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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 22, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, the duchess of cambridge in labor. kate middleton secretly admitted to st. mary's in london. prince william by her side. arriving by car, with no police escort. our team is live in london with the latest on kate's condition. and breaking overnight -- flash flood emergency. high waves in backyards became raging rivers in just minutes in the southwest. dozens of drivers trapped by an inch of rain in a half hour. these teens capturing it all on their cell phones. dangerous plunge. the woman who dove off this bridge in her car in the chesapeake bay shares her incredible story. how she managed to escape and swim to safety. yes, all eyes on that london hospital this morning waiting for the official announcement that will make history. we are standing by to bring it
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to you live. "gma's" special coverage of "the royal baby: heir to the throne" begins now. and good morning, america. those royal trumpets can mean only one thing. a little excitement here this morning. it won't be long before we learn about a future king or queen of england. kate went to the hospital about six hours in central london. look at this crowd growing outside buckingham palace. right now, more than a thousand people waiting for the royal announcement. >> and the duchess is in a private wing of that hospital right there in central london. she arrived there shortly before 6:00 a.m. london time through a side door. >> and this morning the queen is at windsor castle and there is prince charles. he's in york this morning.
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and for those of you who pay attention to this kind of thing, kate did go into labor during a full moon. >> wow. >> for whatever that is worth. >> wow. >> whatever that's worth there, lara. abc's amy robach is outside st. mary's hospital right now and has the very latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, guys. and saw that full moon last night and we were thinking, something might be up and sure enough, 5:30 this morning we now know that william and kate were driven here to a secret entrance by a royal security guard. she's been in labor for nine hours. for the many, many journalists who have been here for the past three weeks, we know now that lindo wing is no longer in
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limbo. that secret entrance to the hospital took the scores of media waiting outside by surprise. the palace had always indicated that the duchess was due in mid-july. so camera crews from all corners of the globe had been camped outside of the lindo wing at st. mary's hospital for weeks waiting to catch a glimpse of the royal duo. for an anxious nation word that the duchess is in labor is welcome news. >> that's why it's been exciting. >> hopefully a boy actually. hopefully a boy. >> i think the country would be delighted what it is. >> reporter: kate has reportedly been hoping for a natural childbirth and will be shepherded through her labor by a veritable medical dream team headed by renowned obstetrician dr. marcus setchell and dr. alan farthing. prince william is expected to stay by kate's side throughout her labor and will take two weeks of paternity leave. elsewhere in england today proud grandpa-to-be charles was all smiles awaiting word of his first grandchild. as soon as the baby is born, a
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paper confirming the gender and weight of the heir to the throne will be taken by page from the hospital to buckingham palace and will be shared with the waiting public on an easel placed just inside of the palace gates. how long kate and the baby remain in the hospital is up to the royal couple and their medical team. in the case of princess diana, she stayed in the hospital just one night before stepping down the same steps of st. mary's that kate is expected to step down with the future monarch in tow. and, george, for so long i've seen these tired long faces, there are nothing but smiles as far as the eye can see despite this 90-degree heat, everybody is full of excitement for this baby. >> and it's infectious. amy, thanks very much. and as amy said the baby's announcement will be posted outside buckingham palace and that's where abc's lama hasan is, and that crowd with you has been growing for hours. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. it's absolutely amazing, the
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excitement and the anticipation is building here and the atmosphere is just brilliant. take a look at the thousands and thousands of people gathering outside buckingham palace right now. they're here for the changing of the guard, but, boy, let me tell you when the news about william and kate's baby started spreading there was a buzz in z because, after all, it is here at buckingham palace that the formal announcement will be made and that's also when the world finds out. now, that notice may also include information, for example, when prince william was born, they described him as having blue eyes and crying lustily. now, once william and kate have their baby, the bells at westminster abbey will begin ringing, three hours of ringing, robin. >> all right, lama, thank you so much. you have been patient. we'll get more on this from british royal historian robert lacey. he's been writing about the queen for nearly 40 years and is the author of several best-sellers on the royals including the queen and princess diana. i know you have been very patient as well, robert, and you recently saw kate's mother, just
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happened to run into her. you talked about the impending birth. what did she tell you? >> well, it was about ten days ago over there in the gardens of buckingham palace, concert to celebrate the queen's coronation, 60th anniversary, and as we were all dashing to our cars of afterwards and going to retrieve our mobile phones that had been taken away for security purposes she turned to me and said, "i shouldn't be here. catherine is expecting any day now." so, that was ten days ago. she's getting her wish of having a natural birth. there's no talk of induction and, well, we keep our fingers crossed now. >> yes, we do. and the baby's other grandmother, the queen, of course, going on holiday at the end of the week. when do you think they may meet her great grandbaby, which will be third in line for the throne. >> well, i think she'll probably go to kensington palace where william and kate have set up home. they got a little cottage in the grounds called nottingham
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cottage, they're living there temporarily before their big apartments in the palace are ready. we know that kate's been out getting all sorts of decorations and everything for the nursery. that's where they were, we believe, this weekend, and so it seems certain they'll go there and then the queen will drive up from windsor at some stage to see her great grandchild. >> that will be a moment. and what do you think about this? give us a sense of the history of where the duchess is going to give birth. >> well, the lindo wing is the most exclusive wing of st. mary's paddington hospital by the great paddington station. it's where the elite for 30, 40 years have gone to birth. it's private, of course. they actually lay on champagne so you can celebrate when you've had your baby and they also have a birthing pool so maybe kate is in that at the moment although there's no disclosure on that. >> robert, it's great. this is such wonderful news and
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we've been waiting for this moment. just explain to people here on this side of the pond what this moment means. >> well, it will be the first time since the end of queen victoria's reign when we will have three future monarchs alive, we hope, at the same time as the monarch in residence, the queen. that will be the queen and then, of course, prince charles, prince william, and the new baby and, of course, the really historic thing is that whether this baby is a boy or a girl we know that it is destined because of a recent change in the law to be the future king or queen, the future monarch of great britain and, of course, of canada, australia, new zealand, that's 15 other kingdoms around the world. >> robert lacey, thank you very much, as always, for your insight and we're waiting for those words, baby and mother healthy. we got an expert right here, jen ashton, delivered more than a thousand babies. >> yep.
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>> so, just take us inside the hospital right now. first several hours for a first mom. >> well, first thing to recognize, george, is that whether this is occurring at st. mary's or all over this country in labor and delivery units, the same basic things occur. and we have to remember that in obstetrics we have two patients on our hands at least. so, when she's admitted first thing you do you get the maternal vital signs, blood pressure, some basic blood tests and then you assess the well-being of the baby with an external heart rate monitor. if everything looks good and her obstetricians have examined her we let nature take its course. at least in the beginning. >> we know kate had complications early in the pregnancy, will that affect anything? >> it really shouldn't. she had a healthy pregnancy for now everything looks good. >> your guess, how long will it take? >> the crystal obstetric ball. really, when you talk about how long labor lasts, george, we look at four factors, we call them the four ps, first one is the power.
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how hard is the uterus contracting. the next one is the passenger, and that's the baby, how big is the baby and what position is the baby in to navigate the pelvis. the third one, the pelvis, the bony structure of the pelvis, the size and its configuration. and the last one, mind/body connection, psyche, and that's the mother's mindset, all of those factors so important. >> out of time. birthing pool? >> well, it's very relaxing for a lot of women. if she wants to be underwater and her doctors give the green light, she can do that. >> jen ashton, thanks very much. we are going to move on now to that flash flooding emergency in phoenix. heavy rain in that area, just minutes sweeping vehicles away and sending emergency crews to rescue people stranded in their cars and homes and abc's ginger zee is here with the story. and, boy, these pictures. >> and so many and that's the thing. it wasn't just the numbers as far as the rainfall. because those are impressive alone, but look at the number next to them.
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how quickly they fell, in 30 minutes almost two inches in scottsdale. so many others having the same fate. it was the headline, too much, too fast. nearly an inch of rain in just 30 minutes. parts of phoenix, arizona, saw rivers of mud, raging waters to four feet deep. at least eight people rescued after flash flooding inundated the region. two teenage boys airlifted to safety after swift waters crippled their suv. they captured the dramatic rescue on their cell phones. >> it felt like probably five minutes but it was only 30 seconds. >> got one view out here. >> reporter: here, a young man and woman trapped in their pickup truck desperate for help. the driver of this sports car made it only two blocks before the debris-filled current overtook him. >> all of a sudden his little corvette comes bobbing down the water. >> reporter: a 70-year-old woman was in her car when it was swept away by powerful waters moving through this neighborhood. and then there's this driver deciding to go for it but then a smart change of heart. the muddy waters rushed through yards and homes, many watching
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it all unfold right in their own backyards. >> to see a wall of water coming towards you, there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: in tucson a similar story, three children rescued after getting caught up in a violent riverbed. >> they were just out playing and all of a sudden they realized they're surrounded by water. >> reporter: and this is the season more rain on the way, phoenix and tucson both in that quarter to half-inch range. places like palm springs and los angeles getting into it. vegas up to an inch. a lot of those accidents happen because people were in cars. it only takes two feet of water to move a car. >> that's it? >> yep. >> thanks, ginger. now, we're going to get the latest on that terrifying roller coaster accident at six flags over texas where a woman fell to her death in full view of other parkgoers. investigators now trying to figure out what went wrong. why she wasn't secured in her seat, and abc's clayton sandell is on the scene. >> reporter: this morning the german company that built the cars for the texas giant is reportedly sending experts to six flags over texas to help
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unravel a tragic mystery, how rosy esparza fell to her death. her son was on the ride too. >> it was surreal. the seats, the seat restraint was in its normal position but there was nobody in the car. >> reporter: riders are supposed to be held in with a t-shaped lap bar. carmen brown says she heard esparza tell an employee before the ride her lap bar might not be secure. >> she goes up like this and then when it drops to come down and that's when it released and she just tumbled. >> reporter: but with no sign of foul play, determining what happened is up to six flags. in a statement, the company says "we are committed to determining the cause of this tragic accident and will utilize every resource throughout this process." could esparza's size have played a role? >> she was no bigger than i was. that could have been me. >> reporter: safety experts say the seats are built for adults who weigh 180 pounds but the texas giant does not have a weight restriction.
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>> the operators should absolutely be able to determine if a person's body mass fits correctly inside the riding compartment and the restraint mechanism correctly fits their body. >> reporter: the industry insists its rides are safe. estimating the chances of being injured, 1 in 24 million, the chance of being killed, 1 in 750 million. and six flags says it will not speculate at this point on what caused the accident. in the meantime, the texas giant will remain shut down until their investigation is complete. george? >> that is just horrifying. thanks very much, clayton, for that. now, to surging gas prices. on track to be the most expensive during the summer in five years. the national average this morning, now $3.67, up 6 cents from last week, 20 cents from a year ago. so, are we headed toward $4 a gallon gas? abc's rebecca jarvis is here with more and that's the burning question, rebecca. >> it is the burning question, robin. good morning, and this morning
7:15 am
americans in at least 13 major u.s. cities are paying $4 or more for a gallon of gas. take a look at this. from the east coast of the entire country in new haven, connecticut, to the middle of the country in chicago, illinois, where it's averaging $4.17 a gallon, to santa barbara california, where consumers are paying $4.16, we're seeing the pain across the country. how much higher? the experts are telling us we could see gas prices climb another 5 to 15 cents this summer. what's causing the uptick? well, typically, at this time of the year, if you take a look at this, we do see prices tend to rise because more people are hitting the roads on vacation. that uses up more gas. but this summer is specifically different because of tensions in egypt. egypt controls a big portion of the world's crude oil. they've been having problems there and that has been putting us on track for the most expensive summer in five years for gasoline, robin. >> all right, rebecca, thank you
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very much. we have the double whammy because electric bills will go up too. >> all right. thank you. let's get over to josh elliott for our other top stories. good morning, josh. a lot to get to. we'll begin with that grisly discovery in ohio. the decomposing bodies of three women found wrapped in plastic trash bags. registered sex offender michael madison expected to be charged today. police have scoured 40 abandoned buildings in east cleveland worried that there may be more victims. investigators believe the suspect may have been influenced by a serial killer who was convicted in 2011 for the killing of 11 women. and thousands of people in more than 100 cities from coast to coast rallied this weekend in the name of trayvon martin. in new york, martin's mother, sybrina fulton, was joined by megastars, beyonce and jay z. now, despite his not guilty verdict they're demanding george zimmerman face civil rights charges in the teenager's death. and in australia, the u.s. navy is considering whether to salvage four unarmed bombs that
7:17 am
were dropped very close to the great barrier reef. two u.s. fighter jets dropped the bombs in error last week. the pentagon says there's been minimal impact on that very sensitive environmental site. and this morning, an incredible image of commuters pitching in to free a trapped subway rider. take a look at the photo here tweeted overnight shows dozens of passengers north of tokyo pushing against a car -- train car after a woman fell into the four-inch gap between it and the platform. now, thanks to all of them that woman was able to walk away unhurt. even more amazingly, the train was delayed only eight minutes. and finally, a stunning example of saving the best for last. it came sunday from american golfer phil mickelson. took his first-ever british open on a course in muirfield in scotland that was unforgiving. he birdied four of his last six holes, came home with a 66, you
7:18 am
see him hugging his wife, amy, and their kids there, and signing autographs as he would take it, this was the major that he never thought he would win. he never had a game that played well to links golf over the pond. he got it done. he said it was the very best round of golf that he has ever played in his whole life. >> and coming off the last major, the u.s. open, which not the way he wanted to. >> devastating loss a month ago. >> he's got to win that u.s. open. >> yeah. >> turn your eyes to pinehurst in north carolina in 2014. >> you got it. we got to get to sam, who drew the short straw today in paradise islands in the bahamas. samuel j. >> good morning, josh. after swimming all weekend with the sharks i still have all arms and legs, we'll show you the pictures later on this morning. we'll start with that cold front that drops from the great lakes down south. so this thing curves through marquette, des moines, omaha directly. and that means from kansas city to minneapolis you're in line for some strong storms today, that's all the way from the u.p.
7:19 am
of michigan well into kansas city. that's the weather around the nation. good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. starting ouf with low clouds, ending with high clouds. chance of a thunderstorm very isolated in the next 48 hours. once we get to wednesday all the way through the end of the forecast, summer is here and it will stay pretty even-keeled. mid to upper 60s oakland, richmond, san mateo, east bay
7:20 am
valleys mid-80s. now, with the humidity around, temperatures are going to be a little milder tonight. a lot it doesn't get any better than this. honestly, honestly, honestly. we'll have all the weather from here this morning. nassau right here at the atlantis. now, let's go back into the studio with josh, robin, george and lara. >> tough job but somebody's got to do it, right? to do it, right?f >> yeah. coming up, an amazing survival story. we're going to hear from the woman who plugged 40 feet from a bridge in her car. how she managed to escape and swim to safety. plus, why kanye west may be facing criminal charges. the rapper's violent confrontation with a photographer. also, how "glee" will go on. details on how the show will pay tribute to cory monteith. and of course, we're awaiting word of that royal baby announcement. we'll be live from london all morning long. morning long. this day calls you.
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of a window trying to get away and broke his leg. police say they found a handgun on him. the other two suspects got away. the victim suffered a stab wound but is expected to recover. the monday morning traffic look from leyla gulen. >> all right. we have a couple of serious accidents both involving overturned vehicles. this one's involving an overturned big rig southbound 101 at university avenue in east palo alto, 7 miles per hour your top speed. use el camino instead. as we look at solano county westbound along at i-80, two lanes slow coming into vak aville. eric? >> leyla, thank you.
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i want to show you the storms to the south because those have been bringing flash tlooding to parts of arizona. we won't see flashflooding here but we have an isolated thunderstorm possible in the next 12 to 48 hours. temperatures will be below average the next two days. 80s inland, 70s around the bay, 50s at the coast. once we get past that, sum ears back wednesday an
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you are looking live at buckingham palace in london. huge crowds gathering right now waiting for the royal baby announcement. duchess catherine went into labor early this morning. we'll have the very latest from london just ahead. and if the baby is born today, astrological sign cancer. tomorrow, leo. >> that's right. a lot riding on the next few hours. a lot. >> including this young woman who surviving a harrowing accident. a truck crashed into her sending it off the chesapeake bay bridge. she'll share her incredible survival story. kanye west in something of a remarkable confrontation with a photographer. the whole thing caught by many other camera. see it here. just the latest run-in with the paparazzi.
7:31 am
why he could be facing criminal charges for this incident. >> and then the co-creator of "glee" opening up for the first time about the show without star cory monteith and how lea michele is helping with production plans and also how the hit show will pay tribute to coryatt some point. a lot of decisions to be made. very difficult. >> thank you very much. we're already ready for the royal baby. lama hasan is in london along with amy robach. good morning, amy. a special guest and a lot going on outside that hospital. >> reporter: so much going on and it's changing by the moment. this is an unusually hot and humid day here in london but no one seems to mind. we're all smiles as hundreds of media who have been waiting for weeks for this blessed event to happen are now in full force getting ready doing their live shots. we also have so many people now who have been barricaded around who have come here to give their well wishes to the royal couple and among the media who has been
7:32 am
waiting here for weeks is chris jackson, getty images, royal photographer and i know, chris, you've spent the last decade with william and kate photographing them. how do you think they're handling the pressure inside and outside? >> well, amy, william and kate are a couple who are very used to high pressure situations. i remember the royal wedding a couple of years ago. this is slightly different. it's a natural process, hormones will be flowing and it's a very personal moment for them. >> i know that you were in contact with clarence house earlier this morning. they were talking about the guests we can expect possibly to arrive right through those doors. >> i think we can expect pippa middleton probably after the baby is born to go to the front of the lindo wing doors. >> no longer in limbo. everyone excited. other members of the royal family kind of far away from one hour to three hours. do we know whattier. >> completely. we have the queen at windsor
7:33 am
castle, moving to buckingham palace later and prince charles in york. >> three hours away. >> 3 1/2 hours. i'm sure there's some very excited calls going around. >> and prince harry is at his military base. >> he's on duty at the moment so who knows we're going to see later on. >> i mean you've been here. you showed me your stepladder and staked out your position so you can get that iconic photo. what's the pressure here waiting? >> i can't believe it's actually arrived. a surreal moment. stepladder i was rearranging down here at 7:00 and i think we're all looking forward to that moment when they step out. >> we can't wait to share that moment when it happens. we are just hours away, we hope, guys. >> i kind of wish kate would do a self-ie. >> can you feel that? >> we'll move on to it was a miracle. the survival story, a woman speaking out after surviving not
7:34 am
one but two brushes with death. a devastating car crash after a semi truck hit her and her car plugged off the chesapeake bay bridge. abc's john muller has that amazing story for us. >> i saw my car explode with glass everywhere and air bags coming ott me full fort either morgan jade lake recounts the horrifying moment when an 18-wheeler slammed into the back of her car on the chesapeake bay bridge. >> drags against the jersey wall of the bridge and i felt like i was going to be okay if i could stop on the bridge. >> reporter: but she couldn't and her red 2007 chrysler plummeted 40 feet and hit the water like concrete. >> my eyes were closed. my mouth filled up with water really fast. i got one good scream in and i started to drown. i felt like my whole body was getting filled up with water and i stopped shaking and said i
7:35 am
don't want to drown. i don't want to die. >> reporter: what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. >> i visualized my car, took my right hand, pushed the seat belt, turned to the left side, window was already broken, went through it. pushes off with my feet to get momentum and go up to the surface. >> reporter: bleeding and gasping for air she managed to swim to some nearby rocks. >> i felt my whole left side not working. it was in a lot of pain and i managed to use my right side to shimmy my way up on to the rocks as much as i could and i yelled -- i heard somebody yell, tay there. help is coming. >> reporter: rescue teams were able to reach the 22-year-old. she was flown to the maryland shock trauma center in baltimore. her injuries, just a sprained ankle, some bumps and some bruises. >> i'm just blessed to be here. blessed to get a second chance at life. >> reporter: amazing. the investigation into what caused this continues. no arrests yet.
7:36 am
the crash with that truck smashed out her car window and allowed her to escape in the water, another piece of good fortune it happened right after she got through the tolls. it was a 40-foot drop. had it happened up at the top it would have been a 180-foot drop and a different outcome. >> that is a scary bridge. >> one of the scariest bridges in america. we're all shaking our heads. >> amazing. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. now to kanye west caught in an on-camera confrontation with a photographer at l.a.x. this one got physical fast. the big question, will it lead to a criminal charge? abc's linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: despite the paparazzo's plea. >> come on, kanye, be cool. >> reporter: kanye lost his cool at the los angeles airport after a photographer who reportedly refers to himself as dano continued to hound him. >> no, come on, kanye. i don't want to fight with you. >> what you are trying to do and i have to pay you like $250,000.
7:37 am
>> reporter: moments later he lungs at the photographer who records the entire incident. >> no, no. >> reporter: photos capture this. him trying to wrestle the camera out of the paparazzo's hands and here he appears to put the paparazzo in a headlock. now watch again from the perspective of another photographer. perhaps an instance of life imitating art. in kanye's song "new slave" that debuted at number one he sings -- ♪ so go and grab the reporters so i can smash their recorders ♪ >> reporter: and the 36-year-old made this request -- ♪ next time i'm in church please no photos." >> reporter: he was not with girlfriend kim kardashian or brand-new daughter north. west and lamar odom had his own run-in this month on the streets of los angeles. watch as he throws the camera gear out of the photog's car and then later tries to clean things up.
7:38 am
kanye was long gone by the time paramedics and police rushed to the keen to aid this reportedly injured paparazzo. abc news reached out to kanye west for comment but did not hear back. the photographer was taken to the hospital after the attack. his condition is unknown. this is reportedly the same photographer who britney spears sparred with a few years ago during her breakdown and banged up his car with her umbrella. as far as kanye, according to the "l.a. times" he could face felony attempted robbery charges. >> felony. >> that's right. >> all right, linsey. >> imagine that one. time for the weather. sam down in paradise island in the bahamas. a little weekend swim with the sharks. >> what? >> sam. >> hi again, robin, george. we are live from cove beach in the bahamas. we're diving with the sharks all weekend long. we're going to show you some pictures when we come back in the next hour. let's start with where the cooldown is over the next couple
7:39 am
of days. it generally has been following the path of the rain. look at chicago, boston, detroit, new york city all in line for getting a shift in the jet stream here and some cooler numbers. new york, you're 85 today. 84 on tuesday. and you're a bear climb back up to 85 wednesday but that's certainly cooler than it was last week. quick look at the monsoon rainfall. we told you at the top of the show how heavy it's been in the phoenix area. from tucson to phoenix to reno you're in line for more rain again today in that heavy rainy season. good morning. i'm meek meek. morning, low clouds giving way to high clouds and temperatures below average from 57 at the coast to about 90 inland. a chance of a thunderstorm, a slight chance the next 48 >> i will reveal what toes are here and what toes are not here when we talk about shark week coming up in the next hour. >> we will be counting, sam.
7:40 am
we will be counting. coming up, new details on how "glee" will move on after the loss of its star, cory monteith. royal baby watch. kate middleton in labor right now. we'll be live all morning long from london. [ indistinct conversations ] hi. hi. hot shot? ♪ how's it taste? ♪ [ gasps ] ♪ woo, boy! [ male announcer ] that hot spicy taste is like a slap to the face. new kfc hot shot bites. 100% breast meat with a spicy cayenne pepper marinade. try 10 hot shots and a boneless bucket, just $15.99. today tastes so good. now get the mercedes-benz you've always dreamed of. but hurry...because a good thing like this won't last forever. here you go, honey. thank you. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealer for an incredible offer on the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. ♪
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7:43 am
and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. we are back now at 7:43 with new details on how "glee" will go on. the show's co-creator is speaking out about his plans to
7:44 am
pay tribute to the star and abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: this morning ryan murphy, the co-creator of "glee" says the popular show will go on even without one of its central characters. later this week the cast and crew will hold a memorial for the 31-year-old monteith who was just as popular on the set as he was onscreen. ♪ i tell her every day >> reporter: in a series of emotional interviews, murphy describes monteith as an older son. one he tried to help but couldn't. murphy is also opening up about the intervention he staged this past march in his office after monteith relapsed. >> monteith had actually suggested that he go to treatment after he finished filming his episodes and ryan said, no, you need to do this now. >> reporter: in the interview murphy says his last words to me were "i want to get better." murphy also revealing how the show's producers discussed all
7:45 am
their options for "glee." >> canceling the show outright. writing off the lea michele character if she didn't want to go on with the show. possibly pushing back shooting until january. ♪ i just can't stop loving you >> reporter: instead they say the fifth season will be only pushed back one week airing on september 26th. murphy says ultimately the person who made the decision was lea. monteith's on-screen and real-life love and in another interview saying "i've never met any 26-year-old person stronger than lea. she's really been the leader in this situation." ryan murphy didn't say specifically how monteith's death is going to be addressed but he did say the tentative plan is to have the death addressed in the third episode of the new season. >> reporter: after filming that third episode, the show will take an extended hiatus so that according to murphy we figure out the future of the show. ♪ i'll stand by you >> reporter: a show now trying
7:46 am
to stand without its beloved star. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> just heartbreaking. sad time for the cast but hopefully they can share some good memories when they do get back together. a new way to save big on your supermarket bill. also coming up a "play of the day." we love a good reunion. just freeze it. just freeze it. it's rather unusual. meg usually just gets her way, and i go along with it. i think it worked for matt because i did it for him. when i'm the one cooking, i'm the one calculating the points. i can microwave things. you get to eat real food. we still get to go out. we're just so much smarter about it. we can keep each other in check. going ok i see you. we've lost about 110 lbs together. it helped our love life. happy wife, happy life. [ female announcer ] weight watchers online. the power of weight watchers completely online. join for $1. hurry, offer ends july 27th.
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> the shoulder like that. >> i know. >> very fancy move. >> i like it. >> we love a good reunion in our "play of the day." this is a really good reunion here. take a look. this is rick lookebill. he had to part with his beloved 1972 mustang mach 1.
7:51 am
>> oh. >> more than a quarter century ago. his family tracked it down. he loved it forever. he hears the revs. he knows something's up and they went and found his car exactly as he had left it. >> wow. >> get out. >> that's it. >> wait. he had sold it and they went and found it. >> florida. 24 years later. and off he goes. >> how thoughtful. that's awesome. that's awesome. enjoy it. also awesome, a royal baby. >> royal baby! [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a sailboat captain in sausalito is in hot water this morning after leading the coast guard on a slow-speed chase. authorities say the sailboat was unmarked and john mccormick refused to let authorities on board. he was chased by the coast guard for several hours yesterday before he was eventually taken into custody. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for your forecast. mike? >> all right, kristen, thank you very much. good morning, everybody. clouds are going to roll today, whether they're low clouds this morning or high clouds this afternoon, temperatures below average everywhere, 50s at the coast, 60s and 70s in the bay, 80s in the east bay. chance of a thunderstorm
7:57 am
isolated today and tomorrow. ley leyla? sigalert in effect for south and northbound 101 freeway in palo alto. one is a pickup truck, the other one a dump truck. the backup is tremendous. use 2880 as an alternate. no word when it will stay clear. the news continues with "good morning amer
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ and we're ready to go from louisiana and share. a crowd gathering at buckingham palace as they all wait for the royal baby. kate is in the hospital right now. we're in london all morning long. >> kate -- i know. she was driven to the hospital in central london early this morning. her husband by her side. we will have more details ahead. and all of a sudden we're sitting up a little straighter when we hear the music like that. the royal -- >> the royal horns. >> yes. also this morning, lara, we are celebrating america all month long.
8:01 am
this week it's all about ice cream. we're looking for the best scoop in the country. and we have found it. >> thank you. >> these are two members of the kelley country creamery in wisconsin. >> what do you have here? >> they have a local favorite. what is this called? karen's crazy cake? >> yes. >> birthday cake. >> there it is. >> that's cray-cray. >> mm-mm. >> it's basically birthday cake and ice cream in one. >> don't you wish you were having this right now? that is harper's favorite flavor. >> is it really? >> ladies, well done. kelley family. >> we'll talk to them a little bit later in the show. catherine zeta-jones is also in the news. as you know, she suffers from bipolar disorder and talks about this safe haven she's created in her home. >> we're looking forward to that. but let's get right to london right now. latest on the royal baby-to-be. abc's amy robach outside the hospital this morning. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, guys. and, yes, it all started around 5:30 this morning local time when we know that kate and william were driven to a secret back entrance at st. mary's
8:02 am
hospital here by one of the royal bodyguards. they were admitted shortly thereafter, and at 7:30 a.m. local time, the official word from the palace that kate was, indeed, in the early stages of labor, and she has been there ever since. we haven't seen any visitors come by, but we are hearing that perhaps pippa and carole middleton may be making their way over to the lindo wing of st. mary's hospital. we'll keep you posted on that. but, you know, we had a feeling this might happen because last night there was a full moon in the sky and you may have heard the old wives' tale and many who work in maternity wards believe that the moon's gravitational pull actually affects amniotic fluid the same way it affects lakes and rivers and oceans and so it kind of makes sense that's why we're here anticipating the royal birth in hopefully a few hours but it is a scene here, guys. it is so hot. it is so humid and yet everyone is smiling here. we have hundreds of members of the press who have been here,
8:03 am
some of them for three weeks, and we have well wishers on either side of the street at st. mary's hospital so this is an exciting place to be. wish you could be here. >> amy, you must be a good luck charm. bianna was there for, what, a month. and nothing happened. she comes home. you're there a matter of hours, it seems like, and she goes into labor. it's got to be you, amy. >> i know, i think timing is everything. >> our correspondents. >> thanks. >> josh elliott with the rest of the morning's news. >> that's unreal. we're going to begin here with those torrential rains triggering flash floods in normally very arid arizona. those floods caught many drivers by surprise, actually stranded them in their vehicles. nearly completely submerged in these roaring floodwaters you see here. nearly an inch of rain fell in phoenix at one point in just over 30 minutes, and more rain is expected today. the latest now on that horrifying accident at a texas amusement park.
8:04 am
a woman falling to her death from a roller coaster as she rode with her son. witnesses at six flags over texas say that before the ride, rosy esparza had expressed concern that she was not securely fastened in her seat. police are not involved, so six flags is essentially investigating itself. and pope francis is now on his first trip as pope bound for world youth day in rio de janeiro. keeping to his example that the church be humble, as you can see here, francis carried his own luggage as he boarded the plane. and the young wildlife center volunteer in florida truly lucky to have both his arms this morning and his life. will nace is hospitalized after being attacked by a 12-foot, 1,000-pound alligator named lunge. it happened during a demonstration with the gator. even though lunge broke his arm and his hand, nace says he'd go right back into the gator's pit. >> i'm not going to stop doing this. i still love it. it's my life.
8:05 am
lunge is actually my favorite alligator there. >> and apparently true to his name. the park says the incident will be used to teach people now what not to do around alligators especially named lunge. finally, mystery solved here. the grandma drummer has been unveiled. a wisconsin woman who wowed the world -- take a look. ♪ i mean, grandma just takes it away. she just walks into this music store, took the sticks. yeah, and just got after it. well, that woman, 63 years young, mary hvizda, mary laying she was 16. she always wanted to be a famous musician. she is now. had to sell her drum set to make ends meet. the drum store thankfully now giving mary her own drum set. call her famous. over 2 million views on youtube. she's good. >> i know. >> she's really good.
8:06 am
lays it down. >> good for her. >> flair. >> lara? >> yes, josh. "pop news." indeed, good morning, everybody. it was a huge weekend for "modern family" star jesse tyler ferguson. he married his longtime love justin economy keita in new york city. mazel. 200 guests came to their reception including ferguson's "modern family" co-stars. julie bowen tweeted "it's official. @jessetyler and @justinmikita. they are mr. and mr. best wedding ever. it's a big step for ferguson's off of screen character but fans hoping for a "modern family" wedding between his character, mitchell and cam, played by the lovable eric stonestreet. >> producers said to be thinking about that. >> i hope so. >> art can imitate life. >> congratulations. indeed, congrats, boys. get ready for the super bad. two of the most iconic heroes from the league of justice team up. at comic-con
8:07 am
over the weekend they announced harry cavil will take the role. no word on who will take on batman. >> christian bale said he's out. >> how great would that be to see the two together? >> still awesome. >> yes. >> i know. i love the justice league. >> give us saturday mornings. >> josh. power. >> activate. >> indeed. finally that sweltering heat wave that has swallowed up the heat coast had everybody desperate to take a dip except this guy. take a look. >> oh, no. >> taking the internet by storm. >> oh. >> showing the lengths he'll go to to avoid being bathed. >> oh, my goodness. >> he probably could have held out much longer had his owner not stepped in and taken matters into her own hands. but he's trying. he's trying. and that's "pop news." >> i've been there. we have that. >> did you see that? oh, my. >> see the before.
8:08 am
>> let's go down to sam. he's down on the beach in the bahamas. >> i put this beach on my top list of all best beaches all the time. we were shark diving, by the way, all weekend long and it's why we're still here. we're going to tell you about that in the next half hour and show you some pictures. let's get to the boards and deal with the northeast here. big difference from where we were last week with all of the heat that has a lot to do with where the front is. numbers are cooler, 80 in boston, 75 in portland. 85 in new york. and look just south of that front where it's still 90 in d.c., 89 in philly, and here's where the rain is. a lot of heavy rain on the map this week because you got two fronts kind of in this zone. kansas city, more because you're along the cold front. new york city, more because you're just kind of in that big, wet mess there and all the way to tallahassee, as well, will be the rain. good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike
8:09 am
nicco. starting ouf with low clouds, ending with high clouds. chance of a thunderstorm very isolated in the next 48 hours. once we get to wednesday all the way through the end of the forecast, summer is here and it will stay pretty even-keeled. mid to upper 60s oakland, richmond, san mateo, east bay valleys mid-80s. now, with the humidity around, temperatures are going to be a little milder tonight. a lot of us in the 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, coolest tomorrow. >> it may be my world's most per morning. we are live all morning long from paradise island in the bahamas. lara, what's coming up on the "morning menu"? here's what's coming up on >> thank you so much for asking, sam. glad you're having a good time. here's what's coming up on "gma's morning menu." growing up royal. what life will be like for the future king or queen-to-be. and also on the show, catherine zeta-jones speaking out now about her new safe haven as she battles bipolar disorder.
8:10 am
and some new ways to save big on your supermarket bill. why buying groceries is about to become more like buying plane tickets. we'll explain that and more live on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the most recommended, the most preferred, the most studied multi-vitamin brand, centrum. brand, centrum. help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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8:14 am
back live here in times square on this monday morning and you're hearing the music because here on the "gma heat index," the hottest stories trending now. so many buzzing about the royal baby. kate middleton. kate middleton, she's duchess catherine. the duchess, right.
8:15 am
and so much excitement right now outside buckingham palace. abc's lama hasan is there. lama, what's it like right now outside the palace? >> reporter: well, good morning to you. yeah, just to give you an idea of how excited people are here, we just had a group of american tourists who had heard that the duchess of cambridge had been admitted to the hospital so they came here wanting to get the latest bits of information because, of course, don't forget that it is here outside buckingham palace that the formal announcement will be made, that vital piece of information will be carefully placed on an easel and displayed here and it will have details including the baby's gender, as well as the baby's weight and time of birth and that's also when the world finds out. so william and kate with an heir of historical theater if you like and keeping with royal tradition will have their baby's details on that notice outside here. now, all eyes are just outside here, outside buckingham palace.
8:16 am
>> lama, thank you very much. and they don't even know. i love how the parents did not want to know. one of the last few surprises we have in the world. >> the last great surprise. it'll change your life one way or another very differently but both are awesome. >> i'm excited. next on our "gma heat index," what will life be like for that future king or queen, sure to be one of the most closely watched people in history. so what will reality be like? take a look. ♪ growing up royal is not your run-of-the-mill upbringing but one thing there is the housing. this newest royal will have access to at least four castles, kensington palace where he or she is expected to grow up, buckingham, the 775-room palace where queen elizabeth resides and where he or she will eventually live, sandringham and balmoral the sprawling castle where royals usually summer.
8:17 am
>> the queen spent her whole summer at balmoral. >> reporter: then the wheels, traditional prams before moving on to grandiose carriages and aston martins. royal watchers say the new royal will have pricey transportation from the get-go. >> kate's been telling people she's bought the trendiest pram around. it's a bug-a-boo. >> reporter: ample help. a staff including at least a part-time nanny and full-time security detail but access to a staff doesn't mean kate and william won't be involved parents. >> yes, you'll be seeing william changing a diaper or two. >> you will want to be there most evenings to bath his child and to put his child to bed and to maybe even read him a story about helicopter pilots. >> reporter: as for schooling, this royal will have access to the best of the best education, but is expected to stay close to home until high school just as william did. this young royal will one day oversee england's crown jewels
8:18 am
collection valued at as much as $30 billion but royal watchers say don't expect kate to go crazy dressing the child in over-the-top designer duds. >> let's face it. it's a baby. >> reporter: what you can expect, this baby will likely inherit a royal passion for animals just as queen elizabeth famously loved her horses and corgis so kate and william love ponies and pooches. it's expected to be a royal companion to the baby in months and years to come. >> let's talk to larry hackett, editor of "people" magazine and great to have you here too, patrick. let me tell you about how the baby will grow up. what is happening in the palace right now? >> it's a big royal event, you know, the british royal organization has a bit of a reputation for putting on a good show, if you like.
8:19 am
it's kind of like constitutional theater. the royal family exists to be seen and seen to be doing its duty. well, prime constitutional duty is to reproduce and that's what it's doing today. >> once the baby is brought home, is there any semblance of normal life for a little prince or princess of cambridge? >> you might say, george, that being born is the last normal thing that's going to happen to this baby. >> wow. >> a lot of talk about for malt. there already has been, and of the 21st century, royal has to be appear to be normal in some respects. in fact, normal people will relate to it. in truth this will be a life like no other. they serve a term. they serve for life and this little baby is looking forward -- will have to live up a life of extraordinary duty along with any privilege it may enjoy. >> larry, that first photo going to rocket around the world. >> absolutely, absolutely, i was asking patrick how long it been
8:20 am
after diana was on the steps of the lindo wing after giving birth. we're closing ours tomorrow at lunch but if not we'll have -- you can be sure we'll have it. >> larry. >> i know. but move over, surrey cruze. this is going to be the most well watched child in the world. >> the biggest story in the year. >> i think it's the most fun story. people enjoyed the wedding. unlike the brits who have to worry about taxes we get our royals completely pure. all the fairy tale and everybody loves this fairy tale and i think it's going to be wonderful. >> it's like a resurgence with the royal family. at times people not too crazy about them but right now everyone is in love with them. >> but, robin, one thing i learned eight years working in that business was that if you stop chasing the popularity aspect then you're getting it wrong. they are not politician, not running for office. they don't require the support of their constituency. ultimately they have to survive.
8:21 am
what they're doing today, they survive. it can be too much of a good thing. >> kate seems as popular a royal especially addition as we've seen in recent times. what role is she going to have simply as mother away from the cameras, away from her duties? >> well, one of the things that makes kate different from pretty much any other royal mother before her is that she comes from this fantastically strong, happy, home background, that she has what we're told is a very healthy dose of good working class blood in her veins and i think we can already see the benefits of that. i mean historically it's the royal women who have kept the show on the road and kate looks like she's following in that tradition. >> uh-huh. >> we cannot wait. let's move to a couple other things. we were talking about catherine zeta-jones opening up about the safe haven in her home. >> yeah, well if you can afford it you can build a safe haven, a
8:22 am
wing -- we have man caves, in her case she has a room she goes to to get away. part of this came out when she was discussing her manic depression and what she's undergone and she has been very open about this and very public about it. treated twice publicly that we know and is now kind of opening up about what that meant and noted that the -- one of the more recent waves occurred had her husband got sick which we all know people sometimes fall into this funk when something big happens it them so she's being very open. she found a place to get away. their relationship is easy-going but unusual and when she feels it coming on, she goes to the wing to watch tv and play with her kids. >> been together for 13 years. >> something is working. >> absolutely. >> and a lot has happened so you got to give them credit. >> something else coming on here. i have not seen this but i'm told the cast of "once upon a time" were making fun of all of us at comic-con. let's take a look. ♪
8:23 am
>> good morning, storybrook. >> these plants, i learned that this week. >> good morning, storybook. >> oh, come on and try it. ♪ >> hey, are you feeling okay because we have a doctor on call. >> that's right. oh, doctor, what do you prescribe? >> thanks, heart and goldie. it's time for bedside manner where the md stands for mm, darling. >> what happened to my hair? >> yeah. >> i think you have nothing to worry about. >> larry and patrick, thank you very much for being here. >> yeah. we also want to turn here and talk about memorable moments. the most memorable moments. we want to see a photo of that single magic instant that you're never going to forget. why it means so much to you and tell you how to do it in just a moment. while you think about it take a look at this.
8:24 am
jennifer lawrence winning the oscar. lebron james clinching his first title. will and kate's royal walk down the aisle. snapshots in time of the very best time. >> imagine if you had a photograph of the best moment of your life, what a gift that would be. >> reporter: it's a question that came to richard deitch when he saw a picture of three brothers embracing after the youngest had won a college hockey championship. >> i just sort of was musing with that question and put it out to those who follow me. >> reporter: nearly 88,000 people follow him and all of a sudden they started tweeting back. >> a couple minutes later got a photograph of husband and wife kissing at the altar. ten minutes later a guy holding his son for the first time. a guy who was kissing his wife in a hospital bed after she had woken up from brain and lung transplant surgery. when i tweeted that out the floodgates opened. >> reporter: intimate glimpses into deeply personal moments,
8:25 am
some of the best of their lives. >> we want you to send us your best moments. at yahoo! your unforgettable instance. richard deitch, a dear friend of mine from "sports illustrated." he sent it out. didn't expect it. it has mushroomed and they keep coming. it's a wonderful, wonderful thing richard is doing. it's going to be terrific. again, send them along to us. pretty please. coming up here, we have new ways for you to save big time on these food bills actually without leaving your home. it's good morning, america. >> becky worley. >> and you're going nowhere. of course, royal baby watch all morning long and a big crowd out in times square.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco police are investigating a home invasion in the bay view. it happened around midnight at a home near third street. police say two men and a woman dressed in black forced their way into the home. neighbors heard a struggle and called police. one of the suspects jumped out of a window to get away and broke his leg. police say they found a handgun on him. the other two subpoenas got away. the victim suffered a stab wound but is expected to recover. we'll see how the morning commute is going with leyla gulen. >> pretty much ruined, kristen. if you're heading into east palo alto, a sigalert involving two overturned trucks. traffic tied northbound and southbound. two lanes remain blocked at university avenue in the northbound and southbound direction.
8:28 am
look at the backup coming northbound from highway 85, from before highway 85 bumper to bumper, southbound coming away from sfo. 28 to is your best alternate
8:29 am
welcome back. live doppler 7-hd, these storms moving our way, there's a possibility these storms have brought flooding to the south. could move our way. i don't expect any flooding here. but today and tomorrow, a rare
8:30 am
chance of a thunderstorm. you'll notice the humidity, especially tonight, temperatures only ♪ ♪ you're my lai am your lady an are my man ♪ >> listen to that voice. could it be? could it be? >> could it be? is it celine dion? we'll reveal who is behind that golden voice just ahead. >> whoever it is can sing. >> that is great. celebrating here on "gma." i didn't know this, it's national ice cream month. kelly country creamery in wisconsin and they know their
8:31 am
ice cream. they have more than 200 flavors. >> we'll be testing it out. >> kelp leys aren't telling us what it is. we'll try to figure out what flavor it is from the kelp lcle country creamery. and eric mccormack on his hit series "perception." >> i know you want to keep eating ice cream but -- >> i know. >> in labor. >> really lingering. >> what do you have, amy? >> reporter: well, you know that the press, members of the press have been waiting for three weeks for kate to go into labor. well, that day has come today and now the wait begins. just how long kate's labor may last, now, this would be a really rough day and evening for her if it goes this far but do know the queen has said she does not want to be woken up with
8:32 am
news of the royal birth. we don't know what her bedtime is but one of our royal watchers robert lacey told me she might stay up a little later if it's getting close. let's hope it doesn't come to that. we know diana was in labor for more than 16 hours with prince william. had to be induced. i think after all this waiting let's hope kate has an easy go of it. we will all be watching where that message will come out from those doors right behind me, guys. back to you. >> all right. we're still -- as we wait for the baby, also waiting for results of the ice cream -- yeah. >> take a couple more tastes. >> tough one. >> it's a tough job. somebody's got to do it. in the meantime, we want to tell you about a new way to save time and money on your grocery shopping. becky worley, new online tool that turns your computer into a supermarket aisle to make comparison shopping a snap. take a look. >> reporter: if you run out of stuff, oatmeal, pancake mix.
8:33 am
that's the last garbage bag. and we always need more tp. so you look for sales. clip coupons and then go where the prices are lowest, pharmacy, grocery store. oh, this can take all day. but now a new service called wants to try and condense that process. you know travel sites that compare all the airfares and then let you choose the cheapest. well, that's what mysuper market is trying to do but for groceries. it compares prices from eight leading stores and lists them cheapest to most expensive. but shipping toilet paper and paper towels right to my front door, can that really make sense? i find a lot of the items i need not all but a good selection of brand names, 20 minutes of my
8:34 am
time to buy 12 items, so now it's off to my local supermarket, the big box store, but the problem here -- crest, sensodyne. they don't have my brand of toothpaste so i have to get it someplace else. a few more stops for the items i'm picky about, four stores, three hours and 31 miles of driving. clearly the online option is more convenient. but let's get down to the benjamin. the 12 items purchased from my local stores comes in at 141.62 including tax. but not including the value of my time or gas. but my totals up at $139.45. two bucks cheaper and that does include tax and shipping. it did take two to seven days for all those orders to arrive and when you run out of tp, that local option cannot be beat for immediacy. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california.
8:35 am
>> hey, let's check in with sam now. he's got weather from beautiful paradise island in the bahamas. sam? >> so let's talk to you a little about shark week. that's the reason we're here. the discovery channel's shark week talking about "sha "sharkpocalypse." one of the most incredible things i've been allowed to do. arms and limbs all intact. we'll show you what's going on. here's that cold front dropping down again in the middle of the country that will kick off an awful lot of strong storms. from omaha, kansas city, minneapolis, you're actually involved. damaging winds, even an isolated tornado possible in those storms. on that monsoon today a lot of rain is focused in las vegas, palm springs is likely to get showers out of this. phoenix, in line for rain again
8:36 am
good morning. i'm meek meek. morning, low clouds giving way to high clouds and temperatures below average from 57 at the coast to about 90 inland. a chance of a thunderstorm, a slight chance the next 48 hours, then summer- >> all that weather brought to you by soda stream. i am two seconds from getting in that water right there. josh elliott, right back to you. >> i want to too. i hear that weather is good for 72 hours so that's real strong. it is time now as we are joined by the kelley country creamery literally. it's all about fun, you america and all about ice cream because it's national ice cream month and today we are going to the great state of wisconsin which is somewhere here. take a look. >> all: welcome to kelley country creamery. >> reporter: at kelley country fremarry outside fond lack,
8:37 am
wisconsin, serving ice cream is a family affair. >> there you go. >> reporter: their creamy confections are all homemade on the family 5150-year-old farm. using milk from the cows you see right there outside the shop window. >> a high quality milk we have is produced into an ice cream mix that is a trade secret and our recipe is like no other. it's something very special and pride ourselves in our creativity and the unique flavors we produce. >> reporter: they have flavors. get this, over 200 from which to choose. >> barnyard bash ice cream, we'll take two bags of our white ice cream mix, pour in our local maple syrup and add our secret ingredients and we're going to start our timer for about 12 minutes. all right. and lastly i'm going to add our walnuts, pancakes, waffles and french toast. >> we love the flavors. we have become -- >> once you've tried the ice cream it's almost like an
8:38 am
addiction. you keep coming back, coming back so it's a nice visit out here in the country. it's a good time. >> oh, we are here. this is it. this is the only thing that sticks on our board. wisconsin, though, we know where you are. we are joined by half the population of wisconsin, the kelley family, karen, tim, their five kids amy, bessie, heidi, muller and clark. mystery -- one more taste. do we have any guesses? again we saw crazy cake. >> i'm sticking with cotton candy? i think i'm going with cotton candy. >> do you have a guess? do we have a guess? >> that 's definitely cotton candy. >> the answer is, what is it we're eating. >> it is cotton candy. >> whoo. what do we win? what do we win? >> a trip to wisconsin. >> a 150-year-old secret.
8:39 am
how great is it to have a family business that is truly a family business? >> we are very, very blessed. i had a crazy ice cream dream. the family came on board. we have wonderful employees and customers like no other. >> so you guys very quickly, family powwows about flavors. everybody gets to weigh in. >> sleepless nights, yeah. >> what is the craziest flavor. >> other than bleu cheese pear. >> we started out with maple bacon and put loads and loads of dumpster dive is probably a great one. we got crazy and loaded it up with lots of things. >> that's fantastic. again, it is the kelley country creamery in wisconsin. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up here we put "perception" star eric mccormack on the hot seat. go nowhere.
8:40 am
8:41 am
with lots of things. kelle
8:42 am
we all loved him in "will & grace." now eric mccormack has another hit, "perception," pushing the envelope in all kinds of ways and amy robach sat down with eric mccormack before heading to london. >> so glad to have eric back with us. back for a second season of tnt's hit drama "perception." eric plays a highly functioning paranoid schizophrenic whose day job is neuroscience professor but he also moonlights for the fbi where his hallucinations help him solve crimes. take a look. you just hallucinated your
8:43 am
virtual girlfriend. >> are you jealous. >> i'm concerned. you're not sleeping. you've abandoned your routine. you know where this lead, daniel. >> no, i don't. >> with you unable to tell the difference between the real world and this lapd of make-believe. >> it's not going 0 happen. >> it's already happening. >> you were with us almost one year ago today talking about this new hit drama which has turned out to be "perception." now you're back for season two and i see dr. pierce is still hallucinating. >> at the end of season one he completely decompensated and had to be admitted to a hospital so we started season one quite healthy on his meds but he doesn't actually do very well on his meds for very long. he's a guy that needs to own it, to own his disorder and to almost use it for him rather than working in spite of it. >> how do you prepare for a role like that if you aren't suffering from that condition and you don't tend to have hallucinations, how do you prepare for it. >> well, i mean if you're the sitcom guy who says i'm going to do this role and people are just looking to knock you down so you
8:44 am
need to make sure you can say, i did the homework here and i'm not -- and i'm -- particularly want to be able to go to the mental illness community and say i'm not taking this lightly. we're approaching this with accuracy and empathy. >> let's lighten things up. i'd like to play a twist on word association called words with co-stars. we'll throw out eye name. talk -- just say the first word tass come to mind when i say the person's name. so i'm going to start with deborah messing. >> partner. >> oh, nice. sean hayes, can't use the same one. >> restraining order. >> julie louise dreyfuss? >> secret crush. >> ah. i got to tell you this is pretty funny as we were looking at all you've done in your career which is quite tremendous you were the kool-aid guy like did you say, hey, hey, hey. >> no, if i had said that, no one would have heard me because, no, it wasn't like a commercial.
8:45 am
i was just wearing the suit. i wish i had a shot to cut to. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, i was like 20. between years in theater school. >> got to pay the bills. >> and kids -- you'd think they would have a lot affection for the big red jug, no, it was very violent. they wanted to push and punch and knock me down. >> look how far you've cook. eric mccormack, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> i wish we did have a picture of that. "perception," tuesdays on tnt. coming up -- ♪ because i'm your lady >> sure sounds like celine dion but who is it we'll uncover the owner of that voice in just a minute.
8:46 am
8:47 am
moments ago we heard that remarkable rendition of celine dion's "the power of love".
8:48 am
well, it's not celine. so who is it, who is it? veronique. you channel so many different voices, it's wonderful. have you this at bali's in las vegas. >> veronic voices at bali's at the usually theater. >> celine dion discovered you. >> i was her opening ago and from there we decided to work together and she's producing the show. >> was it intimidating doing celine dion in front of celine dion. >> it was quite intimidating. she started coaching me. she said, okay, now you got to do this and you got to do this. because when you're singing, it's like that. you need to do that. >> you are channeling her. you sound like her, as well. you do like over 90 voices. the most difficult. what's the most difficult one. >> i had a very big -- hard time with barbra streisand because obviously like she's an icon and
8:49 am
for me to try to do barbra streisand was like very, very hard but there's -- there's so many voices like i go through anita baker to britney spears, rihanna. there's 50 voices in that show and there's like for everybody -- >> so we'll hear four voices, pink, we're going to hear tina turner. >> yeah. >> who else? >> you're going to sheer shakira and maybe a bit of dolly because, you know, there are some people working from 9:00 to 5:00, you know, we need to cheer them up. >> we work 5:00 to 9:00. 5:00 a.m. to -- >> here she is, veronic singing a medley of our favorite songs. >> thank you. ♪ made a wrong turn to my way
8:50 am
out there bad decisions that's right welcome to my city lights ♪ ♪ mistreated misunderstood no way it feels good it's getting so me down ♪ ♪ mistaken always second-guessing underestimating look how i'm turned around ♪ ♪ pretty pretty please don't you ever ever feel like you're nothing you are perfect ♪ ♪ pretty pretty please if you ever, ever feel like you're nothing you are perfect to me ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ looking for that ba ba ba ♪ ♪ can't you see i'm not yours ♪ forever forever we're meant to be together ♪ ♪ i'll be there and you be here ♪ ♪ and that's it ♪ we'll never have to wonder late night ♪ ♪ i need you my heart's on fire ♪ ♪ well i can't be wrong take my heart and make it stronger ♪
8:52 am
♪ you're simply the best better than all the rest ♪ ♪ better than everyone anyone i ever had ♪ ♪ ah you're the best >> how about some "9:00 to 5:00." all right, tonight. ♪ to the kitchen pour myself a cup and dawn is trying to come to life ♪ ♪ bed is thumping and the cats are jumping and folks like me on a job from 5:00 to 9:00 ♪ ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ it's all taking no giving
8:53 am
♪ you can lose your mind and never give you credit ♪ ♪ if you let it 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ work work work working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ working 9:00 to 5:009:00 to 5:00 ♪ [ applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
las vegas comes to times square. thanks to veronic. >> royal baby watch all day long. stay tuned. see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the san francisco giants welcomed the cincinnati reds to at&t park tonight. should be a good game. meteorologist mike nicco has the game-time forecast. >> lot of cloud cover, temperature about 62 dropping to 58. afternoon highs, only 64 in san francisco, 69 in oakland, 70s and 80s inland. that's because the morning clouds are going to give way to high clouds. humid out there. a chance of a thunderstorm. very isolated today and tomorrow. leyla? we have an update on the sigalert in east palo alto. southbound side of 101 at university avenue. two lanes remain blocked but the two lanes that were closed in the northbound direction have just reopened. but we are left with this backup, tremendous backup in both directions, use 280 instead.
9:00 am
kristen? >> leyla, thanks a lot. join us for our midday news announcer: it's "live with kelly nd michael." today, on "live," octavia spencer. and broadway on "live" week begins when kelly goes behind the scenes at "pippin." plus, from the tv series "graceland," daniel sunjata. all next on "live!" [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]


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