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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> bedbugs are found at good will warehouses. what is being done to make sure donated items are not infected. >> five days away from another potential bart strike and they only agree on one thing. the talks are not going well. >> it is 6:00. thanks for joining us. >> we still have below normal temperatures for this time of the year. mike has the forecast. >> it is a you it travel patton we have been dealing with. we want to put it to gear and get it moving. but, first, the cloud cover hanging in the air. it is more humid than this time yesterday. the next 12 hours we will look an the bay and we will
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the day with sunny spots and near 60 degrees. now it will be below average with mostly 60's and 70's and 70's and 80's inland and hazy sunshine by noon. leyla gulen? >> as we head back to san jose, our backup is increasing with each passing minute. northbound 101 at oakland road is where we have an accident involving three vehicles. it is blobbing -- blocking a lane. very heavy conditions. give yourself extra time. at the altamont pass we had this accident involving a motorcycle westbound 580, we are still bumper to bumper from tracy to dublin. the metering lights are turned on on the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is loaded up to the maze. eric and kristen? >> we are following breaking news from san francisco where police are looking if two suspects after a man and a woman were stabbed in golden gate park
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at 2:30 this morning located on the east end of the park. police say the woman, possibly if her 40's, was stabbed in the cleft and the man believed to be between 20 and 30, was stabbed in the abdomen and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, one senator is heavy set man with dreadlocks and the other is black male with a white hoodie. they got away in a maroon-colored vehicle. >> oakland argued into the remainly morning hours before adopting new measures which expand soviets of the city with the use of security cameras and passed just add midnight and met with loud disapproval. >> all in favor say aye. aye. opposed, say no. any an extensions? motion passes. thank you.
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>> the department of homeland security is giving oakland $2 million to expand an existing surveillance program set up at the port of oakland in 2008 to protect against a terror attack. the new measure does not add new cameras but re-purposes four existing cameras to include other parts of oakland. the program will be run out of a future surveillance center at office of emergency services. in response to privacy concerns, council members voted the foot average not be recorded or stored. the aclu is opposed to the added surveillance. cameras could be used to track workers trying to organize a union or citizens going to an a.a. meeting or abortion clinic. the other controversial ordinance has to do with disamending protesters. more on that at 6:30. >> developing news, external --
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there were bedbugs found at two goodwill locations. >> it will cost goodwill hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the little bedbugs are causing big problems at the san francisco warehouses. workers have tossed out almost all of the donated goods being stored in burlingame and a lot of the product in san francisco. in the city they have also steam cloned hum dreads of items stored near the impacted area. they will treat a small area in the san francisco warehouse with big sniffinginging dogs officials say this is a real blow to goodwill. they have not found bedbugs in
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the stores but are asking you hold off on donations for a week or two to get the wearhouses cleaned and running again. if you think you have any pests in your home, please, do not donate. >> thank you, our time is 6:05. now the bart strike threat. officials land to return to the bargaining table today although the two sides can not agree about the progress they are making to a new account. they stuck on key issues such as wages and benefits which means the threat of another strike is very real. our media partner the san jose mercury news reports that transportation officials warn the number of overall commuters is projected to europe 10 percent with many on vacation during the first strike returning. sunday is the deadline for a deal and the unions must give 72 hours notice if they plan to strike. >> police are searching for a man who attacked a student on campus of san jose state university. a 22-year-old man was walking
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with a group of men and women near the science building last night and he got in an argument with another man. they struggled and at some point the suspect slammed the victim's head into the payment. the attacker ran off on south first street. the victim is expected to survive. >> two northern california men suspected of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl and keeping her as a sex slave will be in court. the 30-year-old ryan baletto and 24-year-old patrick pearmain kept the victim in metal toolboxes on self occasions dug her three weeks of captivity. the give was sexually abused and forced to work in a marijuana grow operation. a judge is expected to appoint an attorney to defend ryan baletto and patrick pearmain. >> happening today, the 12-year-old arrested in the stabbing death of his little sister will be in court. the brother of the 8-year-old girl charged with second-degree
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murder and a special allegation for the use of a dangerous weapon in the april stabbing. he leaded not guilty to killing his sister. the brother originally said an intruder stabbed his sister. today's hearing will focus on setting a possible date if trial. >> a san diego student will receive more than $4 million after a law enforcement forgot him in a stunning story in a holding cell. the 25-year-old announce add deal to settle the lawsuit yesterday. drug enforcement agents detained him in april. he was at hers friend's house when it was raided and the agent told him he would not face charges but he ended up pending 4 1/2 days in a holding cell without food or water. he had to drink his own urine to survive. it appears agents forgot he was there. >> just trying to distinguish what was real from what was not real and trying to fight the
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logic. >> he spent five days in the hospital suffering from dehydration and kidney failure. he lost continue pounds during the ordeal. the tone says no d.e.a. agents remain disciplined for what happened. >> now we will check with mike and the trust. >> in the south bay we will talk temperatures. alum rock is coolest. it is warmest at sunnyvale. 58 in cupertino and los gatos is 56 and saratoga and san jose at 57. around the rest of our neighborhoods, mostly in the 50's, but lafayette is 55 and half moon bay is 57 and redwood city, as well. here is a look at what happened yesterday: satellite coming in once a day shows the smoke again
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in our neighborhood but not so thick as it was. that will be the case today as the winds are pushing the smoke off to the northeast, away from medford and where the fires are in southwestern part of oregon. not a "spare the air" day but there will be smoke and hazy and moderate amount of pollution. from our roof camera this morning, we are ready for sunshine on the solar panels on the exploritorium and today one to four degrees warmer than yesterday. so temperatures in the 60's and 70's, and a few 80's inland is the case if thursday, and slightly warmer headed to friday and saturday and the rest of weekend is coming up in the seven-day outlook. leyla gulen? >> it is slow in san jose but also looking slow in petaluma and headed along southbound 101. we are down to 40 miles per hour as you may the drive all the way down to san rafael where we will see the speeds picking up and it
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will be clearer. along the richmond san rafael bridge between the east bay and the north bay we are looking at clear conditions at continue somebody. but if san jose a difficulty story. the throw car crash is causing quite a problem with one lane blocked at oakland road and leading to backups so very slow approaching 280/680 split. this is how long it takes to head from 85 to northbound 101 at 42 minutes. >> you have her the horror stories of t.s.a. agents and airport stealing from passengers' luggage. we have the eye opening odds that you could fall victim to the airport thieves. >> sometimes people say to me, this campaign is rough you may want to quit. >> embattled new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner is responding to critics who want him out of the race. >> amazon promising to create
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thousands of new be joes in california and across the countries and we are learning how much the positions ar
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:13. we are looking at the sun rising over the cloud deck with a
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cloudy start. possibly mist and drizzle loan the coast. we will check with mike nicco and find out if we still continue with the cool temperatures coming up. >> new this morning, we are learning the f.b.i. tried to get the fee of n.s.a. leaker edward snowden to fly to russia to convince his son to return to the united states. that is according to the "washington post" today which says talks between his father and the f.b.i. ended when agent could not guarantee that snowden and his father would be able to talk to each other once in now. snowden's father was shocked when his son was identified as the n.s.a. leaker. >> embattled new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner is again refusing to quit his campaign. anthony weiner released a new campaign video last night. >> there are news editors and other politicians that say i wish what guy would quit. you don't know new york or me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city.
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>> he admitted last week he continued to send lewd text messages of himself to women following the resignation from congress in 2011. polls show he has fallen from first place in the mayoral race to 4th place. >> today the political action committee get ready for a possible white house bid by former secretary of state hillary clinton will reveal how much it has raised in donations this year. a source tells "new york times" that the pac has raised $1 million and three quarters were for $25 or less. it previously announced they have capped donations at $25,000 to give her possible campaign more grass roots credibility. >> the battle over the energy drinks headed to capitol hill. a senate committee wants it know whether energy drivens pose a health risk to kids. a panel of doctors and experts question executives from rockstar, monster, and redbull. opponents say the caffeine is
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harmful to growing bodies. monster maintains the drinks are say. >> the house of representatives will hold a hearing over t.s.a. agents and misconduct. a government report shows that employees with the t.s.a. are getting in trouble more often. the government accountability office says misconduct has increased 25 percent over the last these years. violations include stealing from passengers, sleeping on the job, letting family and friends dethrough without screening and leaving work without permission. >> amazon announced they plan on hiring 7,000 new workers nationwide and this morning, we are lending how much the positions are likely to pay. 5,000 of the new amazon jobs will beware house positions. amazon pays average worker $12 an hour which means the average employee makes more than $24,000
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a year. amazon says that figure is closer to an entry level position and doesn't include the full benefit package and stock awards. amazon has warehouses unconstruction in tracy and patterson. >> love the picture of the sun above the low clouds and below the high clouds. very nice. >> very nice. i will show it again. beautiful picture if you can debt above the cloud cover this morning. it is thick but not hugging the ground so it is not considered fog. i had mist coming across the golden gate bridge three hours ago and drizzle along the coast and maybe the peninsula so be aware that it was happening at one point this morning. now a look at our apps. bruce was watching the morning news on his ipad and saw this beautiful sunrise and he took the ipad, took a picture of him, the ipad, and the sun and they happened to be michael finney promotion running at the
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tame. thanks, bruce, for that beautiful sunrise picture from your back porch. he was watching the news looking at the sunrise on the back porch. that is living the life. if you are watching this on back porch, you would have to be above 2,000' at mount tamalpais with the beautiful picture of the sunrise. now, smoke, sunshine and cool breeze, cloudy, misty, cool tonight, slightly warmer this weekend. here is a look at cloud cover, hard time getting deep penetration in the east bay and the santa clara valley and by 9:00 or 10:00, you have sunshine and sunny conditions in the bay and north bay and mostly cloudy along the coast so you will see a few holes in the cloud cover. temperatures will be remain what of the along los gatos and 76 for the softball tournament in
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sunnyvale and mid-70's for a lot of the if peninsula, and mid-to-upper 60's for millbrae and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and north bay, the valleys in the mid-town more -- 9 mid-to-upper 60's. low-to-mid 70's elsewhere, with hercules and castro valley and fremont at 76 the warm spot and low-to-mid 80's around the east bay and no need to turn the air conditioning on and this weekend you may not still need it, we will not possibly make it to 90 in many areas. that is how minor the remain watching trend is. day game, you need such screen at the cove at 63 by 3:30 and sunny and 69. temperatures tonight falling in the 50's about everywhere. i will look at the seven-day forecast, and the temperatures are one to four degrees warmer than yesterday and wees there that tomorrow with a deeper sea
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breeze in the morning, and friday we gain two to four degrees and hold steady through saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, the temperatures are more summer like but, notice, nothing oppressive in the forecast. have a great day. >> it is busy as we take you over to the altamont pass we have this accident with a motorcycle westbound 580 at grant line road is blocking a lane but the drive is pretty stagnant over the altamont pass to livermore. it is a standstill. eastbound 580, though, we have a new car fire reported and we are not seeing too much slowing in the eastbound direction but volume only as you continue there but it looks like that is cleared but all treasure is in the westbound direction taking you 30 minutes to head away from tracy to dublin. in san jose, 280, looking quiet away from 17, and we are seeing few extra cars in the westbound
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>> good morning, at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving fine into san francisco. the top of the bridge is covered from low clouds and fog and
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drizzle. what about the cool temperatures in do they continue? we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> a surfer in hawaii had a run in with a shark that left his leg torn up. he was paddling in the murky waters during flossie and learned getting in the water before a storm is a bad idea. >> i was on my board and a shark came out of the water next to my leg and bit me and then i had a reaction time to hit it on the side of its face and it turned around and. -- and swam back. the gash on the board is identical to the gash on the leg. he is not expected to be fully mobile for a couple of months. >> this morning, giants fans are shocked the former closer brian wilson has signed with their
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rivals, the dodgers. yesterday, the 31-year-old inked a deal with the dodgers' minor league team. he has missed two season because of reconstruction surgery. before that he was considered one of the best in baseball. >> giants fans are outraged signaling an end to fear the beard so this t-shirt expresses how giant fans feel, it is new shear the beard, with the creator say it is in the name of friendly rivalry. >> the watch abc live stream is now available here in the bay area and abc7 news is the first local station and abc the first broadcast network to bring a stream of the local news and the favorite tv shows and now you never have to miss a minute of the news and the shows you love. you can bring abc7 along with you wherever you want to be. it is a special new benefit
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brought to you by abc.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. 6:29 is the time. thank you on joining us. we will look from our camera on our rooftop in the embarcadero in san francisco you can see it is another cloudy start for us in the bay area and a cool day. things are not changing a heck of a lot. >> don't worry, some is on its way. it will take a few days. >> i woke up and i heard sonny and cher. "i got you babe." >> mother nature has us in a pickle. our warmest time of year is usually august, september, and october. so, summer is not lost yet. ry car dry, with mist and drizzle possible. 7:00, around the bay, misty and 56. at noon, 62, and hazy again but not "spare the air" day and 70 at 4:00. you need jackets this evening in
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the mid-60's. the clouds are in the north bay. they will hang an the north bay at noon and 70 and below average and 80 with sunshine at 4:00 and a cool 72 at 7:00. the coast has drizzle, mid-50's and the upper 50's but mostly cloudy at noon and a few sunny spots at 4:00 and 60's is all you get. now the traffic with leyla gulen? >> i said i would cover hotspots. we have a report of a fire in petaluma southbound 101 at 116 causing spectator slowing at 33 miles per hour. it sparked up and was put out and something else flared up so the fire department is on the scene and active right now. 116 in the westbound direction is starting to load up and looking slow there. it continues to be slow on 101 if you head in the southbound direction. we had this report of a crash westbound along highway 37 and that is causing bumper to bumper
6:32 am
track but slow headed to the point. and here is 101 away from 880 and it is slight because of an accident that is in the clearing stages at oakland road. so, to the south, that is holding all that traffic back. eric and kristen? >> continuing to follow breaking news from san francisco, police are looking if two suspects after two people were stabbed this morning in golden gate park at 2:30 on the east end of the park. a woman, possibly in her 40's, was stabbed in the cleft and a man believed between 20 and 30 was stabbed in the abdomen. they were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the suspects got away in a maroon-colored vehicle the. >> a man was injured if a shooting with police finding a victim sitting in a car,
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suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police say they got numerous calls around 10:00 from residents who heard gunshots. police are asking witnesses to come forward. >> developing news, this morning the oakland city council approved two new tactics to curb violence, especially during protests. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the details. >> after 1:00 o'clock this morning the oakland city council passed an ordinance allowing police to detain a demonstrator call with a tool of violence which could be a hammer or item we saw people use to shatter windows during a breast of the george zimmerman verdict this month. it is not just vandalism, a waiter was hit in the face with a hammer during the same protest. the ordinance is aimed at preventing the damage and injuries passed 5-0 but several on the council were not present or abstained. the ordinance was introduced and was defended until 1:00 o'clock
6:34 am
this morning. >> the only thing weed that right now is force. that is a reality in oakland. we have to overcome that and hopefully we can overcome the problem but right now this is a you it love and take hard action and i wish i would not have to do this but we have to enforce the law and enforce the rules. >> the aclu is against the ordinance calling the definition of demonstration and tool of violence too broad. one attorney asks if a group of plumbers or carpenters is walking down the street with work tools, would they be in violation of the law? the city council also voted to expand video surveillance in the city, creating a domain aware if center, a centralized hub if footage which was met with loud boos from people in the audience >> happening today, bart and the unions will be back at the negotiation table and with only five days left to a possible
6:35 am
second strike, both sides are not agreeing on how far apart they remain. abc7 news reporter matt keller is on the scene. >> people are upset at the possibility of another strike and they are hoping for another or, rather, a deal by sunday. the negotiations will resume this morning starting at 9:00, and bart says they have made significant movement in the offer since the talks began claiming it doubled the salary increase and cut employee medical increases. the union calls it lies saying some workers would loss money. passengers are caught in the middle. >> the average person is not, is upset they will go on strike. who is lying? bart? or the union? >> the governor can order a cooling off period if in deal is reached by the sunday deadline and the union has to give 72 hours notice if it is going to
6:36 am
go on strike. >> happening now, army private bradley manning is in a maryland courtroom for the sentencing phase of the court-martial and faces up to 13 years in prison. a judge found the 25-year-old guilty of 20 charges including espionage and was acquitted of the most serious charge which was aiding the enemy which would mean life in prison. he could testify about the plan to, suppose military wrongdoing by sending classified information to wikileaks. >> vigil is held tonight for an oakland toddler now missing for these weeks. the 21-month-old daphne was reported missing by her father july 10. the father, john anthony webb said she disappeared from the car when he ran into a store. witnesses say they saw a woman walking with a girl matching daphne's description that day and today's vigil is scheduled for 6:30 on keller avenue in
6:37 am
oakland. >> teens and abuse. new troublesome trend among the nation's young people. >> bedbugs at bay area goodwill warehouses and what is happening to make sure they do not infect other donations. >> san mateo bridge traffic is okay but there are low clouds.
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>> we are back and an update on the store. more of it pushed to the northeast toward medford yesterday with the winds switching. we have a northwestern wind with the wind bringing us haze today but no "spare the air" day because it will be moderate. the big story is the cloud deck lowering on the golden gate bridge as we speak. temperatures are from three to eight degrees below average. we have a few showers to the north and that is it. everyone is going to be fairly dry with temperature in the upper 70's around tahoe and 87 in sacramento and below average and 74 in los angeles. palm springs is 106. >> headed to san jose we have a crash in the clearing stages. northbound 101 at oakland road and you can see it is starting to dissipate ever-so-slightly at 28 miles per hour. some of the wazers say the
6:41 am
traffic is at a complete standstill. very busy conditions. at 680 to dublin/pleasanton and stoneridge we have an accident with two vehicles that does not appear to be monthing any lanes but 580 is what is packed coming from tracy and toward livermore. it starts to loosen up. now, walnut creek before you get there, that is what that looks like and 15 minutes away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. kristen and eric? >> new numbers out this morning showing how many teens are in unhealthy relationships with more than a third involved in some sort of abuse. more than a thousand youngsters between the age of 14 and 20 were fayed and 41 percent of the girls say they were a victim of abuse. boys, about the same number, 37 percent, say they have been a victim. on other side, 35 percent girls say they have abused someone also while dating, and 29
6:42 am
percent of boys say they have been the abuser. interesting note, teens who admitted to abusing another person were more likely to have been bullies this middle school. >> bay area goodwill donations tossed in the trash because of bedbugs and steps underway to make sure they are not spread to customers. >> trading underway on wall street with the dow in positive territory ahead by 47 points. >> new this morning, good news for facebook investors: the new milestone and a first for the company more than a year
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happy wednesday, exterminators will be at a good will warehouse after discovery bed bugs at two locations. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there to tell us what is being done. >> they have thrown out most donated item they have at the burlingame warehouse which will cost them a for tune. they found bedbugs in the burlingame warehouse and in the warehouse in san francisco at mission and 11th street. they have not found bugs in the stores. a spokesman says they have taken swift aggressive action and they have thrown out enough stuff to
6:46 am
fill a tractor trailer and steam cloned hundreds of pounds of closing. they are going above and beyond because this is a health and safety issue. it will cost the nonprofit hundreds of thousands of dollars. selling donated goods accounts for 80 percent of their income. exterminators will treat the area if san francisco in the next few days. in burlingame, they bring in exterminators and bug sniffing dogs. they are asking you hold off on donating to the good well for a week or two. it will take time to get this sort asked cloned out but cash, of court, is always welcome. >> thank you. fast food chains raise their wanes you can feel it. facebook has something to smile about this morning. >> we will check with jane king at the new york.
6:47 am
huge for facebook. >> yes, good morning, a big week, $5 billion week for c.e.o. zuckerberg with shares staging a huge come back now just right at the $38 a share i.p.o. price. this was after an impressive adequate early earning and increase of mobile user and they have a new publishing initiative year, with sources saying they have plans to run tv-style ads on facebook so matching that rice which was may last year. now, stocks this morning look like this, we are higher, and the economy traded more jobs than expected last month, and the economy grew more than forecast, so the silicon valley index is trading up half a percent. fast food trains increasing pay to $15 an hour as workers demand
6:48 am
what would that do to prices? a student at the university of kansas at business school said the cost of a big mac would go up 67 cents to over $4 for a big mac. >> you cannot call it a dollar menu if it is more than a dollar, right? >> that would be false advertising. >> all right. no false advertising with you, you said it would continue to be cool. here it is, voila! >> it is groundhog day in the bay area. i believe we will be a couple of degrees warmer today than yesterday with low clouds hanging around. we sometime have 39-minute flight arrival delays in sfo and when the clouds clear it will be bumpy from 2:00 to 9:00 and over the ocean our beaches will be rocky with small craft advisory
6:49 am
from 5:00 this evening until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. fairfield has the fastest winds at 30 miles per hour and everyone else is ten or below. it is mild and calm. in the hills, 49 degrees and everyone else is in the east bay inland neighborhoods in the mid-to-upper 50's and walnut creek and concord and lafayette all around 55, and highway four corridor, pittsburg and antioch, and to pleasanton at 57. oakland and san carlos at 57 and san francisco and novato and napa at 55 and hayward at 56. here is a look at sunshine in the east bay, a few areas deep in the santa clara valley, smoky this afternoon, and cool again, and cloudy and misty and drizzle and likely warmer this weekend. no real heat wave coming our way with high pressure pumping the cool air to us and we are stuck in neutral i don't expect to see
6:50 am
major changes until next week. gilroy is low-to-mid 80's and cloudy in santa cruz and mid-to-upper 70's for most of the south bay with san jose at 79. and millbrae and san mateo and mid-70's for the rest of peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast with clouds and we will see more sunshine around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley but low 60's at your beaches and coolest around berkeley and oakland and low-to-mid 70's for the east bay shore and let to mid-80's inland east bay neighborhood. day game is sunscreen and you need it 12:35 first push and 63 and warming up to a sunny 69 by the end of the game. now, the seven-day forecast shows we will see lows tonight that are, again, in the 50's but we will jump unto the same range tomorrow with mostly sunny
6:51 am
conditions by noon and slightly warmer on friday can saturday and more some are like monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> we have stop-and-go traffic in san jose because of an early accident at oakland road along northbound 101 at 29 miles per hour, on the san jose airport. the rest of the drive through san jose is move along well at 680 looking clear and 280, also, not too bad at the altamont pass. 32 miles per hour, very slow with an early accident involving a motorcycle and that has cleared but we still have slow speeds into livermore and if you are traveling along 84, in the southbound direction, into sunol you are down to 28 miles per hour. slow-and-go over to 680. the closure is in place because of repairs of a gas leak and charles stop road is shut down and that will be until further notice. outside, this is the berkeley
6:52 am
drive, check that out, a sea of headlights away from albany and the university avenue overcrossing, a smart idea could be to take frontage road as the alternate because it will take you 20 minutes to head away from highway 4 down to the maze. another smart solution for the commute, go to and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. >> how is the acceleration when you stop at the red light and you are looking at the person next to you? >> well, you never want to gun it. that wastes gas. it is good on gas, 36 miles per hour. no one here should be surprised at who asked that question. >> just it like a
6:53 am
roller coaster? >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> we
6:54 am
>> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go. the oakland city council has passed two controversial ordinances aimed at reduce, crime. one allows miss to detain a person would brings a tool of violence which could be a hammer, to a protest. the other will expand surveillance of the city with existing cameras at a $2 president grant from homeland security. >> two, breaking news from san francisco, where police are looking if two suspects after a man and a woman were stabbed this morning in golden gate bridge. it happened at 2:30 at the east end of the park and the victims had life-threatening injuries. >> a man is in critical condition after a late night shooting in hayward. police found the victim if his car on revere avenue and albany
6:55 am
street and told officers he was shot a few blocks away. police are asking any ones to come forward. >> four, bart officials and union leaders plan to return to the bargaining table although the two sides still seem pretty far apart from agreeing on a new contract. the deadline to research a new deal is sunday night at midnight. the unions will give 72 hours notice if they plan to strike. >> five, terminators will be at a goodwill warehouse in burlingame after bedbugs were discovered. and a warehouse in san francisco, too, and good will tossed hundreds of thousands of donated goods away. >> the marine layer clouds, we are dealing with this, and all of us have temperatures below average with hazy sunshine, again. temperatures will run inland from 74 in petaluma to 84 in antioch, and around the bay, 65 in south san francisco to 76 in fremont, and mountain view and 60 to 65 from the coast into san
6:56 am
francisco. >> number seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza locking pretty light right now, and we do see a few cars making the stretch back to the maze as we head over to the drive into san francisco. it looks like 280 extension is moving well and 101 headed into the bay viewer district, and top speeds and a quick look at the drive time traffic 580 is slow at antioch into concord.
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good morning, america. that scathing report blasting the tsa making headlines today. airport security screeners putting our safety in jeopardy. breaking the rules, sleeping on the job and stealing from passengers. top agency officials called before congress today. new overnight. anthony weiner's unwavering response. doubling down on his bid for new york mayor. >> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. we fight through tough things. >> the new ad just released, as a top campaign aide apologizes for a profanity-laced tirade against a former intern. princess diana's secret love affair. madly in love with a heart surgeon from pakistan. would she have moved there? the normalcy she craved. the disguises she would wear


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