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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, thanks for joining us. >> we start with breaking news here in san francisco. a police officer and firefighter were injured and a resident rescued from a house fire in japantown. abc 7 news is live at the scene. heather? >> ama, we're here at the scene. firefighters and fire investigators are still at work cleaning up, trying to
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figure out what caused this fire. it started on the third floor of that blue building there. now, windows have been knocked out and they've got a kind of a tarp or cover hanging there. but this is in ways a very appropriate 4th of july story. we can feel proud of some quick-thinking neighbors and a hero cop. officials say the fire started in the back of the unit. residents saw the smoke, racing outside, flagging down a police officer who happened to be driving by. he went up the stairs, kicked in the door and rescued an elderly woman who lives alone there on the top floor. she suffered minor injuries, and the police officer had heat exmaugs. they were taken to the hospital. a firefighter was injured with some kind of cut to the hand. he also had to be transported. the down stairs neighbors who rab out and stopped the police officer had some very scary
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moments them selfs when they first saw the smoke pouring into their unit. >> i looked out of the window and black smoke up the walls so i just grabbed this son, yelled for that son, yeld for my sister and he got out. >> she is the one with her sister. the officer's name is matthew lowbrae. his supervisor called him a hero. police training does not include making rescues in burning buildings. the cause is still under investigation. and a reminder, you can get alerts ompb twitter just follow us on abc 7 news bay area. >> now, to developments on the bart strike. now it's 4th day. the 4th of july holiday is
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making for an easier commute on the freeways. this is a live look. you can see there is no back up leaving the city. >> people started driving into san francisco today hoping to get a spot for the fire works and that is where there is a back up right now. we have live team coverage, laura anthony has developments in the contract talks. let's begin with abc 7 news john alston with how this is affecting the holiday. john? >> matt, i'm one of 200,000 people who will be here along the embarcadero. here is a look at the traffic that has been building we're near mission street and ferry building. there is a grap now, kids causing trouble earlier z now they're walking down but yes. three youngstered launched what appears to be an m 80 here, nobody is hurt. everybody just going on.
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but they have been causing trouble with us before. heckling. traffic thickening up again as it has been building all afternoon. it's slow alk the embarcadero starting in the morning and will only get worse. before noon, they started filling up the parking lots along embarcadero. the $20 sign tucked away, these visitors paying more than twice that. >> much more. >> $45. it was $20 last year with this parking meter situation and fines, it's just awful. >> residents started their holiday knowing they'd have company on the roads. >> oh, just because bart and whatever we decided to drive in and spend the day in the city. to watch all of the america's cup stuff. >> in the past bart was packed, hauling in commuter who's wanted to see fire works. there were 182,000 riders last
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year with no bart this time, muni is expecting fewer visitors jumping on the system. muni treating this as a normal 4th of july. >> we're going to have shuttles running from cal train, extra trains running into that location. and e line will be running into that area. >> chp also on duty tonight and are expecting more cars on the bridge. they will be on bart because of more people on the road. police just got here they're going to try to find kids who set off that m 80 and will bring them back this way so that ought to be good. >> looking forward to that, thank you, john. abc 7 news laura anthony is live with latest on the bart negotiations any progress today and the only positive sign is that talks are ongoing and and so far there has been
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no sign of a significant movement so far, anyway on this holiday. that seems to be especially difficult for the negotiating teams from the two biggest unions. the bargaining began at 11:00 and by lunch, union leaders were expressing their frustration to their members down at the lake merit bart station. >> the folks are not bargaining with news good faith. the community is -- they're trying to the community misrepresenting the truth. >> we're working to reach a fair contract for our workers and come to agreements. to do what we needed to do for the future of bart. >> now we're told so far they haven't been able to agree on ground rules for bargaining.
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besides lack of movement with pay, benefits and safety, union leaders complained about meetings the board keeps scheduling. and then, canceling we'll have live tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. the talks are underway. thank you, laura. if you want to see fire works in san francisco tonight, this morning a few dozen people lined up at the bart station to catch a ride into the city. but it was nothing like the huge crowds we've seen the past few days. bart is running 15 buses, five east bay bus stations will be three buses for each station. they leave starting about now. >> and we have a new abc 7 news smart phone app. you'll also be able to watch live breaking news as it happens. the app is easy to down load
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just go to abc 7,/apps for details if you have our app you'll need to down load the new one because the old will be going away soon. >> there were plenty of parades and other celebrations around the bay area today. in san jose, annual red, bi and blue parade ran through organizers. tons of people turned out despite the heat. 170 entries including a dog there made it a fun day. >> the city of alameda's parade one of the first to kick off around the bay area. the city calls this the second longest independence day parade in the nation. 170 floats traveled three and a half miles. 30,000 people came out to watch. many pulled their lawn chairs on to streets. the parade wound through the neighborhoods.
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>> pier 39 has been rocking this afternoon. thousands walked for a series of free 4th of july concerts. others went there to catch a boat tour of the bay. now, peer 39 is a prime viewing location for fire works display. the show begins at 9:30 tonight. >> a fremont 4th of july parade featured a touch of abc 7 news. the march yaid is unique, funded by donations. the city celebrated its diversity with americanna that included old cars, marching bands, floats, and costumes. we have a full list of the fire works events ash the bay area on our web site abc 7 >> some unusual weather this morning didn't dampen the spirit. >> yes.
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and now more on the parade from danville. >> this parade is as red, white and blue as they come, one of the oldest traditions starting 150 years ago. before the band could play, a dark cloud formed and there was rain. the morgan family was surprised. >> we come here every year. great little small town parade. everybody is nice, excited to be here. >> perfect. >> minutes later the rain clouds parted despite the down pour, the parade carried on. >> it's wonderful having overcast skies right now. and yeah. it's nice. so we've done it for years and years. >> good. good. >> and concord, it was all about pancakes. the 4th of july breakfast sponsored by the rotary club.
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the event so popular, they can barely flip enough flap jack autos we'll go through 7800 to a thousand pancakes in a flash, then, when done, we have hot dogs because this america. >> the the rain did not last long no. spirits were dampened. now we've got nothing but sunshine. >> how will weather be for tonight? >> that is a big question. spencer chris chib is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> here is a live. no clouds at the coast. conditions at the moment appear favorable for a good view. this is a look at the fog pattern there. will be fog working its way up the golden gate. mainly sunny skies so patchy fog at 9:30 tonight. sea breeze about 25 miles per
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hour. looks like fog will hold off moving through the golden gate. live readings 71 degrees in san francisco. 79 in oakland. 8 in san jose. and another live view looking along embarcadero, sunny skies, still very warm inland. 91 now in santa rosa. 101 in fairfield and livermore, first forecast at coit tower from our camera dur evening hours, again, clear skies but cooling. fog returns overnight lingering tomorrow afternoon, breezy, pleasant, mainly sunny skies. highs from 60s at the coast to 86 inland. i'll show how long this is going to last in the seven-day forecast a little bit later. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 meat ball warning from san francisco police, what dog owners need to know, next.
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>> we expected a picnic, we found a celebration more worthy of thanksgiving. that story is coming up. >> and look at this, the earth opens up in a street swallowing up a car, lear from the driver who made it out alive. >> and checking our traffic at 4:13 looking at the bridge on your 4th of july holiday, smooth sailing on the san mateo bridge. stay with us.
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redwood city police asking for help to find an at risk, autistic teenager, last seen at 10:00 this morning in the city of roosevelt and cleveland avenues wearing a black long sheef shirt, blue jeans and a black 49ers hat with a red bill. he has no known friends in the area. he talked about going to east palo alt reto see fire works. san jose police seized 29 weapons from a home on jackie drive last night checking on a man prohibited from possessing firearms. officer as loued in without a problem. the man told them where to find firearms. the resident on the state armed prohibitive persons list was arrested, most on that list are felons or have been convict fd a violent misdemeanor. 29 weapons were removed from the home last night. >> a warning for dog owners one dog became ill from eating what appeared to be a poisoned
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meat ball. the dog named oscar. the 7-year-old is currently at a vet hospital in very critical condition. his owner says he got sick after eating a meat ball on crestline drive in the twin peaks neighborhood. residents found more meat balls in the area, they've been stont a lab for testing believed to be laced with an animal poison. >> initial symptoms are agitation, tremors, hyper react activity to light, noise and sounds and seizures coming quickly this, gets in the system within 10, 15 minutes so it's very important that people act quickly. >> oscar's vet says meet balls have been found around col skpe. hays valley. oscar's condition is day-to-day. >> there has been bizarre weather in the southwest. take a look at this. over two feet of hail blanketed the town of santa rosa. some the size of golf balls. it punched holes in roofs, sky
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lights and cars. no one was hurt and this is all because of a rare summer storm that is passing over the state. two weerks ago, the same area escaped flames. >> in the bay area a great day to be outside with family and friends on this 4th of july, one for family the holiday is special. >> yes. abc 7 news is live in antioch with the story of one big gathering. wayne? >> a big, hot day in antioch. it has been fitting for an independence day. it's tiring when you consider this heat wave we're in began last month in june. >> you have entered ground zero heat wave style. s residents the not only launching but boats but dogs. >> did you bring roomy?
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it was mutual, actually. >> mutual and all inclusive for anyone venturing outside today. people arrived early, planned to stay late. >> it keeps our kids in check. well, sort of anyway until a squirt gun war broke out this, is a rivalry gone on for decades. between christopher brown and his older brother, jay. >> i'm trying to -- i'm trying to -- . >> that? that is kind of good. >> you're not going to win. >> in his mind and everyone's he has just been here. >> from a place much higher than this. >> three weeks ago i was in kuwait. in the military, i just got home. >> home to 60 people, five kids z a grill teeming with
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4th of july fixins. maybe the rest of us take this independence day for granted but not for jay brown after missing a year of holidays this is the best 4th of july, ever. >> makes it very special. nothing like family and friends. >> yes in kuwait super are hot, here it's better. you can't complain. >> that is the really good news. at least in my mind. >> yes. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies right now. across the bay area it's warm. here is a look at highs so far, it's reached 107 degrees in antioch. these are not the final official highs yet. temperatures at or above 100. up north in clear lake. upper 80s into the bay. 89 in san jose.
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73 here in san francisco. but this will be the last day for a while. looking live towards bay bridge, these are the features. heat wave ends tonight. i can say that. the fog returns to the coast. and that big mass of hot air brought us this week-long heat wave is moving out. and cooler air is moving n tonight we'll see fog back to the coastline and pushing across the bay. will be cooler tonight. from much of the bay area, we'll see lows into low to mid-60s, mid-50s near the coast. here is our forecast at 5:00 in the morning there will be patches of fog in some inland
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spots. fog burns back to the coast but not completely away from the coast. we'll have a nice strong surge as much as 25 degrees cooler tomorrow. highs upper 40s on the coast. mid-70s to mid-80s. 75 in redwood city. upper are 50s to low 60s on the coast. nompblg bay, mainly mid-80s. 82 napa. inland east bay much cooler than today, highs only into low to mid-80s. and here is the accu-weather forecast. goodbye triple bij fits hello comfortable weather. highs inland into 80s. and about 06s on coast.
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>> too much. >> thank you. >> up next, a 4th of july tradition. joey chestnut, what the champion says get him going.
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on this 4th of july an american symbol. lady liberty reopened aeblgt months after super storm sandy swarmed liberty island. hundreds of workers were brought in to help with repairs today, lines of visitors stretched for blocks in lower manhattan waiting to hop on ferries to take them to the statue. >> this san jose native with iron stomach chud his way into the record books again today. >> devouring 69 hot dogs in just 10 minutes. during annual 4th of july hot-dog eating contest in new york. >> he beat last year's record by one hot dog. his 7th consecutive victory. the second place runner up only had 51 hot dog autos i had my girlfriend yelling at
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me. not letting me slow down. and she saved me on that one. >> he goes ou home with a mustard yellow belt and $10,000 but he says it's not about the cash. it's about the prift yeej. >> the cash help autos yes. it does. >> still ahead at 4:00 all eyes on egypt to see what happens next at after the military ousted the country's president. and opening ceremonies we're live with the festivities, next. >> and special tribute and
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in egypt, white house officials are making calls to officials there to convey importance of a quick, responsible return to a democratly led civilian here is abc. demonstrations quieted down but today, support yirs and opponents still took to the streets. this backer says she supported
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democracy and the way the military will move the president from office. >> the people tried to do rulings to do this. it's not. >> today egypt's top judge was sworn in. the first step in a road map towards a new government. the army suspended the constitution. the world is watching. >> i'm worried we've got a cure that could be worse than the disease. >> serl of his top lead jerz been detained. every year the u.s. gives $1 billion in aid to egypt, last night the president said the u.s. had concern about the way morsi was returned from power and called for a swift,
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responsible transition to the new government. >> what we need to happen now for democrat stoi flourish and for a democratic transition to take place. >> morsi's muslim brotherhood party says it will not participate in the process. >> today, learning how grave the condition of nelson mandela is in. court documents reveal he's being kept alive by a breathing machine says he faces quote impending death. the 94-year-old was hospitalized nearly a month ago for a recurring lung infection. the documents were released as part of a court case about the bur yil site. >> a 19-year-old promised she won't let the man get away.
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her weapon to help find the robber? her cell phone, which he was carrying. >> i let him have the phone for a day. he made phones called on the day. i was like okay. went on line, called everyone. everyone. >> one of the people she dialed fesed up. she tracked down the dmar a gas station, called police and joined authorities. her car was crashed into a pole but officers got the guy, finding two insta gram photos of the suspect posing on the stolen car with a gun. >> you're looking at individual yof a rescue at sea. these nine people were adrift for four days found waving for help as you can see there. two were americans. the boat ran out of gas. >> we had one on each side.
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and play preyed with were weren't going to get flipped over from the storm. >> brown says they tried paddling to shore, but that didn't work. the coast guard thankfully showed up, rescuing everyone. the lesson brown says she learned, go out with food and water which they did not have in case disaster strike autos official kickoff for long waited america's cup is underway now in san francisco. >> abc 7 news is live on the embarcadero with festivities. hi, mark. >> this is the day organizers have been working towards for three years. let me take you to the pictures this morning opening ceremonies began. the village opened for business at 12:00 noon today. kids played ping pong. parents checked out shopping and plenty of places to get
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food and drink as well. you can get a look at larry ellison's big yacht next to his bigger yacht. kids can try hoisting a sail. and what is really impress gist areas laid out for the public in front of the water, you can watch the racing. >> i think that is what bhaiks the whole cup a new venue fantastic. the public has a chance to see the race. >> i heard about what is going on there. i wanted to check it out. >> they have people standing around, answering questions. they have boats on display. i think they've done a great job. >> just winding up right now, teams were introduced.
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what they want to do is bring people down, and very impressive they're opening up the area to the general public, coming up we'll have a look at vip areas. i'm mark math use live from pier 27. >> thank you, mark. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 giants pitcher's 4th of july tribute. >> legos can build just about anything. we'll show you one woman'sy yailgs, next. >> clear skies now under warm conditions but cooling coastal fog son the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast. >> and at 4:36 on the raise there, what a breeze compared to the rest of the week. day four of the strike getting relief from the 4th of july holiday. >> yes. very busy people arriving early for fire works tonight. nice blue skies out there.
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abc 7 news we'll be right back. mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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an unusual display of patriotism. a southern california auto wrecker assembled this rendition of old glory made out of crushed cars. the flag is 75 feet long, 19 feet high.
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and. >> the woman who lost her foot after it was crushed under a car found a new way of getting around. >> yes. she followed through with making a prosthetic leg out of legos and that is what she did. >> the sleg comfortable but not practical. the range of motion is and it garnered a half million view autos spencer christian with our accu-weather forecast. accuweather for a long time here. >> he says a break is coming. >> break is coming and it's coming in just a short period of time. right now looking at live doppler 7, sunny skies do expect cooling fog to return.
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this will be the weather picture from boston and washington, d.c.. a chance of showers, thunderstorms likely near atlanta. 95 in salt lake city. looking home ward tomorrow, we're getting cooler weather there will be hot spots. here in the way area a return of the cooling fog tonight high temperatures dropping off 25 degrees in some inland locations. 4 highs around 06 and tomorrow evening at at and t park giants taking on donners. game time, 7:15, partly cloudy, breezy.
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about 56 later in the evening. it's going to be cool, breezy and almost candle stick like. cooling down. >> sounds good. thank you. >> still ahead take a look at video. a massive sink hole swallows up a woman and car. >> and these have expensive tastes. money making job they pulled off. >> new web site
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firefighters making big pro gress on a huge wildfire that killed 19 crew members this week, burning 13 square miles about 45% contained. that number expected to go up because crews are starting to get a handle on containing northern and southern flanks of the blaze.
4:46 pm
some residents could return home by this weekend. 19 firefighters have an elite crew were killed when winds changed into the direction of the blaze over the weekend. >> a woman got the ride of her life when a giant sink hole ripped off the road. >> yes. images are just incredible and so are the stories the driver has to tell. >> it sunk in. >> panic in ohio yesterday. a sink hole opened up in the road swallowing a car and driver without warning. frightened witnesses unable to reach the woman still trapped, pleaded with 911 operators to send help. a pipe burst. >> okay. >> is there water? >> yes. yes.
4:47 pm
she's moving around. she's moving her hands. >> she says she has no idea what was happening. >> all of a sudden my car was falling and rolling. i was scared. >> they warned her she had to move quickly because the ground was unstable. with the help of a firefighter she was able to climb to safety. >> i got to the ground level they walked me away from the scene. no sooner had they started men thor streets started to cave in. >> she went to the hospital as a precaution. police on the lookout for a team of thieves who carried out a high end heist they did it in style.
4:48 pm
using a mercedes-benz sedan. expensive bottles of vod ka. police say the thieves loaded 700 cases of the vodka into a white van and box truck. >> it's an amber color, golden color this, area is pure 24 carat gold. the value of our products being recognized by a multitude of demographics. >> it is called spirit of the czars. importers say the thieves made off with 4500 bottles and can't get them replaced until next year. >> a special tribute to his father this is barry zito with his father, joe who died at age 84, last month.
4:49 pm
he is donating $500 for every strike out recorded today. san francisco was rained out in cincinnati. a woman whose husband was kill md a cycling accident started a web site to help other people prepare for unforeseen circumstances. >> this is about getting your act together. >> yes. it's what it's about. and i knlt say the full name of the web site on tv. this is not something anyone wants to go through themselves jose hernando was a silly loving dad and husband. he went for a cycling ride around this hour, four years ago this month. that is when his wife got the
4:50 pm
call. >> they were surprised he made to the hospital alive. >> a van plowed into her husband, he died a week later. >> i was standing in icu. i turned to my friends and said oh, my god i don't have it together. >> her brain buzzed with things she didn't know, or have. pass words, documents, account detail autos we had a life insurance policy very, very helpful. but outdated. and no emergency fund. we had a will ask a living will that were drafted but not signed. >> she launched a web site to help others one accident or illness way from financial despair. >> writing down details for accounts and pass words would have saved me if not tens of hours maybe hundreds of hours trying to track down. >> she calls it get your blank it was a
4:51 pm
terrifying thought to not know what i needed. >> thousands down loaded the documents and check lists she wishes she had had so if she a financial expert? >> no. but the financial lessons learned about life and death could save you from a lot of blank. we have a link to her web site on abc 7 now i'll take a look at the alternative alternative for beef burgers. >> coming up next, taking the jeopardy challenge taking on tough contestents. >> then, making sure fireworks light up the sky. the instances where officials say they won't hes state to
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crack down on safe, sane fire works. >> there are
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at 8:00 it's wipe out followed by motive. and then, ever course join us at 11:00. >> it's a girl for lieutenant governor gavin newsom and his wife. he tweet today we welcome latest addition to our family a very healthy baby girl brooklyn newsom. thank you jen newsom, you're amazing. lieutenant governor and their children rode in a convertible sunday. brooklyn joins older sister montana, three, and 1-year-old brother, hunter. >> have you ever wanted to be on jeopardy sheer your chance
4:56 pm
but you'll have to to go up against the toughest opponent. >> yes. and it shows jonathan intloom not as smart as he thought. >> it's every geek's fantasy but the quickest way is having this guy show up next to you watson is the ibm super compute yefr. now, the set is on display at the computer history museum, and you can try against watson himself. >> who is your daddy company? >> what is whirlpool. >> can you go easier? >> you start off with no bik deal, then realize the questions are hard you and mostly don't know the answers to them.
4:57 pm
>> watson? look. >> history got ugly we held our own in business and tech. >> that is incorrect. >> what? >> he got it wrong. >> excellent. >> in the end, he beat us by more than double. you don't feel cheated just outsmarted. >> people saw watson they forgot it's a computer and just treated it as another contestant. >> watson isn't all about just embarrassing people, the purpose is to help people. by digging up information. he's being used in medicine but before long will be in customer service. through tech support. >> learning curve is now shorter you've got a great helper. and that is where we see goit
4:58 pm
being. >> in mountain view abc 7 news. >> yes, too bad you can't start with a teen addition and warm up to watson. >> thanks for joining us. >> who is behind meat treats. >> and the holiday was there any progress here in the bart strike? swreelt outcome of the talks good high heat wave, hello coastal fog.
4:59 pm
optimism stays for a settlement in the bart strike. so dozens of cars will remain idle one more day maybe even longer. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> we are now four days into the strike. the 4th of july holiday meant a holiday from backed up freeways and streets but things weren't rolling along today. laura anthony has an update on the negotiations. >> pace of things is just -- it's frustrating. >> that is how one union negotiator sums up the talks with bart over pay, benefits and safety for workers. so far, he says they can't agree on ground rules. >> still we have a few but
5:00 pm
typical ground rules normally negotiated we don't come to terms on. >> at the lunch break negotiators for fdiu headed to the bart station to brief members. >> this is wisconsin this, is michigan they want to break our union because if they can break the union, destroy workers in northern california there is nothing left. >> the team took issue with the bart's scheduling of special meetings that include item as louing the district to impose contracts on its unions. >> so a series of notices going up and going on. and they have to include thaefrg could be discussed. >> this employer will not emplimt on us without a


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