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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> i will leave my kid here, someone will pick him up, no. >> a mother tried to explain why she aband beyond her baby in a vallejo gas station. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. our other top story police chief greg sur and several detectives met with workers and business owners at gift center and jewelry mart today. >> they're trying to reassure the community after friday's double shooting there. >> yes. we're live with the story. >> police tell us the suspect barry white was arrested in 2009 for assault with a deadly weapon, now he'll be facing more serious charges of murder but the moat jiff still a big question that police aren't yet willing to talk about. police stickers mark bullet holes found across street from the mart. police say suspect barry white
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shot at officers. today people working at the mart wore pink ribbons in memory of the two killed here friday. the 35-year-old from san francisco, and 51-year-old liena lynn from daily city. >> good people doing their job. we don't know the reason. we all feel bad, and sad. >> police chief, detectives and officers met with people who work at the jewelry mart today. >> this seems like a one off. it's smot knot something, i think someone last week this, hasn't happened in 25 years she's been here, this is a very safe place. it's been a secure place. >> police say the suspect
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confronted white covered with blood when he left the mart. he ran into a taqueria next door. police confronted white covered with blood when he left the jewelry mart, he floon a taqueria and shot at the ofts officers he ran out of ammunition and surrendered. police search for a second suspect before deciding he acted alone. jains says she's work add long side the older victim 20 years. >> it's just very heart breaking. and i mean... i can't explain. it's tough, for nothing. they went for nothing. >> vallejo police say a 22-year-old mother who abandoned her baby is in custody. the gas station surveillance video helped track her to a home where she was arrested. abc 7 news reporter nick smith
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joins us from the solano county jail. >> you know, i went in and sat down expecting to meet a young woman who would explain as a misunderstanding. instead i met a young mother in pain, and says her addiction to meth force thord make really poor choices. >> can you tell me why you left the baby? >> because i am using dope. and i forgot him there. >> the 21-year-old snits jail forced to confront the demons she says put her here. >> i don't care. what they think. >> police arrested the mother after they say she left her 1-year-old son, dmarls a gas station bathroom. surveillance video shows a woman wheeled a child in the stroller stayed nine minutes then leave without him. charlie believed to be left alone for an hour. leaving some to question if the mother wants the baby.
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>> i don't advise anyone to try it listen together young mother she told me saturday, she was so high on meth everything was a blur. she insists actions were not meant malicious or endanger her child. >> i went there. i used a bathroom i forgot him there. it's not hey, i'll leave my kid here. no i was really [ bleep ]. i forgot him. >> now, coming up at 6:00 talking about the conversation with her attorney, the father of her children, her relationship with her mother and her warning to those who will hear her story. in sal lano county abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and police arrest -- released a picture that they hope will track down a missing toddler.
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john webb says she was taken from a vehicle in east oakland. police released a picture this after the noon. and officers searched the canyon area in the oakland hills and the canyon and trails are near the family home. john webb often took his daughter on walks in that area. >> business owners want to know police were after two nights of protests downtown. the worst committed late saturday night. crowds gathered to rally against george zimmerman verdict in florida. starting peacefully but turned chaotic when a small group splintered off. they lit flags, smashed a bart police car attacking bus shelters. they broke glass from windows. splees say waits hard to bring in more officers and the mayor told abc 7 news it takes more
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than law enforcement to keep a city safe. >> no number of police alone gore tok able to do it. the community has got to take on these people. >> people from san francisco and the news needa will explain why. as of 3:00 five million people have tweeted about this verdict. the peak was hour voluming the -- following the verdict. 49,000 people were tweeting every minute. >> berkeley police are investigating a fatal hit and run this morning. an officer found a body on the road just after 5:00 on the rover pass there are no sidewalks on the overpass. there is no description of a vehicle that hit him. anyone with information is urged to give the police department a call. a big scare in concord, police
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locked down a neighborhood someone reported finding two grenades in their home. homeowners called police who said they were from world war ii. residents were then ordered to stay indoors. the bomb squad arrived and determined grenades were fake. the stay in place was lifted. >> well, this afternoon california supreme court rejected a request to stop same-sex marriages. sponsors of prop 8 made that regheft a lawsuit after the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriages to resume in california. another part of the lawsuit does remain pending claiming same-sex marriages only legal in alameda and los angeles counties where prop 8 plaintiffs live. >> a san francisco firefighter had to be taken hot toth hospital after a fire that
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fire broke out near webster. took about an hour to put it out. five residents are out of their homes right now. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no damage or injuries from a small earthquake. the u.s. geological survey says the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 3.4 and struck just afternoon. felt as far as at mountain view. >> a fremont man will not face jail time after pleading guilty to first degree murder for a hit and run in san francisco. a judge decided he will likely spend his life in a mental health hospital.
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papal accused of running over a man then driving to san francisco and hitting a dozen people with his car there. >> coming up, twinkies are back but may be less filling. >> and pharmaceutical industry practice that drives up the cost of medicine. michael finney looks at a crack down that is coming. >> in california, signing up thousands for uninsured for obama care. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel in a cool patter
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consumer groups worried about possible fraud or identity theft as california ramps up hiring for the new health care covered california program. nannette miranda is live tonight with the story. nannette? >> cover california worked with community groups to determine which job categories will be handling sensitive consumer information. the top insurance regulator believes more needs to be done to protect pry vass eye. just as the state begins implementing the fed ral care act, dave jones says not enough is being done to prevent fraud. health benefits exchange will start sending out in september thousands of enrollment counselors from throughout the state. they will be asking for personal information like social security noupz sign them up for obama care for
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coverage to begin january 1. >> they can use that to perpetrate identity theft and worm into your trust and try to sell you other insurance products we've seen consumers getting ripped off. >> agents will be fingerprinted commissioner jones would tlik see them regulated like brokers and agents covered california insists consumer information will be protected. >> there will be monitoring out interest out there to make sure people taking this information are doing so in an appropriate manner. >> counselors will play a role in hard to reach populations so some maying overlooked because of their connections to neighborhoods. >> we don't want to preclude people who may be are living
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and working in communities now who have a chance to help communities get covered. >> what kind of crimes preclude applicants? >> that is something we're looking at now. >> commissioner jones looking into lacking a plan but california says there are laws on the books it can use to prosecute fraud. >> nannette, thank you. hundreds of teens hoping to finish off the last few weeks of summer vacation by earning a paycheck. >> i'm just proud to be in this program and to experience all job that's we have. >> as a great impact upon my skplif others to be able to have a clear trajectory of my
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life. >> last year the summer jobs program able to hire a thousand oakland children this, year, organizers will be able to add another 400 jobs. >> there is an effort underway to stop drug companies from cheaping cheaper forms of medicine off the shelf and unavailable. >> this conversation getting very big. californians paying more for drugs. the research group released a report on a practice called pay for delay. that is when brand name drug companies delay putting generic versions on the market. finding hundreds of thousands were used to treat serious disease. >> people with ep lepsy paid $465 for brand name drug which
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is 33 times the price of the generic now available. >> they say the good news is that there is a bipartisan bill making pay for delay illegal. >> if you're looking to buy a tablet computer, microsoft dropped the price of surface tablets by $150. least expensive model is at that price this, is the model without the cover or keyboard. it's still cool, though. it's a tough market for any manufacturer. surface rt has been a bit of a disappointment. >> nation's long tweaky nightmare only over. golden snacks back but they may be just a tad smaller than
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you remember. the spongy cakes being sold now are just a bit smaller than cakes you may recall eating. ap have been told the change made by the company that went out of business just before it went out of business. a box of 10 set to retail at $3.99. stores can charge whatever they wish. >> but america is safe once again. >> twinkie, americans are safe again. >> so fewer calories? >> it's 20 calories less. >> all right. listen to this, beginning today abc 7 bringing a new way to experience abc programming and doing it virtually anywhere. >> it's an exciting way to watch the show oodz investigateors trying to piece together what happened.
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>> local programming almost anywhere. you can get favorite shows, sports and news on the smart phone or your computer. it's live and on demand. watch abc where you want to be. >> the daytime heat. catch up on the bachelorette at the park. don't miss "good morning america" while at work. >> watch abc let's you see your favorite shows on your smart phone, tablet or computer. it's easy. now, you can enjoy episodes of scandal, castle and once upon a time while the rest of the
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family watches modern family. this is a special benefit brought to you by abc 7 at no adegsal cost. down load then sign in using akt information. log on to the web site and get the live stream now. find out how you can access on our web site. to down load now search for watch abc. abc 7 news is now everywhere you want us to be. >> and sandhya patel is on the roof. >> right. i'm bringing it to you live from the roof. don't worry i'm prepared here. it's cool and breezy.
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you'll notice low clouds starting to work towards the bay. live doppler 7 hd and what it looks like from that perspective. why some temperatures only into low 50s this afternoon this, afternoon, we have been noticing marine layer hovering around 2,000 feet deep. that is combined with wind direction coming off the ocean. right now down to 31 miles per hour at fairfield. 23 miles per hour at sfo. and temperatures in most areas running a good 2-11 degrees below normal. 65 oakland and 70 now in santa
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cruz. you should be 83 degrees so nine degrees cooler than normal this time of the year. jant rosa 67 degrees. live more 10 degrees below normal. you can see back towards west, we have low clouds that will be pushing well inland overnight tonight. tomorrow, warmer pattin begins. an area of low pressure providing with us cooler conditions. but that is all going to change. that hot air mass over desert southwest will be shifting westward by mid week. heat return together bay area friday and saturday. temperatures getting into mid-90s, tomorrow, only 80
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degrees in livermore well below normal. tomorrow morning when heading out of the door, bundle up. you may need windshield wipers highs for tuesday i don't think many people are complaining this is comfortable. 77 in san jose. 80 degrees in los gatos. pin anyone slarks 70 in san mateo. breezy 58 degrees in pacifica. and downtown san francisco, 62 degrees. low 70s for vallejo. east bay oakland 67. inland spots mild and sunny. into thursday, friday, and
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weekend mid-90s inland. it's our summer time pattern for you. returning to the bay area meantime, staying in the cool i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. back to you in the studio. >> just ahead a plea from a young cancer patient led to a change in policy. >> and at 6:00 cab drivers fighting back against unregulated services. and
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>> boy scouts facing a controversy. thousands began arriving today in west virginia. in may, scouts voted to accept openly gay boys. that change takes affect in january. now families of the overweight
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boy scouts are upset they've been ban frtd jamboree because it's considered physically demanding. coming up a deeper look at the controversy including threats of legal action over this. >> scientists say they've determined how the gene linked to obesity makes people overweight. researchers found people with this gene variation had higher levels of the substance making them programmed. researchers say one way to lower the level is exercise. >> children's hospital in los angeles has been flooded with pizza deliveries after a photo of a young cancer patient's room went viral on the web. the sign says send pizza, room 4112 it was put up as a joke of a family of a 2-year-old when has been undergoing chemo they are area by. wednesday, dozens of pizzas started to pour n many had to
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be turned away. >> hospital and family want everitown know they don't need anymore pizza but thank you very much but hope it will extend to funding for childhood cancer research. >> good idea. >> coming up next, get ai real gem of a greeter. but he's a rare bird.
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coming up the new job boom created by silicon valleys construction industry tonight the hope it's giving job seek years new trouble for an oyster farm. tactic environmentalists are taking to try to shut it down. >> new toll system at golden gate bridge. those stories and more for you coming up at 6:00. >> old fashioned customer
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service generating rave reviews in a nordstrom store. >> yes. meet ted working at arcadia store saying hell grow customers. >> he reportedly is the only greeter at any of the nordstrom 117 stores world wide. >> he got the job 14 years ago. the manager saw him hanging around and chatting. amazing part ted is 99. >> he still plans to be on the job when he hits the kentry mark in december. his secret to a long life? a big smile. >> he has that.
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this is "world news." tonight, an abc news exclusive. after that dramatic verdict, the parents of george zimmerman one on one answering questions from our barbara walters. >> is your son george a racist? >> she's here to bring us their first interview together. red hot blast, 50 million people trying to live and work under a heat zone. when will it end? "real money," how to put thousands of dollars of real money back in your pocket on your next trip to the car mechanic. >> good evening to you on this monday night. we begin with an abc news exclusive on the verdict that sparked so much national division and debate this weekend.


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