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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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oh, my god. it's an accident! >> it is indeevmentd you are watching the first video we've seen showing the actual crashlanding at sfo, the final moments before impact are becoming clear. the plane's cockpit recorders are providing important clues into what went so wrong. >> we're in for ama daetz tonight. we guy begin with breaking news.
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>> oh, my god. >> oh, no. describing mo, my god. >> fred hayes was watching planes land when he captured something unbelievable on his cell phone. that's asia shana flight 214 careening down the runway before comes to rest in a cloud of dust and smoke. >> i thought he was going to take off and go up, and he just kept going down, and then i thought, okay, he is a little high, and then, of course, you know, the shock of seeing the accident and hearing the noise. >> hayes says he hopes investigators can learn something from the video. >> we have live team coverage of this story. we'll start at sfo. reporter: the ntsb says the flight and voice data recorders from the airplane show a problem-free flight up until all
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of a sudden the last seven seconds. what must have been a harrowing seven seconds for the crew, who tried literally at the last second to abort the landing. >> this ntsb picture shows the voice and flight data recording boxes from the flight. the so-called black boxes were flown to the washington, dc lab overnight and investigators already have some preliminary information from them. the voice recorder shows the crew that seconds to try to recover, two few seconds to prevent the crash landing. the voice recorder shows ate seven seconds they realized their air speed is well below the target speed. at four seconds before impact, instruments alert the crew the plane is about to stall. at one and a half second before impact, the crew calls for a good-around of the target air speed somewhats 137 knot but recorders show the engine throttles were idle and the approach speed well below that.
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>> speed was signaturently below 137 knots, and we're not talk bat few knots. >> a cockpit alert called the stick shaker went off. >> called the stick sharing, but there's a bogey that the pilots-conclude yolk that the pilots hold and it shakes and it's telling them a stall is approaching. >> the crew wanted to pull up and try another landing but that failed with the crash one and a half seconds later. the ntsb released pictures, part of the investigation. so what it pilot error? instrument error? the ntsb chair says even with this evidence it will be weeks or months before they're able to reach a probable cause of the crash. >> we need to interview the crew. interview the first responders. we need to validate the law dat to an the flight data recorder as well as on air traffic. >> asiana's crowe cosays he believes there is or was nothing wrong with the airplane but, of
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course, ntsb sara hersman says it's too early to come to a conclusion and everything is on the table. >> let's show you the wreckage of asiana airlines flight 214 live now. sky 7hd flying over runway 28 left. or nearby. you can see where the burned out hulk of the aircraft remains and the investigation now underway in e. earness. we have some important crews, and you can see the runway and what should have been a normal landing, and for some reason ready, clear skies, light winds, it was not, and they're some debris after the plane hit the sea wall before coming to rest. >> another major development tonight. right in that area.5[áuñw
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>> san mateo county coroner says the victim's injuries are consistent with being run over by a vehicle but there are no autopsy results yet. >> both of the girls killed were chinese nationals coming to california for the summer. they are yang and wong. part of group of students studed five teachers visiting the u.s. this image comes to us from china it is of wong's grieving parents being comforted at their daughter's school in china. they are now on their way to the
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u.s. alan wong is at the chinese consulate where he spoke of been family members. >> almost everyone's travel documents were destroyed in the plane so today the chinese consulate opened its doors to help them out. among the survivors, a group of chinese tourists from shanghai, who pulled up right here in their bus. >> translator: the chair moving. the people out of the seat. reporter:ran ling says the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and everything went dark. there were screams and passengers waited for instructions. hi decided not to wait,. >> translator: he stand up to tell everybody, leave your -- >> his wife injured her ankle. 141 chinese nationals were onboard, including his tour group of 23 from shanghai.
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>> what kind of injuries did your tourists have? >> two people seriously in back. in the hospital, cannot move. >> tour guide says the 40-year-old man and 50-year-old woman will undergo back surgery, and the rest of the group suffered minor cuts and bruises. >> young and his wife will stay in san francisco with the injured tourists and one other, while the rest continue on. >> today we bo to the -- >> this was a once in a lifetime trip for them and they should try to make the best of it. reporter: it's a two-week tour starting on schedule today. the tour will not skip a beat. they'll good to l.a., las vegas, brice bryce canyon, and zion national park. reporting live, abc7 news. >> puts it all in perspective.
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emergency crews pull out took 180 people to local hospitals. at least ten bay area hospitals helped to care for crash victims. most of them went to two. 55 victims send to stanford hospital. who in critical condition. 53 people went to sf general. the hospital today says six are in critical condition, including one child. john alston has more for us. reporter: we got a briefing about 3:00 this afternoon. two more patients were discharged this afternoon, which means 17 of them are still here. we spoke to a survivor who showed up to see her son. she says he is doing well. >> just goodbye. >> crash survivor was supposed to be in san francisco on vacation. instead she arrived at the hospital to visit her eight-year-old son who is also hurt. both jumped from the plane and not down the emergency chute.
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>> i jump down by him. afraid. he told me, mom, we must go out, and he run out of the plane, and he jumped out. and i come out. >> the chief of surgery at san francisco general says the passengers who were most seriously hurt were sitting in the rear of the plane, which apparently slammed into the ground first. they had injuries to their abdomen and spine, including some cases of paralysis. >> we also found some patients that had severe road rash, as to signify they were dragged. ware not sure if they were outside of the plane, but both of those patients are alive. >> sf general had five operating rooms staffed and ready to go. some patients underwent more than one surgery lasting several hours each. it was intense for doctors and nurses. >> you realize why you work here and why we do what we do. we're an amazing team. people here have seen very sick patients before, so that's not
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new. but obviously have gone through something very traumatic and we're thankful for each other. reporter: the chief of surgery praised the triage at the airport, saying without it, some patients probably would have died. live in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> the ripple effect from this crash will take days to resolve. delayed or cancelled flights are leaving thousands of passengers stuck. here's what passengers faced. long lines that stretched throughout all terminals. sergio quintana is live with how the delays look at this moment. how is it going? reporter: well, dan, today san francisco international airport is operating with three runways. of course they were shut down to two for most of yesterday after the crash. the fourth is still shut done. and that means that passengers realize there will be some major adjustments to their travel
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plans. inside the international terminal some schedules -- passengers scheduled to leave today showed up early and other passengers who were here yesterday, hoping to catch a flight now. many air carry 'ers are waiving the fee to reschedule flights and passengers having to reschedule are investing lots of time on the phone and with ticketing agents to get them to their final destination. of course there are still lots of delays today. more than a. they're even still some flight cancellations and unfortunately for some passengers dwhoarting -- getting on their planes, they're not going anywhere. i spoke to a man who stuck on a flight since 11:30 this morning on a flight to beijing. we hall hear here from him at 6:00. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> some regular customers of asiana airlines were onboard
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yesterday's flight. >> i thought that was it. i thought i was dying. >> still to come, what this man says about getting back on an asiana plane now. >> also, the effort to help. a big show of support here in the bay area for crash victims. stay with us.
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>> our coverage of the crash at sfo continues tonight. we're hearing from another survivor. he knew the plane was going to crash because it was too low on approach. >> as we were looking at the landing i looked outside through the window and i just knew we were too low. so i was holding the chair so
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hard, i was basically preparing for the crash, and then there was bang, and the impact was so powerful. and we thought -- i thought that was it. i thought i was dying. >> eugene has made that same flight on asia shana 173 teams, his daughter, who yaw r you saw sitting next to him, says she is not ready for her father to get on out flight. he says he will fly again after his nerves settle. >> bay area residents have been responding to the call for blood donations. the blood center of the pacific opened two donation centers to help with millbrae center opened their doors day. they particularly need o negative blood. we'll have comprehensive coverage ahead on an hour-long addition of abc7 at 6:00 and then again at 11:00, and 9:00 as
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well and we have a slideshow of all the crash scene photos the ntsb released. >> we're monitoring other news. flames force dozens of people out of their homes. >> what an apartment building did not have that may have pre scented much of the damage. >> a mild day in the bay area. there's a cooldown coming
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>> the red cross is helping dozens of people find a place to stay after an early morning fire destroyed a four-story apartment building in redwood city. it broke out on woodside road and central avenue and grew to six alarms. fire crews arrived to find heavy flames and smoke coming from the building and a lot of people
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standing on balconies waiting to be rescued. 18 people were rushed to the hospital, including two firefighters. but we are glad to tell you everybody is expected to be okay. the 72 unit building did not have sprinklers. they were not required when what built in the 19 70s. no word on the cause of the fire but everybody is going to be okay. >> we are starting to see some changes in our weather pattern. >> we are indeed. leigh glaser is here with the accuweather forecast. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd right now picking up low cloudiness and fog. that has been really hugging the coast all day long. but you'll notice it moved into the bay last night and then retreated, or eroded off the coast. so actually temperatures today came up, which is eight degrees there in livermore. a warmer day in fairfield. up one degree at sfo, and up four degrees in novato. just a terrific day in san jose. here's a live shot there. a lot of blue sky.
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in fact san jose, 75 degrees. oakland, 70. santa cruz, 70 degrees. and mt. tam cam looking downs toward angel island and tiburon bay. and accept rosa -- santa rosa, 75. 83 right now in los gatos. the rooftop cam. blue sky over the bay bridge and this is what our forecast highlights -- we'll take you in through the latter part of the work week. look at the low cloud overnight. warmer the next couple of days and then beyond that, that's when we'll start to see the cooling take place. temperatures tonight with the low clouds and fog moving inland, generally mid-to-upper 50s, ininland, and we'll keep it cooler with the clouds and fog. san francisco, 54. here is a look at our setup. we have had cooler air mass over us this weekend. it's going to push towards the
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east. high pressure will build in. so we'll look for some slight warming on monday and tuesday. by wednesday, the high pushes to the south and the low will move in and we'll start to cool off. monday, 83, san hoe says. on -- san jose. on the peninsula, 70s. tomorrow, petaluma, 78. 8 a, knopp pa. -- 84, napa, and. the aku weather seven-day forecast a little warmer in some locations on tuesday and then that low moves in, wednesday, thursday, friday, and cool back down into the 80s. >> mike shumann if off but rick quan is here now. >> what a magical moment at wimbledon. >> only lasted three sets but seemed lick a five-setter. >> it was exciting. >> coming up in sports, with the chance to make some history, andy was dandy at women bell --
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>> it took am eight decade but print has the first british wimbledon champship since 1936. andy murray would not be denied. he battled novak djokovic for more three hours. this is action from the third set. as murray displays his determination, covering a whole lot of ground before finally winning this point. >> the crowd, including his
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girlfriend, ready to celebrate. this was championship point. djokovic's return finds the net and the drought is over for great britain as an andy murray wins the title. >> now to baseball. the giants facing the dodgers and their old nemesis, clayton kershaw. barry bond among the sellout crowd. chad gaudin pitch well. allowing one run. he gets puig for one of his strikeouts. then the diving catch robs the hit. it was tied until the ninth. that's when a.j. legalis delivers a clutch two out bases loaded double off sergio romo. three runs score. the dodgers knock off the giants 4-1, they take out of three in
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the series. >> in sans city, the a's scored early and often. josh reddick we the two-run double off starter luis mendoza. ericing soard brings him home. this two-run blast in the third made it 7-1 a's. ing soard and jed low are you went deep. oakland takes two out of three from the royals. >> tonight at 6:00, we'll hear from andy murray on finely winning wimbledon. >> that's a big deal. >> thanks very much. >> we have an update on our breaking news for you. >> new images giving investigators clues into the
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>> before we leave you let's recap the crash of the asiana flight. this cell phone video shows the actual crash. and helps explain why so many witnesses described the crash so many ways. one of the girls killed may have been run over by a responding fire engine as rescue crews raced to the plane. >> the ntsb reveals some preliminary findings from the flight recorder. th was flying significantly lower than the needed speed. and here's what ntsb are saying about how the pilots
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tonight, a special edition of "world news." crash landing in san francisco. the investigation under way, right beside this runway, that burned out fuselage. the terrifying final moments. the stories from inside the jet as it crashed into the runway. >> the tail hit. >> the passengers desperate to get out, jumping from exit doors. tonight, out on san francisco bay with a survivor, describing the silence inside the cabin after the crash. then, the fire erupting, right after getting out. >> heavy emergency vehicles are responding. we have everyone on their way. tonight, the critically injured. the two young girls killed. and new details, what the pilot was asking for a second and a half before the crash. and the experts tonight on what to do, right down to where to sit. how to survive a plane crash. a special edition of "world news" begins now.


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