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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 16, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking now, the entire eastern half of the country under an intense heat dome at this hour. thousands could be without water for days in maryland. and watch as this reporter is pummeled by an instant dust storm. >> i can't even turn around and face the storm right now. breaking overnight. the first juror from the george zimmerman trial gives an emotional interview. revealing that the jury was originally split. as zimmerman's parents tell barbara walters they're all living in fear. the latest on cory monteith's death. how did the seemingly healthy and fit 31-year-old suddenly die alone in his hotel room? and the heartbreak right now for girlfriend lea michele. ♪ he wakes up in the morning and rock star rescue. the superfans who picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be dave matthews. why he was stranded by the side
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of the road. and his surprising tribute to them at his concert. they're here live, only on "gma." and good morning, america. great to have elizabeth vargas here this morning. and, boy, is this heat taking hold here in new york. all across the northeast. there's citi field. the all-star game is going to be played there tonight. it is going to be so hot down there on that field, well over 90. and then, at washington, d.c. this morning, going to be in the 90s there, as well. d.c. heating up in more ways than one. >> this is the hottest time of the year historically. but this is unusual. and sam champion is starting us off with the heat warnings and advisories for so much of the country right now. and sam, it's not just how high the temperatures are. but how many days the temperatures have been so high. >> that's the important part, elizabeth. how long the heat will last.
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i don't think people realize what you just said. and that is -- it's not august that is typically, statistically the hottest time of the year. it's right now. the fact that we're going to threaten records in hartford, and providence, just one or two degrees off the record today. but this stretch of heat will last for five, six, seven and in some cases longer days. that's going to be the real issue for a lot of folks trying to keep cool. from maine to minnesota, blistering heat affecting almost half the country. >> you ever been close to death? it's about two steps closer. >> reporter: after the hottest day of the year in new york city yesterday, heat advisories and warnings have been issued in the northeast. and it's only going to get worse, as the warm temperatures now move west. it's so hot, our nation's capital has issued a heat advisory, as the heat index there hits 100 degrees. and now news that thousands in the metro d.c. area will be
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without water for several days during this extreme heat, thanks to a water main fail in suburban maryland. new york is seeing its longest stretch of heat in more than a decade. just in time for one of baseball's biggest events, the all-star game. prompting a warning from mayor michael bloomberg. >> there's about 425 cooling centers that we have open around the city for those needing relief from the heat. >> reporter: in one new york town, a store owner got creative with this homemade air conditioner. andrew scott sweeted this picture from pennsylvania, writing, when the pool water is this hot, you know it's hot outside. that says 90 degrees. and look at this. in philly, the scorching son melting chocolate and liquefying crayons. and melting and liquefying us, too. i see you back there. if you're in shorts and t-shirts, that's the west way to run today. if you have to be outside, make sure you're hydrated and keeping cool. this is days and days of heat. look at the heat index levels, what it will feel like to you, when you're out in the
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combination of heat and humidity. 98, almost 100 degrees, it feels likes in new york today. washington, d.c., about 100 degrees. raleigh, 105. and at the's the issue again. george, elizabeth, back inside to you. it's the days and days and days of not being able to cool off. >> that's a sea of red. but not too hot to get photo bombed. and the temperatures soar, the gas prices are skyrocketing, too. 15 cents in the last week. you see it more than 20 cents over the last year. for everyone who drives and the economy, let's bring our newest contributor, betty liu. great to have you here. what's behind this big jump in the last week? h >> gas prices are surging. and the average price of gas right now is $3.64 a gallon. in some cities like chicago and l.a., we're talking about $4 and above a gallon. if prices stay at this level, it can cost you $200 or more over the next year to fill up your gas tank. what's behind all of this? you have turmoil in the middle east. the unrest in egypt is creating
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insta instability. at the that's raising prices. and back here in the united states, people are hitting the roads. they're going on vacation. they're filling up their gas tanks. >> if this is partly seasonal, is the price spike long enough to actually hurt the economy? >> if you see the spike in gas prices, immediately you can see an impact. economists are telling me in two to three months, that's when the sticker shock will really hit consumers. come september, october, right when the critical holiday shopping season is beginning, that's when consumers will start to pull back on their spending. that could hurt an already fragile economy. a economy hit by higher taxes and cuts in government spending. turning to the latest on the george zimmerman verdict and reaction to it. there were more violent demonstrations in los angeles overnight, with plenty of scuffles. at least 20 arrests. a cameraman getting hit during the protests. all this as we learn that the jury in the zimmerman trial was initially split. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: the six are silent no more.
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overnight, a woman who said she was b-37, one of the six still anonymous female jurors, describing the tense hours in the jury room to cnn's anderson cooper. >> i want people to know that we put everything into everything, to get this verdict. we didn't just go in there and say, we're going to come in here and just do guilty/not guilty. we thought about it for hours. and cried over it afterwards. >> reporter: zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder with a lesser charge of manslaughter for shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. the jurors were sequestered for 21 days, away from their families. the juror who appeared in shadow, said the first vote on guilt or innocence was split. >> we had three not guilties. one second-degree murder. and two manslaughters. >> reporter: interesting point. juror b-37 refers to zimmerman
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as george and trayvon as that boy. ultimately, it seems zimmerman's claim he shot martin in self-defense won jurors over. >> there's not a right or wrong. even if he did reach for the gun, it doesn't make any difference. >> how so? >> well, because george had a right to protect himself at that point. >> so, you believe that george zimmerman really felt his life was in danger? >> i do. i really do. >> reporter: b-37 was one of the five white jurors, also noted she had trouble understanding rachel jeantel, who was on the phone with martin just seconds before he was killed. >> he looked like a crazy ass cracker. >> i don't think it's racial. i think it's everyday life. the type of life they live and how they're living, in the environment that they're living in. >> reporter: all of that triggering outrage on twitter with comments like, i don't even have words to adequately describe how disgusted i am with juror b-37. she made quite a splash yesterday, announcing she was going to write a book about her experiences as a zimmerman juror. after all of that backlash overnight, her agent announced
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she is cancelling that book and going back to live her life as it was before she was a juror. >> interesting. i was really struck by two things that juror said. that they were so split, three for acquittal, two for manslaughter, one for second-degree murder. and they all apparently believe that trayvon martin threw the first punch. >> reporter: that's right. they were talking about how much confusion there was on that jury. there was confusion about the jury instruction. eventually all of the not guilties swayed the guilties. and what happened was ultimately, they decided he had to act in self-defense, that was zimmerman. what is clear is they took that responsibility very, very seriously. >> of course, all of the deliberations over just one very, very long day. thank you so much, matt gutman. >> it was a riveting account. with that, let's get to barbara walters' exclusive interview with the parents of george zimmerman. barbara, it's great to have you with us. we saw the juror there shielding her identity. zimmerman's parents didn't go that far with you. but they're living in fear, too. >> they can no longer go back to
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their house. they're living in hotels. they don't want anyone to know what hotel. they've had death threats. what hurts them most are the accusations that they are also racist. i'm just going to ask you straight up, mr. zimmerman. is your son, george, a racist? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: it's the question dividing a nation. a public outcry, far and wide. >> he's never been taught to be a racist. >> we're not racist. we don't see colors. we're color blind. >> reporter: and you, two, are an interracial couple. >> we're a mixed race couple. george and his wife are a mixed race couple. >> reporter: this morning, george zimmerman is a free man. but trapped in a new dark reality. george is in hiding now. have you been able to talk to him? >> no. to tell you the truth, we don't trust anything, not even the phones. >> reporter: you think your son has to stay in hiding for a long
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time? >> if i was him, i would. >> reporter: how long? >> possibly the rest of his life. not in hiding the rest of his life. but there will be people looking for him for a long, long time. >> reporter: are you concerned for your own safety? >> yes. >> reporter: can you give me some idea of what some of the threats have been? >> everyone in george's dna should be killed. every kind of horrible thing you can imagine. >> reporter: do you have to live in hiding, do you think? >> yes. >> reporter: you don't give friends or family your address? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: many claim that justice was unserved, for 17-year-old trayvon martin. what do you say to people who are demanding vengeance, especially some people in the black community? >> there's nothing i can tell them. but there's something i can do. i can pray for them. >> reporter: as parents, what would you say to trayvon martin's parents?
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>> as parents, that we are deeply sorry for this tragedy. deeply sorry. we pray for trayvon martin. to be in a better place. it's always in our prayers. >> reporter: what do you want to say to your son? >> that i love him with all my heart. that i'm sorry that it has to come this way. painful for the whole family. but the truth will set you free. and that's, you know, what i have been living and waiting for. the truth will set you free, george. and that's what it did. >> barbara, boy, you can see the pain on her face. but a lot of people remarked that george zimmerman throughout the trial didn't show much emotion at all. how did they explain that? >> we asked about that. and they said, we have taught him to be composed. privately, he does show emotion. but he's not someone who shows
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emotion publicly. and as you can see with them, they answered every question. but they don't show a tremendous amount of emotion. that doesn't mean that they're not in fear. and that doesn't mean that they don't feel things. >> do they have any idea how george is going to be able to debt back to his life and make a living? >> they don't think he's going to be able to make a living. they can't imagine how he can get a job. they don't have any money. they're living on the money from the defense fund. and that will run out. they don't have any other means of support. >> fascinating to watch. thanks for bringing it to us. >> thank you, george. get to josh and the rest of the morning headlines. >> we're going to begin with news that one of the world's most-wanted men has been captured. u.s. authorities had offered a $5 million reward for the arrest of miguel angel trevino morales, the notoriously brutal leader of the zetas drug cartel. he's been captured along the u.s./mexico border, along with $2 million in cash in his truck.
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he's linked to hundreds of killings, and allegedly shipped drugs into the united states every week. big questions about a discovery onboard a north korean ship traveling from cuba, that has been stopped eped in the p canal. authorities say they found missile parts in the cargo hold of the ship. seen here in a picture tweeted by panama's president. 7 people have been killed, 250 injured, after violent new protests erupted in egypt overnight. supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi threw rocks and set fires. meanwhile, in washington, the senate set for a showdown on capitol hill, with harry reid vowing to change filibuster rules to clear the way for president obama's cabinet nominations. a rare closed-door meeting with nearly all 100 senators failed to resolve the dispute. if republicans try to block the nominees today, democrats plan to change requirement for a filibuster to 51 votes instead of 60, the so-called nuclear option.
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and this morning, all it took was 450 pounds of dynamite the bring down this power plant in ft. lauderdale, florida. the demolition making way for a new plant that will use some 35% less fuel and save customers millions of dollars on their electric bills in the process. something unusual about the winner of last night's home run derby. the big event on the eve of baseball's all-star game, being held here in new york city. it wasn't the 32 homers, which is roughly a season's worth of home runs, by yoenis cespedes of the oakland a's. nor that 456 moon shot and the 31 that followed. the real shocker, cespedes is not, in fact, an all-star. he was not selected. apparently, not thought to be good enough. he's also thought -- he was relatively unknown, really. the first time a home run derby winner is not on the roster. an oakland a. yoenis cespedes. so named to lets all stumble
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over the name. ? yes, we'll be saying that again. and we have a wonderful moment from last night's thing for "play of the day." you're going to want to see. >> all right. >> thank you, josh. now, to the new trouble for costco, under fire from a top designer. michael kors is suing the store for false advertising, accusing the warehouse giant of using his handbags in ads to attract customers. and it's not the first time that costco has been slapped with this kind of lawsuit. aditi roy is here with the story. aditi? >> reporter: michael kors handbags, chic and exclusive, adorning the arms of hollywood celebrities. >> where do i start? >> reporter: now, the luxury designer who judged "project runway," is asking a real-life judge to weigh in. michael kors is suing costco for allegedly falsely advertising its bags for at least half the price. >> it's michael kors' decision if it wants to go down to a lower price point at a store where you're able to buy jumbo-sized toilet paper before you buy a luxury bag. it doesn't necessarily want to
7:16 am
make that leap down yet. >> reporter: the suit claims that costco sent out an e-mail blast for mother's day, showing pictures of michael kors bags, that advertise the designer purses for as low as $99. the problem is, costco doesn't sell michael kors bags. the complaint says michael kors sent its people to 19 costco stores. and found no michael kors purses on shelves or the wholesaler's website. the complaint calls it a bait and switch scheme, to lure customers away from michael kors and into costco. earlier this year, tiffany took costco to court, for allegedly misleads customers into thinking its diamond rings were from the iconic jewelry store. costco said that tiffany is a generic term to describe the setting. this latest suit, the retailer may be risking its relationship with the luxury brands that it does carry. >> if michael kors is going into court to say that costco is a
7:17 am
low-end brand that they don't want to be associated with, that could negatively affect other brands. >> reporter: the discount retailer has been sued in the past. we called up costco and the company declined comment. we called up michael kors and did not hear back. elizabeth? >> aditi, thank you so much. yet again. and lara's here with good news, times two. >> times two, indeed, elizabeth. good morning, everybody. and the zoo atlanta was expecting their giant panda lun lun to give birth to one cub. instead, she welcomed twins last night. big surprise. take a look. 6:21 p.m., after a mere one hour of labor by 15-year-old giant panda lun lun, a new cub entered the world. and then, two minutes later, as lun lun cuddled her newborn baby, something happened that no one expected. lun lun gave birth to a second panda. >> we see a second cub come out. so, we're like, oh, my gosh. twins. it was sheer pandemonium. >> reporter: lun lun's second
7:18 am
cub was a total surprise to even the zoo. >> we tried to do a couple of ultrasounds on her. got one image of a developing fetus. we knew there was something in there. but we had no idea they were twins. >> reporter: the twin bundles of joy came in at a combined weight of just 8.6 ounces. they'll rotate care between mother and staff to make sure that the cubs get the attention they need. and though the world may be on high alert for the next royal, zoo atlanta is preparing for their newest stars. expected to make their public debut this november. >> the only thing zoo atlanta right now has on the royal baby is that we have twins. >> reporter: no names yet for the two peas in a pod. as the zoo is keeping with the chinese tradition of waiting 100 days to name the babies. >> great. >> mazel mazel. >> great news. let's go to sam. sam, that midwest flooding and heavy rain in addition to the heat here in the northeast. >> yeah, exactly.
7:19 am
because part of the price of this heat, getting the heat on the east coast, was backing the rain out. and now, the rain is sitting over norman, oklahoma. two days, in two days they picked up a month's worth of rain there. more than three inches of rain. that's from waco to oklahoma city. here's where the rain backs up today. and the idea is that in north texas, where it's been so dry, into albuquerque, and almost into oklahoma city and dallas. a little less rain there today. you're picking up the heavy rain. quick look at the big board there, continues to be dry on the west coast.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. off to a great start once again. that slow sunshine will keep your temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than average. cloudy, a little moist again tonight, mist and drizzle and the warming trend begins tomorrow. it will be a drying trend also. as far as temperatures today, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast into san francisco. upper 60s and low 70s for most of the bay shore in into the north bay. >> all that weather was brought to you by devry university. we're live in times square. as people get ready for another hot and humid day. let's go back inside to josh, elizabeth, george and lara. coming up on "gma," new details on the shocking death of "glee" star cory monteith. what investigators are saying right now. two fans came to dave matthews' rescue before his concert. they're here live. and then is tyra banks stirring up a shopping revolution.
7:21 am
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welcome back to you. hour delay of 1 hour and 40 minutes at sfo. the breezes kick up this afternoon, southwest. accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures below average once
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i was riding my bicycle. and i got a flat tire on my bicycle. and a nice lady rolled up in a red car with a bicycle rack on it. and gave me a ride home to the gig. thank you. >> the thing is, the story's all true. dave matthews almost didn't make it to his concert in hershey, pennsylvania. did get a flat tire on his bicycle. and look at the couple right there. they saved him. gave him a ride. it was the thrill of a lifetime for them. they are right here this morning on "gma." great to have them there. it's a fantastic story. cannot wait to talk about that. >> can you imagine what that scene was like? what are you doing? we're going to the theater to see you in concert. >> exactly.
7:31 am
>> such a great story. also, we're going to have more details on the tragedy we've been reporting. the mysterious death of "glee" star cory monteith. what investigators are saying right now about what possibly could have caused his very early death. and tyra banks, friend of the show, launching now something of a shopping revolution. is it going to change the future of how everyone chooses what they wear? >> very interesting. and then, of course, so many people on royal baby watch. did camilla just dropped the biggest hint of all, of when that little baby is going to arrive? really arrive? we've been talking about it seems like forever. >> we have to watch. you always have to watch for those mikes. >> we're all waiting for that. we're going to get to the mysterious death of cory monteith. it will take coroners several days to complete the autopsy. we're learning more this morning about how "glee" will go on without him. neal karlinsky has the new details from vancouver. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning.
7:32 am
this is the hotel where cory monteith died this weekend. take a look at this. you can see the wall of flowers in tribute just continues to grow and grow. that, as family and friends just try to grapple with how he died. how could a 31-year-old, very fit and seemingly healthy man suddenly die, alone in his hotel room? this morning, the mystery of cory monteith's death is being closely examined by investigators. interviewing his friends and trying to get a sense of his state of mind in the days leading up to his death. >> we'll be very in-depth and very thorough in our investigation, to determine if it was natural causes of death or something else that possibly led to that death. >> reporter: a statement from the coroner's office, which is heading up the investigation, says there was no obvious cause of death noted upon initial examination at the scene. adding that toxicology testing is necessary for the determination of the cause and classification of death. that's because monteith struggles with addiction. even a recent stint in rehab are well-known to investigators. >> when i was a kid, i struggled
7:33 am
a lot with who i was and where my life was going. >> reporter: monteith reportedly borrowed from his past for his final movie role, playing a drug-addicted hustler in a gritty and yet-to-be released independent film called "mechanic." ♪ i know it's late i know you're weary ♪ >> reporter: meantime, producers of "glee," the show that relied on monteith had been preparing to shoot fresh scenes with him for the new season in just weeks, with a large story line for him specifically. >> can "glee" move on through this? yes. but i think it does so with a giant hole. cory's character was not only a big piece of that ensemble. but he was also the sort of heart and anchor of the show. >> reporter: how they deal with monteith's death will weigh heavily on the show. and also be part of the legacy of a talented, young man. who died far too young. what they're waiting for now is
7:34 am
the toxicology report, which will determine if drugs were in his system at the time of his death or if this was something else. the report will take several days, according to investigators, george? >> a lot of heavy hearts this morning. neal, thanks so much. now, to the latest run-in between prosecutors and singer chris brown. the 24-year-old may soon be facing time behind bars after a judge revoked his probation on monday. abc's linzie janis has the latest on the star who is again finding himself at odds with the law. >> reporter: in a los angeles courtroom monday, r&b's resident bad boy was told he may soon have to face the music. >> your probation is revoked. >> reporter: singer chris brown has been on probation since assaulting rihanna, his on again/off again girlfriend before the 2009 grammys. on monday, a judge revoked the singer's original plea deal was prosecutors accuse him of hit and run and driving without a
7:35 am
license, after a car accident in may. >> i wouldn't be surprised if he spent some time in jail. i don't think he's going to be there for four years. but i wouldn't put a few months past this judge. >> reporter: brown defended himself monday, tweeting, i did everything i was supposed to do during the so-called hit and run. i provided the correct info. there were no injuries or damages. come on. prosecutors say brown did stop. but he didn't provide complete information to the driver he rear-ended. and that his probation requires he obey all laws. >> the defendant, chris brown, must not harass, strike, threaten -- >> reporter: it's not the first time brown has been in court over alleged probation violations. in february, prosecutors alleged he didn't fully complete his community service. something brown denied. overnight, a representative for the singer issued a statement. saying he expects the car incident will be dismissed and his probation reinstated. but next month, the crooner who sings to fans, please don't judge me, will once again find himself asking a court to do the same.
7:36 am
linzie janis, abc news, los angeles. >> stay tuned, as they say. time, now, for the weather and sam champion with more on the worst heat wave we've had in gosh, years. >> in many cities, it's going to be about ten years. not the numbers are the highest, but the stretch of days is the longest you've had to deal with it. now, this heat backs up. we're going to take a little picture in the country, by the way. and chicagoland. we're going to show you where the numbers are going over the next few days. it may start to break by friday for you guys, as a front starts to develop here. and swings some cooler air in. and it will take saturday or sunday before it gets to the east coast. but look at chicago, 90 today. 95 all the way through friday. today in new york city, 94. 96 on friday. constantly in the 90s. the evening temperatures never go past the 80s. and the heat index levels will feel very close to 100 degrees in all of these areas, including washington, d.c. and to st. louis. on the west coast, into the northwest, we've had cooler temperatures from seattle to portland.
7:37 am
portland goes to 90 now. seattle's going to 86. the numbers go i good morning. i'm mike nicco. it is going to be another day of cooler than average temperatures from 69 in the north bay to 83 in the east bay valleys, 68 to 75 around the bay, breezy this afternoon, upper >> all that weather was brought to you by mcdonald's. i know. san francisco's at 64. i may complain about the water temperature. but it keeps those areas cool. >> i love -- >> spent some time in san francisco. >> it's great. it's good for your skin. i'm totally serious. >> that debate may continue. coming up, rock star rescue. how a couple kept dave matthews from missing his own concert. they're here with the story. and tyra banks' move that could revolutionize the future of shopping for all of us. we'll tell you all about it. ♪
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we're back, now, 7:41, with the rock star rescue. two good samaritans on the way to a dave matthews concert, saw a biker stranded and stopped to help. they couldn't believe who it was. we're going to talk to them live in just a moment. but here is their story. dave matthews fans emily krauss and her boyfriend were on their
7:42 am
way to see their favorite singer in hershey, pennsylvania, on saturday. when they came across a stranded cyclist on a rural road. >> we saw him on the other side of the road. he picks his bike up and throws it up there. >> reporter: it was only then that they noticed the stalled biker was the fan they were racing to see. >> i got a flat tire on the bicycle. >> reporter: so, it turns out the multi-platinum selling artist and grammy winner was out for a ride to relax. when his tire went flat. >> rolled up in a red car with the bicycle on it. they gave me a ride home. thank you. >> reporter: not only did matthews invite the couple to dinner, but he brought them backstage and upgraded them to front row seats. even signing their tickets, thanks for the ride.
7:43 am
so, the couple that gave dave matthews a lift to the show, joe, emily. welcome to "good morning america." this is one of the stories you find hard to believe. but it's totally true. and it's all about timing. right, joe? >> yeah. we were running a bit late, on my behalf. it was all about timing. >> you're on your way to the concert. emily, you're like, joe, come on. stop dilley dallying. we have to get there. you decide to take a different route to the stadium. a back road. and if it hadn't been that moment on that back road, would never have happened. it was you, joe, who spotted -- >> i said, make a left here. we're going down the road. and she is driving. i'm in the passenger seat. and i'm looking out the window. and i see people and a guy on a mountain bike. i look over. >> looks familiar. >> that's dave. we were just talking before -- >> how close to concert time is
7:44 am
this? >> a couple of hours. >> 3:30. concert started around 7:30. >> did you believe him when he -- >> i was like, no. he's like, i'm serious. turn around. i said okay. i turned around in the middle of the road. and i go back. and we pull up right next to him. and i open my window. dave? and he is like. yeah. pull in over there. and so, i did. and -- >> you're sitting in the car with him. >> yeah. >> put the bike on his rack. what do you talk about with dave matthews? >> we asked him where he had just come from and what, you know, how long he was touring for the summer. and what his plans were. and we asked him if he had ever been to hershey park, hershey amusement park is in hershey. >> small talk. not freaking out. >> exactly. >> you said he was pretty great. it didn't end there. not only is he singing about you in the concert, but he really took care of you. >> he did. >> tell everybody about that. >> it was incredible.
7:45 am
we were sitting to tailgate after all was said and done. and my phone rings. and it was somebody from the dave matthews band. we would love you to come back and have dinner tonight with the band. >> unbelievable. and hang out backstage for a little bit. we did that. we ate dinner in the lounge. and went backstage for a little while. >> your friends are like, are you kidding me? you get a call from the band? so, he wrote on your tickets, thanks for the ride. where are those tickets? are they in a special place? >> they're -- they will always be. they're going to be framed and everything. and hung on the wall. >> rock star dreams you have. >> it's true. dave matthews, truly is the nicest guy in rock 'n' roll. thank you for the story. we thank you. >> what a story for them. that's great. thanks so much. coming up, will and kate like we have never seen them before.
7:46 am
>> and wonderful moments from last night's home run derby. you're going to want to stick around for. [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian. it's deliciously dark, just before dawn. it's welcoming the sunrise with a taste of vanilla biscotti. with folgers gourmet selections, you can enjoy a variety of roasts and flavors from one perfectly brewed k-cup or a freshly brewed carafe. ♪ turn any day gourmet with folgers gourmet selections. ♪ orange juice...tomato sauce... can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel that you have. and i believe it's doing a good job. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so my answer was advil. [ male announcer ] paul ridley chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain.
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7:50 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> citi field at the top of the show for us. the scene of tonight's all-star game in new york city. wonderful moment from the weekend. we want to show you kevin james. the celebrity softball game. he takes that down the left field line into the corner. going to try to get two. and, oh, boy. that's a lot of kevin james. and he's in. >> that looked like it hurt. >> it probably did. for either kevin or the ground. we're not sure which. also, we want to show you this. it was a wonderful moment last night. we had a stand up for cancer moment, during the home run derby. and everybody in the stands wrote a name of somebody they were standing up for. and chris berman, espn anchor,
7:51 am
wrote on his card the name of his dear friend and our colleague at espn, robin roberts. and it was a lovely, lovely moment. robin did thank him on twitter afterwards. and as we do, as well. chris berman, thank you. terrific moment. terrific moment. coming up here, we have three fellas you may have heard of. rob lowe, bruce willis, and matt dillon. >> wow. >> all here live. >> wow. >> all here live. we know you're going nowhere. your ne calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to
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7:56 am
police have surrounded a small apartment building on bryant and 23rd street and arrested a suspect within the past hour. the victim told officers the man who shot him lived in the building. the victim who was not seriously hurt is in stable condition. some clouds to start our morning. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> gray out there, delays at sfo. good morning, everybody. san jose, oakland okay. 60s around san francisco, half moon bay, richmond, oakland, 70s everywhere else until we get to
7:57 am
the east bay valleys. temperatures are well below average. summer returns tomorrow. warmer by thursday. leyla? we have a motorcycle accident near the half mon split westbound 80 at central avenue. causing tremendous pressure along eastbound 580. we also have this accident in union city. this is along 880 at whipple.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] big crowd out there in times square. elliott and harper, this one's for ewe. teen beach musical right there. >> you can see -- >> a big performance coming up today. we have a lot of fun with them. >> i'm surprised you didn't bring the girls into work with you today. >> you're going to get me in trouble. good morning, america. great to have elizabeth vargas with us. you can come next time. >> it's great to be here. great to have our friend rob lowe here. >> thank you, thank you. >> you have a brand-new project called wild. that is quote for the birds. i get a couple of dings for that
8:01 am
with unbecause we're obviously being a bit coy. it's a great project. you have a new book coming out soon. >> let's not rush things. >> okay. okay. >> already under pressure. i haven't even answered that question. >> well you just keep hitting them out of the park, so -- >> thank you. that's very nice of you. >> i want to say, how brilliant was "behind the candelabra." we have emmy nominations coming out on thursday. we better be saying every name, rob lowe, matt damon -- brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. also, we are celebrating you, america, all month long. and this week, it's all about our viewers. rob, we know you're californian in your soul, surfer. we asked our viewers to share their favorite summer hot spots with us. today, we're heading west. what do we have in the clue box? >> let's just see what might be -- >> what might fit? >> i don't know. there's a little rope in this tiny little box. >> oh. >> water. wait, there's a tiny, little rope.
8:02 am
how do we fit this in the tiny, little box? >> are you going to pull out a lamp, soon? >> abracadabra. >> that's all i got. >> skiing, right? snow skiing. >> a winter environment. >> actually -- i know you and i know very well, but we're not going to give it away. >> okay. >> quite yet. >> our favorite beach? >> but you guys just gave a big hint. you said you're both california boys. >> oh. >> what have you done? >> elizabeth. >> i know. sam's florida beach. >> we just got vargased. >> not a florida beach. tell you that. plus, supermodel tyra banks, ladies and gentlemen. she sells lots in the fashion business. but what about the shopping business? is she about to change the way women shop everywhere? we'll find out. also ahead, we're going to talk more about the tragedy of "glee" star cory monteith. we're going to go inside his love story with girlfriend lea michele. just a tragic loss. way too soon. so so many questions.
8:03 am
>> we have a lot to get to. first to josh. we're going to begin with the new violence following the acquittal of george zimmerman. protests erupting in los angeles. demonstrators stopping traffic, breaking windows there and then raiding a walmart. at least 20 people have been arrested. meantime, the first juror to come forward told cnn while being interviewed in shadow last night, that the jury was initially split. three jurors looking to convict george zimmerman. two of manslaughter and one of second-degree murder. but they changed their mind after reviewing the evidence. the worst heat wave of the year is bearing down on much of the east. millions are enduring the longest stretch of 90-degree-plus temperatures in nearly two decades. in maryland, 100,000 people have to suffer through the heat wave for days without running water because of a large water main break. sam will have the complete forecast in a couple moments. one of the most wanted men in the world has been captured. notorious mexican drug cartel
8:04 am
leader miguel morales has been arrested near the u.s. border, found with some $2 million in his truck. he's wanted in connection of hundreds of killings. obesity and salty snacks are being blamed for a shocking rise of high blood pressure in children. a new study found a 27% spike in hypertension in children ages 8 to 17. over a period of about a dozen years. and there's a new way to diagnose children with attention deficit hyper activity disorder. there are a new brain scan that can measure brain waves. nasa has to cut short a space walk outside the space station. because of a rare leak in one of the helmets. to abort that is a rare move. the price of your morning jolt is about to spike. a fungus outbreak wiped out some 20% of the premium coffee plants
8:05 am
in honduras. and finally, how would one rescue, a dog stuck on a hot roof. how about we use hot dogs? >> oh, see what you did? see what you did there? >> see what i did? hot and the dog. >> and hot dogs. >> and who doesn't love a nice hot dog? >> it was in washington. apparently, this guy did. it wasn't easy. the animal control officer got the chihuahua mix to give up. the big mystery -- how did the dog get up there in the first place? we can see it's not the dog's house. i have introduced at least five follow-up questions i'm not prepared to answer. >> is that a request? >> i'm not saying anything. >> that's not my dog. >> dog down via hot dog. and with that, lara, we turn to you. >> i would love to share some "pop news" with you all. good morning. and taking a bite out of new technology.
8:06 am
the movie about apple founder steve jobs is, of course, if first to debut its trailer on instagram. it shows 15 seconds of ashton kutcher in the title role with words of inspiration. take a look. >> here's the crazy part. the misfits. the rebels. because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. >> i like it. buzz for the movie already high. that should send it viral. "jobs" hits theaters august 16th. ? really looking forward to it. and it turns out the role of graduation speaker is not a mission impossible for tom cruise. he surprised graduates at the d.w. brown studio in santa monica. he shows up wearing a suit and tie and delivers a moving speech about his first roles and the best advice he ever received. according to "the new york post," cruise told students when they finally make it to a movie set as an actor, learn
8:07 am
everything you can from the crew, the grips, everyone on that set. it is a special time. you can never get back. >> cool. finally, get ready for this. a designer who is looking to take a bite out of the accessories market, using dentures. >> oh, gosh. >> what? >> l.a.-based designer miss basic is making bracelets and hair combs from fake tooth and gums, used by millions. they range if price from $35 to $135. and before you ask, here's the follow-up. they're not used. i'm proud to say. they're made with difficult-to-use materials acrylic. but they're selling out on etsy. we thought we would share it with you. >> as she was prepping "pop news," lara groaned reading through that. >> they're so gross. >> new low. but no. new high.
8:08 am
>> can you imagine putting that hair comb in your hair? >> everybody is trying to do -- you've been remarkably silent. i'm trying to -- >> i'm happy to throw it to sam. hey, sam. >> oh, hi. i was just saying hi. i'm sorry. i missed everything. but we have signs from kentucky. from iowa. from new york. wait a minute. let me see that one. new york is hot stuff. what's your name? >> loren. loren duran. >> welcome in. and you guys are all wearing the matching sunglasses. go ahead. here. all right. that's awesome. what's your name? >> kelsey. >> and? >> ashley. >> and you're in from iowa, right? >> yeah. >> all right. well, welcome in. hope you're enjoying it. hope it doesn't get too warm for you. we're going to start with a beautiful picture. i loved this shot as soon as i saw it yesterday. san clemente beach in california. absolutely gorgeous, by the way. a four-day forecast. you can see the heat's building
8:09 am
back up. we took a little break for a while. now, we're getting the numbers back up. that's going into the northwest today. take a quick look at the southeast, just to show you that low that's cruising across south florida. it will not put a lot of moisture into the deep southeast. but across the s good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. off to a great start once again. that slow sunshine will keep your temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than average. cloudy, a little moist again tonight, mist and drizzle and the warming trend begins tomorrow. it will be a drying trend also. as far as temperatures today, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast into san francisco. upper 60s and low 70s for most of the bay shore in into the north bay. >> smile. all right, i'm sorry. i'm taking a picture.
8:10 am
i can't talk and take a picture at the same time. let's go back inside to lara. lara? >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we're going to go inside cory monteith and lea michele's love story. also coming up, how tyra banks is trying to revolutionize the future of shopping. and the royal baby watch continues, with a big hint from camilla about when that baby might really arrive. plus, rob lowe, bruce willis, matt dillon live here on "good morning america." [ woman ] i could see it in their faces. they weren't looking at me. ♪ i can't believe i still have acne at my age. i feel like it's my acne they see...not me. [ female announcer ] acne is a medical condition that can happen at any age. fortunately, a dermatologist can prescribe aczone (dapsone) gel...
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every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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8:15 am
hello to everyone out there this times square. we're back with the "gma heat index." top stories trending right now, starting with the latest on cory monteith. how his shocking death is so hard on his "glee" co-star and girlfriend, lea michele. chris connelly has more on this story. ♪ i'm forever yours faithfully >> reporter: if "glee" had a face, it belonged to cory monteith. his death last saturday at the age 31, has left so many bereft. as millions of fans released their pent up emotions online, there's someone whose grief is a private matter. lea michele, monteith's co-star on "glee." and since february of 2012, his girlfriend. >> come on, cory. let's make this. >> it's nice seeing you. >> reporter: what these two once chose to share with the world on social media and on video, now provides a poignant chronicle,
8:16 am
of young people who took evident delight in each other's company. >> the first impression i had when i met lea was, i was intimidated. >> reporter: the chemistry on screen was plain to see, like in this backstage clip they enjoyed shooting for "the view." >> be careful he doesn't snatch that flip cam out of your hand. >> wait a second. >> reporter: on twitter, she mentioned him frequently. wishing a very happy birthday to the best guy i know. thanks for making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world every day. that tweet coming on may 11th, some two weeks after he completed a month-long stint in rehab just two months before his passing. >> lea is obviously extremely devastated. she hasn't spoken publicly about this yet. her rep did release a statement asking for her privacy to be respected. >> reporter: and so, this june 8th event in los angeles, appears to be their final joint appearance. >> i think he looks great, doesn't he? >> fantastic.
8:17 am
>> so handsome. ♪ it's such a shame for broken heart ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> such a sad story. >> so short a life. it is very hot outside. we don't need to remind you. hotter here, though, in our "heat index," as we turn to tyra banks, the supermodel and a real super businesswoman. now, behind an innovative new shopping experience that could revolutionize how we buy what we want. and abc's amy robach is here with this insightful story. >> that's right. because i think we can all agree. we've seen something on someone else and thought, i wish i knew where to find that. from clothing to jewelry or home furnishings, you can find out with a simple photo. tyra banks is upping your shopping game with the hunt. she's a fixture in the fashion world. tyra bunks has conquered the catwalk, cable tv. and now, this model mogul has her eye on the world of
8:18 am
e-commerce. and the supermodel has partnered with the website, their goal, to revolutionize the way people shop for high fashion, furnishings. just about anything. i love this. so, i decided to try it. i'm really into decorating. i found this photo online of an unusual, yet very cool life-sized ruler. i want one. but i have no idea where to find it. i have a picture. and i will post it on thehunt and see if someone can help me find it. i uploaded the photo. now, i have to fill out the form. description, decorative ruler. 100 bucks would be okay. and something similar to this. it doesn't have to be exactly that. now, i'm going to submit hunt. ceo tim winegarten says their highly engaged users is what makes the website unique. >> the community is genuine and
8:19 am
authentic and superpositive. it's the idea that the community is functioning as your stylist and shopper. that interaction is very unique. >> reporter: banks, who recently formed fierce capital llc is using this opportunity to help all women seek out style inspiration. >> i think that the hunt could revolutionize online shopping. and with the backing of tyra banks, they have a good chance of reaching more people and getting them engaged. >> reporter: banks, who formed fierce capital llc, is using this opportunity to help all women seek out style inspiration. >> you can see a photo of something you like and upload it on the site. and then, they do all of the work for you and find where you can get it and tell you how much it costs. >> and guess what? someone actually responded to our plea for a ginormous ruler. a girl named courtney found one similar on etsy for $54. it took a couple hours to find. and i really liked the idea. they were laughing at me. really? out of all the things you want
8:20 am
to buy, a big ruler? >> are you going to buy the ruler? >> i'm going to now. we just got word we got it for $54. you know, when your kids -- and you make the little marks of how they grow. and then you leave. i move a lot, unfortunately. you have to leave the little marks. and someone else paints over them. if i have the ruler, i can make the marks and take it with me. i thought it was cute. >> i like it. >> you're staying right here. you're never leaving again. >> thank you. >> i was worried there was a euphemism. >> all right, moving on. also sizzling on "the heat index" this morning is the royal baby watch. we've been talking about it all day, every day. will and kate's little boy or girl is expected any moment. and there's one man who will be capturing a lot of the first moments. >> any moment now. >> on camera. >> any moment now. >> bianna is on contraction watch. in the meantime, lama hasan introduces you to the man behind the lens. >> reporter: as the world waits anxiously for baby cambridge to make his or her arrival, the biggest hint was dropped by camilla, the duchess of
8:21 am
cornwall, saying the baby's arrival could be at any moment. >> we're all waiting by the telephone. i think by tend of the week, he or she will be there. >> reporter: the royal grandparents to be, charles and camilla, getting practice for their imminent role. seen here mingling with children on their trip to cornwall. yes, royal baby watch is at a fever pitch. >> the last time i remember excitement like this was around the royal wedding. and this royal baby is going to trump all that. >> reporter: chris jackson has spent years behind the scenes photographing will and kate privately. so, if you want real insight into the royal couple, he is your man. >> william and catherine are a couple in love. william's been protective of catherine. you can see he's putting an arm around her and guiding her in the right direction. >> reporter: and he shot some of the most iconic photos of them, including this one at their wedding. >> i was right there. they looked straight at me. at that moment, they paused on
8:22 am
the top step. and you have that iconic picture. >> reporter: jackson had one of the most coveted jobs on the planet. >> i took an official portrait. it was great to see her looking at my picture. so it was quite a good day. >> reporter: he has some incredible access, getting to know the royal couple away from the camera. including one day when william stepped behind the lens. >> william got behind the camera, in front of the camera. and he felt more relaxed behind the camera. >> reporter: soon, you can add baby cambridge to that list of royals, as he or she will surely become the most photographed baby in the world. for abc news, lama hasan, london. >> and you know what? we were just talking. with first babies, you can't tell. you and i were both two weeks late with our first babies. i remember waking up, going, is it today? >> two weeks? >> they won't let you go too long. if the baby gets too big, it gets dangerous. guess who is sitting beside
8:23 am
me again? rob lowe. [ cheers and applause ] might be a "heat index" by himself. there's so much to talk about. you have so many projects going on right now. "killing kennedy." "behind the candelabra." and "the big picture," the seven webisode thing going on. and let's talk about "killing kennedy." that's, as you informed me on nat geo. >> the kids call it a play. >> tell me about that project first. >> it's based on the best-selling book, "killing kennedy." it will be out for the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. i played jfk. that's me in makeup and hair. >> wow. what a -- transformation. to see you from behind the candleabra and to really embody the president. >> you know, he's one of my heroes. and look at that. >> oh, boy. >> you were describing to us, on "behind the candelabra." was it a quickie facelift?
8:24 am
>> it was a lot of contraptions. pulling me, tape, wires behind my hair. it was a lot of painkillers. i was on actual painkillers. >> to do that. >> to do that. >> josh pointed out, emmy nominations are coming out. >> thursday. i can't imagine we will not hear your name and all of your co-stars. >> it's the biggest hit for hbo, right? >> the biggest movie they've done. and steven soderberg made an atmosphere, as actors, we could swing for the fences. we felt safe. and we could go for it. god knows, we were definitely going for it. >> why not? >> how close you are right now. >> one of my costars. my latest costar. forget matt damon. forget him. >> yes. >> are you kidding me? >> oh, my gosh. >> it's clearly a pelican. >> don't move. it's all good. her name is ginger. >> right. >> and look at this. >> wow. >> come here. come here. >> i'm right here.
8:25 am
>> we should say that -- while you're doing this, this project really is about wildlife. >> yes. >> you're passionate about wildlife. you have been for a long time. and finally, you took on this project. watch where you lay your hand here. to what? give us a little bit about how we -- >> this is a web documentary that you can see tonight, that celebrates dawn's 40-year partnership with bird rescue and marine mammal center. and all of the workers who daily help rescue birds like this who have been caught in oil slicks and around the world. and as a waterman, i wanted to be a part of this. >> just a big -- it's not just a big oil spill that we read about in the news or hear about in the news. there's little events all the time. birds need to be rescued and cleaned from. and we found that dawn is one of those incredible products. and they do such good work where they wash the oil off the feathers and the birds can survive. it's an amazing thing.
8:26 am
>> it's amazing how -- this bird was coated in oil. because it's fur -- not fur, feathers. the feathers look perfect now. >> they use dawn to clean it. it's tough enough to get the grease out and doesn't affect the delicate feathers. and people have been doing it for over 40 years. this documentary highlights the people who are there every, single day. >> i'm sorry. we were a little freaked out by the bird flapping here. will the birds be released into the wild now that they're cleaned? >> well, after they're done being celebrities. >> they might want to stick around for that part. >> rob, can they smell fear? >> they're waiting for their emmy nominations. >> again, "killing kennedy," amazing. nat geo. and we're rooting for you for an emmy nod. and this, tell us again. >> launches online today. >> online.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. firefighters in south stan hose are investigating the cause of a house fire that killed nearly 100 cats this morning. this is a look at one of the seven cats that survived the fire. the home owner says her dog woke her up around 1:45. she smelled smoke, called 911, and was then trapped inside the home. firefighters had to pull her to safety, but 92 cats did not survive. the homeowner says she is part of an animal rescue group contracted with stanford university to spay and neuter feeler cats on campus. your morning commute, let's see how things are looking, lay will. >> pretty slow but we have delays on mass transit. ace train 5 from pleasanton to san jose, ab15-minute delays.
8:28 am
muni, the 27 bryant bus is experiencing delays due to earlier police activity at 22nd and 23rd. that is all cleared up. b.a.r.t. running well. kristen? thanks a lo
8:29 am
good morning. temperatures still in the 50s in most area. 92 antioch a warm spot. still plenty of clouds keeping our temperatures below average from about 5 degrees in oakland
8:30 am
to 9 in napa. your accuweather seven-day forecast, notice the temperatures jump tomo [ cheers and applause ] ♪ there they are. the cast of "teen beach musical." "teen beach movie" bringing it to times square. cannot wait for their blockbuster performance. a lot of excitement here. whoa. a little feedback, too. sorry, guys. "teen beach movie." we have bruce willis and matt damon here in times square. they have new movies coming out. and both movies are getting rave reviews. >> rob lowe, it's like one in, one out. >> i know. >> rob lowe. bruce willis. >> that's exciting. we've been celebrating, you, all week.
8:31 am
it's all about you and your favorite summer hot spots. after seeing -- the great state of texas yesterday, we gave you earlier in the show. we asked you -- remarkable snapshots. and you know the iconic pier. you know where we might be going. boogie board, lifeguard ring. we're heading to a beach. so many submissions from beautiful beaching all over the country. this one, though, really stood out. welcome to huntington beach, california. >> reporter: located along the southern california coastline, huntington beach is singular fun in the sun. >> there's surfing. people riding bikes. running. go down to main street, hang out with your friends. >> tons of fun-loving people. >> surf city. huntington beach. >> reporter: ten miles of
8:32 am
christine beaches. the longest stretch on the west coast. and those waves have gotten huntington beach the nickname -- >> welcome to surf city, usa. >> huntington beach is the place to be. >> reporter: and if surfing's not your thing, not to worry. huntington beach offers something for everyone. >> you have to go to ruby's. walk down the end of the pier and hit all of the shops. >> we love huntington beach. >> all of southern california's coastline, tied for first. it's a wonderful beach. and this one, not just for humans. and also a place for your four-legged best pals. it's the huntington dog beach. it's not unusual to see a dog and owner tandem surfing. incredible. >> it's been on "play of the day" before. >> probably twice. and i can attest, ruby's, if in huntington beach, it's the best.
8:33 am
have a burger and a chocolate milkshake. and to see more of our summer hot spots that all of you have recommended to us, go to on yahoo! right now, i wish we could all head to the beach. right now, samuel j. champion. yes. here you go. here you go. well done. and how did that not work out. if there's one day to get to the beach and use our pails and our toys, it is today. >> there's a visor. i love it. that's so you. i love it. all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. let's go to the beach. i will extend that all the way up to big sur. yeah. the oregon coastline is lovely, as well. now, with the island, going to be upset. but you write us and we'll talk about whatever spots you send to us. we're going to talk about how great they are. let's get to the boards.
8:34 am
maui, that's one of those spots that i love so much. also, a itle will bit of storm damage in the phoenix area. here's what the low does. it keeps the rain in the texas area. midland, you're in the bull's eye of this. two to three inches of rain. san antonio, going to corpus to get the rain. i know it's several days in a row of rain. you need the rain. here's where the heat is rolling. half of the country is getting involved in this long running stretch of hot days. it continues to be dry on the coast. and the stories we don't like to hear about, the fires and the dry air. good morning. i'm mike nicco. it is going to be another day of cooler than average temperatures from 69 in the north bay to 83 in the east bay valleys, 68 to 75 around the bay, breezy this afternoon, >> all that, all that weather was brought to you by target.
8:35 am
yeah. you are an all-star. really? into traffic? lara? >> sam, thank you so much. we're here with matt dillon. hard to believe it's been 15 years since we found out there was something funny about him. yeah. you get the reference, i hope. now, he's got some new comedy chops on display again. it's called "girl most likely," co-starring kristen wiig, as a girl who moves back in with her mom, played by annette bening. and a surprising character, played by matt dillon. take a look. >> this is my boyfriend. he lives with us. >> hi. pleasure to finally meet you. >> george. your name is george bush? >> well, as a matter of fact, that's not my name. you see, my father was an assassin. he had to change all of our birth names.
8:36 am
>> matt dillon here to talk about george bush. the bush. >> i'm not really at liberty to talk about it too much. cia. >> this character has to are have been a blast for you. >> yeah. it was a lot of fun. we had a really good time with it. he's a character who is really nothing is what it seems with george. >> right. >> comfortable in a kimono. >> yeah. and you actually had a big say in what george wore, i understand. you wanted to asset the character in that way? >> definitely. kimonos. a gie, that sort of thing. this is guy where nothing is what it seems with george. you know, he supposedly was in the cia. but he's not really at liberty to talk about it. >> all he does. >> he has a coffee cup with cia across it. >> we had kristen wiig on yesterday. and she said working with
8:37 am
annette bening was the highlight of her career. let me ask you, what was the experience like working not only with annette but also with kristen. >> it was great. it was about a week's worth of work. >> yeah. >> it was really kind of quick for me. annette was great. really fun. she jumped into this character. she became this "jersey shore," kind of wacky character. you know, degenerate gambler. unlike her lover. but i like that about it because it's kind of wacky family dynamic with these people. >> yeah. you get that feel. and it looked like you were having a blast, sort of just going for it in the role. i was reading in the notes that you also stayed in character -- >> we did a lot of improvisation, you know, between stuff. and yeah. it was fun because nothing is
8:38 am
like it seems with this character, was kind of fun. i can make stuff up as it goes along. this guy has these complicated rules about what he can talk about, what he can't talk about. >> george bush, a character for the ages. >> he's not at liberty to tell you his real name. >> we may never find out. we'll try, though. great to see you. i understand you haven't been here since "crash,". >> i guess. >> please, come back sooner. >> it's nice to see you. matt dillon, "girl most likely," opens this friday. thanks for being here. and there's more. bruce willis is also here. seeing red. the action star on his brand-new movie.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
bruce willis is back in action again, starring as the retired but still extremely dangerous cia agent, frank moses, in "red 2," which opens this weekend. we're happy to have bruce with us again. i have to tell you, i saw "red," in 2010. it is one of my favorite movies of all-time. >> thank you. >> it was fantastic. it looked like you were having so much fun making it. >> yeah. we were a little confused on the
8:42 am
first film as to what part of the story was going to stay in. the romance or the action sequences or the comedy. >> right. >> and they all blended together. >> they all fade in. in "red 2," you continue in the same road. with helen mirren playing the sharpshooter. john malkovich as your extremely paranoid expartner. and marie louise as your girlfriend. let's take a look at a clip. >> you're driving me crazy. you gave her a gun. >> was it loaded? >> yes. yes. >> are you being controlling? >> no. >> you have to take chances in a relationship. you have to be supportive. >> i know. i don't dare to fit in. i just dare to be safe. >> just tell her you love her. you know? it's important to enjoy life while you still can. >> dare we ask what helen mirren
8:43 am
is doing with that bottle of bleach? >> would you like to know? >> yes. >> she's disposing of about nine bodies. >> that's what -- it's all done in pearls and an elegant black jacket. >> very elegant. >> indeed. she and bruce malkovich, the demented character he plays. he has a lot of romantic advice in this movie? >> cryptic, romantic advice. >> can you give me one of his pearls? >> i can paraphrase it, i suppose. he said, you have to make a run towards your heart. >> okay. >> does that make any sense to you? >> give me a few days to think it over. is it hard in a movie like this, not to crack up, especially opposite john malkovich acting like this? >> everyone in the film is
8:44 am
really funny. and has the ability to make everyone laugh. we have some new actors in the film. >> catherine zeta-jones, anthony hopkins. >> anthony hopkins. they are all very funny. they have great timing. it was as if no time passed between 2010 and this one. it was like we just worked with everyone just last week. >> one of the rare movies that sounds like it's not only funny to watch. >> if unto do. >> i'm going to throw to a couple of your cast members. give me the first description in your mind. helen mirren. >> helen mirren, sexy with a gun. >> catherine zeta-jones. >> great kisser. >> marie louise parker. >> a great kisser. >> john malkovich? >> john malkovich --
8:45 am
>> don't say great kisser. >> possible borderline psychotic. but very funny. he makes me laugh so hard. >> and finally, your baby, mabel. you told me last time -- do you sing to her? >> i do. >> are you singing the song from "the wizard of oz"? >> no. we have new songs now. we moved on to -- "the itsy bitsy spider." >> that's a good one. and bruce willis, "red 2." great to see you. coming up, a live performance from the cast of the hot musical "teen beach movie." they are on fire.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ if you cannot make it to the beach this summer, that's okay. disney's bringing the beach to you. "teen beach movie" is a must-see
8:48 am
musical. it premieres, friday, july 19th, at 8:00 p.m. on the disney channel. the soundtrack is out tuesday, july 16th. but it's what? >> today. >> go buy it. >> a big number in just a minute. i want to introduce you to the kids that your kids are going to know all summer long. ross lynch is first. maia mitchell. grace phipps. garrett clayton. you will never remember this, but i do, from the '60s. party beach and all that. with annette funiciello. >> we're very aware of the genre. >> all right. >> are there dances involved in do we learn dances through this? show me one of the dances that's going to be out there. >> okay. we're about to do "cruising for a bruising."
8:49 am
i'm introducing the bikers. it's really cool. >> you're a group of surfers and a group of bikers. you find love, your relationship for the summer? >> basically, ross' character, brady, and my character, max," we're a couple. we get thrown into this classic 1960s beach movie, which these guys, there you go. >> "cruisin' for a bruiseing" is the song. >> one thing before we start. we're waiting on butchy. >> where is butchy? >> i told owe we should have taken our bikes. swear i'm never taking the train again. >> i wanted to get my hair done. we're going to be on "good morning america." >> we're late for "good morning america." >> we're here. we're here.
8:50 am
♪ you better run, run, run here we come ♪ ♪ with our inches under the sun ♪ ♪ you're cruisin' for a bruising ♪ ♪ keeping it cool smooth and steady slick back hair ♪ ♪ things are getting heavy you're cruisin' ♪ ♪ for a bruising ♪ two wheels and an open road ♪ ♪ lace and leather ready to go ♪ ♪ don't stop don't stop ♪ ♪ we would do anything we want anytime we want ♪ ♪ oh, yeah, oh, yeah we ride all day ♪ ♪ we're not going to live any other way ♪ ♪ bubble gum cherry pop ♪ ♪ hanging with my brother 'cause his friends are so hot ♪ ♪ while they're cruisin' for a bruisen ♪
8:51 am
♪ all right to the spot what did i see ♪ ♪ a hot little betty staring at me ♪ ♪ i'm cruisin' for some lovin' ♪ ♪ two wheels and an open road ♪ ♪ pack a lunch i'm ready to go ♪ ♪ don't stop we're going to get going ♪ ♪ we do anything we want anytime we want ♪ ♪ oh, yeah oh, yeah ♪ ♪ we stop, rock all day ♪ ♪ we're not going to live any other way ♪ ♪ we're not going to live any other way ♪ ♪ one, two one, two, three ♪ ♪ zoom, zoom ride with me ♪ ♪ tearing up tearing up ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ >> oh, yeah. ♪ don't stop, stop we got to rock 'n' roll it ♪ ♪ anything we want anytime we want ♪ ♪ oh, yeah oh, yeah ♪ ♪ we just drop ride ride all day ♪ ♪ we're not going to live any other way ♪ ♪ don't stop, stop the music ♪ ♪ we're going to rock 'n' roll it ♪ ♪ we do anything we want anytime we want ♪ ♪ oh, yeah oh, yeah ♪ ♪ we ride, ride ride all day ♪ ♪ we're not going to live any other way ♪ ♪ we're not going to live
8:53 am
any other way ♪ ♪ we're not going to live any other way ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] how great are these kids? "teen beach movie." thank you, guys. friday, july 19th. they're already getting excited here. big week ahead on "gma." tomorrow ryan reynolds is going to be here. jeff bridges will be here. hope you have a great tuesday. >> take care, everybody.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. more businesses face repairs tuesday following a third straight bay of vandalism over the verdict many the george zimmerman trial. oakland police arrested at least nine people last night. check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> thanks, kristen. sunshine unfolds about the same pace it did yesterday. that's why temperatures are well below average from the 60s around san francisco to the coast, richmond, oakland, 70s elsewhere, 80 in the east bay valleys. summer returns tomorrow, eve an little above thavrge weekend. leyla? another motorcycle accident, this time in san francisco. 101 northbound has one lane blocked with injuries reported. heavy backups as you approach the 280 extension. also near moffett field
9:00 am
northbound near 85 at 101, lots of announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "red 2," mary-louise parker. and performing his latest hit "pretty brown eyes" cody simpson. plus, your question and comments open up the inbox. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are keep keep and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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