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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 18, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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sweater ♪ ♪ it's too cold for you here and now let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater it's too cold it's too cold the holes my sweater ♪ of >> jimmy: i want to thank i want to thank dwyane wade, and tony goldwyn. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time.
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"nightline" is next. tonight on "nightline," this tiny congregation may be just the most hated religious group in american. >> you're all going to burn in hell. >> so what would motivate this man to uproot his life and family and join them. >> and the children of westboro baptist church, do they really believe this stuff? and what happens when they want out. tonight, one reporter's attempt to understand the so-called warriors of the bible. why are they so mean? >> this special edition of "nightline," preaching hate will
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this is a special edition of "nightline." preaching hate. >> and good evening, we've all probably heard a thing or two of that church whose members preached anti-gay vile, tonight, you will see the church from the inside. abc's nick watts decided to spend time with the church, to learn why they twisted it into something so hateful. >> reporter: every day somewhere in america, this little band is picketing somewhere in america, spreading god's true word and telling the rest of us who god hates. >> god still hates fags. >> it is one man, one woman per
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lifetime. >> reporter: they stir anger pretty much everywhere they go. >> huh? >> this is normal -- i'm used to it. you use that expression, and you're like oh, my god, they're so pissed off, they have been told this their whole life and they can't see it. >> reporter: welcome to a weird slice of this great little pocket, as a recent immigrant, i'm struggling to understand. the tiny congregation believes they may be the only people safe when judgment day is coming. and it is coming very, very soon. they say gay marriage is the harbinger of the downfall of the rest of us. their pastor, who critics say, has been preaching hate since
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1965. this week we're in kansas, to spend time with the westboro baptist church, why give them publicity? you ask, they picket soldiers and funerals. but i would like to understand why homosexuals? why is that their beef? so i decided to spend the week with these people getting behind the signs. so i'm at the university of kansas, that is steve drain, who used to be a documentary filmmaker, and a big-time party guy, who came to make a film about the church and somehow stayed, bringing his entire family. how is it going so far? >> tense. >> reporter: is it tense so far? could this happen to me? i have a gay sister who i love. so are your kids here, too? >> yeah, two of them. the boy with the fag wedding
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cake, and faith is there, and my wife, lucy there, with adultery equals marriage signs. >> reporter: are you leaving? why are you leaving? >> why do you fill your children -- >> i just want to know what is going on. >> i'm sure your parents must be very proud. >> they are, i love you guys. my parents hate me, i love you. >> reporter: welcome to westboro baptist church, that is what they do every day. those people were treating it like a joke, like friday night on campus, let's mock the westboro baptist church people. hi, how is it going? we followed steve to the edge of the topeka block where pretty much all 43 members of the
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congregation live. i didn't know the wolf was still out here. >> well, i'm not trying to be a righteous kind of guy, just so it is relatively clean. >> reporter: it was time for bible. you guys like to be comfortable when you read the bible? >> or any other time, why not be comfortable? >> the show is great. shall we pray? >> great god, maker of all th g things, and give praise, we're ashamed of our sin and ask that you not look upon it. >> reporter: you guys say it in quite a mean way. then steve tried to explain why they use that word, why it is his divine duty to tell people that are gay that they're
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sinners. >> reporter: where does it use the word "fag" in the bible? >> in the bible it says thou shall not lie with men, only with women. >> by your standard on me -- >> reporter: the standard of most people. >> and there was a time when everybody in the world thought that it was flat. so you think that we're wrong -- >> i think that every one of you is wrong not only in describing what is mean, but also in describing what is moral. every one of you, every stinking one of you is wrong about morality, because you pull that from your black hearts. i use the bible. >> not only lacking in integrity, but disrespectful. >> reporter: saturday morning things took a turn for the even worse. >> you have to understand where i'm coming from. >> reporter: i asked steve, if
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he missed his oldest daughter, lauren, who was thrown out of the church for talking to a boy. he receivsaid he didn't, and i believe him. >> when you are invited into my home, i'm being an open book here, but when you answer the question in that way, i think you're being a little bit disrespectful. hi guys. >> reporter: if i'm giving you that courtesy, i would like to ask you to give me that courtesy. we made up and steve took us to meet the pastor are granddaughter and her husband, matt. he is one of the few outside the clan that joined the church. they picketed on british tv and
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felt moved to come over. >> reporter: what does your family back home think? >> brainwashing. >> if you don't preach to the homosexuals and say hey, you have to obey god, then you are on the same par. >> reporter: unlike matt, jaral was born into the church and grew up with these believes. so you think the government of the country should put me to death for enabling homosexual by thinking it is okay? >> yes. >> we have a whole bunch of signs. >> reporter: next, i went with steve to check out the workshop where they make all of those signs. >> here is one that gets a lot of people riled up. >> reporter: there are specialty signs for the shootings, steve claims that the sandy hook elementary school brought the shooting on itself. >> we're going to be the first to legalize fag marriage, you
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think god was on vacation? all we're telling you is that was an adembration. >> reporter: and as he said, i don't condemn it. i'm an enabler. >> you are a big-time fag enabler. sorry, you are. and that is because -- you have a considerable platform. >> reporter: would you picket my funeral? >> of course i would, why wouldn't i? >> reporter: steve claims the signs are spelling out god's hate. it sounds like steve, not just god, doesn't like lady gaga. >> this filthy god-hating heiffer is lifting her middle finger to god. >> reporter: abby is in charge of putting them in order. she challenges me to name a group of people and she would find a sign explaining what is wrong with them. >> courts.
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>> fag courts. >> reporter: dairy farmers. >> you know what they should be doing on those dairy farms across this world? they got big ass barns they should put messages of truth. >> reporter: so they are doing something wrong? >> they are doing something wron wrong. >> reporter: are you really wearing a "glee" t-shirt? >> yeah, this is a t-shirt. >> reporter: but i mean, glee is quite a gay show -- >> exactly, if you were going to say, don't watch the tv, or listen to music. >> reporter: is there anything you want to do that the grown-ups won't let you do? >> no, because this is how we were born. we know no other way. >> reporter: i wondered how steve's daughter, faith, and her little friends felt. and your name? >> chris. >> reporter: and yours. >> ken. >> reporter: what is the name of
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truth to you? >> that god is coming. >> reporter: they go on pickets, by the way, every day during school vacations. what about that god doesn't like gay people? >> he said one man and one woman for life. >> reporter: and you believe that? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: okay. at rainbow house, right across the street, when we come back, what happened when steve met his neighbors who may or may not be gay? and they say they're against pre marital sex, but i had a question for the pastor's daughter. is it true you had a child out of wedlock.
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when it comes to gay marriage, the polls are shifting, the laws are changing. but one thing that remains very much the same, the venom and vitriol pouring out of the westboro baptist church. we return now to nick, to find out why. >> reporter: it is saturday afternoon, i am half way throug tiny church in kansas that preaches the message of hate. and i'm still trying to understand their message of anti-gay hate. >> the sodomite rainbow. >> reporter: maybe god sent them because that was the right message? >> the only reason that wouldn't be the case, that is what his holy word says. without sounding arrogant about it, there is a certain advantage of being right. >> reporter: you guys know
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steve? >> familiar. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: steve's body language suggested he didn't want to preach to his neighbors of their sin, which he repeatedly told us was his duty to do. he seemed more interested in other items. time now for the bible reading. she is now the public face of the church as her father has gotten older and more suspicious of the degenerate snoopers, like me. >> and it goes back to the commandment, thou shall not commit adultery. >> reporter: is it true you had a child out of wedlock? >> it could be. >> there are moral laws that still remain and will never go away? >> reporter: by the way, remember jaiel? she was also born out of wed
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lock? >> how do i deal with it? whether or not i repent, whether or not i did that it doesn't change the standards of god. >> reporter: god brought repentance for that sin? >> yes. >> reporter: and because you did that, you feel you can hold the rest of humanity up to that standard? >> no, no, we're not holding anybody to anything, my dear. we're telling you this is not our judgment, this is god's judgment. >> reporter: shirley walked us over to the media center to meet steve. shirley, like steve, decided this is not their life for them. >> reporter: how many kids are left? >> three. >> reporter: and how do you deal with that? >> good-bye. >> reporter: today's topic, not surprising, on gay marriage? >> the devil is energized,
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hell-bent on making them drink the rainbow colored kool aid of diversity and tolerance. >> reporter: it is 7:30, sunday morning, and for these guys, the day with the lord begins with their own churches picketing outside other churches they don't like. the first stop is early catholic mass. >> you don't like it sue me ♪ nothing is going to move me ♪ >> reporter: i never learned that signs were totally scriptural. but i never learned that in school. >> it is not verbatim. >> reporter: next stop? the methodists. how do you define love? >> god defines love. >> reporter: right, so you don't get to define love either. >> right, i'm telling you how
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god defines love. >> reporter: i just don't think that is nice. we went to say good-bye to steve who was protesting outside a nearby catholic church. i had just one last question. you guys are not against homosexuality because maybe you have had homosexual thoughts yourself? >> no, i'm against it because god says thou shall not lie with mankind, but only womankind, those 12 little words there, nick, what part of that don't people understand? >> reporter: i'm just telling you, i just don't believe that. >> i have to tell you, it will be sad for you on that day, i like you though. i love you, as a matter of fact. i love you enough to tell you the truth, nick. >> reporter: and the truth to steve is that god says homosexuality is plain wrong. for him, the slew of countries and states now approving gay marriage, a sign, a sign that
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the end of our world is nigh. i'm nick watt, for "nightline," in topeka, kansas. >> an extraordinary look, and he spends more time with the westboro baptist church, on nearly. and coming up, why abc's robin roberts received a rare and prestigious honor tonight. ♪ don't you wanna, wanna ♪ don't you ♪ don't you want to see me flaunt what i got? ♪ oh. ♪ don't you ♪ don't you wanna, wanna ♪ don't you ♪ don't you wanna, wanna stress sweat is different than heat and activity sweat -- it smells worse. secret clinical strength gives you four times the protection against stress sweat. live fearlessly with secret clinical strength.
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tonight on feed frenzy, the queen of england weighing in on the timing of the royal baby. and the mayor of a city, railing against "rolling stone"
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magazine. cover, controversy in boston tonight, there is outrage over this cover of "rolling stone," featuring the bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, and the mayor. cbs and walgreens are both refusing to sell the magazine. royal baby watch, even the queen is getting impatient, as the world waits for the special delivery. and the queen said that either gender would be fine with her, but she did have a opinion on the due date. and robin's courage, an extraordinary night for our friend and colleague, robin roberts, who received an arthur ashe courage award.


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