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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. that breaking news is happening now across the bay area. bart trains, guess what, are running again. sky 7 was over head as the first trains headed out after four days without bart service. the strike ended just before 11:00 but took nearly 16 hours
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to get the trains running again. >> you're going to make sure there are enough people behind the scenes at our maintenance shops, at the yard where trains are stored. our operation control room. these things need to have a minimum staffing level in order to produce train service. >> so they brought the proposal, we thought okay. let's do it. let's try to make this work. we don't want a rider's transit. >> bart and two union as agreed to extend the contract for 30 days while negotiations continue. >> talks begin again monday and in august if there is still no agreement workers could go on strike, again. >> heather? >> we're at the top of the stairs down to bart and muni platt forms here. and needless to say there are lots of relieved commuters here. there wasn't a crush of people but a small crowd of a couple
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dozen or so lined up by 2:45. that is when the station agents appeared, opened the fair gets and started to let people n as she was doing that, she could not yet tell people what kind of schedule there might be for which trains would be arriving when, and when they'd be leaving. first signs showing wait times of 20, and 30 minutes and more. a train to millbrae stopped, opened doors and over loud speakers an announcement this is going to millbrae if you want to go, you best get on. bart faithful are elated. >> i got chills. newspapers said they're still on strike. when i saw the thing in the bus booth said trains running, i got goose bumps. >> i'm delighted.
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yes. yes. it's a great relief. >> are you back to normal starting monday? >> life in san francisco is ever normal, then, yes, i'm back to it. i want to make sure that the workers get their fair share, too.. >> those women were three friends that carpooled with a husband of one of them. but they had had a hard time this, we we tried to come in on charter buses and she said they filled up and left her there. she was never able to get here. so they were happy about this and it's particularly good news for giants fans. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> with the strike over, rates in parking lots are dropping to expensive. this lot was charging $70 july
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4th. a day later, rates dropped to 30dzs a day. other lots climbed to $40 during the strike. they now range from 16ses today $32 per day. >> gets it's a supply demand thing. >> yes. >> before trains started there were problems during morning commute with the shuttle bus autos abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has reaction from wall nult creek. >> sky 7 hd captured bart trains getting ready to roll back into service. trash is being picked up and workers removing signs which informed the public about the strike. before dawn, riders lined up, many glad trains will be rolling again but fear a 30 day extension could mean another strike in august. >> in 30 days if that time passes by we'll be back to square one again so. they need
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to get this together. >> why strike and agree to come back until you figure something out? i'm thankful for buses, thank you, bart. >> bart provided seven shuttles from several stations first come, first served but today, it wasn't enough. many riders were left behind. >> buses took off. >> you're kidding me. >> no. >> how are we going to get to owe work? >> this is extremely inconvenient. yes. i mean some of us do have to work today. >> there were so many complaints from frustrated riders bart had to find another bus z finally, sent folks on their way. >> some riders started showing up super early. they say there was no other way to get to san francisco.
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>> a lot of traffic this afternoon, likely some fall out. trains didn't start running until 3:00. fast track lanes were movering alochblgt you can see a major back up in cash-only lanes. there is a giants game this evening at 7:00 that. may be contributing to some traffic as well. whether for traffic or the commute don't forget to down load our exclusive waze app for your smart phone. >> just go to abc 7 to down load for free. >> to owe other news police are asking for your help finding this man, part of a group that viciously attacked a woman sunday morning in the castro district. the surveillance video may be hard to watch for some viewers, after the group robbed the woman this man kicked her in the head, knocking her unconscious, police believe the group was involved in
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several robberies and assaults after the pink saturday event last weekend. police describe suspects as five black males and one black female in late teens or early 20s. >> disgusting. >> a security guard faces two counts of murder facing from stemming deaths of two victims. police say the 21-year-old admitted to gunning down the two men, his family claim they ran into the freezer to escape from men they thought were going to hurt them. prosecutors say gurly shot the ploimys after the plomy -- employees went to see what was going on in the back of the restaurant. >> home video captured a deadly inferno in richmond. a husband and wife died after their garage burst into flames. the adult son is in critical condition. he and other family members had been playing with fire
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works before midnight. investigators want to know if he set off anymore fireworks after going outside around 2:30 this morning around the time witnesses saw his clothes on fire. >> i heard screaming and commotion. just that woke me up. >> as far as the gentleman running that wasn't good. we tell you stop, drop, roll wh. running, you're feeding the fire. >> firefighters say the man's parents were sleeping inside of the garage that had been converted into a bedroom. >> it was a busy morning for crews throughout the bay area especially in san francisco. street sweepers and crews swept up mountains of spent fire work casings and garage around the street. the show was quite spectacular.
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dozens came out to wacht pyrotechnics go o police responded to dozens of calls for these illegal fire work shows uk hear illegal fire works booming in oakland last night. sky 7 shot this video above east oakland just after 9:00. police had patrols on the streets to curb the use of fire works also they were looking for people who fired guns into the air. >> despite warnings people still do whatever they want. unfortunately. a great night for fire works and cooler temperatures. >> yes. relief for us. yes. great viewing and today, much cooler, clear skies as you can see. just a patch of fog there. that is about it. beautiful afternoon around the bay area. you can notice ab absence of fochlgt readings 62 degrees in san francisco. 57 in half moon bay.
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another live sfru our roof camera looking over embarcadero here, sunny skies 80 in fairfield and livermore. a live view from our exploratorium camera. these are the forecast features. a first forecast i should say. temperatures ranging from 55 on coast to 72. low clouds, fog developing overnight near the coast and bay, tomorrow afternoon, mainly mild inland and around the bay. but cool on the coast highs there only into mid-50s. i'll give you a look at the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 two historic moments at the vatican and why pope francis met with his predecessor today. plus... a 4th of july disaster, instead of shooting up fire
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works going into the crowd. here what residents say about the accident. >> and america's cup disappointment. the out of water fight that has one team threatening to pull out of the first official race this weekend. >> and michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live a little later. you can contact michael on and on twitter. >> and outside this is a look at traffic going through berkeley. sticky in both directions for a holiday weekend. moving. but not too fast. bart trains are running again as of about an hour, 10 minutes ago. stay with us. abc 7 news
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investigators believe illegal fire works may have sparked two wildfires in oakland hills last night. crews worked into early morning hours putting out the fires and remained on the scene to keep hot spots from reigniting. one fire burned a girl scout cabin. flames charred about two and a half acres. the fire burned near a herd of goats but they were unharmed. >> a professional fire works show turned dangerous for thousands of people celebrating the 4th of july. a wooden platform tipped over. sending pyrotechnics into the crowd nearly 30 people were hurt. reporter john greggorry from our sister station has this report from simi valley.
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>> oh, my god! >> within seconds the awe is replaced by terror. fire works explode on the ground, sending large pieces of debris flying in every direction into the crowd. >> this is pretty spectacular, everybody started screaming. it was pretty frightening. >> shrapnel included large pieces of wood, projectiles with killing power, this piece went through a wooden percent fence. >> whoever was sitting there could have died. >> what happened got too extreme. just pop and everybody having a good time, now, it's like extreme. >> this home is across the street. concussion from the blast shattered windows here, just
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about anyone here understands this could have been much worse. >> when i heard it, i knew something was wrong. it sounded like a bomb to me. really loud they went off at once. >> what caused the fs fire is now in the hands of investigators. the company also did last year's show without problems. and that was john gregory reporting. most injuries including burns and chest pains. the fire company says it plans a thorough investigation. >> pope francis cleared the way for john paul ii to become a saint. francis approved the miracle needed to canonize john paul. this was not a surprise, it was pope john paul who made him a cardinal. he waived vatican rules to
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honor another pope john 23. also, pope benedict unveiled a religious text titled the light of faith. the two made a rare appearance together chlgt it's the first time of the two have been seen together since early may. >> jobs report gives stocks a boost. >> yes. we have today's bloomberg business report. >> good afternoon. employment roar add head in june, payrolls added 195,000 workers for a second month. while the jobless rate stayed at 7.6%. these latest numbers indicate the u.s. economy is poised for faster growth. and the fb jobs report says all three stock indexes are higher today giving s and p 500 it's second weekly gain.
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and a 2% gain in symanech share autos and hulu according with sources one possible buyer is already out. private equity firm silver lake dropped efforts to buy hulu. paula deen announced she cut ties with her former agent. this is the latest fallout from dean's admission she's used racial slurs in the past. from bloomberg studios in new york, dan and ama. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> time to get a check on weather which has cooled off. >> can you feel the relief? fwoitsing to stay that way for a whi. not going to have a
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sudden bounce back. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies now with a patch of fog along the coastline. here is a temperature change 26 degrees cooler in livermore, 27 degrees cooler in concord. 22 at novato. here in san francisco 10 degrees cooler so you get the picture. this is a live view from our camera looking west. we take a look at our forecast we'll see low clouds and fog not only on the coast but across the bay well inland. cooler pattern holds through tomorrow. slightly warmer weather sunday, monday, tuesday. our forecast shows a surge of low clouds and fog across the bay skpinland overnight tonight. so 5:00 in the morning lots of low clouds and fog around the
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bay area. pulling back by afternoon. overnight tonight pleasantly cool and breezy. low temperatures into mid to upper 50s. and then looking ahead to tomorrow it's going to be a lovely day. sunny skies and highs from low 70s up to about 80 but mainly in the 70s. 73 in palo alto. highs in half moon bay into upper 50s. downtown san francisco, a high of 63 tomorrow. 58 in the sunset district. and 76 in calistoga. 75 nappa. east bay highs of 70s in oakland. inland east bay, 81 in walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. so will warm up a little bit sunday, more monday, tuesday with highs around 90s or so.
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good news no extremes in site. no triple digits, no rain. it's dry out there. it's pleasant without the rain. >> coming up next someone now owns a part of rolling stones front man, mick jagger. >> what it is, how much it sold for, next. >> bay area real estate market is hot but homes for sale are not attracting as many bids as in the past. we'll explain why, still to come. >> and traffic not too shabby at all. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00
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a clump of hair from mick jagger has sold at auction for $6,000. the hair put up for bid by jagger's former girlfriend chrissy shrimpton. she met him well before he became a star. an anonymous bidder pushed the bid to double presale, proceeds going to changing faces charity working with people who have suffered facial disfigurement. jagger turns 70 this month. and he the stones will headline a music festal this
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weekend. >> i was hoping it would go to charity. good thing, ringo star's birthday wish. >> here is today's on the red carpet report. >> we've got a couple days left in the 4th of july weekend box office showdown but so far, despicable me 2 is the movie of choice. first two days it took in near arely $60 million. so steve carrel and minions are a strong number one. carrel stars in the way, way back" about a boy with a rough time sitting in. >> i was sort of an awkward kid and you know it's a transitional period for anyone. >> it is in limited release now.
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ringo star turns 73 sunday and to celebrate the big day, the musician is asking fans to share a moment whaef loves the most. peace and love. >> at noon if you can go peace and love, peace and love, peace and love whenever you are at noon. that will be great. >> ringo started celebrating this way back in 2008. and for more celebrity news and pictures go to >> peace and love. >> yes. >> still ahead at 4:00 teams bickering why one team is now threatening to pull out of the race this weekend. >> plus, tensions in egypt are rising. and protests colliding. >> a hero puts a convicted rapist in prison after a
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big disappointment on the water an exhibition race cancelled because of too much wind. >> now, the italian team is
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threatening to pull out of the race on sunday. mark? >> we've talked about how organizers are trying to get people interested in yacht racing they had this village built to get people in and pique their interest. i can tell you the bickering is not a help. the long awaited summer of racing got off to a thud. >> we may decide to stay back in the race on sunday. >> many didn't hear that but what he said is that the italian team may not take part because italians don't like the way the regatta director instituted design changes in his list of safety recommendations. and the italians are appeal tg a jury scheduled to meet on monday. >> we want to hear from the jury before making our plans to talk on that. >> reaction was clear enough. >> if you're not going to race
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you don't get the paints you don't win the america's cutch. >> for folks news of a possible no show came on top of the cancellation of an exhibition race. the committee cancelled because there was too much wind. there was a parade of boat but not the ones people came to see. >> that makes it hard for fans if we're in town for something. >> craig flew frup l.a.. >> i came down to watch the races and i'm dispalted to be honest with you. you spent over $1 billion you should be in the watter, racing. >> here is a little of what the ceo of the oracle team team told me about the italian waffling. >> acting like a bunch of spoiled babies. >> more coming up at 6:00. >> the prosecution in the george zimmerman murder case
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wrapped up its case today. the defense called a witness. the former neighborhood watch volunteer's mother. before that there was testimony from trayvon martin's mother and brother. prosecutors called in question who was heard screaming during a 911 call. it's the contention because it could help determine who was at gresor in the scuffle. >> what is going on? >> do you recognize that? >> yes. >> who do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon benjiman martin. >> the medical customer testified that it was impossible for martin to speak or move after he was shot which prosecutors say contradict's zimmerman's claim the teen sat up and told him you got me. >> number of people killed in clashes is rising two days
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after the military ousted president moresy. these are live pictures from tahrir square in cairo. so far 30 people have been killed and 200 others injured. abc news reporter on tensions running high in a country that is split among political and religious lines tens of thousands of supporters of mohammed morsi took to the streets today. his muslim brotherhood party calling it a day of rejection. backers made it clear they're not giving up easily. yesterday an interim president was sworn in, today announcing changes to the constitution and said morsi's muslim brotherhood is quote, part of the fabric of egyptian society. the military detained close to 300 leaders morsi is under
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house arrest. so are hi cabinet members. >> imcommitted to this country and bringing democracy to the country. if i'm killed in the process that is a price i'm willing to take. >> the obama administration is watching to see what develops in a nation so critical to the region. egypt is the largest arab country, one in every four aryans lives there. the u.s. has more than a billion reasons to be concerned. military aid is second only to what we give to israel. >> sth this is how our naval forces get in and out of the persian gulf how world oil gets to global markets. >> obama administration add officials have been in contact with their egyptian counter parts and seem to be taking a wait and see approach during this period of interim
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government. >> edward snowden is seeking asil yum in six new countries believed to be in moscow airport transit area the six countries have not been identified by wiki leaks. snowden sought refuge from 20 country skpplz turned him down, flat. >> big progress on that destructive wildfire in arizona. officials say the fire is 80% contained and not expected to grow. with efforts going well some of the 700 could be sent home, soon. the fir killed 19 elite firefighters from a hot shot kru. today, the coroner says all died from fire-related injuries. and some suffocated from lack of oxygen. >> an escaped convict is back
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behind bars and his capture caught on cam tla. is video from a store camera showing a cher tackling james david myers this, customer realized the man closely resembled a mug shot at the counter. the customer sprang into action, pinned the guy to the ground until police plees arrived. he was serving for a rape, burglary and kidnapping. >> still ahead a giant's pitcher barry zito's holiday tribute to his father. >> plus, puppy tale of survival. the animal rode for miles in ary uncomfortable space. >> today's 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. you can contact me and over on
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twitter i'll answer your questions here live in just a few moment autos down towards ocean beach, you can see a cooling trend has begun. other wise, sunny skies. i'll show you what the weekend will bring us in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and at 4:37 let's take a look at the skyway things picking up on the left side, still slow. trains are running which is good news because well, we had a giants game tonight.
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a massive invasion of green algae not keeping committed swimmers from going for a dip. look at this, it's the seven year it's sprouted in the sea. this is the biggest invasion, ever. scientists say pollution and agriculture industry and human sewage is a major factor. that makes it more pleasant, doesn't it? bulldozers are being used to scrape ate way. >> this is dramatic video from a dog rescue. the pup got stuck between a steering mechanism and axel. the car traveled across three cities after hearing the dog nrt hood.
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>> they had the wheel off working gingerly to rescue the dog there. >> the sup was take dwron a vet for a checkup, rescuers are trying to figure out who it belongs to. you can see he knew people were helping it's cooler, just a patch of fog moving up near the golden gate. we have sunny skies now. tomorrow it's going to be showery but summer like warmth will prevail there. highs into 90s from washington, d.c. to new york to boston.
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106 in phoenix. it may feel muggy, also. here in california look for warm to hot conditions up to about 100 degrees tomorrow in fresno. and here in the bay area, sunny skies highs inland into low to mid-80s. to 81 in concord. 73 palo alto. 63 here in the city of san francisco. fog near coastline tomorrow, so pleasantly cool summer day. into the weekend a little bit of warming but nothing like earlier. >> thank you. >> our new abc 7 news smart phone app will help you keep track of the weather you'll be able to watch live braeblging news. just go to abc 7 and remember, if you have our old
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app you'll need to down load the new one. old will be going away, soon. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 royal baby could be born any time now. the special gift for anyone in britain whose baby arrives on the same day as prince william and catherine's baby. >> if you receive a prescription savings card how do you know if it's legit is in the answer, next, plus, details on a major chrysler recall. >> stay with us and now here is david mui wr. a look at a what is coming up on world news at 5:30. >> coming up more on the fire works display going off into the crowd of thousands. tonight how could this happen and how are patients doing. tray von martin's mother on the stand. will her words make a difference in this case? and american flags in your
4:44 pm
yard, where were they made? the made in america team getting action.
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families of two teen-aged girls have spoken out for the first time since a freak parasailing accident left them injured this, home riddo shows what went wrong in pan ma city, fla monday it appears the line connecting to a wot boat broke loose they slammed into two buildings before landing. both of the 17-year-old best friends were in critical condition on monday but are now showing signs of improvement. >> she's got up today and was able to walk. >> we're in a state of shock. >> back home in indiana neighbors are making giant get well cards and have been raising money to cover mounting bills. >> san francisco giants did not play yesterday but pitcher barry zito came out like a hero.
4:48 pm
he promised to donate for every strike in all major league games. there were 218. his donation of $109,000 went to welcome back veterans to honor his father who died last month. a few months back he founded a charity to help military family autos if expecting parents time it just right, their in line for a treat courtesy of the royal family. babies born on the same day as prince williams's will get a silver penny for boys coming in a blue pouch for girls, it will be a pinch one. british parents can register through royal mint state book page. the mint says the gift is meant to be good luck. >> michael finney is answers questions. >> yes.
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and first, chrysler is announcing a recall. >> yes. the side air bags can deploy on the wrong side of a crash. these are the models affected. the company says they're supposed to deploy on the side of the vehicle involved but a software glitch is causing them to deply ploi on the opposite side of the vehicle there has been a minor injury related to the defect. >> lelts lets talk about consumer questions what are those mustache cars i see? >> yes. they're from left there is a guy that are skirting around taxi laws.
4:50 pm
in different locations down in l.a. and around the country. you go online and order up one and it's a private person in the cab, in the car coming up to pick you up and take you where you want to go. both apps will figure ourt how much donation should be. >> really? >> yes because plug it in, then, the guy calls back. >> wow, interesting. >> huey te mailed i received a prescription savings card is this a scam? >> without taking a look i can't tell you about your card but i can tell there are scam ones out there but there are legitimate ones, too this is not insurance this gives you a discount on prescriptions. go to whichever pharmacy you use and say do you accept this card? does it give a discount? that is how would you know.
4:51 pm
some of these offer a fabulous deal. you should ask what deals they offer is some help out low income patients with cheap drugs. >> mark a asks this. what is the point of fico giving you a credit report. >> there are thousands of credit scores out there. have you no idea which one your lender is going to pick your fico score is going closely track the one they're going to use. if you're buying a car they're looking at car purchases same with homes looking at that and blah, blah. the bottom line is that it tracks fairly close so that is why it matters. >> you talk about importance of being family with your
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credit. >> right. >> that is where you want to go to get a free report. right now myself and others are working hard in an attempt to get a free score. >> wow, wow nice. >> yes. >> thank you michael. >> sure. >> coming up next is there a blip in that hot housing snarkt why it's taking longer for homes to sell. >> coming up at 57k family members sharing grief after a fire claimed the lives of a husband and wife. neighbors recall concern over the celebration just before last night's tragedy. >> and reason a major university wants to stop the sale of the iphone and other products. stay with us. blp
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here is tonight's prime
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time line up. >> the super heated housing market may be cooling down. at least around the bay area. >> yes. bids aren't coming in as quickly as weeks ago nor are overbids. we're live with a house that could be a reflection of the changing market. >> this house is for sale in a red hot market. the houses often go within a week or maybe a day. in this market, we've seen a lot of buyers offering over asking price, however, something changed now, all of a sudden buyers are taking a breath before making an offer. this house went on the market five days ago. multiple offers would have come in before the first open house, however, this agent says it's take longer. >> in this market it's taking a little bit longer to make a
4:57 pm
decision to make an offer. >> telling us buyers are moving slower because interest rates are inching up after the federal reserve signals it may ease the mortgage buying this fall. this will make it more expensive to buy rental properties. >> overbidding people buying with all cash, offers with no appraisal or any contingencies which is a dangerous for anyone. and i think buyers are getting frustrated with that. >> so buyers overpaid because they had to in order to beat out the competition. a lot of buyers would pay more than they might in a balanced market. >> this frenzy mighting cooling off. >> i have not seen as many
4:58 pm
multiple offers in the last two weeks since i had before. and so i would say there is a cooling down period. >> and thanks for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now a vicious attack on a woman that has also searching for more than just this man. >> bart riders catching trains again. what this means to commuters and what it took to get bart rolling again. >> heat wave is over. i'll legal you know where temperatures are heading for the weekend coming up. >> for the first time in five days bart trains are running again just in time for friday evening commute.
4:59 pm
good evening. >> weather bart strike is over for next 30 days. at 3:00 p.m. commuters were able to hop back on the board the bart trains we have live coverage on the negotiations tonight and the friday commute that just got a little bit ease year as a result. we're going to start with abc 7 heather covering rider who's are very relieved. >> yes. it's palpable. dan. we're on market street at the top of the embarcadero station. and people just streaming in and out smoothly here. everything is running smoothly apparently back to normal just like that. the waits between trains on the platform can be three to seven minutes. there are not overwhelming crowds and no sint system shut down five days. it was 2:24 when an agent came
5:00 pm
here with a small crowd. the platt form signs were showing waits of 20, 30 minutes or more for first trains. some just flew through without stopping. then one did and aan announcement it was headed for millbrae and to get on if that is where you wanted to go. commuters are relieved to have bart back. >> strike. i really don't know how people come to the city from the east bay without bart. >> i want to sks ls make sure workers get a fair share, too. i want to recognize struggle and know it's been tough. >> i got chills. the newspaper this morning said it's on strike. and when i saw the bus booth


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