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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> broken gas line forced homes and businesses to evacuates. nor failout for the nevada hospital accused of dumping mentally ill patients in california. >> good morning, on thursday at 6:00. thanks for joining us. >> if you look outside today you can see clear skies but when you are headed into san francisco you will see thing for. >> the variety we get in the bay area. >> there are changes if you drive from san francisco right now as we start off clear in all neighbors but fog is developing across san francisco and trying to reach oakland as we speak. so, foggy spots and mid-to-upper 50's and the next 12 hours around the bay are sunny at noon and 70 and warmer at 4:00.
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inland neighborhoods, quite a spread. we have a few clouds in the north bay and 60's and 77 and sunny at noon and upper 80's is the north bay and the south bay and the east bay valley will flirt with low-to-mid 90's for better part of the afternoon. hopefully you can find a way to stay comfortable. leyla gulen has the commute. >> it is getting busy. we had one accident were that now is blocking a lane and causing quite a bit of a slow down westbound 80 at central avenue there is a buildup of traffic at the hoffman split and to the north, another report of an accident with no clarification on that, yet, but it is south of highway 4 along westbound 80. as we take it over tough southbound 880 loan the nimitz we have this accident on the shoulder, before you reach highway 92, the rest of the drives though, headed along the san mateo bridge is looking clear. >> new this morning, from the east bay, a high speed chase
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stretched across several cities and ended in san leandro. katie marzullo join us with the details on what happened. katie? >> i have new information at this hour as you take a look at the scene, the fire hydrant knocked on its side is all that is least. we are just learning from the oakland police department that the car that caused this mess was a stolen car. you are looking at what is left not showing the drama that unfolded. at 2:30 this morning the car crashed in the fire hydrant at orchard. you can see a waterfall pouring over the trunk of the car after a police chase which started in oakland. now we know it was a stole were car that started at 105th avenue and pontiac street an officer in the area saw someone firing a gun from the window and the officer tried to pull over the car and the driver gave chase and it ended here at this seen and you are seeing the
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chase from oakland to san leandro about four or five miles . the suspects were arrested at the scene and taken to the hospital and then arrested at the hospital. they are a man and a woman and i was up to the fire department to shut down the hydrant. the intersection opened and everything is back to normal at this time. now crews working to cap a gas leak in alamo, a construction crew hit the line yesterday morning and police evacuated homes and businesses 1,000' of the gas line and let everyone back in the area five hours later. just not last hour, workers have finally finished the repair work. oakland police are looking for clues of a 66-year-old woman killed while driving. the 66-year-old judy salamon
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lived less than a mile from where she was shot yesterday afternoon before 1:30. police say many shots were fired and after judy salamon was shot the car crashed into a parked car. they do not know what led to the shooting or who fired the shots. detectives are looking at surveillance video from the area. we are not sure of how many suspects, if we are looking at one or several that are responsible for the shooting. judy salamon is from canada but lived in oakland for decades. her friends say she already animals and would walk neighborhood dogs. >> new details about the sale boat skipper who led the coast guard on a chase over the weekend. this is abc7 news video of we the man being arrested on sunday facing charges of sending out a false difficulties stress call, failing to stop the boat in response to orders and assaulting an officer. he told officers that any attempt to board his vessel was
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an act of war. he has passports from new zealand and ireland and is in custody on immigration hold with another court date august 7. bart employ ease will hear propose sounds for fare gates that will make noises to help impaired customers. they will meet today over the proposal. ought crash at sfo, the remains of the three girls killed in the crash of asiana flight 214 will be cremated today according to chinese reports. the families took part in a private service in colma, yesterday. you can see the mayor was this. he spoke. the chinese council general in san francisco also spoke during the ceremony. the victim families spoke and they will take the ashes back to china on saturday. an attorney says he is working with law firms representing half a dozen crash victims and says
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asiana flight 214 is trying to settle cases before lawsuits are filed especially in the united states where claims can run into the millions. the nevada hospital accused of patient dumping mentally i ll people in california is on the verge of losing accreditation. the independent agency has denied the psychiatric hospital in las vegas accreditation. the hospital can appeal the decision but it is believed the company purchased 1,500 one-way bus tickets over five years in different states. kaiser permanente is facing new criticism in morning. some of the biggest customers are now complaining the company is in longer a bargain. top officials with los angeles say that kaiser permanente is holding the city hostage with the rising rights.
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a family of four is paying 34 percent more in premiums compared to four years ago but the company says they remain a great value for employers and patients. >> trading is underway on wall street if less than 3 minutes and this morning, facebook is likely to be the darling of investors. folk is up 16 percent in after hour trading to $30.94 a share. you will remember the stock was up 19 percent after facebook reported $1.8 billion in second quarter revenue following yesterday's closing bell and that was better than expected. we will check with the new york stock exchange and jane king to see how the shares are doing this morning. >> the presidential campaign for 201 is three years ago but a poll is finding strong support for hillary clinton in the state if she decided to run.
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5 percent 6 those in california have a favorable impression of the former secretary of state, senator, and first lady, the highest number since the organization starting polling in 1996 over clinton. seven in ten voters view her favorably. and the weather this morning has something for everyone. here is a look from mount tamalpais the low clouds and high clouds are off in the distance bringing a colorful sunrise and they will stay to the east and the thunderstorms blew up over the sierra and will do so this afternoon. we will talk about our pollen, we are low, trees, ragweed, ozone is moderate, but u.v. index is high. thing for hanging across san francisco from the camera at the embarcadero center, you can see the 24 hour temperature change, the same as san jose at 86, one
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to two degrees warmer than yesterday with more sunshine in most neighborhoods but from marin on the golden gate bridge, the fog is at deck level. the next couple of days it will become more dominant the morning clouds moving inland so the temperatures will drop the most from the upper 90's to the up p 80's by sunday and we will be in the mid-80's at the bay to mid-70's by sunday and mid-60's at the coast and only upper 50's. today is a warm are day in the forecast. now the commute. leyla gulen? >> we have three mile backup because of this crash before you reach the hoffman split at central. we have heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic and another car is involved that is resting on the right-hand slide. to the south, though, along the limits before you get to highway 92, we have another accident that is causing a spectator
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slowing with backup headed in the southbound direction account drive time traffic shows 80 westbound from four to the maze is 21 minutes and along highway four to hercules that is 51 minutes and 87 headed away from 85 to san jose is a short seven-minute drive. now the just announceed list of cars drivers are most satisfied with. >> google introduce as new gadget that costs less than most meals for two. what this device does and how it could change the way
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>> covering treatment, palo alto and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> this is our exploritorium camera alonging at the bay bridge you can see the low clouds hanging over the bridge with a cool start. >> o.j. will appear before a nevada parole panel to plea for leniency in the 2008 kidnapping and robbery case. he is serve nine to 33-year sentence. even if he is successful he is not released from prison yet because the 35-year-old was sentenced to consecutive terms
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on several charges since being convicted in the las vegas robbery of two sports dealers. >> a just released washington post/abc news poll shows the majority of machines support legal abortion. 55 percent say abortion should be legal in all or most cases. 41 percent believe it should be illegal. when it comes to restricting abortion, 56 percent prefer to oppose limits on abortion after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy rather than 24 mark stabbed as lawmakers push to oppose new requirements to make it harder for clinics to operate. >> the laws on same-sex marriage are changing, sparking a possible change in the dictionary. they are looking into how same-sex couples marrying in england affect the definition of "marriage." it is defined as between a man and a woman with a secondary reference to same sex unions.
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a spokesman says a definition change could happen as the dictionary monitors the use of the word "marriage." >> surprise, surprise, if you drive a porsche you are probably satisfied with your car. again it ranks first in the most appealing brand. out of 1,000 possible points, it scored 884. audi was second with 857, and bmw is third with 854 and land rover is 853 and lexus ronald rt out at 847. it is not performance oriented but how happy drivers are with the brand. >> we have a closer look at the new device that allows user to stream online video from mobile devices to tv and debuted the gadget yesterday in san francisco and jonathan bloom attended the unveiling. a product manager said since
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people love their phones and tablets and listen taps you should allow them to all work with the tv and costs $35. >> and watch abc live stream is available in the bay area and as the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to mit a minute of the news and shows you love. you can bring abc along with you wherever you want to be a special new benefit brought to you by abc, come cat, charter communications and at&t at in additional cost. interior tv provider account information to log in and get the live stream or certain watch abc to download. >> mike is here and we have been watching the low clouds and fog linger. >> mainly around the city and at the coast trying to push to the
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east. as you can see across the bay bridge, want out in oakland and berkeley you could get that will set coming your way but it is a localized event along the coast in san francisco. look at half moon bay at 1.25 mile visibility and no flight arrival delays at sfo. santa rosa has unlimited visibility, also. now, in the south bay, a cool spot is 55 at alum rock and san jose is 59 and campbell is 60. now, 58 in los gatos but in the hills, 72 degrees and you can see the warmer weather is ready to pounce when the sun is up and heating the atmosphere and overturning the atmosphere. 69 in brentwood. 60 at lafayette. 50 at bodega bay and richmond district is 53 and redwood city is 58 and san carlos 55.
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if you were on top of mount tamalpais you would see a colorful sunrise with low clouds here, high clouds off to the east. nearly 40 degrees from the cost inland and mild and fog and slightly cooler this weekend with the biggest drop in temperatures inland. very quiet pattern over us right now and we will see a lot sunshine and the coast will see a little bit more sunshine than yesterday. 91 in morgan hill and 91 in gilroy the warm spots. most of the santa clara valley is in the mid-80's and santa cruz has more sunshine and 76. 78 to san mateo and let to mid 80's for the rest of the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and we will flirt with 70 in downtown and south san francisco and 75 in sausalito and check out san rafael and novato, 91 is the warm spot, and petaluma is the cool spot at 83 and the coast is let to mid-60's and along the east bay shore mid-to-upper 70's
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and a few 80's are possible in union city and castro valley and the most uncomfortable weather this afternoon is mid-to-upper 90's in the east bay. 93 at pleasanton to nearly 100 in brentwood. the a's are back taking on angels at 65 first pitch at 7:00 with mostly sunny and dropping to 59 bit end of the game. the seven-day forecast shows a gradual drop by the time we get to sunday we are anywhere from six to senator degrees cooler from the coast to inland and temperatures will pick up steam on tuesday and wednesday of next week. have a great day. >> busy in richmond and tracking this accident that just cleared to the shoulder westbound along 80 and we did have a few vehicles involved but now it has left us with single digit miles per hour so six miles per hour is the top speed. as far as backup, away from highway 4 you will be seeing the
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speeds dipping down significantly and it will take 32 minutes to head away from highway four to the maze and westbound 580 we have one car that is stalled and blocking and outside 101 away from 880, looking like a clear drive headed over to the san jose airport. >> train wreckage remains on the track in spain. ahead, investigators reveal what led the eight car train to derail with video of the crash happening. hand vacuums are put to the
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>> when it is time to clean your carpet or floors, how about the smaller vacuums? >>guest: we have partnered with "7 on your side" with "consumer reports" to reveal the best. >> good morning, everyone. for big clean up jobs you need to haul out the regular advantage unit but for spilled cereal or other small clean up jobs a hand or stick vacuum could be all you need. you can him out hundreds for
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mediocre cleaning but there are many that car far less. you can get yourself a break, consider a hand vac to clean up every day mess. it is a good choice for hard to reach spots and your car. stick vacs do not require bending over and can clean beneath the furniture. to test, "consumer reports" uses sap, rice, and cereal to challenge 21 hand and stick vacs in a second temperature, they are pressed in the carpet, and some vacuums stood out but not always in a good way. this dirt devil scored lowest of all the small vacuums. this model has a small opening and no brush. it takes more passes to clean up dirt or pet hair and it did not do a good job on carpet or bear
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floors. >> more impressive was this hoover, $60 vacuum has easy to release holder for the cord. the $80 shark perfect pet 2 did equal well with a large opening to help devour the dirt on the carpets and it inhales the pet hair saving you the has it of hauling out the regular vacuum. >> security mitt romneys rated small vacuums for noise while they could be smaller, some can be as noisy as a regular vacuum. you cannot have everything. i am michael finney for "7 on your side". >> an innocent victim of gun violence in oak, a 66-year-old woman. ahead at 6:30, the clues investigators are following this morning. >> live is returning to normal
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after a gas leak but we will hear from a business owner who is frustrated and wants some answers. >> check out the beauty sunrise from the east bay hills, the hottest day in the forecast with the numbers for your neighborhood ahead. >> i am leyla gulen with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the meters lights are on but no one is home because of an early accident in richmond with the details on
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:29 on this thursday. a look from our embarcadero camera looking at the downtown buildings and embarcadero itself, and the ferry building and you can see the low clouds and fog where you might expect it in the bay area. thanks for joining us. >> we just cannot see the tops of the buildings. we will check with mike nicco who will let us know how long the fog is going to last. mike? >> the low clouds are going to
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be very limited right now they are limited and we do not have flight arrival delays had sfo and it is dry, maybe just a touch of drizzle at the coast. foggy spots through 7:00 and sunny and 70 at noon and at 4:00 we will be warmer than yesterday at 80 and milder in the evening and 70 so that is the next 12 hours. inland we are starting off in the 50's up north and the east bay valley and a few clouds in santa rosa but mostly sunshine and 90 at 4:00 and 80 by 7:00 and at the coast we have the free air conditioning, foggy and mid-50's and low to hid 60's and brighter than yesterday. i was showing you the bay bridge toll plaza and we saw traffic coming through with a few lanes looking empty because of an early accident that now is cleared in richmond and that caused quite the backup at four
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miles up to 65 miles per hour and it dips to single digits and six miles per hour approaching the split. the rest of the drive through berkeley is clear around university avenue. at the bay bridge toll plaza we will not see so much traffic. over the altamont pass it is busy at 27 miles per hour and 35 as you jump into livermore. matt? kristen? >> pg&e crews have finally clears the scene after a gas leak forced homes and businesses to evacuate. we are joining with the work to get everything back to normal. finally. amy? >> danville boulevard is only, great news for the people of alamo and crews worked overnight to get it open so life will be able on run to normal. we met with a business owner who is very upset, she wanted to spend the day getting answers
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with businesses shutting down at 10:30 yesterday morning when a crew struck a pg&e causing a gas leak. officials called for evacuate, a three block radius that lasted all day. the owner of the laundromat was disappointed in the lack of commune -- communication. she was frustrated because she did not know the status of the situation or was not able to get to her business. >> what if someone went to there and i cannot get to my business to lock the door and what if a custom goes in there and decided they will fire up a dryer in i was in panic mode but i could not get to my business. >> she knew it was bad when she realized the ramp at 680 was closed. she was upset about the business she lost but she is most frustrated about lack of information. the company says the pipe that
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it hit wasn't marked so they will do an investigation to figure out why it wasn't marked and what they can do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> developing news, oakland police are look at surveillance video searching for clues in the fatal shooting of a 66-year-old woman driving in fairfax. judy salamon lived less than a mile from where she was shot before 1:30. after she was shot, judy salamon crashed in a parked car and died at the seen. detectives are asking for the public's health to identify the gunman or gunmen. crimestoppers is offering $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> new details on the suspect in the san francisco jewelry mart murders. a judge lowered the suspect's bail saying he does not think he would commit new offenses. the 23-year-old barry white is charged in the murders of the
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two women. the san francisco police say he shot and stabbed the women at jewelry mart july 12 in a dispute over the price of an item. relatives went to the arraignment demanding justice. we need justice for lena and we want a tougher sentence. the toughest we can get. >> he was in custody on threatening police in contra costa county and bail was set at $120,000 but a judge lowered it to $5,000 saying he thought the charges pending against white would keep him from committing any other crimes. >> this morning, bart is were watching riders to make plans should another bart strike occur. a strike could come in as soon as ten days. officials say transit options are very similar to those used when workers walked out july
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1st. both sides negotiate a new contract but differences remain. in spain stunning new video in a train crash after 78 people were killed when all eight cars went off the track. one car shot 15' in the air and 140 passengers were injured. the cars willic taken to a location to figure out what went wrong. it was going twice the speed limit on the sharp turn and the government investigators believe it was an accident not terrorism. >> from florida, a car going train derailed at the port of tampa overnight with 15 of the cars on their side and three are leaking ethanol a flammable liquid. haz-mat is working to clean up the spill and crews are making sure in more cars tip over. the port will open soon but
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keeping an eye on any shift in wind that forces evacuation situations. >> effort efforts to remove edward snowden out of limbo have failed. his application for asylum is still moving through russia. he got a change of clothes and a copy of "crime and punishment" yesterday during a meeting with his attorney. he has been stuck at the white house for month -- at the moscow airport for months. he hopes to stay in russia permanently. >> in england, prince william, and his wife kate and their newborn son, prince george, remain with kate's parents. no word on when they will return to the palace or if there will be more visitors. the newest heir is getting showered a gifts. veil why has gifted prince george a baby crocodile which
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hatched december 3rd, the same day that the couple announced they were expecting their first child. >> a chase takes officers from oakland to san leandro and we are on the scene with the damage left behind. >> first, tourists on popular go-karts take a wrong turn andent up in a part of the bay area they were never supposed to see. >> here is the golden gate bridge socked in, with traffic and weather ne
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>> coming up on 6:40. the a's are taking on the angels at 65 degrees under sun and partly cloudy and 59 bit end of the game. this is how it looks over downtown san francisco with the haze hang around and the low clouds and fog and we have flight departure delays at 15- to 30-minutes. we will go anywhere from 86 at san jose the same as yesterday to one to two degrees warmer in most other neighborhoods. through the central valley, watch out for thunderstorms around tahoe and yosemite and 79 in los angeles and the thunderstorm threat stays around tahoe through the weekend but that will keep record highs away as we are in the low-to-mid 80's >> as we head into san francisco we have debris and c.h.p. is coming out to do a traffic break to move it from the lanes and eastbound 80 at 7th and we have a buildup of traffic making the drive in the eastbound
6:41 am
direction. as we head in the east bay along westbound 80 if you are coming down through hercules arm -- away from highway four you have traffic awaiting you into richmond because of an early accident that cleared. when you into albany you have another patch of slowing and it looks like traffic eases making it further into berkeley but that was due to an early accident blocking a lane and it caused quite a jam. now, a look at the golden gate bridge where it is unplenty of fog and it does not seem to be hampering your commute. you may want to slow down but so far it is 12 minutes from sausalito into san francisco. a ride they will never forget a family visiting san francisco is breathing easier after the tour went wrong in the yellow go-kart s after taking a wrong tour while site -- sight seeing
6:42 am
and a cart stalled on the bay bridge and the family did not speak english although there is g.p.s. in sell languages. >> you do not want to end up on the bay bridge with those. >> trading is underway on wall street and investors are buzzing about facebook. >> the dow is down 67 points and we go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> coming up first, a gusher in the east bay with what led to this
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> new this morning a man and woman are in police custody this morning after leading police on a high speed chase. >> abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins us with how the chase finally ended. katie? >> yes, oakland police department say the car in question was actually stolen and the man and woman inside have been arrested after they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. look at the scene, this is the enresult. it came to a head around 2:30 this morning. the whole situation started back at 2:15, in oakland, at 105th
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avenue and pontiac. an officer was in the area and saw someone firing a gun from the car so the officer tried to pull over the car but the driver would not pull over and that is when the pursuit began when the car crashed into the hydrant and you can see 9 mess it left behind with water understooding the street and shooting in the air. the fire department was called in to shut it down. you can see what is let of it, they make quick work of it and the fire hydrant is upitemmed but the war has stopped and it is dry at the intersection which is now cleared at this hour. >> breaking news from stanford, the university is asking students to change their passwords because of an i.t. broach and not revealing details on what kind of breach it is dealing with but they sent out a tweet 30 minutes ago. we will have updates on this
6:47 am
story as they become available. >> now business news, lululemon is turning focus away from yoga and away from women. >> facebook finally impressed investors. jane king is at the new york stock exchange. that is an understatement. shares today, but, first, twit ter, social media are competing with facebook and zuckerberg says that this is a site that is still cool with teens and it is not true they are less engaged. this is important for selling ads because facebook, in fact, is seeing a surge in demand if ads and mobile devices which boosted second quarter profits and the shares are up 27 percent around $33. as for the rest of stocks, the s&p looks like this, and the dow is under pressure with a lost earnings today, including
6:48 am
starbucks and amazon after the close. the silicon valley index is this morning is double a little bit. speaking of markets, americans are more afraid of investing in a stock than losing their jobs, public speaking or dying after a survey that fines having enough to pay for their children's education and rising health care costs. finally, lululemon not just for the ladies, adding more gory for guys. the $98 yoga pants for men are selling out. the brand is looking to get another sports apparel like golf and running and more stores to open in 2016 and they have been partnering with events to have a higher profile among american men. and some of them look pretty good. that is the news from the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> thank you, jane. the point is you want to keep
6:49 am
yourself warm in the morning. >> tell me.i should buy $100 yoga pants. >> don't stop mid-calf. >> we will continue this discussion. >> so, we will talk about weather, thank you for stopping by. half mile visibility at half moon bay and everyone else is okay as you travel through san francisco and to the coast with wins happening this afternoon from 2:00 to 9:00 and out of the west and southwest at 15- to 25-knots across the bay area and into the delta. right now, it will miles per hour is fought too bad and 22 at fairfield so we have a sea breeze and that is why we have thing for across san francisco and headed to the east bay. and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's in san francisco and the coolest weather this along with petaluma and 52 and richmond is 54 and union city and palo alto at 57, and santa
6:50 am
clara 2358, and even to the east, tracy at 68. 101 and 880, the south bay is sunny with quite a spread at 40 degrees from the coast to inland and mild conditions in a few foggy spots and slightly cooler this weekend with the biggest drop in temperatures inland east bay neighborhoods. you can see the cloud cover is dominant along the coast through 10:00 and it starts to move away around the bay and 59 coast we will see more sunshine than yesterday with all the activity staying over the sierras as far as thunderstorms. and high clouds and sunshine, mid-80's and los gatos and morgan hill, gilroy, mid-to-upper 70's around millbrae and low-to-mid 80's for the let of the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and near 70 in downtown and south san francisco. the change in sausalito at 75
6:51 am
but 90 in san rafael, a warmer spot in the north bay valley but everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 80's. mid-70's to low 80's for most of the east bay shore and remain warmer in castro valley at 83 and the comfortable weather is in the east bay valley and you may need the air conditioning, mid-to-upper 90's from 93 in pleasanton to 99 in brentwood but drop down into the 50's overnight with 60's in the east bay. the seven-day forecast shows a slow cooling trend, two to four degrees tomorrow and saturday and a couple more on sunday and by the time we get there we are ten degrees cooler inland and six elsewhere holding close to seasonal average. >> the drive from petaluma to santa rosa northbound along 101 you are going do find this accident and it is on the right-hand side that took out guardrail at the golf club but not causing teach of a delay. we do have yellow out there
6:52 am
headed to the interchange, westbound, 80, at highway 12 we have a box truck and boxes that are blocking the lanes. we are looking at 13 miles per hour only so it is slow westbound along highway 12. at look at this shows oakland maze and you can see the traffic is building on westbound 80 coming up on 580 but it looks like the drive from highway 4 is actually improving at 24 minute commute. want another smart solution? go to and you could drive away with a brand through smart car. we will announce the lucky weather on friday august 2. so be smart and enter now. i have checked out the smart car posts and you can do a lot with a smart car, you can attach a bicycle rack, take the skis to lake tahoe. >> just because it is small do not think you cannot use it with
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stuff on it. and 36 miles per gallon. >> it takes the stress out of parallel parking. >> it does. >> good luck, folks. most of us going to the ocean think of the sun, the sand, enjoying the water. >> what we are not thinking about is doing something like this, a driver got a gray shark east coast of australia. the shark was hurt with a hook in its mouth and the diver said the hard part was holding on and they got the shark up to the surface and worked to remove the hook. >> ahead, seven things to snow before
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>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are continue things to know before you go. a high speed chase ended in san leandro with the suspects crashing into a fire hydrant starting in oakland while police were investigating a shots fire call and officers arrested a man
6:55 am
and a woman at the scene and water has been shut off and police say the car was stole were. >> two, crews finished repairs to the streets surrounding a broken gas line this morning after working through the night. a construction crew ruptured the line yesterday morning causing the evacuation of homes and businesses. people were let back in five hours later. >> developing news, video shows a deadly train derailment in spain, 78 people were killed when the cars went off the crash. it was so forceful a car shot 15' in the air, more than 140 passengers were injured. >> pope francis continues the visit if brazil today and messed the olympic flag in rio de janeiro from the ball -- balcony of the palace. rio de janeiro is posting the summer games in 201. a poll finds strong support for hillary clinton in california as she considers a bid for president. 56 percent of voters surveyed
6:56 am
have a favorable opinion of her in the bay area, 15 if ten voters view her favorably. >> six, we are starting off with fog along the coast where it will be coolest at 62 to 68 and we will be sunny around the bay by 10:00 and 70 to 86 degrees and inland it will be the warmest from 83 in the north bay to 99 in the east bay. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza still not too many cars and that is probably due to an early accident in richmond along westbound 80. we have a report of a car and a bicyclist northbound 280 with the on-ramp is where the incident occurred. >> we continue now online on twitter and facebook.
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good morning, america. and breaking news. the death toll rising overnight in this massive train disaster. all caught on tape. the cars now mangled and toppled. at least 77 dead. reports that the train may have been going too fast because it was running late. and happening now. pressure mounting for the embattled anthony weiner to drop out of the race for new york's mayor, but he remains defiant. joking about his sexting scandal just last night. reports this morning his new accuser may come forward today. caught on tape by a city bus. the terrifying motorcycle crash that sent the grandson of golf legend jack nicklaus flying through the air and sliding 100 feet on the road. somehow walking away from this wreck. ♪ i just came to say hello and say hello to prince george.


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