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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cincinnati last night after a tug crashed into the plane on the tarmac. delta flight 2396 was ready to take off at 11:15 and passengers felt a jolt. the pilots inspected the damage and evacuated passengers. some passengers said they were thinking about crash of asiana flight 214 on saturday. delta put passengers on another plane that took after at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and that plane is expected to land in cincinnati at 6:00 a.m. >> now the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. federal investigators are looking at merckal malfunction to human error after extensive interviews with the pilots. amy? >> we are at holiday inn where the ntsb chairman will brief us
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this morning. we will hear from her during the newscast. the new details have been released by investigators including what the pilots were thinking in the final approach. investigators say the pilots thought the automatic controls were maintaining the proper airspeed and investigators previously said the plane was coming in too slow. just revealed this is the first time the two pilots had flown together and the instructors first time to teach. the other pilot was in training to fly this type of plane. there is speculation that cultural differences may have played a role. airline expert tells us that airlines have been working on assertiveness for decades. >> they teach people, crew members, regardless of rank or hours of experience, to be assertive and say "i don't think that is right," and not be afraid to say that because it does no good to defer someone if they fly you into the side of a
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mountain. >> landing at sfo on a similar day should look like on a saturday morning it was clear. this was little wind. the authorities say it is going to take more time to figure out exactly why this flight crashed but they are making progress and getting answers every day. >> thank you. we know which of the two 16-year-olds who were killed could have been lit by a fire vehicle. the injuries of ye mengyuan are consistent with being hit by a fire rig. san francisco police tell abc7 news that the department's major accident investigation team is assisting federal investigators to determine what happened on the tarmac. >> the parents and classmates of the two victims are sequestered at a hotel near the airport taken over by federal investigators. so far the best view of america for the chinese students is from
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the window of the crown plaza hotel in burlingame. despite attempts by staff to shealy the students, in stepped outside to pose for pictures yesterday. they are unable to leave the hotel without an escort but they celebrated a birthday and visited a doctor who gave them free glasses to replace those lost in the crash. trying to get back to life as normal. a classmate of the two who died posts these pictures and a message describing the crash and how the seatbelts automatically unbuckled and seats that completely flipped with passengers stuck underneath. >> days of at crash it is still having an impact on travelers in and out of the sfo with an airport four runways remains closed for the ntsb investigation. the plane left a jigsaw puzzle of aircraft pieces on the runway making for a slow clean up process with every piece of
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possible crucial piece of evidence. passengers could face delays until the wreckage is removed. >> delayed by 3 1/2 hours. >> an hour. >> we are thing friday morning? we are supposed to be home now so...we don't know. >> sfo canceled flights yesterday mostly smaller regional carriers and other flights saw delays between 60 and 90 minutes if. you are flying out check with your airlines before headed to the airport. >> we will have more on the crash at sfo throughout the morning. our reporting continues on twitter@abcnews and to see the photos of the crash scene and the complete news conference by the ntsb. >> developing news this morning from san jose, where police are investigating the city's 26th homicide of the year. it happened shortly after midnight at a homeless shelter. police say a man was stabbed to death dug an argument inside the inn, with the identity not
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released yet. investigators have detain add possible suspect. >> happening today, bay area drivers will learn details behind the delayed opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. officials are holding a special meeting in oakland today to discuss the delay that they announced to state lawmakers on monday and it will take contractors until december at the the earliest to repair 32 broken rods. hundreds of other rods have to be addressed. caltran says they need a four-day weekend to move traffic from the old bridge to the new bridge can means the opening may not happen now, until, early next year. >> bart and the to biggest unions are scheduled to resume contract negotiations on friday. the two sides met separately with state mediators yesterday. it was the first time talks were held since management and the unions decided last week to extend the country contract for 30 days. that allowed workers to end the four-day strike and for birth
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service to resume while negotiators try to hammer out a new contract. union leaders could go on strike again if a new deal is not reached by august 4. walnut creek officials will release a controversial investigative report today detailing the actions of city employees after they learned an employee was suspected of inappropriate sexual contact with teen girls. the suspect turned himself in, in february, to police and will return to court july 18. the suspect was an actor and theater teacher. the center's management and three city employees everyone put on paid leave for failing to report the suspected abuse to police during an internal investigation. >> this morning, police have new information about poisoned meatballs found in san francisco that have made two dogs sick. abc7 news first told you about the problem last week. police say that meatballs containing rat poison are being lined along buildings and other places where dogs relieve
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themselves. hundreds have been found across the city mostly on parkridge drive in the upper market area. police have not made any arrests. >> boston marathon bombings suspect is scheduled to appear in a boston courtroom for the first time today for his arraignment. the 19-year-old is charged with killing three spectators in the boston marathon bombings 11 weeks ago and an m.i.t. police officer who was ambushed and faces charges for using a weapons of mass destruction against persons and property which he could face the death penalty. his older brother was killed in a confrontation with police. >> the 7,000 acre wildfire in san diego county is still burning after it destroyed more than 100 cabins at a camp. right now, mandatory evacuations are in place for residents. the fire is 40 percent contained. it is still threatening homes, though. the chariot fire has destroyed
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at least 120 buildings, five crew members have suffered minor injuries since the fire break out on saturday afternoon. >> we will turn things over to our meteorologist mike nicco checking out morning. >> we have cloud cover, some areas it is slow especially along the coast with 2.5 mile visibility at half moon bay and everyone else is at least at the reporting stations doing okay but with the low clouds i expect we will have flight arrival delays in sfo. if you step outside dress for 60's in mountain view and livermore at 63. those the warm spots. everyone else is in the 50's, oakland, fremont, and los gatos at 57. 55 in san carlos and 54 in san francisco. napa is at 54 degrees, also. the low clouds are hanging over san francisco and 52 to 56 the next few hours. bright are by noon and slower than yesterday at 58 at the coast. not so warm this morning, 58 at coast and 84 inland.
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at 7:00, 56 to 74. the next three days, the cooling trends begins today and coolest tomorrow and friday. a warming trend on saturday and more summer-like levels after that. now leyla has an update on the commute. >> good morning, mike, thanks. in emeryville we had an early fiery crash open eastbound 80 at powell secret involving an 18-wheeler and 10 -- and a van happening before 1:00 o'clock this morning shutting down all lanes. it is re-opened. we have clear conditions. everyone is moving at top speeds. to the south, northbound 880 between 23rd to embarcadero we have construction out there and that will last until 5:00 a.m. this morning. you are looking at a shutdown between one and three lanes.
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powell street off in the distance there and right now it looks like traffic and everyone is moving smootly with a few extra tail lights westbound approaching 580. >> thank you, leyla, at 4:40. >> passengers and crew watched the crash from another plane just a few yards away and we will hear that pilot's first-hand account. >> hero's story emerges from
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. we hear from members of a martial arts academy on board asiana flight 214. all eight said they were shocked and raced to get east plane after it crashed. some of them sprang into action acting as first responders to passengers badly hurt toward the rear of the plane.
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>> we stayed with each of our victims until emergency personnel got there. once they got there and took control of that person, we left them and went looking for more people. >> the group lost the competition medals and all of their belongings but they are grateful that all eight people survived. some of the members suffered cuts and bruises. >> we are getting a gripping first-hand account from those who had the closest point, a crew on a united flight at end of the runway as asiana flight 214 came crashing down. >> united flight 885 sat on taxi way f just short of runway 28 left, the pilot going over the final checklist before leaving for japan, the 747 loaded with passengers when they spotted the asiana flight 214 coming in. the first officer said it looks like the plane was going to hit the approach lights in the bay.
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the pilot wrote "the aircraft made a fairly drastic looking pullup if the last few feet and it appears as if they applied maximum thrust. however, the descent continued and the thrust did not come soon enough to prevent impact." the united crew and passengers waxed the 777 hit the seawall and the tail section and landing gear sheared off. the pilot wrote "we saw the fuselage largely intact, slide down the runway and out of view of our cockpit." >> we see people that need immediate attention. >> people are just walking outside the airplane right now. >> some people look like they are stun. >> they contacted air traffic control about the passengers walking on the runway. the pilot wrote "it seemed to take a very long time for vehicles and assistance to arrive for the victims."
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>> it is near the 28 right number on the right side of the runway -- 28 left, people are adjacent to the numbers. we can see two or three people moving that survived. >> the united pilot went to the main cabin and he wrote "the passenger mood was concern but generally calm, a few individuals were emotional as nearly every passenger on the left side the aircraft saw the fuse large and debris field going over 100 knots past the aircraft and only 300 feet away. by this point everyone looked out the windows and could see the smoke plume from the 777." >> in the e-mail the pilots praised the flight attendants on his plane saying that some were shaken but they all did a great job of comforting the passengers . investigators are expected to return today to the scene of a deadly six-alarm fire in redwood city, some residents returned to the apartment building on
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woodside road yesterday to collect belongings. it is the first time they have been allowed inside since the fire break out on sunday morning. one person was killed and 100 people were displaced. residents are calling another man a hero, juan castro. >> the mom asked for help because she had a baby, two babies, so i took one of the babies with me and i ran from the second floor and gave the baby to the believe. >> the investigators are still trying to find out what sparked the fire. no one can live in the building because it is red tagged. officials do not know if the owner will make repairs or demolish it. >> we have low clouds and drizzle. this must be a san francisco summer day. >> absolutely. >> right now, the clouds are out there, it is humid with a frizz factor. otherwise, look at live doppler
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7 hd showing cloud cover and no rain falling. that may not be the case tomorrow. there could be drizzle along the coast. today as we look down on san jose we are going to have high clouds and cooler conditions this afternoon so we will trade the low clouds this morning for high clouds and sun this afternoon. the sea breeze will knock us two to ten degrees we have a warming trend in time for the weekend. we have a couple of players on the map as upper low will enhance the sea breeze and you can see the leftovers of tropical storm eric, the mid-and-upper level moisture that will bring the high clouds with a sight, very slight chance of elevated thunderstorm across the north bay this evening. its the biggest push is the cooler weather. san jose is 82 degrees and upper 70's around milpitas and sunnyvale and possibly near 90 in morgan hill the on the peninsula, a lot of mid-to-upper
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70's and san mateo is 72. on the coast, it will be another gray day with a few pockets of sun and upper 50's to near 60's. sausalito at 68. everyone is in the upper 70's to low 80's through the north bay and 83 in santa rosa, for the warm spots. 68 in richmond, the warm spot is ten degrees warmer in hercules and castro sea. inland, if you used the air conditioning yesterday, hopefully you will not from so use it today. but near 90 in antioch. day game today with mets and the giants again going at it under mostly sunny sky at first pitch. very high u.v. index so you will have quick burning. the seven-day forecast shows the biggest drop inland will be two to four degrees from the coast inland and dropping a couple more degrees on friday and the
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90's come back inland saturday, and 80's around the bay and 60's at the coast. have a great day. >> taking a look right now at early video shot from eastbound 80 at powell street and emeryville a fiery crash involving an 18 wheeler that hit a van. the track -- the traffic was snarled. all flames are out now with clear conditions. the freeway was shut down for a time but all lanes have re-opened. the drive through emeryville and berkeley is moving along. now, there is a report of a fire near highway 128 with one opinion way traffic control in affect so avoid taking 128. no word open when it will be cleared, possibly not for five hours.
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>> kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen. senate democrats will vote today to try to bring student loan interest rate back down. rates on stafford loans doubled to 6.8 percent on july 1. the rates would bring rate backs to 3.4 percent for one year with the increase not hitting many students yet because loan documents are generally signed right before school starts. if lawmakers do not manage to pass a measure the increase could mean an extra $2,600 for the average student in the small. >> texas lawmakers will vote today on a controversial abortion bill. the bill was officially stalled last month after an 11 hour filibuster by state senator davis banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and would hold abortion clinics to the same standard as surgery centers. the texas house of representatives gave the bill provisional approval yesterday and the measure will then go to the senate where the republican majority is also expected to approve the bill. >> coming up, cuts at your
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neighbor post office and how the latest money saving move could affect you. >> drunk or tipsy, men and women see a big difference after the
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>> shoppers in san francisco will feel the pinch of the postal service belt tightening when they begin to close several post offices starting july 21 on sundays. lake shore plaza will close sundays starting august 4, and the airport station on westfield will end sunday service on august 11. the postal service is get less demand as people buy stamps from private retailers. >> the ferry terminal is expense, growing pains. ridership is growing at a rate of 6 percent to 8 percent. to make room, ferry officials
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are looking to add a 7:00 a.m. run, a shuttle bus from sir francis drake boulevard corridor and paid parking. a transportation committee will hear the plan tomorrow. the entire golden gate bridge board could approve the plan on friday. >> we have the low clouds out there and we will check with mike on visibility. >> what is going on? >> we are looking from mount tamalpais with more as we look to the east across san pablo than we could yesterday. so where the fog is out there, it is dense but not covering all of our neighborhoods. 24 hour temperature change probably is more responsible because of the sea breeze than the sunshine being filtered by clouds and two degrees cooler in san francisco and oakland and san jose, four degrees cooler. fremont at 78. concord is at 88. the biggest drop is santa rosa down to 83 degrees, ten degrees cooler. we have showers and thunderstorms in southern california. that is where they will stay, in
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the desert, with high clouds moving through the central valley at 92 in sacramento and 83 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> we will start with construction right now. if you are traveling along highway one in both directions we will have one-way traffic control at definitely slide because of paving work until 7:00 a.m. this morning so plan ahead for an early start. everything is green on the map. right back in the east bay we are tracking this accident westbound highway four we saw one lane blocked and who are still seeing slow conditions making the drive right out of antioch into pittsburg. outside, a look at the toll plaza, it looks like traffic smoothly from emeryville into san francisco but we do have construction blocking a few lanes in the eastbound direction until 6:30. >> the bay area biggest blood bank says they are now caught up with the extra demand initially needed to help treat crash survivors. another blood bank still needs help. the blood centers of the pacific centers sent out a three for
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donations after the crash and many long time donors answered the call but supplies are getting depleted. the center needs type o positive and o negative blood but is accepting all blood types. 26 passengers and crew from the asiana flight 214 remain hospitalized, six in critical condition. >> a new study says people with pair shaped bodies could be at great risk for deadly diseases. researchers looked at 3,000 patients and found those with increased belly fat were at greater risk for cancer and heart disease than those with the same body mass index or b.m.i. because abdomen fat is more dangerous than fat in other areas because it is surrounds the internal organs. >> thing your friend is very drunk or just a little tipsy? the gender could affect perception. researches say people judging a man who had a drink or two more
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likely to think he is hammered and judging a woman they more likely to say he is "tipsy." the actual level of the drunkenness had nothing to do with perception, something for the bartenders to consider when decided whose keys to take away. >> next at 5:00 a.m., struggling to land. we have new video and new details of the crash of knit flight.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. >> we want to get you a check of the weather of the it is hazy out there this morning. >> it looks...dreamy. >> a lot of grayness out there. not necessarily all parts, though, but to the cost you can see live doppler 7 hd is picking up the best cloud cover. no radar returns. three mile visibility which is an improvement at half moon bay. the rest of us are okay. today, we will get rid of low clouds at the same time as yesterday. maybe a little bit slower. headed in the afternoon, we will have temperatures from 80 to 90 inland. we will have them from 64 in san


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