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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 12, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is "world news." tonight, in their hands, the jury now deciding the truth about george zimmerman. after a final dramatic showdown in court, first the defense. >> give me a shred of evidence that he had any other option. >> and the prosecution coming roaring back. >> he shot him because he wanted to. electrified. a standing ovation for a tiny girl with a defiant call of arms. and wall of sand. a major dust storm swamping a major american city, tonight. and good evening on this friday night. it's all in the hands of the jury. six people deciding the truth of
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what happened a year and a half ago when george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. those six jurors will write the final chapter in the long debate and abc's matt gutman is on the scene where he has been since the beginning. he joins us from florida. matt? >> reporter: diane, the six jurors wrapped tonight. they are deciding the case. they asked for a list of all the evidence, a clear sign of how very seriously they are taking this. tonight, zimmerman's fate is in the hands of the jury. the six female jurors -- all but one, mothers -- asking the judge late today for a list of all the evidence. the last word in the trial was from the prosecution. >> to the living, we owe respect. to the dead, we owe the truth. >> reporter: john guy,
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mesmerizing the jury. his voice alternately soaring, and whispering. >> not being able to ask trayvon martin to step forward to put my hand on his shoulder. man, i would love to do that. >> reporter: casting this as a historic choice. >> your verdict won't change the past, but will forever define it. >> reporter: telling them zimmerman's claim of self defense is a lie, and the responsibility for the shooting began when he left his car and started following 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> this case is not about standing your ground. it's about staying in your car. >> reporter: zimmerman's attorney, mark o'mara, started his closing by introducing george zimmerman. >> you might have an impression of him because he's sitting at the defense table. >> reporter: other than that moment, zimmerman sat pensively during the proceedings. repeatedly wiping his brow. o'mara insisting the state offered no proof the 29-year-old former watchman murdered martin. >> you want to take away somebody's liberty, they got to prove their case.
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the burden is on the state. >> reporter: pressing the case against martin, hauling in a huge block of cement to show his client had to shoot in self defense when martin pounded his head into the pavement. >> that's cement. that is a sidewalk. and that is not an unarmed teenager with nothing but skittles trying to get home. >> reporter: and when the jury comes back tomorrow, we are told the judge is going to give them all the leeway and time they need. now, during their discussions and after their discussions, the jury is going to be given this, it's called a verdict form. they can fill all all the thing, among them? second degree murder, manslaughter or a not guilty plea for george zimmerman. diane? >> so much at stake. let's bring in "nightline" anchor dan abrams. take us in the jury room. what do they tend to do first a
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murder trial? >> one of two things. either they take a vote to see where everyone stands in the outset. or they won't and they go through the evidence methodically, and review everything and then maybe have the first vote. >> and how rare is it to have a jury of all one sex, male or female? >> it's rare to have a jury of all women. very rare in a case like this. and it's rare to have a jury of six people. florida is some what unique in that regard. if it's not a capital case, you can have six people in a criminal case. most you only see that in a civil case. >> do you want to go on a limb and say how long it's going to take? >> if it's not split, i expect a verdict tomorrow afternoon. >> tomorrow, as soon as tomorrow? >> absolutely. i think this is a pretty straightforward case. it hasn't been that long of a case and you only have six jurors.
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>> dan abrams, weighing in tonight. thanks, dan. the other big headline today. out of hiding. edward snowden, who leaked so many documents, showed his face for a moment today. but he is still stuck in the airport in moscow. why the surprise appearance? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has that. >> reporter: tonight, the one time american spy turned fugitive is trapped. that became clear today after a small group of russian lawmakers and human righting workers were escorted to a closed off area of the moscow airport to meet with snow. the 30-year-old former u.s. contractor appeared gaunt, wearing a shirt much too large living some where in the transit area of the airport. >> while the u.s. constitution wants to these programs as illegal,dy government argues -- >> reporter: one of his visitors made a cell phone video as
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snowden spoke and then was interrupted by a passengers announcement. >> i heard this many times. >> reporter: snowden said that he acted outside the law and made it impossible for him to travel outside of america. and so, snowden said, he wanted help getting temporary asylum from russia. >> he cannot say here indefinitely. there has to be a resolution. >> reporter: now with his u.s. passport cancelled and on the no fly list, he appears to be corners in check in this real life game of chess, diane. >> so it's back to the airport. >> exactly right. now, late breaking news to report tonight about the crash landing in san francisco. word that a third victim has died, another young woman. we are also learning more about what happened to one of the two original victims, a teenage girl hit by rescue workers in a fire
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truck at the screen. the victim apparently covered in fire fights foam when she was struck. it's not clear if she died from that impact. and this is a scene today, smoke billowing from the wreckage. it was not a new fire. just the result of cutting through the debris to move it. and now to the united nations where today, world leaders were mesmerized by a teenage girl malala yousafzai, delivering a powerful message. she brought her audience to tears. and when she was done, she received a standing ovation. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: when malala yousafzai arrived to the u.n. she was greeted like a star. and then a remarkable speech by a 16-year-old girl. >> so here i stand. i speak not for myself but for those without voice can be
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heard. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine that it was just 9 months ago that malala was shot by the taliban for says all girls have the right to go to school. i met her in january on his way to recovery. but today, on her 16th birthday, standing on a box to reach the mike, she soared. >> the taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. they shot my friends too. they thought that the bullets would silence us. but they failed. >> reporter: now she is leading a movement through her "malala fund," pressuring countries to educate the 57 million children who never go to school because of poverty, child labor and religion. she had the courage to criticize the radical taliban. >> i do not even hate the man who shot me. even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me, i would not shoot him.
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>> reporter: the u.n., adults and children alike, captivated. her mother wiping away tears. her father beaming. >> i am the only person who can have her as a daughter. she is owned by everybody. >> reporter: she is the daughter of the world. >> she is the daughter of the world. >> one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. >> reporter: since she has become a worldwide symbol, she has won many awards. in fact, she has gotten -- became the youngest person ever nominated for a nobel peace prize. that decision is in october. and she is certainly qualified. >> oh, i hope she wins a nobel prize. who else? >> go to and get the fund information. >> we talk about how extraordinary she is. and we want everyone to know show will be telling her life
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story in a book, "i am malala," and she will be sitting down with me for an exclusive abc news interview, and i cannot wait. now to washington. word today that janet napolitano is stepping now. in september, she will take over as president of the california university system. and we have a headline tonight about a stap until american kitchens, apple juice. you remember dr. oz sounding the word about arsenic in apple juice. >> does your hair just stand up when you their? doesn't it bother you? >> today, the fda agrees and is taking action. and dr. richard besser is here to tell us what is going to change. rich? >> for the first time ever, the fda is sitting a limit to the amount of arsenic that can be allowed in arsenic. it's the same amount that is allowed in water. and i told dr. oz about it and he is absolutely thrilled. >> you said from the beginning
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you think the current apple juice is safe. but you have other concerns about it. >> it's 95% safe in the limit out there. and this will take care of the additional 5%. i am less concerned about arsenic than all the sugar there is. it's not a license to give your children more apple juice than they already get. >> should have a new sense of apple juice inspection and care and when the precaution when? >> 60 days for comment and then they finalize the rule. and apple juice which was safe, will now be safer. >> all right, thank you. so much, richard besser, tonight. astonishing images out of arizona next. take a look. a massive dust storm blanketing a major american city, phoenix. and clayton sandell has the latest on that. >> reporter: today, an ominous wall of dust came stalking the entire phoenix area. a giant brown cloud knocking out electricity to thousands, delays flights at the airports and creating traffic chaos.
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>> a van rolled over. >> reporter: people caught in the blast. covering their mouths and noses. it's known as a haboob, a freak desert dust storm. it happens almost every summer in the southwest. on average killing almost five people every year. >> a very, very dry dust and hits with the wind and it just gets pushed. >> reporter: but as the blinding sand storm went from open land to city terrain, it met its match. >> it starts to fall down and then the storm just falls apart. >> reporter: as the haboob moves through, it's followed by rain and flash floods, turning much of the dust to mud. clayton an sandell, abc news. and still ahead here on "world news," it sounded so good. all the exercise you need in seven minutes? well, tonight, does it work? we have answers. and later, the superstar who doesn't forget. what jon bon jovi did that makes him our person of the week.
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♪ flap your wings some people swear by it, like supercharged executive heather holland. basic philosophy, increase the workout intensity, decrease the time. >> i'm winded and sweating. so you can see that it works. >> reporter: we asked exercise physiologist polly de mille to put heather's 7 minutes to the test. >> the machine will tell us how much oxygen your body is using, how much carbon dioxide it's producing. >> reporter: heather's heart rate quickly escalated from 96 to 163 beats per minute. in seven minutes, she burned 52 calories. the scientist says that's good, but -- >> there probably isn't enough research to say this is all you need to do. >> nice and simple. >> reporter: so we tracked down chris jordan, who developed the workout, published by the american college of sports medicine. did he really mean to say that 7 minutes is all it takes? >> although this has been pushed around as a seven minute workout, we recommend doing it not once, but three times for a good, hard, vigorous workout. >> reporter: what?
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#1 dentist recommended listerine®... barrelling to the top of the instant index tonight, a natural disaster we never thought we would cover on this broadcast. this is sharknado. part tornado, part school of vicious sharks. a twister of death in a sci-fi movie that premiered last night and it produced a storm of twitter actively last night. the most tweeted tv movie of the year so far, including a few from mia farrow with a cry, oh, my god, oh, my gad, sharknado. now it's become personal for pope francis, policing nuns, bishops, cardinals who drive cars like these. that is a mercedes tonight for sale. pope francis called for the clergy to drive humble cars.
5:51 pm
he personally walked through the vatican garage busting the fancy vehicles urging them to donate the money to the poor. when he was a cardinal, he took public transportation. and tonight, he is also asking this be struck down. it's a life-sized statue of him in his hometown. he says it encourages a cult of personality. on a personal note, i want to thank all of you who tweeted recipes for honey and tea. i think it's working. i think it's working. and coming up, a king of rock showing up for the people who need him. why jon bon jovi is the person of the week. ♪ ♪
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and finally tonight, our person of the week is one of the great reigning legends of rock 'n' roll. jon bon jovi. eight months ago right after hurricane sandy, he helped raise millions of dollars in a benefit concert but this week, he returned to donate $1 million of his own money for all the people in his home state of new jersey still living on a prayer.
5:55 pm
♪ oh we're halfway there ♪ oh living on a prayer >> the rock power house was there after hurricane sandy. >> we need all the help we can get. >> nice to meet you. thank you. >> hello, my friend. >> and the hometown boy came back with $1 million again this week. >> everyone that was involved knew this wasn't a band-aid and it wasn't going to be fixed overnight. and after the television cameras went away, the houses still weren't rebuilt. my being here is not political. it's emotional. because i grew up here. i went to school here. i met my wife here. >> just an all american kid growing up in new jersey. >> this is it, this is where i picked up the guitar and did everything. >> sitting in the upstairs
5:56 pm
bedroom writing songs. >> he doesn't need introduction, mr. bon jovi. >> i played here in a talent show one summer. my band came in last place. >> but he was ready to do whatever it took, including sweeping floors at the record studio until he could launch a song called "runaway." ♪ ooh she's a little runaway >> i am intrigued when people ask why i do it. i do it because i love to do it. i was never motivated by money or fame. i love to perform and write songs and that is what i'm blessed enough to do. everyone who loves who they do, that is the fulfillment of life and i love my job. >> in the music world, the job is a model of hard work and confidence. ♪ shot through the heart and you're to blame ♪ ♪ you give love a bad name >> he is married to the girl he met in high school history class. they have four children
5:57 pm
together. and even though that all american home is, well, a little bigger now -- >> my wife and i designed this whole thing. >> -- a lot bigger. the message is the same. passion. stamina. >> there is a lot going out there and doing it. it's some where between a prize fighter and an army general. you have to close your eyes and just pretend your singing in the shower. ♪ it's my life ♪ it's now or never ♪ how you going to live forever ♪ >> circling the globe but giving back to the people who gave him what he is. >> i like to share the messages of optimism and hope. the under dog kind of feeling we live on. and felt a part of. look out. i'm just getting warmed up now. >> and so we choose the
5:58 pm
wonderful jon bon jovi. we thank you so much for watching. we are always there at "20/20" later and david muir all weekend. both. >> two dead in san francisco gift center. police taking a suspect into custody without returning a shot. >> a third fatality in the asiana 214 crash. we'll bring you our first close up inspection of the runway now back in business. >> reviews are in.
5:59 pm
you'll hear from some of the people to see the new movie the final day in the life of oscar grant. >> this is the crime scene on the streets of san francisco. >> i'm cheryl jennings. the building has been evacuated tonight after a search for possible suspects shows awe a massive police presence and a huge traffic back up because of the shut down streets there. people are trying to get into san francisco on a fry fri night. traffic is inching along trying to get into san francisco. right now investigators interviewing witnesses to figure out what led to the deadly shooting. td bodies found in the doorway
6:00 pm
at 888 brannan street. we'll have live team coverage for you tonight. mark matthews has been on the story all afternoon. mark, walk us through what happened. >> well, when the shots were fired and the call went out to the police, three officers responded here and they say they encountered a man covered in blood. he ducks insifd a mexican restaurant firing more mots shoths at the police and apparently runs out of bullets and surrenders. a gold store called victoga we found two deceased females. suffering from wounds that will be determined by the medical examiner. possible etch


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