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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 15, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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march for justice. march to get change done. >> passions running high on the streets during a second day of protest over the acquital of george zimmerman. good evening. i'm ama dates. crowds are turning violent in oakland tonight. we are getting reports that rocks rocks and bought el its are being -- bottles are being thrown at police and reporters are being attacked by protesters. here is the latest on the tense situations. >> for more than three hours protesters had complete control of 14th and broadway preventing cars from getting through. around 8:30, police opened the intersection to traffic. but it quickly deteriorated
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when demonstrators surrounded the frightened drivers who found themselves trapped. the crowd forced them to turn around. oakland police officers who were near the corner were treated leaving the helpless drivers without police protection nearby. it is unknown who gave that command. hundreds gathered to protest the acquital of george zimmerman in the killing of trayvon martin. >> last night's verdict. it didn't sit well in my heart. >> i don't feel that jury was representative of that community. i think the prosecutor did a poor job of presenting the case. >> it started with a rally at frank ogowa plaza. >> i would like us to continue to get together and pray and talk to god. maybe this thing can stop. >> sky 7hd was overhead as the crowd then marched several miles along broadway and west oakland. 24r* were no arrests or any
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reported damage. they tried to crash a bart station. and then in the middle of broadway they set fire to a flag. a photograph ter reported to police that he was attacked brie the crowd when he wandered to the middle of the group on broadway. in oakland, abc7 news. >> in san francisco sky 7hd was overhead as marchers hit the streets along market. abc7 news reporter sergio was there and joins us live from justin herman plaza. >> they did make a lot of noise in san francisco and they did tie up traffic for a few minutes as they we haved through downtown -- weaved through downtown san francisco on their way to justin herman plaza. this is a demonstration that started a mile away up market street. >> what about trayvon's rights to stand his ground? >> on day two of protests
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following a not guilty verdict, this crowd went to the cable car turn around at powell and market. among those in the group, young people like mariah jenkins who says she watched the verdict with her mother and was shocked. >> it was really intense and sad. it is not fair. it is not fair that someone can go out and kill ?b -- kill somebody and not get in trouble. >> for most here the not guilty verdict is setting off concern over race and violence in the country. >> so many black people that are killed because they were walking down the street looking suspicious. >> but not everyone who watched the spectacle agrees with the message. >> they are trying to pit american citizens against each other over this ridiculous race issue. you know, these protesters, they don't get out here and don't protest about the black on black violence in these poor black neighborhood communities. >> the demonstrators took their protests to the streets of san francisco first heading
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into the shopping district and then toward the embarcadero. sky 7hd you can see the group marching down market street. police estimate the crowd at 200 people. as they arrived as justin herman plaza a rally continued and finished up peacefully after a few minutes. abc7 news. >> in los angeles hundreds of protesters marched up and down busy city streets and at one poit -- point blocked traffic. here they are just in the last hour. the lapd has made several arrests and no vandalism has been reported. and in new york, police made several arrests in manhattan after protesters marched from union square to final square. they shutdown traffic through midtown when some participants sat down in the middle of the street. the justice department says they are looking into the case to determine whether they should file criminal civil rights charges against george zimmerman. here is abc news reporter marcy gonzalez. >> not guilty. >> with those words george
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zimmerman left the seminole county courthouse a free man. his attorney saying in an exclusive interview that he will still get back a central piece of evidence. the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. >> i think if he feels in his heart if he didn't have the weapon that night he might not be here. >> do you think if he could he would carry a gun again? >> yes, even more reason now isn't there? a lot more people that actually hate him, though they shouldn't. >> this church in miami gardens, flay you flaw that martin used to attend his cousin shared disappointment in the outcome jie. we don't want this to happen to anyone else again. >> while martin's parents mourn, ab sent from the -- absent from the verdict and because of death threats martin remains in hiding because of threats he is in hiding.
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>> the amount of evidence there was that george zimmerman had been beaten by trayvon martin, it was difficult to see how the prosecution was going to win this case. >> the department of justice released a statement explaining their investigation into martin's death is on goingment. >> the justice department will be under intense pressure by the civil rights community to do something. >> there could be more legal battles ahead. george zimmerman and martin's family could still file civil lawsuits. marcy gonzalez, abc news, sanford, florida. >> a well-known bay area musician is speaking out after he was attacked about what he said about trayvon martin. a woman attacked him during the hayward blues festival. he is known for his work as a member of the 1960s soul group the chambers brothers. on stage he dedicated a song in martin's honor which didn't go well. >> they got me off my feet and i went flying back four to six, eight feet in the air and
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landing on on the equipment. >> his injuries were not serious. police arrested and charged dna lynn potter for battery against an elder. the woman said she told officer she's suffers from ptsd. join us on twitter for the latest on the protest. coming up, how social media is playing a role after the zimmerman verdict. new details about friday's fatal shooting fe san francisco jewelry mart. they confirmed the names of the two women who died. 51-year-old leena lynn and 35-year-old kim min were clerks at the jewelry store. the twro 3-year-old -- the 23-year-old suspect was involved in a violent confrontation with police in 2009. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon afterers se antioch officers said he tried to run them over with his car. now to the latest on the crash at sfo. a group of survivors from
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flight 214 is back in their own beds tonight. 31 students and teachers of a prestigious middle school were bussed home. they had originally planned to attend summer camp in the bay area to get exposed to english. three classmates died in the crash. they will visit the grand parents of the deceased to express condolences. a legal twist could affect potential payouts to those on the flight. an international treaty decides compensation to passengers harmed by international air travel. that means nonamericans will have to look for satisfaction in court in asia where lawsuits are harder to win and offers smaller payouts. a blood drive will be half offered to -- will be offered. it will be held in terminal three at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. donorsdonors are asked to schedule an appointment by calling 650-821-5907. as we head to the workweek let's turn to meteorologist leigh glaser for a check on
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weather. leigh? >> and at this hour the low clouds and fog are racing through the golden gate bridge. it is funneling through some of the gaps there near the bay. you can see right now as we take you a little closer, you can see where a wall of fog is just moving inland thanks to some strong northeasterly -- some northwesterly winds and that is exactly what helped to cool us down a bit today. the highs were from 77 in santa rosa and 61 in san francisco to 94 in the east bay and antioch. 88 in morgan hill. right now the temperatures have cooled down considerably. we will look for some cool days this upcoming workweek. i'll let you know coming up in a bit. >> thank you, leigh. firefighters in alameda county worked hard to contain a grass fire that broke out on the hillside. it happened near san ramon at silva way. the fire broke out around 7:00 this evening. sky 7hd shows some of the flames that ate up the very dry grass. it grew to two alarms before crews from the fire department and cal fire brought it under
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control. it burned about 30 acres. no structures were lost or damaged. and in nevada residents who were ordered out of their homes near las vegas because of a wildfire are slowly being allowed to return. the carpenter fire burned 44 square miles and is 70% contained. the fire poured about -- the fire forced 350 residents out of their homes. still to come on abc news at 11:00, a mother arrested, accused of abandoning her child at a gas station. tonight the new surveillance video obtained by abc news. and the new proposal that could change how voters cast their ballots in california. and later a bit of magic and mystery surrounding a new book and how it
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you are looking at live pictures from los angeles where protesters are still on the streets at the intersection of hollywood boulevard and highland avenue. they have been facing off with lapd officers for the better part of an hour blocking traffic along this very busy
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intersection. protests are also on going in oakland right now. protesters have been told to disperse. we have new video showing a vallejo woman accused of abandoning a child in a chevron station bathroom. vallejo police say the surveillance police show her entering a bathroom last night with her one-year-old baby boy. she later comes out, but without the baby. the child was alone for an hour before someone found him. she was arrested at her home and booked on child endangerment and child abandonment. the boy has been placed in emergency foster care. it has been five days and no sign of a missing oakland girl tonight. daphne web disappeared on wednesday. search-and-rescue teams looked in leona canyon. they are looking for a possible suspects. a woman between 20 and 30 years old with long black hair and light top and blue je7-yearn jose's 28th homicide of
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2013. police responded to a shots fired call at a party that was breaking up overnight. officers conducted a traffic stop of a car believed connected to the call. inside the vehicle the police found the victim suffering from several gunshot wounds. he died at a nearby hospital. at this time last year san jose had 20 homicides. it is back to the bargaining table. friday was the first time labor and management was the first time they met since july 4th. progress has been made on safety issues, but they remain far apart on pay and benefits. august 4th is the target date for contract agreements. otherwise workers could go back on strike. new legislation could cause voters to cast their ballot on the weekend. leyland ye hopes it will help boost election turnout. it will require counties to have a polling place open for early voting for at least one saturday in the 29 days before an election. right now only 25 of the state's 58 county usa lou saturday voting.
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allow saturday voting. restaurant owners will have their say about a styrofoam ban. the environmental services will have a meeting for owners. it will be about food containers. they will slowly phase in the ban next january. team new zealand was the big winner at the america's cup chal electricker series. the crew scored the fourth point in four races on san francisco bay. we caught some of the action on our explore for yum camera. they did it un-- unopposed because the scheduled opponent is getting their second boat ready for the competition.e nexe the next race is next tuesday. let's get to leigh glaser. >> we are definitely going to see changes tomorrow as a cooler air mass settles over the bay area. a nice eye on this. you can see a wall of fog right there. it is already making its way
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through the golden gate. san leandro is picking up the low overcast. you can clearly see it right here. it is all the way down south. this is going to be denser and taller and it is definitely going to the strong winds that will push it out toward the winds early tomorrow morning. we have a pretty stiff wind out there especially near fairfield. gusts to 29 miles an hour and livermore is breezy, 14 mile per hour wind gusts and sfo13 mile per hour gusts. and these on shore winds will continue to pick up overnight tonight. here is a look from the rooftop cam ay and fuzzy coit tower. 54 degrees. 61 in mountain view. san jose is 59. on the golden gate bridge already a low ceiling of cloud there.
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livermore is sitting at 60 degrees. here is a look at our highlights. it will take you through your workweek. the clouds will move inland and it will be breezy and cooler for your monday and especially for your tuesday. and then after that the high pressure will build in and get ready for a nice warm up as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. the lows tonight, upper 40s 40s and extreme north bay spots. otherwise we will look for breezy conditions. the fog and low clouds moving inland. temperatures in the 50s. the high pressure brou through the weekend. it has been pushed out toward the east. a pocket of cooler air is sliding south. that's when we have an area of low pressure that will increase those north to northwest winds. cooler air mass and the temperatures come down monday and tuesday. 11:00 tonight you can pretty much see what our forecast model is forecasting. it is spot on as the low clouds and the fog will continue to move inland overnight. 5:00 tomorrow morning could
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pose some problems with the early morning flights because of the low ceiling there. keep that in mind. and then it slowly burns back to just near the coast. the temperatures with those breezes will be cooler. much cooler inland locations as well. 76 san jose and 74 cupertino. breezy conditions and overcast, half moon bay 58 degrees. we will look for some mid70s. the peninsula 63 tomorrow for san francisco. 74 in the north bay for petaluma. oakland, 68 degrees and a mid to low 80s for brentwood and 84 and concord 81 degrees. the coolest day will be on tuesday. 50s at the coast. the winds shift around and we are back into the 90s inland and even some mid60s at our beaches. by the way, abc7 is a proud sponsor of this year's aids
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walk san francisco. the event will be held on sun -- sunday, july 21st, call 415-615 walk. visit aidswalk .net or text 292929. >> thank you so much. the last nig big night last night. >> today, not so much. a little happeningover from the -- a hangover from the no hitter. the giants unable to follow-up the no hitter with a sweep of the padres today. and allstar or not, josh donaldson leads the a's with a
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brett anderson is facetiously tweeting, that's what an allstar third base man
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does. he is talking about his heroics in boston. brandon workman, his first career start. cocoa crisp caught looking in the first. just minutes after that and a's fans with the announcement made. he is replacing colon who got the start today. six and a third and allowed two runs. he struck out four. workman had a no hitter going and too much speed. he beats the throw. two batters later and josh donaldson is fitting, the day before the allstar break in which he was not invited. i say that again. number 16 two-run shot and game tied at two and one of the three strikeout victims and tried to call time. and then a swing and miss and argues and gets the heave ho. donaldson completes the come back for the a's in the 11th. a bloop single to right. game over and 3-2 the final. pie me, please. they take the lead over texas
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in the al west and heading into the allstar break. >> they were having a little tough luck. it was awesome. >> to be able to come out with a series win right there. especially how well they were playing, it says a lot. >> he is really good. history made in baltimore. chris davis goes deep again. two-run shot against toronto. his fourth straight day with the homerun and 37th of the season. that ties reggie jackson's american league record of the most home runs. he did it in69 with oakland's barry bonds with a major league record of theater 9. the oriels won it 7-4. tim lincecum is still ?ielg. can you blame him after last night's no hitter. barry zito, oh, this was a rough day. his road e.r.a is now 9.89. he gives up a solo shot in the first inning. game tied at one. pablo sandoval made a terrific play in the seventh inning
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last night to preserve timmy's no-no. i like the effort, but that was dangerous. second inking and zito serves up back to back homeruns,. zito with the loss and four runs and four hits in two innings. he is 4-710-1 san diego and avoid a 10-game sweep. still to come, how a teenager played his way into the british open at the john deere classic. and a 71-year-old trading
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despite 13 career wins perry said his win today was the biggest of his career. the olympic club member michael alan was two up on perry and started the final round. a second straight two over 72 for alan. he faded. perry meanwhile is closing fast. he called his final round 63 the best round of his professional career. he trailed by 10 shots after
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the second round. he wins by five strokes. this on the heals of his senior pga championship in may. final round of the john deere classic. he drops it. that would get him into a three-way playoff. speed prevails. he is the youngst youngest to win the event since 1931. nascar in new hampshire. want to work in the pits? take that. that's gonna leave a mark. look at this. 71-year-old morgan shepherd was the oldest driver to start a sprint cup race and finished in 41st place. victorious of the camping world rv sales 301. we leave you with quite possibly the worst first pitch in the history of first pitches. carly ray jeep son and a -- carly ray carly rae jepsen and it is super glued to her happened. her hand. call me maybe?
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right. thank you so much, colin. appreciate it. still to come, the role social media is playing in the george zimmerman trial. and the secret is out. the one thing jkrolling didn't want people to know. and how this unusual spell checker works. stay with us. we will be back after this quick break.
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because... i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, protesters hit the streets in reaction of the acquital of george zimmerman and the killing of trayvon martin. the group marched around downtown streets for several
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hours blocking traffic. right now there are reports of vandalism and members of the media being attacked. in san fransisco the protests there stayed peaceful. a group of a couple hundred marched from the powell street cable car turn around to justin herman plaza where a rally was held. in los angeles things grew tense when protesters took over several city streets in their rally. several people were arrested mostly for ignoring police orders to disperse. here is a live look over that crowd. they are making their way down hollywood boulevard and marching in the middle of the street. you can see a lot of people milling ready a. some people are on bikes. another shot earlier we could see a lot of police officers, lapd on the street as well in their riot gear. people seem to be standing around, shot it seems to be people running. we will keep an eye on this and let you know if things change or become unruly there. we have been seeing strong reaction to the zimmerman ruling on the street, but opinions are stronger on-line. more than three million tweets
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were sent in the first two hours after the verdict reacting to the acquital. the families of zimmerman and martin also turned to twitter to share their abc news' rob nelson with both sides. >> it took seconds inside that florida court. >> not guilty. >> to unleash the court of public opinion. millions of americans feverishly taking to twitter in a flood of fiery reaction to the zimmerman verdict. at its peak, nearly 48,000 tweets every minute. americans weighing in with outrage. wow, america, you can just kill any child and get away with it. also support. very happy about the zimmerman case. the sentence was based off laws and rights and not color. how it should be. and calls for calm. i invite us all to pray for the martin and zimmerman families. above all for peace and unity in our nation at this difficult time. that verdict, another cultural flash point revealing a deeply divided nation.
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anne coultur tweeting hallelujah and another of relief. victor cruz tweeting, but later deleting, zimmerman doesn't last a year until the hood catches up to him. but for some like rapper q tip the verdict seemed almost expected. can't be surprised. black life has no value in this country. so far there has been more than 4.5 million tweets related to the verdict. that's more than in the wake of the newtown school shooting. and hash tag no justice is still trending. >> church sermons included conversation on the verdict and the issue of racial profiling. at glide memorial church it was a message. they talked about finding a peaceful way to deal with the problem. >> there is no need to engage in violence. there is no need to take on forces there are there to qel
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voices. >> williams delivered the sermon during the 107th nesnes better known as mother jones. jones founded many of the black panther party social programs. an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death "glee" actor cory monteith. he was found dead on saturday morning. he played a high schoo scar football scar turned singer finn hudson. he spoke to monteith hours before he died. >> i had several interactions with him yesterday where he said to me he was feeling amazing. he even said "i will feeling fantastic again." >> monteith admitted to having serious drug problems for at least 18 years. he entered rehab in april. police say there was no foul play involved in his death. the world is watching
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evening land tonight where the duchess of cambridge has yet to deliver an heir to the british thrown. her husband seems relaxed. her husband played in a polo match with brother harry. she will be taken to the hospital when the time comes and the hospital is surrounded by media. bets have been laid on the delivery date, the time, what color hair, eyes and of course the name. a mystery solved. j-k rowling secretly released a book that is a far cry from the boy wizzard. now more on why she wrote her first crime novel under a pseudo name. >> the shelves bend under the books of jk j-k rowling, but do you know who robert golbreist is? >> no. >> i couldn't find the book released in april. >> it hadn't really caused a
2:40 am
blip on the radar of large scale sales and interest. >> they sold 1500 copies and today they sold 100,000. why? because she was uncovered as a woman who sold 450 million books and has an order of the british empire and spawned a billion dollar franchise. she wanted to write anonymously so she could know what the reviewers really thought. >> it is appealing to write under pseudo name. realistically my chances of getting away with that are remote. >> she did get away with this until the london journalist followed the clues. >> the same agent, same publisher, same editor. some of the same phrases and a similar style of writing. >> can you show me where the harry potter books are. >> we found lots of rowling fans who now say they are galbreith fans. >> would you want to read any
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j-k rowling book. >> yes. >> even one about a mystery? >> yes. >> in the case of who the author is, mystery solved. abc news, london. if you have always dreamt of being ald help. writer this could help. a new pen puts spell check in the palm of your hand. two german software developers developed a pen that vibrates when it detects a misspelled word or sloppy hand writing. it includes a minicomputer, a wi-fi module a wi-fi module and a motion sensor that detects mistakes by comparing the word to a language database. they have launched a kick starter campaign to expand the company. still to come, a dangerous unaring of the bulls -- a dangerous running of the bulls in spain. and the simple seven-step test to help assess your risk of having a stroke and what you can change right now to improve your help. your health. >> and i'm leigh glaser. we will check in with live doppler 7hd and show you the low clouds and fog.
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wow, if you have an early flight tomorrow morning, you will need to call
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a 39-year-old california man was among those injured during spain's annual bull running festival this weekend. the man whose name nor hometown was released by organizers suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. 23 others were hurt including
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an ohio man who was gored and had to undergo surgery amountw3 of 20-year-old utah college student was gored and is still in a spanish hospital. strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in the united states. so tonight as health and science reporter carolyn johnson tells us, the american heart association has a simple seven-step test to help rate your risk of having one. >> when darrell hooper started slurring his speech he knew he had to call 9-1-1. paramedics brought him to the ucla stroke center. >> it was scary to learn about it. >> doctors assessed how well blood was traveling to his discover they discovered he suffered a series of mini strokes. >> strokes are very common. in this country 750,000 people have strokes. >> the american heart association is offering a simple seven-step test to avoid the emergency room. the higher your score, the lower your risk. it is based on seven criteria, cholesterol, blood pressure,
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blood sugar, activity level, diet, smoking and your weight. if you smoke you get 0. 2 points if you don't or if you quit. >> smoking, even if it one cigarette is bad for your health. >> 200 and below is ideal for cholesterol, but pay attention to the ldl. blood sugar below 100 and your score worsens with high blood pressure. 2 points for diet. that's if you eat mediterranean. >> salads twice a day and fruits twice per day and eating nuts. >> darrell admits he has to make some changes. >> definitely do your exercising and eating right and do effing you need to do -- do everything you need to do to stay better. >> the manner heart association has a list of suggestions for improving your cardiovascular health as well as lowering your risk of stroke. find a link under see it on
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tv. >> all right, there is a newly minted millionaire somewhere in the bay area. somebody matched five of the six numbers during last night's powerball drawing. the winning ticket was sold on clement street in san francisco. the numbers are 2, 8, 22, 35, 37 and the lucky powerball number is six. the tickets sold in san francisco and it is worth $2.6 million. you can maybe buy yourself a couple of pairs of new shades for our hot, sunny weather, leigh. >> that's right. we have to get through some low clouds and fog for the next two days and then bring on the shades and the hot temperatures especially next weekend. a quick update. you kwan see the fog bank from the gold -- you can see the fog bank from the golden gate bridge from oakland and hayward and it will be a little more of a push up and over in the east bay valley areas. 95 tomorrow in washington, d.c. afternoon thunderstorms are expected around dallas.
2:48 am
phoenix a hot one at 109. if you are going to southern california, we are going to have the low clouds and fog here locally. los angeles may have overcast as well. 83 degrees by tomorrow afternoon there. palm springs 109. monterey 64, 90 for sacramento. here is another quick look at our highs for tomorrow. remember the low clouds and fog will move way inland and then push back to the coast. 50s there. breezy conditions. much cooler. san francisco secretary 3 and 76 for napa --73 and 76 for napa. cooling expected inland mainly on tuesday. so below normal temperatures. and then the winds hillary verse and -- will reverse. mike nico will be here with an update at 4:30. >> all right, sounds good. thank you, leigh. >> shu is off and colin is in with sports. he is bringing us home and we are come together allstar break.
2:49 am
>> we are. and we have a great story. he is going to the homerun derby, but he finally talks to us. what being a homerun derby participant means in his own words. and he says the way the dry humor of curb your enthusiasm sneaks up on you, such is the game on the floor. i go one on one
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he said he can play defense in his sleep. he said don't rely on a stat sheet to measure his impact on a game. those are just a few of the at his thursday pressew conference. afterwards it was time to get to know the man who won a gold medal at the olympics as a member of team usa. >> first thing's first. the name pro pronunciation. igodala or igodala or iggi? >> my mom and dad say it differently so they confused me as a child. >> the warriors are going to the second round. >> this is a case of if you can't beat them join them? >> i don't think that's the case. what is funny is they have been on my radar a couple years.
2:53 am
we have been seeing what they are doing from a far. who is hiring and who is in what position and i thought the jerry west involvement was huge. that played a role in it as well. i haven't talked to him and he doesn't know this, but he has been associated with some good organizations. when he is involved they have success. the ownership and what they have done in two years turns things around here and getting it right. their plans for the future, it is all bright and wanting to be a part of that and have fun with the game of basketball. >> you just came from a team that obviously had great chemistry. that's why you have the three seed. the warriors had great chemistry to bring a player of your caliber in here. you can pass and shoot and defend. is the chemistry going to be seem less, you can hope? >> the chemistry, we will work out a few kinks and that's what training camp is for.
2:54 am
we have to get to know each other and find the right balance. that's the good thing. everyone pretty much has the same goal. >> that leads to my next question, the addition of you to this team does it make you a championship caliber team with the roster you have right now? >> i think it does. one thing we have to build is the chem chemistry. with the nba you see a lot of teams turning it around in the trade. you saw that happening in boston . it happened in miami. it happened in l.a. as well. that is something we are trying to build here. everyone is visiting and everybody is trying to make
2:55 am
the right move. >> will he be enough to get the warrior there's? everyone who has played with them says he makes everyone around him better. let's climb some mountains, shall we? the tour de france and 151 miles and 13 of which were ascending. he is the stage winner. he is four minutes and 14 seconds, the final off date of the tour is tomorrow. sprinter tyson gay tested positive and will pull out of next month's championships. the 100 meter record holder says he will have his b sample tested. he blames the positive test on a friend he says he trusted. interesting. the a's with a dramatic come from behind win. it is a chance to showcase his legendary batting practice skills when he competes. city field will be the location. he is giving us all
2:56 am
a glimpse yesterday before the a's beat boston 3-0. pitch after pitch and finding the bleachers of the coliseum. he says just getting invited is a dream come true. >> [speaking spanish]. >> rarely see that guy speak. one in a trillion. the odds of someone catching four foul balls in one game and greg van neil did it at the indians-royals game in cleveland. the reason he is only holding three, the fourth he tossed to another fan. he couldn't believe it. he actually caught a fourth and tossed it. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. four foul balls. >> that's nice to give one up. >> thank you, colin.
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thank you for joining us. that's it for this edition of abc news. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thank you for joining us. the abc7 news starts on-line, on twitter and facebook and all of your
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this morning on "world news now," nation divided. the protests for and against the george zimmerman verdict. as the man who went on trial for killing trayvon martin fears for his own life. >> he will never be able to just walk down the street and not worry about who's looking at him or who's walking behind him. >> as demonstrators from coast-to-coast take to the streets. heartthrob's death. remembering cory monteith. the unforgettable star from the hit show, "glee." ♪ why you look so sad tears are in your eyes ♪ >> the young star's fans express grief. and co-stars remembering his long time struggles. and embarrassing errors. the list of books assigned to students over the summ


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