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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 3, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. at 7:00 on this wednesday, you can see a live picture from the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station in oakland. the picket workers are still out there, meaning the b.a.r.t. workers are still on strike, although they did negotiate into the middle of the morning, now taking a break. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a look at traffic. we're on path 7 as you see, the time that's usually "good morning america." that's how serious the b.a.r.t. strike has been. leyla, what do you have? >> that's to say the very least, eric. we have tons of traffic in the east bay, making it over our bridges, but the worst of all is the bay bridge as we look in the westbound direction. to add to the pain, another
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stalled car. this is inevitable because a lot of cars have been overheating simply because they've had to be sitting in three-hour traffic. so a mess right now. westbound 80, treasure island, your commute coming away from the maze into san francisco. you're looking at top 40 minutes in some pars. if you want to take this one instead, the richmond/san rafael, that's looking better. once past the tolls you're at top speeds. the golden gate bridge is looking fantastic at this hour. let's go outside right now and take a peek at this. walnut creek drive 680 southbound side, you can see how traffic is building up out there. it's at least a 15-minute commute. kristen, eric? >> leyla, thank you. today negotiations between b.a.r.t. and the unions are set to resume at 1:00 p.m. after a late-night session that ended just before 3:00 in the morning. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield continues our live team coverage from oakland at the lake merritt park station. amy?
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>> reporter: i know this is not what commuters want to see and i know this looks like bad news, but the mood on the picket line has been lifted. by what happened skroefr night. one worker told me he's elated. contract talks lasted into the early morning hours. the teams didn't even break for dinner. they had food brought in. they started talking at 6:30 last night. at 3:00 in the morning they decided to break for sleep, but they are not done. they plan to talk again at 1:00 this afternoon. and governor jerry brown has sent two of his top mediators to the table to make sure that the talks move along. we checked in with both sides. they won't tell us the specifics of what happened in that room, but these workers here are calling it progress. they think it's better that they're talking, and they're hoping this means that an end is in sight. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. anyone who has driven through
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the bay bridge toll plaza these past few days will tell you the delays are frustrating. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard continues our live team coverage where those cash-paying lanes moving at snail's pace. >> reporter: yeah, kristen, looking ugly out here. virtual gridlock at the toll plaza right now. this commute quite a mess already. ten cash lanes backed up well into the maze. traffic at a crawl. we saw traffic start to pick up as early as 4:15 this morning. this is an earlier and bigger backup than we saw monday and tuesday, people obviously trying to get a jump on their commute. the metering lights are on. they've been on for at least a couple of hours. fastrak lanes are moving a bit better this morning, but no waiting in car pool lanes, the lanes you're seeing closest to us. car pool is three or more people, but be warned, the save out in force big time looking for car pool violators. lots of frustration, lots of
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anguished faces as we watch people drive by. one man told us it took him longer than two hours just getting here from antioch this morning. folks trying to get to work and not having a lot of luck. live at the toll plaza in oakland, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> cornell, thank you very much. let's show you what it's like if you're one of those people not having a lot of luck. cell 7 in the midst of things, in the maze, our engineer dick epstein behind the wheel. what's going on? >> well, eric, it's been a rough commute coming in on highway 24 this morning. it has taken me an hour to go from college off ramp on 24 to this point. i'm just now hitting the flat lands at the end of the 580 ramp. this is a distance that would normally take a few minutes with no traffic. it has taken me an hour. and i don't even have the toll plaza in sight yet. i'm still about a mile from the toll plaza. all the lanes here are backed up, fastrak lanes, cash lanes.
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the car pool laenl off to my left here, and i'll widen out a little bit and maybe you can see cars going by on the far left-hand side, that is the car pool lane. those folks are still making it through at a good speed. the car pool lane and the fastrak only does you good when you get close to the bridge approach. what i've been through for the past hour is just gridlock traffic just gettinging to this point, and the fastrak doesn't do you any good up there. eric? >> dick, i know you must be focused on the driving, but as we take a look around a little bit at the people around you, what can you gauge maybe about what they're doing and their moods? you know, there r there a lot of people trying to car pool? just, you know, changes you've noticed in the past couple days. >> well, people are still taking it in stride. i think overall there are probably quite a few people now
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that we're three days into this are getting more frustrated. when i was back there at the 24/580 split, i saw a lot of people just so disgusted with being in this backup, they all of a sudden decided to pull off, go a different direction, go somewhere else. they were driving over the median. one guy in a small car almost got stuck on the median on a high spot on the median trying to cross it. so, you know, it looks like some people are just figuring if they can get out of this and go somewhere else, go back home, whatever, you know, there are some folks that are just trying to turn around. that's not a good thing on a freeway. >> no, definitely not a good thing on a freeway. if the save is not telling you to do it, don't do it. all right. dick epstein in the midst of it trying to get to the toll plaza and stuck. let's continue now with abc7 news reporter matt keller live at 28th and broadway in oakland with folks waiting for a.c. transit buses. matt? >> reporter: yeah. the line is getting long they are morning, but it doesn't
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appear to be as long as it was yesterday at the same time. sometimes there are things you just can't plan for. a window on the last bus that left in the past 20 minutes was broken so workers used the only standby duct tape to fix it. that delayed the bus several minutes trus from the frustrating commuters already dealing with a lot this week. a.c. transit did tell me they are not running any more extra buses this morning. we're here waiting for the 7:03 bus. it's now 7:07 so obviously the buss are running a few minutes behind. they've been doing that all morning long. live in oakland, matt keller, abc7 news. >> it's about the buses, matt. thank you. ferries are also gearing up for a third day of expanded service to fill that hole left by the b.a.r.t. strike. abc7 news reporter katie marrzullo is live at the ferry the terminal in alameda. see some folks behind you. are they waiting? >> reporter: kristen, long lines have been forming here for these first ferries. yes, the line has formed again. the folks here now waiting for
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the 7:30 ferry. they're running every 45 minutes since 6:00 this morning. so the line for the 6:30 was the shortest, this line for the 7:30 ferry is growing by a couple people every few moments out here. rider who is normally take b.a.r.t. or normally take the ferry are frustrated when they arrive on the scene. some are down right angry. they tell me they're getting up hours early just to ensure they get a seat just to make sure they are on time to work. this is a longer commute than if they were on their normal b.a.r.t. train. monday and tuesday morning, san francisco bay ferry tells me they saw about three times the normal number of riders even with a slight decline on tuesday. this spokesman telling me that is negligible. they're handling three times what they would normally see on a workday. do keep in mind tomorrow is 4th of july so there's going to be a holiday schedule and then a special schedule for friday, saturday, and sunday that the ferry service is working on right now and expect to have out
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to commuters within a few hours. live in alameda, katie marrzullo, abc7 news. >> katie, thanks. you know what we don't need right now is any stalls or any other problems to compound to the bay bridge problems. >> that would be nice, wouldn't it? not the way it is. leyla? >> that's right. it would be nice, but that's not the case. that's exactly what we have on the bay bridge. westbound 80 at treasure island, this is the second one at least so far, blocking one lane, causing even more pressure to that already terrible commute coming out of emeryville into san francisco. that is approximately 40 minutes to get you away from the maze into san francisco. here are some of your other drive times. 580 from tracy to castro valley. 80 westbound from highway 4 to the maze a 35 minute commute. more drive times. 24 heading out of walnut creek to 580. 20 minutes. dublin to fremont 41 minutes due to an earlier accident that was
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cleared. it is hot out there on the roadways. it's going to be hot in our weather department as well. yeah. it will be this afternoon, but the good news is it's not as hot as it was yesterday, especially in the east bay valleys. look at these 60s. we're about ten degrees cooler than yesterday, which is good news for the cars. hopefully they won't overheat. most of us in the 60s right now, 59 in santa rosa and nova ta, 55 in half moon bay. day six of our heat wave, sixth day in a row we'll hit triple digits and i think the best chance of that happening today will be in the interior neighborhoods of the east bay. but all the areas in red once again under that excessive heat warning till 7:00 tomorrow evening. near 100 concord, 102 antioch and livermore monopoly low to mid-90s in the north bay and the south bay with upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay shore. about 73 in san francisco. tomorrow is day seven and the final day of 100-degree heat. kristen,er rick? >> mike, thanks. b.a.r.t. is shifting buses for free shuttle service to accommodate high demand.
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this morning there will be 20 buss to pick up passengers at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station, seven more than yesterday and monday. yesterday they ran out of seats. it seems to be going okay today. our david salinger, vice president of programming, said it took him about 60 minutes to take the trip from walnut creek to oakland to san francisco and made it in okay. there will be 20 shuttles until 8:00 at walnut creek b.a.r.t., ten at fremont and dublin/pleasanton b.a.r.t., seven at el cerrito del norte. the first-come, first-serve shuttle is free but you have to catch it this morning if you want to take the bus home from san francisco transbay terminal this evening. you can park at these b.a.r.t. stations for free. >> depending on where you are, somethings have been lightly better or slightly worse. one of the places it's been worse is here in the maze. we've been bringing you realtime live updates from the thick of bay area traffic. abc7 news engineer ep nuclear weapon the maze with cell
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technology, cell phone technology, bringing you live images. took us more than an hour to get from 24 to the merge. excuse me. i thought he was there. he's not. normally this takes about 10 to 15 minutes. it took an hour. dick's video, by the way, is streaming live on >> once dick gets a little farther along he'll be in the middle of this at the toll plaza. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is even worse than the past two days. the backup started earlier today. the metering lights started earlier. all ten cash lanes are backed up way past the maze. you can see the car pool lanes in the fore ground, those are moving well and the fastrak lanes are doing better as well. but certainly for cash payers, you have to wait and pack your patience. >> live uptown oakland where frustration is rising as a.c. transit riders board buses at 28th and broadway. the first four riders of the day
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couldn't even get on the first bus it was so crowded. >> breaking news coverage will continue on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. we'll now return to regularly scheduled programming. >> b.a.r.t. strike. >> it was a bit of a wait getting on. we've been on the bus since 6:30. it's 8:00 right now. >> plan ahead with abc7 news wherever you are. se now and bring you more on the horrific parasailing accident in florida. two indiana teens critically injured when the cord securing them to their boat snapped, slamming them into a building and many cars. abc news has now learned there's serious questions about the safeguards in place to prevent such accidents. and abc's rob nelson has the latest. good morning to you, rob. >> reporter: good morning, josh. it's a holiday week. and parasailing is a common vacation activity. but a blast of bad weather and possible equipment problem caused a fun day in the sun to turn into a nightmare. it's the terrifying moment caught on camera. watch as a parasail containing two riders breaks loose from the
7:14 am
boat leading it, and slams into two nearby condominiums in panama beach, florida. all before crashing into a parking lot full of cars. >> we are at the commodore. and two parasailers just smashed into the top of it. >> reporter: this morning, two 17-year-old indiana girls, alexis fairchild and sidney goode, remain in critical condition at an area hospital. initial reports from investigators say that, on monday, an afternoon storm developed with strong winds, and that these winds kept the chute aloft. and several attempts to winch the riders back on to the vessel failed. the company who ran the outing, aquatic adventures, is declining to comment. the very popular vacation sport is an industry with very little regulation. just this may, florida legislators failed to pass a bill that would have put new safety standards in place. one of the biggest opponents, aquatic adventures, the owner of the boat involved in this incident. a managing partner spoke out to a local newspaper about his opposition to the bill.
7:15 am
we started creating our own standards. we've got a good plan going. but incidents linked to parasailing continue to mount. since 1998, there have been 33 incidents in florida alone, with 6 fatalities. >> if we can produce national safety standards for this industry, so that they can apply these in the field, of course, we would hope that the net result of all this work would be fewer accidents. >> reporter: now, the last time a parasailer died in florida was last august. that's when a harness broke in pompano beach, killing a 28-year-old connecticut woman. lots of questions this morning about the safety of the parasailing industry. those two lady, very lucky to be alive. >> let's hope they answer those questions. >> thanks, rob. we're going to turn to the massive bust at tiffany. a former executive with the jeweler is accused of stealing pieces worth millions of dollars. and then, reselling them and pocketing the profit.
7:16 am
she is out on bail this morning in what is being called "operation breakfast at tiffany's." and abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. >> i'm crazy about tiffany's. >> reporter: just like audrey hepburn's character, so is this woman, ingrid lederhaas -- okunthe, the former tiffany exec who frosted the rich and famous in fabulous jewels. this morning facing what could be many years behind bars. the fbi's white-collar crime unit dubbing the investigation, "operation breakfast at tiffany's." she is charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of transportation of stolen properties. court documents revealing that the 46-year-old allegedly abused h her position and authority. and procured and resold more than $1.2 million in diamond bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants. in total, about 165 piece of jewelry she and her husband sold to a new york city diamond dealer.
7:17 am
>> she was able to check out jewelry to take to jewelry manufacturers. and then, she played with the paperwork. and then, sold the jewelry. >> reporter: new details out this morning revealed the alleged scheme could run much deeper. an fbi search of the couple's mansion in the suburb of darien, connecticut, uncovering millions more in tiffany jewelry, including this 18 karat metric bracelet, which sells for $11,000. she allegedly had 32 of them in her house. >> she was in a position of responsibility. and it gave her a lot of latitude, i believe, to keep this scheme going. >> reporter: both okun and tiffany declined comment. but tiffany confirmed that she is a former employee. court documents say she was a vice president. and just like diamonds, her rap sheet is now forever. okun is now out on $250,000 bail. her travel, restricted to new york and connecticut. she is set to return to court august 1st.
7:18 am
and if convicted, she faces up to 30 years in jail, elizabeth. >> all right, rebecca. i guess the rap sheet's forever. but not her best friend. >> oh, look at that. she's been sitting on that one all morning. >> i'm so excited. >> a girl's best friend. >> elizabeth does cartwheels. sam, can you tell us more about the flooding, all over the country. >> a lot of people are concerned about this as they make their plans. we do want to tell you there's a little silver lining in what's going on from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. that is a backing an area of high pressure tries to dry the skies out in this area, just in time for the holiday. i'm sorry. when we're looking at georgia and atlanta, you're right in the bull's eye there. it's western carolina, eastern tennessee and kentucky, are going to be staying in this very wet pattern. wet rain through the gulf coast. the heat stays in the west. there's some slightly cooler air drifting in here. the temperatures are going to
7:19 am
come down maybe ten degrees. but it's just for the weekend. and next week, we're right back to where these numbers have been. and if you're looking for your fireworks, right on the east coast, there's a good opportunity because the rain has backed in. if you're off the east coast, i think it's going to be very humid there. and when you get the fireworks going, the smoke tends to stay in the sky. it's difficult to see the fireworks. it's great in the middle of the country. great on the west coast. and good for most of the nation. but just that blue zone that goes up from florida all the way towards western new york state.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. we'll have afternoon sunshine and the heat holding especially in the east bay valleys where we'll hit 100 for the sixth day in a row. tomorrow could be nearly be 40-degree spread between the coast and inland. everyone back to normal on the weekend. 60s along the coast, 70s ainland. >> that list of rainy cities was brought to you by jcpenney. you will always have fireworks on the weather map. >> they are a-okay. still lots to get to, including the dramatic testimony in the trial of george zimmerman. new claims about his injuries the night he shot trayvon martin. also ahead, we showed you the horrifying moment that a toddler was snatched from her cart at walmart. the mother speaks out about the ordeal. and the woman who fended off
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and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. good morning, everyone. i'm eric thomas. day three of the b.a.r.t. strike and traffic is really rough especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on so all lanes are backed up, even the fastrak. only the car pool getting
7:25 am
through. elsewhere with traffic, here's leyla gulen. >> pretty painful out there. let's look at our drive times because things are quite slow. out of tracy to castro valley, 44 minutes. west bound along highway 4 through antioch via walnut creek, that is an hour's drive to the maze. traveling along westbound 80 coming from highway 4 to the maze, that's a 35-minute commute. an earlier stalled car on the bay bridge westbound side upper deck at treasure island. that has been cleared but it's added extra time to your commute. here's another look at some more drive time traffic. 24 from walnut creek to 280. now with a look at our weather, let's say good morning to mike nicco. good morning, mike. >> thank you very much. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. updating the temperatures right now, i want to show you how much cooler it is than it was yesterday at this time. that is good news. haven't heard of any reports of
7:26 am
overheating cars, have we, leyla, this morning? >> no, just stalls. >> so maybe this is the reason why because temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. santa rosa 59, 55 half moon bay, everybody else in the low to mid-60s, even the east bay valleys in the mid-60s. you were in the mid-70s yesterday. here are our temperatures for the afternoon hours. excessively hot especially again in the east bay where we'll flirt with 100 for the sixth day in a row. low to mid-90s in the south bay. upper 70s around oakland to mid-70s in richmond and san francisco but mid to upper eighty for the rest of the bay shore, upper 80s to low 90s in our north bay neighborhoods. if you're heading to the game tonight, the fireworks game, it will be about 66 degrees by the time the game ends so you want a blanket or a sweatshirt if you're going on the field to watch the fireworks. 74 to start. it will be a little warmer. let's look at that accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow just barely day seven reaching 100 and then check out that drop in temperature over the weekend. we're back to where we should be. eric? >> much more on the b.a.r.t.
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we've been bringing you realtime updates from the thick of the traffic and it is thick right now. abc7 engineer dick epstein with cell 7 technology trying to get to the tolls there. what's going on? >> oh, eric, this has been just an absolutely horrible commute coming in to the toll plaza this morning. i just completed a little journey here from highway 24
7:30 am
just this side of the caldecott tunnel and it took me an hour and 22 minutes to get from the college avenue off ramp, and i'm not eve on the toll plaza yet. so an hour and 22 minutes to get to where i am now, a trip that would normally take four minutes with no traffic, five minutes tops. it's been a real rough one. and, you know, those of you that come in from eastern contra costa county kind of know all the difficult spot where is all the lanes merge together at 24 and 580 and people have to shuffle from left to right and left to right to go east or westbound on 580. those junctions have been particularly difficult this morning because people are getting disgusted. they're all of a sudden changing lane, trying to go in different direction, and they can't get in because the traffic is so thick. a rough one. >> thanks, buddy. we've got to yump in and give you a different look at the toll plaza from the other side. you see those are car pool lanes there where the traffic is moving. otherwise it is just stuck and backed up.
7:31 am
all ten cash lanes backed up into the maze. fastrak moving a little better. no waiting if you want to keep three people in the car and use the car pool lanes. live in oakland where frustration is rising as a.c. transit riders board buses at 28th and broadway. the first riders of the day couldn't even get on the first bus. it was packed with riders from other stops. buses are coming every 20 minutes or so. and a live look at the main street ferry terminal in alameda where day three of expanded service is under way but the lines are still long, folk trying to get on that 7:30 ferry. the boats are leaving every 45 minutes. stay with abc7 news. much more on the b.a.r.t. strike coming up in 20 minutes during "good morning america." b.a.r.t. strike. >> it was a bit of a wait getting on. we've been on the bus since 6:30. it's 8:00 right now. >> plan ahead with abc7 news wherever you are. service updates, commuter tips, and alternate transit options. foon told jurors,
7:32 am
7:33 am
demonstrating ill will or spite is critical for a second-degree murder conviction. after court, zimmerman's lead attorney, mark o'mara, whose client says he shot martin in self-defense, says the case is undented. >> self-defense is you have reasonable fear of future bodily injury. under the statute, you don't have to get hit once for self-defense to exist. >> reporter: but the prosecution attacking zimmerman's team outside the courtroom, as well. at issue, this photograph, posted on instagram by defense attorney don west's daughter. it has the caption, we beat
7:34 am
stupid celebration cones. the prosecution going after the defense late tuesday, saying the caption transferred to trayvon martin's friend, rachel jeantel, who was grilled on the stand last week. >> i don't read cursive. >> reporter: the prosecution filed the motion, it wants to ensure that witnesses and court proceedings are treated with respect. that's important because we could see eight more witnesses take the stand. and it's expected the prosecution will try to end this case in the way it started, by tugging at the heart strings of those six female jurors. look to see trayvon martin's mother, who has been in court day after day, to be the last person to take the stand. >> matt gutman in sanford. we want to turn to abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams, also reporting on the trial in sanford. a bit of interesting -- interesting start to tuesday's proceedings, when the judge struck out something that a prosecution witness had said.
7:35 am
but you don't believe it actually helped the prosecution when it was done. >> well, first of all, think about the fact that prosecutors are asking that a statement from one of their own witnesses be struck. but beyond that, you have the fact that you can't unring the bell, right? the jurors have heard this. the first thing they hear when they arrive that morning is don't pay attention to that really, really important, big thing that was said at the end of court yesterday. that in and of itself is a problem for prosecutors. so, the prosecutors had to make a tough decision. do we make a big deal about this and ask that it be stricken, as they did. or do we just hope it fades into the background? they realized it was so important and so big, that they would still be willing to have the judge give that instruction and highlight it again. >> dan, the prosecution, once again, spending a lot of time trying to highlight inconsistencies in zimmerman's various accounts. how well did it do? >> it's their best argument
7:36 am
here. i mean, their best case is george zimmerman's story doesn't make sense. the problem is, the inconsistencies they're talking about are relatively minor compared to the consistency of the major issues in george zimmerman's account. i think that is the reason we will not see george zimmerman take the stand. his team believes that those inconsistencies that have been brought up again and again in court, are just not that big a deal. >> and yet, we do expect to hear from trayvon martin's parents. both could perhaps be testifying as early as today. certainly, an emotional day. dan abram, thanks for your time this morning. elizabeth? we're going to turn to the dramatic and desperate 911 call we've been playing for you. a kayaker, paddling in a remote part of the florida everglades, in an inflatable boat, attacked by an alligator. her boat sinking as she called for help. john muller has the story.
7:37 am
>> reporter: sara boynton got the surprise of her life. >> it came out and twisted. did its death roll thing. >> reporter: one chamber of the inflatable kayak punctures here, near sara's shoulder. >> i was looking down. and going, that's a big, square head. that's not a small alligator. >> reporter: she called 911. >> there's two very large alligators out here. and i can't kayak. i'm sinking. >> reporter: she feverishly paddles into the alligator-infested water to shore. >> i pulled myself up on top of grass. but as i said, there's two really big alligators in here. and i'm just sitting here now. >> reporter: luckily, uninjured, the avid kayaker waits with fear. >> i got very anxious and was very shaken up. what if i'm out there by dusk. gators go out and start hunting. i let my primal fear take over. >> reporter: an airboat search and rescue team hit the alligator-infested waters, finding her and taking her to safety.
7:38 am
>> she's lucky to survive this ordeal. thank god she had a cell phone. >> reporter: gator attacks are not uncommon. in april, a 6-year-old south florida boy fell into shallow water. >> and grabbed my arm. and i couldn't get out. >> reporter: the gator finally gave up after the boy's father unleashed a barrage of punches on the eight-foot beast. >> i guess the gator decided after getting kicked and punches, he released. >> reporter: just let it be. >> don't provoke them. don't feed them. just keep your distance. >> reporter: john muller, abc news, new york. >> don't feed them? >> and don't kayak in the everglades in an inflatable kayak. >> you should be in a metal boat. >> or on dry land. >> or someone might have to perform a "sea rescue." >> every saturday morning on abc.
7:39 am
we're going to start with, by the way, a story we haven't talked much about. there's been a pocket of unseasonably cold air in the middle of the country. that stuff on the roof in marquette, michigan, is frost. and that was taken yesterday. unbelievably cold temperatures. marquette was 38 degrees yesterday morning. and look at the low in waco. that part of texas has never been in the 50s this time of year before. talk about weird weather patterns. as bizarre as they are on the east coast, and strange as they are on the west coast, here's this shot of colder than normal air down the middle of the country. i've never seen anything like it. kansas city, 60 degrees. oklahoma city, 64. it's warmer and drier in the weekend for the mid-atlantic to the northeast. philly and boston, you're get into the 90s. good morning. i'm mike nicco. check out the summer spread. 68 in half moon bay for the sixth day in a row, 100-degree heat in our inland neighborhoods
7:40 am
of the east bay. that will happen again tomorrow. check out how much >> all that weather was brought to you by serta. a quick look at who can see the fireworks and who can't. a lot of people are talking about it. the weather ease been crazy. >> my kids are so worried. >> i think it's going to be okay. >> okay. coming up here, we're going to go inside the ordeal at walmart. a toddler snatched out of the shopping cart when the mother turns her back. that mother, speaking out. we'll have that. [ female announcer ] why is summer a great time
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7:44 am
back, now, at 7:43, with brand-new details on the kidnapping ordeal at walmart. we showed you the video of a man snatching a toddler right out of a shopping cart. now, the child's mom is speaking out. and abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: for the first time, mom alisa keating is talking about the frightening ordeal she'll never forget. >> i immediately panicked. >> reporter: the whole thing captured on surveillance cameras. her 2-year-old always playful daughter, zoe, being held at knife-point, by a stranger who snatched her out of the shopping cart in front of her sister. >> i was frantic. nothing can prepare you, i don't think, for a moment like this. >> reporter: keating was at this midwest oklahoma walmart. and had just stepped from the shopping cart to get steaks out of the cooler, when sammy wallace grabbed zoe.
7:45 am
>> i started screaming at the top of my lungs. help me. this man has my baby. >> reporter: wallace, a wanted felon, according to authorities, with a history of mental illness, refused to get zoe go. so, keating started pleading. i said, don't hurt my baby. we were unable to have children. for three years, i prayed for her every day that the lord would give me a child. and the lord gave her to me. please, don't hurt her. >> reporter: but wallace ignored her pleas. the surveillance shows one customer as he stepped in and tried to block him with a shopping cart. within minutes, police arrived and got keating to safety and tried to negotiate with wallace. even providing him a chair. >> that was the hardest thing to do was to leave my baby there in this man's arms. >> reporter: but wallace started with a heart dropping countdown. starting at 60, saying he would kill the girl by the time he got to zero. that's when captain david huff saw an opportunity, stepped in close, and fired at wallace,
7:46 am
killing him, saving zoe's life. mom says zoe was shaken up. but is already back to smiling and playing with her big sister, ashley. >> i've never been more thankful to have my baby. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, oklahoma city. >> what an ordeal. oklahoma city. >> what an ordeal. just ahead, changing the how'd you d9 out of 10.iz today? 9 out of ten? that's great. ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> in the spirit of the holiday, meet 5-year-old presidential expert, adam davis. >> who is that? >> richard m. nixon. >> you know what the m. stands for? >> milhous. >> that's right. >> who is that guy? >> warren g. harding. >> he looks mean. was he mean? >> he was one of our worst presidents. >> he was one of the worst. >> that's not a president.
7:51 am
that's not a president. >> how do you know? i thought that was president george jefferson. >> who is the only president born on the fourth of july? >> that's a good question. >> calvin coolidge. >> what did you say? calvin coolidge? is that right? >> yes, it is. >> there you go. @[p3 ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] hurry in for fourth of july savings like 50% off bonus size kingsford charcoal. now $9.99 at lowe's.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is worse today than it has been the past two days and the backup started earlier. all ten cash lanes backed into the maze. fastrak moving a little better. no waiting in the car pool lanes, so that's where the best trip is. let's get an update on the commute with leyla gulen. >> if there is to be a best trip, right, eric? the wide view of the bay area, you can see most everything but along the peninsula is pretty much in good shape, 280 moving well, 101 very busy, but the bridges are all jam-packed out
7:57 am
there. with a look at our weather, here's mike nicco. good morning. >> good morning. thank you very much. good morning, everybody. still excessively hot especially in the east bay valleys where he'll touch 100 for the sixth tay in a row, 73 in san francisco, 60s at the coast. your accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll make it seven tomorrow but that's it. temperatures much cooler by the weekend. eric? >> mike, thank you. we'll be right back with a closer look at
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a glimmer of hope on this third day of the b.a.r.t. strike. a live look in oakland with striking b.a.r.t. workers are on the picket lines. they're cautiously optimistic for negotiations that are set to resume at 1:00 this afternoon after an eight-hour bargaining session late last night that ended at 3:00 this morning. we're using cell phone technology to bring us this live cell 7 technology video of the commute from the east bay into san francisco. right now, our engineer, dick epstein, is on the westbound 24 approaching telegraph. as you can see, things are moving a little better but not a lot better. and live in oakland, where frustration is rising as a.c. transit riders wait for buses at 28th and broadway. this bus happens to be a
8:01 am
b.a.r.t. charter, a school bus, school-type bus. so they're probably taking any sort of transportation they can get to get people into san francisco from the east bay, buses arriving every 20 minutes or so. some buss are running late, though. a window on a bus left about 90 minutes ago was broken so workers used duct tape to fix it. that delayed the bus several minutes. frustrated commuters who are already dealing with a lot this week. gearing up for a third day of expanded service for the ferries to fill the hole left by the b.a.r.t. strike. this is a live look at alameda. abc7 news reporter katie marrzullo says riders have been showing up earlier and earlier teach day to secure a seat. that's why the lines have been just so long. much more on the b.a.r.t. strike coming up in 20 minutes during "good morning america." >> b.a.r.t. strike. >> it was a bit of a wait getting on. we've been on the bus since 6:30. it's 8:00 right now. >> plan ahead with abc7 news wherever you are. service updates, commuter tips, i don't know if anybody else at
8:02 am
the desk has this problem with their spouse. but i do. how to make sure the bedroom temperature is compatible for you and your partner. it's the secret to a good night's sleep. and it's a problem when one person likes the room warm. >> women usually like it warmer? is that what it is? >> women usually like it warmer. i like it colder. >> i like it colder, too. >> i like a freezing cold room. >> yep. >> sub arctic. lots of blankets. >> we're all together. >> and moving right along. chris powell is here, ladies and gentlemen. and i'm telling you, he always brings us great stories. but this is going to make you feel great. he helped a couple transform their health. and by the way, their marriage. the first time he's worked with a couple together. you do not want to miss their journey. we are so incredibly proud of these two. and they're going to be here with chris this morning. >> this is a great one. it's a great one. we have a lot of news, however, to get to. and for that, we turn to amy robach. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. a crucial american ally in the middle east is on the brink of civil war this morning.
8:03 am
and the clock is ticking. overnight, protests turned deadly in egypt, as the president there refused to step down, defying today's ultimatum from the military and the demands of demonstrators. military leaders now threatening to step in to suspend the country's constitution and install new leadership. the unrest in egypt is causing oil prices to spike to the highest level in more than a year. back home, the white house is delaying the centerpiece of president obama's health care low. companies will get another year, until 2015, to comply with the provision that forces them to provide health insurance. businesses have complained that the law is too costly and complicated. however, the individual mandate will still go into effect next year. and that requires americans to buy insurance or pay a fine. and the fbi and homeland security have issued a bulletin urging vigilance ahead of july 4th festivities across the country. no specific threats are known, several major cities are boosting police patrol. boston is deploying a record
8:04 am
number of officers, three months after the marathon bombings. and police in canada say they have foiled a plot similar to the boston attacks. a man and a woman are now accused of planning to use pressure cooker bombs to attack the legislature in british colombia. as we prepare to celebrate the fourth, one american family is redefining what it means to serve your country. three brothers from texas, a true band of brothers, has started this year's cadet training class together at west point. it's one of the few times that the military academy has admitted three siblings. sumner and cole are twins. brother noah is one year older. and they come from a family with a long history of service. their dad says he knows his sons will with in harm's way. but he also knows they're doing the right thing. that just gives you chills. it helps us all sleep soundly at night. our hats off to them. >> thank you for your service. thank you, amy. turn to a pre-patriotic
8:05 am
version, i hope, of "pop news." >> certainly fun, which the fourth of july always is. we begin with a little real estate news. what do you get for $75 million in lake tahoe? >> the lake? >> you should. here, you get the megamansion of tommy hilfiger co-founder joel horowitz. it was once owned by wayne newton. >> that would explain it. >> it has 9 bedrooms on 210 acres. an indoor pool. a private lake. a 16-car garage, horse stable, cinema. originally it was $100 million. actually, it's a bargain. >> yeah. >> heavily discounted. here's the kicker. the staircase is an exact replica of the staircase built on the "titanic." is that a good thing? you be the judge. buyer be the judge. >> it's hard to beat lake tahoe. i will say. >> one of the most beautiful places in the world. and a bargain at $75 million. thank you. how about a vampire dating
8:06 am
rock royalty? robert pattinson is reportedly dating riley keough, elvis presley's granddaughter. they were spotted carrying a ping-pong table. pattinson's former girlfriend, kristen stewart, who was keough's co-star in "the runaways." they have a lot in common. they love l.a., london, rock music and table tennis. >> hence the ping-pong table. >> that's cute. i'm happy about that. finally in "pop news," like yogi, he is not your average bear. this talented russian bear does all kinds of tricks for his owner. he rolls. he does a somersault. what else does he do? he does that little leg thing. oh. he plays the trumpet, everybody, this bear. we found this video online. we thought it was fascinating. that is real. he also hula-hoops. that's not a man in a bear suit.
8:07 am
you know how i know? >> how do you know? >> i looked at this video very closely. and that is not a man in a bear suit. that's not a man in a bear suit. >> it is. >> he's giving his owner a hug. the video is an online sensation. you be the judge. i say it's a real bear. >> i say. man in a bear suit. >> let us know, everybody. sam, you missed it. >> i can't see the bear with the hula hoop. i don't know. good morning, america. pull out and show this gorgeous crowd, by the way. let's show you what it looks like in the backyard of america, times square, right here outside the "gma" studios. lovely friends, doing some hedge work, some bushes. and the amazing folks. what's your name? >> karina. florida. >> welcome in. i have to ask. what's your name? >> caitlin. >> where are you from, my lovely, lady? >> charlotte, north carolina.
8:08 am
>> we're glad you're here from charlotte. let's get to the boards. yes, ma'am, what? >> momma says, no. go ahead, caitlin. >> hi, mommy. >> grandma. all right. let's get to the boards. here's a live shot out of new orleans. we'll show you -- i can never argue with a parent. i don't want to argue. we'll show you that because here's this moisture. now, there's an area of low pressure that's carving up the coastline there this weekend. the florida peninsula, into georgia, a little alabama, as well, is going to suffer with heavy rain. follow that into the red zone into eastern tennessee, eastern kentucky, the western areas of the carolinas. that's where a lot of the rain will hold for a good part of the next couple of days into the weekend, until that low starts to move. now, we're getting some moisture in the desert areas. this is good news in most cases. but in some of the fire zones, the thunderstorms come in dry. you get lightning and that's bad news. we're trying to get rain into the fire areas.
8:09 am
good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. we'll have afternoon sunshine and the heat holding especially in the east bay valleys where we'll hit 100 for the sixth day in a row. tomorrow could be nearly be 40-degree spread between the coast and inland. everyone back to normal on the weekend. 60s along the coast, 70s ainland. >> ladies and gentlemen, representing times square, by the u.s. army. where are we going back to? >> lara. >> nicely done. what a great crowd outside. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the new epidemic. the big warnings about prescription pills. avril lavigne is the latest star to tie the knot in a supersecret wedding. we're going to go inside her walk down the aisle. and five, easy steps for beautifying your backyard. all that and more live on "good morning america."
8:10 am
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veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. ♪ [ male announcer ] celebrate 4th of july. choose 18 months special financing on purchases of $299 or more with your lowe's consumer credit card. [ cheers and applause ] all right. time, now, for the "gma heat index," the hottest stories trending right now. and we're going to begin with a surprising, new report from "the new york times" this morning about prescription drugs. so many women are now overdosing on the medication in this country. so, what's causing this spike? we have a story from the newest addition to our abc news family, joining us with the story.
8:14 am
a big "gma" welcome to aditi roy. >> welcome, welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> this is a really shocking story. more women dying of prescription drug overdose and cervical cancer. >> reporter: it is disturbing, actually. the cdc says more women are overdosing on prescription pills than ever before. and the problem is just getting worse. ♪ i drink alone >> reporter: in the showtime series, "nurse jackie," the title character, played by edie falco, is a nurse hooked on prescription pills. >> there's ten vials in the drawer. confirm. you take one vial. nine vials remain, hit confirm. >> reporter: and jamie lee curtis, the wife and mother of two, openly discussed how she became addicted to pain pills after a cosmetic procedure. but the dangers of prescription medication go beyond hollywood. a new report from the cdc has alarming, new statistics on women fighting addictions to prescription meds. the report revealed a woman is
8:15 am
admitted to the e.r. for a prescription pill overdose every three minutes. and the number of deaths from prescription pill overdoses jumped 400% between 1999 and 2010. negin got help before it was too late. she became hooked on prescription pills meant to treat her chronic pain from crohn's disease. >> i was taking 70 to 80 pills a day. possibly more. >> reporter: doctors tell us women are much more likely to suffer from painful conditions, often treated by prescription pain pills. and from there, they're more likely than men to get hooked. why are we seeing such an increase in women dieing from prescription painkillers? >> well, this is a trend that we're seeing. we are, as physicians, describing more prescription pain medications. so, there's more prescriptions out there. and i think women tend to be prescribed those more frequently. >> reporter: negin is still in rehab, learning lessons every day. >> just because a doctor prescribes it to you, doesn't mean it's okay and it's safe. >> reporter: and speaking out to
8:16 am
help save other women's lives. and one doctor told us that with a persistent patient, asking for pain relief, it takes 5 minutes to say yes to a pill and 35 minutes to say no. >> also, i read a statistic that more women are taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication. many of them are single or bread-winning or supporting their families. and all of the stress, that's why they're o.d.'ing. >> all of the modern stresses, tangling together. thank you, aditi. welcome again. >> nice to be here. next up here in "the heat index." the latest star staging a getaway wedding. avril lavigne, tying the knot. she got hitched with nickelback front man chad kroeger in something of a typical rock 'n' roll ceremony. not sure what can be typical about that. in the south of france. abc's linsey davis is here to explain. linsey? >> reporter: good morning, josh. there was a lot of confusion
8:17 am
this past weekend about just when the famous couple was tying the knot. on saturday, guests were tweeting congratulations. and on sunday, avril was spotted in a white guess that many mistook as her wedding gown. but what she wore on monday just might surprise you. looks like rocker avril lavigne listened to her own hit and went hard this weekend, with all of her friends in the south of france, where she got hitched to nickelback frontman chad kroeger. >> the couple fell in love with france. avril loves french culture. she knew right away this is where she wanted to marry chad. >> reporter: in front of a crowd of about 100 guests, in a romantic, candlelit ceremony in this castle, the couple tied the knot monday night, capping off a three-day celebration. >> this is not low-key, by any means. three days of drinking and dancing, partying, fireworks. this is probably one of the most extravagant celebrity weddings
8:18 am
we'll see this year. >> reporter: in true avril fashion, the 28-year-old bride chose a black gown for the occasion. it turns out the canadian couple waited to get married on canada day. and they didn't let their destination wedding stray too far from the canadian roots. even choosing red and white themed decorations. the couple started dating six months before kroeger popped the question last august. along with a stunning 14 carat diamond ring. >> sources tell us this was a very emotional event. both were crying while reading their vows. the couple fell in love really quick. definitely proves how much in love they really are. >> reporter: this is the first wedding for the nickelback rocker. but it's lavigne's second walk down the aisle, after a previous three-year marriage to another musician ended in divorce in 2009. together, lavigne and kroeger have sold 80 million albums worldwide. the rock star duo's evening
8:19 am
included a wedding song they co-wrote and recorded. the plan, now, to make more beautiful music together. sources say because the couple is already in europe for the wedding, they will probably stick around france and spend the honeymoon there, touring nearby countries. congratulations. >> thanks, linsey. coming up next in "the heat index," it's back to the bedroom and the battle over temperature. abc news senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton, has the story with a personal twist. >> reporter: when the day ends in the ashton household, the sleep wars begin. he is, like, a furnace. >> i do generate a lot of heat. so, she leaves. >> reporter: like goldilocks, we all just want the temperature to be just right, for both of us. according to an unscientific survey, 43% of couples with sleep problems, cited temperature as the most common complaint. i like it.
8:20 am
and with so many new products out there designed to help couples find temperature harmony under the sheets, we decided to check them out. first up, the brookstone bed fan, which slides right under the bedsheets. i like it. soothing. it's cold. 23 you like sleeping with the window open, you'll love it. next up, sheex performance sheets, made of fabric that wicks away moisture. >> when i sweat through the night, it absorbs it. >> reporter: oh, my god. >> i sweat. >> reporter: like a farm animal. when we got into bed -- >> this, i could get into. >> reporter: i've never seen you happy about a bed. so far, we're two for two. cool zone comforter. half of the comforter is lighter, with half of the fill forthe bedfellow that prefers less heat. this would be good for the couple where one was always hot. now, for the grand sleep daddy of them all, the tempur-rhapsody mattress.
8:21 am
temper peddic says a cooling material channels heat away from the body. >> it's heating up like any other bed. >> reporter: why are women usually cooler? because they have smaller bodies. but know this, the ideal sleeping temperature for all couples, is 68 degrees. so, sleep on that. >> good night. >> oh, my. >> jennifer ashton, just letting the cameras into the bedroom for the whole summer. the sequel. >> your husband, we know him well. >> we talk about this a lot. we've been talking about this all morning. everybody can relate to this story. >> we're all cold -- >> we like it colder. >> why do people have such big temperature differences? >> we don't know, really, in medicine. if i took everyone's temperature at this table, it wouldn't be exactly the same right now. it can vary up to a degree or even more. people have different metabolisms and different perception of the same temperature. >> is it not like how you were raised? >> it's a combination. we don't really understand. environmental, biological, behavioral.
8:22 am
i like it cold. >> some people are more prone to liking it hotter, ala pregnant women. >> correct. >> and people who like it colder. >> therere some categories. pregnant women, absolutely. women going through menopause, absolutely. people overweight, they might like it colder. i'm neither pregnant nor menopausal, but i like the temperature like a meat locker in my room. >> these things work, right? the things you tested out, you got a check of okay for? >> pretty much. and that fan, we still use that. it's nice. it's like a marilyn monroe bed moment. >> the fan under the sheets, we like that. >> under the sheets? wow. >> very breezy. >> is there a big delivery coming today? >> and the king-sized bed is coming to the ashton house today. >> none of us can believe they've been married for 17 years in a double-bed. >> it's a miracle. >> there will be a part three. >> keep that temperatures down. someone has to win in the couple. >> i'm with you. >> all right. >> thank you.
8:23 am
lara? >> you guys, thank you. also pumping up our heat index, give me a ding. what shoes will you be slipping into for your festivities? espadrilles are some of the hottest for this season. they're not just rope and canvas anymore. some of the styles have price tags to prove it, too. we're going to show you how to get the looks for less. and we love that. >> hi. >> hi, lara. >> the first shoe we have is by burberry. superexpensive. this is a shoe that could go, in some offices, from work to play. >> this is a investment shoe. it's burberry. you have the coloring and the brown straps. these are about $500. but if you want the look for less, you can get it. >> we have shoe choices for you. >> come on out, girls. the first is michael kors. it's only $135. same concept.
8:24 am
>> still a lot of money. but you can wear it to work, to play. and kors is a great label. and the second? >> wild diva lounge, only $34. >> there you go. the neutral scheme, makes our legs look longer. the second look tell us about that. >> these are your weekend espadrilles. and they're the hot espadrille at the moment. they're a lot of fun. we love this shoe because of the sweet, adorable bow. it is almost $500, though. if you want the same look but at a lower price -- >> tell me about these. >> these are from soluduos. the tie-up ones. these are a celebrity favorite. anne hathaway wore these just days ago. they're only $45. and then, we have sperry topsiders, same idea. only $60. >> thank you.
8:25 am
we had these at the beginning of the show. i don't know where you would wear these bad boys. but they're by prada. over $800. right. >> these are your night espadrilles. they give you everything. you have the height. you have the metallic. they are $861. but -- >> come on. we have the look for less. come on out. >> right. these are bcbg. they're very reasonable. $89. and these are inc, $89.50. you can't beat that price. >> nicely done. you can get all of the information on on yahoo! shoes for less. part of our backyard blowout. coming up, our friend chris powell, sharing his first-ever married couple slimdown. an emotional story you don't want to miss. and it's live on "good morning america." stay with us. [ cheers and applause ]
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's day three of the b.a.r.t. strike, and patience is running thinner and thinner by the minute as the strike drags on. you're looking at a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. it is definitely more jam-packed and worse today than on monday and tuesday and drivers can hardly contain their frustration. let's check in with leyla gulen to see about your morning commute, not just there but the broader picture. absolutely. westbound 08 through berkeley at university avenue, a crash cleared but we're left with a backup. it's going to be at least a 50-minute drive to head from el cerrito into san francisco. as you're traveling along 992,
8:28 am
22 minutes on the dumbarton, a quick 14-minute ride, your best commute out there. mike? >> thank you, leyla. good morning, everybody. current conditions, 57 right now in san francisco, 55 in half moon bay. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. san ramon, fairfield, and apt i don't care in the low to mid-70s. cooler than this time yesterday. day six of the heat wave that may last through tomorrow, especially in the east bay valleys. one more day of 100 there, then much cooler everywhere by the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the backup is worse thab the fist two days of the bartth strike. all ten cash lanes are backed up into the maze. fastrak lanes moving better. using cell phone technology to bring you this live cell 7 picture of the casual car pool location under i-580 at grand avenue in oakland. there you can see some of the cars waiting to pick up commuters. once they get through, they can take off. this is the fastest way to go once those cars get onto the freeway. the hov lanes are definitely moving faster than anything else. here's a live look from sky 7-hd over the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station where buss are waiting to pick up passengers heading into san francisco. those are contra costa county
8:31 am
connection buses you're looking at. b.a.r.t. provided 23 shuttles from walnut creek to the city this morning. but service stopped about half an hour ago at 8:00. and live in uptown oakland, crowds have been waiting to board a.c. transit buses at 20th street and broadway. here's another one. situation improved quite a bit in the past hour with b.a.r.t. adding two extra shuttle buses at that stop. they included a school bus. look at that. picked up the overflow of passengers. people heading to work got a chance to sit on the school bus that might have otherwise sat side idle for the summer. a glimmer of hope on this third day of the b.a.r.t. strike. live pictures of the picketing lines in oakland. b.a.r.t. workers say they're cautiously optimistic as negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its unions are set to resume at 1:00 this afternoon, that's after an eight-hour bargaining session that started last night and didn't end until just before 3:00 this morning. much more on the b.a.r.t. strike
8:32 am
coming up in 20 minutes during "good morning america." keep it tuned to abc7 news. >> b.a.r.t. strike. >> about three times longer this morning. >> getting home. >> proving to be nuts. >> plan ahead with abc7 news wherever you are. service updates, commuter tips, forward to it because we were looking forward to it, too. she will be coming back in a couple months. when we have the date down, we'll let you know when that is. >> imagine dragon, that song is so good. check that out, everybody. right now, july 4th means time to transform your outdoor space. taniya nayak from hgtv has five easy do-it-yourself tips to beautify your backyard. it's all about improve this. our sponsor, lowe's, providing the patio furniture you see here. the cutest way to get your kids and we begin, taniya, with the cutest way to get your kids
8:33 am
involved in a backyard event. >> absolutely. you want to get outside. this is contact paper. i know you love contact paper. >> i do. my dressing room, i cover everything with it. and this is literally chalkboard. >> it is a chalkboard. >> kids can sit at the table, like being at a restaurant, and they can play tic tac toe. and mom and dad can have a cocktail. >> it's not just for kids. you can have it for kids in the daytime. but at night, have a wine and cheese party. label your cheeses. label your wine. >> right here, that's so cute. you can do your menu on the table. >> and the best part, when it's all over, scoop it up, throw it in the trash, easy cleanup. >> the next is, our sponsor, lowe's, we got great tiles. got everything we're using, except the contact paper, from lowe's. so, we thank you. if you're doing a project and you have extra tiles, i love this idea. super simple and a great way to recycle. >> it's so fun.
8:34 am
we're going to take it and personalize it. you can do it for each of your guests. this would be your seat right here. >> and this is yours, taniya. >> we just put a little stencil on it. do a quick spray. and you have this right here. >> you can take it home. a fun thing you can do with your kids. also in the world of recycling and reinvention, ketchup bottles and mustard bottles. you've done something adorable with twine. >> i love to recycle. empty them out. wrap same twine around it. it takes three minutes to do. yeah. >> again, these are all -- your kids are home, out of school. these are great things you can do together with your family to create a table that's one of a kind and unique. >> sammy, get over here. help us. >> come on over here. come on. this is backyard blowout, sam. get involved. >> there's power tools involved. >> there's power tools involved. you know we're excited. >> this is a great way to add
8:35 am
ambiance to your space. you can add a fire pit to your place. that's an easy way. or do a diy. this is decking posts. drill a little hole. you know what these are? >> they're the solar power lights. and they require no wiring. you can just do this. you'll have lighting all the time. >> how do you like this? >> oh. >> i love it. >> that's a power tool. >> lara. >> this is such a great picture. >> it really is. >> you don't need to plug anything in. it charges up during the day. at night, it brightens right up. >> we're running out of time. and this is adorable, too. this is how to make an adorable, little hanging candle holder. supereasy, last minute. a tray, a ladle and a candle. a great outdoor sconce. >> i love you every single one of these. and we're going to give you six other of taniya's entertaining tips. we thank lowe's for our backyard
8:36 am
blowout. and our improve this these. and, sam, i pass the power tool to you. >> watch out. there's no drill bit involved. there's nothing that's going to go wrong. this is genius, it should be in every backyard in the country. you have lighting. you don't have to worry about wiring. easy. easy. easy. easy. all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to share with you. we're going to start with your pictures from all over the place. riverside, california. we have a gorgeous shot. sunny palm trees. also, a little seattle. there's a shot. we're going to start in that area. now, we'll start bringing in cooler air. this is very good news to the west coast. it will take a little time for the jet stream and the additional high to be dropping down to cooler temperatures. you'll notice the numbers are coming down. we're getting a little shower. were you guys ready for that? we're going to get a sprinkle here in times square. i guess that's the weather around the nation. good morning. i'm mike nicco.
8:37 am
check out the summer spread. 68 in half moon bay for the sixth day in a row, 100-degree heat in our inland neighborhoods of the east bay. that will happen again tomorrow. check out how much >> sam, i can report right now, it's raining. >> all that was brought to you by purina. we have a little shower. >> this just in. >> this just in. as we take cover from the elements, what's sure to be a blockbuster this summer. "pacific rim." explosions, check. aliens, check. robots, check. earth in danger, check. and star idris elba joins us to talk about it all. and he's a golden-globe winning british chameleon, if his name isn't recognizable, his face is. idris elba, who was seen on the big screen with beyonce in "obsessed." "prometheus" and "thor."
8:38 am
>> never, let an enemy slip through my watch. >> reporter: and on your television screen, "the wire" and "luther." >> when it's the last man standing, you it you against him, isn't it? >> reporter: and now, he is stacker pentecost, leader of the resistance in "pacific rim." >> today, there's not a man nor woman in here who shall stand alone. not today. today, we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them. >> the world is in danger. that's it. that's the plot. it's definitely -- a human story. my character, charlie hunter, who is a leading young soldier who has to jump in and save the world at the end of the day. >> i'm guessing i wasn't your first choice. >> you are my first choice. all the other mach 3 pilots are dead. >> reporter: in the movie, an alien attack threatens earth. but mankind fights back, with row bats.
8:39 am
really big robots. >> today, we are cancelling the apocalypse. >> you haven't seen anything like this. it's big. the scale is huge. you've never seen monsters this big. >> reporter: he's spending this summer fighting aliens. but his next project is starring in "mandela: the long walk to freedom." >> we know mandela for his years in jail and his years coming out of jail, becoming president. but what happens to him prior, that's the spine of the film, where we get to know him. >> reporter: that movie won't be released until the fall. but until then, he's hoping "pacific rim" is a big as hit as its giant robots. >> when you see it, you'll understand. it's big, big film. you'll escape for two hours in its hugeness. >> should be terrific. and it opens, "pacific rim" does, july 12th. coming up, a friend to the
8:40 am
program, chris powell, an "extreme weight loss" story,
8:41 am
8:42 am
all right.
8:43 am
now, to a couple who transformed both their health and their marriage. last night on "extreme weight loss," we met rachel and jason, who reached out to trainer chris powell, after gaining a combined total of 350 pounds during their relationship. we'll talk to chris in just a moment. first, take a look at the year that put jason and rachel's bodies through the bond and to the test. together for nearly 13 years, rachel and jason are a combined 350 pounds overweight. >> hello? >> rachel? >> yes. >> what's up? it's chris powell. >> my god. what? >> reporter: and they're about to be chris powell's first married couple. >> i choose both of you for the transformation of your life. >> reporter: parents to 5-year-old twins, jason and rachel have used food to bury their problems in their marriage, including a separation during which time rachel reconnected with an old boyfriend. >> i feel like i did something wrong. but i feel like after seven
8:44 am
years, we should be over this. >> reporter: rachel's starting weight, 290 pounds. jason's 362. >> come on, jay. >> reporter: without a minute to waste, chris gets started. >> for the next 90 days, together, you will lose 150 pounds. >> okay. >> reporter: at their 90-day weigh-in, both see incredible results. >> you lost 75 pounds. >> you lost 86 pounds. >> reporter: losing a combined 100 pounds proves more difficult. >> we have trouble-shooting to do. >> reporter: so, chris gets them in the gym and kicks up the intensity. >> i'm feeling good about this now, guys. >> reporter: and by the nine-month mark, things are back on track. >> rachel, you lost 29 pounds over the last 3 months. you, my friend, have lost 147 pounds in the last 9 months. >> reporter: working was a team, this couple is unstoppable. >> jason and rachel a year ago. 350 pounds overweight. the all-new jason and rachel.
8:45 am
>> reporter: rachel lost 145 pounds in just 1 year. jason lost an astounding 165 pounds. together, this couple lost a combined total of 310 pounds. >> i'm the luckiest man alive. two terrific kids. gorgeous wife. everything is perfect right now. >> what a transformation. now, let's talk to the man who helped jason and rachel drop all of that weight. "extreme weight loss" transformation specialist, and the author of "choose more, lose more for life," chris powell. come on out. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you doing? >> how are you? >> good. >> this is really a great project. i can't believe how -- what a transformation, what a makeover, a life makeover, a health makeover, you've given this couple. >> it's incredible. it was my first time working with a married couple. i thought working with one person was difficult enough.
8:46 am
but the moment you add somebody else, especially a spouse, it changes it completely. >> we saw a little bit in the piece. all sorts of marital issues can come up. competitive issues. if he fall office the wagon and begins to eat, i'll do sympathy eating with you. how do you handle that? >> realistic expectations right off the bat. it's really important. both spouses, unbeknownst to them, they get competitive. as where they're trying to help each other and support each other, a lot of times, the guy's going to lose faster than the girl. and sometimes there's animosity there. realistic expectations off the bat. and communication, communication, so important. >> we talked about that competitiveness. what are the other pitfalls you deal with when you deal with a couple when it comes to a weight loss plan? >> you said it right off the bat. a lot of times, when when person begins to struggle and have a hard time, the other person will gain sympathy weight with them. it's really difficult because couples are trying to keep the status quo. the last thing they want is to
8:47 am
struggle in their relationship. >> but it's nice to do this with somebody, as opposed to diet on your own while everybody's having big plates of pasta. >> when two people embrace this wholeheartedly together, and understand that one person might do better. as long as you're working towards a shared vision, i see relationships grow to whole, new levels, just going through a process like this because it's that shared experience. not a lot of people get to go through it together. >> it was great to watch. chris powell, thank you for being here. you can see more amazing transformations every week on "extreme weight loss," airing tuesdays at 8:00, 7:00 central here on abc. and coming up, rocco dispirito is here -- oh, rocco. >> yeah.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:50 am
welcome back to times square. rocco dispirito, has a great cookbook out. i love how you do this. "now eat this italian." and he has a new website called noweatthisitaly. >> 1 million views. >> who wouldn't want to see it? you take the traditional recipes so we can eat it and look good while we're doing it. >> you look good already. we don't need to talk about looking good. >> the chicken parm. >> normally 1,000 calories. 50 grams of fat. where is chris? 50 grams of fat, no good, right? this is how you make it healthy. this is not a traditional fourth of july. but in my house, this was traditional. every american family had a little italian food mixed in. these are thin chicken cutlets you can buy anywhere. they're four ounces each. coat them in the egg white. not egg. and they go into whole wheat panko bread crumbs.
8:51 am
i picked panko because of how big and thick they are. they're crunchy. and they go on a sheet pan. you line them with foil, so the heat is reflected and it stays crispy. you want it to be crispy. this is called fake and bake. >> if you put it on the foil, it gets soggy on one side. i love that. >> the air flow around it is really important. this is how you fake and bake or faux fry. it's crispy. >> it is. >> a little sauce. >> a little sauce you can buy in the store. no sugar, no fat it in. and going to get fresh mozzarella. >> right on top. >> the reason i use fresh is because it's low in calories. a lot of water in it. only 60 calories an ounce. >> if you're going to make that dish -- >> delicious. >> it's fresh. >> yeah. >> go. >> fresh mozzarella, lower calories than processed mozzarella. because it's full of water. >> i could eat this all summer long, the caprese salad.
8:52 am
>> it's a great thing. you can grow bay leaves and grow tomatoes. you can grow vegetables. and they grow easily. and instead of olive oil, i use something i call super oil, this stuff right here. it's green olive juice, green olive juice -- >> green olive juice, does that come in the olive jar? >> yeah, this stuff right here. and thicken it. and if you're allergic to gluten, you know what this is. and it's 25% reduced fat. so, 25% of the original amount of fat. >> it's so good. >> and for dessert, some peaches and sparkling cider. >> i brought the cider. prosecco is for the after-party. >> you at home, should you and could you, use something like prosecco. that's all i'm saying. >> i was hoping there was a before, for a second. >> by the way, you can get all of these recipes at,
8:53 am
for everything you see right here. "eat this italian." rocco. >> chris, look at him. >> we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
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8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] speaking of thanks, thanks to rocco. thank you, chris powell. and thanks to our men and women in the armed services. we thank you for your sacrifices. happy birthday, america. we'll see you tomorrow.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. we'll have the latest on how day three of the b.a.r.t. strike is affecting your morning commute in just a moment. right now let's check in on the b.a.r.t. situation. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is even worse than the past two days. the backup started earlier today around 5:30 this morning. all ten cash lanes have been backed up into the maze, although it appears to be a little better now, a little more movement. you can see the fastrak lanes are moving pretty good right there. no waiting in the car pool lanes. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard tells us the save has extra officers over there today ticketing drivers mostly for car pool violations and texting
9:00 am
while driving. we're using cell phone technology to bring this live cell 7 picture of the casual car pool location under i-580 at grand avenue in oakland. you can see the lineup of cars waiting to pick up commuters, although there's a car pool discount toll. this is the fastest way to go once the car pools get onto the freeway. the hov lanes have been moving faster than anything else. live in uptown oakland where crowds have been waiting to board transit buses at 20th street and broadway. the lines remain. situation has improved a bit in the past half hour with b.a.r.t. adding two extra shuttle buses at that stop. guess what, those extra shuttles included a school bus that picked up some overflow passengers, people heading to work got a chance to get a seat on the school bus that otherwise might have sat idle for the summer. there is a glimmer of hope on this thursday of the b.a.r.t. strike. this is a live shot at the picket lne


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