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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 14, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 14th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen. >> good morning. low clouds in san francisco at 54 but some interior areas already seeing sunshine. that's where we are seeing some 60s. 65 in san ramon, 61 in san jose. so it's going to play out much like yesterday. during the morning we will see the low clouds. temperatures mainly in the 50s. some low 60s already out there. this afternoon by lunchtime present of sunshine for everyone, with the exception of folks along the coast.
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that's where temperatures are going to stay near 58 degrees. but warming up again into the lowed 0s for the interior valleys. and then this evening we will cool down, 54 to 74 degrees. there are some changes on the way and i'll let you know more about that with the seven-day accuweather forecast coming up. >> francis, thank you. in developing news out of florida, george zimmerman is a free man this morning after being acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. that has sparked protests across the country. we have marcie gonzales live outside the courtroom with the very latest. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> george zimmerman is a free man. >> your gps monitor will be cut off and you will have no further visits with the court. >> the 29-year-old in court smiling. acquitted of manslaughter and
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second degree murder, avoiding the potential of life in prison. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict. >> the verdict coming after 16 hours of deliberations. seventeen months after zimmerman killed trayvon martin. zimmerman maintained he shot the teen in self-defense. the jury now agreeing the shooting was not a crime. their decision sparking protest, including this one in oakland, california, where dozens marched through the streets smashing windows of businesses and a police car. >> justice for trayvon! >> here outside of the seminole county courthouse, they reacted to the verdict peacefully, some with frustration, and support for trayvon martin's parents, who were in court every step of the way for the nearly month-long trial, except for last night. too emotional, their attorney says, to sit in the room was the verdict was read.
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>> we are very, very, very saddened, but we accept the jury's verdict in this case. first and foremost, on behalf of tracy martin and sabrina fulton, who were just heartbroken. >> although zimmerman was acquitted, martin's family would still have the option to file a civil lawsuit. abc news, florida. oakland-based civil rights attorney john burriss said he's not surprised by the verdict. >> the prosecution put on a witness that said that there was a fight that was taking place, it looked like a fight but trayvon was on top of mr. zimmerman. the prosecution put that witness on. that witness turned out to be a better witness for the defense, and in my own view ultimately was a linchpin of the defense's case. >> a march turned violent after demonstrators took to the streets in oakland protesting the zimmerman verdict.
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here are pictures taken this morning of businesses that had windows smashed in overnight. other windows were spray painted with anti--zimmerman tags, like that one. officers in riot gear were dispatched downtown as protesters burned flags on 14th street and vandalized police cars. no injuries or arrests. across the bay in san francisco, protesters marched peacefully through the mission district after gathering at the 24th street bart station. >> how many for family members in the black community have to be targeted before they recognize this is a risist system. >> the young man trayvon martin was put on trial for his own murder. >> it was very unfair that he is
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free and he actually killed trayvon martin for nothing. >> the crowds in mission street marched for about two hours and then disbursed peacefully. police kept a presence in the mission district overnight. a mash is planned in san francisco at 4:00 this morning at powell and market streets. two more are planned today in oakland. the first at 3:00 at 73rd avenue and international boulevard and the other at 14th street and broadway at 4:00. >> the oakland police department is being joined by search teams this morning look along local trails for a missing 21-month-old girl. daphne webb was last seen last wednesday morning in his car. there he is, john anthony webb, released friday after they dropped charges of child endangerment against him. detectives say a woman left her baby inside a gas station restroom. officers found the woman at a
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home on wilshire avenue around 9:45 last night. her baby spent about an hour in the restroom at the chevron station on lincoln road east. surveillance video shows the boy being wheeled into the bathroom and then it shows someone who looks like her leaving a few minutes later without him. >> the female subject had taken the child in there in a stroller. the stroller was -- the seatbelt was on, so the child was very frustrated when the citizen went in there and found the child basically tied up in the stroller. >> that baby boy has been placed in emergency foster care. >> there was a shooting just before 8:30 near seminary avenue. traffic was backed up for about a mile. neighbors say he heard what appeared to be a gun battle.
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>> i counted them and then i asked my neighbor and she said yeah, there were six, and i heard six of them, pow, pow, pow, pow. but we hear them a lot around here unfortunately. >> did you hear a car crash? >> no. >> i heard a gunshot, two or three and then just a short period of time passed and i heard return fire, like six rapid, one right after another. >> no word on injuries or arrests. that shooting is under investigation. >> now to the latest on the crash at sfo. a vigil for the victims of flight 214 was held in burlingame this weekend. among those in attendance were the parents. two of the victims. vigil was sponsored by the buddhist group. the organizer said the ceremonies should help with the healing. >> it's very important that we
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give them all the energy and all the love from the people in the bay area. and radiate that kind of love and energy to those families. >> flowers were laid on a platform to show compassion for those who died and for those who are still suffering. we are learning more about the third victim of the asiana airlines crash. she is a 17-year-old chinese girl who died friday at san francisco general hospital. she never gained consciousness after the crash. at last report 13 people remained hospitalized, six at sf general, two in critical condition, two at mills peninsula, two at california pacific, one each at stanford, st. mary's and st. francis. south korea has filed an official protest with the national transportation safety board regarding asiana airlines flight 214. sky 7hd was over the northern
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end of the airport yesterday where pieces of the plane have been placed. south korea is complaining about the amount of information given out regarding the investigation. korean officials asked the ntsb for a, quote, faithful and periodic disclosure of accident-related information. now you can keep on top of any breaking developments in the asiana crash investigation by following us on twitter and the new abc7 news smartphone app lets you watch our newscasts on the go, and see live, breaking news as it happens. you will find it all at frances dinglasan in now for lisa argen. you have a preview of your accuweather forecast? >> yeah. we will find all kinds of weather, as well, in the bay area today. cool at the coast, gray skies right now over the bay area, but already seeing lots of sunshine. i'll show you where that is and how warm it's going to get in your neighborhood. >> thank you, francis. also next, the shocking death of corey monteith, one of the scars
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of "glee." reaction as hollywood wakes up to the news. and the first head-to-head race in the america's cup challenger series. we will tell you when those huge catamarans will be back in the water.@ñ
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>> welcome back, everyone.
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it is 9:13 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up and joining us or the abc7 news. this is a live look from our roof cam, showing you how cloudy it still is in san francisco. about 66 degrees for a high today. there's patchy fog in some parts of the bay area. our meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen, will be around shortly with a full accuweather forecast. >> developing news, shocking news. "glee" actor corey monteith was found dead yesterday in a hotel in downtown vancouver. this morning his death is stunning co-stars and fans. we have more. ♪ why you look so sad >> he played the football hero
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in the fox hit "glee" was found dead in his vancouver hotel room saturday at the age of 31. staff became worried when he failed to check out on time, and found the czar's body unresponsive in his room. >> he has been identified as 31-year-old actor corey monteith, who achieved great fame on the popular tv series "glee." >> vancouver police said the cause of death was not immediately apparent, but he was clearly deceased when paramedics arrived. surveillance cameras show him entering his hotel room alone early saturday morning. he had always been open about his life long battle with substance abuse, which he said started at the age of 13. he voluntarily checked himself back into a treatment center last april. it was his second time in rehab.
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twitter has been flooded with an outpouring of support and love for the late stars. tweets from star mark, simply wrote the word "no." and kristen general wealth writes rrip, corey monteith. >> he was involved on screen and off with actors leia michelle. the two were working on the fifth season of "glee." ♪ >> lizzy janice reporting. monteith is survived by his parents and older brother. as president obama looks to push forward with immigration reform, it appears the house is slowing down movement on the bill. this morning key members of congress spoke out on whether the house would of consider a path to citizenship.
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some say it's time for republicans to stop stalling and look at it from the position of economic growth. >> look at this bill. $197 billion in debt reduction in just ten years. that's something republicans should support. $700 billion in debt reduction in 20 years. on the economic growth, 90 of our fortune 500 companies were formed by immigrants, 200 by immigrants or kids of immigrants. >> other members of the house judiciary committee they don't believe the immigration bill has stalled and believe the house will move forward with making the senate bill even better. new this morning a three-alarm fire has destroyed an 80-year-old business. that fire broke out just before 6:00 yesterday evening on petaluma avenue. that feed store said to be the largest for farmers in the west county. it's their longest running business. fire crews are calling the business a total loss. no word yet on what sparked the
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blaze, but investigators are calling that fire suspicious. we have new details this morning about the man charged with killing two women at san francisco's jewelrymart. the suspect has been identified as 23-year-old barry white of antioch. authorities don't believe robbery was motive. there was a rifle in the back of white's car. police say he attacked three people friday afternoon inside the jewelry shop at the san francisco giftcenter and jewelrymart. one woman was shot and another stabbed. another employee was wounded and he's in critical condition this morning. white surrendered after firing at officers. yesterday the jewelrymart was closed, but some tenants showed up. >> they had to have a security guard escort me to my showroom. >> what did you see as you went through the building? >> it was all empty. there was not that many people working today. >> white was booked on two
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counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder. san francisco police believe an illegal turn caused a crash between a van and a muni light rail vehicle yesterday afternoon. sky 7hd shows us the scene at third street and evans avenue. it appears the van's driver turned left and into the path of the lrv on the t-line. it injured 19 people. some of them hurt by broken glass after the van struck a light pole and that pole smashed through a window on the train. >> i was really scared. i didn't know what it was. i just seen it coming and i hurry up and covered up my baby. >> ambulances rushed the injured muni passengers to hospitals across san francisco. the fire department said they suffered minor to moderate injuries, fortunately. it delayed traffic at that busy intersection for several hours.
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this afternoon the emirates team new zealand will race unopposed a day after thousands turn out to watch the first head-to-head race leading up to the america's cup. yesterday the kiwis beat the luna russo. they beat them by more than five minutes in their race near the marina green. at least one fan that thinks interest in the races will now grow. >> i think there will be bigger crowds. with all the hype that happened over the last 18 months, it's going to come to fruition. i think it's really going to happen. >> yesterday's race was part of the louis vuitton cup series. the winner of that race will defend the defending champion oracle for the america's cup in september. the next head-to-head race is next sunday. giants pitcher tim lincecum has joined an elite baseball fraternity. >> high in the air and catchable. blanco. it's a no-hitter for tim lincecum! the giants mobbed lincecum after
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the final out of last night's 9-0 win over the padres in san diego. we will have more on the giants third no-hitter in the past four years coming up in sports. we are both excite the what happened there, francis. >> yeah, they look so happy. it's so easy to join in on the fun. >> good for lincecum. and francis is in for lisa this morning to bring you the accuweather forecast. still cloudy out there. >> it is looking very cloudy here, especially in san francisco. the gray skies behind us and over the bay bridge. live 7 doppler 7hd showing you, as it pans around the bay, things are quiet. but we also put the satellite image on top so you see the clouds all along the coast that seeped into the bay, as well. we will take you outside and show you a live shot from emeryville looking out toward the bay. and san francisco in the distance. all those low clouds still lingering. it will change, and i'll tell you when you can expect to see more sunshine. right now it's 54 in san francisco.
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57 in oakland. 61 in san jose. now check out san jose. totally different. blue skies there. that's why we see temperatures already climbing to the 60s. but in santa rosa, still foggy at 54 degrees. also livermore, more sunshine for you at 64 degrees and 61 in los gatos. you can expect another typical summer day, but i had to show you one more beautiful shot from the east bay hills. we saw a lot of the clouds, the coastal clouds spilling in into the valleys, but that's starting to recede and it's starting to spread out and we will have more sunshine by lunchtime. more clouds and fog, then a sunny afternoon. tomorrow, though, get ready. it's going to be cooler and breezier as this area of low pressure starts to come in with the cooler air mass. we will show you the pacific satellite image. high pressure actually giving us typical summer-like conditions. mostly sunny except for the coastal clouds. but we have cool air that's going to bring us a stronger
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onshore flow tomorrow. that will also drop temperatures a bit, as well. especially for interior inland communities. here's the forecast model showing really that by lunchtime all the clouds pull back to the coast. we will see a lot of sunshine. but still cool here. 60s. then 70s around the bay. 90s inland. temperatures much like yesterday. in fact, you will notice they were only a degree or two different compared to saturday. 81 in san jose. 79 in cupertino. also you will find some 70s along the peninsula. 78 redwood city, 60 in pacifica. downtown san francisco partly cloudy conditions, near 66 degrees. look for plenty of sunshine, especially in clear lake. they will hit 94 once again today. napa 81 degrees. very mild in the east bay. just really comfortable. 72 in oakland, 77 in castro valley. still quite warm inland. it's going to be 89 in pittsburgh and 88 in pleasanton. if you are headed to the a's
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game today, you don't need a jacket since the game time is at 1:05 instead of 7:00. temperatures right near 71, 72 degrees. it should be a great day to be outdoors. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. you notice today we have the typical summer spread, 58 at the coast to 92 inland, and then tomorrow breezy and cooler so temperatures coming down a bit around the bay. the inland areas also. along the coast we will hold steady all week because it will just be cloudy there. we will let you know how warm it is going to be in your community. keep track of bay area weather on twitter@livedoppler7hd. >> next, we've seen them before, spelling mistakes gone viral. now one school district is saying, option, wishing they had done a little fact checking.
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>> a big error by teachers in the east. this has left them embarrassed. this list is full of spelling errors. take a look. you see "scarlet" with one too many letters and "animal farm by james ornwell," and it should be "orwell." >> and "the great gypsy" instead of" "the great gatsby"." and in all there were 30 spelling errors on the list. >> coming up next, a peak inside
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a virtual fitting room. hollywood's special effects help you get a perfect fit online. also as great britain waits for the new royal family tradition, some remember the grandmother the child will never know. a
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>> welcome back, everyone. let's start this hatch hour with a quick look at the weather. we have meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. you can take a look at temperatures right now and notice where there are 60s. that's where we are seeing more sunshine. 68 in san ramon. still cloudy here, especially along the coast. 54 half moon bay, 54 in san francisco. monterey also reporting fog at 64. 61 in gilroy. here's a live view from mt. tam. you see how the bay has just been filled in with the low
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clouds from the coast. but that will change. we will see sunshine again this afternoon by lunchtime for most everyone except along the coast. inland communities getting up to the low 90s again today. around the bay upper 60s and upper 70s. along the coast it will stay the same, upper 50s to low 60s. that will stay the same most the week but there will be changes tomorrow and i'll have all the details coming up shortly. carolyn. >> we will look forward to that. thank you, carolyn. we have breaking news out of san jose where police are investigating the fatal shooting of a teenage boy early this morning. it happened just after 1:00 at white and story roads. police found the boy, believed to be about 17 years old, inside a car suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrests have been made. this shooting marks the city's 28th homicide of the year. in developing news out of
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florida, george zimmerman is a free man after 16 hours of jury deliberations. he's been cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting ever 17-year-old trayvon martin. a jury found the neighborhood watchman not guilty of murder last night and declined to convict him on a lesser charge of manslaughter. zimmerman maintained he shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict. >> we are very, very, very saddened, but we accept the jury's verdict in this case. first and foremost, over half -- -- on behalf of tracey martin and sabrina fulton, who were just heartbroken. >> although zimmerman has been acquitted. martin's family still has the option of filing a civil wrongful death lawsuit. outrage in oakland after the verdict. you shall looking at cell phone video taken this morning of the
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damage done to businesses near 20th and broadway. overnight protesters vandalized several businesses, smashing out windows and spray painting anti-zimmerman tags. officers in riot gear were maintaining a presence overnight to deal with unruly crowds. >> workers at oakland international airport will hold a one-day strike. it comes at fast-food workers and other employees protest what they call unfair labor practices. they say they faced retaliation by their employers earlier this year when they tried to form a union. the city of san jose is considering a law that would ban styrofoam containers in restaurants. tomorrow the city's environmental services department will host their second informational meeting for restaurant operators. it will provide information about alternative food
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containers. city council members approved the draft for the ban earlier this year. >> a milpitas thinks the same technology magic that makes virtual reality popular in movies will fit consumers. abc7 news business and technology reporter david louie shows us how. >> soon this would be the way you will be shopping online. it goes beyond computer generated avatars that can show off different garments, styles or colors. >> nowadays they expect something that looks fully realistic that you are fully able to interact with, change the garments, rotate the user, have the user walk around. >> but now johnathan su, a stanford ph.d., is putting in special effects to a allow consumetories know if a garment will fit or not. he creates an avatar with their body shape and then where the
9:35 am
fabric might bind or be tight. >> we have the ability to measure stretchability of fabrics and friction and how the material reflects light. we take all of that into account when we compute the fit. >> just like advance movie animation, clothes move in sync with the bed. >> the pants move around, the top moves around and we even have a scarf. >> they call this a virtual fitting room and it can be personalized to the point of putting your face on the avatar. for retailers it could mean better satisfaction. and might mean fewer trips to the post office to return extra garments you buy. this new technology might lift denim sales in particular, which many say they don't buy online. >> there are preferences people have, sometimes the materials are so different. so i think we are really suit
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today denim and tight-fitting garments first and more broadly we can do dresses and everything else, as well. >> in milpitas, abc7 news. as excitement grows for the newest addition to the royal family, there's a reminder that there's one member of the family the child will never know, itspa ternal grandmother. we have more on the legacy of the late princess diana from outside buckingham palace. >> she was the princess reveered as the perfect mother, showering affection on her boys. now they wonder what she would have been like as a grandmother. >> what kind of a grandmother would she be to the child? >> i think she would have been right on the cutting edge, trying to introduce new ideas. >> diana revolutionized the role of royal mothers, insisting her
9:37 am
boys have as normal a childhood as possible. but she also insisted that her boys learn about those less fortunate. >> diana really taught william how to work with the public, how to empathize with the people of great britain. she famously took william and harry to visit the homeless and a.i.d.s. victims. and many believe she would have done other socially conscious things with her grandchildren. >> i'm sure if diane were alive she would have her own blog and she would be getting her grandchildren involved in that sort of thing. >> it's about getting the feel right and. ing her. >> since her death her boys have worked tirelessly to honor their mother, holding charity concerts in her memory and doing relieve work in africa. william noted when he proposed to kate, diana's memory loomed large when it came to selecting a ring. >> yes, it's my mother's engagement ring. i thought it was nice because
9:38 am
she's not here to share in the fun and excitement of all of this. this is my way of keeping her close. >> diana may not be present in body to welcome the child, but she will certainly be there in spirit. >> i think if this is a girl, there will be a diana name in there, doing honor to die anna. it's a very high priority for prince william, as we see every time. >> you will see diana in william. and alongside with kate they are the modern version of diana, the people's princess. >> that baby due any day now. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news, the science of skateboarding, sidewalk surfing and a physics lesson on wheels. and take a live look from our mt. tam cam, showing you the clouds still hanging in there. average temperatures for this time of year, what's average? well, francis dinglasan has the
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answer, along with
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>> san francisco's exploratorium has a new exhibit. it's about the science of skateboarding. it's portable, so it can travel and it was developed with expert, but underage advisers. here's dan ashley with the details. weather you are a sidewalk surfer or an x-game superstar, if you skateboard, you also do physics. the exploratorium has been using skateboarding to teach scientific principles for more than a decade. they even have it online. >> center of gravity, inertia.
9:42 am
torque. but now developers are taking the exhibit even further with a traveling exhibit for a wider audience. it's not j hands on, it's feet-on too. >> you can learn about the trucks that turn the wheels as you shift your weight, or why different types of materials are better for different types of skateboarding. >> can i suggest you try these wheels? >> or check this out. this is about finding the center of gravity by balancing the board on the tip of the finger. let's see if i can do it. there you go. scientific know-how for all this came from the exploratorium staff, but this exhibit is aimed at teenagers so they were brought in to design it. >> i think it's good. i want to learn more about skateboarding. >> the exploratorium worked with san francisco middle-schoolers. they were from a state club. there was serious expertise in this group. >> i have been skateboarding for a long, long time. >> the kids helped brainstorm ideas to make the concept come alive. we were there a few months ago as they painted skateboards to liven up the outside of the exhibit. >> the kids are starting to refer to this as their project. it's our project together. when i heard that, that was like
9:43 am
the most gratifying thing. they are really taking ownership. >> met life funded this with a grant, but the kids supplied the energy. >> it's hard to get them focused on anything, and today all of a sudden 30 kids were focused on one thing. it's exciting to see that and to see them care. >> when the exhibit was unveiled outside the exploratorium, the skate club came to check out their work and the activities were a hit. but the artwork is what really made them proud. >> i painted these two ones and a little of this one and this one. like i'm famous and all that. >> all the other people with the skateboards at sunset, that was our idea. >> you can visit it right now. it's for free. a good lesson in physics and fun. >> you can say wow. just wow! >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> it is a wow.
9:44 am
and dan tells us the skateboard exhibit is built to travel, so you might see it pop up at other locations soon. abc7 is the exploratorium's official media partner. public school teachers are getting a special gift from the the exploratorium, free admission. california public school kindergarten through twelfth-grade teachers can get a free admission voucher until june, 2015. teachers can get free tickets by going to the exploratorium website. you can find a link on abc7 under "see it on tv." >> right here right now, frances dinglasan with a preview of the academy whenever forecast. >> temperatures right where we expect them to be this time of day. we have a beautiful shot outside of san jose's sunny sky. it's going to warm up to 81 degrees. i'll have your neighborhood temperature coming up. >> okay. also ahead, tim lincecum adds to his giants legacy. collin resch has the highlights of timmy's no-no coming up i
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>> finally it's almost 10:00 and we are seeing the fog finally lifting. >> it is still sticking around in parts of san francisco u see the gray skies behind us. live doppler 7hd also picking up on the low clouds. you see the areas of light gray, light blue there. parts of the bay area still under cloudy conditions, but we are seeing quite a bit of
9:48 am
sunshine, as well. here are the low clouds right over the golden gate bridge. you see that shot there. and temperatures still in the 50s. 54 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. but san jose already at 61. sunshine as we look from walnut creek over 680. you are going to warm up nicely, as well, today because we will get to near normal numbers later on this afternoon. santa rosa 54. it's been foggy there this morning. novato 57. here's a look, as well, from the exploratorium cam. you heard carolyn say free tickets to teachers, so take advantage of that. you might want to go especially over the summer. it should be great, all the new exhibits. low clouds and morning fog. you know the pattern. very typical for bay area weather. sunny this afternoon and then cooler and breezy tomorrow. that's a change come our way. we will show you the forecast model which shows quite a bit of change in the next couple hours.
9:49 am
that's when things pull back to the coast. then by lunchtime sunshine for almost everyone, except along the coast where temperatures will be near 60 degrees. 70s along the bay, and low 90s inland once again. the south bay, pretty mild in santa clara at 80 degrees. morgan hill 87. lower peninsula, nice day over all. 70 redwood city, 68 milbrae and half moon bay 62. also 62 in the sunset district. partly cloudy conditions and cloudier as you head to the coast. a wide bay of temperatures from north bay. 68 along the coast. 94 in clear lake and ukiah. 81 napa. we see very comfortable conditions in the east bay with 74 san leandro, 74 hercules and look for t-shirt and shorts weather once again in pittsburgh, antioch, all near 90 degrees and 88 pleasanton. overnight lows will be mainly in
9:50 am
the the 50s. we will see that onshore push start to increase tonight, increase inland a little bit farther. and santa rosa will be down to 49 degrees but mainly 50s for us. we have an increased onshore flow starting today, is when we will notice the temperatures drop by anywhere to four to six degrees in the bay area locations and also the inland locations, but along the coast that's where it's going to hold steady all week. we will also start to warm up, everyone will, around wednesday, thursday and friday and we will be right week to where we started for next weekend, which is really quite comfortable. >> yeah. but these temperatures during the week are comfortable, as well. >> they are. they aren't bad. we are pretty spoiled in the bay area. >> definitely. thank you, francis. let's check out sports. this afternoon the giants will try to sweep the padres in san diego. the final game before the all-star break. they call tim lincecum "the freak." last night tim lincecum freaked, pitching the first no-hitter of his big league career. here's collin resch with sports.
9:51 am
>> much maligned in recent years, tim lincecum proved last night he still has the stuff to be a dominant pitcher. he threw the seventh no-hitter in giants history. earlier this week timmy had an 11-strikeout performance. last night mowed down 13 padres. the second inning. the% of six straight ks. he will strike out the side in the third. timmy on his way to a 148-pitch night. fourth inning, 2-0, giants. brandon bell got a hit in five straight games. tenth homer of the year, a 2-1 shot. a 2-run shot. 4-0, giants. next inning, bears loaded. hunter pence, same spot as homer. 20 feet shy, one-hopper off the wall. bases clear. 7-0 game. the obvious statement right here. pence with his best game as a giant. solo homer in the eighth, 9-0 lead. pence, five runs batted in, and it was this play why i say it was his best game of the year. a diving stop, and that
9:52 am
preserves the no-hitter for lincecum. it ends the inning. we head to the ninth inning. lincecum heads out to a standing ovation. both giants and padres fan, first batter chase headley, strikeout number 13. twelve go downswing. carlos quinton is out two. john miller has the call. >> high in the air and catchable. blanco. it's a no-hitter for tim lincecum! >> just 11 days ago timmy was on the losing end of homer bailey's no-hitter for the reds. last night euphoria was all his. 9-0, the final. >>a's needing a win over boston to stay atop the a. l. west by themselves. a.j. griffin is making sure the a's stay on top. the a's starter getting some home run derby practice yesterday afternoon. hit some bombs and did that. the derby is monday night. fourth inning, no chance of this ball getting out. jacoby ellsbury diving to make the grab.
9:53 am
robbed him of a sure base hit. scoreless until the fifth. derek norris crushes the jon lester offering. over the o. his fifth of the season. 1-0, oakland. a.j. griffin didn't have a no-hitter, but had his best outing of the season. he pitched a scoreless last, he would get the win, and he's now 8-6. in the sixth, add some insurance. this one will find the grass, and that will score jed lowrie from second. 2-0, a's. coco crisp had a late run. a's blank the red sox 3-0. the rubber game of the three-game set is this afternoon. and the pitch, earthquake. hosting the flounders on root beer float day. walter martinez, his first and msl goal for the quakes. 12-yard laser, 48th minute. jose a winner. 1-0. the warriors get their first summer league victory yesterday beating the wizards, 56-52. that's a look at morning sports. i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> up next, the power ball
9:54 am
jackpot climbs to over $1 million. -- to over $100 million. but a winning ticket purchased in the bay area is worth more than $2.5 million. we will tell
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $94 million power ball draw. the power ball number 6. no one got all six numbers. but a ticket purchased in san francisco at the cable car wine and spirit grocery store on clement street got five out of five and that ticket is worth more than $2.6 million. wednesday night's jackpot now climbs to an estimated $116 million. here are the winning numbers from last night's $31 million super lotto plus. the meganumber 19. no tickets with all six. wednesday's jackpot grows to $33 million.
9:57 am
a virginia man is the talk of the town after a water rescue last week. the street flooded over during heavy rain. leon bailey was driving when he saw a fawn get swept past him in a rush of water. he hopped out of his car, dove in and grabbed the baby deer. the water flooded his car, it is a total loss, but the deer is alive and well. it will soon be introduced to a new herd. bailey said it was worth losing his car to save an innocent life. >> a nice guy. and we have nice weather ahead. >> okay. >> around the state we will see a lot of sunny skies and warm temperatures. in yosemite 93. 81 tahoe but partly cloudy conditions over southern california. 83less, 108 in palm springs. highs today will range from 60 along the east to 70s around the bay, 73 san mateo, and 90 in antioch and livermore. look for that cool-down starting tomorrow with a stronger onshore
9:58 am
breeze. temperatures stay cool on tuesday, but then we warm right back up by the end of next week and end up right where we started, which is near average. >> yeah, not much of a cool-down anyway. thank you, francis. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with frances dinglasan, who is sitting in for lisa argen this morning. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day, earn, and a great week ahead!
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♪ i'm cheryl jennings. today's show is about hiv and aids. hiv is the human immunodeficiency virus which can lead to aids.


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