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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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some calling for the death penalty. they held sign was the date of the murder and the words tragic and pain. her younger sister could not hold back tears. >> i want her mom home. i want her home. >> the larnl extended family of the woman said they came to the hall of justice seeking justice for the mother of one and looking for answers. >> inside of my heart, i don't know why. i don't know what happened. i want to tell the public why? why they kill her? >> she is one two of women killed on july 12th inside of the jewelry mart. she had worked for 20 years. the other victim was a 35-year-old employee. the owner of the store was
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critically injured. today the suspect barry white junior was in court shackled at hands and feet. we were not allowed to show his face. police have released a mug shot. they say the 23-year-old used a gun and a knife to commit the murder. according to investigators he had a beef over the price of a piece of jewelry. his public defender believes he may have mental problems and filing a motion of disconduct. >> based on what i know it seems he had a mental breakdown july 12th with the kind of press we've seen has been inappropriate for pretrial comments from the district attorney. >> the district attorney has used words like chilling among others to describe the homicide and in response to
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the motions the da's office released a statement calling the murders brutal. saying they will prosecute to the full skbreft saying the public defender is welcome to file whatever motions they deem necessary. >> we have break news out of san francisco. two people injured in a shooting in the bay view district this, happened near jenning asks refer streets. police tell abc 7 news a man and woman were shot. police looking for the shooter we'll bring more information as soon as we get it. our reporting continues on twitter. another woman shot and killed in her car in east oakland today. sky 7 shows us where the 66-year-old victim died while driving on fern street. she hit a parked car. police have if the released
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her name no. word on whether investigators believe she was targeted or whether this was just a random act this, is oakland's 56th hom siftd year. >> san jose police spent the day looking for clues trying to find a woman's killer. sky 7 shows us apartment complex where the victim lived. her friend went to check on her and discovered the woman badly beaten inside of the apartment. she died a short time later. a santa rosa man is in custody after telling police he killed his wife. the 62-year-old called around moon. officers arrived and found his 64-year-old wife on the living room floor with a binding around her neck. the man was arrested on suspension of murder. >> san francisco mayor and chinese consul general attended a memorial service today. for victims of asiana flight
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214. the victims were remembered today. mark matthews is at san francisco international airport right now there. we dwocht. mark seems families are facing legal wrangling and making a decision here how to proceed. >> they are. the services just a couple minutes from where we're standing. let's start there. the service closed to news media but from a distance we can see chinese consul general arrive. followed by san francisco mayor ed lee. we're told that the parents of the three young women killed spoke about their daughters. one 16-year-old killed on the runway by a fire truck. another 16-year-old ejected from the plane, also dying at the skeechblt a third victim, a 15-year-old died six days later. all three attended the same middle school in an afluent
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provence. a regularly scheduled asiana flight flew over the cemetery. afterwards the mayor was too choked up to speak about what had gone on inside. >> the chinese consul general told us he was moved to tears and he added that the parents of the victims would be flying home this saturday. we're told the head of asiana airlines would be at the memorial and the man on the right does look like asiana's president. reporters for chinese television identified him buzz bu he got into a car with several other men and left before the two-hour office began. in redwood city an attorney and pilot working with law firms and says now asiana is trying to get cases jelted
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before lawsuits are filed. >> i haven't heard in this case any firsthand information that asiana is urging passengers to sign away rights but in every major aviation disaster that is out of the airlines play book. >> danko says airlines are concerned with passengers file a lawsuit in the united states. claims can run into millions of dollars. >> if you bring the suit in china it's going to be in tens of thousands of dollars so it's not going to be bringing that suit in china. >> and not everyone is eligible to bring a suit in the united states you have to be a u.s. resident purchased the ticket in the united states or intended to stay in the united states as your final destination so a great deal of diskrep spencey.
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we contacted asiana airlines and they did not return our calls. >> mark, thank you. crews are still doing repair work now after a gas leak forced residents and businesses to evacuate several hours today this, is a live look at danville boulevard. the leak started around 10:30 this morning crews were trying to fix a broken pipe and hit a half inch gas line instead. residents were evacuated. east bay mudd says the markings are inaccurate. north bay city of met peta luma is the latest to face a rash of home burglaries. police now have a break in these cases. vick? >> police have confirmed to abc 7 news they have identified some of the suspects. now, they believe that there
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are different groups out here and tell us most of them are from the east bay. their door knock burglaries similar to what this video shows this. a person knocks on the door in this case a woman with an infant no one answers. her accomplices try to pry open the back door. >> door knock they're portraying themselves as sales persons or repair person just going around to see if anyone is home. >> so far this year, between january 1 and end of june, there have been 28 home burglaries in petaluma this, month, there have been 18 homes hit. >> i have not seern this many property crimes occurring we knew this year has been incredible. >> revelations shocked neighbors who feel petaluma is
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a save city. >> we've got to be more careful and be on the lookout. i haven't been. >> we keep everything locked up at night and check to make sure door to garage to our house is locked. >> most burglaries are happening during the day. they're going through windows, side doors and open garages. police got a break here aadobe greek. a maintenance worker found property, many different items hidden near the 11th hole. turned out to be a stash of goods. there were power tools, sporting equipment, electronics jewelry, lap tops and a coin collection. police had to call a truck to load all of the goods. police identified several suspects through fingerprints. these are two people police are looking for. one homeowner says she interrupted a burglary one
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afternoon. vic lee abc 7 news. >> still to come endangered white abalone. first attempts at safing it in almost a decade. >> in sacramento a $2 per pack cigarette tax will help fund health programs and antitobacco campaign autos temperatures rising. how warm it's going to be in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and the
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the man chosen to lead city college on its fooj a accreditation vowed to save the institution. he has until july to fix city college beiged with a variety of problems. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7. >> you know he spent more than 20 years as president of jant rosa community college. he's been through accreditation process. city college is different it's a bigger institution with bigger problems. he says city college will be saved. >> we can do it. or else i couldn't be taking this job. >> his job come was a special
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title. special trusty with extraordinary powers meaning he has the final word to get the college need added cred daigs. >> i think we can move things quickler without being more -- being more involved in operations of the organization that i was before. >> he was given this power after the school was not able to meet all of its requirements needed to continue operating. it's financial problems are why city college may lose its acred daigs. he says through the years the school failed to adjust to hard shaips -- ships brought on by cuts and adds city college should have learned to be more efficient. >> a dollar goes further when more efficient wit most salaries have been cut again this, year. college is still in
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negotiation was teachers union. >> what you try to do is work with your unions to get them to understand where costs are. how can costs sharing be implemented. that is the art of negotiating with the union he has powero close campuses to save money. what he will not do is raise tuition. several propositions helped fund the college. he says everyone knows what is needed. the hope is that they can get it done. >> we had road map how to do that. now we have to make sure we can get it done. >> his salary about $276,000. he'll probably serve until the college lands back on its feet. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> an effort to save an endangered species involving bringing the creature here to
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the north bay. wayne freedman has a story of hope for white ab loney.. >> when dealing with marine die byeology miracle was come in small sizes. tiny white abalone. still young, some day they will grow to be like this. big, healthy, hopefully no longer endangered. >> they're delicious, i hear. >> but tasting success will be another matter for this doctor from uc davis. today she and colleagues showed how after 10 years they bred white abalone. no small task. >> challenge getting thom reproduce in captivity to create babies in captivity. >> what was hard about that? >> they didn't want to. >> what causes these abalone to reproduce? they know trigger is come lynn
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bination of food, light and temperature. but what amounts? >> once we have enough owe of of the young to experiment with we're going to manipulate each to see which has an affect on reproduction. >> the lab has 125 specimens from from this one, to this one to adults. problem sport diving left abalone so few and far between in the waters of southern california that reproduction has become next to impossible. the white abalone needs numbers once the process is down to science this lab can produce them. >> i think vision is that within five years to be able to start producing tens of thousands of the young animals to repopulate oceans in southern california. >> imagine saving a species by breeding them in tanks. from bodega marine lab abc 7
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news. >> interesting. >> now, the sun is back. >> yes. it's here. >> it's going to have an increasing are presence. here is a look at sunny skies from coast to inland now. but there is a little bit more fog near the coast. so this is what the night time looks like now. beautiful sunny skies. lots of blue skies there. temperatures at this hour are 64 degrees in san francisco. 71 oakland. 71 mountain view. a cool 59 in half moon bay. another lovely view from mount tam. you can see increasing presence of low clouds and fog. 81 napa. 82 novato. 91 fairfield. near downtown looking
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southeastward under blue skies we'll have areas of fog near the coast tonight. it will be warm inland tomorrow. and let's pull back and show you the low pressure system well off shore. brought us clouds and some humid weather yesterday. we've got drier air here and a quieter pattern than last couple days and of course warming will continue. notice we won't see a great deal of low clouds and fog. just glancing the coastline there. it will be snis nis and warm. patches of fog and temperatures upper 50s to low 60s so pretty mild.
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tomorrow continuing to warm up. we'll see sunny skies with highs from mid 80s to low 90s. pin anyone slarks highs 78 in san mateo. on the coast nice and mild 62 in pacifica. downtown a high of 68 tomorrow. north bay highs range from 90s in san rafael to 91 in novato. 82347 napa. near east bay highs mid-70s to low 80s. inland east bay mid to upper 90s. here is the accu-weather forecast. this inland warmth remains us with through saturday. sunday and monday, coolest day of the forecast period. and then, warmth returning tuesday, webs.
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so it's a summer like pattern. >> thank you. >> okay. >> soon you can go outside and still be online. >> yes. up next new places where you'll be able to get free wi-fi. >> hey, everybody traffic reporter want a smart solution to your commute? they can czech out abc 7 you can drive away with a brand new smart car announce the lucky winner on friday. august 2. so be smart enter now. join me for the best routes in th
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facebook reported a 53% increase in revenue much from mobile advertising where facebook has been weak. results came as a surprise on wall street. shares rose $4.5 fl after hours trading. >> after nearly going bankrupt ford reported a $1.2 billion profit just in north america. profits in asia set a record last quarterford's pick up sales rose 26%. on the other hand caterpillar warns of tough times ahead. dow jones average dropped 22 points but apple shares went up $21.
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surprisingly strong iphone sales. >> iphone sales giving san francisco a big gift to help people stay connected this morning officials announced they received $600,000 from the wi-fi giant. google says the gift with no strings attached. san francisco may be the center of the technology boom mayor lee says it's offering free wi-fi to residents. >> we need to do more but sometimes, the funding wasn't there. it cost more. than we think. >> some of the areas this will have this free wi-fi include civic center plaza, marina green and dolores park. service should be up and running by spring. >> there is more still to come tonight. we'll show you dramatic video out of spain where a train has derailed. authorities think they know what caused this. >> a movement tonight to drive
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up price of cigarette ndz california what a pack of smokes is likely to cost you. >> an oakland man has to pay a fine the first time his burglar alarm goes off by mistake. coming up, looking at high price of
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following breaking news in the south bay now a small grass fire is burning in or charred parkway just north of san jess yeah international airport. brian johnson tweeted thus photo, i believe we have it. he showed the smoke. the fire is contained to about three acres no homes are threatened we have sky 7 headed to the scene to take a look. and our reporting continues now. excessive speed may have caused a passenger train to derail killing 56 people. more than 100 other passengers were injured every car derailed as the train rounded
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a curve. the high speed train heading from madrid to coastal city. spain's prime minister is holding an emergency meeting tonight and scheduled to visit the scene tomorrow. officials do not believe this is a terrorist attack they say high speed this is the first accident ever on a spanish high speed train track. >> disgraced former congressman anthony weiner dismissing calls he drop out of the mayor's race. today weiner responded to several new york papers saying he should quit. this is the behavior that led to his resignation in 2011. weiner says incidents are in the past and voters don't care. >> at end of the day citizens are more interested in the challenge they face in their lives than anything that i have done embarrassing in my past. and you know i'm fine. i've got an amazing wife and child upstairs a comfortable
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life this, is not about me. >> weiner's rivals in the race are also calling for him to quit. polls show weiner is either still lead norg second place in that race. >> proponents of a $2 a pack tax on cigarettes say it would help california smokers despite the wallop to the wallet. >> health groups ramping up pressure for a $2 per pack cigarette tax in california. supporters say it hasn't been raised in 15 years wret the cost for medical keeps rising. money would boost antismoking campaign autos california taxpayers spending $3 kbrinl on medical costs for patients that are related to tobacco it only makes sense we invest more this this program to drive down smoking rates and
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invest the money to offset the costs. >> new york has the highest cigarette tax in the country, california ranks low. missouri has lowest at 17 cents a pack. the $2 a pack increase would make the golden state the sixth highest bringing a pack to more than $7. opponents like california retailers association say the tax will cost jobs as sales dip and a black r black market opens up. california voters rejected a $1 per pack tax last year. >> i think they're being almost criminalized. >> i believe that once people stop smoking it gets down to the point they're not making revenue they'll go after alcohol. >> brian walters has been smoking 30 years says it could
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be an incentive to stop smoking. >> it's expensive i know i need to quit for my health. if something has to be taxed it should be luxury item autos democrats will be using super majority powers to get it through the governor has been reluctant to overuse it. >> owe 30,000 homes and businesses are protected by burglar alarms but you'll pay a fine if yours goes off by mistake. >> one man found out the hardware and -- hard way. >> he's upset he went 20 years without a false alarm, then got hit with the fine the first time it misfired he complains he pays taxes and buys his home security and now, is slapped with a penalty. >> security tight here at oakland hills home.
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>> the burglar know they have to expect an alarm system. >> all three levels wired. a security camera keeps watch outside. and another looking for intruders inside. in the 19 years he's had the system it has never gone off until now. >> neither my wife, nor i was home it was wednesday afternoon. the alarm rang. his security company bay alarm called the house. when no one picked up the dispatcher called neighbors to take a look around. then, called police. >> so the police turned up and checked everything out. >> turns out there was no harm done. or was there? >> i got invoiced $84 he was shocked to receive a bill from the city. an $84 penalty because police responded to a false alarm at his house. he was outraged.
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>> 19 years? one time? there is something wrong. >> his bigger gripe, he says police can't stop crime so he's forced to protect himself, then gets a penalty. >> inability of the oakland police to protect its citizens costs the citizens a ton of money. they have to install this system them have to maintain it. and then then, when one event happens when an -- we have to pay a fine. >> we'd love to be able to tell you we can protect you 24-7. that is our job. >> police spokesperson tells us police are stretched thin trying to control crime and protests and yes, citizens need to protect themselves. >> we can't be everyone's home all the time so we do have to if we choose to, install alarms. >> she says the city imposed that penalty in 2010 because
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false alarms were rampant wasting precious police time. the city received 29,000 alarm calls in 2009. and 98% were false. since the fine was imposed alarm calls dropped way down to 18,000 calls last year. >> the money is the factor to have people look at the system. >> turns out this glass break went off by mistake. bay alarm replaced it. even paid his $84 fine. the company says bay larm handled alarm sis kig sig nal in the manner prescribed by the city of oakland and written directions. the couple have been loyal dmorz 19 years. the company paid the fine and replaced faulty detector on the system free of charge. >> i'm thankful that this was resolved. >> many cities impose
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penalties but most do not charge for the first owe fence. after a third false alarm oakland will not respond to that address unless the owner completes a course on false alarms. bay alarm is says test your system once per month. we've told you that in the past. >> good advice. >> thank you. >> sure want to keep you up to date on breaking news. this is just north of san jose international airport. you can see a lot of smoke here we're thold is not affecting landings. the fire started just after 6:00. no homes fletened our reporting continues on twitter. >> up next, google's new attempt to move into your living room. thousand device can bring internet to your tv screen.
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keeping you posted on breaking news that is a fire here kind of a small rim of fire broken out this, is just north of san jose international airport. the location is orchard
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parkway. now, as mentioned so far despite the smoke you can see there is no problem at the airport planes taking off and landing with no problems fire started just after 6:00 tonight there are firefighters on the scene ryeing to pat down the hot spots we'll fin tin to follow it. >> google became the latest internet company to try to make it on to living room set. >> chrome cast is what they call it. it's one two of offerings announced in san francisco today. >> abc 7 news was there for unveiling. >> talking to reporters google unveiled new nexus 7 update to the android tab blet. this one is $30 more but google thinks you'll want it. >> it's amazing upgrade in every imaginable way. it's thin yes, much lighter
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with a high display. >> something apple's ipad mini doesn't. and you're going see performances a lot better it's going to feel more fluid more responsive. >> what do young people do when not playing games? a lot have to study. >> we're announcing a new content. textbook autos students can rent textbooks for 80% discount. >> we want this to be the only thing you're carrying. >> biggest surprise is small. the chrome cast. introducing chrome cast. >> this is google third try. the last barely sold before being discontinued. it's neither. >> this is a different approach bringing content to
6:43 pm
tv. >> people love their phones and lap tops. >> any app developer can add the cast button. >> want to switch to the next song? it will switch on the television. >> what turns head is the price. $35. some blogs reported first batch of preorders was sold out. >> still to come tonight a feline that is phenomenal. >> adorable with a mustache. >> a story of a kitty becoming an internet sensation. more to tim
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fame can be ed fleeting as andy warhol once said you only get 15 minutes of it unless you're a movie star or royal. >> but now there is the internet. wayne freedman found out it's create add a breed of celebrities.
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>> ham? hammy? >> what may be the most reclusive celebrity lives in this apartment. >> he's here. >> he's barricaded right now behind that locked door no doubt sniff deciding about us. >> i think we might be able to get him out for a minute or two. there is a chance this might be a you and me. >> so said jay stow, the roommate. >> ham? let's go see him. the feline otherwise known as hamilton the hipster cat hide hearing. >> he's like every other cat when no one else is around. >> except for that distinguishing mustache it began when he posted pictures just for fun. now, he has more than 91,000 followers on instagram. >> it's adorable cat with a mustache. >> did you plan this? >> i don't think so. >> some have doubts... let's
6:48 pm
look at what jay did for a living. back stage his comedy friends are merciless. >> i got this from a food truck. >> when performing his human jor anything but warm and fuzzy. >> you go hike something so you have partaken in the dumbest activity on earth? >> he nengs mentions hamilton. >> what i do is his thing, what i do is my thing. >> they have been together about a year they met in a animal shelter. jay will be the first to tell you he wasn't looking to adopt a cat but something about his standoffishness got him-to-him. >> just too scared any time anyone got near him he was huddled in the cage and did not want to come out. >> then, he picked up the kitten it fell asleep in his arms. >> what does that tell you?. >> him and i were meant to be.
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>> meant to be an ambassador for pet adoptions and humane society. a picture a day, every day. most days anyway. no joke. >> hamilton didn't respond to wayne. >> we have another mustached cat with us. >> we do, indeed. here it s here is a live doppler 7 hd. low clouds near the coast. mainly sunny skies right now from coast to inland. how about heat today? 95 in livermore. 102 in middleton. 90s in morgan hill. on we go so it's going to be another warm day state wide with many locations hitting triple digits like chico, palm spring asks here in the bay
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area we'll see 90s tomorrow. you can see 100 in clear lake. 97 in antioch. mid-60s on the coast. accu-weather forecast heat bounces back by mid week. good beach weerj sounds good. >> thank you. >> in sports drag racing coming to sonoma this weekend with force. and a's find themselves in a hole, and houston
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back now to breaking news. a grass fire crews had been working on putting out is now out they're putting out hot spots where this spread to a scrap yard. it's in good shape now in san jose. >> last night astros rallied to beat the a's. today, the tables turned. oakland with a come back at expense of a teammate.
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former a, same thing in the second. 1-1 game in the fourth. griffin struck out eight. but the problem this yeerk the long ball carlos with a two run blast in the sixth to give astros a lead. on to 7th and eric so guard at the plate. down to left field line. norris exists. let the fast fall, there it goes. a's win taking two out of three. giants for a series split. buster posey will sit out after playing last night. he was kind of playing today, buster hosting his first pro
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camp held in san francisco really imbresive the turn out. it's a good set up. it's important with young kids because they'll lose focus quickly if you don't keep it interesting. >> eddie johnson the header and past the keeper 2-nil usa. 26 nhra sob sonoma nationals. among headliners four sisters to body issue. the 25-year-old just two
6:56 pm
places behind her father, john. today she joined older sister, britney competing in top fuel. and she was asked about posing for espn. >> i was proud to dot issue to showcase more than i would normally agree to doing but i thought it was a great issue to show it takes a lot of hard work in order to handle a 10,000 horse power race car and to keep wupt men soy had full support of my family as well as sponsors. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. join me tonight at 9:00. coming up then, caught on tape. a brand new police car gets rammed what cops said right brit happened coming up at 9:00.
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>> and bart's back up plan. what the transit agency says will happen if worker goes on strike, again. >> and in prime time tonight the neighbors and look out then stay tuned for abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for >> that is going to do it for this edition of
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a theater scholar chanhassen, minnesota... a stay-at-home mom from ashburn, virginia... and our returning champion, a fundraising intern from palo alto, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny. thank you. hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. in case you mi yesterday's, david, our new champion -- his mom was on the show a few years ago, didn't do particularly well, didn'tssed couldn't play in final jeopardy!
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but she was in the audience yesterday cheering him on as he became the new champion. katie and timothy, welcome have , and good luck to you, as well as to david. the jeopardy! round is the first round of play, and these are the categories for you. next, you have to name the sports on film. and finally, ken burns would be very happy that "jeopardy!" has recently unearthed some civil war letters. david. coastal u.s. states for $200, pl timothy. what is mississippi? thease.he state. let's do coastal states for $400. david.


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