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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining this is "world news." tonight, behind closed doors. the all-female jury now deciding george zimmerman's fate. this evening, the clues. what they have asked to see. and what to make of the fact that their decision wasn't immediate. our team in florida and our chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams right here. dramatic rescue. the little boy buried in 11 feet of sand. his parents desperately using their hands, then the rescuers and the digging that followed, pulling him out. how he's doing right now. the extreme weather. the massive flooding pictures coming in from florida through ohio. and the dust storm in the west. meteorologist ginger zee on the rest of the weekend. and home free. the american mother and daughter trapped, not allowed to come back to america for weeks, why they couldn't get their passports back, and tonight, how they got home.
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good evening, on this saturday night. and we do begin here with that wait for a verdict in the george zimmerman trial in florida and a brand-new question moments ago from that all-female jury, they have now asked for clarification on the instructions regarding manslaughter. that word comes just as we come on the air tonight. this image from george zimmerman and his team. just before deliberations began this morning. his attorney smiling there and zimmerman himself appearing less tense, at least for a moment. when the jurors walked in, those smiles gone. what's at stake, whether zimmerman will be locked up or whether he'll go free. after the killing of trayvon martin. trayvon martin's parents in the last 24 hours, staying wait, stoically, as they have been, in that courtroom, every step of the way. abc chiefs legal affairs anchor dan abrams right here with me. but first, abc's matt gutman live in sanford, florida, live outside the courthouse. with breaking developments. matt, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. those jurors are still in the
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courtroom. they have had dinner and lunch. they're working through it all. the most pivotal so far in the trial. the judge is assembling everyone in the courtroom. after nine hours of silence today, finally the jury had a question -- >> may we have please have clarification on the instructions regarding manslaughter. >> reporter: manslaughter lesser of two charges that zimmerman faces. >> the court cannot engage in the general discussion if you have a specific question please submit. >> in that nearby room, those six women, five of them mother, and just outside the courthouse, a growing protest, now in its second day, demonstrators shouting each other down. the trial ended with the state's rebuttal. prosecutor john guy besieging those jurors to use their hearts as much as their heads. to convict zimmerman for shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> who's responsible for this
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day? not being able to ask trayvon martin to step forward? so, i could put his hand on his shoulder. boy, i would love to do that. >> reporter: the jurors were then read their instructions. soon asking for a list of all of the evidence. >> is there an inventory list of the evidence by number and description? >> reporter: and remember that grin from the defendant? analysts aren't so sure that zimmerman should be smiling tonight. those six women, says this jury consultant, may favor the prosecution. so, in retrospect, picking six women, good idea or bad idea? >> bad idea. first of all, if i were on the defense, really, you're talking about a mother that lost a 17-year-old son. and you're expecting to convince six women -- >> reporter: five of them mothers? >> yes. and not have that emotional impact.
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i think that was a horrible decision. >> reporter: zimmerman could be convicted of second-degree murder or acquitted. >> matt gutman, leading us off. matt, thanks. i want to bring in dan abrams, dan, when you heard that they want instructions of manslaughter again, what does that tell you? >> i would be nervous if i were the defense. the defense thinks it's an easy defense. they made that very clear in their closing arguments. they were focusing on arguing actually the innocence. but when you heard that the jurors want the definition of manslaughter again, at the least it means that they're taking that charge seriously. >> i want to remind the viewers what the forewoman will fill out. >> the first issue is second-degree murder. the second one is manslaughter, which is what we're talking about, which is consider the
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lesser-included offense but still a very serious one. the last one would be not guilty. >> you have been telling us all along that this comes down to the crucial question, whether they believe that this was self-defense? >> that's right. if the jury is asking for the definition of manslaughter they have to hope they'll keep in mind self-defense. because the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn't self-defense in the moment that george zimmerman fired that weapon. so, that's the most important point for the defense in this case. >> all right, dan abrams, thank you. in the meantime, to texas, this evening, a decision already made, setting off a firestorm being debated across the country. overnight, texas lawmakers passing one of the most restrictive laws when it comes to abortion. could there be fewer abortion clinics in that entire state? abc's ryan owens from austin, tonight. >> house bill 2 is finally passed. >> reporter: just before the stroke of midnight, the lone star state became the largest state to pass severe restrictions on abortion.
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>> this bill raises the standard of care in texas. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters gathered to witness the historic vote. a few had to be hauled away from the state capitol. >> life is not an ending point. it's a beginning point, as we work to take this state back. >> reporter: state senator wendy davis has become the face of opposition to the republican-sponsored bill that will make abortion illegal after 20 weeks and it also will require procedures be done only in surgical centers. >> i'm rising on the floor today. >> reporter: two weeks ago, davis filibuster this bill in her pink sneakers for 13 hours. but this time, even she had to admit, she didn't have the vote. >> i don't think i'll be wearing them on the floor today. >> reporter: supporters say that the law will make abortion safer. opponents said it will shut down most of texas' 42 abortion clinics, leaving just five open across the massive state. similar bills have already
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passed in a half-dozen other states and just this week, legislators in north carolina are debating them. and wendy davis said that a lawsuit will be filed in texas the second the governor signs this bill. ryan owens, abc news, austin. >> ryan, thank you. now, to that dramatic rescue, 6-year-old boy, his parents using their hands at first until rescuers could get there. and abc's rob nelson on the moment he was pulled out and how he's doing now. >> reporter: tonight, a 6-year-old boy is in critical condition, after a family trip to an indiana park nearly left him buried under a crashing mountain of sand. >> we honestly don't know exactly what happened. this is unprecedented. we have never had anything like this. >> reporter: with his parents nearby, the unidentified boy was playing friday near a restricted area of the mount baldy sand dune.
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in the indiana dunes lake shore national park. suddenly, the little boy let out a cry as he was swallowed by the sand. his parents scrambled to rescue him. >> they didn't actually see the initial collapse. but, when they got to him, they could actually see him a little bit, tried to dig him out, and that's when the total collapse happened. >> reporter: the park's tallest dune stands at 124 feet, came crashing down. dozen of paramedics, police and firefighters quickly arrived at the scene. rescuers used a probe to find an air pocket around an old tree where the boy was trapped. that pocket giving the boy just enough air. in a race against time, they used heavy machinery and shovels to reach the boy. under at least 11 feet of sand. 3 1/2 hours later, they pulled him out. bleeding, but still breathing, the little boy was rushed to a local hospital. and then med vac to the
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university of chicago's children's hospital. >> his condition at this point is unknown. and we're just waiting and holding our breath. >> reporter: we got late word today from the hospital that that little boy remains in critical condition, but is responding well to breathing treatments for sand that he ingested into his lungs. but, by all accounts, david, authorities said just the fact that he survived this ordeal is really a miracle. >> incredible when you see how high that mount was. >> 12. >> rob, thanks. we're going to turn next to extreme weather on a saturday night. the radar extremely active at this hour. meteorologist ginger zee with the pictures already coming in tonight. >> reporter: on a saturday night, the mid-atlantic through northern florida, slammed this weekend by more than a half-foot of rain. those rapids halting traffic in virginia. usually just a river. in delaware, they're paddling above the pavement after more than seven inches of rain. look at these astounding rain totals already this weekend. that's almost nine inches in clemson, south carolina.
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from under water to swarmed by dust. >> you can smell it coming. you can smell the dirt and the dust. >> reporter: hundreds at the phoenix airport watched as a haboob rolled across the desert landscape. at least one person was injured. as winds inside that storm topped 60 miles per hour. back in the soggy southeast, the reason behind all of that rain, a stationary front, hanging out, at least until the end of the weekend. >> all right, ginger is with us now. what a mess tonight. rain going into evening. >> so many people writing me, saying we need a break. look at this stationary front. along the southeast. just west of tallahassee. look at the bull's eye back in western texas. that's good for them, though. they need it. >> they need it. the heat they don't know. >> the heat that's been in the midwest, now going to surge to the northeast. new york and newark now in a heat advisory starting tomorrow into monday.
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you say wait a minute, it won't be that. boston, right up to 90 on tuesday. >> watching this straight through "good morning america" in the morning. and from san francisco tonight, we learned the name of the third girl who died after the crash of asiana flight 214. she was a schoolmate of the other two crash victims. all of them on their way to study english here in america. also tonight, the runway has reopened. now, to the fate of edward snowden, the man who revealed this country's sweeping surveillance program. and a phone call between president obama and president putin. snowden still in that moscow airport. president obama himself raising the question and the situation in that phone call with putin, the white house unhappy that snowden was allowed to meet with human rights activists at that moscow airport over the last 24 hours. where snowden did announce that he will indeed seek asylum in russia. in that phone call, snowden can stay but can't reveal any more secrets about america.
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now to london tonight, where the royal baby watch is well under way with the new and future heir on the way. "good morning america" weekend anchor bianna golodryga in london tonight. >> reporter: they're calling it baby fever. proud brits counting down the days until a new monarch is born. at st. mary's hospital, where the duchess of cambridge is expected to deliver. more photographers staked out positions today to capture the first images of the future king or queen of england. the baby is due any day. that's welcome news on a number of fronts. proceeds from tourism and product sales related to the birth are expected to pump nearly $400 million into the british economy. 90 million alone is expected to be spent on champagne
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purchases to toast the new baby's birth. so, londoners clearly have a lot to celebrate these past few years from the royal wedding, to the wimbledon championship for andy murray, to the queen jubilee and now the new baby. baby-related items are flying off the shop. among those buying, this woman said that she's already spent thousands of dollars preordering merchandise. >> everybody loves will and kate. and now they're having a baby. so, how could they not be excited about it? >> reporter: he spent dozens of hours singing his praises to a future monarch. indeed the entire world is ready for the royal baby, including local economists who predicted that $400 million in tourism sales will increase tenfold once we have a gender, name, and especially, an image of that future monarch. david? still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday evening. the mom and daughter trapped not
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allowed to return to america after their passports taken. tonight, here, the happy homecoming. how they pulled this off. and later on the broadcast -- brand-new role for caroline kennedy, why she's suddenly making global headlines all over again. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya!
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brazilian authorities had taken their passports. so, tonight, how did they get home? abc's aditi roy with that homecoming and the lesson learned about passports. >> reporter: tonight, ava is playing with her friends, pets and dolls. grateful to be home in massachusetts. the 6-year-old and her mother are back on american soil. after being trapped in brazil for nearly two months. >> never in my life did i ever think that i would be so happy to be in my hometown and i'll be forever grateful. >> reporter: their ordeal began at the end of may, when the pair arrived in brazil with tickets paid for by ava's father who lives there. brazilian authorities confiscated their passports. >> one woman and four huge men with guns. it was 5:00 in the morning. they were pounding on the door. and they were going to kick it
5:48 pm
in if we didn't open it. >> reporter: she has full custody of ava, launched a facebook campaign and appeared on "good morning america." >> she misses her family. she really, really misses her dog, lola. she sleeps a lot. she cries a lot. >> i just want to go home. >> reporter: after a combination of pressure from social media, the family's local congressman and the u.s. state department, a brazilian judge gave the pair their passports back. they returning last night to open arms. and ava's father said through his attorney that he believes the pair's return to u.s. is the start of a process that will give him visitation rights. be careful about handing over your passport. only do it only at a consulate. >> make sure there's a u.s. authority in your presence. when we come back here on "world news" -- a word from the running of the balls this evening. involving two americans. the injuries, still unfolding.
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now, to our "instant index" here on saturday night. and to this year's edition of running of the bulls. in spain. two americans among the injured, including a 20-year-old
5:52 pm
university of washington student patrick echols, he's listed in stable condition. we're told at least 23 people were injured this year. caroline kennedy, back in the news tonight. we reported here on the possibility that kennedy might soon become the first female ambassador to japan. tonight, japanese newspapers are citing several sources inside both the japanese and the u.s. governments saying it's a real possibility. in a recent interview, she told me that she would be open for the idea. stay tuned. and to a birthday gift for a lifetime. a soldier returning home to nashville. and nathan lawrence seeing his baby girl for the first time. the wife right there. he had been overseas for the past ninth months. his wife ashley, eight months pregnant when he left, so upon return, a addition. baby hannah walking out of hospital with him. when we come back here tonight -- we showed you that image before, that college error on the field. then there was this one about school on this roadway.
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teachers? tonight, the summer reading list that might have some thinking there should be summer school for them. >> knaidel. >> the winner of this year's spelling bee laughing at the word, but he gets it. >> k-n-a-i-d-e-l. knaidel. >> so, it got us thinking today why can't the adults get it right? there was this warning on a street in kalamazoo, michigan, school ahead. but the sign itself was distracting for drivers. s-h-c-o-o-l. and then we showed the college where they might want to go back to college. this banner right on the field at the college world series in omaha. workers putting in the extra "l." and tonight, this, the reading list sent home to 11th and 12th graders in long island, new york. look at the books. "the scarlet letter."
5:57 pm
with one two many letters. scarlet has one "t," not two. and if you think we're nitpicking, there's animal farm. by george orwell. not george ornell. also on that list, perfect timing with that recent movie. leonardo dicaprio as the great gatsby. students at this school were told to read this book, "the great gypsy." we have seen it on the field before. look at this pitcher on the mound. cincinnati without the first "i." but somehow the children always keep us honest. in san francisco, when she was asked to braille. >> she said braille. >> but they told her she was wrong. >> i didn't want to say anything, because when they tell you got a word wrong you don't argue with him. >> they sent her home in second place, but the crowd, her teachers, stood by her. they petitioned and got to send her to the next round. and tonight, she might have some advice for those teachers who came up with that reading list.
5:58 pm
30 errors in all. because we remember when she told us this. >> if you don't get it the first time, all you have to do is try harder the next. >> try harder the next. >> "good morning america" and "this week" first thing in the morning and as soon as there's a verdict in the george zimmerman trial i'll be breaking back in with a special report. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night on "world news." good night.
5:59 pm
the look at how business continues a day after a violent attack in a san francisco shopping district. >> what caused a train clippings -- train collision that sent 189 people to the hospital. >> abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> one day after a double murder and the police shutdown of a popular san francisco shop district store owners were back with tighter security. good eek, i'm ama daetz. yesterday two people were killed, another injured, at the jewelry mart. john alston is live outside the store.
6:00 pm
reporter: the jewelry mart is closed today. normally handles wholesale business monday through friday but we saw tenants coming book into the building to get to their businesses because they were hustled out of the building after yesterday. there are security guards at the entrances, making sure no one from the public can wander inside. we met one sell very dealer who says he was quarintined while the police were trying to figure out what happened. he showed up today. >> they had to have security guards escort me to my showroom. >> what did you see in the building? >> it was all empty. not that many people working today. but yesterday i had to leave early so i hat to come -- had to come and get my stuff together today and


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