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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 19, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning. rise and fall of a city once known for its automotive innovation. it's now bankrupt. what's next for detroit. and a key witness found dead. a man who wanted to testify against a former mob boss is now dead. and court watchers are wondering why. with a sniper's laser on his head. why the police photographer who released the images could be in trouble. and this river rescue. a man who jumped into raging waters to save a person. and all of it is caught on camera. good friday morning to you.
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detroit was once the nation's fourth-most populous city. today, it's the largest ever to file for bankruptcy. >> the motor city is billions of dollars in debt. its neighborhoods are hollowed out by a slow decline of population. to man bradley live in washington with details. >> reporter: nearly 100 years ago, people flocked to detroit, after henry ford announced the $5 day. motown grew into one of the greatest cities. after population loss, and mismanagement, detroit is admitting it's broke. the automobile capital of the world, and once america's iconic intril town is filing for bankruptcy. $18 billion in debt. detroit's the biggest u.s. city ever to do so. overnight, residents reacted to the news. >> detroit can't even have their own business. that's sad. >> enough time to straighten it out. so, i guess, if you can't handle
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it themselves, someone else will. >> reporter: the governor of michigan authorized the bankruptcy. >> detroit's broke. >> reporter: detroit mayor dave bing preferred the city work on its problems outside of bankruptcy court. >> now that we're here, we have to make the best of it. >> reporter: detroit was once the nation's fourth-largest city. home to 1.8 million in 1950. those were motown's glory years. today, nearly 700,000 people live in detroit. the land area is far too big for its population. 78,000 abandoned buildings. crime is rampant. residents wait for 58 minutes for police to respond to their calls. detroit's homicide rate at its highest level in 40 years, with many calling it murder city. city services will remain open. bills will be paid. >> nothing changes from the standpoint of the ordinary citizen's perspective. >> reporter: but detroit faces an uncertain future.
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as the city goes through bankruptcy, there's worries that workers could be laid off and assets sold. the white house says president obama and his team are closely monitoring the situation. john and diana? >> abc's tahman bradley in washington for us this morning. thank you. now, to the deadly heat wave blasting a huge stretch of the country for the sixth day in a row. >> today is expected to be the hottest and most humid in this very long week. 140 million people in 23 states will be coping with the heat that's already killed 2 people. the nation's power grid is stretched to the limit. roads and railways are also suffering delays. accuweather meteorologist, andrew baglini, joins us with the outlook. good morning, andrew. >> thank you and good morning, john and diana. it was hot yesterday. really felt that heading outside. and unfortunately, i think today's going to be the worst we've seen all week. temperatures well into the 90s. heat advisories in effect across the region. 98 degrees in new york city. you factor in the humidity. that's been the worse thing all
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week. once again today, feeling like it's well in the triple-digits. especially along the i-95 corridor, including washington, d.c., philadelphia and new york. now, relief is on the way heading into the weekend on saturday. a cold front will finally push through. unfortunately, it's going to bring up some strong to severe thunderstorms. philadelphia, to new york, up the i-95 corridor into maine. later in the afternoon, we're looking for damaging winds, heavy rain. that could ruin some weekend plans. john and diana, back to you. >> all right, andrew. thank you. blistering triple-digit temperatures and bone-dry conditions making a tough battle even tougher for fire crews in southern california. the fire there near los angeles exploding in size. scorching a 35-square-mile acreage. it's only 15% contained. firefighters say the slightest spark can torch acres in a matter of minutes. >> we're experiencing very high fire danger. the fire behavior we're seeing is what we would typically be seeing in august and september. >> already destroyed dozens of buildings, including some homes. thousands of residents and
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tourists have fled the area. and thousands more may be ordered to evacuate. a man who said he hoped to testify against accused crime boss whitey bulger has been found dead. bulger's trial is under way in boston. he claims that bulger took over his liquor store to use as a front for illegal activities. on tuesday, he was scratched from the witness list. on wednesday, he was found dead along a suburban street. investigators say there were no signs of trauma. some of the toughest restrictions on abortions are now the law of the land in texas. after months of fiery debate, governor rick perry signed the bill yesterday, sparking celebrations and protests. the law bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. it also requires the procedures to be done in surgical centers. only 5 of the 42 abortion clinics meet the new standards. >> it is our responsibility and duty to give voice to the unborn. >> doing everything they can to destroy any kind of rights that women have for bodily autonomy. >> women's rights advocates
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promise a legal challenge. the law goes into effect in september. the edward snowden intelligence leaks have triggered strict, new rules at the national security agency. defense officials now say employees like snowden will have to work with a colleague when accessing sensitive information, like phone records or internet traffic. the two-man rule will be implemented everywhere analysts could read top-secret material. hillary clinton may be considered a shoo-in. but vice president joe biden is not ruling out a third shot at the white house in 2016. biden tells "gq" magazine, i can die a happy man never having been president of the united states of america. but it doesn't mean i won't run. biden now 70 years old was also quoted as saying, we'll see where the hell i am. some intriguing speculation about the impending royal birth. a report out of london claims today, yes, today, is the real due date for kate and william's baby. the palace said it was mid-july.
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according to another report, kate's mother says the baby will be a leo, which means the birth wouldn't be expected until july 24th. we're talking about a pregnant lady. she's going to give birth when she gives birth. >> yeah. everybody's chomping at the bit. >> oh, yes. the family that tweets together stays together. what social media says about your relationships at home. and brand-new pictures of the suspected boston bomber moments before he was captured. they've been released. who released them and why? a heart-stopping moment caught on camera. how a motorcyclist was able to walk away from this.
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and welcome back. if you're an investor in stocks, today might be a good day to check your accounts. with their gains yesterday, the dow and s&p 500 hit all-time record highs. the nasdaq is at the highest level its ever been in 13 years. traders were spurred by solid corporate earnings reports and some reassuring comments from fed chairman ben bernanke. the faa says it will review new recommendations stemming from the problems of boeing's 787 dreamliner. last week, an ethiopian air dreamliner caught fire while parked on london's heathrow airport. now, the emergency beacons should be disconnected from their batteries. they found problems with that system during their investigation. boeing is supporting the recommendation. here in new york, a woman will be in court to face charges she allegedly stole $33 million worth of fake art. the indictment also says she made up stories about where the works came from and hid her profits overseas. her attorney says she's innocent.
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if convicted, rosales could face nearly 60 years in prison. there's a new study out that indicates that teens who are facebook friends with their parents actually feel closer in real life. it also says that teens who are linked with their folks through social media are more likely to be kind and helpful, less likely to be aggressive or depressed. getting devin a facebook page now. and he's going to be my friend. >> kids don't want to be friends with their parents. but that's the rule. >> right. you may remember that $590 million powerball jackpot back in may. who can forget it? the new winner has a new house now. >> 84-year-old retiree gloria mackenzie took a lump sum payment. now, she bought a five-bedroom home in a gated golf course community in jacksonville. the price tag for the 6,300-square-foot home, nearly $1.2 million. >> what's she going to do with the other $270 million-plus? >> buy some nice furniture, for
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sure. >> oh, to be related to her. >> or the be her, even better. when we come back, no fear in the face of an emergency. not this guy. the story behind a wild river rescue, caught on camera. and talk about hazard on a golf course. what could be the most expensive golf shot ever. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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as temperatures hit triple-digits in the southwest, more than 150 passengers were stuck on a very hot plane in arizona for 2 1/2 hours. a maintenance problem left the delays without air conditioning. even though the plane was still at the gate, passengers were forced to stay in their seats and sweat it out until the flight was able to take off for oakland, california. if you're traveling by car or bus, storms could make from wet records to florida, to north carolina. on the southwest, up to the mountain states. >> if you're flying, airport
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delays are possible in chicago, denver, detroit and phoenix. and new this morning, an internal investigation now surrounds the leaked images of boston bombing suspects. the pictures show dzhokhar tsaranev as police were arresting him, following a manhunt. >> the massachusetts police photographer has been relieved of duties for one day. some reports say disciplinary actions will go more than that. we have the latest from boston. >> reporter: the gripping photos show the moment that bombing suspect dzhokhar tsaranev is captured. the 19-year-old is seen floody and defeated. it's a far cry from the rock star image shown on the cover of "rolling stone." but for some, no better. >> i think they should focus on the brave people and the people who lost their lives. >> reporter: behind-the-scene images taken by state police tactical photographer, sergeant
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sean murphy, who was there during the manhunt. sergeant murphy explains. this guy is evil. this is the real boston bomber, not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of "rolling stone." near the site of the bombings, we found supporters. >> i think that's the real face of terror. >> reporter: the "rolling stone" cover has stirred a firestorm of controversy. nearly a dozen chain stores are boycotting the issue. the photos will be featured in "boston" magazine. >> that's inappropriate. >> reporter: others find bizarre irony in the rules of crime coverage. >> that's crazy. you can't even see whitey bulger's open court on live tv. but you can see a bomber on "boston" magazine. that's totally insane. >> reporter: abc news, boston. florida governor rick scott met last night with protesters who are angry over the george zimmerman verdict. he's not giving them what they want. the group has been staging a
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demonstration in scott's office for two days. they are demanding he call a special session to review the stand your ground law. he believes the laws should remain unchanged. but he called for a day of unity this sunday. zimmerman won't be getting his gun back anytime soon. the justice department has placed a hold on all evidence in the case, including the gun used to shoot trayvon martin. the department is investigating whether zimmerman violated martin's civil rights. we're looking at a philadelphia building the moment it collapsed last month, killing six people. the city released surveillance video recorded eed by an approg bus. stunned pedestrians scramble for cover, as a cloud of dust and debris comes from the scene. also caught on camera, a death-defying crash in florida. the biker wearing a helmet cam goes nearly 70 miles per hour. and he slams right into the back of a camaro. here it is, coming up.
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as the motorcycle fell to the pavement, the biker fell on the car. amazingly, he was able to walk away without a scratch or a broken bone. >> remarkable. the cameras were rolling when a white water river guy made a daring rescue. the raft had plunged over the falls when one of the paejs was thrown into the water. he was knocked unconscious. and started floating away. an experienced guide in a companion raft jumped into the water and immediately pulled him into safety. >> this stuff, it looks like it's happening fast for other people. but it's slow-motion for us. >> people pay for the rafting trips. one of the cameras caught those amazing pictures. turning to sports. the british open is under away across the pond. >> here's our friends at espn with an update. >> good morning, america.
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welcome to "sportscenter" from los angeles. alongside stan verrett, i'm robert flores. round one of the british open. >> zach johnson, for eagle on 5. the big feather. johnson finished with a 5 under 66. he's got the lead. how about tiger woods? still searching for that elusive 15th major. on the range before he started his round in the afternoon. he had conditions a little more tough. his opening tee shot. 3 wood, way left. oh. into the waist-high grass. takes a drop for an unplayable lie. fourth shot on 1, now in a bunker. and that will roll within two feet of the cup. he will tap-in for bogey. could have been worse. woods with a 69, 2 under on the day, three shots off the lead. alex rodriguez, continuing his rehab from hip surgery. homers on thursday. a two-run blast in the third with the trenton rail riders. he'll be back with the big league club on monday.
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and the yankees also hoping to get back the captain, derek jeter, as well, from are injury. >> yeah. they could get healthy and maybe make a run in the second half. >> they've been battling a lot of injuries all season. that's all from here. back to you. all right, guys. our friends at espn are out a pricey camera after this shot at the british open. it is our "play of the day." denmark's thomas bjorn, getting out of thick rough on the tournament. he scored a direct hit on an $80,000 camera. check that out. >> if that weren't enough, the ball ricochetted and landed in a worst spot. bjorn ended up double-bogeying the hole. he was more hurt than the camera. up next, "the pulse." if you've ever been to casino, you probably felt like this. the gambler that took matters into his own hands. and thrill seekers, what's being called the world's scariest swing. details, coming up. my asthma's under control.
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it's time to check "the pulse," stories you'll be talking about today. another tidal wave of nasty comments flooding social media after the performance of one of our most patriotic songs. >> grammy singer marc anthony belted out "god bless america" this week. his rendition prompted racist comments. someone asked why an american wasn't singing the song, instead. >> anthony was quick to point out, he is an american. born and raised in new york. >> eye roll. if you have a weak stomach or fear of heights, you may want to look away. >> a thrill ride called the giant grand canyon swing. it's nowhere near the popular
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tourist site, it dangles off the edge of a cliff and goes out the speed of 50 miles per hour, with the colorado river 1,300 feet below. >> and it's scary. the swing's designer has only tried it once. operators say they can't keep the thrill-seekers away. a group of one-armed bandits did not stop an ax-wielding man. a man started smashing them, all seven. >> i get it now. apparently, he was a regular there and had lost more than $6,500 in the past two weeks. he was later arrested. >> that's no fun. i'm telling you. >> i don't blame him. every once in a while, i want to take out my ax and whack those things when they steal my pennies. >> i won like $200 in new orleans once. nickel slots. for some, your local news is next. >> everyone else, we're coming right back with a tech-savvy family who busted a burglar.itn.
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news comes from alameda where two men trying to hold up a convenience store were confronted by an off-duty sheriff deputies at the bonfare market on high street. what happened, amy? they are sending hospitals right now looking for one of the suspects who they believe the sheriff deputy shot but did not kill. he was injured. they will see if he seeks mold treatment. the officer did kill the other suspect. >> our apologies for our technical problem.
4:29 am
we will get more on what happened when the two suspects were confronted. authorities are investigating a police chase that ended in a fatal shooting not far from nuttree road after police tried to bull a driver over at 7:00 p.m. in the evening and the man in his 20's tried to run over an officer and jumped from the car with a weapon and charged. the officer shot the suspect. >> now the forecast on this friday. mike, what did you have? >> a dry live doppler 7 hd. from the exploritorium camera, you can see there are low clouds in the bay. like yesterday, we will have a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. warmest inland from the mid-80's in the north and south bay to upper 90's in the east bay valley. around the bay we will have 73 to 83. the coast into san francisco, you can see the clouds hang out and it will be around the low-to-mid 60's with 68 and
4:30 am
sunshine headed to downtown san francisco. that is the forecast. now the commute. >> we do have the overnight shooting in alameda causing problems traffic-wise on high street with more details in a little bit the we have construction projects around the bay area starting with san jose southbound 880, to 280 we will have several lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. the san jose camera at 280 away from 17 it is an empty freeway. one lonely person on the northbound side. southbound is empty. clear and accident-free conditions. an early wind advisory on the san mateo bridge has canceled. >> oakland police search for the gunman who killed an 8-year-old and injured three others in a crime neighbors call "a new low in violence." a vigil was held last night to honor the victim. abc7 news reporter katie marzul


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