to work. it is my responsibility to keep my job. i cannot let this interfere. >> this is what petroleum dealt with after 6:30 in the morning
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yesterday in downtown oakland, lines around the corner and wait up to an hour and a half to two hours just to get on a bus. the first transbay bus this morning leaves at 5:33 and we expect more people to arrive before that. reporting from oakland for abc7 news. >> bart is shifting buses for its free shuttle service to accommodate high demand this morning and there will be 20 buses to pick up passengers at walnut creek bart station and the vice president of programming just e-mailed and said that he saw 500-plus people lining up at the station since 4:30 this o and -- this morning. there are seven more buses than yesterday and monday. yesterday, bart ran out of seats. first-come-first-serve shuttle is free but you have to catch it at one of five designated bart stations. to cap the bus hoax from the transbay terminal there are 20 shuttles until 8:00 a.m. at walnut creek bart, ten at
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fremont, dublin/pleasanton bart, and ten at the el cerrito station. 32 claritier buts -- 32 chatter buses will service until 9:00 a.m. >> families would normally come to san francisco for the fourth of july are making other plans to see the fireworks if the strike continues into tomorrow. last year, more than 182,000 riders used bart to get around the bay area and many used trains to avoid the packing problems. 200,000 people are expected in san francisco this year for the 9:30 p.m. fireworks display at pier 39 and opening ceremonies for the america's cup at 3:00 p.m. stay with abc7 news for complete courage of the bart strike and you can fine the latest developments on our website at with the latest on negotiations, up-to-the-minute traffic maps and the commute options. you can download our abc7 news waze app to navigate the
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freeways and be sure to follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for instant updates. >> oakland police are sorting out the details surrounding the deadly shooting of two restaurant employees in the grand lake district at wingstop on monday. law enforcement say two men wearing orange construction vests ordered food and then ran to the back of the restaurant because they felt possibly threatened. two employees went back there and were shot by the men. one suspect is if custody and they are, working to get the other man to turn himself in. officers increased patrols after a speak in crime in the area. >> police are meeting with merchants and neighbors this morning to talk about shooting and recent crimes in the area. the meeting will be held at the lake shore avenue baptist church at lake shore avenue and mandana
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boulevard. >> this morning, pg&e crews are still working to restore power to 88 customers in the south bay, and 9,500 customers lost electricity during the hottest part of the day yesterday and crews have worked to fix the problem nonstop blamed on too many people pushing up the air conditioning at the same time. no estimate on when the remaining customers have their power restoreed. >> leyla gulen? >> and the pass shows things are heating up at the pass long the westbound direction we are starting to see more cars on the roads and plenty of brake lights. 35 miles per hour is the top speed as you exit the pass, and then at 41 miles per hour and the speeds pick up through livermore and pleasanton.
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you can see a sea of tail lights out of castro valley. the accident is blocking the first street on-ramp to northbound 880, a car and a bicyclist, so use an alternate. it will be shut down until further notice. the golden gate bridge is moving along at top speed but it is foggy and now, out, the walnut creek drive as you take a look you can see it will be busy. it is now ten minutes away from highway 4 to the junction with 24, so, everyone is getting an early start this morning. you should not be any different. we see how the weather is doing right now. >> no sprinkles to speak of this morning, but the big story is it feels refreshing when you step outside at nine degrees cooler in livermore and four in concord and live more, and seven in santa rosa and one to three degrees cooler around the bay. at the love the temperatures in
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livermore, it is 64 degrees and 63 in antioch and the warm spot is 65 in fairfield. the 70's from yesterday are gone and the marine layer is deeping, with 61 or 62 or 63 around the bay shore and the south bay and upper 60's around santa rosa and novato and san francisco and 55 at half moon bay. the day planner the next 12 hours, we have a lot of cloud cover around the bay and at the coast but mostly the coast by noon. we are nearing 90 inland and 64 at the coast and by 4:00 we are holding on to 100 degree temperatures but mostly in the east bay and 84 around the bay and 66 headed inland and more comfortable this evening at 70's and 80's away from the coast. the next three days, another day of 100 degree heat in the extreme east bay and back to average by saturday. enjoy. >> a look at 510 with traffic at
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at bay bridge toll plaza an indication folks are trying to get an early start. >> expect another day of packed ferries with riders who start before dawn for the day. >> giants watch history in the making, on the wrong end o
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>> twin views of traffic. on the left you can see the golden gate bridge with little traffic coming from the fog there. on the right side of the screen you see the bay bridge toll plaza with a lost backup. >> the worst bottleneck has been the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. abc7 news cover is this this morning. the carpool lanes are up and going now? >> they are. that is the good news. kristen, we are not alone. a lost company here at the toll plaza with ten cash lanes open and the last four cash lanes are backing up big time to the arm base overcrossing. this backup started earlier than we saw on monday or tuesday. so much commuter frustration already on the faceses of folk sitting if long backups. yesterday we saw people who were sitting in backups up to 2 1/2 hours from places like eastern contra costa county and antioch and pittsburg, et cetera, and
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metering lights are off, and fast track lanes are looking good and are open and clear and the carpool lanes as we mentions were opened a few minutes ago. a carpool is three or more people, if you driving through solo chances are you will get a ticket. c.h.p. is out in force. if you are in the cash-paying lane, have exact change. that is the word from caltran. that will help things move through so much quicker. $6 until 10:00 a.m. thank you. the ferries are seeing huge increases in ridership because of the strike. abc7 news reporter katie is at the ferry terminal where commuters are trickling in. katie? >> massive new crowds. they are starting to form here. you can see the first few people are on the dock and started
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arriving before 5:00 this morning. the first boat leaves at 6:00. the mood is okay. the first woman said she has been doing this all wees three days, and has had no problems but that is partly because slow is the first in line and getting right on the first boat into san francisco. another man i talked with, not so jovial, is annoyed and tired. >> two hours early every day just to start the day to get to work early because i have to be there early and i have to get to my destination as san francisco so i start twice as early. >> services are regular to south san francisco from here, mainstream and alameda but for the trip to san francisco ferry building it is now nonstop with no stops in oakland because of bart strike. a woman here told me that the ride back to alameda for the evening commute is much less
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crowded than the ferry taking people to oakland so something to keep in mind. also, there is extra parking in alameda and free shuttle. first ferry leave at 6:00 and runs every 45 minutes after that. traffic with leyla gulen. >> as we look at the bay area you can see a broad picture where everything is green. we have many more cars on the road. people are getting a very early start. we have one report of a stalled vehicle along westbound 580 and it is blocking one lane but right now you can see traffic is moving well if that area. we had an accident involving a bicyclist to northbound 880 on the ramp. it is now cleared. you can take the ramp again. we are looking at a slow down along 880 in the southbound
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direction but northbound is fine. 101 at the intersection, that is looking a bit slow. outside at the toll plaza cornell was showing us the extensive delays. cash-paying lanes are piling up. it appears now is a 10-minute commute to get away from emeryville to san francisco. traffic is heating up. so is the forecast. >> welcome to wednesday, everyone. we have cloud cover along the coast spilling across friend over toward oakland but it hasn't made it to hayward but it is sliding down the peninsula into san jose. that means we could have flight arrival delays had sfo over san jose and through the cloud cover. keep an eye on that. they will let us know in 40 minutes if you are away from the tv. half moon bay is four miles visibility and everyone is okay but you can see how much lower the cloud layer is today from
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the exploritorium at coit tower which we can barely see. it will be 10:00 or 11:00 for the sun to break out. the east will hold in the east. right now, above the marine layer, it is in the low-to-mid 80's on top of hamilton, diabolo, and mount tamalpais at 2,600' at 78 degrees. tomorrow, from 60's at the coast to 100 inland and falling to normal range by the week the throw head 90's in the south bay with san jose at 92. if you headed to santa cruz at 80. millbrae is 80 and mid-to-upper 80's for the let of the peninsula and the clouds will dissipate and stubborn at the coast and mid to upper 60's for you and mid-70's arrested downtown and south san francisco and north bay beaches are cool with mid-to-upper 60's and mid-60's to low 90's, rather,
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mid-80's around petaluma and sonoma could be the warm spot at 94. 77 at berkeley and oakland at 79, and richmond at 76 and low-to-mid 80's along the east bay shore and 100 degree temperatures in the interior east bay neighborhood. as far as the game, fireworks game 74 at 7:05 first pitch and 66 by the time you head to the field. is a land debt and possibly a sweatshirt. see the spread tomorrow? 64 to 100 are the warmest temperatures at the coast. inland, by saturday and sunday, though, we are back in the 80's inland and 70's and the bay and 60 at the coast and we will feel much more comfortable. more news with eric and kristen? >> the giants can't wait to get some home cooking after failing to get one hit last night in cincinnati. the broads pitcher got a ground out to third, and that was the game winner.
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the reds won 3-0 and now the giants are in last plate in the n.l. west. this was a no-hit last season and that was home are -- bailey, too. >> it will be a challenging day crossing the bay bridge as we enter day three of the bart strike. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yours.
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>> an important service we have been providing all morning, are updates from the thick of the bay area traffic abc7 news engineer has cell phone technology bringing the best view of the roads, approaching the toll plaza with the packup longer this morning than yesterday morning. dick? >> certainly it is. i came in and checked out the ride westbound on highway 580 coming from downtown oakland and i can tell you 580 is heavy but moving. then it merges together with highway 24 coming from the tunnel and it is heavier, still, but then it really slows down as soon use hit that overcrossing, the 580 overcrossing approaching the toll plaza. i am on highway 80 approaching the toll plaza at the west grand off-ramp. it has been bumper-to-bumper
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traffic since i dropped of 50 the overpass and i am still a good distance from the toll plaza. the carpool lanes could be open, the carpool lane to my left is moving at the speed limit that all the other lanes, though, are backed up. fast track is doing better. it is a slow go approaching the toll plaza. >> checking in with leyla gulen monitoring the drive times closely. >> we will monitor a few briggs right now. the toll plaza shows the sea of headlights moving from emeryville and to san francisco and you are looking at ten-minute drive at best for the fast track lane. in the cash-paying lanes, you will be experiencing another ten minutes because those are very slow to get through. our next bridge shows the golden gate bridge so if you are traveling from sausalito to the
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bridge it is five minutes and then another 11 minutes to the city, with plannive fog in the area. san mateo bridge has a few more cars pushing along in the westbound direction headed out of hayward to foster city this is it will minutes. it is getting busy and more busy by the minute. >> the beautiful picture from the tower, you can seat warm air giving us yellows and oranges and the high clouds out there but notice the low clouds more numerous than yesterday with a push of marine air and temperatures are anywhere from four to eight degrees warmther than average around the bay, not the double digits we saw to week in livermore and the heat is still holding on. the thunderstorms will rotate up the western slope of the sierra
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and if you are traveling through the central valley to the desert temperatures are well over 100. >> day three of the bart strike and this morning negotiations are ongoing temporarily. >> the backup is starting earlier at the toll trillion toll -- bay bridge toll plaza with cash-paying lanes backed to the maze. those with fast track are
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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>> day three of the bart strike at the lake merritt bart station in oakland. that is how we begin our day. i am kristen sze. >> there appears to be light at end of the tunnel possibly with complete details on that but right new we have complete details on traffic. >> leyla gulen, the metering lights on the bay bridge are turning on earlier and earlier. >> they need to be. we see a ton of traffic already building away from the maze toward the toll plaza and that is where the cash-paying lanes. i remind you, if you go through the fast track lanes without a trans responder you will get a ticket but if you sign up for fast track they will waive the fee. you still have to pay $6 pass through but you do not get the violation. we have a report of a tanker fire northbound 101 at petaluma
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boulevard. that could slow traffic down in both directions. at the maze we are seeing slowing where all the freeways converge to the maze. 80 westbound, we have volume building in emeryville from berkeley and 580 is slow at 35 miles per hour and 880 looking slower. to the south we have had an early vehicle stall blocking a lane. now, outside, this is the guantanamo the bay bridge toll plaza. >>the light at the end of the tunnel, negotiations between bart and unions will resume at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon after a late-night session that helped before 3:00 this morning and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has coverage from oakland.
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amy? >> a busy night. the workers are happy. what happened over night they believe represents progress. it was a long meeting. food was brought in for the people at the negotiating table at 9:00 last night. they started their talks at 6:30 and wrapped up at 3:00 this morning. here is what they said about talks. >> taking a ten-hour block after meeting until 3:00 a.m. and will meet again at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and hope to come to an agreement. >> what does it mean they met for so long? >> i don't know i have any information about what it means. >> we worked very hard and the fine mediators would have been assigned by the governor's office and we have been asked not to speak to the press other than to make the single comment. >> the difference in this round of negotiations, two high level mediators had seats at the table and the governor sent them.
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there is a lot of treasure to get this resolved. they will meet again at 1:00 o'clock this good morning to try again. bart has reached an agreement with one of the smaller unions and it represents 200 office workers who were not on strike but were in solidarity. the workers hope what happened over might and the fact their two sides are coming back together at 1:00 o'clock is a good sign. anyone who has driven through the toll plaza the past few days will tell you the delays are frustrateing. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard continues the coverage. i cannot believe the metering lights are already on. >> the fourth of july is tomorrow but we are not seeing any independence from traffic. the carpool lanes closest to us are moving really well but the four left cash lanes backing up
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big time well into the maze and this backup really has started earlier than we saw on monday, even on tuesday hearing a lot of frustration from drivers who sat in delays the last couple of delays at 2 1/2 hours from antioch and pittsburg and more. the metering lights are on and fast track lanes, though, are open and moving pretty well. carpool lanes are open as of 30 minutes. carpool is three or more people. if you have less than that, if you think you can get away driving so low chances are you will get a tick e we sought two dozen cited yesterday for that. we are seeing a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza in the four left cash lanes and the two right ones, too. >> showing us the backup but what is it like to be in it. with our cell 7 technology
5:35 am
engineer, dick, how is it looking? >> it has been a rough go this morning getting to the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup extending back to the macarthur maze on the ranches that feed the approach. when you get through the toll plaza which i have not been able to do yet, and i have been on this stretch for ten minutes now since i dropped out of the macarthur maze, you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. you can see the metering lights are on and so are the brake lights not just getting to the metering light areas but beyond that on the bridge itself i see slow traffic and i see brake lights on the incline section. this hasn't happened the last three days. the only backup we had on the bridge yesterday was when we had the stall at the s-curve so it is different this morning and i will check out the bridge here
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in a little bit. >> we will continue now with abc7 news reporter at 20th and broadway. matt? >> this is not a good sign at 5:35. the first transbay bus is supposed to be here at 5:33 so it is running late this morning and you can see the line hire. we have been here all week. this is when the commuters appear to be the post relaxed. shorter lines, the buses are not so full, the traffic is not so bad but that is not to say there are not frustrations. many wake up an hour or more early for the commute. >> we all have jobs and some people's jobs are in jeopardy. people are calling up and running late and our supervisor is not understanding although
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they know what is going on. >> we saw a couple extra buses yesterday morning but that was before 7:00. after 7:00, the lines went around the block and up broadway and we saw some people stand if line for an hour and a half just to get on a bus. we expect it to pick up here over the next half hour to hour and people are going to line up, again, for the bus which, now, is 5:37 and now four minutes late. we will monitor the situation from 20th and broadway in downtown oakland all morning. and now, how far are the backups extending. >> they are extending far, but to add to the backup we have a couple of incidents, one is an accident involving a box truck in burlingame northbound 101 at broadway. it is a box truck versus three other vehicles with a lane blocked causing quite the bottle neck up to sfo. as we take a scorch -- jump up
5:38 am
to marin county, northbound 101 at petaluma boulevard there could be slowing on 101 with debris in the road. the drive time traffic shows the maze and if you are traveling along 580 westbound before castro valley to the maze it is 21 minutes and 880 from san land dough to the maze is 21 minutes and it is going to be slower for you and many more cars on the roads. it is looking quiet in san jose. at 280, away from 17, you can see the picture moving along quite well with just a few cars in the northbound direction. mike nicco has the forecast. >> nice to see you there is for rain out this now. you can see the marine layer and
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because this is upper level high pressure the air is not stagnant for the ozone to build up to uncomfortable or unhealthy levels and it is not a "spare the air" day again. the clouds are low across the golden gate bridge where we have the worst visibility unless you drive into the clouds. temperatures the next telephone hours are 56 to 63, and cooler this morning up to ten degrees in the east bay valley, and mostly sunny by noon but the coast will have stubborn clouds. and more comfortable this evening at 62 at the coast and 86 inland and a colorful sunrise from sutro tower tomorrow, another day of 100-degree heat inland and temperatures in the 80's by saturday and 70's around the bay and 60's at the coast and that is more like normal. have a good one. kristen and eric? >> complete come of the bart
5:40 am
strike is ahead and we will go back to the ferry terminal in alameda to see if long lines are following there again. >> we will go back to the bay bridge toll plaza and see how cell 7 is getting along the it is stop-and-go in 9 cash-paying lanes
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>> covering antioch and all the bay area, the index of the commute is the bay bridge toll plaza during the bart strike of the you can see it is backed up. you can see the stop-and-go nature of the traffic building up to be a frustrating ride. >> gearing up for a third day of expanded service to fill the hole left by the bart strike and at the ferry terminal in alameda and the first ferry going out at 6:00? >> the ferry is here. it is behind us. it arrived early at 5:30. the line extended all the way along the dock to the parking lot. a long line for the alameda county ferry stop. but not so long as the lines we
5:44 am
have seen all the way down the street and around the building at jack london square in oakland. the regular riders are saying they are making big adjustments and getting here earlier and earlier and many are annoyed and sounds like the bart employees are not gaining any sympathy with people dealing with early morning commutes and crowded ferries, more crowded than they are used to. a woman always rides the ferry but has to get up early to pick sure she gets a seat. a couple of amenities at main street in alameda that make this more convenient place that oakland or the more crowded areas, you can see they have valet bicycle parking, free valet bicycle parking. they will watch your bicycles. there is extra parking and free shuttles to shake you to and from the auxiliary parking lots.
5:45 am
for the regular ferry riders, that is their little secret and they would rather it does fought get out because they want to keep the commute as quiet and peaceful as they can. good luck with that as the bart strike continues. >> there goes that secret. another secret a lot people are trying to get in early, sneak in, through the bay bridge toll plaza but everyone had that idea and dick is in the traffic with the cell 7 technology. when you clear the toll plaza, dick, it is clear sailing, is that right? >> when you get through the metering lights, it took me 10 minutes to get from the maze to the toll plaza and another five minutes to get from the toll gate to the metering lights and when you clear the lights, i am doing 40 miles per hour and
5:46 am
traffic is moving and i see brake lights up ahead. the bridge is congested but it is moving, at least at this point it is moving. we will see what it looks like closer to the s-curve where it usually slows down. >> the volume of traffic, how does it compare to monday or tuesday at the same time? >> i see the volume increasing each day, monday it was the beginning of the situation, it was levee. tuesday was heavier. the backups started earlier on tuesday. the same is true for today. the backup started earlier. we have congestion on the bridge here now at 5:45 which did not really happen yesterday. the only real backup we had on the bridge yesterday was with a stall at the s curve but it is
5:47 am
slowing if this section here. >> 5:47. a broader look at the bay area commute with leyla gulen. >> great minds think alike and that causes traffic jams. we have a jam on 101 headed into burl game because of an accident involving three vehicles, one is a box truck at broadway down to 14 miles per hour in the area with two lanes blocked off so that will be a tough drive if you need to cash a flight at sfo. starting with the dumbarton bridge it is looking pretty good, a slow down at san mateo bridge beyond the tolls and that picks up when you are closer to the high-rise into foster city. we have dick crossing the bay bridge and it is packed. folks are trying to make it into san francisco. here is a look at richmond and
5:48 am
san rafael bridge. we ten minutes to get from highway four to 24 junction. however, more folks are headed to the roadways earlier. mike nicco, what is happening in the forecast? >> we are looking at live doppler 7 hd showing the satellite with the low clouds spilling into the bay and we are watchingto see if there are flight arrival delays because of the thin layer of clouds and the lowest visibility is half moon bay at three miles so we are doing better than yesterday. it was down to quarter-mile visibility. we have excessive heat warning continuing for the areas shaded in red which is the north bay, the east bay interior section and santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains and diabolo range, also, the possibility this was going to be extended. sure enough, it is, until 7:00 tomorrow. it is really the east bay we have to keep an eye on or focus
5:49 am
the next couple of days. this is how it looks from the east bay hill with cloud cover trying to climb over the hill and push in the valley and marine layer is 1,700' and it could get there temporarily. the heat is holding in the east. tomorrow it could be 40 degrees spread between the coast and the east bay valley and back to normal as we head through the weekend. by 10:00, most of the clouds are out of bay and we will see pockets of sun along the coast with greens and yellows, and those are 60's and 70's along the coast and intounin-- into te coastal valley and 90's around los gatos. mid-to-upper 80's for most of the peninsula until palo alto and upper 80's and low 90's and 80 at millbrae, at the coast, mid-to-upper 60's and mid-70's around downtown and south san
5:50 am
francisco and cool along the north bay beaches, mid-to-upper 60's but 86 at petaluma is the cool spot in the north bay valley and a lost low 90's there and low-to-mid 80's in most neighborhoods along the east bay shore but richmond and berkeley and oakland, and upper 90's to low 100's in the east bay valley. fireworks game today with temperatures dropping from 74 to 64 and we keep dropping into the 50's and 60's and another mild night. another day of 100's in the east bay valley for the independence day and look at the 70's and 80's away from the coast for the weekend. >> we will re-cap the top stories we are waking up to but we want to show you pictures of the commute on the left, the toll plaza and the cars are getting through in the car pool lane. on the right, the golden gate bridge, no traffic problems there, just slow clouds and fog. the morning news returns in just
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>> good morning. it is 5:53. we are looking at a gorgeous sunrise over the bay. we have some low clouds and fog in the bay area this morning. we will check with our meteorologist, mike nicco, and talk about whether the heat wave is as intense today. >> gorgeous view. now the other top stories: a concord school teacher accused
5:54 am
of sexually abusing students at school is expected in court. the 45-year-old joseph martin teaches 4th and 5th grade in concord after reports that he touched students inpresently. in could be a dozen possible victims from 11 to 17. >>the westbound lane of interstate 80 is closed near nevada border after a mudslide. here is video with the mud and rocks on the freeway at 5:00 yesterday evening and the muck was inches deep in some spots. officials described it as the size of a football field. no one was hurt. from santa clara, the fastest and tallest wooden roller coaster in the world will be running tomorrow for the july july after it shut down. this is video provided by the theme park and the great america shut down the gold striker because of combination of screaming passengers and noise
5:55 am
from the ride violate add noise abatement agreement with neighboring businesses and now they building a tunnel to enough fell the noise. >> on the third day of the bart strike not only do we have lots cars on the roads but we have citizens and other problems now. leyla gulen? >> we take you to the east bay into fremont and we have a brand new accident involving a couple of cars, southbound 680, that is blocking at least one lane. as we take you to the peninsula, before you get to sfo northbound 101 at broadway an early accident and all cars on the shoulder. the damage is done at eight miles per hour. it will start to dissipate shortly and to the toll plaza it is packed. the metering lights are on so our traffic is heating up. also heating up is our forecast. mike nicco? >> we have hot weather inland valleys again and look at the beautiful picture from sutro
5:56 am
tower this morning, the sun is coming up, and look at the colors from purple, pinks, oranges, reds, yellows, it is fantastic looking this morning. our highs compared to the average run from four degrees warmer-than-average in redwood city to 16 degrees in livermore so it will be days again in the east bay valley. and the themes over the desert will put high clouds over our neighborhood. when we are rid of the low clouds by 10:00 we will have the mucky sunshine. if you driving today, temperatures are over 100 through the central valley and into palm springs and 89 to tahoe with a flash flood watch. tomorrow the thunderstorms again and as we head into the weekend, temperatures are out of the record range and in the low 80's >> it is 5:56. come of the bart strike continues at 6:00 on morning news including the eight hour negotiating session between bart and the unions and what they said as they left the bargaining
5:57 am
table. >> we are a day away from hundreds of thousands of people crowding into the san francisco water front for the fourth of july and how are they going do get there if they cannot take bart? >> this is a westbound 24 and traffic is moving along here but eventually being closer to the guantanamo bay and the toll plaza and it will be heavy. they will run into some fog, to.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, bart trains remain idle this morning but there is a glimmer of hope and what both sides are saying. >> a look outside at the toll plaza backed up this morning
6:00 am
even earlier. we have the delays can you expect this morning use head out the door. >> the a's take on the cubs at coliseum but will fans who rely on bart to get there be able to get to the game? >> fireworks show or game and a lot of folks will be trying to go. it will be rough. >> fireworks -- trying to get to work is a blast. and not a good one. >> it is not a blast. on treasure island, we have a report of a stalled vehicle traveling along westbound bay bridge at treasure island we have a stalled car blocking one lane so we could have done without that and we have an accident in fremont southbound long 680 blocking one lane and it sounds like there are injuries involved and you are looking at slowing southbound 680 coming from the sunol


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