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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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news. >> breaking news at 6:00, an overnight shooting in san jose, a dog and a police officer caught in the middle and we are on scene. >> new video surfaces on violent protests in oakland as demonstrations continue for a fourth night and police step up the presence. >> today officially mark as year on the job for yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer and create and her own employees are weighing in on her job performance. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. we start out gray but there is a difference with the weather. leyla gulen is here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> the warming trend begins today, and as we look from our some are storm camera we are going to be waking up to gray skies and patchy fog. 50 great shot of the bay bridge with cargo ship moving down to oakland. it will be warmer today. we will see the clouds burning off earlier than we are used to
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lately. we wake up to 58 degrees inland and 60 around the bay and 54 along the coast as we start making it to noon, lunch time, the clouds will thin out and temperatures will ramp up to 90 degree by 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon and 76 around the bay and 62 along the coast. the sig-alert is still canceled if you are traveling through walnut creek loan -- along 680. we did have bumper-to-bumper traffic at 21 miles per hour for a continue speed and slow headed into livermore. over to walnut creek this crash involves three vehicles blocking two lanes for a time and coming from pleasanton hill it will be jam packed. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are now turned on. the cash-paying lanes are loading up. more traffic moving from
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emeryville to san francisco. >> following agree news in the south bay an officer shoots and kills a pit bull after it tries to attack him. matt was on the scene in san jose. >> we learned new details and we spoke with the owner of the dog. animal control left the scene after taking the dog's body from the home after an investigation into mailboxes being broken into in san jose. witnesses gave officers a description of the suspects and their vehicle and officers tracked the car to this home. the registered owner of the car was on searchable probation and they went to the house and started talking with a woman at the whom about the mail theft and a large pit bull came from the basement and stated to bite the officer. they feared foe their safety and shot the dog. thing do died at the scene. we caught up with the owner 15
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minutes ago. >> they shot my dog. >> why did they shoot your dog? >> i don't know. because they came on my property and he was protecting my house and they shot him. the officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the person on probation was taken into custody. some officers are getting if their vehicles and starting to leave the scene. the road is still closed on north third and we expect it to open up when the investigation wrapped up here. >> thank you. developing news, the oakland police department is defending the nonaggressive approach to dealing with protesters would vandalize downtown stores, with damage at telegraph avenue and 20th street. new video is surfacing of the demonstrations including this demonstration from monday. oakland police chief says they were prepared for a protest after the george zimmerman verdict but they did not thing
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it would happen over the week. he said it was difficult for officers to march into a crowd of several hundred to grab a couple of protesters. everyone was still mad at the police force for being so heavy handed occurring "occupy" their hands were tied. >> police were order not to engage protests taking a hand's off approach. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more next half hour. >> oakland business owners took no chances and locked up early after word of a another evening of protest. you can seaboards covering the shatter the windows of businesses on telegraph. on monday night a senatorrer was -- server was hit in the face try to protect the restaurant windows. the restaurant support the cause of most protesters but they will not publicly contempt vandals.
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some say they afraid to. four jurors issued a statement saying the opinions expressed by juror b37 to cnn on monday night are not representative of their views and they say the juror b37 was speaking only for herself when she said the actions by both george zimmerman and trayvon martin led to the deadly shooting and that george zimmerman did not break the law. they say they did what the law requires them to do. >> the verdict is in for a man suspected of raping a 16-year-old girl outside richmond high school's homecoming dance in 2009 but we will not find out verdict just yet. peters is being tried simultaneously with another suspect, with two separate juries beginning deliberations yesterday. the judge sealed peters' verdict until montanyo's verdict is heay
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district of process -- ros silicon valley is under arrest in the philippines after taking a housing loan he never used for housing. he quit a year ago and disappeared. the marin county district attorney used financial records to track richards to a beach resort in the southern philippines and now is in manila and will be back in a couple of weeks with $1 million bail. >> pg&e could pay the largest utility fine to state history for the gas pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in 2010. a panel is recommending pg&e pay $300 million in fines, plus $1.95 billion in safety improvements. in a statement pg&e says and i quote, "in the zeal do punish pg&e the staff of the california public utilities commission has lost sight our important shared goal of making pg&e's natural
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gas operations the safest in the country as quickly as we possibly can." the public utilities commission is still considering what the fine will be. >> officially marks a year on the job for yahoo c.e.o. supplier mire which is showing signs of improvement a year after leaving google to take over at c.e.o. at yahoo which was then in turmoil with layoffs and employees were leaving in droves but that has stopped and marissa mayer told reporters 12 percent of recent hires are former employees returning to yahoo. >> i hit my first-year anniversary and it is clear we are new deep into our second sprint. >> marissa mayer says products are what will bring the products to yahoo and the more users, the more opportunity for advertises to reach them which is how they make more money. google is scooping up land where it opened the first office 14
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years ago in palo alto, and our media pan, the san jose mercury news reports they have purchased 15 acres of land and a small plot of undeveloped land. they paid town $70 million in cash for the property. >> the board of regents for u.c. is meeting today. they could include a vote on the nominations of new student recents. janet napolitano is scheduled to be at a special session of the regents tomorrow to be confirmed as the next u.c. president. >> governor brown is still in europe continuing his two week tip to ireland and germany. we have new photographs of the vacation. his wife tweeted photos of the
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chip saying this is a school that james joyce attended in the 1880's and governor brown with his wife and cousins in ireland with a caption saying "they share great great grandparents." >> before you head out the door we find out what the weather will be like in your neighborhood. >> it will be warmer. we have a weakening main layer and weakening onshore flow and that means the ridge of high pressure we are expecting the next couple of days will come into the bay area and that will bring warmer conditions. live doppler 7 hd shows to returns in terms moisture or drizzle, and not seeing any rainfall. it was dry headed out today. from our kgo roof camera and across the water you can see it will be a gray start. the cloud layer is thinner than it was yesterday and also the patchy fog will burn off super as we look at our temperatures currently san francisco is almost 60 degrees and oakland is
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60 and san jose is 59 degrees and santa cruz along coast is 53 degrees. as we look at the golden gate bridge another gray day but temperatures will ramp up as we continue through the afternoon. good news, folks with allergies can breathe easier and we will not see any allergies kicked up with ragweed and mold is low but a high u.v. index. it will be cloudy to start but it will warm up starting tomorrow and friday and almost hot on saturday. the full seven-day forecast is coming up. now traffic where we have decent conditions if san jose, a contrast from what we had elsewhere in the bay area. 67 miles per hour along 101 as you approach the nimitz and as we look at our mass transit, muni and bart everything is on
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time and at walnut creek, southbound 680 is busy because of an early sig-alert at hour 24, two lanes are blocked but they have re-opened but it left this mess and 20 minutes headed down to 24 from highway 24. >> happening today, fed chairman bernanke will try to calm down investers and prove makes a new push for integration reform, the new approach he is taking to appeal to the what attend communities. >> and a return to tv where you can catch a controversial
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>> covering cupertino, could co, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on wednesday, a look from the camera looking at bay and the bay bridge with not much in terms of mist or drizzle leyla gulen? >> we are learning 21 children are dead in india after a food poisoning yesterday in the indian village with officials saying the children began vomiting after eating the free food. dozens of others are now hospitalized. it is believed the children ate food that was contaminated with insecticide. from russia, the government is now considering an election for temporary asylum from accused
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n.s.a. leaker edward snowden, would formally filled out the application yesterday and argues that he faces persecution by the u.s. government for exposing secret surveillance program. he remains in the transit zone of moscow's airport but reuters reports he could be allowed to leave soon. >> today is the 17th anniversary of the crash of twa flight 800 coinciding with the anniversary the release of a new documentary raising doubts about whether the crash was really an accident. the film debuts tonight and features six investigators who looked into crash claying the ntsb forked them to stay quiet about a coverup. >> today, the federal reserve chairman will testify before congress and is expected to walk a fine line trying to calm nervous investors worried the fed will stop the monthly bond respects and will remind congress that bond buying cannot
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last forever with new detail on the continue push for immigration reform and how is taking the emergency to spanish language tv. the president took part in four different white house interviews yesterday with spanish language tv station including the sit down with uni vision station. >> the whole idea of comprehensive immigration reform, we have a broken system that has been broken for a while. >> the president admitted the immigration bill the senate recently passed is unlikely to be passed in congress in the house of representatives before the august recess but he added he is hopeful for passage in the fall. >> new details on the announcement of the older daughter of former vice president cheney is running for senate in wyoming against sitting senator enzi next year in the republican primary. she has worked recently as a fox news political commentator. after learning cheney was entering the racier, senator enzi said "i thought we were
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friends." after a 16 year absence espn is expected to announce today that keith olbermann is running with reports saying he will host a new one hour nightly show that will air on espn2 a return to sports for olbermann who was then for political commentaries on msnbc and current tv. he first rose to anchor sports center in the 1990's and "new york times" reports that olbermann's new contract lets him discussion issues other than sports including pop culture and current evens but a topic espn is prohibiting him from discussing is politics. >> we can discuss weather and traffic with leyla gulen. >> it will be warmer today. stating tomorrow, it will be very hot and saturday is going to feel scorching so an average five degrees warmer away from the coast across the bay area today. as we look at our live doppler 7
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hd radar satellite, we do not see the drizzle we saw the last couple of days and we will wake up to patchy fog and low clouds. the clouds are going to be thinner. this was a compression overnight and that creates a thinner cloud layer over the morning hours which means early burn off. early patchy fog this morning, and it will turn warmer and sunny today and tomorrow, as well, and a hot weekend is ahead for us. as we hook at the satellite, a couple of areas low pressure are moving out replaced by the ridge high pressure coming in from the mid-west bringing in the warmer conditions inland and we could see temperatures reaching the 90's and well into the hundreds. stay indoors and well hydrateed. as we look at our highs today an the bay area, 75 degrees along the coast, and mostly sunny skies and 75 in palo alto and 78
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in san jose, and 88 degrees if livermore, and 90 degrees in antioch, so, hot today, and 86 degrees in concord and as we travel into the north bay, 81 in napa and 64 at half moon bay and 66 in san francisco. our lows for tonight are going to be in the lower to mid-50's and as we look at our seven-day forecast the temperatures continue to ramp up the next couple of days, hot on saturday before it starts to cool down on sunday. now in traffic it will be toasty. do we have jam to go along with the coast? we do, in walnut creek we have this stalled car southbound 880 as you make the drive through union city it does nut appear to be slowing traffic down but headed over to walnut creek we had an early sig-alert that canceled but left this damage at 18 miles per hour, with a continue speed from pleasanton hill to walnut creek so approaching 24 is not easy and 20 minutes to get you away from highway four and a look outside
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as we take a look at 87 through san jose pass the julian off-ramp to the thank we can see a few extra cars not slowing down and we do not have crabs so that is excellent news, indeed. >> thank you, the bart strike just ended but employees could hit the picket line again. at 6:30, the contingency planning underway. >> next, cover story controversy, the outrage hitting "rolling stone" as it puts the accused boston marathon bombing. i'm rob nelson. nu k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
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it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
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>> you can see the backup on southbound interstate 80 in walnut creek. this is left over from an accident that happened at 4:45 and created a sig-alert. traffic is backed up and leyla gulen will tell you ways to avoid this coming up. >> we will check with what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 with josh. >> good wednesday morning. much more on the dangerous heat wave. it is impacting tens of millions of members and it is only getting worse in some areas. we will be joined from maryland where up to 200,000 people are having their water my shut off for the next five days. obviously, it could not be a worse time to lose water. that is next right here on "good
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morning america" next. >> that is in half an hour. >> new the death of actor cory monteith with a clip showing the 31-year-old playing a drug-addicted street hustler in a soon-to-be released film called "mechanic." that is one of two films he was woring when he died over the weekend after a deadly mix of heroin and alcohol. cory monteith struggled with addiction for a decade. more on the star and the plans on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> the new issue of "rolling stone" is creating major back lack because of the person on the cover. look at the august issue with fiving boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev often reserved for rockstars and top celebrities shows a photograph the 19-year-old took of himself. "rolling stone" is drawing harsh criticism that it glorifies the
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bomber. the magazine is promising new revelations about the suspect. you can comment on our facebook. >> nominations for prime time emmys are announced tomorrow in los angeles and netflix is expected to be part of the excitement "house of cars" and "arrested development" are expected to get nominations. if that happens, it would be the first such nomination for programs not produced specifically for division. shows streaming on the intent have only been eligible since 2008 for nomination. >> watch abc live is now available the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of your local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. you never have to miss a minute of the shows you love by watching "watch abc." it is a special new benefit brought to you at no additional
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cost. you can fine out how to access by for "watch abc live stream." >> this only we know that game one of the world series will be played in the american league champion's home ballpark because they, last night, won with a one scoreless evening, and buster was the only one of the giants to appear and he struck out in his only at bat. the national league managed only three hits at the all stars beat the natural looking 3-0. >> we will continue to follow breaking news from san jose with the crime that led to a dead dog and an injured officer in the south bay.
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>> this is a look at san francisco's financial district, we are waking up to a gray morning making ways for warmer temperatures with a were wailing -- warming conditions on way with the seven-day forecast and traffic and
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plume nance, nine nancy, law
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. >> abc7 news has break news. >> the breaking news comes from the united kingdom where the queen has approved same-sex marriage measure that passed the house of commons after being amended in the house of lords and this is just in that same-sex marriages could begin in britain next summer. >> her signature is a matter of formality and gay marriage is legal in england and wa almost es and here we have london-looking weather. >> where is my trench coat? >> not is not the london bridge but it is the bay bridge. live doppler 7 hd shows no returns no drizzle, and no rain in the area. we are looking at a weakening marine layer and onshore flow which means the cooler temperatures will say goodbye the next few days.
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from our roof camera we have gray skies to start and san francisco is 58 and oakland is 60 degrees along cost at half moon bay, 57, and 53 in santa cruz. we are going to be seeing warmer conditions later on today so to get you out the door look at our day planner, starting off with patchy fog and cloud layer, and 56 inland and 60 around the bay and 54 along coast and by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, inland we will see 90-degree temperatures, and 76 around the bay and 62 along the coast. clouds and fog come back in and it will be warmer starting foam. now, traffic has been busy. as we head over to walnut creek this is our busiest areas, and that is because of an early sig-alert that has canceled but the damage has been done. 19 miles per hour is going to be the top speed from pleasanton hill toward walnut creek so, again, this accident occurred right near highway 24 and that
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caused quite the jam up. we could see patches slowing through antioch and at bay point into concord, we look at our drive time traffic, 101 southbound across the golden gate bridge it will take you 13 minutes of getting busy away from sausalito, and the bay bridge is nine minutes beyond the tolls and the san mateo bridge is 13 minutes. with heavy traffic headed away from emeryville into san francisco. >> 6:32. we are continuing to following breaks news from 4:30, a kgo is dead and an for is injured after an investigation into mail theft. our reporter is on the scene in san jose with more. matt? >> north 3rd street just opened up with officers clearing the seen arrest a confrontation
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at that home led to a pit bull biting an for and an officer shooting killing dog. police say it started as an investigation into mail boxes being broken into 3 1/2 miles away and descriptions led officers to the home in the 500 block of north 3rd street. police conducted a probation search and they started talking with the woman at the home a large pit bull started to bite an officer. officers feared for their safety and shot thing do. the dog died at the scene. we caught up with the owner 45 minutes ago. >> what they did was, what do you think? >> it is wrong. there was a posted sign that said bewaring do. >> would your dog bite an officer? >> if if he came on the property he would bite that is why he was at the home. >> the officer was taken to the hospital. the man on probation was taken into custody with no word on any
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other arrests. >> matt, thank you. oakland is calm and free of damage after the first peaceful night there sin the george zimmerman aquittal in florida. police have step up their presence in a big way after a flood criticism. amy hollyfield is in oakland. >> police now saying they need help prosecuting the temperature would broke the windows here in oakland and spray painted graffiti on the buildings. they need video. we have some to show you which is stating to surface. this lip is on youtube of protesters turning violent. police are asking for people to turn over video like this. they need help. they need it for the cases again the people they arrested. they made about a dozen arrests since the protests started on saturday. the chief is saying why it is tougher than you think to make arrests in these situations.
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>> it is very difficult to match into a crowd of several hundred and grab a couple people breaking windows. >> last night we did not see the violence we saw the previous three nights and it wasp more quiet with a small group and some of the people were yelling at police. the bolts throwing we -- the bolts throwing we have seen and pray painting did not look like that last night. police did write a couple citations but it was to people who stepped off a cushion -- a cub -- curb that was on a red light. >> it remains peaceful in san francisco where hundreds held another protest in honor of trayvon martin. at city hall they demanded justice, change, and an end to a racist american society.
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the organization says many african-americans feel cheated and abandoned. >> the verdict of george zimmerman occurred on the second anniversary of a controversial shooting in san francisco after muni service was shut down yesterday part of a rally to remember kenneth harding a 19-year-old killed two years ago during a shootout with police. he was a fare upper and he was faced from muni and he was shot in the leg and that caused him to shoot himself in the head a conclusion that relatives do not accept. bart workers warn if they strike again next month they will be prepared to stay out for a long-term if the two sides fail to reach a new contract by august 4. bart will look for ways to keep the train running. bart has only ten qualified operators not members of the union. replacement could not be trained
6:37 am
until this is a walkout and the training takes month. the union says bart is calling retired operators to see if they can step in if there is another strike. >> a new tribute for the third young victim of the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. >> kaepernick sparked controversy after getting caught with another team's hat and a teammate speaking out against the quaterback. >> here is a look at downtown san francis
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>> welcome back at 6:39 wake up up to gray skies. we will have areas of sunshine. tomorrow, we will see clouds moving out today bringing in warmer temperatures because of a ridge high pressure coming in from the midwest and that will bring in 90's and 100's and the golden gate bridge shows gray skies but not the moisture we saw yesterday, certainly, and you can breeze easy because it looks like trees and ragweed and grass is slow but we have a high u.v. index so pack the sun block. as we look at what is happening the next three days, we have mild to warm conditions by saturday, though, it is going to be down right heart. traffic is heating up and we
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have heavy conditions especially everthe altamont pass and as you make your drive along southbound 680 at sunol boulevard we have this stalled car and it does not appear to be slow things down and from live more into pleasanton that is where we will see the delays. drive tame traffic 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is ten minutes. 101, 80 to san jose airport northbound side is 14 minutes and outside, walnut creek, southbound 680 is busy because of an early sig-alert that is canceled and all lanes re-opened and the backup is here to stay for the morning drive. >> thank you, 49ers linebacker s bow man says cap knick made a huge mistake with a pit of him weighing a miami cap
6:42 am
at a fourth of july say he will wear where he wants. bowman was on the nfl network saying the generation likes to match their hats with outfits but advises the teammate to stay away from other nfl teams can to stick with college or baseball hats. >> a new list is out this only of the richest athletes and you may think you know who is on top but wait until you hard by how much. >> trading is underway on wall street and is up 34 points. >> but, first, the bay area vigil to remember a young victim of t
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> later this morning, a vigil will be held in san francisco for one of three victims of the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. the buddhist group is holding the vigil for the 15-year-old scheduled to be at 11:30 at the san francisco branch of the foundation. her parents are expected to attend. the teen died on friday at san francisco general a week after being rescued from her seat on
6:46 am
the boeing 777 which killed two classmates. a vigil was held for them by the same group on saturday in burlingame. two survivors file the first lawsuit against the airline, a bay area woman and her 8-year-old son are seeking $5 million in damages alleging the flight crew committed errors and were improperly trained. the attorney says they were sitting to the front of the plane when it crashed and suffered injuries. 83 other passengers have begun the process to sue boeing claiming the crash could have been caused by a mechanical malfunction. >> an of the to stop a pest that could -- state california's fruit industry is underway today in the south bay, following the discovery three fruit flies near downtown san jose this month, and the female fly lays the eggs in fruit grown on trees and today the officials will attract and kill the male fly with traps set you long a 19-square mile area at east san jose and officials thing the fly was brought to the bay area by someone carrying infected fruit.
6:47 am
>> a new warning about ticks and mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. the environmental working group's new guidelines say that deet can cause seizures and neurological damage so use it cautiously. >> 450 jobs are up for grabs at a hiring event in emeryville which is cosponsored by abc7 news featuring a dozen employers including the national guard and new york life and verizon wireless in emeryville. >> what goes up must come down and it looks like tesla stock is in a high speed crash. >> investors are watching fed policy this morning with jane king at the stocks with the latest. >> wall street is listening and bernero is faking center stage and the stimulus measures could
6:48 am
change on a dime. he said the stimulus could be reduced confirmly or expanded as the conditions are what rant and home construction drop from june, an exam of the type of economic conditions the fed is watching. bank of america is gearing to close 100 more bank branches after closing 150 the past year but they have a jump in earnings as profits were boosted. world markets are higher and we had a down day year the first if nine but we making up some of that today. the silicon valley index is trading up, as well. and tesla shares are watching after falling 1 percent yesterday. here is why, analysts came out and said the stock was worth much less than the current value. >> thank you, but you wonder who
6:49 am
is the richest athlete in the world? it is in surprise, tiger woods but listen to this, his fortune is more than the other top ten golfers come come-- combineed and $190 million for the closest golfer for mickelson. singh was third if -- if -- in line. >> how does that compare to other professional sports player? >> far behind. >> as astronomical as the weather. >> really? >> not that far but what goes up what must come. what goes down must come back up and we will see warmer
6:50 am
temperatures for the weekend. starting today, that is great. live doppler 7 hd shows not too much moisture out there and we do make up to clouds, lower clouds and patchy fog and here is the mount tamalpais camera with sun shining on the hilltops and the low cloud layer, the good news is it is thinner compressed overnight so it will be an early burn off. owe pacific satellite shows a couple of areas of low pressure will be moving out and it will be replaced by this ridge of high pressure coming in from the midwest. that will bring in warmer conditions. for the inland folks, make sure you stay well hydrated and bring the pets indoors. you could be seeing temperatures reaching 100 or higher than that. it will be a very warm day. as we look atize around bay area today, 78 in san jose, 74 in milpitas and 75 in sunnyvale and along coast, cooler, half moon
6:51 am
bay at 64, and 75 in palo alto, and 66 in downtown san francisco and 63 in the sunset district. in marin county in the north bay, 77 degrees in petaluma and 78 in santa rosa and 89 in ukiah with sunny skies in the east bay and 72 degrees in oakland. inland, 76 in castro valley. 88 in pittsburg and 90 degrees in antioch and 91 in brentwood so sunshine and hot conditions. the lows are in the lower to mid-50's with the cloud layer back overnight and here is the seven-day forecast, so, warmer conditions starting today and will ramp up tomorrow and friday and on saturday that is when we will be at our hottest 98 expected inland and 84 at the bay and 62 along the coast before it cools off. now how is the traffic are we have a couple of accidents to
6:52 am
clear up and we have residual backup with normal delays over the apartment pass from tracy into livermore you can see 23 miles per hour and 32 miles per hour as you continue to metten ton and 84 miles per hour away from 580, and southbound 680 at 24 we had an early sig-alert and this is what is left, bumper-to-bumper traffic from pleasanton hill away from highway 4 and it is 20 to 25-minute drive if you need to make it into walnut creek and caltrain is on time along with muni and bart. here is the golden gate bridge, you can see clouds but not cloudy conditions along our roadways and we stay at top speeds with no accidents to report from sausalito. >> seven things to know before you
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6:54 am
>> good morning on this friday, a look at the oakland maze where risk is moving fine and we do have low clouds with a final check of leyla gulen coming up. >> as we hand things off here are seven things to know before you go. a san jose police officer shoots and killed a pit bull after it attacks him on north 3rd street. police conduct add probation search and investigating mail thefts in the area. the officer was taken to the hospital with minor wounds to his leg and a plan was taken into custody. >> two, oakland's police chief is defending the nonaggressive approach to dealing with protesters upset over the george zimmerman verdict at another night of protests proof less -- prove less violent than previous nights. >> vigil is held at 11:30 in san francisco for one of the three victims killed in the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. the buddhist group is holding the vigil in the sunset district after holding a vigil for the
6:55 am
other two teens on saturday. bart workers warn if they fail to get a new contract by august 4 they go on strike again and stay out for a long-term. the san francisco chronicle reports that the unions say bart is calling retired operators to see if they can step in. >> the new issue of rolling stone featuring surviving boston marathon bombing suspect is generateing controversy glorify the alleged bomber and "rolling stone" is promising new revelations about the suspect. >> six, we are going to see a warning trend today and for the next 12 hours. we start off with gray skies and patchy fog that bumps off by lunch time and 4:00 p.m. we will see 90 degrees inland and 76 around the bay and 62 along the coast and cooler overnight with clouds and fog to return. >> seven, a look at the toll plaza packed conditions out of oakland and into san francisco and 15 meant wait, and if you
6:56 am
are paying by cash and as we head over to the maps i want to look at our drive time where we have slow commutes on 680 headed away from four to walnut creek that is 12 minutes and on highway 24 into the tunnel to thin, that is nine minutes and 580 from tracy into dublin is 4 42-minute commute. >> thank you for the double duty this morning, leyla gulen. we continue now online and twitter and facebook.
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. good morning, america. breaking at this hour, water emergency. nearly 250,000 people bracing for no water for 5 days in the middle of this dangerous heat wave. scrambling to fill any container they can. the most intense heat still yet to come for the entire eastern half of the u.s. breaking overnight. wall of fire. thousands of firefighters on the ground in california, struggling to battle back the flames blazing through the mountains. homes burned. so many evacuated. and just 10% contained at this hour. double life? breaking, new details on cory monteith and the toxic overdose that took his life. was the hollywood star from canada sucked back into the life he left behind when he went back over the border? and caught on tape. the jaw-dropping video of this shark wrangler on a nantucket beach.


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