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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 23, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. the news the world has been waiting for. it's a boy. we have breaking details right now. the name announced today. and his royal parents are expected to bring him home. we'll get that first look at the boy who will grow up to be king. this morning, the latest on the little prince's birth and his exciting life to come. >> you are looking live at the steps where the baby will be seen first. lara spencer and amy robach are on the scene with the new royal family live in london for our special broadcast, "the royal baby, heir to the throne." and we do say good morning, america. it is a great morning.
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let's face it, for will and kate. the new royal family, spending their first night together as a family at st. mary's hospital. no visitors, just the three of them last night. >> just the three of them. we just got a statement from the duke and duchess of cambridge. they said "we would like to thank the staff at the lindo wing and the whole hospital and the care that we received." and last night, love this moment. cameras captured a little late-night pizza for the royal couple delivered by one of their detectives. they got a little hungry. >> they're just like us. >> just like us. >> we don't have royal detectives. >> no. >> last time we checked. we are also tracking some other major stories this morning including that scary landing for a southwest airlines night. the landing gear collapsed. thankfully, no one seriously injured. and the scene right now
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outside buckingham palace, so many people -- as you see the scene inside that southwest plane. and people staying up all night to celebrate the royal arrival. so let's get to london right now, rainy london, we understand. full coverage this morning. lara is there along with amy robach outside st. mary's hospital. >> what are they doing? >> we couldn't afford two umbrellas, i suppose. we only had in the budget one umbrella. >> and are they on their phones? >> we're under one umbrella. we're on our cell phones because we cannot hear you. all of the equipment has died because of the downpour. and i was going to show you all the newspapers, but here's what it looks like. here's the headlines here in london. they disintegrated. >> yes. >> but the ones that survived are really fantastic. and to our viewers, amy and i are not being rude. we're not talking to each other on the phone. this is the only way we can hear you in new york. >> yes. >> so "it's a boy" says "the daily tar." and amy and i, this was our
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favorite, "the sun" changed its name to "the son." >> if only the sun would come out now, it would be better. >> behind us, the lindo wing, >> it would be a great day. we're learning that maybe we'll see the royal baby and mom and dad for the first time. >> yes, and we know so much of the press corps has been here for 3 1/2 weeks, some of them -- i've just been here for five days. but for all of those moments, all eyes have been on the lindo wing there, waiting for some news. we got that yesterday. it was a fantastic moment. everybody celebrated. there was screaming and cheering in the streets and then we're all now here still waiting because we want to see that baby cambridge. we want to see that beautiful family come down the steps. you know what was great, we saw a modern twist to so much of what we were expecting. and we still got that steeped history of tradition. abc news learned that prince william spent the night at the room in the lindo wing, near his wife and new son. the prince saying in a statement
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we could not be happier. the royal couple spent the evening calls friends and family to deliver the news personally. this morning charles and camilla talked about it. >> father, mother and son all doing well. uplifting moment for the country. >> reporter: for nearly four hours the baby's arrival was kept secret until the announcement was made via e-mail eventually it rang out via town crier. at 4:24 p.m., ten hours after being admitted to london's st. mary's hospital, kate, duchess of chaim, delivered a baby boy tipping the scales at 8 pounds 6 ounces. at the back entrance paparazzi captured pizza being delivered possibly for the royal couple. just as official word of the baby's arrival was being placed on an easel in front of buckingham palace as tradition dictates. >> it's a boy. >> it's a boy.
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>> reporter: and was welcomed by euphoric royal watchers from around the world, many of who traveled to london specifically for the birth. >> it's just exciting to be here because we don't have anything in the united states like this. >> it's amazing, isn't it, that, you know, it's the heir to the throne. it doesn't happen every day, does it? >> i'm so excited. we've been celebrating all evening. >> reporter: and as day turned to night, tributes to the newest heir to the throne poured in. london's trafalgar square was changed to blue. and spelling out boy on the ship's deck. and there was celebrations in the streets. champagne was flowing. the pubs around london, you might imagine, were packed. there's more reasons to celebrate because there's so much more we don't know. >> including the name. as we look ahead, one thing we're excited about is when the queen will meet the new
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great grandchild. >> reporter: the first steps for a new family. walking down these steps at st. mary's hospital before being whisked away to their new home. overnight, the couple did not accept visitors. but may begin accepting them as early as today. though it's not clear if the baby's new grandparents will wait for the couple to get settled at their home first. the royal couple will raise their bundle of joy in apartment 1a of kensington palace. the expansive flat more than 20 rooms is within the same palace in which william grew up. noted for its ornate interior design and picturesque gardens. this morning, prince william is officially on diaper duty, otherwise known as paternity leave. at some point kate and the baby are also expected to travel to her parents' buckleberry estate where a second nursery is believed to have been constructed so she can spend time with her family in the coming months. >> kate is going to spent time with her mother. mums will get up in the night. mums will get up in the night
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and take care of the baby. >> reporter: later this week, the duke and duchess are expected to bring their newest heir to visit the queen, so she can meet her great grandson for the very first time. it will be the first time in more than a century that a monarch has had a great grandchild that is also heir to the throne. >> we'll learn the name to the baby but right to buckingham palace and lama hasan is talking about all of the celebrations that continue today. lama? >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. welcome to london. here we are outside of buckingham palace where the crowd has been growing all day today. that's because the sell brakes are in full swing to mark the royal birth. >> fire. >> reporter: the city of london was echoing with the sound of gunfire beginning very close to where we are here at green park with a 41 royal gun salute. at the time time there was a 62 royal gun salute at the tower of
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london. if that wasn't loud enough, how about this -- [ bells tolling ] >> reporter: at westminster abbey where william and kate were married two years ago there is a full bell peel, that three hours of bell ringing. i think it's time to get the earplugs out. >> england has three kings in waiting so how do you raise a baby to be king? joining me is victoria murphy, who is also the royal reporter of "the daily mirror." and a new mom yourself. congratulations to you. a little break from protocol from will and kate. he spent the night with her. that's a bit unusual. >> good morning. thank you, robin. yes, william did, doting dad william could not be parted from his wife and baby's side
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last night. and it is so unprecedented for the royal family. prince charles was there when he was born. but he did not stay the night. and if you go further back prince william was playing squash when his son was born. i think it shows how much times have changed. that tells us how much of a hands-on dad william genuinely plans to be and how much he tipdzs to be very involved in this baby's upbringing. >> victoria, another sign that things have changed, it was about four hours when the baby was born and when it was announced because will and kate wanted to tell their family and friends before telling the whole world. just like proud parents, right, victoria? >> well, of course, they did, exactly. i mean, it's incredible really when you think of twitter and everything that nothing leaked out for an entire hours there, but the baby was born and we didn't know about it until half past 8:00. during that time, william and kate had a lot of important phone calls to make. they had to tell the queen.
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william told his parents, his brother and the middletons. and i would be very surprised if they didn't take the opportunity to make phone calls to their closest friends. there's absolutely no way they would want their best friends to find out about this birth through the media. so i would be very surprised if they hasn't made a lot of phone calls in those four hours. >> victoria, flaigs to you, as well and thank you for your perspective and insight. all the best. let's talk about this with tina brown, editor in chief of "the daily beast" and also the best-selling book on princess diana, "the diana chronicles." it seems like this is part of a big royal renaissance, riding a wave of popularity. >> it's amazing that when you consider that windsor castle was burned down at the end of the 20th century, the public didn't even want to pay for the renovation. the monarchy was so unpopular. you had all the scandal, you had the divorces, you had the sort
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of cheesy tapes being leaked to the paper, and there was a sense that the royal family had lost it in terms of their appeal. since the death of diana, they have regranted, no question. now that prince william has turned out to be so he will against, so modern and contemporary, and he chooses this girl who has not put a foot wrong. she is not royal. they let her woo her, get to know her. >> and they worked out this trick of being very elegant. very royal. and in a deep sense. but also, making a connection. >> that's what's charming about it. the fact that kate is a very contemporary girl. she's fashionable. she's sort of hip, but she's always a lady. that's what's so great, and that's one of the reasons why she's become such an icon. >> many more years before this little king gets to be king. could be up to 60 years. how do you see the royal family evolving and that role evolving?
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>> no doubt that this monarch, queen elizabeth ii is going to be the last one to have that amount of staff. none of that will get disbanded while she's there. but i do think that by the time we get to william there will be a much smaller, much more european kind of monarchy, which is more of a pr role and less of a grand role. i would be surprised if future kings don't live in buckingham palace. i see that as a show piece. i believe that it's going to reduce in that sense. but at the same time, i think they're always going to be there. i just think, for instance, you won't have so many relatives involved. the queen has to pay for all of these dukes and duchesses. they live in kensington palace and they're minor royals and they're hanging out. it will be a downsized monarchy, i think but still very much there. it will be their contemporary
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icons who will be required to promote their country. >> tina brown, thank you very much. you'll be back later in the program. >> there's going to be a special edition of "20/20" tonight. "the royal baby, heir to the throne." to that hard landing overnight at new york's laguardia airport. the landing gear of a jet collapsing after touching down on that runway. 155 people onboard, passengers and crew. and they had to use emergency chutes to exit the damaged plane. abc's lisa stark has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it began as a routine landing, filmed out of a passenger's window. when suddenly the plane makes a violent, hard impact. the front of the jet slamming into the ground. this morning, two views of the frightening landing. from inside, confusion and fear. and from the outside, you can see the sparks flying. flames shooting out. as the nose of the boeing 737
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scrapes along the runway. authorities say as the jet landed, the nose gear collapsed sending the plane skidding 2,000 feet down the asphalt. >> the aircraft skidded down the runway on its nose. and veered off and came to rest halfway down the runway. >> reporter: in the tower, they scrambled to run other equipment and scramble flights. onboard, passengers say they felt two, hard thuds. white smoke fills the air. >> the whole plane just went very quickly and that's when the door blew in. >> we hit the ground pretty hard. there was a lot of smoke filling the plane. >> reporter: everyone got down the emergency slides. >> you want to get on the ground and kiss the earth. >> reporter: landing gear problems do happen but there's usually a warning light in the
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cockpit. apparently not this time catching everyone by surprise. so frightening for those onboard. and a big headache for other travelers. busy laguardia was shut down completely for over an hour after the accident. and just moments ago, that one runway that was still closed, well, they finally opened it. but delays do remain for those trying to fly into the airport and, robin, the ntsb is investigating just what went wrong. >> again, the main thing is no one was seriously injured. thank you, lisa, so very much. we're going to look at other top stories developing. sam had trouble getting back from the bahamas because of what happened. >> yeah, so many flights diverted because of that but thankfully everyone was basically okay. >> they're going to catch up at major airports around the country. we're going to start here with the shocking lapse of security around pope francis. his car, a simple gray fiat. you can barely see it there. overtaken by crowds in brazil in
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his first trip as pope abroad trapped with no fences holding people back. and at times, no uniformed officers in sight. now, adding to concerns, those violent anti-government protests that erupted there overnight. police, meanwhile, investigated a pipe bomb that was found at a local shrine. on his first overseas trip as pontiff, pope francis arrived to a mob scene. the pope here embracing the the streets of rio de janeiro as the papal motorcade was forced to a standstill, not once, but several times. church officials and brazilian authorities claim that the pontiff's driver simply made a wrong turn and ended up on streets cluttered with cars and buses. the security detail scrambled to protect the world's first latin-american pope. the vatican acknowledged the error but said the pope was never worried for his safety. in fact, you can see him blessing the crowds, even stopping to kiss a baby. brazilian law enforcement also discovered a pipe bomb at a
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sao paulo shrine that the pope scheduled to visit wednesday. authorities describe it as insignificant. yet despite the incidents, the vatican spokesman said, and i quote, there are no concerns for security, end quote. pope francis is in brazil for world youth day. and protests erupted less than an hour after the pope's welcoming ceremony. the top u.s. military general is warning congress about the cost of getting more involved in syria's bloody war. martin dempsey says that one option, enforcing a no-fly zone would cost up to $1 billion per month. meanwhile, general dempsey also warns that arming the rebels or taking control of chemical weapons and i quote, could lead to unintended consequences. baseball's doping scandal has claimed its first big star. that would be ryan braun of the milwaukee brewers.
7:18 am
he made emphatic denials last year. he has been suspended for the rest of the within without pay. that will cost him some $20,000 per day. and just days after his acquittal, george zimmerman back in the news. police in sanford, florida, say zimmerman was driving down the highway thursday, when he saw an suv flip over. after the crash police say he stopped, helped another man rescue the family trapped inside. they were okay. zimmerman spoke to police when they arrived before continuing on. dramatic rescue here. sheriff's deputies approached this burning minivan. thick smoke pouring from the vehicle. it's hard to see, but watch this. police move in and pull the driver out of this vehicle just seconds before that van burst into flames. the driver had apparently suffered a diabetic shock. doing much better this morning. this is the second time we've seen this in about a week, and, again, everybody thankfully not seriously injured. >> all right, josh, thanks very much. good to have you back. nice to be here.
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it's an awful lot of soaking heavy rain throughout the northeast. we'll show you where that is and why it's there. back to the pattern, the idea of where we were in june in parts of the mid-atlantic into the northeast. where there is 'an awful lot of clouds keeping temperatures down. this is us, by the way, after we were diverted to allentown back into new york city. a lot of planes still trying to find their way back in today. into the new york city area. here comes that front. it's going to take a little time to get east behind it as the drier air, detroit, 82, new york, 86 but it's an awful lot of rain, still expected during the day today before it all tapers of 0 tomorrow. here's where the stronger storms are, st. louis to louisville to wichita to tulsa, all in line for powerful storms.
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good tuesday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. partly sunny, still humid today. we've had some showers this morning. they'll be isolated at best during the afternoon hours, and starting tomorrow. it will be brighter, warmer, and the air mass will be much drier. temperatures today pretty close to average from 70 in san francisco to upper 70s in the north bay, low to mid-80s in the south bay and mid-80s to near 90 in the east bay valleys. may need the air conditioner there just to get the humidity >> all right, sam, thanks very much. coming up on "gma," the shocking trial of the woman accused of poisoning her fiance's iced tea with antifreeze. how she almost got away with it. billy ray cyrus and his wife calling off the divorce.
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♪ ♪ dry hair needs a daily dose of effective moisture. new dove daily moisture has pro moisture complex that goes deep down to hair's cellular level. it moisturizes to give you up to 5 x smoother hair in one wash. dove's most effective conditioner yet. new dove daily moisture. ♪ good morning. i'm eric thomas. authorities are investigating the death of a 7-month-old boy. an emergency call was made after 1:00 this morning. they found the child unresponsive. police say it's too early to
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tell if foul play is involved but the homicide unit is investigating. the faa is investigating a plane crash that killed a bay area pilot near lake tahoe. steven livkin and his wife were returning home to palo alto yesterday when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. his wife survived and is recovering in a hospital. leyla gulen has the tuesday commute. >> a couple cars tangled up on highway 4 around bailey road leaving one lane blocked as well as the center divider. slow conditions through bay point heading into concord. 30 miles per hour is going to be your top speed out there. we look at san jose also slowing down making the drive along 85. eric? >> when we come back,
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good morning. here's live doppler 7-hd. most of our returns have moved offshore in the last hour or so but a juicy air mass, temperatures in the 60s about everywhere except for closer to the coast, novato, santa rosa mid to upper 50s. because of that, a stray shower possible today but more likely we'll be
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♪ good morning, america, from here in times square, and look at those shots of buckingham palace. changing the guard right now. a little rain today in london, but that is not stopping all of the excitement over the new royal baby. lara and amy practicing their maybe they're going to get a chance to wave at the young family coming out at some point either today or tomorrow. i guess it stopped raining enough for them. there was the announcement yesterday afternoon, a baby is born. we still do not have a name, but we're going to take a look at that coming up in a little bit and look at some of the favorites, as well. >> odds are, it's going to be george. that's the word on the street. >> really? >> yeah. king george. >> i would be honored if they named the baby after me. >> and they would be naming him after you. we have some other news, of
7:31 am
course, this morning, including that shocking trial of the woman accused of poisoning her fiance's iced tea with antifreeze. her fate in the hands of the jury right now. and billy ray cyrus and his wife reconciling. the couple calling off a divorce. what they say saved a 19-year marriage. >> and that's the second time they've done that. remember before he filed. >> yeah. >> wow, all right. and when you hear the word kate today, think of another great kate, won't you, cost -- oscar winner cate blanchett. she played the first queen elizabeth. she's starring in a brand-new woody allen movie. and we cannot wait to find out more about what's going on with her. >> really powerful. amazing performance by her in this. >> we're really looking forward to that. now that we know when the new prince was born and how much he weighs, everyone is wondering what's his name going to be? the royal baby traditionally, well, it's noble names steeped in history, but will the new parents buck tradition and go for something, oh, i don't know, more trendy let's go back to lara in london with more on that. hey, lara. >> hello, robin. my guess is they will stick with tradition.
7:32 am
and, you know, we have no idea when the name will happen. everybody's so excited about it. but it could take a while. the queen waited a month to announce charles' name, and they waited a week for william's name. so it could be today. maybe not today. but what will it be? everybody is guessing including us. talk about an heir of mystery. the royal heir's name, still unknown. but that hasn't stopped people from speculating. >> by george, he's got it. by george, he's got it. >> reporter: actually george isn't a bad guess. there have been six kings of england with that moniker including queen elizabeth's father, george vi. the name james also a contender but if frequency is any indication, the prince of cambridge could be called edward, a name shared by 11 past kings. the royal throne has also seen eight king henrys. the real name of the newborn's royal uncle, prince harry.
7:33 am
of course, there's also the possibility will and kate could go with a game not steeped in royal history. no, we're not talking north west or apple but perhaps francis. it's the middle name of duchess kate's father and grandfather as well as princess diana's middle name. it's also likely the royal baby will have several names like his dear old dad whose full name is william arthur philip louis or his grandfather who is charles philip arthur george. george is my guess. amy? >> i'm going to go with james because it's means the supplanter and seeing how this baby kicked out prince harry out of the third in succession, i think james is appropriate. >> and this is for you, george stephanopoulos. >> i'm going with tradition. they said four names so i'm going with george joshua samuel lucky. >> that's a great name. >> come on. >> that's a great name.
7:34 am
>> what are the chances? >> i just wrote george four times. >> apparently there's a lot of reasons why. amy stole them all but sarina said yesterday watching the special report, i think they'll name him james. so i'll go with james jehosephat. i want to see that name make a comeback. >> let's bring in patrick jephson who served as princess diana's chief of staff and private secretary for eight years. you have four name, don't you? >> i do. it's a terrible english habit and it's terribly confusing when you come to america and they say, middle initial. take your pick. >> what are your four names? >> mine is patrick desmond christian journey. it's literally a name-check game for families, older families, and this is what they're going to be looking for with the new baby. you know, they're going to be in there looking for traditional royal names, and there will be some that they feel really have to go in there. >> is there any that have to be in as the four?
7:35 am
>> well, stephanopoulos. >> we're just going to kill this joke. we're going to bang it into the ground. >> until the very end. but, diana, she followed suit. >> yes. i mean, obviously this is almost a tribal thing here. you know, this is not just a celebrity. this is the head of the british tribe that's been born. so the tribe expects to see the familiar names, and because the british navigate through their history by using kings and queens' names, i mean, cate blanchett, you know, her character, elizabeth, gave her name to a complete age, victoria, a complete age. henry viii. maybe this new baby, the new king, who will be after all the first king of the 22nd century, probably. >> that's true, right. >> his name will probably live in history, too. so they're going to have to get it right. >> will the queen, will she have a say? >> i feel that the queen's influence over this is benign and quite distant. they will as a courtesy i'm sure want to pass it in front of her
7:36 am
first. >> sure. >> but my guess is that they will stick with traditional royal names. and i would guess, also, there will be a nod towards the new prince's grandparents, grandfather, in particular, prince charles. arthur is a popular name, obviously one of william's names. one of the grandfather's names and the most legendary king's name of all in english history, the knights of the round table. and all that, so i hope that's in there. >> that would be nice. king arthur, i'd like that. >> you are a delight. thank you. >> my patrick. >> thanks, patrick. >> samuel j. champion. >> we're going to start with some pictures out of arizona. we had a big monsoon flow yesterday and that meant very heavy rain totals. in many places, 2 to 3 inches of rain in 20 to 30 minutes. that low begins to focus its way north and that's going to dry out a lot of these areas. just east of phoenix, so we're looking at 101 there in phoenix. palm springs, about 100 degrees.
7:37 am
vegas, 99. it's much drier air particularly in the deserts here. and in comes this heat. yesterday, garden city. i thought so even standing on the beaches of bermuda i thought you were going to get to about 103 degrees. that was yesterday. this is today. and 99 in oklahoma city. 99 in dallas. 98 in san antonio. 93 in houston. the middle of the country gets most of the heat today. >> robin's like what? you weren't in bermuda. no, i wasn't. i was in nassau. but i drove all tight to get here so i'm a little -- i don't know where i am. that weather was brought to you by target. >> we are glad you're back, sam. >> thank you. we're going to shift gears to that case we've been following of the mother charged with killing the father of her children by lacing his iced tea
7:38 am
with antifreeze. the case has gone to the jury. abc's gio benitez has the latest details. >> reporter: this morning the jury may decide the fate of 34-year-old holly mcfeeture, accused of slowly killing her fiance, matt podolak, one sip at a time. in closing arguments prosecutors showed jurors how the antifreeze would have completely disappeared in a glass of podolak's favorite raspberry iced tea. side by side with a normal glass, they said, you can't tell the difference. >> no possible way to know that someone was poisoning him. he fell in love with the wrong woman. she was toxic to him. >> reporter: in 2006, living in this cleveland home with their children, podolak got violently ill. the 31-year-old navy veteran died just days later. the cause, ethylene glycol, the chemical in antifreeze. six years later, mcfeeture was arrested, but her defense says her fiance killed himself. the defense's only witness,
7:39 am
dr. robert bucks, a colorado coroner who reviewed podolak's medical records saying the documents suggest he intentionally followed antifreeze. >> they're hoping that there's reasonable doubt that maybe this antifreeze was ingested all at one time making suicide at least a possibility. >> reporter: prosecutors reminding jurors that mcfeeture quickly collected podolack's life insurance policy and his 401(k) after his death without paying for the funeral. mcfeeture pled not guilty. her defense team says there's no evidence she killed podolak. >> you have to find her innocent. you've got to end the nightmare and you've got to put to rest this family's tragedy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> to the jury now and coming up, how will and kate will protect their baby from the cameras. and kate will protect their baby from the cameras? ♪
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welcome back, everyone. lara and i were just discussing our sunnier day here. we're much happier about the weather here at the moment. and guess what, this baby is one day old and already the most famous baby in the world. the big question is, how will the royal couple protect that little tyke from the glaring eye of the paparazzi? well, you can be sure of this, it will be their top priority.
7:44 am
they can't come soon enough, the first images of the royal family's new bundle of joy and the man who may be there when they're taken, royal photographer, chris jackson, the man behind the lens for some of the royal family's most iconic moments. >> this is a new royal family. this is a young generation. they have to give some visibility. prince william will be giving something in order to maintain his privacy. >> reporter: in the meantime, the world is looking for a glimpse. just as kate was the most visible mother-to-be, the new prince is likely to be the most most photographed tot on the planet. >> everyone wants to know if it looks like william or kate. it's a very important face to get to know. >> reporter: the royals have always understood that having their babies photographed comes with the job. charles and diana gamely posed
7:45 am
for photographs with baby william. but from an early age, charles was schooling young wills about the dark side of the cameras. when princess diana was killed in a paris car accident in 1997, overzealous paparazzi believed to be chasing her at the time were blamed for the death. for years after, the press backed off of princes william and harry. but when william and kate announced their engagement, the hunger of anxious photographers was palpable. several measures are already in place to guard the newest royal. >> kate and william have round-the-clock private protection officers and that, of course, will continue when the royal baby is born. >> reporter: but the lure of the hefty price tag for exclusive baby photos will be tempting for the paparazzi. experts say pictures could dpech up to $10 million. royal watchers say kate and william would be wise to take a page from diana and allow sporadic photos from their childhood all in an effort to
7:46 am
satisfy the appetite ravenous for pictures. who is ravenous? maybe just a few hundred cameramen who are just dying and looking at the door right there. the lindo wing. i've never looked at a set of doors longer in my life. >> longer, you, more than anybody. but the wait continues. >> we're still looking, josh. >> we're hearing it's today. >> most likely. all right. ladies, we'll be right back with you should those doors, in fact, open. coming up here, meanwhile, billy ray cyrus and his wife. how they saved their 19-year marriage again. and then a nice little "play of the day" from my home state of california. these divers getting the experience of a lifetime. was it a good one? find out. ♪
7:47 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> sam, you were just shark diving. >> yes, sir. >> for a future segment. shark diving, scary. you think diving with whales far less so.
7:51 am
or maybe not. to california we go. take a look. you have two divers here just minding their own business off the coast of california. >> yeah. >> diving with humpback whales, which sounds kind of cool. >> yeah. >> until you learn that they're diving with humpback whales during feeding season. when they lunge feed and so that's how close these whales got. >> so -- >> so there will be no "sea rescue" necessary, sam. but we were very close. that close to. that close. that close. coming up, london and the baby. ♪ use your debit or credit redcard for an extra 5% off our everyday low prices.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. there are less than two weeks to go before another possible b.a.r.t. strike but no progress is in sight for agreement on the new contract. the two sides met with a state mediator yesterday but are not meeting with each other. union representatives and b.a.r.t. management each accusing the other of not focusing on the issues. let's focus on the weather. meteorologist mike nicco has your temperatures. mike? >> thank you very much, kristen. good morning, everybody. the clouds are holding on to their moisture now. the ones letting it go are out over the ocean but i still think a stray shower is possible today but it will be stray. kind of humid today, 65 in half moon bay, 70 san francisco to
7:57 am
near 90 in the east bay valleys. leyla? this accident happened a few hours ago in napa highway 128 near 121 involving a vehicle that had gone over the side. fire department is responding. kristen? >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] a lot of happy people out there in times square. welcoming the new royal baby to the world. uniting times square and london. just clearing up. rain earlier. you see the crowd outside buckingham palace. everybody waiting for the first look at the royal baby. there's lara and amy this morning. they're on post at st. mary's hospital all morning long. and coming up, we're going to learn a little bit more about what kate has learned about being a mom from diana. it was a historic moment on
8:01 am
monday. waiting for that sheet of paper placed outside of buckingham palanpa pala palace. we're going to bring some of that tradition here to new york ci city, times square. our own document here. >> it's not as nice. it doesn't look as royalty. >> also, we're going to switch gears. a prizing hollywood reconciliati reconciliation, but a good one. bil billy ray cyrus and his wife, after a 19-year reunion. >> we have no more room. but we have cate blanchett and heidi klum. they're both here. too full of beauty and talent. cannot take anymore.
8:02 am
>> we go to lara outside of st. mary's hospital, and the latest on the royal baby. >> good morning to you all. we want to give you a quick update. we have sun now to show you the neighbo newspapers. amy has our favorite. >> mine is drying out a little bit. it's wrinkled. it says "the sun," but you see how "the son" is spelled. >> and the great shot of prince charles who we have not seen yet. we might see both sets of grandparents here. we have a couple of updates for you from kensington palace. we learned that the royal family will be leaving the hospital tonight. but not before 6:00 a.m. or they may will leaving form morning. we may be camped out here all
8:03 am
day because it's about getting the iconic shot at the lindo wing behind us there. >> millions waiting for that moment. >> everybody wants a photo. kate might want some sleep. we're going to begin with new york laguardia's operate reopen, after crews towed a southwest boeing 373 monday night. you see the sparks scraping the ground. passengers had to evacuate down emergency slides. ten people are said to have suffered minor injuries. and children were killed in eastern afghanistan. they were on patrol, when a suicide bombing blew them up. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the act. bob filner's former communications director says he
8:04 am
asked her to work without wearing underwear. and he dragged her around in a headlock. filner has apologized how he paid women in the past. and new questions being raised about the police response of a brutal home invasion. 911 tapes released, a hostage negotiator was told not to report to the scene. jerer if and her two daughters were killed. the father, dr. women pettitte survived. and his annual golf tournament honors his family's memory. a new study finds that men who skipped breakfast on a regular basis, had 27% chance higher for heart attack. the researchers believe that the
8:05 am
men ate bigger meals later on. diane sawyer with a look at what's ahead on "world news." >> good morning to you, josh. with all of the flash floods around this country, we're going to remind everyone what to do if your car is singing fast and you're trapped inside. how to save yourself and your family. >> we will watch that, diane. finally here, there's smart and there's really smart. this little show-off. varun jain took the s.a.t. last month. he scored a perfect 2,400. he is only 14 years old. his dad work him up to tell him if the huge news.
8:06 am
he went back to teep. >> i can't name the musical instrument he was playing. >> get your -- we're going to write down our s.a.t. scores. >> thanks. time, now, for "pop news." a special edition. let's go back to lara and amy in london. >> yes. robin, this is what we call the royal edition of "pop news." with a guest star. are you ready? >> i am ready. >> we begin with kate and william's newborn son. he shores a birthday with selena gomez. and oscar dela renn to. and rose kennedy. and we should mention the royal ba baby also had a baby born on the
8:07 am
same day. maybe she'll get a silver coin. for all babies born orn that day. >> and we look at the horoscope. character traits, outgoing, independence, thrive in social settings. and take control of situations. it sounds like a perfect fit for a future king. and the brother of the late princess diana issued a statement saying for his jeff you and the baby. and he talked about his two sisters, my father said when my sister was born, was a blistering hot day in 1961. >> it was 90 degrees. and the humidity was sweltering. and everyone was suffocating in the heat. but it was a happy day. >> you were telling us over e-mail how hot it was. and how many people were here.
8:08 am
she wasn't exaggerating. and corporate brands are happy to weigh in on the royal baby and maybe cash in. let's start with hostess snacks. they took this opportunity to remind us that the twinkie is back. and with the caption, a sweet guy -- finally, they created family photos their way. and kept it short and sweet. that's the end of "pop news." samuel? >> wait a minute. tell me your name. >> i'm mary ann. >> you guys are from allentown? >> yeah. >> i was there last night. we -- i was just a couple earlier on the road. you left at 2:30 this morning.
8:09 am
i could have ridden with you and didn't have to drive. good morning, everybody. sorry. just meeting folks in times square. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with atlantic. we're looking in the southeast. and that gulf coast area of florida to atlanta, and taking it west to kansas city. this may be one of the wettest spring. how about a cooler, drier air mass for chicago, good tuesday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. partly sunny, still humid today. we've had some showers this morning. they'll be isolated at best during the afternoon hours, and starting tomorrow. it will be brighter, warmer, and the air mass will be much drier. temperatures today pretty close to average from 70 in san francisco to upper 70s in
8:10 am
the north bay, low to mid-80s in the south bay and mid-80s to near 90 in the east bay valleys. may need the air conditioner there just to get the humidity >> we're hanging without with the folks from liam's lighthouse. thank you for hanging out. let's get inside to josh. looking at what's ahead on "good morning america" morning menu. how will they compare as royal mums. and surprise reconciliation of silly bray sigh us will and his wife, frish. there they are, live. >> the stars of "project runway." it's "good morning america" here. before copd...
8:11 am
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as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion. and i believe it's doing a good job. ♪ back, now, at 8:15, where you are. 1:15 here in london. and the "gma heat index" is burning up with speculation about what this little boy's life will be like when he gets home. amy robach now with that. >> that's right. we know that baby cambridge may be going home as early as today, from st. mary's hospital. and you can rest assured, he will be heading to very posh accommodations.
8:16 am
>> reporter: when the royal couple takes their baby home to the newborn. kensington palace is the familiar place for william, who was raised there. >> children have swings, playpen, sandpit, the whole bit. they had a great time. and a mother who introduced them to the movies and also the mcdonald's. >> reporter: to decorate the nursery, kate has been shopping for pillows and drapes. and she's been hunting for one of a kind antiques to serve as access pieces. >> she was seen shopping in antique markets. >> reporter: just as kate was outfitting a in ursry at kensington, she has been keck rating at her home in bucklep
8:17 am
bucklebury. the home consists of a large house set on several acres. >> she feels very safe and very secure. >> reporter: this small town has been buzzing with excitement. and the old boot inn has been readying a highchair for the new royal. the lan lord said we may turn it into a little throne. and buckleberry, has something more. among the quiet hills and pubs will cool and gurgle their praise. let's look at the example that princess diana may have set for princess kate. lama, what do you have? >> reporter: good morning to you, charge. this is a very happy moment for william and kate. but you can't help but wonder what diana would have been like. what kind of grandmother she
8:18 am
would have been like. and the similarities between diana and wait as mothers. the birth of a new royal heir, stirring up memories of princess diana, gave birth to her own heir of the throne. both at st. mary's hospital, with their husbands by their side. the new prince weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. his father, prince william, weighed just over 7 pounds. kate is 31 years old. more than ten years older than diana was, when she gave birth for the first time. diana did everything she could to make sheer her children had an upbringing as normal as possible at buckingham palace. >> she wanted to take us away from the sort of royal aspect of life was like and get us to see
8:19 am
the raw real life. and i got thank her enough for that. >> reporter: as diana's marriage broke down, she lived her life increasingly in the spotlight. but he pry mayer concern was william and harry. she explained in a bbc interview in 1995. >> i've taken the children to areas where i'm sure anyone of that age in this family has been before. diana daugt william life lessons. >> and she recalls she gave advice to william. if you are lucky enough to find someone who loves you, you're protected. >> diana has been a huge influence on her son, william and harry.
8:20 am
a lot of lessons learned from his mother, diana. we're going to bring back tina brown. the author of "the new york times" chronicles. and dr. ashton is here, as well. and you've been watching everything now. what's the difference between now and then with diana? >> just watching that last clip of diana, you saw the haunted, fragile woman again. and one of the main differences is that. she was an amazing mother, diana. but she was an unhappy soul. kate is relaxed. because she has a rufring family. >> that's good to remember. >> you have a feeling -- and
8:21 am
nothing against prince charles at all. you had the feeling that prince william is going to be more hands-on early on. >> i think he's going to be a lot of fun as a father. prince charles was a care and loving father. he was the acting prince of whales. he didn't go to school. he went to private tutors. he was going to see batman, william has been more accessible for the public. >> and kate said she wanted to have a natural childbirth. all indications are she was. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. that's a big abe ya. >> we heard both were in the
8:22 am
delivery room, showing their not earn days. but not a surprise that the baby was that big. from 37 weeks of pregnancy on, the baby gains half a pound per week. if she was just a week over, it puts the baby in the 90th percentile of his age. pregnancy is not a disease. and most of the time, there's people who are sick in hospitals. a woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy can leave when they're ready. one day, two days, it's all fine. >> jen, thank you. let's get the last word on this. and what we've been seeing today and yesterday and just how people are reacting from the news. >> i think it's a wonderful
8:23 am
exposure. a pride of the monarchy. it's here to stay. as we can see. we generated, rebounded. very exciting. >> thank you. we're going to turn from the royal couple to a reconciled one. billy ray cyrus and tish cyrus. they were filing for divorce but are getting back together. abbie boudreau will look at why they changed their minds. >> reporter: it looks like they changed their minds once again. billy ray cyrus and his wife, tish, are balling off their divorce. publishing this instagram photo over the weekend. the famous couple saying, we both woke up and realized we love each other. >> they decided to go to couple's therapy.
8:24 am
they sexual love each other. they don't want to be a statistic and they reconciled. >> reporter: this was the second time in three years the couple nearly ended their marriage. in 2010, billy ray filed for divorce. telling "gq" magazine, their daughter's fame was driving them apart. now, the high school sweethearts say they are closer than ever. in a statement, they went into couple's therapy. >> communication is the foundation of any good relationship. when that breaks down, a good therapist can give you tools to hear each other. >> just maybe, no more achyy hearts for "gma." they tell "gma," we didn't want to be a statistic.
8:25 am
we just sent to make it work. >> that's terrific. still to come here, a cavalcade of stars. we have an oscar winner. along with a cast of "project runway," one hidety klum. heidi klum.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. developing news where authorities are investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby boy and police responded to a condo complex after an emergency call was made just after 1:00 this morning. there they found the child unresponsive. police say it's too early to tell if foul play is involved but the homicide unit is investigating. the faa is investigating a plane crash that killed a pilot near lake tahoe. the pilot and his wife were returning home yesterday when their plane crashed shortly after taking off. his wife survived and is recovering in a reno hospital. leyla gulen as the morning commute. >> good morning, kristen and everyone. 8:27, we're tracking your traffic in the east bay where we have this accident involving two vehicles eastbound side of 580
8:28 am
at dutton avenue. it is blocking a lane, not causing any delays. this accident in alamo was blocking lanes but now has been pushed over the shoulder. a backup from walnut creek 12 miles per hour your top speed. kristen? >> leyla, thanks a lot. we'll check in
8:29 am
good morning. check it out, live doppler 7-hd, you can see the radar returns moving offshore and moving away from us. there's still a slight chance of a scattered shower today. temperatures in the 60s and some 70s showing up in this muggy air
8:30 am
mass. we're playing two today at at&t park. first pitch is 4:05. [ cheers and applause ] what a morning here in times square. a great crowd with us here today. and we're going to say good morning, again, to lara and amy from london. they'll have the latest on the birth of the royal baby. we'll look at the fascinating family. you can tell it's become humid after the rain because of their hair. when you put the hair up and into a ponytail, they look great. we have a special royal treat this morning in times square. >> here they are, from sprinkles cupcakes.
8:31 am
>> thank you for that. they are delicious. and we also have an oscar-winner here. cinematic world, if you will. i know, george, you're a tough guy. when you walk in -- and say "blue jasmine." >> it is so powerful. 1 also, the entire cast, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, of project runway. heidi klum, tim gunn, zach paulson. we can't wait to get to the new season. they look glamorous on that touch. i can't sit. >> you more than hold your own. >> let's go back to lara and amy. thank you, george. a lot of people expect to see prince charles and camilla to see the baby today. and the middletons.
8:32 am
let the spoiling begin. nick watt talks about the new baby and his family. let's just call him the british bunch. >> reporter: here's the story of a real couple who just gave birth to an already very famous child. a babe that will get to know his fascinating family. from the king, to grandpa pa, charles. and who will share his eccentric passion in life. >> prince charles is an affectionate, loving bad. i think he will be the same with his grandchildren. >> reporter: camilla, her kids from her first marriage have little ones. let's turn to kate's parents. carole and michael. a pair of rookie grandparents who will get their hands dirty.
8:33 am
>> they almost have a castle of their own. and it would be fine for the baby to be there. >> reporter: what about the fun times? that's where the uncles and aunts come in. notably aunty pippa. the girl about town, named for her fashion choices. >> i think pippa's going to be a cool auntie. >> and then, there's prince william's dad, there is larry ra's face. >> duh diana didn't want his baby to have a baby of his own. she scared very much for if. and new were here. >> reporter: it takes a village to raise a child. in this case, it will take a royal bunch to roiz the littlest oil.
8:34 am
>> amy and i were wondering. what does prince charles bring the future heir to the throne? perhaps a onesie. >> i think the future chick would look good in this. >> all right, these are selling out. they're legs. they're seven pounds. we're going to bring each one home run. and the royal rubber ducky. here with cate blanchett. the oscar-winner has played so many iconic roles, including queen elizabeth, katherine hepburn, and bob dilley. and in the new woody allen film, "blue jasmine." since you played the queen, you are a royal expert, yes? >> yes.
8:35 am
>> so, what's the name? >> for the boy? boys are hard. steve. ezekiel. craig. >> you're going nontraditional. >> steve. >> it's such a powerful movie. one of our producers saw it yesterday. she described it as launch due boys, feets ruth madoff. it's about this healthy unhappy woman. >> i think it's a common story. >> it is a common story. let's take a look at it. >> friends, i had dinner parties. their apartment came in. and i waited on them. do you have any idea what's like. one minute, you're hosting women. and the next, you're measuring
8:36 am
their shoe size. erica bishop came into the store. she saw me. so embarrassing for me. i saw you, erica. >> you're right. you say it's a common story. but this woman comes apart in an uncommon way. >> she is damaged goods. she's a broken woman, who is intensely loouded. she bringed her name from janet to jasmine. >> she doesn't say new york. she doesn't say manhattan. she says park avenue. >> yes. very specific. >> this is the first time you had a chance to work with woody allen. >> i had given up hope of that happening. when you hear woody allen is
8:37 am
calling you, you take that call. he is a genius screen writer. >> what is the secret for drawing these performances out? >> i think 97% of his direction is in the script. and he gets -- he's monosyllabic. it's all there on the page. and he wants to get out of the actors -- >> i did read at one point, he says, if i was doing the scene, here's how i would play it. and you asked how he would play it. >> he could give me line readings. i did say i he should play the
8:38 am
role. and he they about it and said, no. it would have been too comic. woody allen as a woman. i would go see that. >> a lot of people are going to see you do this. you're going from woody allen to george clooney in your next film? >> yes. from the sublime to the ridiculous. it's a fabulous pym. really into a pocket. and now, to sam and the weather. you have a special guest. >> travis pastrana, by the way. anything he can do, he excels in. and 11-times x games gold medalist. a four-time rally champion. and now, nascar.
8:39 am
>> anybody watching under 30, worships at the altar of travis pastrana. how has it been? >> nascar is the most competitive form of racing in the world. try to go to europe. and race fallry moors to see. >> in august, audio ur going to look for a double. a nationwide series race in iowa. then, flying to a. for the exraefs. >> it's common to do one event. but two is huge. if you win x games, awful in
8:40 am
rally, to iowa. race the nas consider series at iowa. >> can we say congratulations? you are a new dad coming up soon, right? going to be a girl. my wife, lindsay, she's doing good. having a hard time in the summer. it's been hot on the nascar tracks. >> not going to be cool at the brick yard, by the way. that's this saturday on espn. let' get to the boards. >> the stuff you've done. the amazing video that you've created for all of us to watch is just craziness. let's get to the boards. s we're pun or two things happening. how about a shot out of vermont? how wonderful is that? the weather team is up there.
8:41 am
is always nice. even the hail around big bear yesterday. that starts to dry up a little bit. >> all of that weather -- gorgeous, buys. all of that was brought to you by pronamel. coming up, here
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we've been saying it's hard to believe that "project runway" is kicking off its 12th fabulous season. it has a new cast of designers. give it up for the hosts, heidi klum, tim gunn, nina, and josh. five more emmy nominations. you both for host. for the show, as well. and here it is, the 12th season
8:45 am
you keep it going. >> every we love it. it's kind of like groundhog day. i feel like we did it last week. here we are. we have 16 hungry designers to make it in this industry. >> it's so fresh. there is something a little different. people want we want more tim gunk. and we have. >> i'm a little apprehensive about it. as heidi and nina and zach all know, for me, there's separation between the church and state. you may want information, there really hasn't been a format for that. and now, i come out and give the scoop. >> can't you override them one
8:46 am
time? >> i can save a design. >> we get to see the clothing close-up for the first time. you get to expect it and see their hand in it. >> when we do see it up close. >> sometimes we are. >> that's what's authentic. if yo love it, you love it. that makes the designer better. you've had all of these diamonds, millions of dollars of diamonds? >> $30 million. >> it's crazy. >> just as they designer is poised to think, we'll go to the box, so, do we. we have to come up with dodges, they are being surprising. it can be intimidating for them. really, the jewels can take over the fashion. it was really designing -- >> i never thought or it like
8:47 am
that. you have them bringing things back, which is very different from -- >> that's one of my favorite challenges. they get to use unconventional materials. and you get to see how they can push their imagination. and it often leads to the most creative work on the season. they've had such blesh themselves, as a designer with a new fabric. >> whatever they won, they had to make clothes out of these bears. and stuffing. and they were cutting things apart. >> it was wild. >> it was the greatest. >> we don't know if they will become trends or not. we're going to do a little game here. you tell us if this friend is in or out. aerowean going to begin this last week. i saw this a lot.
8:48 am
the bare midriff. your votes? do you think it's in. >> it's in. under 35 only. >> a disclaimer. >> never. >> heidi, you can wear anything. >> 25 and under. >> you can pull it off. >> the midriff, and you sit -- you really don't want that. >> 25 and under. >> one more. one more quick one. they're giving me the wrap. kind of like the mullet. a high-low dress. is that a trend that's in. >> i still like it. >> you guys -- this is all over the place. >> it's kind of done already. >> everything's been done in the world gives you an option. >> if you don't like it, you can
8:49 am
do belong. this is the beauty of the four of you're congratulations on all of the emmy nominations and for making us time here. we appreciate it much. join us here on thursday at lifetime. >>
8:50 am
8:51 am
welcome back. we mentioned a talk with shirley jones. we want to get back to our roving reporters, who roved over the pond for the arrival of a bouncing baby heir to the english throne. let's go back to lara spencer and amy robach. i want to bring you guys in.
8:52 am
but just to discuss yourselves. it's a very meta thing. we want to go back to the top of the show, when moving through london, it looked like it was a monsoon. let's look again. this was you. >> we're seeing it right now. this was you seconds before we went to air. there's kelly hagen, the producer who couldn't fit under the umbrella. >> what was it like, guys. >> well, i should mention, caitlin was holding the umbrella was with us, holding it by one arm. >> we were talking in her ear. >> we smiled and had fun anyway. >> such a joyous occasion. >> come rain, come heat. >> i'm sitting in a puddle. >> okay, guys. >> we're going to get back to you when those doors open at
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
heir to the throne. tomorrow on "gma," the one and only, hugh jackman, here live. >> wolverine. also, big wave for lara and amy out there in london. so much fun today. get a good view of that little baby when he finally comes out. >> keep staring at the door. they're going to open it at some point. they've got to, don't they? "gma live!" coming up. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the team could start practicing again for americas cup races. we were above the catamaran when it was launched yesterday. artemis has been out of action since simpson died on a practice run may 9th. mike has the forecast. >> most sprinkles moving offshore and away, but there's a possibility out there. good morning, everybody. temperatures, going to be humid today, 07 in san francisco to 80s in the north bay and some in the south bay. even some mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. leyla? three lanes blocked in cupertino along northbound 280 due to a serious crash involving an overturned vehicle. it's leaving us with nine miles of backup. take a look at that out of san
9:00 am
jo jose, just 6 miles per hour. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, the host of "project runway," heidi klum. and broadway week continues with a performance from the cast of "motown the musical." ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: slow dance?


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