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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nick smith you know one thing we've learned this evening after speaking with the business owners and police department there is a sechbs frustration throughout. three nights of protests due to thousands of dollars of vandalism across the state. the police department is anticipating a fourth night of demonstrations we've learned is that they're turning to surveillance video. demonstrating peacefully if you saw someone acting illegally, share that with us. there are tools they can use to catch thes responsible.
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>> cheryl i'm sorry. a miscommunication on my end. i want you to know we spoke to the chief. one criticism that he had today was the fact that they felt the department was slow in responding to the violence, the chief explained nick we didn't expect the verdict saturday night. we would have been prepared on monday but weren't prepared on saturday night. he told me he called for patrols but they were caught off guard. >> police bracing for another night of demonstrations after dealing with violence last night. take a look. a mass emstraightor hit a waiter with a hammer, bottles, rocks were thrown at pleechls now, abc 7 news's mark
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matthews is joining us. a lot of downtown business owners don't want to go through this again. >> you expect to hear a loud outcry but that isn't what we heard today. >> there was little or nothing said about the third night of vandalism since the verdict delivered saturday night. again, we're focused on moving forward. i think folks that are doing vandalism are not representative of our community. >> richard is executive director of youth radio. and last night, vandals broke out their windows. i asked what he thought about the attack he changed the subject. >> we're supportive of peoples
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protest. >> would you condemn for this? for vandalism? >> i don't eve yeen would you go after them? >> to be honest with you don't think about the agitateors very much. >> last night a waiter was hit on the head with a ham year he's doing fine? >> yes. he's okay. in the emergency room until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning but he's okay. >> donna and thomas are co-owners of flora. >> cops are like shepherds leading sheep down the street. letting them do whatever they want. >> i asked why the merchant association won't condemn violence. >> people are, you know maybe people are frayed to, you know, give a voice to the -- they think it's appropriate maybe to accept it or something. i don't know. >> it's a small minority of them that are causing these problems they're trying to
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further another agenda. >> or they can just be breaking windows and behaving badly. either way the police so far have been stumped on how to stop them. our thanks to owners of floora. they were the exception today, willing to speak out against people who have been bashing their business. >> mark, thank you. >> let's go to sky 7 hd right now. live in downtown oakland you can see just a handful of demonstrators perhaps gearing up tonight for a demonstration this evening. this is where protests have started downtown and this could grow. >> you can see, this is the verdict in the acquittal in florida. the unarmed teenager. three nights of violence, hopefully there will not be a fourth night.
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>> we'll keep you updated on this situation a cross the bay in san francisco, a different different cause as well. they've shut down service for a time. abc 7 news is live in the city. with that story. laura? >> hi, dan there is a break in action near san francisco. we're at city hall where tonight we understand the same demonstrators who marched through streets will be here for a vigil to remember this young man, kenneth harding the 19-year-old shot and killed on this day in 2011. he is his family say police shot him but investigators confirmed his own gun killed him. after 4:00 today harding's mother and supporters gathered in church and dubois where they marched down market street toward vanness. earlier with spoke with harding's mother says she's
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never believed the police version of events. >> what they said is that the bullet came from a weapon not police issued. which doesn't mean that the police didn't fire it. >> now, the days after harding was killed, coroner announced his own gun, a 38 caliber fired the fatal bullet to his head. the gun was missing but later recovered but by investigators. this is where there is a trayvon martin event planned and demonstrators told us that they are planning to join up with that vigil or demonstration as well. live in city hall, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you very much. well, in santa rosea, gunfire
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erupted this afternoon a crime that started in the store expended no another city. police say bullets were flying in santa rosa. the suspect get away car was stopped in petaluma. haej yes, its a scary time for employee autos really terrifying situation. we're outside where they've just finished boarding up one front window damaged when bullets went through it this afternoon. but video was shot shortly after the crime they're we're going give you a combination from police and owner here of the jewelry store. about 1:00 this afternoon, two men wearing hooded sweat skmirts ski masks came in with a hammer and shotgun.
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and smashed one of the cases. the store is a small space but was full with a sales person, a summer himself, his business partner and immediately the police were called. the owner had a gun and there were shots fired inside of the store we're not clear exactly who did the shooting. the suspect fled the store believed they ran to get in a small red car here within 25 minutes police had stopped them on southbound highway 101 at east washington boulevard. >> there were shots fired inside of the business. and two suspects fled. they went to a apartment complex. they got into a vehicle. and left in an unknown
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direction. >> and after that interview, they were apprehended on can be 101. snarled traffic in that area. we haven't got confirmation from police but owners believe those were the suspects in this case he has it on video. that should be a great help to the prosecution when presumably these suspects make it to court. live in east santa rosa abc 7 news. automotive of jewelry mart murders in san francisco on friday. a 23-year-old barry white accused of gunning down several people at brannan at 8th street. leanne? >> bail denied in this case. this afternoon, because accord together da's office it was such a brutal and vicious
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attack. it was all about a dispute over a piece of jewelry. >> why? why these people coming to my store? i don't know. >> the family of one of the victims came to see the man police say killed an employee. one other woman died. the district attorney says this man, 23-year-old barry white walked inside of the shop. accord together investigation asked the owner for a price adjustment on a piece of jewelry purchased several weeks before. >> the difference between what he was seeking from the store owner and what the owner was willing to give was less than 300s oodz when they did not come to an agreement investigators say white left and returned then waited until all customers left the store. the video inside of the store shows him pulling out a gun
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and a knife. >> stabbing and killing people. we see him going behind the counter, shooting some of the folks coming back running out of ammunition and severely stabbing one of the female victims. >> police confronted him and say white fired at them. he surrendered. >> it's truly sends shivers up your spichblt a horrific killing. >> police found an ak 47 with an extended clip n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> still ahead an appeal for help in the disappearance of an oakland toddler, six days missing and a plea from the family. >> the first lawsuits in the asiana 214 crash find out why passengers are not pinning
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blame on pilots. >> i'm spencer christian. our days are coming to an end and a warm up is coming our way. i'll show you details? n.just a moment. >> a team eats together stays together. ahead on 7 on your side the cooking school that is more
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family of a missing toddler is asking for help in the search for their little girl. the to 1-month-old first reportedissing last
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wednesday. the girl's father says he left her in the car five minutes whens came out, daphne was gone. police arrested him initially but later dropped charges. relatives of her mother gathered today but declined to explain why nobody else can say they saw daphne in the days before she disappeared or weeks leading up to it. >> we are not taking questions we just wanted to make statement and give information out. >> davis, the mother did not speak today. her family is getting help from the klaus kids foundation. >> firefighters rushed into a burning home this afternoon to rescue a woman trapped inside this, video from a camera shows heavy smoke. crews saw flames coming from the garage of a home on parkside drive. they heard a woman screaming and got her out.
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sky 7 was overhead as firefighters put out the last hot spots. the 70-year-old went to the hospital for smoke inhalation and minor burn autos authorities investigate wlg an early morning house fire was caused about a large number of cats in the home. firefighters had to cut through fencing to rescue the homeowner trapped in the burning home. the woman had put up fencing to keep her kids inside and could not get out. she had about 100 cats in the home. 93 of them died. the cause is still under investigation. >> i don't allow candles, matches or christmas trees. i am so careful z this is my worst nightmare. >> carol miller took many animals home until they can ab dopted but animal control says she was only authorized to have cats in the house not 100. they're investigate wlg laws were broken here. >> passengers on asiana flight
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214 have begun the process of filing a lawsuit against boeing. a law firm is working on that suit. l.a. times reports the suit will claim the investigation appears to show malfunction of the auto throttle may to be blame but that is contemporary troy information released by the national transportation safety board. boeing is not commenting. the law firm says it will be working on lawsuits against asiana airlines and the plane's parts manufacturers. now in a remote aircraft parking area. >> in hands now of the airline and their insurance company to determine what they want to do next. mikely it will be disassembled and removed from the site. >> investigators say they've
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completed their examination of the mekage. >> on to other matters kids may not be always excited to go back to school but seem to love back to school shopping. two dozen kids were all smiles this morning taking part in a special shopping spree set up by salvation army. each student got 81ses today spend on anything from notebooks to clothes. target and salvation army providing shopping sprees for 12,000 kids. >> it's a great program. >> spencer we're asking him to do something about this. >> it's going to change. >> it is going to change. not by efforts on my part. i can tell you about the warming coming our way. you can see low clouds and fog
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over much of the inland areas earlier in the day and now, we have marine layer reaching over the day bai and inland areas up in the north bay so cooler across the bay area today. and no wonder. notice it didn't burn back all the way just back away from some areas by afternoon and evening. and this is where it stands now. 3,000 feet deep marine layer asserting a cooling influence but that is going change home. here is a live view you can see low clouds and fog. 61 degrees in san francisco. 68 oak lchbltd 70s in mountain view. another live view looking up and back the western sky it's bright readings 71 in
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fairfield. on we go to a blue sky sfru our camera here at abc 7. towards the bay bridge these are the features, low clouds and fog overnight as we did last night. warming trend begins tomorrow, we'll have hot days inland this weekend. satellite shows two poolz of cool air. that makes room for a hot air mass sliding west and bring warmer weather to the bay skpaer to the state. low temperatures in a rather marrow range then as we an mitt the maps for you you can see at 5:00 it will be cloudy and foggy but burning away from the coast by afternoon tomorrow, sunny skies from coast to inland.
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south bay highs mid 70s to mid-80s. pin anyone slarks mid-70s, 76 redwood city. 66 degrees in downtown san francisco tomorrow, 63 in the sunset district. highs reaching 78. 81 in napa. 72 in oakland. 76 at fremont. inland east bay warming up in spots 90 in antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. check out the warming mid-90s inland. low to mid-60s on the coast. temperatures moderate a bit but not with a sharp cool down. abc 7 is begin spons yorg aids
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walk. just five day as way now into the too late to register, just call or visit aids or text the words walk sf to 292929. >> and dress in layers right? >> you might. early in the morning but will warm up. >> great day. >> regardless. >> true. true. >> and coming up state economy bouncing back. >> things could get worse this week for 10
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california's economy is improving but that could mean more hardship ahead. the jobless receiving extended benefits may lose 10 weeks worth starting next month. right now given 73 weeks but that could get cut back to 63. it will happen in june's unemployment rate does not increase. when average rates drop below 9% the funding is cutoff. the state worker told abc 7 news it could be a real tough change for many in the state. >> before benefits became available first payable in february, 2010, since that time, we pay out more than $3
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billion here for extension benefits so it's been critical to help people long term unemployed. >> 100,000 californian woz be affected by this. >> wall street drops on a pair of disappointing earnings report. one from charles swaub. the company missed profit estimates. the other coca-cola where sales fell 4%. wall street reports offset news home builders are more optimist bik yik about sales than in seven years. the dow dropped 32 points. s and p 500 ended an eight day value raly. "wall street journal" says google reached several companies about streaming live on the internet. you'd be able to flip through channels online instead of tv.
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>> there is more still to come. we're live where a rally is just minutes from getting underway. the two downtown democrat strayings. >> also, a big new fine proposed for the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> and a report card on yahoo. the chief
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you're looking at a live picture of people from two different protests gathering there. one is a family of kenneth harding junior who died after evading a muni fare that. was a dispute by police. the family claims he was killed by police the medical examiner appeared he might have wounded himself and died from thachl the second protest involves other protestors. >> the other pro testors are
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there for the trayvon martin killing and verdict over the weekend. not guilty for george zimmerman. these protests are kind of converging. in oakland, police are bracing for a fourth. peaceful so far, let's hope it stay that's way. pg&e could pay the largest utility fine in state history for the pipeline explosion that. blast killed eight people destroying 38 homes. the fine would not be tax deductible and safety improvement that's would be dediktible. p.u.c. added the fine due to safety obligations. pg&e saying the staff of the
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california public utilities commission has lost sight of our important shared goal of making pg&e natural gas operation the safest in the country as quickly as we can. the public utilities commission has not made a final decision on this find. >> marisa mayer marked her first year as chief executive at yahoo. revenue remains weak with earnings up 46%. tonight abc 7 news david louie tells us there is more than just income and profits. >> marisa mayer walked into a company in turmoil there had been layoffs, engineers were leaving and that stopped in fact mayer told reporters on a web cast that 12% are former employees returning to yahoo. >> people are here. engine now up and running. i hit the first year anniversary it's clear we're now deep into the second sprint.
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the one where products and execution. >> products bringing users toa hoochl the more opportunity for advertisers to reach them. that is how yahoo will make more money. first share earnings up. what is important is that employees support the leader the glass door site shows mayer had 91% approval rating a year ago. reflecting a honeymoon period that dip aid bit but remains strong. >> the fact she's held a strong approval rating is going to be interesting whether she's going to maintain this. >> what do employees say about may zbler a manager says the skp operating a sense of vision that hasn't been seen since early days. on the calm side a recruiter said hiring takes time and we lose great engineers to
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competitors. executive editor says impact is yet to be seen. >> is core business in better shape? not necessarily. the, you don't build a company for the moment. you keep retooling for the future. >> a jury reach aid verdict for one of two suspects in the gang rape at richmond high school owe four years ago. two suspects being tried by two different jrz for participating in the rape of a 16-year-old girl. today one jury announced it had reached a decision but the verdict will remain sealed until the other jury reaches its decision whichever comes first. two men have agreed to plea deals and serving nim prison in this case.
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a ymca worker has been arrest asked and charged with molesting two little girls. the 20-year-old worked in morgan hill four years, recently as a child care provider arks rested friday for the molestation of a 6-year-old girl. police found evidence a 10-year-old had been molested as well. >> testimony resuming in the trial of a school teach year accused of sexually abusing female students. the 36-year-old is accused of blind folding students and making them perform sexual acts. prosecutors claim incidents took place inside of a classroom last year claiming chandler's dna found on chairs in the classroom this, is video of him. defense attorneys say the dna dpraim a consensual encounter he had in the classroom and he has no sexual interest in children. he faces 75 years to life if convicted. >> and coming up next michael
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finney with a team building exercise. >> yes. teamwork starts in
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there is nothing like
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breaking bread for bringing people together. >> and that is turned into a delicious team building activity. >> yes. and michael finney is theer dish on some of the gourmet. >> the school is seen more than just food but a place for people to come together and bond around food and the dinner table. knifes sharpened, chicken, sizzling and the laughs, plentiful. this is the cooking school in emeryville. it's a brain child of chef terry spaulding. companies send employees here and the workers have gotten to know each other better and hopefully, formed a more dough co-he'sive team its a welcoming that happens when you get people together making good food. >> on this day, a group of ploimys from leap frog are here learning how to prepare food. >> alan is normally the her
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manager it's a role reversal an jell -- angela is enjoying. >> it's different and fun. i know more about cooking than i think he does. >> you don't saw that knife you drop it through. >> they're being teased with w.dessert. >> we're going to heat cream up we'll have ice cream and that will be in no time. >> when i watched i see the difference made. >> carey says animators got motions and emotions right down to ego. >> a lot of chefs do have big
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egos. some are humble. >> there will be no eating humble pie in this class. for these employees it's a nice diversion. >> we go into the environment. we're busy. we keep our hands on keyboard, eyes on the screen. it's nice. >> before long soup is served... main course is ready and they're fighting for more dessert. >> i feel closer to co-workers which is cool. got a chance to work with folks i usually don't work with. >> the fee is $130 per person. the school teaches a kids cooking class. >> that is fun.
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>> the food is good, too. >> coming up next the man who will do anything you ask, if you ask him on twitter. >> find out what happened
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how about a social experiment carried out through social media? a well published anth pollingist decided to turn himself over to the twitter verse for a day. abc 7 news tracked him down through his tweets to tag along. >> i'm here in san francisco interviewing people. >> so goes the life of grant mccracken, he just published a book on social experiments and decided to become one. >> i had a free day and i'm from the keeft coast. i thought i'll turn the bay over to other people. just do whatever they tell me to do on twitter that, is what i've been doing all day. >> head over stt city life snore chinatown.
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>> he began navigating streets and shelves of the city. conducting interviews at every step. >> the important work? >> is an enduring calm. >> as tweets kept nearing in. >> do you have caps? >> perfect. great. >> i challenge you to find something unusual. >> whatever that is? >> this is spectacular. >> yes. >> someone wanted knee plank. >> this is planking. mccracken stayed for a fot yoio but tweets kept coming. >> someone asked to us join a cult. >> are you looking for an anth pollingist? you found wun this is for you if you're interested.
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it's a coco nut gelato. >> thank you. >> all for the price of another interview. how did it go? >> gives variety of people and a small portrait of what is in san francisco. >> that is a fun way to spend the day. >> i wonder how much that cost him? >> planking exercise for one. let's talk to spencer about whether. >> i would love to do that but i got a tweet tell meeg to go to wine country. after weather? okay. low clouds and it's been a cool day. we have a live view here is a sampling of high temperatures compared with average locations for this date.
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each was one degree cooler to 14 in jant rosa and 15 degrees cooler in livermore. you get the picture. it's cool today. tomorrow, hot down in the desert areas. 109 in palm springs. 90s in parts of the sierra. we'll see highs up to about 90 inland in the accu-weather forecast shows us a warming trend continuing throughout the skbeekd into next week. that is a welcome. >> thank you. >> the watch abc live stream now available in the bay area. >> a new way to experience abc any time, anywhere. >> whether at home or out and about you can enjoy tv shows and sports on your smart phone or computer live and on demand. >> that is so special.
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new benefits brought to you by abc and at and tu verse. >> go to abc 7 to find out thousand access watch abc. just enter your att information to get the watch abc live stream works well. >> you might want to watch larry deal beel with sports. larry? is it worth it? >> i hope so. >> good question. >> it's management asks us daily. one more work at yosho. and bud selig's latest comments on the a's stadium situation. sports, you decide if you
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, major league baseball all star game being played in new york. six bay area players are there. none were in starting line ups. buster posey just got into the game but they're trailing right now.
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so not a lot of offense thus far. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. baseball commissioner was asked about the a's stadium stale made today during a town hall meeting in nork and says now there is nothing mlb can do because of a lawsuit filed by the city. i did say he feels good about the situation. and bud feels good about it. speaking of the coliseum it was a factor last night. the a's slugger won the derby now coliseum regarded as a difficult place to hit home runs. >> when this maying difficult
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it's not as ditch as -- difficult as oakland f i can do it in oakland i thought why can't i do it here? >> a's hit all star break in first place in the al west. two up on texas. >> guys believe we have one of the best teams in baseball. when ge get an opportunity to play another team we're going out there, you know trying to send a message we're a good team. and that we're real. >> the british open championship begins thursday. ernie els was the winner last time.
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big easy, 25-1 odds to win. last time he saw tiger he was struggling he says despite lack of practice he's confident. >> i feel good about the game. so good going into a championship. i've had a pretty good year this year. i just need to keep putting myself there. and i'll get some. >> phil mickelson have second best odds to win. if anyone can win it might be phil. >> it's difficult. difficult to win the week before a major then follow up winning maingors but last person to do it, you're looking at him. >> i like the confidence.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> join me tonight, an exotic beach down becomes last chance of freedom for a bay area official. he's now being held on $1 million bail then at 11:00 a bizarre medical mistry. a man wakes up with no memory of who he is and he is speaking only swedish. that is tonight at 11:00. >> and in prime time we have extreme weight loss and body of news. >> that is it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. qekt with us any time y
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a public-relations associate from vernon, connecticut... an attorney from irvine, california... and our returning champion, a legislative researcher from washington d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to "jeopardy!" interesting -- in spite of missing all three daily doubles on yesterday's program, mark still won the game. picked up over $17,000, and has a three-day average
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