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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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people gathering for a march. as you said, police all promising this weekend will be peaceful. oakland businesses have been hard hit. tonight a fleet of vans parked outside waiting to ferry officers to wherever they might be needed. california bank and trufrt isn't trusting nouf take down the plywood to take down their windows. bank of america windows boarded up for the weekend. a lumber yard says businesses have playwood left over from occupy protests and tlt is around uptown. tribune building lost $6,000 worth of glass sunday when there was no protest. organizers are promising to make steps to make it peaceful. >> we're ending at 3:00 it's
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going to be in one location we did agree if any violence occurs we're going to end the demonstration then and there. a number. residents tell me they're going to stay away from the area this weekend. >> crowds are unruly. >> it's one thing to protest but to have an opinion about it there is a way to do thing was out hurting the community. >> organizer of the march is taking a different tact. tomorrow is his wife's birthday. he did have reservations in a nice restaurant in san francisco until vandals hit uptown. >> we wanted to support local merchants and made new reservations in uptown so we'll have dinner saturday night here. >> it's been a rough week for the businesses. >> bay area muslim others say
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they're standing in solidarity with those in the trayvon martin case. the american muslim voice foundation and naacp gathered in santa clara today and say standing together with make a difference. >> you remain somber because it reminds us there is a lot of work to be done. >> they need our support. it's crucial for every community to stand with each other. >> coming up at 6:30 we'll bring you president obama's first public comments on the verdict as well as his remark owes on why this case has hit an emotional nerve in the community. >> a distraught father led police on a bizarre and frightening chase today with a gun in one hand pushing his
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infant in a stroller with another and threatening to shoot himself and the baby. it began near summit hospital. he took the 3-month-old from his girlfriend, the baby's mother. the marriage ran for help. several followed the father until police cornered him at telegraph and 36th. >> it's a boyfriend girlfriend dispute. he threatened to shoot himself and the child if she reported domestic abuse. >> it's craze dwree keep your child in danger, endangering a child's life as well as yourself. >> the mother and baby are fine you'll be glad to know this, man, the father faces charges of course. >> the coroner says the asiana air lines passenger who survived the crash was killed by being run over by the emergency vehicle. abc 7 news is live in millbrae
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with more. heather? >> we note cause of death there is still many unanswered questions like how she got from the seat at the back of the plane to outside of the plane near left wing. the friend was ejected when the tail separated when and her body was found hundreds of yards behind where the fuselage came to rest. >> the 16-year-old on the way to visit stanford then to a dmamp southern california when asiana flight 214 crashed july 6th n a cruel twist of fate, the coroner now says she survived the crash only to be killed when hit by an emergency vehicle responding on the runway. and the coroner says there is no way to tell what, if any injuries she might have had from the crash before being run over. >> she had injuries consis stwent a motor vehicle.
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if there is another incident it would be difficult to find out which does work. >> she had brn covered under at least a foot of firefighting home. the chief says the kind of vehicle was likely one or more of the rigs stationed at the airport. >> this is voi difficult news for us, we're heart broken. many lived were saved that day july 6th. >> first responders were dealing with extraordinary circumstances. some passengers and crew escaped and some had to be rescued while a fire was growing. there was a large debris field along the runway n addition, her class mate, a 16-year-old was ejected from the plane and killed and a 15-year-old died if from her injuries in the hospital last week.
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the coroner met with all three families yesterday. heys-white offered to dot same. the consulate issued a statement that red we urge involved parties to deal with the aftermath of the death properly and investigate and affix responsibility for the tragic accident. >> all of the involved firefighters were are given drug and alcohol tests after it was discovered that clearly a fire vehicle had run over this victim. the ntsb does a thorough investigation including interviews of all passengers and crew. hopefully that investigation report might give us a better understanding whit comes out of skablgtly what led to this tragic accident. in millbrae abc 7 news. >> thank you, heather, san francisco mayor didn't attend that news conference but issued a statement on the report saying quote, i am saddened by the involvement of a responding emergency vehicle in the death of 15-year-old.
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on behalf of the people of san francisco, i offer my teepest condolences. seven victims remain in the hospital tonight with two of the most-critically injured at san francisco general hospital. >> and we have breaking news out of texas. the live picture from six flags over texas in arlington. there are reports that a woman was killed when she fell from the ride. it's called texas giant a large wooden roller coaster. first responders were on the scene but not confirming anything except quote a major incidents. reports are that a woman fol her death, sadly. >> residents of another 700 homes are being advised to retreat to safety tonight as crews battle that massive wildfire in the mountains above palm springs. the fire in the community of idyllwild continues to grow. contain smt nowhere in sight at this point. abc 7 news is live now from near the fire line was the latest on this. leticia? >> well, you can see this fire this, plume of smoke is
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raining down ash and embers right now firefighters are in a pitch battle to prevent it from reaching the community as we cross the first area. >> the mountain fire continues to rage out of control a plane lined up for another assault. the fire burned 39 square miles, only 50% contained. fire officials say this massive column is not a good sign. >> today our concern is that the column is going to rise 30,000 feet in the air if that happens it's possible we'll get lightning from our own fire smoblg. >> the threat of dry lightning and erratic winds have firefighters digging in, putting in miles of fire line. still the fire you and and and
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we can leave if we want right now. or wait until the mandatories come down. >> still, becky smith says she'll stay until she's ordered to go. >> they tell if you you leave you can't get back up. that scares me most. >> the resident robert muir and his family are packed and ready to leave but now they're holding out. >> we have big chunks of pine bark falling in the yard and piles of ash. >> already, 6,000 people have heeded orders to evacuate. including steve ham lynn dispute reservation autos we're concerned if we leave we're going to have stuff that could be looted. >> he and others m he mismt t are hoping mother nature will help them get home, soon. >> i'm praying for rain. i wish everybody would pray for rain. >> and of course, rain is just -- doesn't seem to be coming up right now. the cloud not doing anything to help the firefighters.
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right now investigators telling us that this fire is man made but they're still investigating exactly how it got started. so far, it's cost $8.6 million to battle the blaze. reporting live in idyllwild abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the bay area is being impact bid that wildfire near palm spring autos yes. sandhya patel is here with details on the smoky air that we're being exposed to hear. >> i'll show you that here in just a moment. looking at live doppler 7 watching fog at the coast inland areas, enjoying sun. check out smoke layers from satellite perspective from that mountain fire traveling towards los angeles bakersfield area. then, heading up into our direction. that was the latest satellite image available. from our east bay hills camera you can see thin layers of smoke here. of course fog below but thin layers of smoke not contributing to poor air quality for tomorrow. we're still expecting moderate
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air quality maybe maybe mainly back to you to ozone for the bay area, i'll be back to take a look at your weekend temperatures and it does include sizzling conditions in spots. ama? >> thank you. >> the san diego county clerk asking the california supreme court to stop same-sex marriages. the clerk file that had petition today, it argues same-sex marriages are still illegal in california, despite a u.s. supreme court ruling last month. the petition claims the high court decision only applies to alameda and los angeles counties where couples in the original federal lawsuit live. morn, the california supreme court rejected a similar request by same-sex marriage opponents. >> still to come on abc 7 news, why some residents in the east bay are worried about plans to do something with this cemetery. >> also... a plan to bring license plates into the digital age where this doesn't sit well with privacy groups. >> hundreds of college bound students who took advanced
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placement tests swril to retake them. i'm michael finney. i'
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members of a preem yont cemetery are upset that a portion of a housing complex will be built on a portion of the cemetery. a man says he has proof there are still bodies there. >> i am sure of that. that my house, my car, and i
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bet not my family... >> joe is betting there are still bodies under a housing development once part of the st. joseph's cemetery, he lives next to the burial grounds says he watched as 251 fraifs were dug up to make room for the development in 2007. >> they dug up bodies in the west and then, they stopped. they didn't dig up bodies in the east. >> he shows a map and where he claims there are still caskets in the area. construction has begun so he's made findings public. and found support from other who's want to stop new homes from being built on hallowed ground. tom says he heard about the plans and came to check on his father's grave. >> i didn't think they were disturbing him. i wanted to make sure those at rest her stay at rest her. >> oldest dates back to 1887. what infuriated him is that
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church mained remains into this gravesite. >> buried up on the hill. a beautiful view. and skm he was dug up. and crammed into a mass grave. that is just -- that is disgusting. >> lawnsdale says he doesn't believe anyone will want to live in a home where there are bodies underground. he's written to the developer in los altos asking them to shelf plans and not heard back. abc 7 news called and waiting for comment. st. joseph church says the money will go to a new church if any remains are found they'll rebury them, properly.. >> police have been waiting to talk with a man who walked into a hospital today with a gunshot wound after a sheriff deputy shot and killed one of two armed robbery suspects last night. shooting happened at bon fair market on high street about
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10:30. off duty deputy was shopping inside of the store when a pair of masked men with guns walked in, demanding money. the deputy threw his own -- drew a gun and shot a suspect. he thinks he wounded the second man. a neighbor says she's okay with the deputies especially when a clerk was beaten a week ago. >> i hope it acts as a deterrent because twice in one week? with this violence is frightening. >> that lices plate on your car may be getting a new look. there is a proposal to put high tech plates on the cars. others say not so fast. what about privacy? abc 7 news has the story tonight. >> cars today are so advanced
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except. >> one thing on the car still 20th century is the license plate which is stamped in metal z we think it can be done more efficiently through digital technology. >> a measure would enable dmv to create a pilot program with up to 160,000 fleet vehicles. that would allow plates on a small screen showing what one might look like for a motorcycle having wireless capabilities to update registration once you pay and maybe help cops locate a stolen car. gordon sup pots the idea of bypassing the dmv. >> i think it would be easier if we don't have to pick up tags, i don't have to be
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coming down here to get new one autos new jersey has this idea. at a south carolina company can go as far as shaming driver was messages of expired or uninsure add cross the screen. >> this will be big brother watching use groups are concerned wireless deck nolg is sweeping the track. >> aclu report reveals many report many law enforcement are gathering scan as cross the road. the electronic frontier foundation would like to see more protection. >> consumers giving up too much data. if legislature's job to protect average californians from overly. >> i think it's a lot of things. i think things should be the way they are. if it's not broken why fix it? if approved and successful, experts say the plates could
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show advertise whgt vehicle is tp stopped and be a money-maker for the state. >> all right. things are heating up for weekend around here. >> yes. sandhya patel is here. >> how about 98? pacifica, 569 high. what a huge difference. we'll do it again tomorrow, so let me show you live doppler 7. wi wide range of conditions, taking a look at live doppler 7 hd, dwe do have fog across parts of the coast right now that is keeping you on the cool side. here is a view from our south each camera looking here you can see a little bit of fog starting to drift towards the bay there. we'll watch that.
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71 in the santa cruz. you can see how shallow fog layer is. it's mainly coast and in parts of the bay. you're still into upper 80s here is a foggy view of the golden gate bridge this, is what you'll probably have to deal with tomorrow moshing if you have early plans. into tomorrow, could be dense, hot inland and mild near the coast saturday qoitsing to be cooler so temperatures start back off. california, it will mean that inland heat will peak for saturday. but sunday things will start to change. highs for today around the state steamy 123 in death valley. these are the highs triple digits palm springs, fresno. 103 in red bluff.
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so not to worry about that. speaking of fog fwoitsing to be foggy in the morning at the coast. temperatures low 50s to low 60s so weather will cool off as we head into tomorrow morning. 90 degrees in morgan hill. temperatures about the same as today if not slightly higher than today. 82 on the peninsula. 77 san mateo. low 60s near the coast. south san francisco, upper 60s. partly to mostly sunny but comfortable side. 96 clover dale. 103 in clear lake. you're above the fog player you're going to get steamy. 88 in novato. east bay communities mid-70s for san leandro, oakland.
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95 livermore, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. temperatures low 60s to low 90s. by tuesday, low 60s coast side. extra clouds from the south. we call it monsoonal moisture that is something that will just cool us off a bit. filter our sunshine early next week. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> we want you to join thus weekend. sunday is aids walk san francisco. abc 7 is once again a proud sponsor. >> 25,000 people gathered for the event. walkers this sunday will be able to see themselves on the abc 7 jumbo tron. >> it's going to be cool we'll stream it live on abc 7 so be a part of the fun.
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you can still register. just call visit aids or text walk sf 292929. >> just ahead a decision on led in baby food. >> why a judge says companies
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baby food does not need warning labels about lead content. because according to this week's ruling gesher pruchs each product is below the exposure threshold level meaning no warnings are required under prop 65 toxins warning lauchl the suit brought by berkeley based environmental law foundation cover things like gesher products like grape juice, packaged pears and peaches include being foods including those fruits, carrots and sweet potato autos a bay area group helping kids fight stigma associated with learning disabilities. today, the group kicked off a tour across the country teeming up middle school students with mentors in college. they do projects to help kids gain self esteem. >> i was diagnosed in third grade then ahdd in sixth so lucky enough to have a strong support system so i learned how to self advocate for myself early.
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but i know that there is many people around the world that just never had that sort of support system. that is what we're trying to help. >> it wraps up in rhode island july 30th hoo coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00... >> trayvon martin could have been me. >> the president puts anger over the george zimmerman verdict into context. he says americans can grow from the shootings and the jury's decision. >> also, first responder under fire for releasing pictures of one of the boston marathon bombing suspects moments after capture. >> a medical device that star trek's dr. mccoy would be proud of. stay with us.
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in a speech today president ob yumma opened up about the shooting death of trayvon martin and anger when the jury found a shooter not guilty. >> trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> the president made the speech with no script saying
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he spoke from his heart. he told media why he believes the verdict led to anger in the black community. >> the african american community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences. and that all contributes i think to a sense of that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that from top to bottom, both outcome, and the aftermath might have been different. >> a rally today mirrored the president's sentiment. kids from oakland freep freed yom school carried sign that's read i deserve live and i am trayvon martin and my life matters. young marchers say they do feel their rights are not guaranteed. >> we need our rights and of what we went through. >> we as black people are always being treated unfairly. we're just trying to make a difference in ourselves our
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country, community and world. >> the president called in to question effectiveness of the florida stand your ground law. the senate plans to hold hearings in september. >> growing controversy tonight about those new images of jahar tsarnaev. the photographs of the boston bombing suspect show him bloody, injured and at the moment of capture. griping images show a red dot perfect a sniper gun, look at that. the photographs taken by state police sargeant sean murphy. he released them as a counter balance to the controversial image on the cover of "rolling stone" magazine. murphy has been relieveded duty skptz subject of an investigation. >> a judge in southern california is about to finalize a $1 billion settlement between toyota ob owners and auto maker over claims of surd acceleration. this is when japanese ought
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yes maker started receiving complaints cars caused crashes, injuries and death. more than 14 million vehicles have been recalled since the claim surfaced. the deal was first announced in december and will affect 22 million customers. >> it's a device imagined on star trek series decades ago. now a company is working on a real medical tri quarter. this is so popular, it's breaking records and there is a day left to get an early prototype. >> what is that? what are you doing? >> with the crew landed in san francisco, they brought advanced medical devices with them. the fame jus this one. >> the medical tri quarter that grabbed vitals in an instant lives on in this movie
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vault. >> just suppose this in the hands of a consumer. you'd have power not only to know what is going on with you, but to help others. >> that was inspiration for scannado scout. it was originally made to look like the movie but now, easier to hold. the computer you? have that. your smart phone. >> i hold it up like this. >> showing how it reads your heart rate, temperature blood oxygen, soon, blood pressure just holding it between your finger autos every time i do this demo, my heart rate goes up. >> idea is that people will start to learn about their health. >> my heart rate is low. it's been like that. >> the idea has apparently made hearts pound just setting a new record for the indy go go campaign, ever.
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>> when we're clicked it came from all over the place. >> at $200 more than 8,000 people have ordered this version of the scout they'll be among testers scanning in new approval. the crowd funding campaign ends on saturday. at nasa aims abc 7 news. >> where is dr. mccoy when you need snim. >> right. >> if you want to help with fund raising we have a link on our site. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00 college board throws out ap test results for high school grads. >> yes. and the
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college test scores from hundreds of students from one of the most well regarded high schools are being thrown out because of security concern autos yes. michael i can only imagine how irate students and families oor amazing. can you imagine this? they're irate since most agree
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students had nothing to do with the problem. hills high school is home to many college bound students for them, passing the test would mean being able to skip tro dux college source courses. a potential savings. >> to me this means that i won't able to enter as a sophomore at boston university. >> unfortunately for these students nearly 300 others like them, rurlts of the test they took are being thrown out. and students must retake them. these students took two tests in various subjects. wuns one took five. but educational testing service which administers tests as s.a.t.and advanced placement tastes accused mills high school of not following proper testing guidelines and threw out results. it has the superintendent kirk
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black, perplexed. >> to invalidate tests without a thorough investigation of each test seems to me to be a little rushed. >> the ets says among guidelines potentially violated are students sitting too close together there may have been too many students at one desk or table. desks too close together. and the desks not all facing same direction as required. ets told us mills high school was responsible for following the proper guidelines but asked the high school district how many violations could have occurred. >> i don't agree with terms of the question. i don't know. the investigation, i don't think is adequate enough to conclude that anything was done on a massive scale. >> students being given option of taking tests over in the second week of august for them that is not an option. >> students are out of the
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country at summer vacation. how are they sup possessed to take a retake? >> these students reached out to representative jackie speier and state senator leelandy. >> we're hoping to find a way we can help the students. >> you have to prepare for four, five tests to retake it. we don't have the materials and prepare forward that over senior year. and we probably did well on it now we won't ever know our scores because they were invalidated. >> in all, more than 625 tests will have to be retaken. the school libraries say students and parents are interested in this situation. >> what a shame. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. >> sure. >> there is a lot more still to come tonight. >> a former nba star's effort to become a giant in the wine business.
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retired nba star, yao ming
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has a thriving start up here in the nappy valley. it generates a bountiful demand on investment. >> it's another slam dunk off the court. >> just starting to get into that color. >> yes. >> yao was touring vineyards that grow grapes. he started a couple years ago. leasing space in st. helena. his wines sold almost exclusively in chin yachl the middle class there can't get enough of the wines paying $650 for his reserve cabernet, and $150 for the flag ship cab. >> with the economy, people want to experience something different.
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they drink a lot more wine because of business dinners or something like social stuff. >> it's home grown rice wine which can be stronger, yao likes western wines because it creates relaxed drinking culture. >> it brings different feelings about slow down, peaceful. and enjoy with family, friends. >> there are long hours of photo shoots today. the wine proi duss less than 5,000 cases per year but now, yacht o is introducing napaest, he wants napa on the label because he wants chinese to get to know this wine growing region che loves. >> i want testimony to experience nappa. the wine, food.
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we are weather, everything. >> again sells for $650 a bottle. napa crest costing only $48 in nappa, vic lee, cheers, abc 7 news. >> yao ming doing well with that. >> great looking weather for growing. you can see fog near the coast. inland conditions are still clear. so it's going to be hot tomorrow inland. low to mid-90s similar to today. 96 antioch. 86 in the north bay. 83 san jose. along the coastline fog keeping you comfortable.
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sunday, weather looking great. yes. will be mid to upper 50s as walk gets underway temperatures up to low 60 was sunny breaks. and good looking weather for sunday plans, temperatures just coming down a little bit. cooling continuing next week, numbers down to mid-80s by tuesday. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. >> yes. it's a new twi experience abc any time, anywhere. >> it's a special new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast and at and tu verse. go to abc 7 news dochl and find out how to access watch abc. >> and enter your account information to log in that. is simple then go to watch abc live stream or search watch
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abc to down load the app. works well. >> it does. >> british open looks sunny out there. >> it's getting sun eyer, drier and more difficult. tiger woods trying to end a drought. at age 49 ke
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good evening, tiger woods in the hunt for british open after two rounds, one of the great characters in a game of golf, cigar chomping miguel angel jiminez, who never won a major. his trademark warm up, stretch it out. 49 years old trying to become the oldest major winner in government history. shot of the day, robert geragos. this is a 100 yard putt looks like it's going to stop short, then, you can see the wind rolling rolling for eagle. unbelievable. there is your windmill mill.
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tiger birdies to get back to two under. just one stroke off the pace. afternoon groups have a lot of problems for the course getting drier and drier. phil mickelson bogey putt. one over the tournament four shots back. end of the weekend woods in a four-way tie. rory mcel roy with 12 over it was difficult out there today. the wind is a different direction than yesterday, we've had moisture on the greens overnight. >> look at celebrity government this, used guarding system. birdie on 14, two candy cap.
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five back in a leader curry paired with nba great ray allen in common than just draining three autos played with my dad in late 90s so we're talking about shoot arounds going out and shoot with the guys ask so this is first but we go way back. >> this is really good. after a layoff giants no time to ease back into things hosting diamond backs tonight. chad godan struck out 14 in this last two starts km bin add louing 10 hits last week. the giants skippers had no special reason but one request. >> give us a chance. you hear me say this, you know? try to have as many quality starts as you can. then, it's up to the offense. >> a's playing angels tonight.
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nfl training camp up to next week. 49ers acquired eric wright for a 2014 conditional draft pick. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> coming up tonight on cable channel 13 northern france famous for cliffs, but it was something extra that took people's breath away. >> wow. >> then, on abc 7 news at 11:00 new bay bridge supposed to withstand a quake but what about western span? major upgrade just ordered. and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have a good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a lawyer from arlington, massachusetts... a software developer and consultant from lakewood, ohio... and our returning champion, a video-game quality-assurance tester from northborough, massachusetts... and now here isgame the host of "jeopardy!" --er alex trebek! thank you, johnny. on yesterday's program, we crowned a new champion in berek, and that is correct -- "b-e," not "d-e." alan is one of our challengers along with cal.
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