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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from the tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> morning, on wednesday morning at 5:00. >> i am eric thomas and that is mike nicco with the forecast. >> i have my friend live doppler 7 hd and your friend, too, on a morning like this where if you travel along the coast we have a cop pressed marine layer with fog. you can see half moon bay visibility is less than quarter of a mile and the rest of us are getting low clouds do roll in but the visibility is doing okay .
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we will have a lot of sunshine in the east bay, 87 to 93, close to air conditioning weather and sunny at the bay at 72 to 82 and the coast into san francisco is mostly sunny and 63 to 70. and the commute? leyla gulen? >> so far, we have a stalled vehicle along the nimitz in the southbound direction under the jackson street overcrossing and it is blocking a lane with crews trying to clear it to the shoulder. we are at top speeds at 55 miles per hour. as we head over to the peninsula, if you have a flight to catch you will run into some construction out here and one lane is blocked until 6:00 a.m. between grand avenue and san bruno in the northbound direction everything is moving along fine and we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza with construction in the each direction but right now the when commute is moving very well. >> leyla gulen, alameda county
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health officials will warn neighbors after a shocking rabid bat attack at the oakland zoo. a girl was bitten. our reporter is in the newsroom with more. >> the girl had to learn the hard way but we get an important remainder to leave wild animals alone. this is the bat, a mexican bat that bit a teenager on saturday while she was visiting the oakland zoo and she happened to be a zoo volunteer. this is video of the zoo from sky 7. the animal was tested and it does have rabies. the girl will be fine put immediately on medication. officials say this could have been avoided. >> if you see a bat looking unusual, do not touch them. call us. get them picked up. >> the threat of rabid bats is still out there in the east bay because this is the third bat found in the east bay in a month. the health department is circulating these noticed in the neighborhood wanting people that
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a rabid bat was found and there could be others. zoo officials say bats play an important role in the ecosystem eating bugs like mosquitoes. >> 5:03. a business is opening in a historic building downtown house which the city usually welcomes the jobs but not this time. abc7 news reporter matt keller is talking about the uproar over the gentleman's club. >> the signs are up at the club but it is not open yet. you can see by that sign it says it is coming soon. lines were here last night full of hopeful employees applying in person. it is in the building that housed the only vault nightclub on santa clara street. some of the neighbors are upset about the new venue and how the gold club is advertising with stripper poles. others say, why send the money elsewhere? >> have it be part of the main drag when you are trying to bring retail?
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>> you are spending money on this place rather than san francisco. >> downtown san jose has a long-standing ban on all adult businesses but this is considered an entertainment venue and has a police permit require them to follow certain regulations involving security, alcohol and nudity. they have to apply for an extension on the use permit in the fall when the public can weigh in. >> this morning, protesters plan to march outside google headquarters in mountain view over recent company fundraiser about climate change. demonstrators will deliver a petition with 50,000 signatures urging google not to support republican senator inhofe who they say they are trying to raise awareness with google employees. inhofe has been calling global warming the biggest home ever
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perpetrated on the american people and the protest begins at 9:00 a.m. >> video game giant come end up paying a former employees $11 million for creating the video game franchise of john madden. robin claims his coding was used after he stopped working there. a federal jury decided in his favor and a future trial will determine if he should also be compensated for more recent versions of the game. the entire franchise is worth billions of dollars. >> a hearing is scheduled today if a lawsuit by a group of african-american sailors against the america's cup race claiming the golden gate yacht club unfairly rejected the application of their sailing syndicate which says the sailors simply did not raise enough money. the case was then out of court once but a court re-instated a claim. the group may seek an injunction that could delay the america's cup finals in early september. >> new details this morning on
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the music festival in napa but this is a new set of rules because another concert series is planned for may that could expand to two weekends. ticket sails are already going on but the city is owed $106,000 and vendors say their checks have bounced. this could be tighter will i don'ts including full payment of city coughs in van. >> a man is had custody this morning over steeling a transit bus at a bus lot in novato yesterday afternoon. police spotted the bus in santa rosa a few hours later and they arrested the 48-year-old man. in a similar incident last week a man stole an a.c. transit bus from san francisco and he was arrested. >> if you smell something funny in the air over on the peninsula today, do not be alarmed. pg&e is venting natural gas in
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san carlos near commercial street and old county road venting the national gas through the day. it smells like rotten eggs when released in the air and pg&e will also send out calls to people in that area to let them know what is happening. >> time for a check on the forecast. mike? >> we will start by looking at downtown san francisco and you can see a few clouds right there, what we have in store is a day of high ultraviolet. we are going to see a lot more sunshine and grass is up and mod ran ozone but mold and ragweed is old. the next 12 hours we will be 56 to 62. we have clouds rolling in right now. we have if rain this morning. clouds are back to the coast by 12:00 and secretary to 78 and at the coast we have a bright day with 63 at 4:00 to 88 in the east bay where it will be
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warmest and mild this evening from 58 at the coast to 80 inland. now, stepping forward another 72 to 96 hours and you can see on our three day forecast, we are looking at cowed cover this morning from the east bay hills but that will be the rule for the next couple of days, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow and temperatures on friday like today but a touch cooler headed into the weekend, and the warriors are not much in the way to worry about as far as heat but plenty of sunshine. now leyla gulen has traffic. >> on the altamont pass, it looks like the traffic is building significantly coming out of tracy into dublin, in the 30's, as far as miles per hour concerns and 35 miles per hour and when you approach a 80 from 205 you can look at that and you have bumper-to-bumper traffic into the altamont pass. southbound from san francisco to sfo is ten minutes so quick out there and we have one construction project as you get
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closer to san bruno avenue, a lane is blocked and shut down until at least 6:00 a.m. this morning but 880 northbound from 238 to the maze that is 13 minutes and 101 headed an from 85 to the san jose airport is thin minutes and outside we go, we will look at this picture the drive headed into central san rafael, traffic is running smoothly. eric and kristen? >> there is a bow tie renaissance among fashionable men but you have to know how to tie it. >> next we have bloomberg business report. but first the tech bytes. today, verizon unveiled the if you line of motor old smartphones, include the droid which boasts 48 hours of battery life in one charge.
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the other two phones are the droid ultra claiming to the be thinnest 4g on the market. and flipboard is now available online where you can share your own publications. ford has high-tech police cars which when approached from behind an alarm sounds and the doors lock and the ones roll
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley and all the bay area. >> good wednesday morning, at look at a dreamy golden gate bridge and i hope the drives are wide awake but it looks dream like with the fog. we will check with mike nicco and talking to leyla gulen about the traffic. it looks fine. >> an out-of-control gas well fire in the gulf of mexico near louisiana had a blow out prompting the evacuation of 44 workers. officials have decided to let it burn. for now. it could look dangerous. officials say it is not nearly as bad as the b.p. disaster that hit the gulf of mexico in 2010 when an oil rig explosion off the coast spilled millions of gallons of oil in the gulf of mexico. >> new telling images of monday's rough landing at la guardia. this is how it looks from inside
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the southwest airlines flight touching down. sparks now from the nose as it hit the runway and collapsed, a passenger had the video camera on. >> this is how it looks from the outside. ten people were injured when they used chutes to exit the plane after it slid for 2,000'. the pilots did not report any problem before landing. the landing gear did not collapse, it punched into the legal rockics bay as the plane kidded for almost half a mile. >> the fallout over the n.s.a. spying program moves into congress. house of representatives the vote on an amendment that restricts the n.s.a.'s ability to collect phone records of will months of americans, which was revealed by a former n.s.a. contractor and whistleblower edward snowden and white house spokesman says the obama administration welcomes a debate over the program but the amendment goes too far.
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>> going to the movies is getting more and more expensive these days. >> it is. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> remember when the movie was cheaper? the average ticket rose to a record $8.38 from under $8 a year ago. large area are the surcharges for 3-d. we are in the thick of housing season and adjustable rate mortgages are making a comeback which triggered the problem. they rose at highest level since 2008. bow ties are now being displayed more in the style with a surge in sales. they are on pace to nearly double their share of the neckwear markets and retailers are jumping at the opportunity. >> better than expected news from apple topping the earnings projections let there is no new
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iphone since last year with concern over the lack of a product since the death of former c.e.o. steve jobs has pushed apple shares down 40 percent from the record last september but apple says new products should arrive in october. at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> the san mateo high school district will sue to try to get students' advanced placement scores re-instated. the board threw out the scores of 224 mills high school students in millbrae after scoffing they were sitting too close together during testing. officials say the students were closely supervised and are confident this was no cheating passing the test would give students college credit 689 students say retaking the test could mean lower scores. >> grape growers say they are facing the earliest harvests ever because of our dry warm winter. some say the harvest could come these weeks early, and say with a lack of rain it is accelerating the growth of the
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grapes which in parts have shown color. vendors say early wines from warmer seasons could be bolder with a higher alcohol content. they point out that wine from every season even from the same vineyard is always different. >> would it be less sweet? why know anything about wine. >> the longer the grape on the wine the more sugar. >> we need a sample to find out. >> grapes think it is fall. >> we have been watching the commercials already. >> we have summer to talk about and it is coming back in the forecast after we had a little bit in the way of showers so hold off. i put it back six hours to were what the clouds develop along the coast with some of those spilling across the bay right now. it was pretty quiet. first i wanted to make sure it
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will be breezy along the bay today to evening with west wins at 15 to 25 and it is quiet now. all the reporting stations are calm. there is not an impressive sea breeze. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's in san francisco. upper 50's dominate the bay shore to mid-50's in the north bay and 60's hanging on in the east bay valley. as we look to the east from our roof camera, kgo across the similar storm, some of the clouds have developed along the east bay shore. more prevalent along the peninsula shore. patchy fog is what we have this morning. sunny afternoon on the way if all of us. there will be a few clouds at the coast and mild are nights with patchy fog hanging around and it will be near normal all the way through the extended forecast with no real wild swings easing in a summer pattern. temperatures are down in the south bay around 80 in sunnyvale
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and santa clara and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy near 90 and low 60's around mill bay she a breeze from this and upper 70's to low 80's and south, and let to mid-60's along the coast brighter than yesterday, and downtown south san francisco and sausalito will make a run at 70 to 72, and low to hid 80's through the north bay valley but mid-60's with more sunshine and 82 in castro valley and fremont and our warmest weather in the east bay valley upper 80's to low 90's until we get to brentwood at 93 degrees. wrapping up with the reds tote 7:15 first pitch cooling down to 58. mostly in the 50's and maybe one or two around 60. here is the seven-day forecast, one to two degrees warmer tomorrow and that is it. we lose it on friday, and we has another two to four degrees on saturday and we hold steady morning clouds through the
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weekend and early next week. have a great day. leyla gulen. >> we are seeing quite a bit of congestionedding on the roads as we head to highway two where we have delays the top speed is 28 miles per hour and it picks up when you get to summers victim boulevard and you can see 63 miles per hour as you inch into pittsburg. as we take a look over in the east bay to 580 we have several ramps closed through emeryville until 6:00 a.m. with a big construction project and detours are in place and it looks like the cash-paying lanes are loading up. drive time traffic is 680 headed southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to sfo, san francisco, is 49 minutes and the highway 17 coming away from highway one to los gatos is 21 minute commute. outside well look at san jose 101 coming away from 888, that is clear. just nine minutes headed away
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from 85. >> i hope a last you are aware to watch abc live stream is available if the bay area. this is a new way to experience abc any time, anywhere, blue are at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite abc news cast, tv shows and sports on your smartphone or computer live and on demand. >> a special benefit brought to you by abe, commutate and charter communications at no additional cost. go to abc-washington post abc7nr your cable tv provider account information and go to the live stream. seven things to know as you start your day. >> tours from around the world check out alcatraz and now you can taste the menu, too. >> the secret language of
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>> here are seven things to know today, alameda health officials are warning people near the oakland zoo about a rabbit bat attack that bit a teen girl on saturday and he is expected to make a full recovery, the third rabid animal in the bay area. >> and now neighbors and city officials, a line of people went to apply for jobs last night at
5:25 am
the historic building near city hall and more on the club from abc7 news at the top the hour. three, from san francisco to new jersey, highway patrol officers have a crack down along interstate 80 watching for dangerous drivers in an effort to reduce fatalities. abc7 news amy hollyfield has what they are looking for at 5:30. >> a protest is planned outside google headquarters in mountain view. demonstrators are upset over a company fundraiser for oklahoma senator inhofe who calls warm warm "the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the american people." >> busy morning at palace in britain where his great grandmother the queen and his uncle, prince harry have stopped by if a visit. still no word on what his parents, the duke and duchess, will name the royal. >> six, no wet weather to worry about but low clouds are hanging around and i will have a seasonal forecast coming up.
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>> seven, a look at the toll plaza and it looks like cash-paying lanes are getting popular and we have clear conditions but the congestion is building in the usual places. more on that in a little bit. >> i have to take my son to this, hundreds of thousands of tourist sail to alcatraz to see what life was like for prisoners and now you can taste it, too. starting august 8, the hyatt in san francisco will offer a chance to taste the flavor of alcatraz at the hotel restaurant, the menu is inspired bit last meal ever served on the rock in 1962. it is not just plain prison food but includes meatloaf, spaghetti and for dessert, bread fruit pudding. >> all right. more evidence that dolphins use names to call each other just like people. scientists in scotland say dolphins use specific signature whistles for family members and social companions.
5:27 am
the only animal species apart from man known to do this. the study of wild bottle nose dolphins off the east coast of scotland responded to their own whistles by calling back and, in fact, scientists say dolphins have a vast number of whistles to communicate with each other. >> the abc7 news only news continues with the top stories including the failure oakland interim police chief is now admitting as a result of vandalism from the george zimmerman protest. >> anthony weiner facing a new sexting scandal
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is a great morning at 5:30.
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thanks for joining us. >> it is foggy in the bay area and we saw the bridge bring, mike, where else? >>guest: fog along the east bay shoreline and along the coast and some trying to develop along the peninsula but that is different from 24 hours ago. remember this? showers on live doppler 7 hd, not there this morning. all is quiet. what we going to see as we head into the afternoon hours, it is sunshine. just about everywhere. and because of that, we are going to have temperatures that will be warmer today. check this out as we look from our camera, inland, the warmest is 87 to 93 and around the bay 72 to 82 and a few clouds, 63 to 70's in san francisco. how is the commute? we find out from leyla gulen. >> we have a few stalled cars and another to report the drive as you head into hayward and union city, northbound 80, 880, one lynn is taken away with
5:31 am
c.h.p. reporting on the scene but so far we are not seeing any delays. we do have, though, as far as delays, is a bart 15-minute delay in lafayette, toward the pittsburg bay point direction so 15 minutes and caltrain and muni, all on time, outside we go and this drive as we make it over to the san mateo bridge where it is a hazy picture but you can see the traffic is running supportly in the west and westbound direction between hayward and foster city. >> thanks, happening today, from the bay area to the east coast, a crackdown me begins on interstate 80 with an ambitious safety goal. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has what we need to know. amy? >> the goal is no fatality for a week on interstate 80 between california and new york. here are the statistics that motivated the asked. officials say that 30 percent of fatalities on interstate 80 are because people do not have on their seatbelts and 27 percent
5:32 am
of deaths are alcohol-related and 2 percent are because of speed and 4 percent are distracted. officers in iowa had the idea to do this crackdown. the good news in california is officials say we are actually pretty good about wearing our seatbelts. >> california has among the highest in seatbelt compliance and for that reason we have made great progress if reducing to facilities. particularly those related to seatbelts. >> this is called the i-80 challenge. officers will add extra patrol to all 2,900 miles of interstate 80 and look if people who are speeding, who are not wearing their seatbelts and the basic violation that could lead to death. so, look out, the challenge starts today. >> 5:32. developing news from the east bay, alameda county health
5:33 am
officials will distribute ray brings information after a girl was bitten by a rabid bat. this is video of the do from sky 7. the volunteer was visiting the oakland zoo on saturday and a bat flew into the zoo from outside and bit her. the bat was captured and confirmed to have rabies and the girl was placed on a round of medication. it is the third case this year and abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have more in the next half hour. >> this morning, oakland police and crimestoppers are offering a reward to find a shooter that killed one and injured another. a man died at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital. $10,000 is outside as reward in the shooting and this is the 55th homicide this year. last year there were 54 homicides. in richmond police were called because protests disrupted the
5:34 am
city council meeting. this is reported that the protesters screamed through bullhorns bringing city business to a halt. the reason for this disruption is not clear but the council has been dealing with loud disruptions at the meetings and hate speech directs at gays. more than 100 people watched the rest of the meeting on monday toes in the lobby and the patio. new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner staying in the race after admitting he exchanged racy photos and texts again online sending sexual images and text a year after similar behavior cost him his congressional seat. his wife said they have already dealt with the issue and she is standing by him. he hopes voters will do the same. >> they are willing to still continue to give me a second chance. this behavior is behind me. i have apologized to my wife. >> i love him.
5:35 am
i have forgiven him. i believe in him. as we have said from the beginning, we moving forward. >> he has learned his lesson and has 48 days to convince voters before the primary. his opponents say his character and judgment have been damaged. >> a former day care worker in morgan hill faces additional charges in an expanding child molestation case. the 20-year-old nicolas lhermine is now accused of molesting four children in his car and possessing child pornography. police revealed two more girls came forward to say nicolas lhermine molested them at ymca day care at paradise valley elementary school. the girls are five and seven. knick anybody was charged when molesting a six-year old girl and a teen. investigators think there could be more victims. the interim police chief is calling a lack of police presence during recent violent protesters an intelligence failure.
5:36 am
the verdict sparked a protest that lid to vandalism. the department lands for the wrong day. he says there were machines for increased police staff if a scheduled profit on the 14 the but not the night of the verdict. >> what happened largely is an intelligence failure. what was a relatively peaceful rally became a many through the downtown and quickly resulted in significant degree of vandal imto business. at that point, the police department was not adequately staffed. >> the chief is promising to provide the resources necessary to keep future protests peaceful. >> new this morning, a new spin on inscarsation. people convicted of lesser crimes can pay to stay in a hotel-like jail in the east bay and avoid county jail altogether. our media participate, the san jose mercury news reports that fremont is starting a new pay to stay program at police detention facility. people convicted of misdemeanors like petty theft or d.u.i. can
5:37 am
pay to stay in the facility while serving their time. inmates pay a fee of $45 and $155 a day after that. they get the same cot, blanket, and food as those in county jail and need approval from police and the judge. the city hopes it will bring in extra money. happening today, google and supervisor from san francisco will announce a plan to bring free wi-fi to dozen of parks and rick centers across the difficult and picking up the cost which is estimated to be $600,000 for the next two years. locations include the civic center lazy. if approved, installation could be finished by next april. >> two days old and britain's new prince is having a busy morning with his great grandmother, the queen, and prince harry stopped by for a visit and the prince and his parents left the london hospital yesterday. the future king flexed his hands
5:38 am
as he was introduced to royal watchers and maybe sort of a wave? the parents were happy and relaxed and have not picked a name. >> he has a good pair of lungs. he is a big boy. quite heavy. but we are still working on a nail. we with will have that as soon as we can. first time we have seen him, really, so we need a proper chance to catch up. >> the royal was rapped in a shawl from a company that has a long-standing connection with the royal family. in fact, william was wrapped in a shawl when he was a baby. menlo parked facebook reports amongs of the royal baby were most prevalent among women. >> that does not surprise you, eric. >> number one, women 25 to 34, and two, women 18- to 24, and then women 35 to 44 and men 18- to 24-was next and five, women 45 to 54.
5:39 am
there were more than a million royal baby mentions in the first hour after he was born. >> you are not in the top five. >> i'm not! >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco. we could use that shawl this morning. >> some are cooler. 61 in fairfield and san jose right now and 62 in mountain view and antioch is 65 and livermore is 63 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's until novato at 52. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday and you would be correct if you thought that, from one to seven degrees cooler outside this morning we have an increase in clouds but in wet weather. temperatures are hanging out in the mid-50's to near 60. by noon, all the clouds are back to the coast. a lot of sunshine out there. we are 60 at the coast and 78 at lunch time. inland neighborhoods will jump ten degrees by 4:00, 88, 63 at coast and by 7:00, a sunny ending with 80 around our inland neighborhoods and 66 around the
5:40 am
bay and a few clouds and 58. today, a little bit warmer than yesterday, and tomorrow, warmer than today, and we will pull back the temperatures. on friday and saturday we drop two to four degrees. no storms to this forecast. we will find out if the commute is calm or stormy and here is leyla gulen. >> it is getting stormy. we do have one car that crashed that veered off the freeway and this is along southbound 880 near the san jose airport at coleman avenue not problemming any lanes and we do not have spectators slowing. but c.h.p. has yet to respond to this crash. as we take you over to the east bay along the nimitz in the northbound direction, we still have this stalled car and despite a slow start on the dumbarton bridge at 32 miles per hour we have top speeds in the east and westbound direction with a delay on bart at 15 minutes from lafayette to pittsburg that is where we did have a disabled maintenance
5:41 am
vehicle that is now stuck on the tracks so 15 minutes is going to be the delay and caltrain, muni, and everything else is running on time, and outside we go, we will look at thissing fore -- this is foggy westbound along 80. >> getting guns off the street, next the two guys who are using the internet to make the bay area safer place to live. >> also, how a local group is helping a young a
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5:44 am
>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:44. the american red cross is making an emergency plea for blood donations in the bay area, appealing to donors of all blood types especially with o negative and b negative and a negative, a critical need for platelet dough authorities is there, as well. for information on blood drives go to >> two bay area friends have come up with an idea to bank roll gun buyback programs called which pools
5:45 am
donations such as for at or business. one of the men has a personal motivation for the program. his father was killed during a robbery attempt in 1992 while visiting san francisco. when you are ten, it impacts every part of your life and development and it has always been part of my identity and who i am. >> the goal is to raise $30,000 over the next month and a half. >> a palestinian boy is walking on a new leg this morning because of the generosity of bay area neighbors. the boy received the new leg in oakland yesterday when he was six he lost his lower leg and 18 family members in a rocket attack on his home in the gaza strip. he came to the bay area seven years ago to get his first
5:46 am
prosthetic leg but now is 13 and has outgrown it. he stayed with the same host family and they are happy to help. >> there are a lot of kids in the same situation that he is, that need some help and it doesn't really take much, it takes just the right people and to open your home and your hearts for the kids and you can change their life. >> he was friend in and received the leg because of the palestine children's relief fund. >> study finds oakland international airport is one of the most affordable airports to fly to. according to cheap flights long beach is number one. myrtle beach is second, fresno air terminal is third, and burlington international in virginia is fourth and oakland international rounds out the top five. san jose is 17 and san francisco is one of the most expensive ranked 84th out of 101 airports. >> shocker! sfo is expensive? >>guest: like a shocker there
5:47 am
is fog or low clouds but we hope it will not be this morning. >> we hope. it is moving toward us. we will watch it. good morning, everyone, that is the difference between this morning and yesterday morning. we were tracking light showers and live doppler 7 hd and now we are just tracking fog and you can see it is prevalent along the coast and east bay shore with some of it pushing in the peninsula but sfo is ten miles visibility and half moon bay is less than a quarter mile so it is most dangerous as you drive along the peninsula coast this morning. you can see it creeping across from the east bay hills at the cloud cover and that is slowly invading our neighborhoods. we will talk about what will happen, the morning fog and sunshine this afternoon and to the coast we will have a bright are day than yesterday. mild nights with patchy clouds still in the forecast and we are going to have the morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine so we will be near normal from now through the extended forecast.
5:48 am
while you were sleeping, moisture stream started to push to the north and to the east and that dry air starting to come in and that is what will bring our weather pat back toward where we should have for this time of the year rather than tracking showers like the last 48 hours. hill pete is 79 and the cool spot in south bay and 80 at sunnyvale. we will be near 90 in los gatos and gilroy and more sunshine and 77 in santa cruz. we will have upper 70's to low 80's for the peninsula and slightly cooler at 72 in millbrae. at the coast, milder weather, and mid-60's, to near 70 in downtown and south san francisco to 72 in sausalito. north bay bench is milder today, mid-60's and inland we will have low-to-mid 80's and to the east bay shore we will touch the low-to-mid 80's at richmond and hercules and castro valley and fremont and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's and a last stop upper 80's to low 90's for most of the east bay valley
5:49 am
neighborhoods. one more game with the reds. they have taken two out of three. 60 at first pitch dropping to a cool 58 so close to normal with the winds more aggressive during the game than they were yesterday. temperatures tonight mostly in the mid-50's to near 60 and the fog is thickest along the coast and across san francisco toward oakland and in the north bay valley. the seven-day forecast shows warmer tomorrow by a couple of degrees and couple degrees cooler on saturday and sunday. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. have a great day. >> go have an update on our mass transit delays. we also have a stalled big rig on westbound 37 which has one lane blocked. we are starting to see a buildup of traffic in the westbound direction. as we head to the altamont pass, we will look at this, bumper-to-bumper traffic at 31 miles per hour from tracy to dublin and that will take you 42
5:50 am
minutes. when you head into livermore you will start to see the speeds picking up so 60 miles per hour. our bart update, the pittsburg bay point line and in the direction of pittsburg bay point and sfo we have 10 to 15-minute delays due to a disabled maintenance vehicle. muni and everything else is on time and caltrain and the drive across the bay bridge toll plaza where the cash-paying lanes are loading up. drive the smart way for commuters at you can drive away with the brand new smart car with the lucky winner announced august 2 right here. be smart. enter now. >> pope francis will visit a small city in brazil today home to the most important roll an catholic shrine. he is in brazil for world youth day a gathering of 300,000
5:51 am
catholics greeting people in rio yesterday. today, the pope will visit a city that he visited in 2007 as a cardinal from argentina when he called on catholics to become missionaries and combat inequality and corruption and violence. >> special invitation for the san francisco giants being asked to come to the white house. >> vote that makes getting the mail each day a little tougher. >> coming up at 6:00, the just released poll offering mixed in us for governor brown gear up for
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> giants pitcher bochy is in a special group the 21st big leg manager to earn the 1,500 career victory in a double header with a win last night. they have another honor on monday meeting with president obama at white house during a ceremony saluting the world series sweep of the detroit tigers in obtain, the second time president obama will honor the giants at white house, the same thing two years ago after the world series victory over the rangers in 2010. the president, of course, is a white sox fan. >> bochy had to work for it last night. >> game four today and we could
5:55 am
get a tie if we can get a win. the exploritorium camera shows the cloud cover from under the bay bridge to oakland. this is what will happen today compared to yesterday, it will be warmer by one degree up to six degrees in concord. a lost 70's and 80's compared to year the we will have [sic] at the coast and 90's in the east bay and it is quieter on radar compared to yesterday and not showing any storms today, just temperatures in the mid-90's to near 100 in the central valley and 83 in tahoe with clouds this los angeles at 77. leyla gulen? >> unconfirmed reports of a two-car crash on highway four closer to railroad road are we have slow traffic but not as slow as you would specific. association as we lock right now at our drive time along highway four from antioch to concord, it is now 40 minutes with the bulk of the traffic in antioch, along 580, 41 minutes between tracy
5:56 am
and dublin and away from san francisco to san francisco, under 0 minutes and at look at the golden gate bridge and we can see it is foggy but this is a look at 280 and there is the golden gate bridge, all that fog and very few folks making the drive from sausalito into san francisco. eric and kristen? >> a house committee is set to vote on a measure to end door-to-door mail delivery. a postal service overhaul bill would require residents to pick up the mail from neighborhood mailboxes similar to the mailboxes used at apartment complexes. the post office loses $15 billion a year that would cost jobs and hurt elderly customers. >> a girl was bitten and dragged a short distance by a coyote cypress. her mother was only feet away and says she screamed and lunged and the coyote health go.
5:57 am
the child was treated for a gash and given rabie shot. officials killed three coyotes found nearby. >> now, next at 6:00, the bay area neighborhood where pg&e will haven't -- vent gas. >> rabid bat found in the east bay. >> and lance armstrong make as stunning admission and says the reason why people should not be surpri
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00 a teen is bitten by a rabid bat in the east bay and this morning health officials are wanting people would live near a popular landmark. >> if you take i-80 for the commute, extra officers will be patrolling the busy roadways starting today. >> new poll offers good news and
6:00 am
bad news for governor brown as he pushes for re-election. >> wednesday morning at 5:59. thank you for joining us. first up, a look at the weather forecast. mike? >> how about live doppler 7 hd? different from this time yesterday. no radar runs. we have low clouds. the marine laser back. no mid-and-upper level clouds. we get rid of the marine layer we will have a lot sunshine and warmer weather. 7:00, around the bay, 60 degrees with let clouds and mostly sunny by noon and 70 and 72 degrees by 4:00 with warm sunshine and mild in the evening. 66 is the trillion hour planner if the bay and inland, it will be warmer today. a few clouds this morning, and 60 degrees and sunny by noon and hitting the mid-70's and already the upper 80's by 4:00, back to 80 during the evening hours. hopefully you do not need


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