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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 15, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. right now the latest on the verdict of george zimmerman. not guilty. >> justice for trayvon! >> demonstrations overnight coast to coast. an angry march shut down a california freeway. he slipped into hiding with his gun. now the prosecution speaks out for the first and only time this morning, an abc news exclusive. ♪ on and on a sudden good-bye for cory monteith found dead in his hotel room. the autopsy planned for today. his co-stars are speaking out this morning. the "harry potter" whodunit. a surprising secret revealed by jk rowling, unmasked as the real author behind a new crime novel. why she says it's liberated her. and are you ready for the
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sweetest comeback ever? twinkies make a triumphant return to supermarket shelves this week, and we have a thousand twinkies right here in times square for a taste test. twinkies for my friends. josh is back. good morning, america. we have a lot to get to this morning. you're looking at video from overnight of those demonstrations in new york, oakland and los angeles. as people all across the country react to the george zimmerman verdict. >> and we'll get the reaction to that and the latest on george zimmerman and how he's doing right now from his attorneys here in times square live. but first, let's bring in abc's matt gutman in sanford, florida, covering the trial from the start. you sat down with the prosecutors. their only interview since the verdict.
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>> reporter: that's right, george, it was their first time talking one on one in 16 months since they got the case and despite acquittal they still believe that george zimmerman profiled, shot and murdered trayvon martin in cold blood and this morning, george zimmerman is again a mystery man. he's in hiding with his family, we're told possibly out of the state of florida. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: abc news has learned shortly after george zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder -- >> you have no further visits with court. >> reporter: they removed the tracking device from his ankle allowing him to quietly slip out the front door into hiding. his lawyers telling abc news zimmerman will get his pistol back and say he feels he needs it more than ever to protect himself. overnight in an exclusive interview prosecutors scoffed at that idea. >> he better be careful. better be the right circumstances. >> the law allows an awful lot of people to carry guns. that doesn't mean that all should. >> reporter: suggesting the 29-year-old was a coward for not taking the stand in his own defense. >> i pray that he would have the
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courage to take the stand but as we all well know, he's got the right not to and he made that decision. >> reporter: he was afraid to take the stand. >> the proof is in the pudding. did he take the stand? >> reporter: while prosecutors say they respect the jury's decision, they told abc news what they thought really happened that night, that zimmerman pulled his gun when martin tried to get off him killing him in cold blood. >> nobody just gets a gun out and shoots. even trained police officers when they're on the ground with a suspect on top of them, they can't get their guns out that quickly. >> i think there was a struggle at some point, trayvon became aware of the gun and was backing up and george zimmerman shot him. >> reporter: still robert zimmerman told cnn his brother wouldn't have done anything differently. >> what you believe to be right you don't have to go back and make amends for that and say it should have been this way. >> reporter: this morning trayvon martin's family says it hopes the country collectively will find a way to heal and change. >> just remember trayvon could have been your son, could have been my baby, could have been
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anyone in america's baby. >> reporter: how do you think this would have ended had george zimmerman not had a gun that night? >> i can tell you how it wouldn't have ended. it wouldn't have ended with a dead 17-year-old kid. >> reporter: now i asked those prosecutors who their star witness was, they said george zimmerman because he made at least 10 or 15 inconsistent statements. zimmerman may not have seen last of the courtroom. trayvon martin's parents are considering civil action against him. robin? >> all right, matt, thank you. we'll get to zimmerman's attorneys in a moment. but, as we mentioned reaction to the verdict was fast, wide-ranging and it is still intense. thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets across the country last night and abc's gio benitez is there sanford, florida, with the latest on more reaction from the verdict. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, over the weekend we heard those calls for nationwide protests from trayvon martin's supporters. now, in city after city they're happening. overnight thousands of
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protesters across the country took to the streets marching against the not guilty verdict. >> justice was not done. the murder was outrageous. he was racially profiled. he was stalked and he was murdered. >> reporter: in new york, hundreds carrying pictures marched from times square to harlem. at times confronting police but for the most part peaceful. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: in los angeles hundreds of marchers forced police to shut down an entrance to interstate 10, and in oakland, protests turned violent, flag burnings and broken windows. >> it's just representative of what happens when people aren't taking care of in their community and when no justice is being served. >> reporter: at the epicenter of the case, sanford, florida, saturday night's anger turned to sunday morning sermons requesting understanding. >> violence only promotes hatred. >> reporter: in a statement
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released, president obama urged respect for calls of calm as we do, the president said, we should ask ourselves if we're doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence." saturday night's not guilty verdict sparked 4.5 million tweets, including from some celebrities. wrote "there are black people in prison serving 10 to 20 years for petty drug crimes and zimmerman walks for killing a young black man?" john legend saying simply "my heart hurts." on facebook martin luther king jr.'s daughter bernice king wrote she was "stunned and disappointed" by the verdict, comparing it to the heights of the civil rights moments saying in the words of my father, "we've got some difficult days ahead." and today across the country groups supporting trayvon martin are holding noon prayer services and one of those services will be held right here in sanford, george.
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>> okay, gio, thanks. we're joined by george zimmerman's attorneys. you see all that anger and sadness. how much of it is george zimmerman aware of and how is it handling it? >> well, i think he's been aware of it for 16 months and sort of has become the focus of a lot of people's dismay, disgust, anger about the event that happened that night. >> is he scared? >> absolutely. he's been scared for 16 months and with anger like this i think he has a good reason to be worried. >> we know he's entitled to have his gun. he doesn't have et it yet. you heard the prosecutors. he shouldn't carry one. your response? >> i hear them say that. i don't know how he could not lawfully carry a gun now that he is allowed to carry one. this is the worst time of his life. isn't it? >> you also heard from the prosecutors. they say he's a cold-blooded killer. doesn't -- didn't have the courage to take the stand? >> well, they were wrong when they charged him. i think they charged him for reasons having to do nothing with the facts of the case.
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the 18th judicial district decided not to charge him but they did. they were wrong then and wrong to continue with their prosecution and wrong about their opinions about him today. >> how does this all go forward at this point? we know the department of justice is considering civil rights charges and we know the martin family is considering a civil suit. do you think that has any chance of succeeding? >> i don't think the federal investigation will develop into any sort of charges. they've been at this since the beginning, as well. we have received extensive information, along within the discovery in our case of what the fbi has done, absolutely nothing would suggest that this was a hate crime in any way whatsoever. >> so, you don't believe they'll bring a case. >> i don't think so. >> and as far as a civil suit? >> that's up to the martin family. if you look at the facts of the case, as unfortunate as it was we lost a young life, it happened because of an
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intersection that began with some violence and only know george shot trayvon martin after 45 seconds of screaming and after getting battered so it's a very difficult situation. there may be some positive that can come out of this if we look in the right direction together. but there's not going to be a civil suit, and if there is, they're not going to go anywhere. >> and you mentioned the possibility george zimmerman might be bringing lawsuits himself. >> well, you know, if you look at this case and take away the emotion of the loss of trayvon martin's life. if you take that away from it and really look at what happened here, we had a good investigation done by law enforcement. we had a lot of political and social pressures put on this case that normally were not and should not be put on the case and there may be some compensation to something like that. >> from? >> from the way the prosecutors handled the case, who decided this case is going to get charged the way it was going to get charged and everything that's happened to george zimmerman. >> finally, you mentioned the possibility of healing. is there anything your client can do to help that process? >> well, unfortunately, he's
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still looked as a pariah in this case so i would like to say he could. i know he would like to but this is going to come with some peace being caused by other people. the martin family, everybody else who has their hatred, anger, at least, turn that toward something positive, that's what we hope for. >> thanks very much. earlier i spoke to the attorneys for trayvon martin's family, ben crump and natalie jackson. ben and natalie, thank you both for joining us, a very difficult morning. as we know trayvon's parents were advised not to attend the reading of the verdict. they were in church yesterday morning. ben, can you tell us how they're holding up this morning? >> you know, after going through just devastation, they were heartbroken because they really wanted the killer of their unarmed son to be held accountable. they went through the grieving process all over again, but they went to church and when they came out of church, sybrina fulton called me and she said, we are not going to let this verdict define trayvon.
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we will define our son's legacy. we have a long way to go to make sure this happens to nobody else's child, especially after this verdict. >> and i know that she really wanted to get that message out and that's primarily why she wanted you to be with us this morning. you say that you accept the jury's verdict. of course, you do not agree with it. can you elaborate a little more on that, ben? >> certainly. you know, robin, it's so troubling to so many people. that's why people are protesting peacefully, i might add, but people are troubled by this because they see their own children walking home and are they safe now because this verdict says certain children can have a target on their back just because of what they wear and how they look and there's a verdict now that says if they are accosted, they are not going to be held accountable. that's every parent's worst nightmare. >> natalie, the family and you all have been very steadfast in asking for a peaceful response.
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what is the message from the family to people this morning? >> i think the message is one of appreciation and also understanding. understanding that people are disappointed. what got us here was the fact that 2.2 million people signed a petition of all races, all demographics, all political affiliations, who thought george zimmerman should be arrested so i think that the family's message to these people is their actions inspire change and now, you know, don't restrain that action and restrain that power and that energy. use it, but just use it in a positive manner. >> if i may add, very simply, tracy martin said that for trayvon to rest in peace we must all remain peaceful and i thought that was a very positive message. >> and it's one that is being heard by the vast majority of people, again, on both sides. ben crump, natalie jackson,
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thank you very much for joining us this morning and please send our very best to the martin family. >> thank you, robin. >> you take care. it was something to see yesterday, right here in times square, the number of demonstrators. >> built and built all day long but most of it has been peaceful. >> it has been. we're going to turn to josh elliott for the top developing stories back from your european vacation saying this was the hot topic abroad as well? we woke up to the news and in groups where americans were the distinct minority as you walked through lobbies, squares, et cetera, you heard the name george zimmerman as people explained it as a real touchstone even over the pond. >> good to have you back. >> it's good to be back. we're going to begin with developments overnight in the ongoing saga of american spy whistle-blower edward snowden. what we've heard so far, main fact, just be the beginning. snowden still stranded at the moscow airport reportedly set to reveal details on more domestic spying programs. glenn greenwald, the journalist
7:14 am
who first broke the snowden story, won't talk yet about the nature of the spy programs in question but snowden for his own protection is keeping a tight lid on the very biggest secrets of them all. >> he's in possession of literally thousands of documents that contain very specific blueprints that would allow somebody who read them to know exactly how the nsa does what it does, which would in turn allow them either to evade that surveillance or to replicate it. >> greenwald went on to say that snowden remains calm and tranquil despite his ongoing fight for asylum in russia and latin america. and one of the nation's strictest voter i.d. laws is being put the test today in a pennsylvania courtroom. it requires voters to bring a state issued photo i.d. to the polling place. now, critics sued claiming that's unconstitutional and discriminates against poor and minority voters. supporters say it's a way to prevent fraud. this trial could last nine days. meanwhile, in ohio, police say an suv going more than 100 miles per hour when it plowed
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into this motel in toledo. a pregnant woman inside the room, she got pinned. as you see it happen here. she got pinned between the bed and couch in her room but we can tell you however remarkably not seriously injured, and that is very good news, indeed. meanwhile, a shocking case of road rage here at a racetrack in north carolina. fans looked on. winner derek stoltz attacked by fellow racer mike robertson who was apparently upset after stoltz bumped him earlier causing him to spin out. robertson reached into stoltz's car, dragged about 100 feet before being flung into the wall as you saw there. he did, however, walk away without any serious injuries. and american track star tyson gay has acknowledged testing positive for a banned substance. the 30-year-old sprinter who promoted himself as a clean athlete is the u.s. record holder in the 100 meters. gay claims he put his trust in someone and was let down. he has pulled out of next month's world championships.
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and a little sports story to end things, the odds of this astronomical. take a look. cleveland indian season ticket holder greg van nielam from sunday's game, noon not two, not three, four foul balls. >> no way. >> get out of here. >> yes way, and i'm not going anywhere. he caught four in one game. best part of all. he says he wasn't actually sitting in his usual seat. he went on to say after the game on one of them i ended up sprawled across a few rows and i got cheese on myself. i would argue that made it even better. >> that's got to be some kind of record. >> it's got to be a record. >> i tell you what, if you caught five foul balls you reach out to "good morning america." we'll have you on. >> great to have you back and since you were across the pond why don't we turn to royal baby news, the future king or queen could arrive any day. so many people anticipating the birth. kate spending time with her
7:17 am
family over the weekend. father to-be prince william played polo and abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ >> reporter: it's week three and the world is literally waiting on edge for kate to go into labor. what pressure for the mom-to-be. no nerves, though, it seems for the royal couple. kate reportedly spent the weekend in bucklebury while william and harry played polo for their various charities. the father-to-be and uncle harry didn't look like they had a care in the world leaving many to wonder when baby cambridge will finally make its arrival. everyone in london is getting excited. >> i think william and i think kate is going to be -- they're going to be amazing parents because they're so loving towards children. you see the way they are. >> reporter: the palace told abc news william has the next few days off from his search and rescue duties and doesn't have to return to north wales right away. he's expected to take two weeks paternity leave once the baby arrives. the announcement will carry a
7:18 am
nod to historical tradition. the formal birth notice which will include the sex and weight will be carried out of the lindo wing of st. mary's hospital and transported by police escort to buckingham palace. then, it will be displayed on an easel, the same one used when william was born. all of this carried live on tv. and what about all those betting on the baby's name? >> i think they should go for david if it's a boy. >> reporter: so the royal living up to the famous british motto of keep calm and carry on, still the great kate wait continues. the baby is expected to be a huge economic boom to the country. some $400 million to be precise. the baby could come any day now but for now i am still on royal contraction watch. >> well done, bianna. well done.
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>>if the baby is a patriot or she will wait -- >> we don't know which. looked beautiful in london. heat back here. >> the big pattern change. waiting to get out from under the rain and to the heat this is the day it starts. we'll start with pictures of the shipyard old fort half marathon in maine. this happened over the weekend. a lot of people taken to the hospital because of the heat in that area. now look at the pattern change. we finally get the jet stream and dome of high pressure moves in. dry out the southeast and warm up new england and good part of the mid-atlantic states and whatever is left of moisture gets pushed into texas. we're getting some rain in places that need the rain in those drought locations. here's the numbers we need to point out, philly, 95. a lot will feel above 100.
7:20 am
good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. starting off with the cloud cover but we'll have sunshine this afternoon away from the coast, temperatures below average. more cooling tomorrow, summer on hiatus for a couple days, then it comes back in time for the weekend. today's temperatures upper 50s to low 60s a along the coast and san francisco. richmond and oakland, mid to upper 60s. a lot of 70s until the east bay valleys where we'll have 80s. tonight, some drizzle near t >> and coming up on "gma," the shocking death of "glee" star cory monteith, we hear from his co-stars. and actor jason patric fighting to be with his son.
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he's speaking out for the first time about his bitter battle. and jk rowling unmasked. don't want to miss it. which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop: financial center) let's get to work.
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evacuated are now allowed to return home except for those in about six units damaged by smoke and water. investigators say the fire started inside a trier vent and spread between the walls. nobody was hurt. let's get a check on the morning commute. a couple trouble spots this morning, leyla. >> indeed. there's a brand new one into vallejo, southbound 680, a multiple vehicle accident being pushed off at parrish. 24 miles per hour your top speed. the muni line, 71 being rerouted due to a fire. when we come
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good morning. temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere except for montague at 61. delays 1 hour and 11 minutes into sfo.
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strong sea breeze keeps us about 4 to 8 degrees cooler than average. some 80s into the east bay valleys. let's look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. even cooler tomorrow, but i think that's the low point. temperatures rebound wednesday and summer warmth back in the forecast thursday through the we
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♪ just a small town girl living in a lonely -- >> boy, i remember that. how great was that when we saw cory monteith catapult to stardom when he sang that. on "glee." but shockingly, over the weekend we learned he had died, found in his hotel room in vancouver, british columbia. his co-stars speaking out remembering him. >> your heart just dropped when you heard the news over the weekend. also, the dramatic rescue of a 6-year-old boy swallowed up by a sand dune. how rescuers got him out. look at that adorable face. >> this story is unbelievable. >> thankfully he is doing much better this morning, too. >> remarkable. also ahead, jason patric speaking out for the first time about his battle to be a father. what led to his child's birth
7:31 am
and now his fight to be a part of his son's life. >> huh? i missed them so much. missed them so much, ladies and gentlemen. but they're now back. the twinkie is back on store shelves but, wait, not before we get them here first on "gma," and there's a thousand of them in times square. most of them going into the control room for some reason, i don't know what's happening exactly. >> it looks like it's breakfast. >> how much can we pay phil? >> not enough. not enough. >> it's not just that. >> welcome back. >> that is your welcome back. we're going to begin with the shocking death of "glee" star cory monteith. an autopsy is scheduled for today and we're hearing from friends and co-stars. abc's neal karlinsky is in vancouver, canada, with the latest on that. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this is the hotel where cory monteith died on saturday. you can see some of the flowers
7:32 am
and notes that have been left behind. there's still no known cause of death but friends and family are hopeful that that autopsy later today may shed some light on this incredibly untimely death. ♪ >> reporter: for millions of fans of the hit tv show "glee" he was finn, the high school student and football star turned unlikely glee club member, who made singing and performing into something cool. ♪ well no one told me about her ♪ >> reporter: saturday in downtown vancouver, canada, the person behind the character, 31-year-old cory monteith was found unresponsive in his hotel room after he missed his checkout time. a bright, young talent who seemed to have it all, suddenly gone. >> paramedics advised the man in the room was clearly deceased. >> reporter: police say foul play is not suspected, and according to surveillance cameras and room key records, it appears monteith was alone in his room after returning late
7:33 am
from a night with friends. according to tmz these are the last-known photos of the actor, a week before his death hanging out with friends the day he checked into his vancouver hotel. one of them appears to be holding a beer in her hand. >> this morning, expressions of grief, co-star matthew morrison dedicating a song to monteith in an off-broadway concert sunday. >> yesterday we lost a great soul and a brother of mine, cory monteith. >> reporter: on social media the outpouring was overwhelming from the show's producers, cory was an exceptional talent and we will all miss him tremendously. the list of those posting about their own grief and shock goes on and on. even the normally stoic police chief -- >> i watched "glee" regularly with my daughters and i know there will be shock and sadness in many households with the news of his tragic death. >> reporter: a cause of death isn't known yet, but a troubled upbringing has left warning signs. >> i felt like i had to step in at some point and relate to people my experience and relate
7:34 am
to people the truth of, you know, my life and where i come from. >> reporter: he attended 16 different schools by the time he was 16 when he dropped out. he was a walmart greeter, a cab driver and an addict before turning his life around. >> were alcohol and drugs ever a problem? >> yeah, absolutely. >> how old were you? >> i was about 12 actually. >> i love you. >> reporter: in early 2012 monteith found his love life imitating art when he began dating his on-screen girlfriend lea michele. >> she even talked about the fact that he was so talented and he was so inspiring and motivating for her. >> reporter: but earlier this year his old demons seemed to be back. monteith announced that he had checked himself into rehab. michele stood by him. the two were seen vacationing together after he finished treatment in april. those closest to him say he had been healthy and happy since getting out, getting ready for a new season of "glee." ♪ i'm forever yours
7:35 am
>> reporter: again, as the all-american always-smiling nice guy named finn. ♪ faithfully [ cheers and applause ] >> he seemed to be doing so well. in fact, the show's director said yesterday that he spoke with monteith earlier saturday and that he told him he was doing fantastic. again, that autopsy later today should shed more light on what went wrong, robin. >> it certainly is and we've been hearing from his loved ones via twitter. tomorrow we'll hear from one of his former co-stars. darren criss will be here. >> so much love for him. 6-year-old boy swallowed up by a massive sand dune along lake michigan that trapped him 11 feet under for more than three hours but he managed to make it out. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand dune and he's like
7:36 am
under the sand and can't get him out. >> reporter: a family friend calls 911 as onlookers frantically try to dig out nathan woessner. >> can anybody see him or is he completely covered by sand? >> yes, my husband and his dad are trying to dig him out. >> reporter: the 6-year-old was no match for the highest of the sand dunes at this national park along lake michigan. he'd climbed the dune some 12 stories high, an area off-limits to the public when it gave way. >> the sand just literally drank him up. for me to think about that, how the earth just literally consume your child and leave no traces. >> reporter: little nathan sank 11 feet. he was buried alive down there for more than three hours. rescuers think there was an air pocket possibly created by an old tree. >> perhaps its trunk had rotted out creating this void or this hole but that's still uncertain. >> reporter: whatever saved him the first responders who dug with shovels and heavy equipment now admit they were talking to
7:37 am
even touching a little boy they weren't sure was still alive. >> i was talking to him, you know, just like i would talk to my own son. by then i got ahold of his shoulders and was actually able to pull him out. it really didn't look good. only thing you can think of that could be your kid. >> reporter: nathan's grandfather is a baptist minister and preached about miracles and now he believes he's witnessed one. >> at the end of the day the sand didn't crush him and by the grace of god we have what we have. >> reporter: this morning, nathan remains in the children's hospital behind me. he's on a ventilator because all of the sand in his lungs. overnight his grandfather tells us he was squeezing family members' hands in response to simple commands and he says doctors are optimistic this little boy will make a full recovery. george? >> oh, thank goodness for that. wow. >> strong little boy. >> uh-huh.
7:38 am
sam? >> we'll start with pictures out of colorado. you know, the southeast has been raining for such a long time, that moisture over the weekend was displaced so some areas outside of denver had a quick hit of heavy rain. parts of eastern colorado, 3 to 6 inches. 2 inches of rain in just 45 minutes but now here's the news about the shifting pattern. that rain consolidates and drops into texas, west texas a place that needs rain desperately right now will get it over the next two, three days this looks like it will stay in place. i know it's not the best weather if you're vacationing there but you really need it. 2, 3, 4 inches in those areas highlighted in yellow. and the other thing that does, that gives you a chance to dry out in good parts of the southeast like atlanta where you need in the carolinas because here's that dome of high pressure and watch these numbers that go up, the 90s in new york city, washington, d.c., kansas good monday morning. after a cloudy start we'll have our brightest and warmer weather
7:39 am
inland from 74 in the north bay and south bay. mostly sunny around the bay, mid-60s to mid-70s, partly cloudy at the >> all that weather was brought to you by >> thank you. coming up, real-life drama for hollywood star jason patric speaking out for the first time about his bitter battle to be part of his son's life. and jk rowling unmasked. why the superstar "harry potter" author wrote a new crime novel under another name. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! yep, and no angry bears. the perfect place is on sale now. up to 40% off. only at
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and we're coming up on 7:43. jason patric's passionate fight for his 3-year-old son. he lost the custody with the child's mother but in an emotional interview with katie couric he's speaking out for the first time. linsey davis with a preview. it gets to the fight of parental rights. >> jason patric is embroiled in a personal fight off screen that has the actor at the center of a nationwide debate over who has the right to call themselves a parent? today his impassioned plea for custody of the little boy so desperately needs his father. we've seen him in the 1987 teen vampire classic "the lost boys canth. >> protecting you. >> reporter: but this is a side of veteran actor jason patric we're not used to seeing? are you sorry you donated your sperm. >> i didn't donate my sperm. i gave my sperm to have a child with danielle. >> reporter: in what's become a
7:44 am
real-life drama, he was candid and emotional in his latest role as a activist and crusader for paternal rights that plays out on "katie" when he speaks out about his battle to playen active part in his 3-year-old son gus' life. he agreed to be the donor for his one-time girlfriend's insemination. she claims they would raise gus alone but patric says that isn't true and he's been involved in his life. in february a judge sided with the mother saying patric was simply a donor and therefore couldn't sue for custody. she tells abc news "i just hope and trust that the legislature will protect my family and the countless other families by not interfering with the rights we were promised". >> i know if he sees me he's going to come running to me and his mother will pull him away and i can't do that to my boy. >> reporter: the california state legislature is debating passage of a bill that allow donors like patric to become
7:45 am
legal fathers. >> women's groups are all going to object because it clearly expands the ability for fathers to second-guess themselves. >> reporter: opponents of the bill say it would allow a man to change his mind about paternity even after deliberately giving up his rights before conception. jason patric says he'll continue his fight. >> i just pray and i try to do everything i can legally, legislatively to have justice come. >> the state assembly is expected to vote on the bill in august. the way things stand right now unmarried heterosexual couples trying to conceive need to sign a paper that says the sperm donor is indeed the intended father. you can hear more of his emotional interview today on "katie." be sure to check your local listings. >> i happened to be there for the taping. wow, it's very powerful. he makes a very impassioned plea. >> he wants to be a dad. >> uh-huh. coming up, three of the biggest names in entertainment are here, ryan seacrest, miley
7:46 am
cyrus and keith urban. carly rae jepsen, we love you but maybe baseball is not your thing. freeze it. oh. >> and then -- >> and then -- >> wait, wait, wait. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? i win! (announcenergy cycle... natural cats. they were born to play.
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7:49 am
mew youar so, how areyoyoum?
7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> "play of the day." oh. >> you didn't tell me about chris rock and -- >> whoo. >> no further on vacation. >> so we love carly rae jepsen who we hear, of course, incredibly talented young woman. should never play baseball ever again and here's why. take a look. no, no, no, seriously. ceremony kwal first pitch that didn't quite get there. >> it hit the camera and then that was actually matt moore, the rays pitcher who was catching -- look at that. that is -- >> she throws like i do. >> oh, 60 feet, 6 inches, she got it to 6 inches. there's that.
7:51 am
we love you, your game, your comeback, real soon. oh, coming up here, lots of stuff, ryan seacrest and all.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
miley cyrus. keith urban, ryan seacrest all coming up live.
7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a blood drive is being held this morning at san francisco international airport to help replenish blood supplies used to help victims in the asiana airlines crash. the blood drive will be held at the baggage level of terminal three starting at 9:00 this morning. donors are asked to schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling 650-821-5907. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast pap little gray. >> good call there. gray about everywhere. sfo, san jose. oakland doing okay. 60s around san francisco, oakland, richmond, 70s elsewhere until you get to the east bay valleys where you're in the 80s.
7:57 am
temperatures warmer by thursday. leyla? taking a look right now, a live picture of the san mateo bridge where traffic is quite slow in the westbound direction. this is all due to a car fire in the eastbound direction near the tolls. we did have fire trucks making the drive through there. 50 minutes. kristen j. leyla, thanks a lot.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's a party in the usa and look at that crowd out there in times square this morning. getting up early because we have a lot of special guests inside. there they are, miley cyrus, keith urban. and here at the desk, ryan seacrest. >> hey. >> how are you? good morning. >> i got to tell you -- >> this is it great. superstars over there. a short man here. >> i'm with you. >> just in time, ryan, because i know you stay looking trim and fit and fabulous. the twinkie is back. >> i thought he was -- >> right to your gut. >> i'm told we have a thousand twinkies with us in times square.
8:01 am
i have no idea. >> and there they are in the control room. >> no doubt. >> apparently. oh, brandon. oh, phil. turns out -- how are they? >> right in there. >> really good. >> out there in times square, as well. >> plenty to go around. also ahead, jk rowling is the superstar author, you know her, she's brought us "harry potter." now ses's been revealed as the secret author behind a brand-new crime novel. how she was unmasked. >> what that will do to her sales. >> now maybe things will change for that little book potentially. she's a friend of the show. we love her, last time we saw her was at the media awards. mama june, you saw her on "here comes honey boo boo." the latest on her new book. >> that heat wave.
8:02 am
>> yeah, it's a little uncomfortable. >> we got a lot going on. >> georgia peach, mama june if we'll begin with, of course, the unrest in the streets overnight following the acquittal of george zimmerman. some of the largest protests in new york and los angeles but the most violent in oakland, california, where protesters through rocks and bottles and george zimmerman faces the possibility of a civil trial and potential civil rights case and in an abc news exclusive, the lead prosecutor called him a coward for not taking the stand in his own defense. >> i prayed he would have the courage to take the stand but as we know he has the right not to. >> i think they charged him for reasons nothing to do with the facts of the case and were wrong to continue with their prosecution and wrong about their opinions about him today. >> zimmerman's attorneys joining, as well. he remains in hiding and will
8:03 am
get the pistol he used to shoot trayvon martin back. his lawyers say he needs it to protect himself now more than ever. gas prices rose overnight. the average price of regular unleaded is now $3.61 a gallon. that's some 14 cents higher than just last week thanks in part to political unrest in egypt driving up oil prices. and a daredevil known as the fastest man on two wheels has died after crashing in maine. bill warner was trying to become the first man to hit 300 miles per hour in under a mile. he got to 296 miles per hour in a previous run. and a wildfire burning northwest of las vegas for two weeks now is being called a biological disaster. experts say the 44-square-mile fire could do several species found nowhere else on earth including several types of blue butterflies. finally, could it be the next big thing?
8:04 am
a beauty secret not for the faipts of heart. this is a salon in japan where -- >> what? >> being used to renuf nate. >> huh-uh. huh-uh. nope. >> ow do you feel, sam? >> no. >> the slime left behind, they say -- >> is sublime. >> ding. good-bye, dry skin. it soothes sunburn apparently and people are lining up for these things. they're $250 each. i want to recap. that's a nail crawling across your face for $250. >> how do you keep that out of "pop news"? >> i don't know. 8:04 which what time it is. over the weekend abc's late night comedian jimmy kimmel got
8:05 am
hitched to molly mcnearney. no small affair. the star-studded event attracted guests like ben affleck, jennifer aniston, ellen degeneres and, of course, pore that derossi and matt damon. you might remember kimmel actually officiated damon's wedding renewal back in april. congratulations to them. >> yeah. >> i bet in their free time they must have come up with sketches for the show. hey, can you deliver that? a "pop news" staple. david beckham. you'll see less of the soccer stud now that he's retired. brace yourself for sexy times six. in this new ad for this, he reveals a bit more of his midsection as he crosses paths with who else, himself, in the kitchen and beyond saving the best for last, all six of the beckhams come together, casual beckham. your ready for some fun beckham and a couple of ready for a night on the town beckhams, an army of eye candy to get the
8:06 am
heart rate going this morning. >> i guess you like that. >> six-pack. >> yeah. finally this morning, i just love this dog. you've likely seen him before. his name is norman and, yes -- >> norman. >> you remember him? >> yes. >> "gma's" favorite stunt performing pooch is back in the game. he showed off his scooter cred three years ago on "gma" and made a return appearance on a bicycle. the latest, norman has now speeded his way into the guinness world book of records, 100 feet. he was raising money. >> did he break another dog's record? >> yes, yes. 20 something and he kind of -- >> i can see why -- you just wanted to weigh in on all this, ryan. >> i did. i didn't want to interrupt your segment. we're over here doing our own
8:07 am
panel. >> right. >> we felt you. >> miley said she can't get her dog to pee on the wee-wee pad. that's what's happening over here. what's happening over there. >> back to you at the desk. >> it's true. norm an, when he stands up he's almost as tall as you. he's a dog with -- >> a big dog. >> he has a way of making other dogs feel bad about themselves. i can sit and stay. >> save us, sam. >> your zen of the day. if you would just kind of kick back, relax, head to the beach. it's gorgeous. ryan, why are you here when it's so gorgeous on the west coast? it is absolutely practically perfect. may be one little place right in the bay area where the water temperature is going to knock it down to the 60s, the rest of the place is in the 80s. miley, we'll make it feel like it's 100 degrees with the heat and humidity. great. it's going to roll that way all week long.
8:08 am
>> keith. >> keith, not into the deep south, 80 in dallas just in case you were thinking you should be good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. starting off with the cloud cover but we'll have sunshine this afternoon away from the coast, temperatures below average. more cooling tomorrow, summer on hiatus for a couple days, then it comes back in time for the weekend. today's temperatures upper 50s to low 60s a along the coast and san francisco. richmond and oakland, mid to upper 60s. a lot of 70s until the east bay valleys where we'll have 80s. >> umertime heat and best new from the carolinas all the way to north georgia, it's going to stop raining now and it has been months of solid rain. linsey, what's up? >> thanks, now a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." three names.
8:09 am
miley cyrus, ryan seacrest and keith urban here live. mama june is also here alive dishing on her new book and raising honey boo boo. and we asked you. you told us. "gma" viewers favorite hot spots coming up on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" brought to you by the makers of centrum, the mess recommended, preferred and studied multivitamin brand. [ female announcer ] this test paper
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and make a meal of us. infected ticks can even spread lyme disease. so let's put our paws down in protest! till we all get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! join us at! till we all get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. ♪ to say hello >> hello to everyone out in times square this morning. having a good time. a lot burning up here thanks to the "gma heat index."
8:14 am
twitter firestorm after the george zimmerman acquittal. jk rowling's surprising secret. cory monteith's shocking death. here to talk about it is dan abrams and larry hackett, managing editor of "people." >> little yellow. >> yeah. >> the colors. >> no surprise on both counts, no surprise in some ways that george zimmerman was acquitted and no surprise that the reaction exploded. >> i think that the reaction is important, you know, as we look at it to say support the martin, family, right. no matter how you view this case, i think supporting the martin family is both productive and helping to handle it. it's been admirable. i think we have to be careful about those who are now misstating the facts and the law in responding to the case and so a lot happened during this trial and if you watch the whole case and you agree or disagree, great. but there are a lot of people out there now who are i think
8:15 am
misstating either the law or the facts and we have to be careful. >> so something can be sad, something can be frustrating and make you angry but it doesn't mean -- >> i'm not saying it's the right or wrong verdict. just let's make sure we stick to what actually happened in court and what's actually the law and, again, i think that those in particular on twitter, et cetera, who have been supporting the martin family, i think that's wonderful. >> were you surprised by the verdict? >> no. i wasn't. as a matter of law, i don't think the jurors had any other choice. when you actually look at what the legal standard here was, which is reasonable doubt and only reasonable doubt about the moment george zimmerman fired his weapon, what was going on in his head so to some degree you can almost eliminate everything that happened up to that point -- >> but it's very hard for people. >> understood. >> you're right, it's two separate -- >> that's why you can make a judgment and you can say this is wrong and yet i still accept the verdict, right?
8:16 am
there are people who can feel that the whole situation is wrong. >> but by the -- >> the letter of the law. >> everyone -- many, many people think it's wrong and feel terrible and have sympathy for the martin family and it was all over twitter. beyonce had a moment where she called for a moment of silence and did a version of "i'll always love you." that's the most effective response artists and entertainers can have. create something out this. i don't think it may be as deep as when an artist creates something. that will be interesting going ahead. this is empathy toward the martin family is real and i think it is, what comes next? how do artists respond? a huge moment and people respond. >> huge response also over the weekend to this, you know, presenting shocking news that cory monteith, we knew he had problem, larry, with addiction and just died, didn't know -- >> still don't know what's going to happen. there will be an autopsy. toxicology reports later on. he went into rehab several
8:17 am
months ago, was very open over the years about his struggle with drugs and other substances as a teenager in canada near vancouver. stealing from family members, living under bridges. >> in his young teens. >> to 19, very, very, very tough upbringing and candid about it. had a mentor and got turned on to acting and moved into that and was very successful. had a setback a couple months ago and remains to be seen what happened. he was out with his friend and manager two nights ago. we soak to her. there was no alcohol involved. they were drinking lemonade. seemed fantastic. >> seemed very happy. >> and clearly i think, you know, he was with lea michele in a relationship. she was in mexico on vacation. clearly people around him felt he was okay to be by himself. he wasn't being monitored that carefully so everyone is absolutely just -- >> she is -- >> ryan murphy, the founder of "glee" is devastated. >> who is behind the unmasking of jk rowling. >> sounds like "the sunday times of london" got a tip.
8:18 am
worldwide sales of "harry potter." this came out and sold 1500 copies in england. very, very well reviewed. in fact people were saying it does not look to be the work of a first time author so people started to sniff around it and somehow it began to unravel and over the weekend they acknowledged it was her. >> do it because it was too easy. >> you know what -- >> not too easy. >> make it a little tougher. >> she did it probably because all the attention paid to her first non-potter book. she wanted to see can i do -- do i have the chops away from the kind of -- >> she can do that. we've got to go. major league baseball heroes campaign. >> part of major league baseball. all the different teams got to select heroes this their area. all 30 winszers at the ball game tomorrow night honoring them on the field. great way for the naft pastime and magazine to go out and find real hero, real veterans who mean something in their communities. >> the all-star game here
8:19 am
tomorrow night. >> hey, nice article with george and ali. >> what do you think? >> you can come back. >> it was interesting for me. >> hey, hey. we're really sizzling now in the "heat index." you know it as sharknado. the movie became an instant cult classic exploding on twitter. the moment airborne sharks began raining down on l.a. chris connelly takes us behind the scenes of this phenomenon. >> shark! >> i never saw that coming. >> reporter: who did? was there something in the wind? >> sharks on the streets. >> reporter: 80 hours later the question, does "sharknado" still have teeth? >> i think it's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of and i'm glad i did it. >> reporter: sci-fi reairs it this thursday and the epic are besides themselves. >> it clearly was supposed to be
8:20 am
ridiculous. oh, i'm like going to win an oscar for "sharknado." i'm happy everybody is laughing with us. i love you, america. >> reporter: last thursday's showing of "sharknado" set off a snarknami on twitter. 5,000 a minute. celebrities, comics and concerned citizens cheering or cheerily jeering this camp classic in 140 characters which is more than the movie kills off. >> far, far more people have been talking about it than have actually seen the movie. so sort of a new frontier for media and entertainment merging. >> reporter: a sequel, oh, it can be hard to repeat those pop culture mashed potatoes. unless you haven't forgotten "the buzz that was." >> hippocane and snail quake because slow-moving time for character development. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles.
8:21 am
>> admittedly while i was away, again, when i checked twitter, what has happened to this country? it was amazing. it was everywhere. it was everywheroeverywhere. well done, sci-fi. twinkie mania took over our studios. back on the shelves across america. walmart actually had an exclusive preview of the iconic cakes being so horribly, horribly -- abc's rachel smith got a sneak peek. ♪ >> the twinkie, 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds. >> that's a big twinkie. >> reporter: it's not exactly how the doctor describes it but, yes, the iconic sponge cake is officially back on the market. twinkie armageddon broke out in november when hostess closed its doors but now the twinkie is back. it's on the shelves and this is a very first batch to hit u.s.
8:22 am
stores. walmart scarfed down the exclusive three days before competitors. cheers. >> mm-mm. it's like i remember. good. >> reporter: one sweet comeback. >> it is. >> reporter: next, a little twinkie trivia. when was the twinkie invented? do you happen to know by chance? >> back in the '20s, '30s. >> money, good job. 1930. >> there you go. >> reporter: what's the shelf life of a twinkie? >> next to forever. >> reporter: no, it's actually not. the new version does serve up a longer shelf life, 45 days instead of two weeks, fanatics say their love for this -- >> yahoo! >> it's twinkie the kid. >> reporter: has no expiration. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, secaucus, new jersey. >> it was like they never left. welcome back. go, go. and thank you very much. robin, we'll save you one.
8:23 am
>> one is my limit. >> don't worry. we have plenty of them out here, as well. burning up our "gma heat index," ryan seacrest, keith urban, miley cyrus talking about the big i heart music festival at the grand garden arena in las vegas. miley and keith will be there and hear about the big lineup of performers. we'll talk about that later and get a feel of what it is. this is the third year that you have been back doing this, my friend. >> this is very exciting. one of the biggest events of the year for me and put together all superstar, all genres and formats of music and radio, two nights one stage in las vegas. and when you -- you will hear in a few minutes -- well, maybe, maybe some of the names and i read it and i thought i cannot believe all of these people are in one place for one weekend at the same time. >> a new twist this time. broadcast and everything. >> on all of the radio stations,
8:24 am
as well as on television and there will be other things too. miley will tell you about it. every hour jam packed with excitement and music. >> 15 ache-acre village. i know you were a presenter last year, miley, coming back and being part of it. tell us about it. >> it's awesome because like you said there's so many different artists. i was in the same thing. we were learning about who all was going to be there. i can't believe everyone has agreed and there haven't been any diva fights. no wigs off. the years i've been there, there's been nothing but the lineup this -- i wasn't allowed to say. we might get into a little fight. >> we do know keith will be there for the first time. i know you're excited about that. >> looking forward to it. >> feeling all of it right now. >> i love vegas too. i love playing vegas. >> we love your new song, your
8:25 am
new album coming out "fuse." i know you have some friends here. [ applause ] >> tell us about it. >> tell us about the new music. >> so many sirens and horns going off. it's coming out september 10. the first single is called "a little bit of everything." we tick off a tour thursday, as well and doing a lot of songs from that on tour. >> outdoor tour. >> yes. >> this young woman is burning up. you've got the summer anthem going right now. glad to have you back. >> thank you. >> i missed you. >> i have been up all night. i had done 24 hours from kimmel to here. they took that literally. when i put that out, oh, that's good, 44-hour tour. >> congratulations. people are still buzzing. your foundation is wonderful what you do with pediatric hospitals and creating these
8:26 am
broadcasts. tell people more about it. >> my mom, dad, sister and i started the ryan seacrest foundation and miley was there for the orange county studio and media center in the lobby of children's hospitals where they can broadcast radio shows to all the other kids in the hospital in their rooms so those who can't come down so everybody can be a part of it. >> local journalists get to be a part of it. >> exactly. some of the ink ternships with the local schools come in and learn to do what it is they want to go and hopefully get a job after. >> they want to be ryan seacrest. >> i don't know about that. they want to be mile will. >> thank you for that and i know sam will talk to you -- you should see this lineup. much more with ryan, miley and keith.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. developing news in san mateo where firefighters put out a three-alarm fire at a major apartment complex this morning. crews were called to the complex on bridge point parkway across from the bridge point shopping center shortly after 1:00. more than 100 residents who were evacuated are now allowed to return home except for those in six units damaged most by smoke and water. investigators say the fire started inside a dryer vent and spread between walls. no one husband hurt. protests turned violent in oakland over the second day of demonstrations over the jirm verdict. protesters vandalized om businesses and threw rocks at police. protests in san francisco ended peacefully. let's see how your morning commute is looking with leyla
8:28 am
gulen. hey, there. >> hey, there. we have this accident just cleared involving a couple motorcycles along westbound highway 24. it was blocking a couple of lanes. caused lots of slowing. 17 miles per hour will be your top speed heading out of orinda towards the caldecott. westbound highway 92 approaching the san mateo bridge, an accident out there blocking one lane. >> leyla, thanks.
8:29 am
we're back, looking at current conditions out there, most of us in the 50s, still in a lot of cloud cover, not much changing throughout the morning. you see the cloud cover.
8:30 am
it d dissipate by about noon but late sunshi this is one crazy monday crowd coming out for miley cyrus, keith urban, ryan seacrest. all here. everyone is loving it this morning. >> i don't remember the last time it was this crazy out here. that's saying something. >> and all this for me back from vacation. >> oh. >> it's amazing out here. >> also ahead, sam. >> we'll do -- you know, last week we talked about all of our favorite spots and a lot of folks said, wait a minute, what about this spot, that spot so this week it's all about you. you guys get to choose your favorite hot spots in america and put it on the show. >> this is about as hot a spot i can imagine right now and actually we'll give you a new one. we're showcasing a different one of them, of yours every week.
8:31 am
so many smig s come in from al over the country. >> take a look at that beautiful snapshot. any idea? come on, guys. any idea where it could be? linsey? >> i have another clue for you. a very special announcement, a souvenir box -- >> don't look. >> oh. >> what? >> mississippi. >> no. >> stop guessing. we'll let you know in discuss a little bit. i'm not going to tell you. no. >> no way. >> oh. >> guess who is inside. josh and i were almost late coming outside. she is delightful. your first time. kristen wiig so get ready, there's a lot of hazing that goes on on the show.
8:32 am
her newest movie "girl most likely." >> what a lovely lady. >> i can't hear what you guys are saying. >> one of the big ones, mama june. obviously become -- the rest of their family to have a brand-new book call ed "how to be honey bo boo." new season starts soon but first take a look. >> everybody start your engines. go, mama, go. >> reporter: that subtitled 7-year-old. >> i love pro wrestling so much because that's all my family does, wrestling and dog piles. >> reporter: along with mama june and the rest of these honey boo boo clan in season two, the self-proclaimed rednecked family takes on new adventures. >> go! >> go-karting and pro wrestling.
8:33 am
>> being backstage is awesome. cause i can show off all my butt-kicking moves. >> the first season made sketti. >> i want butter, sketti and ketchup. >> go-go juice and mud bogging famous but it's this family's n unconventional love that keeps over 2 million viewers tuning in. >> as a mom i try to teach my girls good habits. >> reporter: while not all the habits may be good, when it comes to fame the self-proclaimed coupon queen says she keeps her family grounded putting money they make from the show into trust funds for the girls and vowing never to live above their means. >> whatever you do with your kids make your kids numbering one. no man, no woman. your kids are number one. >> reporter: if there's one thing mama juneaus how to do, it's love unconditionally. [ cheers and applause ] >> working the crowd like the superstar that she is. it's amazing. we're joined now by mama june.
8:34 am
it's called "how to be honey boo boo" is the book. >> yes. >> when i ask you about it in a minute, you went to the nation's capital and you visited the white house this past weekend. how was it? >> it was pretty good. i mean i thought it was a great experience. the white house and she's like i got obama's stuff now when she grabbed some of the grass. >> was it what you thought it would be with the first family. >> it was like humid and we got gnats but not near as humid. >> it's sam's fault. the book, the "the complete guide on how to redneckognize the honey boo boo in you." why did you want to write it? >> the fans have been asking for a long time for a book, posters and stuff and everything so this is how we thought we would do a book to read inside our life,
8:35 am
our like, dislikes. came out with the catchphrase importanted by a professional redneck. don't try this at home. it's a neat catchphrase from the book. >> great word you use. i saw you at the glad awards and you've become -- your family has become this phenomenon but anchoring it all is this wonderful love between a mother and her children and a family. is it hard to -- is it hard to keep that with all of this swirling around. >> no, that's the big reason why alana is not here. we've been meeting fans on the road the last 12 days. she really loves new york. she's jealous because we're staying in times square. she -- i wanted her to stay at home and be able to enjoy ha having -- relax and she's begging me to send her on a plane so i don't want to wear out. that's how i am. i like kids to be kids. i don't want them to be a robot and perform when they need to
8:36 am
be. we're all real -- who we are. what you see is what you get. a lot will see that. i went behind y'all barriers and took several pictures this morning. >> hello to honey boo boo as i'm sure alana is watching. >> she's asleeping. we're not morning people. >> i want to also -- i know that your celebrity crush, you have said is one mario lopez and so -- >> i mean who out don't love mario. >> big fan. >> we might -- just might have a special little something for you from one mario lopez. >> oh, god. >> hey, mama june, mario lopez here. i just wanted to wish you congratulations on your recent nuptials, sugar bear is a very lucky man to have a lady like you in his life and somebody told me that i happen to be your celebrity crush and i am extremely flattered. i'm a huge fan of yours and i
8:37 am
wish you love and the best. >> and so -- >> thank you so much. yes. i met him and courtney and when he spoke to me i was like -- he really knows who we are -- who doesn't love a.c. slater and "saved by the bell." >> i'm with you. watched every episode. mentioned recent nuptials. what can you tell us about the ceremony? >> it was unconventional. i did -- see, i did not go with the white dress so i think it's going to be -- you have to watch whether it was a wedding or a commit many ceremony so that will be the season finale and really looking forward to that. >> it is fair to say unconventional is a word that describes so very much this your life but honestly so wonderful to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> sam, by the way, "here comes honey boo boo" premieres wednesday, july 17th. "how to be honey boo boo" in stores right now.
8:38 am
oh, sam, she is honestly and i don't blame her, this is humid. this is humid. >> it is. >> no, no, no! >> yeah. just a little bit and so the layers of folks behind this crowd that's here in times square. we're serving up a phenomenon. that's right. all the way -- all the way around. all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things happening we want to share with you. once you're north of virginia bick you get to chics beach and this shot from staten island, first thing this morning, that shot is getting on the air this morning. here's that heat dome. so a lot of things this is going to do. if you thought that your summer in and around the great lakes and around new england hasn't been warm enough, you're about to take care of that. if you think that in the southeast it's been way too wet so far this season, we're about to take care of that, as well. this heat is going to start baking. it's a summertime pattern. where the rain backs in now a place the rain is desperately needed so texas, a little bit
8:39 am
into oklahoma, as well. you're picking up some good monday morning. after a cloudy start we'll have our brightest and warmer weather inland from 74 in the north bay and south bay. mostly sunny around the bay, mid-60s to mid-70s, partly cloudy at the >> all that weather brought to you by progressive. here's the big announcement that ryan seacrest, keith urban, miley cyrus. you already gave some of it away. >> i never spill the beans and there i did it so -- >> ryan, what is it? what's the the big lineup on the iheartradio? >> we'll share the big announcement. if you're watching at home book your rooms, make arrangements to be in las vegas the 20th and 21st. everybody from all walks of life will be there. all different radio formats and genres of music. the big names, keith. >> should i read all or just a couple?
8:40 am
>> i think you should deliver them all. >> all of them? >> if you know how to read. >> whatever you don't want to fill in, ryan or i will fill in. >> this is justin timberlake, katy perry, elton john, tim mcgraw, queen and adam lambert, bruno mars and maroon five. and i'll be there. i'll be there. >> plus keith urban. >> miley. >> you're in. miley, there's more. >> daytime which there hasn't been before. >> music during the day and music at night. >> friday night, saturday day, saturday night. we cover sunday, maybe go to work monday. >> maybe. wednesday. >> daytime. >> so may i? my special announcement. all my fans. jason gerulo, the band perry, avril lavigne, cruella, cheryl lloyd, 21 pilots and special guest which is ne-yo. it's going to be dope. i'm excited to see him. >> wait, wait, there's more. >> there's more? >> there's more. >> there are more.
8:41 am
>> this is just three days. >> there's more. there really are. i'll do it quickly. i couldn't do it by memory either. elton, j. cole, muse, chris brown, fun, phoenix, ke$ha, benny benassi, one event. >> you're kidding. there's too many to read. >> you should see who is on the a stage. >> we tried to memorize it. we couldn't. >> this is -- you can't be anyplace else but this. so give us the dates one more time so that we all know when it is. >> september 20th and 21st. las vegas, mgm grand. book it now. >> yeah, book it now. book all the ticks now. you've made the morning insane around here, so thank you so much. coming up, kristen wiig is inside. her new movie "girl most likely." miley, you look gorgeous. >> thank you.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
and right now we have kristen wiig. her first time ever on "gma." welcome. >> thank you. >> you don't have to sing if you don't want to. >> maybe later. >> we all know her for "saturday night live" and "bridesmaids." now back in "girl most likely."
8:45 am
a writer forced to move back home but her eccentric mom played by annette bening is not the ideal roommate. take a look. >> i don't really know how to broach this subject tactfully so i'm just going to say it. >> ralph, cover your ears. >> were you getting spanked last night? >> why would you think that? >> because that's what it sounded like. am i right? >> oh, my -- >> i'm right, aren't i? >> it's so much fun. have you never tried it? >> yeah, maybe like two or three times in the heat of passion, i don't know, but not in repetition for like two hours. >> oh, my god. if it was bothering you so much, you should have just closed your door. >> my sheet door. >> kristen wiig joins us. how much fun was it to play with annette bening? >> probably the highlight of my career. not kidding. she's incredible. i mean, she's annette bening. when she signed on, we were all just freaking out.
8:46 am
she's amazing. >> she's a wild character in this film. this is the second movie, "bridesmaids" also where you actually play a character who goes back home to live with mom. so what is that about? >> i don't know. it's not a dream of mine in real life. >> no? >> i love my mom but, no, that would -- >> nothing you could imagine. >> no. >> and, you know, this movie was able to be made in part because of the great success of "bridesmaids." >> yeah. >> and after that you were also named one of "time's" 100 most influential people in the world. when you find out that news -- >> i don't -- maybe there's been a mistake. i don't know. i was so flattered. i mean, it was unbelievable. yeah, and it was a fun party. >> i bet you it was a fun party. looked like you were also having fun, latest issue of "harper's." let's show that. >> oh, my. >> that's not the cover, is it? >> no. no. >> there is the cover. >> no, i wasn't on the cover.
8:47 am
that's not -- can i say that's me? >> so let's see her pictures. come on. let's bring those out. we're looking -- >> well -- >> wow! check out that hair. >> that's a paparazzi shot. it's me. it was really windy and my -- >> out to dinner. >> i know. and i forgot my pants, and i was embarrassed. so when they come to you with an idea like that, do you think about it or say, i'm going to go for it? >> so fun to do those fashiony things because i think when people know you as doing comedy and stuff, they try to like make the picture sometimes like funny and i don't know. they wanted to do like black and white kind of like -- >> they're beautiful shots. >> thanks. >> i know we're not going to see -- at least we're not planning on seeing another "bridesmaids," but you age and annie are working on something new. anything you can tell us about the new script? >> it's -- we're just starting so anything that i would even say might change, so it's very new. >> okay. well, since this is your
8:48 am
time at "gma," let's do a little lightning round. what did you last google? >> george stephanopoulos images. >> you guys set her up for this one. right? invisible for an hour, what do you do? >> i would haunt the studio like when you're interviewing people, i would just like do that. >> that would be good. >> then people would get freaked out. >> next time that happens, we'll know it was you. finish this sentence, i wish i could start -- >> i wish i could start a channel that only showed "sharknado." >> that would be successful. i wish i could stop -- >> i wish i could stop people talking about kale. >> the campaign began here on "gma," and i cannot live without -- >> kale. >> what we were talking about. wants it all for herself. thank you so much. it was a lot of fun, and the movie comes out this friday.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> fantastic. coming up, c
8:50 am
8:51 am
we are celebrating america all month long here on "gma." last week it was our favorite foods. this week all about you. your favorite summer hot spots. we gave you a clue earlier. >> i couldn't get it. >> yeah. >> well, you -- >> there were trees. >> a lot of lakes in america. >> paddle. >> it could be any p where but incredibly special place. >> okay. >> and so it takes my breath away just thinking about it, seriously. so i'm going to put up here to let you know where it is. it is in the great state of texas. >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow, texas gets on the board. >> get ready for some fun in the sun. ♪ >> good morning, america.
8:52 am
>> welcome to the neighborhood. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> reporter: guadalupe river is unique. it's in texas that runs all the way to the gulf. >> i mean you can go down to the river and have a swim or ride the river in a raft or tube. ♪ >> you can just walk around and just do your own thing. ice cream. >> restaurants, shops. >> you can come up here and go to gruene hall and dance if you want to and listen to live music. >> some of the best music you'll ever hear. >> you almost don't want everybody to know about it. hard to let that little secret out but it's great. >> thanks for visiting our favorite spot, america.
8:53 am
>> all: we hope to see you soon. >> whoo! >> times square, big thank you to ggreune general store. pecan honey butter. >> oh, pass that around. >> wonderful. >> what happened to -- >> wonderful. go online to see more of the summer hot spots recommended by our viewers at
8:54 am
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8:56 am
"good morning america" brought to you by kay dmien advantix 2. it prevents fleas and ticks from bugging your dog. rob lowe will be here. we'll have a lot of fun with them tomorrow. >> i didn't though we had homework. >> no, i'm reading about fried corn right now.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
i'm kristen sze. it's back to the bargaining table today for both sides in the b.a.r.t. contract talks. they met face to face for the first time friday since a four-day strike ended on july 4th. still looking gray in some places. let's check in with mike. >> just about all of us still great. check out our flights checker at 4 to 8 degrees cooler than average today for temperatures, 50s at coast, 60s around san francisco, 70s everywhere else and 80s in the east bay valleys. cool again tomorrow and summer warmth for the weekend. leyla? mike, light rails a mess right now with a train derailment that occurred at 7:00 a.m. look at this picture of that train derailed.
9:00 am
it is just north of the bay point station. two lines are impacted. a bus bridge has been set up. kriste announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, academy award winning actress dame helen mirren. and from "america's got talent" and the new series "deal with it" howie mandel. plus, it's the match of the century, wrestler champion john cena versus talk show host michael strahan. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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