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teenager held in
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>> breaking news happening right now in fremont where s.w.a.t. team members search for home invasion ri robbery suspect at home with children in it. >> all started about 6 hours ago on porter street not far from downtown fremont. 7 news reporter is there with the latest for us. >> police are still looking for the suspect but started rate over my right shoulder in that house. that's when the couple was attacked. this road opened up few minutes ago. rate now police are going door to door and yard to yard. searching for the suspect. police are questioning witnesses and neighbors who live along porter street. this whole area was on lock down for hours. after man
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broke in the home around 6. police say the man who was armed knocked on the door and when woman answered the suspect medley pepper sprayed her. her husband rushed to the door and he and the suspect struggled. when intrawder gun went off. no one was hurt. miraculously the woman, her husband and their children manage to get out of the house while the suspect was still inside. police were called and shut down roads in the area. about 2 hours ago the s.w.a.t. team went in the house which was empty. but they did recover a high powered assault rifle. and now detectives are trying to figure out if this family was targeted. >> the fact that the female was pepper sprayed. and there was an assault rifle. it does allude to the fact there may be something more behind this but we are still investigate that go and we are very early on in that investigation. >> suspect is described as skinny hispanic 30-year-old man with a bushy long point tail
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with goatee and tattoo above both eyebrow. he was last seen wearing a black zip up jacket. gray t-shirt and blue pants. back live police do consider this man armed and dangerous and if you do see him tonight or even tomorrow you should medley call police. live in fremont, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> disturbing story out of lake county tonight where 2 accused pot farmers under arrest for the kidnap and rape of teenager girl and it gets worse. this happened at marijuana operation northeast of clear lake. police were stunned to the discover how the teen was imprisoned against her will. cornell is live in the newsroom with new details. >> teenager girl is safe in protective custody tonight while her 2 accused kidnappers facing federal charges for using the teen as a sex slave. holding her for days in a locked metal box. these are pictures of the extensive marijuana grow operation
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sheriff's deputy uncovered in lake county. 1400 pot plants were seized along with cash of 22 weapons. assault rifles. pistol and lots of am o. property owner 30-year-old brian and his associate 25-year-old patrick were arrested. but closer look uncovered something more sinister. both men accused of holding 15-year-old girl captive as sex slave on the marijuana farm. deputy found home made wood ep rack used for sexual bonnie damage on the property according to federal complaint the teen wasn't cutting and drying the pot plant. she was locked for days in a 4 foot long metal tool box which had been altered to imprison a human. she was a trapper because she didn't scream in the box she was told. complaint says the teen was told not to expletive up because both men whole lot of money on the marijuana grope. teen was reported missing from the los angeles area in april. lapd believes he kidnapped the girl for sex.
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>> not clear when the girl first went mixing. she called police to tell them she was okay. the call was traceed to call in says west sacramento and she was found safe and 2 suspects arrested. >> cornell thank you. >> new tonight at 11. candle light vigil for woman known as the pet nanny took place this evening near her east oakland home. 66-year-old judy solomon shot and killed yesterday afternoon while driving home on fern street. crowd of family friends gather to share their memory and their shock over her death. judy older sister spoke to the crowd. >> i loved her very much i'm devastated. it's a waste. waste of a life. >>reporter: solomon often babysat pets of her neighbors. police are looking at footage from surveillance camera in the area hoping that will lead them to her killer. >> death threats graffiti targeting police officers. authorities santa cruz looking for exactly who is responsible. the vandalism was found at bay
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view elementary school and since painted over. the graffiti threatened the lives of deputy chief steve clark and 4 other officers. among the names in graffiti sergeant lauren butch baker killed on the job in february along with santa cruz detective elizabeth butler. police believe the vandalism is gang related. >> we have new joyed tonight of the brush fire that burned near chemical plant in the east bay. take a lack. cell phone video shows flames coming right up against port chicago highway this afternoon. fire broke out on federal land at the site of the former concord naval weapon station. thick smoke pwlavbing ited nearby housing developmen development. >> smoke hi to leaf because it was really smokey here. i seen the flames down by the tree. the. >>reporter: trouble breathing. >> i got away before that. >>reporter: fire burned 120 acres before firefighters put it out. chemical plant workers sheltered in place briefly. no structure were burned. the cause is still under
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investigation. >> we know what caused wildfire near palm springs. electrical equipment failure on private property spark the flames. fire damage destroyed 7 homes in the idyllwild area. started july 15 and it is still smoldering tonight. >> police hayward praising 13-year-old girl who stopped daylight home invasion. teen and her 8-year-old brother were home alone yesterday morning. police say 22-year-old if men broke into the home garage. 13-year-old pulled her brother into a bedroom, called her mom and the mother called police. he was caught and accomplice is still on the run. >> also new at 11:00 livermore man facing animal neglect charges tonight after police responded to complaints about the awful stench coming from his apartment. 49-year-old jerry ramos refused to answer the door yesterday so police broke in. officers found 2 dog and cat living in their own filth. police faced other obstacle when they entered as
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well. >> the gentlemen was a hoarder. we had to step around garbage and bags that were blocking doors. animals were allowed to go to the bathroom all throughout the house. >>reporter: apartment has been con dechltd he will not be allowed to keep the pets that were taken to animal shelter in dublin. he faces a fine and 6 months in jail. the 2 dog and cat are now up for adoption. >> police in brentwood looking for whoever spray painted racist graffiti outside family of african mevrnlt it happened last tonight early this morning perhaps. slur and symbol were drawn on the family garage door and driveway sidewalk also spray pantyed small shrub in front of the home were found burned. police are putting every available resource into finding those responsible for the vandalism. former uc police officer who doused peaceful protestors with pepper spray demand worker compensation. john pike
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suffered describing injury caused by the occupy uc davis incident. he was fired from the department in july of last year after task force determined his actions were unwarranted. state records show he has august 13 hearing regarding the matter. >> new at 11. car blasted right through the front window of a novato pizzeria half hour before 60 people including kids were sitting down to a party. this happened at begin deli pits ri a 4 this afternoon. all 3 people in the car were able to get out safely. 67-year-old female driver was hospitalized with minor injuries. police are investigating the exact cause of the crash. party moved to another location. >> next on 7 news at 11:00. only minority juror from the zimmerman case talks about the verdict. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. >> why didn't she vote to convict? why now standing by the verdict? more from the news exclusive interview next. >> also video horrific train crash in spain. what we learn
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about the man who was at the controls. >> and spectacular view above the waves. how the photographer managed to capture this scene. >> here's a glimpse of the morning commute as you look from our exploring camera. gray. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we check out the wake up weather. plus let you know where those temperatures are going
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>> one of the jurors in the george zimmerman trial spoke exclusively with abc news about the gut wrenching verdict she and her fellow jurors reached n.her heart she says she believed zimmerman is guilty of trayvon martin death. brandy has the story. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. >> but you can't get away from god. >>reporter: first time juror b 29 the only minority juror to acquit george zimmerman is speaking out exclusively to good morning america robin roberts. >> my first vote was second degree murder he's guilty because the evidence shows he's guilty. >> he's guilty of. >> killing trayvon martin. but as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally you captain say he's guilty. >> only revealing the first
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name as mady 36-year-old mother of 8 says the evidence presented in a florida court also did not proof manslaughte manslaughter. >> not guilty. >> zimmerman claims he shot trayvon mart 9 self-defense and now in hiding. after protest supporting trayvon sparked nationwide. >> i think if there had been one or even 2 more mady back there, this could have been hung jury. >>reporter: mady says she still wrestles with whether she made the right decision. >> standby the decision because of the law. standby the decision because of my heart, he would have been guilty. >>reporter: mady says she owes martin parents an apology because she feels she was forcefully included in his death. this is abc news los angeles. >> you can see more of mady exclusive interview with gma anchor robin roberts on "nightline"tonight at 12:35 and again tomorrow morning on good morning america. >> investigators believe excessive speed was to blame
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for the train derailment in spain. chilling video shows the train racing around a curve more than double the speed limit. 110 miles an hour. train suddenly jumped the track. 80 people killed. including woman from virginia. train engineer is now under investigation several on line blog say 52-year-old francisco ammo posted this photo last year of the train speed limit and bragged to his face book friends about his speed. that posting since removed. >> hard to believe there have been several sighting of coyote at san francisco ocean beach. take a look this picture from the ocean beach bulletin. park and recreation department says residents and park rangers reported 20 sightings of coyotes in and around golden gate park. ocean beach border the park. city officials say so far the coyotes have not caused any problems. >> unique video of santa cruz surfer make huge wave on the web exploratorium video mounted a camera on small aerial drone
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and sint over popular surf spot in santa cruz and this is the result. l.a. mazing picture. dramatic picture of surfer at different vantage point previously out of reach for anybody with own helicopter or bird. summon my drone. hang on to the drone. float out 30. that's gorgeous shot. >> spectacular. >> remarkable vantage point. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. >> here's sandy. >> beautiful picture there. live doppler different perspective here watching the fog. low cloud. not just over the coast. but in over parts of the bay and also seeing high clouds still streaming in from the south west. check out the view from the roof cam are. top the of the bay bridge a little bit fuzzy as we do have some fog out there. temperatures right now 54 in santa rosa and no have the o. currently still pretty mild in fairfield los gatos low 60's. livermore 66 degrees. high definition emeryville camera
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lack across the bay wac to san francisco see what is going to greet you tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog. patchy morning drizzle not out of the question especially near the coast. cooling trend in the weekend and we look at it to warm-up again middle of next week. today high pressure up into the upper 80's to upper 90's while inland but the coastal spots in the upper 50's to low 60's today and everyone else was in between a little cooler today with the exception of antioch up to 99. this area of low pressure approaching as it does it's going to be deepening our marine larry. time being just sending a narrow extreme of moisture our way so high clouds you saw today we are seeing tonight and it was responsible for the thunderstorms over the sierra nevada this afternoon. we see repeat again tomorrow so if traveling up to tahoe keep it in mind. tomorrow morning make sure you have a jacket or sweat shirt. temperatures on the cool side. low 50's. to the low 60's at best and it will be a gray start across the region.
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may even be damp and may kneeled wipers because it's misty and drizzly tomorrow morning. 5:00 o'clock over cast conditions. really not clearing the coast so for the afternoon keeping the fog the into the coastal community. 50's, 60's, there. inland spots up into the 90's but over all a little bit cooler. for most years for your friday. pacific techlts 82 in san jose south bay. 72 santa cruz. 79 in vapor veil on peninsula. mountain view 58 in pacifica. definitely long sleeve weather for you. this is summer in the bay i can't remember. 59 daly city sunset district 61. lingering fog. mid upper 60's. san francisco south city and north bay 78 first. santa rosa 77. san rafael 79 sonoma head out to the east bay. upper 60's around oakland. barecly -- berkeley. morning overcast and sunshine. 76 in union city. inland spots 85 in san ramone. 88 for livermore. 98
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in antioch check out the forecast for the first day of the gilroy garlic festival taking place tomorrow. the only thing cooking will be the garlic. not the techlts you can see not the heat out there. this time around. patchy fog at 10:00 o'clock. mid 60's warming up to the mid 70's. by 4:00 p.m. 86 degrees then still mild at 7:00 p.m. in the low 70's and if heading to the gilroy garlic festival this weekend good news it's going to cool off even more. saturday sunday mid upper 80's inland. upper 50's coast side temperatures reach lowest point on monday before we see a little bit of a recovery tuesday wednesday and thursday. >> thanks. >> we want to let you know about new service that we are offering called watch abc. >> it's a live on line stream of all of our programming. watch everything leif on the smart phone tablet or computer. live on demand. >> benefit brought to you by abc comcast charter communication and at&t at no extra cost. go to our web site
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and find out how to access watch abc. next enter cable tv provider account information and then go to the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to down load the'. >> sports coming up next. 49ers open training camp what is on collin mindp. 5 yard. 5 is on collin mindp. 5 yard. 5 tv key yard. sports next. >> hi everybody. abc morning news traffic report. smarter solution for your commute go to our web site right now and you could drive away with brand new smart car. we'll announce lucky winner friday august 2nd right here on the abc 7 morning news. be smart and enter now. join me for live traffic alert
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>> a's open the first series at home since the all star break hosting angel team that's under achieving miss industry. 5 games upped 500 coming in tonight. first place athletic trying to build on their lead in the american league west. let's start with nature. angels pitcher rescued injured pidgeon in the middle of the game. how nice. teammate goes dude, what do you have? if about game tied. base hit. young. coming in from second. gets the green light. play at the plate and young, oh, i think he was out but they called him safe. didn't matter because the angels would answer with 4 runs in the fifth off dan. josh hamilton with rbi single to make it 3-2 then mark doubles to the gap. the score easily and hamilton hustling around third. another play at the plate here and he slides in safely. beating the relay and
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adam made it 5-2 and the angels would go on to win by score of 8-3. giants had the night off. 5 yards. 5 yards. that was the difference between winning and losing the superbowl. collin and 49ers have been thinking about those 5 yards for months. last year at this time collin was under study to alec smith. project. geico run some option. now he's the starter with nineers opening training camp today. perceived as one of the most dangerous quarterback in the entire league. caps motivation get back to the superbowl again and win it. >> think about it a lot. make sure that doesn't happen again. put our team in a better situation next time. we are in situation like. that we have an opportunity like that. so outcome isn't that way. >> raiders hold the first practice tomorrow morning in napa. rookie hayden signed today the 12th over all pick in the draft. 4 year deal for 1
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10.1 million dollars. unclear when hayden can practice. he had abdominal surgery in may. may not be ready to go for awhile. they call him mad ice. falcons quarterback ryan cool and comfy for years to come because falcons made him second highest paid quarterback in the entire nfl. 5 year 103 million dollar contract extension tshltion 59 million is guaranteed. ryan tossed 3 touch down in the loss to the niners in the nfc title game last season. team usa basketball show case blue versus white ending 4 day minicamp. oakland native liler here throwing it down. warriors represented by barns and thompson. barns strong with the left hand 18 points play of the game actually occurred in between play. look at sl mill from georgia. with wind mill dunk. military boot and all. that is fantastic.
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clearly the play of the night. he does have some hop. mad hop with authority. 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino in the air force. >> there you go. >> he's used to flying. >> that was incredible. up next. man finds new way to get in trouble for a car pool
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>> look at the wake up weatherth want to bundle up when you leaf home. cool start. low clouds fog. watch ncaa drizzle out there. breezy in spots in the straits and delta. low 50's and 60's. 8:00 a.m. mid 50's to 60's. mike is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thank you sandhya. >> german police handed out an entirely different kind of car pool violation to one driver. >> bmw convertible transformed
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into mobile swimming pool. officer said the driver and his 2 passengers were splashing around on the road. as he pulled it over. >> everyone ran away but the driver did come back he needed his clothes. he was detained. police are still trying to figure out whether it is legal to drive a swimming pool. >> that is extremely odd. >> yes. great thought. if the play in this movie. >> thanks for joining us everyone. everyone. >> have a good night everybody.
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"jimmy kimmel live." tonight, kevin nealon, michael b. jordan, music from karmin, and special guest todd rundgren with cleto and the cletones. and now if you don't mind. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. welcome. thank you for watching. the fact that we'll all probably die alone -- i appreciate it.


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