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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 8, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this morning, the crash landing in san francisco. >> inside the wreckage. new video overnight gives us a closer look at the aftermath and the devastation as survivors recall the moment of impact and the chaos that followed. >> the guy put full throttle on the engine and started to gain some altitude again and probably realized it was too late. the water started splashing everywhere. also learning something new about the pilot and his experience. his first time at that airport in that plane. the latest in a live report. developing now, secretary of state john kerry's wife air-lifted to the hospital. the heiress in critical condition. new details in a live report. and holy hail. the incredible video showing what 12 inches of hail looks like in the middle of july.
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good morning. i'm tai hernandez. diana perez is off. >> i'm john muller. we begin this monday with the second deadly plane crash in two days. ten people killed when their air taxi crashed at a remote alaska airport late yesterday morning. >> it was the worst aviation disaster in the state in the past 25 years. the plane was already engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. a team from the ntsb is expected to be on the scene by this afternoon. >> all right. and now to that otherly deadly plane crash we've been following so closely. >> overnight we learned the pilot of that plane that crashed in san francisco was training for that specific type of aircraft. the ntsb released this video overnight showing investigators looking through the wreckage. the landing gear, pieces of the wing and the debris covered runway. >> and it's our first look inside the plane after the crash. mangled headrests, aisles of seats collapsed, oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling. abc's brandi hitt is live in san francisco with the very latest. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, john.
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good morning, tai. that's right. we've learned one of the pilots was training to fly this aircraft when it crash landed killing two people, and those black boxes recovered from the wreckage, they are revealing more details about those terrifying final moments. just seven seconds before impact, one of the crew members on asiana flight 214 called out the plane needed to increase speed according to the ntsb. a warning sound went off at the controls indicating a stall. >> it called to initiate a go-around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> reporter: but it was too late to try another landing. the tail slammed into the end of the runway and left behind a 2,000-foot trail of debris. >> the tail head also the plane came out and started turning around like a cartwheel. >> reporter: we've now learned one of the pilots had logged just 43 hours on the boeing 777. this was his first landing at san francisco's airport. but asiana says he had nearly 10,000 hours of flight
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experience on other aircraft and was working with a very experienced co-pilot. this survivor jumped to safety with her 8-year-old son. >> with the slide? >> no, no, no slide. i jumped down. just jumped down. >> reporter: of the 51 people who remain hospitalized, 8 cling to life, and 1 is a child. >> a huge amount of spine fractures, some of them which include paralysis. >> reporter: the two passengers killed were 16-year-old students from china, and one may have been struck by emergency workers. >> it did become obvious to us that one of the victims may have been hit by one of the apparatus on scene. because that's under investigation, i'm not allowed or at liberty to discuss that. >> reporter: and this investigation could take several days. ntsb officials say they do hope to interview the pilots, though, in the coming days. john and tai. >> and, brandi, the ceo of asiana just wrapped up a news conference. what is the airline saying about what happened at this hour? >> reporter: tai, the ceo says that when it comes to this
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controversy that is supposedly stirring regarding this pilot who was learning and training to fly this aircraft, he says the responsibility is really on the the head captain of the aircraft who is doing the training and said the pilot who, by the way, the name of the pilot is lee kang-kook, he says this pilot has been flying many other aircraft, and so obviously this is the next stage as you learn to fly the newer aircraft or the 777, which he was doing. if you speak to other experts in the aviation field and they say this is something that happens in this field. pilots will be trained to fly other aircraft, and they're still very experienced, so what we also learned, i have to point out, as well, is here at san francisco international airport, the ceo of the airlines says that before they fly out here, they go through a simulation, so they have an idea of what it's like to land an aircraft. still, something obviously went wrong in this case. >> all right, brandi hitt reporting in san francisco. thank you. >> we're going to have much more later this half hour. stay with abc for complete
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coverage of the plane crash in san francisco. also coverage coming this morning on "good morning america." and another developing story to tell you about this morning. the health of teresa heinz kerry, the wife of secretary of state john kerry. >> she's being hospitalized right now in boston. abc's preeti arla joining us for the very latest. good morning, preeti. >> reporter: good morning, john and tai. well, the secretary of state was with his wife as she was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon. now we know that she's in critical condition, but at this point it's unclear what medical condition caused her to end up in the hospital. secretary of state john kerry is in boston. his wife, teresa heinz kerry, remains in a hospital there. the 74-year-old heinz kerry is said to be in critical but stable condition this morning at massachusetts general hospital. at this point, no details on why she is in the hospital. a family friend telling abc news only that she fell ill yesterday afternoon. she was rushed to a nantucket hospital, and doctors stabilized her before she was flown to the boston hospital.
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kerry and his wife are vacationing at the family home on nantucket after kerry's return from a near two-week-long trip overseas. heinz kerry married the now secretary of state in 1995. >> i want to introduce to you the next first lady of the united states of america, teresa heinz kerry. [ applause ] >> reporter: she was with her husband every step of the way during his 2004 campaign for president and became known for her strong opinions. he was with her as she was treated for breast cancer in 2009, a battle she won. heinz kerry is the widow of former senator john heinz, the heir to the heinz ketchup fortune, who died in a helicopter crash. a spokesman for the family said the family is grateful for the outpouring of support it has received, but they ask for privacy. john and tai. >> thank you. preeti arla reporting from washington, d.c. there is breaking news from cairo. it's already the deadliest day since the uprising began last week.
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egyptian troops are accused of killing more than 40 protesters today and wounding at least 300 outside a key army building. an eyewitness said the attack happened while the protesters were praying. firefighters killed last sunday in that fierce wildfire in arizona are being laid to rest this week following a long solemn ride home. 19 white hearses brought them from phoenix to prescott, arizona, yesterday. thousands lining the 125-mile route paying their respects. a memorial service will be held to honor them tomorrow. meanwhile, we're hearing from the wildfire's sole survivor for the very first time. >> this community coming together like a family means a lot, not only the town but the nation has all come together greatly. i want to say thank you and i love every single one of you. >> at that event he accepted a check worth about $400,000 from the arizona diamondbacks and their fans. the money is meant for him and families of the fallen. all right. time now for the weather across the nation much it is a day for scattered showers and thunderstorms across the eastern u.s.
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clear for most of texas and the southern and central plains. some severe storms will roar across the rockies and the northern plains. it'll be fair and mostly mild along the west coast. upper 70s and low 80s in the pacific northwest. 90s across the middle of the country. in the 80s around the great lakes. plenty of humidity along the east coast. and coming up, excessive drinking doesn't just affect your health. wait until you hear the negative impact it's having on the economy. and dozens of people missing following a massive train explosion. why some in this small town expected something like this to happen. plus, five years after a prostitution scandal, a former governor is putting his name on the ballot again.
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it's a big week for wall street coming off friday a upbeat report about jobs companies begin reporting their second quarter earnings today and strong earnings reports could give the federal reserve another reason and the popular stimulus program, a move investors have been wary of, stock futures are only slightly higher. fees are on the horizon for using features on the bank's mobile apps. to deposit checks by app or pay a bill by app are set to become the norm. big loss in retailing over the weekend. target's founder douglas dayton passing away. he transformed a family store into the retail giant. he said leading target was the best job he ever had. douglas dayton was 88. another megachain in the news over the weekend. ikea and a mind boggling sign of how big it is, the magazine
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"pacific standard" says it uses 1% of the world's wood every year. it used to make some of the 100 million products sold at the global low cost retailer. dragging on this day after the holiday, consider this hangovers have a major economic impact. $160 billion lost in productivity each year in the u.s. alone. that's more than all natural disasters last year and works out to $1.37 for every drink. >> worse than natural disasters, the hangover. >> poor animation was in tough shape there. when we come back, authorities are sifting through the debris of flight 214 in san francisco. new details from overnight and new pictures from inside the plane. plus the amazing new video of a winter wonderland in july?
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alberta, canada into a winter wonderland. the hail came down in buckets. so far the theory the ground was covered up to a foot there in ice pellets. took just 15 minutes. took some of those residents hours to dig out. now for a look at morning road condition, wet roads from texas across the southeast and all the way down long island. same for new mexico to the dakotas and the midwest. if you're flying today, lots of storms could cause delays around the lakes, along the northeast corridor and across the southeast. all right, back to the news now. new details about the airliner crash in san francisco. >> we've got new video overnight and up close view of the crash site, the wreckage inside and out. we also have new information about the pilot who went nearly 10,000 hours flying experience but only 43 hours on the boeing 777 and he had never landed's san francisco airport in that type of plane before. now, of the 51 who remained hospitalized cling to life and
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one is a child. david muir spoke to one of the survivors about what it was like coming over san francisco bay for that landing. >> as woo we're approaching he put full throttle. the water started splashing everywhere and hit ofrelationship. >> reporter: you remember that catastrophic smashing into the ground. >> yeah, nothing prepares you for it. >> so many incredible stories like that and one more development. an autopsy is being conducted today on one of the victims to determine if she was killed in the crash or run over by a vehicle responding to the crash. now to another deadly accident over the weekend of the a fiery train derailment in canada just across the border with maine. five people confirmed dead. dozens still missing this morning. the explosions incinerated 30 buildings leaving the entire downtown devastated abc's gio benitez is there. >> reporter: after a massive train explosion destroyed much of a small town officials recovered five bodies.
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at least another 40 people are still missing. the train carrying 72 tankers of crude oil derailed after reportedly rolling down a hill unon its own. what came next, that massive fireball. this woman watched the inferno grow. >> and we see those big tank cars and it's like, okay, when is it going to happen? when is this catastrophe going to happen and it happened. it happened. excuse me. i'm sorry. >> reporter: this is your town much that's why you're emotional. >> yeah, i was borscht and raised here. >> reporter: now the grim reality. after more than 2,000 people were forced out of the area, so many asking who was left behind? >> my aunt, her house is burned down. she's 93. she didn't have time to get out of there. it was just -- >> reporter: and as that death toll rose the front page of of a
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newspaper here describing what so many other feels calling it the train from hell. gio benitez, abc news, quebec. new this morning disgraced former new york governor eliot spitzer is ready to venture back into politics. five years after a prostitution scandal led to his resignation he's entering the race for new york city controller. he appears remorseful and optimistic hoping voters will give him a second chance. >> i hope new yorkers will understand first i'm asking forgiveness for what led to my resignation but also i hope they will look for the record i have as attorney general, governor as assistant district attorney. >> he said he would not be running if he believed he could not win. since leaving office he has work as a commentator for cnn and other channels. a third suspect being arraigned near boston today in the murder case that has led to the arrest of former new england patriot star aaron hernandez. earnest wallace turning himself in to police. prosecutors say he was one of three men in that car that drove
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odin lloyd to his death last month. hernandez and another man are already being held without bail. the british roudrought is o. >> first time in 77 years. highlights from our friends at espn. >> it was a moment of exhilaration, not just for the 15,000 at centre court with andy murray but the 4,000 or so on henman hill. [ cheers and applause ] andy murray's moment, wimbledon champ, the 77-year wait for someone from great britain. what does it mean? how long ago was it. queen elizabeth was 10. first public broadcast on the b back in 1936 when fred perry won, fdr was president. "gone with the wind" was published. jesse owens won 4 gold medals. jay berwanger was the first pick in the nfl draft. a bit of a blur for him but how rewarding to be the wimbledon champ for andy murray.
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>> it was just kind of so hard to avoid everything because of how big the -- how big this event is but also because of the history and all, you know, having won, it's been very, very difficult. >> says a lot. remember federer won a year ago then djokovic and convention and these guys have won the best of this. this is even more of a golden age of tennis from what people are talking about. >> the next thing for andy murray, put himself in a position to chase the number one ranking. nadal leads the points and novak second and andy murray third. >> some of the big names we'll see in the states leading up to the next gathering of the greats in womtennis. flushing meadows, that's the defending champ there and here at wimbledon. >> that was exciting stuff. all right, up next, pro athletes baring it all and would've got the photos.
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4:24 am
than the usual hazard, a humpback whale suddenly appeared in the waters off of sydney beach. the mammal managed to knock a surfer off his board. >> he lost consciousness and had to be helped out of the water and the whale caused the surfers to scatter like skittles. a sneak peek giving full exposure to some amazing athletes like you've never seen before. >> the fifth annual body shall of "espn," the magazine. a small sample this morning. this is mets pitcher matt harvey serving up a hearty portion of muscles. >> courtney force little little to the imagination with the help of a strategic gas can. another incredible body in motion, kenneth faried who says he's comfortable in his own skin. >> they call him manimal. i guess we know now. the best way to survive a plane crash. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on this monday. 4:28. thank you for joining us. >> first up, a check on the weather forecast. mike nicco is here. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows cloud cover out there this morning but nothing falling. downtown san francisco shows the clouds hanging over us. by noon, around bay, we will have sunshine and temperatures around 67 to 80. inland, sunshine, quicker, 78 to 90. from the north to east bay the temperatures are close to average. clouds linger at the coast and keep you 58 to 64. leyla gulen? >> quiet on the roads. what we have is construction in the east bay at the
4:29 am
dublin/pleasanton interchange lanes are closed between southbound 628 and the 580 connection reopening at 5:00 a.m. and eastbound 580, the accident has cleared. we have nice conditions eastbound and westbound. to the bay bridge toll plaza it is clear from emeryville to san francisco westbound. >> the latest on the crash at the asiana airliner at san francisco international airport. we have a new picture of the two chinese girls who died. we have new video from the ntsb and a new focus in the investigation. that would be pilot error. amy hollyfield is at sfo. >> kristen, asiana airlines is saying that this pilot was in training and he had never landed
4:30 am
at sfo before. look at the new pictures coming in from the ntsb. closeup shots of the wreckage that is still on the runway in san francisco with investigators saying it is too early to speculate of a cause including the possibility of pilot error but did say that the plane was coming in too low and too slow and the crew at the last second talked about possibly trying to abort their landing and going around and trying again. we asked abc7 news aviation expert about this. >> this is inexplicable behavior, not just getting to that position, low and slow, but being so slow to recognize this is a problem. the ntsb got the information from the black boxes which are in washington, dc. they a


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