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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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developing news in al yammo an evacuation order has been lifted after a gas leak caused big problems for residents today. crews were working to cap that leak and people were told to get out of the area immediately. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> that leak happened on
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danville boulevard and stone valley road. an emergency notification went out around noon time. that order lifted just about 45 minutes ago. one block of danville boulevard remains closed between stone valley while repairs are made there. >> this began around 10:30 this morning when mudd crews were trying to fix a broken water pipeful they hit a gas line. according to an east bay mudd spokesman they checked markings compared to their mudd lines but say markings in this case were off. >> east bay mudd plans to contact usa north they're going report these mismatched markings. >> breaking news out of spain. 35 people died near madrid. more than 100 others were hurt. you can see cars toppled over.
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one car was torn open. all 13 cars derailed. the high speed train heading from madrid to a coastal city. officials say it's too early to know what caused this accident. they do not believe terrorism was involved. our reporting continues now on twitter. a murder victim's family pleaded for her accused killer to be held account ybl. they died after being shot inside of a san francisco business where they worked. prosecutors say the suspect, barry white junior killed the women during a despite over jewelry purchased there. >> leads to get justice and we want to and will try to get the toughest sentence we can get. >> white made a brief
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appearance today and faces charges of attempted murder for shooting at police. white will return to court next week. >> a private memorial service held today for the three teenagers kill ntd asiana airlines crash at sfo. the 16-year-olds with a 15-year-old were killed. the memorial was closed to the public. mayor ed lee and chinese council general were there along with asiana airlines ceo. >> sky 7 shows homicide detectives hunting for clues in san jose today. this after a woman died in a apartment complex. the fire department went there this morning paramedics discovered signs of possible foul play. police have not yet revealed the victim's name this, is the 30th homicide of the year that. compares to 23 at this same
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time, last year. >> sky 7 hd caught this crime scene along fern street in oakland. it appears someone shot her while driving. the car then hit a parked vehicle. no arrests have been made yet. >> santa clara police say they have recovered all seven weapons stolen from a gun shop and captured three people expected of breaking into reed's indoor range this morning. >> this is a example of security in place owe to save guard the community working. >> it can happen to anyone, any business, any time. because of our sophisticated system they were apprehended and everything recovered. the owner says surveillance
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cameras captured pictures of them in action and say three tossed stolen guns from a car during a chase that led up to arrests. >> disgraced former congressman anthony weiner dismissing calls he dropped out of the new york mayor's face. >> -- race. >> the editorials come a day after weiner acknowledged sending exclusive text messages to a woman in august. winer says voters don't care. >> at the end of the day, citizens are interested in challenges faced in their lives than anything i have done embarrassing in my past. i'm fine. and have an mazing wife and child. a comfortable life this, is not about me. >> the rivals in the race are also calling for him to quit. polls show he is still leading in this race or in second place. >> this was a big day for
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britain's new prince not only received a visit from great grandmother queen elizabeth he now has a name. >> yes. george alexander louie. he will be known as his royal highness prince george of camebridge. >> whatever you do, don't call him boy george, nothing less than his royal title fits george. alexander, reportedly kate's choice. louie for prince charl's favorite uncles. george the third lost colonies which became known as the united states and george sixthth helped save the world from nazies. >> we can only draw the life as we see the life. >> yesterday george was the
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better's first choice. >> money continues to pour in. george and james are front runner autos it's a good day for the monarchy. england is still buzzing from celebrations. champagne, canyon, mom and dad are enjoying private time with his royal highness the prince of camebridge or maybe just calling him boy george. >> i had forgoten boy george. you don't want that nickname. >> you don't. no. let's check on the forecast now. >> yes. spencer christian is here ask sun has arrived. >> yes. the sun is royal highness in the sky. we've got areas of fog near the coastline. it's sunny across the bay area and mild to warm. here is a view towards golden
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gate. readings 65 degrees in san francisco. 82 in san jose. 75 santa cruz. further readings you can see a bit of the fog developing there. it's also warm inland. 95 livermore, 84 up in santa rosa. and another live view from our camera here on abc 7 looking across embarcadero under blue skies this is our first forecast. this evening, mild inland. a little bit of fog near the coast and bay but sunny skies and by afternoon, highs into mid-80s at the coast and mid-90s inland. i'll give you the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> still ahead a stuck deer
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how teams untangled the animal. >> plus, young kids getting tips from giants star buster posey but advice to them is not about baseball. >> and a spike in home burglaries in the north bay what. police have found in the investigation. >> michael finney taking your questions. he'll answer them here live. you can contact michael on finney abc 7 and on twitter. >> and this is the mcarthur maze. it's easy going heading east for drivers on the ride side of the screen it looks jammed up for those heading into the maze and also, to the right into san francisco. stay with us. abc 7 news
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crews managed to rescue this deer tangled in a net in the santa cruz mountains you can see the net strung along a creek north of santa cruz. a passer are by spotted the bus then called emergency services and there, you can sigh they arrived to help out. the animal shelter helped as well, once freed, there it goes bolting for safety. experts say it's a good sign that this animal will recover from the ordeal. >> poor little guy. in distress there for a few moments. federal officials allowed to let the burning man event continued through 2016. the event held on federal land
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in black rock desert during the week before labor day. u.s. bureau of land management issued a new permit and increased population cap to 68,000 for this year's event. it's unclear if the change means burning man will put tickets on sale this year. >> facebook mobile cash piles up, google moves into the television business. >> emily chang joins us wlif the after the bell report, hi, emily. >> good afternoon, shares are surging after the social network reported sales and profit excited estimates as the company attracted more customers to its mobile ad services. google introducing chrome cast a new device allowing you to watch videos from phone tablet or lap top. the gadget costing 35s skpdz plugs into a tv input to let
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customers watch and control online videos. not even beyonce can convince americans to drifrk more sewedda. north american sales fell despite increased marketing from pepsi including the company's sponsorship of the super bowl half time show. despite the drop pepsi reported better than expected earnings thanks to the mixed portfolio of food and beverage units. u.s. stocks fell today giving s and p its first two-day drop in a month on the flip side your bloomberg silicon valley index gained nearly 2% today in the market for a samsung phone? head over to best buy. after holding two popular iphone and ipad trading deals the retailer allowing customers to bring in any working cell phone to its locations and trade it in for
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a free galaxy s 3 or a $50 credit towards a new samsung phone. from bloomberg studios emily, back to you. >> san francisco city leaders unveiled a plan to provide free wi-fi in selected parks promising web access two years, google will donate to install and maintain wi-fi in 31 parks. this after a similar deal for wi-fi sell fel apart six years ago. >> kids dreaming of a big league baseball career got tips from one of the best in the game today. buster posey held camp at san francisco st. ig naishus high school giving tips on fielding and throwing and his advice? enjoy playing but don't make it the focus of the life.
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>> it's important to play sport and take a lot of pride in being a good student that. will pay off regardless if it make it professionally or not. >> posey says he attended camps but never got a visit from a pro player he says he learned valuable skills but just learned to have fun that is what it's all about. >> what an experience. >> how many kids have those jerseys at home? >> let's check on the forecast. now, it's changing. >> it is. it's warming up. 90s inland and warmer in some areas you can see low clouds and fog. it's sunny from coast inland z it feels nice and toasty. here is a look at mount tam.
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you can see low clouds and fog forming near the coastline but nothing impressive at the moment. forecast features are these, areas of fog near the coast tonight. very warm inland tomorrow and cooler over the weekend but not dramatically cooler still going to be warm and summer like. pulling back to give you a look here is that low pressure system we showed you yesterday and the day before responsible for bringing us clouds and humid over last couple days. we'll start at 7:00 this evening at which point skies will be mainly clear, still. during overnight hours we won't see much in the way of fog development. just patches near the coastline. by mid day, sunny and warm inland. overnight tonight mild in locations as well. lows into low 60s inland
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locations upper 50s to about 60 near the bay. and tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay to 90 at los gatos, 92 in morgan hill. peninsula highs from 78 in san mateo to 83 at redwood city and down in mountain view. downtown san francisco 68 tomorrow. 64 in the sunset district. mid 80s in sonoma and napa. 101 up north in yu kaia. east bay mid-70s in berkeley. 80 in union city. mid 90 as cross the board. 96 in antioch. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. warm or hot inland weather stays with us through saturday and cools down sunday and still upper 80s saturday mid-80s inland. 60 on the coast then warming up again sunday and wednesday. so it's a typical summer pattern. >> good. >> yes. >> heat? no. >> yes. yes. >> right. >> thanks spencer. >> up next we have a follow up on that toddler who bought a car using an ebay app. how the company is now returning the favor. >> and the man in charge of the now troubled city college school system pits sits down with abc 7 news what. he says he plans to do so save the school a live look at traffic. this is the san mateo bridge traffic headed back to east bay. looks good in both directions. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00 in just a moment.
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>> want a smart solution for the commute? check out abc 7 and you can drive away with a smart car we'll announce the lucky winner friday, august 2. so be smart enter now. join me for the
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the woman who won a power
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ball jackpot is now helping a school in need. >> the $590 million prize was the biggest single winner power ball jackpot, ever. now, she's promised to donate million to a high school in maine where her children attended school. her daughter taught there 39 years, school officials say it will help repair a leaky room fixing problems in the gym. >> an oregon toddler who bought a car on ebay now has another new set of wheels. 14-month-old clicks buttons and bought a 1962 sprite. her dad decided to keep the skpar fix it for her 16th birthday when folks at ebay heard, they decided to give her a car she can drive now. people have been sending the family donations to help restore that. >> that is more age appropriate. other thing is that it moves.
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the other car doesn't. >> yes. it needs a lot of work. >> yes. yes. >> and oscar winner takes on a new role behind the camera and singing strippers headed to braurdway. >> being dubbed american pie for the ladies. hollywood buzzing over the comedy. the stars came out for the l.a. premier. it's not the guy but the ghairls stole the spotlight. >> i think it's awesome. we need that. women are funny, too. that is what i like about it. >> check out the to do list in theaters friday. actress natalie portman moving behind the camera. israeli film officials say she will direct her first feature film beginning next year fler
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lose -- jerusalem. check her out in thor out this november. great white way about to get more flesh toned. male stripper invasion magic mike being worked into a broadway show. saying the musical is headed to broadway. the show still in the early writing stages. you can check out for head lines any time. >> broadway, huh? >> still ahead at 4:00 caroline kennedy's new job in the obama administration. plus... >> i'm vic lee in petta luma. this small town has been hit hard by home burglary autos also, trayvon martin's father's passionate message to lawmakers following the acquittal of the man who killed his son.
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>> former president george hw bush's kind gesture to support
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it's a place that has a
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small town feel. vic lee joins us live with the story. vic? >> petaluma is the latest city hit by these so called door knock burglaries. what makes this different is that small bucolic town is so far way from the urban crime areas. their door knock burglaries similar to the video shows a person knocking on the door in this case a woman with an infant. her accomplices jump over a back fence and try to pry open the back door. >> the door knock portraying themselves as a sales person or repair person just going around to see if anyone is home at the residence. >> so far, this year, between january 1 and end of june there have been 28 home burglaries in petta luma. this
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month there have been 18 homes hit. >> i have been here 24 years and not seen this many property crimes occurring in the year. >> most have been happening touring the day. they're going through windows, side doors and open garages. monday got a big break. a maintenance worker found a large amount of property. it turned out to be a big stash of goods stolen by burglars. there are power tools, electronics, jewelry and a coin collection. police had to call a truck to load goods. police have identified several suspects through fingerprints left at homes. a homeowner says she interrupted a burglary by this
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woman when returning home one afternoon. >> thank you. a massachusetts judge giving prosecuters more time to prepare the case against a former new england patriots football player accused of murder the judge delayed the hearing in the murder of a semi pro football player, hernandez pleaded not guilty. bill bella check defended the decision to release hernandez. >> i and other members of the organization were shocked and disappointed in what we had learned something someone in our organization that is involved in a murder investigation is a terrible thing. >> he says patriots will learn from this quote terrible experience and says it's time for the team to move forward. >> the president began efforts
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to refocus the debate saying he wants focus to be on the middle class to expand homeownership. republicans leaders say the president should work with the g.o.p. on job creation the president blames washington for taking its eye off the ball. >> we need a long term american strategy based on steady efforts to reverse forces that have conspired against the middle class you think the president was unveiling next bond film or something. >> americansing sh asking where are the jobs? >> he begins this summer sales pitch on the economy the job approval rating for the president slipped below 50% for the first time since september. >> caroline kennedy is going to be nominated as u.s. ambassador to japan. the author and daughter of john f kennedy was a big
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supporter of president obama's campaign f confirmed kennedy would be the first woman to serve as u.s. ambassador to japan. a victory for detroit today, lawyers for the city went to court for the first time in the city bankruptcy proceedings. a judge put a stop to lawsuits declaring he will handle challenges. a judge said the governor acted illegally in approving the filing. retirees sued claiming pension rights are protected under the constitution and now at risk. >> we have breaking news. sky 7 live in san francisco bay view district. at least one person has been shot. this is at jennings and shafter streets. the confirmed victim is a woman taken to the hospital with wounds police are describing as not life threatening. we know other ambulances were call bud no confirmation of a possible second victim we'll bring you more information as soon as we can get it and get breaking news 24-7 on twitter.
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>> trayvon martin's father went to capitol hill today in an effort to focus attention on issues impacting black men and boys spoke to hebs of congress during the first session of the congressional black men and boys caucus. his appearance after george zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of martin's unarmed 17-year-old son. case was a focus of a meeting exploring perception of black males in society and challenges that they face. >> what can we do as snairnts what can we do as men? what can we do as fathers? what can we do as mentors to stop this from happening to your child? >> martin received a standing ovation during a hearing. a co-chair says the face kais focused attention on black males like nothing nelts past few decade autos video emerged that have maryland woman
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survived when her car plunged off the chesapeake bay bridge. another driver took this video you can see her there cling together rocks. onlookers can be heard urging her to hang on. a big rig sent her over the railing into the water 27 feet below. despite being dazed she managed to get out of the car and swim to safety. she suffered only minor bumps and bruise autos last hospitalized boston marathon bombing victim went home today 100 days after attack that killed three people and wounded more than 260. he hobled on crutches as he left the hospital. he lost his right leg above the knee broke his spine as well as bones in his left leg and foot. the 34-year-old roofer says
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his fiancee and son kept him going through the ordeal and 49 surgical procedure autos it's been hard at times i've not wanted to -- i just want to check out because i know how hard it is for him and her not having me there. >> he credited his therapists as well as support, gives and donations from people around the country. >> still ahead at 4:00 caught on video. a massive cliff collapse has people running for their lives. >> today's 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. so you can contact me right now on finney abc 7 and on twitter, i'll answer questions here live in just a moment. >> from mount tam not much in the way of marine layer meaning warm weather. i'll show you how long it's going to last coming up.
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>> another live look at afternoon commute. very slow going and slightly better but not a heck of a lot better on the right side of the screen with traffic moving towards 101 south. mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol,
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and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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a terrifying end to this
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hot air balloon ride. winds made it doifl control. you can see it made a hard landing on the water then the balloon came to rest on a nearby highway. only two people were hurt, though. the pilot apparently tried to land police say the pilot act add cording to procedure. >> and there she goes. video cameras rolling when a giant chunk of the famed ala baster cliffs of france collapsed onto the beach. officials estimate 30,000 cons -- tons of stone broke free. nobody was hurt. tourists and locals being warned to stay away from the region. imagine seeing that. >> my goodness, imagine being near it. >> absolutely. >> let's get another update on the forecast now. >> summer warmth is here. it's going to be here sunny
4:41 pm
skies at the moment from coast to inland. just patches of low clouds along the coastline. here is a look at national weather picture going to be a dry day across 48 concontinuous states. just off the coast, it's going to be warm and steamy, hot in phoenix. warm up into pacific northwest. state wide, sunny skies and perhaps thunderstorms not unusual for this time of the year. hot down through central valley. highs 104 in chico. 102 in palm springs. 107. a mild to warm 78 in los angeles and 67 in monterey. here in the bay area, it will be sunny again, and warming continues. our inland locations especially inland east bay highs into low to mid-90s.
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way up north to clear lake 100 around the bay, 70s to low 80s and mid-60s on the coast. there is more that have still to come nice winding down of the week into the weekend. good beach weather. >> watch abc. live stream is a way tochl peer yens abc any time, whether at home, out and about, you can enjoy your favorite newscast and tv shows on your smart phone, tablet or computer live and on demand. >> this is a special benefit brought to you by at and tu verse at no additional cost go. to abc 7 to find out how to access watch abc. enter your information and you'll get the stream or you can search watch abc to down load the app. >> still ahead saving city college. abc 7 news sits dwoun a man in
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charge of the troubled school talking about how he plans to do it. a story you'll see only on abc 7. >> plus, the story behind this picture of former president george hw bush. >> are there privacy issues to worry about if you wa
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the man promises city college will be saved. accreditation commission for community and junior colleges has given robert agrello one year to fix the institution plagued with problems. he spoke to abc 7 news this is an interview you'll see only on abc 7. >> robert agrella's title speaks for itself. trustee with extraordinary powers meaning he has the final word on every action to save this institution. >> i think we can move things much quicker, i'll be much more involved in the operations than before. >> he is the former president of santa rosa junior college
4:47 pm
believing city college has been all things for all people. >> given where we are just in terms of how community colleges are funded. it's just simply not sustainable. >> the college has until july, 2014 to get it's house in order. it's financial and man gear yil problems are why city college may lose accreditation. the college still has not met all requirements needed to continue operating. most salaries have already been cut again this year. the teacher union is still in negotiations. agrella has power to close campuses and programs to save money. >> we have tightened the belt. and i'm sure if you talk to folks who are inside city college they would say the belt has been tightened. but the belt has been tightened more at a lot of other institution autos one of the challenges he faces is to make sure the money coming in is used more efficiently.
4:48 pm
>> we can do it. or else, i won't be taking this job. >> in 2005 compton community college lost its accreditation due to irregularitis. he says he will not allow that to happen here. >> checking healthy living news the fda approved one type of plan b birth control to be sold without age restricks granting the exclusive sales rights for three years. it's plan b one step starting to appear on shelfs this week. when fda rights expire, generic versions will be sold but only to those who are at least 17 years of age. for now, generic pills will remain behind the count jer sold without a prescription. >> this next story is touching. former president george hw bush showing support for an aling-year-old boy. >> this act of kindness is
4:49 pm
hard to miss. the 89-year-old shaved his head in support of patrick a little boy fighting leukemia. george and barbara bush lost their daughter robin 60 years ago in october. >> patrick is son of one of the president's security staffers and his secret service detail also shaved their head autos encouraging is that treatment for leukemia changed so much in decades since bushes lost their daughter and hopefully, he will be able to get the treatment he needs and. >> what a show of support. >> michael finney here now answering questions and this one, i upgraded by mi cell phone they required a thumb print to trade in the phone. >> doesn't that seem weird? this is a very, very old law meant to regulate back in old days pawn shop that's way, people couldn't steal stuff go, pawn it and then no one
4:50 pm
would know who pawned it. they want to track this stuff. so if a company buys and sells used goods they have to be able to identify you including a fingerprint. maybe a privacy issue but it's the law. >> okay. >> kimberly asked i saw an ad on tv for a free credit record from a third pa party company. aren't i entitled to free annual credit sflort. >> you are. you can get one free per year if you want to get it free go to annual credit notice the word free is not there. annual credit best way to go about this is get one, then next one four months later there isn't that much difference gives you a great check of keeping track of your credit report without paying anything. >> erica asked i purchased an item online from china.
4:51 pm
and got auj saigs to return it for a refund. i sent it back but the company says china's customs doesn't vit and tracking shows item is there. is there anything i can do. >> it's a problem with buying overseas it gets complex. not like here. okay f you bought through amazon or ebay you may have some options to go back and track this down. and other than that, contact your credit card company what. are you going do? fly to china? i wish i had something to tell you. if you bought through ebay or amazon you have a way to track it, then go with your credit card. >> otherwise? you're pray something. >> you are. yes. >> thank you. >> up next shortage of specialized teachers in california and how many families are paying the price. >> coming up at 5:00 getting away from it all just got better if you're taking off
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from one airport. where you can find cheapest fares. and how immigration reform
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sheer look at tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's the middle followed by modern family at 9:00. neighbors follows that, and then, it's one hour of abc's the lookout at 10:00. then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. there is a divide developing in schools ash the bay area and throughout california the state can't figure out how to bridge. schools get more special needs children but fewer certified teachers. abc 7 news nannette mirrorand has our story. >> the number of california kids needing special education is nearing 700,000, or 10% of the enrollment and rising. they're more expensive to
4:56 pm
teach because aides or specialists are hired. the state spends about $9 billion on special education. credentials 4 thousand to 5,000 teachers per year that is not enough to are foe dear mand. >> we're preparing half of the teachers the state might need. >> to close the gap california commissioner issues about 2500 interim documents or emergency permits to allow some to temporarily teach special needs students. another 2000 misassigned in a special ed setting. >> i spent a lot of time battling schools. >> ron is the father of a special needs child and upset there haven't been enough teachers qualified to deal with his son. >> not enough. they need more one on one. more smaller groups.
4:57 pm
main streaming in part of the classroom is great but they need more and teachers have to learn how they learn. everyone of them is different. >> in recent years it's been challenging to meet the needs but main problem has been attracting people to the job. special ed teachers are not paid more and have to attain special credentials on top of ones they need to teach a regular classroom. special education offices hope things improve now that governor brown is giving districts more flex yiblt maybe things will loosen up a little bit and we'll have ability to look at salaries you know? provide more stipends. >> shortage could deepen. lawmakers might put more requirements on new special ed teachers as recommended by a task force.
4:58 pm
>> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news the 4:00. the news at 5 begins right now. >> thank you. a local family goes to court to face a man accused of brutally killing their loved one over a piece of jewelry. >> i'm sandhya patel. summer back, so is the sun. how long heat will stick around. >> how immigration reform may keep a bay area farm favorite from maiblging it to the dinner table this summer. >> we want to know why. >> a family goes to court demanding justice and answers from a man accused of kill being their loved one in a cold blooded jewelry mart shootings in san francisco. good evening. >> the family chased down the man charged with killing two women and wounding a man over
4:59 pm
a $300 price zpit dispute. the suspect is from antioch. abc 7 news carolyn tyler joins us now with more, carolyn? >> barry white was in court to enter a plea but he did not. his attorney asked for a delay. watching proceedings was a family of liena lim, mother of a teen-aged girl and the heart and soul of her family. >> i want my sister back! i want my sister back sclam. >> the baby sister. >> i want her to come home. >> an emotional gathering on the steps. the extended family of the 51-year-old lina lim mourning her murder. >> why they kill her like that? he still living.
5:00 pm
>> he has no right to do that. >> she is one two of women killed on july 12th inside of the jewelry mart. she had worked for 20 years. the other victim was a 35-year-old, another employee. the owner of the jewelry store, 50-year-old vick hom was injured. the suspect barry white junior was in court. shackled at hands and feet. we were not allowed to show his face. the police have released a mug shot. they say the 23-year-old man used a gun and a knife to commit the brutal murder. according to investigators he had a beef over the price of a piece of jewelry. his family and friends declined to speak. >> i have not looked at the police report or seen videos but just based on what i know it seems he had a serious mental breakdown. >> the public


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