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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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is ideal. take a look at the difference. showing the path the train should have been on. >> the national transportation safety board held its final briefing today in the bay area. abc 7 news transportation reporter joins us now in south san francisco. >> cheryl today we learned while on a a.approach the pilots went through 500 foot check list and at this point there was no mention of what we know was dangerously slowing speeds. and flying pilot vision was not impaired. the pilot flying the plane told investigators he saw a bright light on a a.approach to the airport at about 500 feet there was a point of light that might have been a reflection from the subsun.
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he wasn't sure. today added up to three pilots in the cockpit, he was the only one to have reported seeing it there. is no mention on the cockpit voice recorder. >> light source was straight in front. and not on the runway he briefly looked away and into the cockpit and stated did he not think the light affected his vision. >> he says the first time they mention a concern over the speed is nine seconds before impact. >> five seconds later, and about three seconds before impact there is a call for a go around. there is a second call for a
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go around at 1.5 seconds prior tomorrow pact. >> further review shows no problems with the aircraft. >> engine and services appeared to be responding as expected to control input. >> the investigation is far from over. in addition they will have to decide whether or not to hold an investigative hearing. this was a public event like the pipeline explosion. >> thank you. one of the crew members is already home. arrived today through a translater offered her condolences to the victims. >> very kids soy wanted to come to core rea. i hammy
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we're here now. but my heart breaks when i think of our colleagues and patients at the hospital. >> she's being called a hero for helping so many passengers to safety, even carrying one on her back in spite of having a broken tail bone. >> according to national transportation safety board passengers in plane crashes like that are more likely to survive today than years ago because of improvements in safety technology. but that means more injuries to treat cuts, breezes and burn that's tested rooms on saturday. nick smith is wlif a look at the rush to treat. >> doctors say once injuries have been treated their focus shifts keeping an eye out for breathing that can sometimes follow finl spinal injuries and broken bone autos you go through doctor mode. >> emergency workers that saw
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a video expected mass casualty autos see the burn part of the plane it's going to be crushes. there is bound to be compression fractures. >> according to the doctor it can be credited with keeping passengers seated. this 39-year-old suffer survived the crash. >> we're sitting in that fuj lauj. yes, we're skmaerd injured but still alive. >> doctors point out once injuries have been treated, their focus shifts and describes the crash victims he's treating as classic poly drama paish yechblt a box with broken bones producing compression fractures but her prognosis is good.
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>> just getting ready to get home. >> when people fracture bones a host of other problems can occur. >> these people develop blood clots. >> as investigators comb through what is left of the boeing for clues teechls treat surg vifors say getting answers to the possible affects may not come as quickly. >> three more victims of the asiana airlines flight have been discharged from the hospital. 16 are still receiving care. san francisco general has seven patients twochl more at stanford hospital. a patient in critical condition there has now been upgraded. and california pacific medical center has two positionsed.. >> crews cleared away debris from the crash at sfo.
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officials released this picture today showing debris on the runway just after the accident. a crane took away the engine and tail overnight what. is left, fuselage will have to be cut and moved. mere here is a look at the runway that is still closed. officials say it will not reopen several more days. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi and congress woman jackie speier will visit the site tonight. a prayer vigil will be held tonight at the los angeles county church with 35 students on that flight were headed for summer camp.
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the camp has been cancelled ouflt respect. you can get alerts, updates on the crash investigation go to abc 7 to down load it. the old one is going away, soon. >> father of a missing toddler seems to be losing sympathy from police. last night they arrested and charged him with felony child endangerment. the search continues tonight abc 7 wong joins us. >> yes. they have and police have just told us that the search for dapne webb continued into oakland hills. webb is still in jail and
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sources close to this investigation tell me police triering to get child protective services to release a case on the family that could keep webb in jail. the amber alert is in effect but the search is beginning to look like a recovery. a police boat using submersible cameras combed the mlk regional shore line. >> that is the area where the father and child used to frequent. we want to make sure we search that area. >> the girl's father told police his daughter was abducted yesterday while in the store on international boulevard. he said his mother suffering from severe denenia had her purse stolen, too. she has been unable to help. police searched his apartment have been unable to find anyone who saw the 49-year-old father with his daughter before the abduction or in the past few weeks.
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>> he left a 21-month-old child, little girl dapne webb in the car with his mother. his mother is 87 years old and suffers from demetia. >> the store owner says wesh came in by himself and bought two energy drinks. >> he was in the store. he just drank, you know, and talked on the phone. >> talking on the phone the whole time? >> yes. >> webb's daughter told me today she was talking on the phone with her father while he was in the store. he walked out he seemed startled and told her dapne was gone. wesh's daughter says he called her up after being he is strange forward a year he wanted to meet her yesterday and realized daphne was gone while he was talking on the phone about their meeting. our coverage continues on abc
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7 news bay area. in oakland abc 7 news. >> also a one and a half year old boy is safe after a car jacking at gun point at the gas station on foothill boulevard. a friend says the gunman pointed a gun at the father and threatened their lives. the driver took off before the family could get the child out. the baby found about 20 minutes later block as way. >> police officers have lost their battle for a raise at laeft for the time being and arbitration judge sided with officials and decide against giving officers a pay restoration. the police officer association wanted to restore cuts made to wages in 2011. rule sgt first under the new arbitration rules established under measure v passed in 2010. under v a judge appointed to
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decide a bargaining commute zpoout. >> -- dispute. >> another record setting session on wall street. stocks got a boost after the central bank would keep pumping money into the economy. the dow surged 161 points. s & p is up more than 17% since january. tech-heavy nasdaq added 57 points. >> still to come employees weigh in on the job that yahoo ceo is doing. >> and from michael finney, the safety features to look for when picking a car for that new teen driver in the family. >> also here big change that could be coming for fertility research in california z why every swun now watching the governor. >> i'm sandhya patel. we lost a few more degrees today. when will we gain them back? i'll have a look at the
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a tall tree fell across three lanes of southbound 101 in sausalito today. one driver couldn't avoid hitting it and drove on to the branches. took a while before crews were able to clear it and then, reopen the lanes. >> bart held a public meeting today. the room full of agency employees waiting to speak. they claim cut backs and problems they've claimed make their job harder. one worker recommends that station engineering design. >> that i won't be standing at the top of an eight food foot
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ladder while trains are going in and going out of the stations. >> union leaders claim one negotiator has gone on vacation. effectively canceling further talks. >> mayor ed lee signed legislation for rebuilding of the california pacific medical center. the mayor with several others in city hall. this is including st. luke's hospital. plans include a bed count of almost 500, a disaster center at the new. >> women in california will be able to sell human eggs for research if governor brown decides to sign a controversial bill removing the ban on the sale of human eggs.
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>> supporters of the egg donor bill want pair periody. they say people get paid forgiving samples from other areas of the body. why not this? this cancer vifror got through a devastating illness but the chemotherapy left her with a 98% chance she'll never get pregnant. she thinks california law that bans women from selling eggs to medical research slow prod gres to save her fertility. researchers say there aren't enough eggs to make discoveries faster. >> if more women were able to participate because they're able to compensated if i might have had a different outcome a proposal would have a.lou institutes to pay women for eggs. california is one of only three states that zant lou compensation depending on the project payments could be
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$10,000 per procedure. scientists hope to use eggs to test cancer drug autos so maybe we can tell a young woman going through cancer treatments if you use this therapy drug you can cure cancer and retain your fertility. >> i want young women in california to be safe. >> she says studies have never been done to prove it is safe. the veteran nurse made a kumtry called egg-sploitation. >> i have interviewed women that had strokes and developed cancers not been able to conceive down the road. money is coercive. women take risks if they need the money. >> i would say to critics walk a mile in my shoes. i'm not going to be able to
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enjoy what many can enjoy. >> in sacramento abc 7 news. >> marisa myer's approval rating is at 85%. and employs a more satisfied than they are predecessors. in december she had an 80% approval rating. now, in comparison ceos at face book and apple have ratings well over 90%. raitdings based on employee surveys. >> if you have a young person get trogd start driving you're probably worried about safety. michael finney tonight shes how to pick the right car for the family. >> you may want want to give an old 10-year-old sedan consumer reports made a list
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of the top used cars to buy for your teenagers. when picking a car, the consumer reports deputy auditor says you want one that is equipped with modern features. >> key features that we recommend include stability control. >> cars between three and five years old with 40,000 to 70,000 miles are ideal. >> such a vehicle will have gone through greatest appreciation. consumer reports top picks are all mid sized sedans because they're large enough to offer protections but small enough to be easy to handle. >> chevolet malibu gets 23 miles per gallon. >> then, roomy hyundai sonata.
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>> 2009 model gets 26 miles per gallon. >> and this volkswagon jetta more sport and character as does mazda 6. >> ford focus is a good pick. depending on trim and age of the car all of these run between 10,000 and $15,000. to learn more as well as safety issues related to teen driving go to abc 7 >> that is good information. okay. nice to drive with the top down. >> in parts of the city. >> you want to drive with your top down inland a long the coast it's fogged in. live doppler 7 we'll talk about the weather.
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yes. low clouds are hanging near the coastline. highs in the upper 50s. inland spots have only gotten into low 80s this afternoon. we're seeing changes in weather. winds coming in this direction were coming from the ocean towards the land that. is providing cooling that continues today. mountain view, gusting to 23 miles per hour. check out fairfield, 29. and this is distributing. 24 hours ago, down eight in concord. three degrees cooler in san jose. sheer view you can see our marine layer deepened compared to yesterday. so 58 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. as you look at this vur from our camera, you can see low
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clouds there. it's 79 in fairfield. livermore, 78. tahoe you can see sunshine right now. a beautiful view of heavenly. sunny skies temperatures upper 70s to low 80s so good looking weather. wide spread low clouds tonight sunny day bai skpinland and warmer heading into the weekend. so tomorrow morninging to be a cloudy start. could see spotty drizzle. temperatures starting out on the cool side. and you'll notice this area starting to move off to the east. one more are day of cool conditions near the coast and breezy. mild inland for your friday
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and then, high pressure rebuilds bringing temperatures back up a couple degrees for saturday and sunday. 72347 san jose. 72 santa cruz. mild weather for afternoon. still going to be another breezy afternoon. 60s in half moon bay. temperatures a couple degrees of today's highs. 62 in san francisco. and towards east bay, 66 oakland. inland spots, mild and sunny. 83 degrees in fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. inland efforts temperatures
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fluke pait but no major swings so as dan likes to put it steady as she goes. >> that is right. >> how the smell of bacon in one neighborhood is reaching a boiling spoint today. >> coming up. at 6:00 new perspective on the crash of asiana flight 214. how the plane held up so he
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san francisco police caught a tree vandal in the act s they're not sure if he's the same man responsible for damaging trees in sex officials say he's cost
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50,000s ndz damage. >> they're chewing the fat on weather to allow a bacon restaurant. the planning commission taking testimony from supporters and opponents of bacon bacon. restaurant was forced to shut down this year after customers complained about the strong smell of bacon. a decision is expected shortly. >> how about celebrating with a slurpee give away. the convenience chain giving away free small slumpees until 7:00 or until supplies last. >> get them while they're hot. cold. >> amusing wedding. >> yes this, is going help a couplea├║es0p0p
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marriages can have ups and down autos check out this unusual nuptial. >> the bride and groom tying the knot, yes on the gold striker roller coaster. >> hard to hear i dos in between the screaming but they ashaur sured they did exchange vow autos the day was full of rides. >> that is fun. >> creative way to do it. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time.
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tonight last words closing arguments in the george zimmerman trial. the state says zimmerman stalked an innocent young man. >> he automatically assumed that trayvon martin was a criminal and that's why we're here. >> how zimmerman's own words were turned against him today. chaos in the crises, that san francisco crash landing. for the first time we heard the passengers call 911, pleading for help. >> there are no ambulances here. we've been on the ground 20 minutes. and swept away. in this season of floods and fire, 20 to 30 cars swallowed up in a river of mud. what you should do in your car if mud is crashing toward your window.


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