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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 7, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. today's contestants are-- a web designer from centerville, virginia... a music supervisor originally from milford, connecticut... and our returning champion-- a human resources professional from san francisco, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. tough final on yesterday's program. that's why william's total of $9,400 is not as impressive as some of the previous wins so far this week. but drew and nicole,
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it can all turn around in just one half-hour. you know that. bill knows it. let's see what happens in this one. here we go into the jeopardy! round, and your categories are... each correct response will be a shorter word that can be formed from the letters in "transposition." start us, william. (chuckles) water for $200, please. what is the hudson? i'll take hip hop for $200. um, who is tyra banks? uh, i'ake first ladies for $200, please.
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who is abill tdams? i'll go back to water for $400, please. what is the red? water for $600, please. what is the yangtze? water for $800, please. what is the rhine? you picked the right one. uh, water for $1,000, please. what is the bering sea? all right, um, cain & abelfor $.
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what is islam? ase. what is "am i my brother's keeper?" cain for $800, please. what are sheep? and cain for $1,000. who is seth? another $1,000 for you. and you're on a roll. william, select. uh-oh. all right, what you gonna do? you have a big lead with $6,000. let's go $2,000. $2,000? here is the clue... who is tony parker? yes, he's the one. star with the san antonio spurs. go again.
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canceled! for $200, please. what are clouds? canceled! for $400. what is a volcanic eruption? yes, the eruption on iceland, and that takesinto second . i'm sure you will welcome this break to gather yourselves and make the big charge against william when we come back.
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you to gather yourselves and make of a celebrity connectionlliam with our two challengers on the program today. nicole willson from centerville, virginia, once did some work for hillary clinton, am i correct? uh, yes, back when she was first lady. i used to volunteer to just help sort the mail she got, because as you can imagine, she got tons of it. so that was a busy job alnd of itself.
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and what happened one day when some food arrived? uh, some--some person decided to send a piece of his sandwich to hillary to see if she coul in ad out if it had been poisoned. (drew and william chuckle) of course, that's what we all expect of our first ladies. sure. "do you want to test this sandwich, ma'am, please?" (laughs) oh, boy. all right, drew bayers-- music supervisor, originally from connecticut, who had to go to an emergency room and was kind of dresse or appearing as... um, two halloweens ago, i went as conan o'brien, um, which was an easy costume to do. unfortunately, i fell in a fd as's bathroom, hit my head on his tub, so a couple hours later, i was getting a c.a.t. scan with fr-freckles drawn on and a large pompadour. (laughter) right. it was memorable. william castaneda is our champion. now when people travel abroad, we don't think about bad things happening, until they happen. and then we say, "oh, my gosh." my family and i were leaving cairo at 6:00 one morning,
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we were checking in at the airline, and they said, "oh, we have no reservations for you. (drew gasps) now what happened to you? um, well, while i was in spain at the alhambra, about 3 weeks into a 6-week tour of europe, uh, the a.t.m. there ate my a.t.m. card, so i-- so you had no access to cash? yes. i had to jury-rig some things with a friend who was wiring m and managed to make it work, but that was very, uh, very scary. yeah. th-there's another solution to that kind of problem. it's called robbery. okay. (laughs) nicole, we come back to you. make a selection. um, first ladies for $400, please. all right, with the clue, here is kelly at a presidential library... in letters from 1840, she wrote both ways on the page to save paper and money. ironically, she was pilloried by the press for spending too much as first lady. who is mary todd lincoln? uh, let's go canceled! for $600, please.
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what is a hurricane? no. drew or nicole? (beep) it's an every 20-year kind of thing--snow. oh. snow way down there in pensacola. back to you, william. canceled! again for $800. what is rain? be more specific. what is a hurricane? no. william or nicole? golfers will usually play in the rain, unless there is a danger of lightning, and then they will call off the play. william, back to you. we'll finish off canceled! for $1,000. what is fog? uh, let's go hip hop for $600, please.
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and his name is chris webber. william. hip hop for $800, please. who is allen iverson? i'll finish the category. who is ron artest? better known now as metta world peace. i'll take first ladies for $600. who is dolley madison? with a minute to go. uh, first ladies, $800. who is mamie eisenhower? no. nicole. who was bess truman? um, first ladies, $1,000. appropriately, this first lady was full of grace.
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who was grace coolidge? transposition words, $200. what are raisins? for $1,000, please. what is a spittoon? um, $800, please. (beep) what is pinto? nicole, two clues. um, $600, please. what is sprain? um, $400, please. what is aspirin? aspirin--that can be made from the letters in "transposition." and you wind up with $800, and you're in third place, so you're going first when we come back to start double jeopardy! right after this.
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closed captioning sponsored in part by... drew has his serious face on, which means he's ready for double jeopardy! he selects first from these categories. in the found, we had bodies of water. now we're dealing with... "u" in quotation marks.drew. i'll take biopic subjects for $400, please. who is ray charles? biopic for $800. who is lou gehrig? biopic for $1,200, please. who is jerry lee lewis? biopic for $1,600.
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who is james barrie? $2,000, biopic. who is john reed? correct for $2,000. i'll take what a 19th century character for $400, please. is cyrano? um, character, $800, please. and he is a count. that's his title. nicole. um, character, $1,200, please. a good move on your part. will it be a good move after you deal with it? you have $7,000. you trail william by $3,000. i'll wager $4,000. for the lead, here is the clue... who is "emma?" emma, right. well done.
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thank you. character for $1,600. who is ibsen? classical gas for $400. what is "pomp and circumstance"? classical, $800. and that is "pathetique." drew. classical gas for $1,200. listen... (lively music playing) what is "eine kleine nachtmusik"? classical for $1,600.
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who was sibelius? um, character for $2,000. what is "wuthering heights"? uh, classical gas, $2,000. who is chopin? no. "danse macabre" by camille saint-saens. nicole. um, it ends with "u" for $400. what is the... (sighs) what is the emu? "u" for $800. what is machu picchu? uh, it ends with "u," $1,200. what is cointreau? uh, "u" for $1,600, please.
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what is bantu? uh, "u" for $2,000. what is fugu? let's go bottles of waterfor $4. what is perrier? um, water, $800. what is evian? bottles for $1,200. what is napa? and water for $1,600, please.
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what is "pellegrino"? water for $2,000, please. san pellegrino. what is aquafina? i'll take world press for $400. who is castro? press for $800. what is sydney? um, world press, $1,200. what is "pravda"? uh, world press, $1,600. and you are in the lead again with a $2,600 margin over william.
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uh, i'll bet $2,000. okay, here is the clue... um... what is... what is the journal? no. tulsa's newspaper is "the world,"... and you translate it into french, and it is "la monde." $2,000 clue right now... what is "the international ld tribune"? right, and that takes you up to $12,800. what a game. what a game. look at those scores, folks. i hope one of you goes home with a lot of money today. it's gonna depend on your wagers, of course, and what you know about this-- "first" phrases. notice "f-i-r-s-t" in quotation marks. clue in a moment. dishes? with your hands? you have a shoot tomorrow.
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with that word in quotation marks, you might think this is going to be an easy final. let's find out. "first" phrases, and here is the clue... 30 seconds, players. good luck. ♪
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drew, you started coming on strong towa, uh, latter part of double jeopardy! you're at $12,800 in third place. what did you write down? "what is the first world war?" the line was, "there is no doubt "that the feared european war will become a world war in the full sense of the word." let's see wh adds to your score. $6,400. you move up to $19,200, and we move to our champion william castaneda. he had $15,200. the first world war is what we're looking for. we have it. oh, no we don't. "the first world." no. you forgot the "war" part. sure. oh, gosh, it's going to cost you, champ. how much? everything. boo. hiss. now it's up to nicole willson. she has enough money to win the game,
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and what did she write down? "what is world war i?" no, "first" had to be in there, so it's going to cost you some what? $9,801. you're gonna finish in second place, and we have a new champion in drew bayers. well done. $19,200 for you, and you get to play again next week. enjoy the weekend. be safe. come back and see us then, won't you? so long, everybody. promotional consider provided by...
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wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen-- pat sajak and vanna white! (speaking indistinctly) hey, jimk you, folks. thanks, everybody. hi. is this us? this is us. are we here? good. yes, we are. thank you very much. good-bye. bye. hi. what are you waiting for? uh, get ready. let's give away some money right away, $1,000. our "toss up," the category is "phrase." off you go. oh! holy moly! no-y no-y. everybody else. rona. ahoy matey!
2:31 am
oh. ahoy, matey! ahoy. (laughs) uh, rona binenbaum, right... yes. mm-hmm. is from north hollywood, california. you just won $1,000. a personal assistant, huh? yes. i-- yeah, what business is this person you assist in? um, right now i just work for a businesswoman. oh. in the past, i've worked for some musicians. yeah. okay. yeah. mm-hmm. good. sounds interesting. originally from new jersey. yes, east windsor, new jersey. all right. and, uh, what do you like to do when you're not assisting personally? i love singing and going to the movies and hiking. all right. nice to have you here, rona. good luck to you. thank you. hi, lizzy. hi. uh, lizzy perez from miami lakes, florida. a customer service supervisor. that's right. uh, and a married lady. yes, i am, been married for 19 years. i have 2 beautiful daughters -- a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old. yeah. and you like-- you like boats and cruising and all that, ships. anything that has to do with the boats, with the sea. yep. occasionally we give those away on the show. hopefully i win one of those. okay. well, i hope you do well tonight. nice to have you here. thank you. hi, jared. hi, pat. jared bray from san diego. what business you in?
2:32 am
i es and marketing for an organic produce grower in north san diego county. yeah. and what--what keeps you-- now you--now you were a--you're--you're a shot-putter, right? yes, i won... do sallike, a big-timeou-- shot-putter. you were i won the state of california in 2003, my senior year of high school. wow, that's terrific. now what--what is the thing called? is it called a... it's--it's called a shot put. it's called-- it's called a shot put. yes. and how much does it weigh? uh, in high school it was 12 pounds. oh, all right. and like, when i see them in the olympics, at do they weigh? 16 pounds. all right. what do you weigh? oh, never mind. (laughs) i just--i was running out of weight questions. uh, it's nice to have you all here. get ready for whr "toss up." this one is worth $2,000. and the category is "show biz." here we go. ♪ lizzy. satellite video. no. everybody else. jared. satellite radio. there we go. well, we got there.
2:33 am
jared got the $2,000. he'll spin in a moment. right now jim thornton has some words of wisdom. and here they are, pat. tonight's jackpot round is brought to you by... shaq, 1. pain, zero. announcer: new icyhot advanced patch, with 50% more medicine. pain over. and here's tonight's featured prize. oceania cruises invites you on a journey through the mediterranean aboard the magnificent marina, the first ship designed for lovers of fine food and wine. discover the greek beauty of santorini, amalfi, and the ancient ruins in ephesus. then explore the italian history of florence, rome, and the vivid pastel colors of provence. oceania cruises-- your world. your way. visit speaking of cruises.
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right now, to our puzzle-- "thing" is the category. and, jared, you won the right to start. let's go. r. yes, one r. i'd like to buy a vowel. yeah. an a. i'd like to buy another vowel--an e. all right. i'll spin. t. i'll buy another vowel-- an i.
2:35 am
s. there is no s, i'm afraid. rona, our turn. n. d. l. m. i'd like to solve. would you? go ahead. lifetime achieveward. yeah, that's it. hi. hi. congratulations. thank you.
2:36 am
uh, $2,650. congratulations. uh, you have $3,650 thanks, uh, to that win and your, uh, earlier "toss up." nice going. but we're just getting going here. we got our second round coming up, got a couple half cars out there. good things going on. stay with us. it's nice to get one, isn't it? yes.
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psst! want to lose denture-paste ooze? i do. it makes me gag. sea-bond wafers hold clean, with no ooze! neat! sea-bond! lose the ooze! you can get your dog and cat's prescription filled at walmart and sam's club. the same pet prescriptions at everyday low prices. announcer: now available at walmart and sam's club. not only is our next category "tv quote," it's also a... (bell tinkles) that's right, "prize puzzle." (jared) all right. so let's see what happens. rona, you're gonna start. okay. s. there are two s's, so you can pick up that wild card. and you can spin the wheel again, please. oh, there's that half a kia there. (car horn honks) t. you can pick up that "1/2 kia."
2:39 am
plus you get... yay. (laughs) $1,500 for those 3 t's. i'd like to buy a vowel. yeah. i. n. you're up over $2,000. you got the wild card, half the kia. but all that's gonna have to sit there for a while that'. you've got the "lose a turn." all right, lizzy. come on, one more. ah, i thought you we. gonna make it. jared. re y. r.
2:40 am
oh, very quickly you're up over $2,000. i'd like to buy a vowel-- an o. okay. g. pick up tht tag. that's a $1,000 gift certificate from maui jim. you've got that and $1,900. i'd like to solve. all right. live from new york itat gifurday night. yeah. there you go. (laughs) nice going. thank you. well, you won $1,900. of course, that's from, uh, "saturday night live." and you know, since that's a "prize puzzle," you want to go to new york? oh, yeah. yeah, there you go. all right! i thought you might. (jim thornton) jared, you will love this. take a bite out of the big apple at the roosevelt hotel. deemed grand dame of madison avenue since 1924, the roosevelt hotel stands stately
2:41 am
in the heart of new york city and offers over 1,000 gracious guest roo all right, jim, thanks a lot. uh, $7,400 that round. when you add everything up, uh, you have $10,400. he's got the trip. you got the gift tag. he's got cash. we have a commercial. we'll be back.
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2:43 am
tonight's mystery round features a welcome award of cash... (humming) know, rona had that half kia, but since she didn't win that round, she couldn't claim that, so that's gone. however, there are two more halves on the wheel. we'll just keep sticking them out there for the so youthree rounds, see what happens. "song title" is the category this time, and, lizzy, you'll start. okay. i'll have a t. yes, you will. you'll have two of them, with our pleasure. spin. okay. n. two n's. i'll buy a vowel. okay. an a.
2:44 am
i'll buy another vowel-- an o. you have a free play there. i'll have an i. there's one i, yeah. a g. she's doing very well-- $2,800. owel. yeah. an e. and you've, uh, bought us out of vowels. a d. i'll have an s. there's no s. there's a lot of work to do, and we unfortunately have to move on now,
2:45 am
not unfortunate for jared. in fact, look at that. what letter? r. yeah, two r's. yes! i'd like to solve. i thought you might say that. don't go breaking my heart. yeah, that's it. sure, let her do all the work. (laughs) nice job. thank you. well, just one spin but it was a good one. uh, you ended up with $7,000 that round. he has increased his lead. he has $17,400. but good things happen on the wheel very quickly, so, everybody, stay engaged, and we'll be back. closed captioning is brought to you by the following... announcer: for diarrhea, you take kaopectate. but for all these symptoms... you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms.
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kaopectate -- one and done.
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"jeopardy's got something for everyone. welcome back. it's "toss up" time. "living things" the category, $3,000 at stake. vanna, let's go. ♪ lizzy. snowdragons. no, everybody else. rona.
2:48 am
snapdragons. yeah, that's it. good job, rona. well, you're up over $6,600. you'll be spinning in just a second, as soon as we look at the puzzle. "fictional character," that's the category. and now go ahead and spin, rona. she also has that wild card. n. t. i'd like to buy a vowel-- e. (bell dings) but not much time, so i'll give the wheel a final spin. if it's in the puzzle, you'll have three seconds to solve it. vowels worth nothing, consonants--we'll add $1,000-- $1,450 apiece. again, the category is "fictional char and, rona, it's still your turn. let's have a letter. h. you have three seconds.
2:49 am
lizzy. m. tional character." a. (buzzer) hang on there, jared. uh, did you still want--yeah. a. no money for vowels but you'll get three seconds, which is more than you gave lizzy. (buzzer) man, he's rough, isn't he? rona. r. "fictional character." (buzzer) lizzy. s. three seconds. (buzzer) jared. p. popeye the sailor man. yeah, that's it. i am what i am. that's all that i am.
2:50 am
nice job. thank you. $2,900. if you add everything up, he has $20,300 cash and prizes. congratulations on that. i'll be back. well, rats. (laughs) i wish we had-- pardon my language. that's okay. uh, we enjoyed having you i hope you had a good time with us. thank you. i did. we have $1,000 for you. thanks, lizzy, very much. thank you so much. well, you did fine. thank you. you have plenty of reason here.mile. you didn't get to use that wild card, but you did very well. $6,650, all cash. thanks, rona. thank you so much. are you ready? i'm ready. so we'll take a break. we have some commercto so run, you know, the people who keep this ship afloat, and, uh, we'll see how he does in the bonus round... all right. try to add to that $20,000-plus. stay with us. (jim thornton) stay tuned. jared could drive home in a new chevy cruze. the bonus round is next. ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom.
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you've had a great night-- over $20,000 cash and prizes-- but we'd like you to get more. first, who's in the audience? i've got my dad, bob, my mom, debbie,
2:53 am
my sister, kelsey, and my good friend, carrie. all right, nice to see you all out there. and now let's spin that wheel, try to add to these winnings. come on. whoa! minimum of $30,000 in the cash department. we have cars, a lot of good stuff. all right, grab that for me, please. thank you. jared, follow me. watch your step there. we'll end up right there. now "event" is the category tonight. r, s, t, l, n, e--we'll start with those letters. and we'll show you one of them, so i guess you're gonna need more than that. let's get three more consonants and a vowel. a couple more letters, but at least they're together. that's helpful. all right, remember, "event" is the category. you have ten seconds to tell us what that is. good lucre,
2:54 am
job fair. good job. yeah! nice job. very impressive. how about that? oh! jared, you're on the fast track to big cash... you deserved it, buddy. look at that total now-- $70,300. good letter calling, good solve. we'll be right back. wheel watchers club members really do win. we love the wheel watchers club. we won a trip to hawaii. we won a trip to lake placid, new york -- a ski trip. we went to st. lucia. my birthday falls in the middle of the trip. thanks, wheel watchers club. i was a member for six months, and i won. i won a vacation, and so can you.
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that pat received a lifetime achievement award... oh, oh, please. no, no, please. at the daytime emmys, yes... please. and i was the lucky one who got to present it to him. yes, take a look. no, no, don't, don't. ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the national academy of television arts & sciences, it is with the greatest pleasure that we present this year's lifetime achievement awards to pat sajak... and one of thet guys i've ever known, mr. alex trebek. i want to thank the millions of people around the country who make "wheel of fortune" a part of their daily routine and have for--for generations nices uh, to my pal vanna and all the extraordinarily talented men and women of "wheel of fortune" who make my job so easy, i thank you, as well. and now, uh, i'm especially delighted to get this. and, alex, as peter mentioned, you've done 10 or 12 game shows in your life. you really deserve thibeen preh my"wheel of fortune"retty h so i'm especiae. so i'm especially glad to have this. thank you all very much.
2:56 am
oh, please, please, please. no, no, no. aw. there's lesly and your family. that was great, pat, and you deserve it. well, you're very sweet. but it made it very special to have you there. and thanks--thanks for flying out. and i hope you enjoyed the evening. i did. oh, good. well, we did, too. uh, well, we will, uh, well, i got another lifetime to work on. we'll see you next time. so long. bye-bye. promotional consideration provided by... i'm shaq. i wake up cool, but this it going. (announcer) new gold bond powder spray -- cool, dry, no mess. stay cool with gold bond. wheel... of... fortune! announcer: play through 30 years of "wheel of fortune" in a one-of-a-kind story mode with pat sajak as your host in a new spin on america's number-one game show. -- captions by vitac --
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