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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now we have clear conditions other than construction as we get to it, we will head over to 580 where we have this project in the westbound direction which travels out of livermore into pleasanton and we have top speeds over the altamont pass. we have this project on the eastbound side of the bay bridge on lower deck between anchorage and the metering lights. that will get pick the up around 6:00 a.m. this morning. we are starting to see a few extra tail lights in the westbound direction. as we go to the toll plaza can you see the cash-paying lanes are loaded up. >> we move to oakland now where protests again the verdict in the george zimmerman trial are not over but they are getting less violent. police were out. they held back and the only assaults were verbal.
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police are asking for help in prosecuting those who spray painted the walls downtown and broke windows. they are asking for video. come forward and hand it over to police. some is surfacing. this club shows a roast turned violent. police are asking people to turn over video so they can prosecute the people they have arrested. they made a dozen arrests. the chief of police is explaining himself. he has received criticism from business owners and residents and a city council member about police being too soft on the roasts -- protests saying it is tougher than you think to make the arrests. >> it is difficult to march into a crowd of several hundred and grab a couple people that are breaking windows.
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>> last night we did not see the violence we have seen the past three nights but it was quieter with in broken windows or fires being set. people were protesting the aquittal of george zimmerman in florida. last night, police issued a citation to two people for stepping off the curb when the traffic light or pedestrian light was red. it is settling down here in oakland. in san francisco hundreds held another protest in honor of trayvon martin. at city hall, they demand justice, change, and an end to a racist american society. san francisco's naacp organized the rally saying many african-americans in san francisco feel mistreated and abandoned. the group says they want a civil suit to be filed against george
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zimmerman. the justice department says it is unlikely george zimmerman will face federal charges because it would be difficult to prove he acted out of available bias when he killed martin. experts say federal prosecution would require clear evidence george zimmerman set out to attack martin just because he was black. >> vigil will be held in san francisco for one of the three victims of the asiana flight 214 crash. a buddhist group is holding the vigil for 15-year-old scheduled to begin at the san francisco branch on irving. her parents are expected to teen. she died on friday in san francisco general hospital a week after being rescued from her seat on the boeing 777. her classmates, 16-year-old wang linjia and ye mengyuan. the vigil was held by the same group on saturday in burlingame. >> two survivors filed the first lawsuits, a bay area woman and
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her 8-year-old son are seeking $5 million in damages. they allege the crew committed errors and improperly trained. their attorney says they were toward the front of the plane and you haved is serious back and neck injuries. 83 other passengers have begun the process sue the manufacturer of boeing claiming the crash might have been caused by a mechanical malfunction. >> bart workers warn if they strike again next month they will be prepared to stay out for a long-term if the two sides fail to reach a new contract by august 4 bart is looking for ways to keep the trains running but the san francisco chronicle reports bart has only ten qualify the train operators not in the union. according to rules from the last bart strike replacements could not be trained until there is a walkout and the training takes month. bart is calling retired operators, now, to see if they can step in. >> a vigil is held today for a missing oak toddler who now has been missing for a week.
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her father reported 21-month-old daphne viola webb missing last wednesday but some family members say they have not seen her since june 27, two weeks earlier. john webb says he left her in a car for five minutes in the neighborhood and he came out she was gone. he was arrested for child endangerment but they dropped the champions. relatives of the baby's biological mother say no one else can describe why no one has seen the child in the weeks leading up to the incident. we wanted to make the statement. >> her family set up a website and is getting help from the class kids foundation and the vigil is held at 6:30 this evening at 79th and international boulevard where daphne viola webb was last seen. >> bankruptcy court hearing is held in delaware over the estate of the failed fremont solar energy company solyndra.
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many claims have been filed over how liens will be distributed. they filed for bankruptcy two years ago after getting half a billion in federal loans. the court approved the bankruptcy plan last year despite government objections. >> two robbery suspects are in custody after they target add jewelry store. this went down yesterday afternoon in santa rosa. police say two men began smashing jewelry cases and the store owner got his gun and opened fire on the men. no one was hurt. the would be robbers ran out and drove away. police tracked the get away car and arrested the do men in petaluma. >> an effort to stop a pest that could devastate the california fruit industry is underway today following the discovery of three
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gava fruit flies this month. the female lays the eggs in fruits green on trees. officials will start spraying something to attract and kill the male fly with were extras set up a 19-square mile area of east san jose. officials think the fly was brought to the bay area possibly from asia. >> it was dry coming in this morning and satellite shows no moisture in the area. we will experience early morning patchy fog but the clouds that come in right off the coast are going to be thinner so we will not see the heavy cloud layer that will stick around for the rest of the day. it will burn off earlier as we look at our pacific satellite we have two areas, two troughs of cool weather and those will be moving out and replaced by this
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ridge of low pressure that is moving toward the west which will bring in the warmer conditions and the dry conditions, as well, certainly over the weekend. the next three days you can see tomorrow we will seat warmer weather coming in at 92 for a high and 80 around the bay and 62 along the coast. friday the temperatures ramp up but saturday we are hot inland at almost 100 degrees so the high pressure willry anywhere between the 90's and the 100's as you head inland. now a look at the roads. so far, we are quiet but for a bit of construction. we do have a project in san jose traveling along southbound 880 you need to get on to the freeway the on-ramp is going to be shut down until 6:00 a.m. this morning and slow-and-go traffic southbound into park
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moore and northbound 880 we have this project that will last until 5:00 a.m. with several lanes blocked in the northbound direction between 16th avenue and broadway. at sfo lanes are blocked with the cones picked up at 7:00 a.m. this morning but we have green conditions so top speeds. at walnut creek we can see the drive southbound along 680 a few tail lights moving to the junction with highway 24. >> thank you. a woman is involving from burns she suffered when her home went up in flames and she owes her life to courageous firefighters. >> the emotional reaction from family members as they learn the shocking motive in a deadly attack at a jewelry mart. >> change is coming to your car's license plate that could
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violate your privacy. here is the america's money report. >> good morning, soaring gas prices spiked 15 cents in a week and aaa says the days of the national pump price below $3 is a thing of the past. ironman, robert down any jr. is number one on the annual lit -- list of highed paid actors earning $72 million. campbells is out with cheeseburger o's, the first new variety of spaghetti o's to hit the shelfs in 20 years and are just the third flavor to be added in half a century w
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>> this week's protest over the verdict in the trayvon martin case coincides with the second anniversary of a controversy police shooting in san francisco.
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protesters shut down muni service yesterday at church street part of a rally to remember kenneth harding a 19-year-old killed two years ago during a shootout with police. police say he was a fare jumper. he was chased and was shot in the leg and that caused harding to shoot himself in the head with a gun he was firing. his aprils do not accept that conclusion. >> the investigators believe they have a motive in the deadly shooting that left two women dead inside a jewelry mart in san francisco. 23-year-old barry white appeared in court yesterday. the d.a. says he want add price adjustment on jewelry he purchased weeks before with the difference less than $300. when he and the owner could not agree, investigators say white left and came back after customs left the store and the surveillance video shows him pulling out a bun and knife on two female employees. >> the way this individual went about killing these people is
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some of the most calculated and most brutal homicide i have viewed in my entire career. >> the owner of the store is in the hospital and investigators say white was in a confrontation with police outside the store but surrendered. testimony resumes in a san jose schoolteacher accused of sexually assaulting students making them perform sexual acts after blindfolding them. the prosecution claims this took place inside a classroom at the school last year. they claim that his d.n.a. was towns on chairs in the classroom. defense attorneys say the d.n.a. came from a consensual sexual encounter he had with a woman in the classroom. he faces 75 years to life in state prison if convicted. >> walnut creek woman has firefighters to thank for rescuing her from a burning home. this video on interstate 680 shows heavy smoke blowing on the
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freeway from the fire on park side drive, this happened yesterday afternoon. the flames were coming from the garage and they heard a 70-year-old screaming for help and the firefighters rushed in and got her out and rescued two dogs. the woman was treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation and minor burns. no word on the cause of the fire. >> the city of palo alto is removing dozens of trees for the street maintenance project. work begins on monday. the 23 magnolia trees are located on middlefield road and four others will be removed later this summer. the city says problems with decaying and other issues could cause them to fall. crews will replace some of the trees in the fall when the weather is cooler and wet we. >>the state senate is considering a bill to put a high-tech spin on california license plates. the bill would allow the dmv to create a pilot program to test
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thousands of cars for digital plates. 160,000 cars could be involved. lawmakers hope to improve efficiency in vehicle with registration and possibly save the dmv millions a year. a privacy group says the digital plates could leave drivers vulnerable to surveillance. the pill is in the appropriations committee. >> you can watch your favorite abc shows no marry -- matter where you are on "watch abc live stream." it will bring you local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. watch abc allows you to bring abc7 news wherever you want to be a new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, charter communications at no additional cost.
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can you get the watch abc live stream and download the app. you can watch us, it is an easy thing to do. >> you can watch both your tv and your ipad. >> overload. just a bit. are we overloaded with the weather? >> not that much. i thought it was more dry this morning. coming in from the city at least it seemed to be warmer and dryer. temperatures will be five degrees warmer further inland. live doppler 7 hd is showing no runs as far as clouds or moisture and no drizzle. we will expect for the forecast usually morning patchy fog and a cloud layer will burn 50 earlier. it did not yesterday or the day before, with the heavy clouds
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keeping the moisture in and the cool temperature and it will change and it will feel warmer and more sun by lunch and we will expect a hot weekended ahead. as you look at the clouds, over the next couple of days you can see how the high clouds are going to be hanging around but they will retreat along the coast and come back if overnight and it will burn off earlier. as we look at our highs for today an the bay starting with the south bay, 70 in san jose and 76 in santa clara, 72 in san mateo. if san francisco, 66 downtown with the patchy fog and 53 degrees in the sunset district and in the north bay, 77 in petaluma and 89 in ukiah, 81 in napa. headed in the east bay, oakland is 72 degrees is the high for today and 76 in castro valley and inland, sunny conditions and in the 90's in antioch.
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the lows are the lower to mid-50's mostly around the bay. you will see the temperatures ranching up the next few days and very hot by saturday. we will start to see the temperatures retreat a little bit across sunday, monday, and tuesday. now the traffic. we seeing one accident right now in the east bay northbound side of 13 at carson street we did have this wreck that is not causing any slowing and the rest of the drive through oakland is moving along quite well. as we look at our mass transit, ace train, bart, muni, everything is on time. right now as we look outside the golden gate bridge, you can see the traffic is moving smoothly and not seeing the fog we were experienced yesterday, no drizzle or moisture on the pavement this, so, no slick conditions to worry about. >> happening today on capitol hill, key intelligence officials
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will appear of with the house of representatives judiciary committee to answer more questions about the surveillance video of phone records. it has been six weeks since n.s.a. leaker edward snowden exposed the scope of the government surveillance and has filed a temporary asylum request in russia while he waits at the pow airport. president obama putin did not say whether russia would grant snowden's request but made clear he is still insisting the machines must agree to do nothing to harm the united states. >> this morning, britain is a step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage in england and wails, a bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed has cleared. the house of commons approved the amendment made by the house of lords and all that is needed is the stamp from queen elizabeth later in the week. the first same-sex marriages could be held by next summer. >> the state's economy is bouncing back. coming up why that could be bad news for hundred thousand
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californians searching for a job. >> you are warned to put on insect sprays when you go catching but a new rule before
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>> california's economy is improving but that could mean more hardship ahead for people would have been out of work for months. the jobless receiving extended federal unemployment benefits may lose ten weeks worth starting next month. the cap of 73 weeks of unemployment could be cut back to 63. it happened if the june unemployment rate stays steady when the average unemployment rate stays below 9 percent for three state months the federal funding is automatically cut off. 100,000 in california would affected. >> 450 jobs are up for grabs at a hiring event in emeryville, which cosponsored by abc7 news will feature a dozen employers including big five sporting goods and national guard and new
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york life and verizon wireless taking place today between noon and 4:00 p.m. at the him -- hilton garden inn. >> meteorologist mike nicco is out and hail hail is doing weather and traffic. >> the ferry building is beautiful and clear view of the bay bridge from our roof camera. nice conditions. warmer this morning. if you have not gone outside it is feeling on the dry side. we have the early morning patchy fog and marine layer with clouds coming in off the coast but that will burn off early today and it did not yesterday. our 24 hour containing shows one degree warmer in san francisco and 16 degrees warmer in concord. the average is about five-degree change from yesterday. that is good news as we look at the rest of the state of california we are going to be expensing very high temperatures especially in southern california. a little bit more moderate
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northern california but 93 degrees is expected in sacramento. i do have a crash to get to that started off as a stall and a couple of others crashed into it. at carson, we do not have slow downs as a result and it looks like 580 is moving well if you want to use that. this crash, southbound 680 at eastbound 24, that has a couple of lanes blocked and walnut creek, the southbound commute from pleasanton hill is doing pretty well at this hour with a nine-minute drive headed away from highway 4 and this is going to be the oakland maze, macarthur maze westbound 80 is clear and accident-free. kristen and eric? >> this morning the ford motor company is offering free upgrades to to hybrid customersn 77,000 ford and fusions and
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lincoln mkz hybrids. some customs have complained the cars do not get the 47 miles per gallon promised in advertising. ford will notify owns next month. with summer people are out in the woods camping and a new warning of ticks and mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. the environmental working group's new guidelines say det self effective in repelling insects but can cause eye and neurological damage. the effective is oil of lemon. >> everyone knows we get more forgetful as we age but a study suggests older people with especially bad memory could have a higher risk of developing alzheimers. 200 people were left ised that tested normal for brain function
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s and forgetful shows they had less of a particular chemical if their brain showing preset alzheimers. >> hand woke up in emergency room after be found in the california desert and did not know who he is. he is from florida and found unconscious in february in a hotel room in palm springs and remembers nothing of his past and now is speaking only swede in. the video is from the desert newspaper that reports they located his sis toker in louisiana. he remains in the hospital until the staff can decide how to safely discharge him. >> we are following breaks news in the south bay where a police officer shoots and kills a dog.
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>> kgo, the breaking news is from the south bay after a police officer killed a pit bull trying to attack him. >> what is the latest? >> a woman was placed in the police car right here and put in handcuffs but the handcuffs were taken off and the officer walked her over to the house. here is new video of several other people sitting outside the house where this all happened and police were doing a parole search at the home near the corner of north 3rd and east


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