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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 31, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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roorks good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> breaking news happening san francisco. sky 7 hd shows us a fed-ex
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delivery van attracting attention this afternoon. >> the driver reported hearing an explosion near the back of the van near 5th this, is around 2:00 this afternoon. driver called police. officers then sealed off the area around the van while explosives experts investigated what's happening. >> there are no explosive devices located. it's suspected that someone threw a firecracker underneath a fed-ex truck as it went down the street. >> fed-ex tells us the driver did reschedule his delivery autos an oakland man faces charges of kicking a san francisco woman during a robbery. >> this was captured by surveillance cameras. take a look. the video shows the victim being kicked in the head as she was on the ground. investigators believe the 23-year-old from oakland kicked her.
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porter-billy -- bailey's arrest comes after police captured two other men. police want to find out if the three are linked to robbery as long market street during pride week celebration autos new details about the injuries in the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. abc 7 news learned three of the four people are asiana flight attendants. two women remain in critical condition. and one is in stanford. two women were ejected from the plane during the crash an we're told the two may never walk again what. korean counsel yul did today. >> police want to find out more about the stabbings of two people in golden gate park. two men attacked a man and woman around 2:30 this morning. both victims suffered injuries. witnesses say the two drove way in a maroon-colored
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vehicle. >> happening now a look at the fabrication plant where the fix for the failed bay bridge bolts is taking place. a facility making saddle that's will be held in place and will compensate for bolt that's cracked. the permanent fix expected to be finished in december. caltrans is also currently evaluating and preparing a temporary fix that might allow the new span to open before saddles are on the bridge. >> time is running out. there are just four days left for bart management and unions to reach an agreement or we can be faced with a second bart strike. >> abc 7 reporter joins us live with the latest on talks. leanne? >> i wish i had better news but the reality is that i don't. so far we've not had an update this, morning unions were
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saying that the talks contentious. >> we're freepd negotiate. >> this morning bart management spend the day explaining as what it sees the best they can offer. >> we made adjustments so everyone sees more money in pockets. cal cue layings show all employees will receive a 1% net gain and can get more money if they choose a cheaper medical premium. >> unions say workers deserve a better offer. >> it's difficult to hear that. >> a spokesperson agrees unions deserve a pay increase after not getting one. it argues they can't afford to give into demands of the unions. >> there are very structural
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changes that need to be made in terms of pension and costs in order for to us continue to run the system for another 40 years. >> bart reiterated if it were to meet demands, bart would have to raise fares. >> commuters flocked to the bay. 19,000 people rode the bay ferry during first day of the strike three times higher than normal. bay ferries getting ready for another possible work stoppage by adding and expanding service hours. officials are sks commuters to try to travel on off peak hours. >> that will be before 6:30 in the morning and they cannot travel during 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. that would help. >> bay ferry service from oakland and vallejo will start earlier and end later. it will be more runs from oakland alameda and vallejo to
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the ferry building. >> we've put together a range of resources for you. you'll find latest status on talks and you can down load our waze traffic app. you'll find it on abc 7 >> chevron agreed to pay a $190,000 fine for air quality violations. the management district announced an agreement with chevron to cover 19 violations like flaring and releases occurring from 2012 to 2012 but not any from major explosion in the fire in august that shut down part of the refinery. >> cindy chavez is acted back to elected office. chavez captured 55% of the vote to win yesterday's runnoff election for board of
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supervisors, replacing disgraced former supervisor george shirawoa junior. >> garage rates going up in san francisco. the rate increase for residential buildings takes affect tomorrow. foremost households going from $27.91 to $34.08. if a household switches to a smaller bin, motley rate will drop to $24.68. decrease is incentive to gutierrez dents to recycle and compost. >> a bay area little league team is claiming the championship to cheer. >> matt keller has more on a team that is hoping to go all the way. >> pressure, what pressure?
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they're still just kids. the team made up of 12, 12-year-old boy asks one 11-year-old they've grown up playing together dreemg of making it to the little league world series. >> we're great friends and can talk about anything going on for conversations for hours, just having fun together. >> this is video of the last game played. the team beat santa cruz to win northern california championship to advance to the western regional. organizers say no other team has gone this far. >> we've said from the beginning we're out to make histry. and they did a great job. >> big cheers sent the boy on their way. the bus had an he is sqort final destination the city of san bernardino. the team facing off against best teams from arizona, utah, hawaii, nevada and southern california. high boys are hopeful and confident. >> we hope to compete in san
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bernardino and i.think we have a good chance of winning. >> we want to go to williamsport. >> if they win the western regional they will head to williamsport. first game is scheduled for friday. in redwood city, abc 7 news. >> that will be exciting. >> yes. are. >> we'll start with live doppler 7 hd. began the day with a good deal way in the more of low clouds and fog at the coast. now just a little patch there that will grow looking west under blue sky was low clouds at the coast. san jose, 75. 59 in half moon bay. another live view here looking at other temperatures. there are warmer spots.
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81 in fairfield and concord. 82 livermore now. 75 novato. napa, 71. here is a beautiful view of downtown san francisco. blue skies looks like spider webbing there. no spider webs in the forecast. and tomorrow morning early there may be spotty drizzle near the coast. by afternoon, sunny skies and pleasantly cool highs from 50s to low 80s inland. we'll take a look at weekend in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. >> still ahead at 4:00 why we'll all be seeing more facebook in our lives whether we want to, or not. >> trayvon martin's hoody could become a nationwide symbol. >> and it's happened again another luxury store hit. this time robbers had an explosives weapon. >> plus, michael finney taking your questions on twitter and
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facebook and women answer them here live in just a few minutes. you can still contact michael here and on twitter. >> taking a look at traffic right now, things moving very nicely on the golden gate bridge in both directions no fog is in site there. abc 7 news at 4:00
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facebook climbed back up to where it started today for the first time since it went public shares of tech giant
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closed -- crossed $38 price set for initial offering. >> facebook stopped about half an hour after trading started today. but by closing bell the price dropped down to $36.80 so it has not close add above it's ipo price. >> there is this news from facebook. don't be surprised if you see facebook posts when on another web site. >> there is more. it's coming after you. there are new features legalitying you add posts to other sites so you wanted to share this from the british monarchy on the birth of prince george you'd be able to put this post on your peb webb site. >> functions like hashing to would remain active. so they'd get this list of the other posts that use that hash tag. and feature called embedded posts. analysts say the site has been trying to be more involved in conversations and breaking news events on the web. it's an area where i'veal,
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twitter dominated. >> yes f you're used to using twitter this will seem normal to you f you're not then, you're going to be overwhelmed. starbucks and google team up while amazon debuts new show autos emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. sec is investigating the way ibm reports revenue. ibm says the probe has been going on since may but didn't mention whaits focused on telling bloomberg it stands by accounting methods. starbucks wi-fi getting a jolt. the search giant teeming up to offer internet access in starbucks score stores. google partnering to offer the service up to 10 times faster than what is currently offered at starbucks now. stocks closing mixed today
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your bloomberg silicon valley index falling as apple shares slid nearly 15%. and amazon is producing pilot episodes for five children television shows. the move will help strengthen programming for families, and will grow the retailers original content offerings. that debutted in april. am aa skon says it will decide which of the pilots to expand based on feed back from customers. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, back to you. >> emily, thank you. most famous hooded sweat shirt in the country may soon be on national display. smithsonian expressed an interest in acquiring the hoody worn by trayvon martin becoming part of a collection from the civil rights movement. right now it's in the possession of the justice department as it decides whether to try zimmerman for violating martin's civil rights. >> makers of top selling
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energy drinks promise changes to address health concerns atressed by lawmakers. executives appeared before the commerce committee today, senators voice concern about the way brinks -- drinks are targeted to young people as well as high caffeine level. >> they're sold next to gatorade and soft drinks but just one of the cans contains same amount of caffeine as almost seven cans of soda. >> the drink makers admit caffeine levels are high but they say their products contain less caffeine than a similar sized cup of coffee. red bull executives say they prom yais yis to change the way products are marketed. >> spencer christian is pure energy. >> oh, yes w out the drink doesn't need any of the stuff. >> and sunshine. too. >> right. it's going to be getting sunnier tomorrow, and friday. it's going to be warmer so we're get clogser to a more summer-like pat yesh. here is a look at still more
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energy around the bay area now. there is just a little patch of low at the coast and lots of sunshine across the region. and here is a live view of sunny skies over the bay from our roof top camera. we'll see low clouds and fog expanding tonight. there may be spotty here is a fog pattern into afternoon. it will begin to expand again into evening hours. warmer than yesterday. now to satellite radar, still have this pat yesh we've had last several days now. and there will be little change tomorrow, because today was a fairly pleasant day.
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fog continues to push in overnight. patches of it. it could reduce visibility in areas for early morning commute then burning back to the coastline once again. lows will be into mid-50s rather narrow range of temperatures. tomorrow's highs under mostly sunny skies. low to mid-70s for the most part. higher readings, 79 in los gatos. 69 in san mateo. palo alto and mountain view on the coast a high of 58 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees tomorrow, 59 in sunset district. up into north bay milder than earlier in the week. upper 70s in santa rosa. 76 in napa. on east bay look for high temperatures reaching 68 in oakland. 71 in union city. 72 in castro valley and fremont. inland east bay not your typical summer day but warm.
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and breezy some spots. highs 79 in concord, 78 in livermore, 81 in antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. a bump up in temperatures friday. temperatures dropping off a couple degrees over the weekend and bounce back to upper 80s inland. so we won't see much change from day-to-day. a very pleasant pattern. >> up next, princess diana's secret love affair. who she wanted to marry after prince charles, why it wasn't an easy relationship. then new at 4:30... >> a special group of kids had an opportunity to get up close and personal with dolphins. find out who they are coming up. >> at 4:30 another live look at traffic. checking out the bridge traffic is heavy. heading back into east bay towards hayward but it's a
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breeze for folks on the righthand side of the screen going to the peninsula. stay with us, more still to come at 4:00. >> hey, everybody, i'm your abc 7 morning news traffic reporter if you have to drive why not be smart? check out abc 7 right now and you can drive away with a new smart car, we'll announce the winner this friday on abc 7 morning news so be smart. enter now. join me for live alerts tomorrow morning startin
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a michigan woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband saved lighter prison sentence thanks to the man she wanted juchblgt a judge sentenced her to five years yesterday just weeks after she pleaded guilty to a charge of solicitation of murder. she could receive 20 years but in a bizarre twist, her husband jacob asked the judge to lighten her sentence. >> iing forrive my wife for all she has done. for this, she has been a wonderful person, a wonderful wife. >> in april, she was caught offering to pay a man she thought was a hit man 50,000ses today kill her husband and she says she thought that would be easier than get a divorce. she planned to pay with the
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money from her husband's $400,000 life insurance policy. the merfelds are still married. >> 16 years after losing her life in a car crash new information about princess diana and her romantic live. >> vanity fair's newest issue reports the late princess was madly in love with pakistani heart surgeon and actually wanted to marry him. a magazine says she was willing to move to pakistan her two year romance is the focus of the new biography. dr. khan has never spoken about the skprip did not cooperate for the biopic. >> small victory for o.j. simpson in his bid for freedom. will he be getting out of jail soon? >> and a special tribute to first responder that's jumped into action after the crash at sfo. >> later hot oakland a's them.
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have exceeded expectations. we'll take you live for all of
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a memorial service taking place in china for three teen-aged girls killed in the crash of asiana flight 214.
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>> the two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old died in that accident. relatives brought the girl's ashes home. parents put ashes on the altar in front of the girls' pictures friends placed some favorite food and drinks. >> a tribute for the first responder who's jumped in to action after the crash. >> an appreciation lunchen. carolyn? >> the people we talked with today said they have received pats opt back and individual thank yous for a job well done but this was the first time for special recognition. it began with a moment of silence for victims. then, stepping forward to offer thanks
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>> for those at the lunchen the july 6th crash of asiana flight 214 won't be ever forgotten. police officer jim cunningham rushed into the burning plane with no protective gear, he sees wreckage every day when arriving for work. >> it's scary to see the inside burned out z how much damage there was. you don't think about it when it happens just trying to get people out of the airplane. >> salvation army was honored for tro proe viding translator that's day and beyond. >> not many people can talk to them and comfort them. so i'm very proud. >> we know one of the three teen-aged victims was killed when she was run over by a fire rig. >> it's on my mind i'm
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distracted by it. it's difficult getting that news. but i remain proud of everyone that day. >> we are able to present a thank you for your support. >> the lunchen sponsored by asiana airlines but the owner of the sears fine food restaurant says he'll donate the money to the chinese high school many of the victims attended. >> thank you. o.j. simpson will be getting out of prison earlier granting parole on some convicks stemming from the 2007 hold up of two sports memorabilia dealers. commissioners credited him for good behavior. despite the decision the san francisco native will not be getting out of jail yet still
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facing four more years on other charges related to the original 33-year sent yechbls he told his lawyer he's very happy and great oofl oakland city council passed two new controversial laws aimed at making the city safer but not everybody seize it that way >> motion passes. thank you. >> that in response to the council with plans to build a central hub for surveillance video. cameras are going to be repurposed to cover other parts of the city. homeland security giving $2 million to make it happen. >> importantly is to save lives by coordinating realtime information to our first responder autos there was yelling and public comments. >> when in public we shouldn't
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have to worry about being watched police will be allowed to detain a demonstrateor carrying items like tools and bike locks, items used to bash a waiter in the head. >> some of us come to trash oakland and hurt others at the end we're only going to make excuses about what's happening in the nation. you're just burying a young girl, tomorrow, the grandma. >> aclu says it's too broad the way and the take the vifts agree. >> there are activist who's fix things and make things. it's not unusual to have a screwdriver and hammer in the backpack. >> the surveillance camera
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system won't go live until next june. >> today chairman of the senate judish yairy committee made remarks after grilling on official asking how edward snowden got top seek ti clearance. >> who double checked mr. snowden? >> there are checks on multiple levels and there. >> i think you can say it failed. >> he is sitting at the air dgs port in russia with his millions of items. >> i would say with benefit of what we now know, they did fail. >> hahey -- snowden the former nsa contractor who leaked details remains holed up in a
4:35 pm
moscow airport. his father spoke today saying he wants his son to stay in russia for protection but hoped for a different result. >> i wish my son could have continued to do his job, stay safe, stay home, have grandchildren. but he's a man of courage. what he saw he could not live with. >> his passport has been revoked. he's been at the airport now more than a month. president putin says he's free to leave and should do so. >> new at 4:00 the house just pass aid bill could that help save students millions of dollars on college loans. this bill would help lower costs by linking interest rates to financial markets. most students could see lower rates in time for classes but fall. rates would lock in but could change for every additional
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loan the bill now goes on to the president for his signature. >> up next, nothing but butter. the delicate task of putting these works of art together and making them stick. >> today i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me on and over on twit yes, i'll answer questions right here, live, later. >> looking down on to the bay no evidence of low clouds and fog. but just wait a few hours, wile aisle have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and taking a look at the skyway, it is heavy. really jammed up to the east bay. abc 7 news at 4:00 con
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of course it's never too early to celebrate a birthday especially if you're the president. nancy pelosi surprised mr. obama with this cake today. president obama turns 52 sunday. >> i can't believe it is butter, sculpture crafted out of hundreds of pounds of
4:40 pm
butter. >> yes. take a look. pieces of art go on display thanks to sarah pratt, she spends a week sculpting. she has been at this for 23 years and usually sticks to butter cow autos this year, stepping it up. >> wow. >> deciding to honor abraham lincoln. she did research to make sure she did our 16th president jus tis clothing and skmair getting the face for lincoln is he key. he has such an iconic face. >> that is impressive. the butter is donated. you probably don't want to eat it. they're still using some from 2005. >> there is a i hope the refrigerate jor very, very cold. >> let's get a check on the
4:41 pm
forecast. >> it might be warming. >> that is 8-year-old butter touched by peoples hands. >> yes. >> just a little patch of low clouds near the coast lichblt now, take a look at tomorrow you can find vuft about any kind of weather pattern you that want. will be warm, but showery and muggy. into dallas, hot, steamy. showers and highs of 101. we'll see 91 in denver. 99 salt lake city. looks like showers in that region. and into phoenix, steamy and hot. california tomorrow sunny skies and dry. highs from mid-80s to mid-90s. here in the bay area,
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beginning with low clouds and fog maybe some spotty coastal drizzle. but we'll have sunny skies by afternoon with highs from upper 50s to just low 80s so pleasant day again. but temperatures have remained below average. we'll see a warm up at the end of the week. >> coming up another high end heist in cannes. >> we found giants fans in the stands checking out the first place oakland a's. i'll have a live report coming up. >> and ob ya ya care can be confusing. when does a plan kick in?
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this is becoming a hab yismt another daring hold up on french rivera. police say two armed men held up a watch store today in cannes getting
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away with thousands in merchandise. both men escaped. that store is located with a single gunman made off with $136 million in diamonds in a hotel sunday. >> oakland a's are not only if first place but one of the best records in baseball. >> yes. just finishing up their game at home this afternoon. that is where we find laura anthony. nice assignment today. >> yes. tough here today. but they're still drawing a growing number of fans marching up division standings to a place many didn't think they'd be. with a's firmly plant add top the american league west it's no surprise stands are filled with fans drawn to a story that is one of the fwheft baseball. >> it's fun to watch them. we're loving it.
4:47 pm
they're having a great year. >> who is your favorite player? >> except for current champion this is a team built largely without super star autos when do you like the best? your favorite player? >> i forgot his name. >> for many, it's just that. the lack of star power making a's such a fun team. >> it makes them fun. you don't know who is going to be on top for that day. you know? nice to see others make things happen. >> then, the very young fans. >> i'm not that kind. >> what kind are you? >> why are you in the a's outfit? >> because they just wanted to
4:48 pm
take me. >> that was his parents who just wanted to take him, by the way. you may be surprised to learn in stands today we found a fair number of giants fans. that kind who came over here to check out the a's. >> i'm stunned by that. he was so cute there. you know? they made me. they dragged me. it seems like people are late to the party here realizing how good this team is. and hopefully that will make pic up. kids should be out there. >> well, too, 23,000 was attendance today, i'm told that is 3,000 above average there has been a surge but at
4:49 pm
this point are head by 15,000 tickets. >> you're not saying for one direction concert, are you? >> no. no. but there is screaming out here. >> thank you. >> some people can run a marathon but what about training for one? >> research claims performance can be improved while dreaming. have you to do something called lucid dreaming. >> that is when you know you're asleep but can control what happens in the dream. once mastering it researchers say you're not only improving physical performance but will be able to change nightmares into positive dreams. >> i'd like to learn that. >> yes. >> michael finney is up next. >> it doesn't fix your mind. >> you can fix consumer problems just dream, hope he answers your question. >> yes.
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>> should i have been charged tax for activation fee on my cell phone? >> no. state does not allow. no. no. the answer is no. i want to you take a look f i had to guess you weren't charged on that fee. what you're charged was the sales tax on the retail price of the feen sou still get taxed on the retail value. >> yes. >> that is probably where that came from. >> yes. yes. >> david ae mailed this question. whom can i attorney find help for a dental insurance claim denied?. >> great question. department of the insurance, believe it or not have so many problems they have a section of the department that does nothing but dental claims. so say you're denied.
4:51 pm
they'll take a look and they look at slow payment they have to do nefrg a timely manager. >> i spent a huge portion of income on medical bills and anxious lay waiting for a obama care to kick in. i'm hoping it offers a more affordable option. how can i track whit kicks in? >> it's not easy to do. some kicks in now, and some later if you want to go buy insurance now, you probably can't. however going to 26-year-old child or a child 25 -- 26 or younger the part of the law that says they get to stay on your insurance has kicked n 2014 is when it kicks n go to our web site. and you can keep track.
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>> yes. yes. >> seems to be fluid it is. >> you know, it's very, very fluid. >> thank you. >> yes. >> the watch abc live stream is now available here in the bay area. >> this is a new way tochl peer yens any time, anywhere. and you can watch on your smart phone, computer, you can watch live and on demand its a special benefit brought to you by abc, and at and tu and you'll get the live stream or you can search watch abc to down load the app. >> one company hosts a special day of fun for families of fallen heroes in the bay area. >> in the newsroom coming up at 5:00 local gay leaders lend up srt -- support a local bay
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area blood drive. >> and white house recognition today for two bay area techyes paving the way for next again raichlgts those stories and more for you coming up in five. but the news at
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here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00, it's the middle. modern family at 9:00. neighbors coming on at 9:30, and then, it's one our hour of
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abc's "the lookout" then stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> well, military families who lost a loved one in service spent the day at six flags discovery kingdom. >> this is thanks to generosity of a local coffee company. >> spending the afternoon poolside is special. even more when you learn what brought everyone together it's being with family and hanging out with other kids. knowing that they lost their, someone in >> it creates a fund for military family that's lost a loved one since september 11th. she holds one image close. >> i have a memory that
4:57 pm
went to hawaii and he's holding me inform waive autos every child has a similar story. but today, pain takes a back seat to smiles this is about remembering sacrifices and it's about family. >> 10 years for me. >> tina's high school sweetheart was a marine, she lost him march, 2003. >> going through this and we come together, we come together. >> i see the kids getting better and better. >> these gatherings are organized by green bean coffee company. saying it's a reminder they're
4:58 pm
not alone. >> huge for the heart. i get more out of this than these kids do. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you, san francisco police gent geting help from friends who find the man they say was behind this vicious head to the head on a woman. >> and what bug sniffing dogs found at a warehouse thought to have a bed bug outbreak. >> the weekend is just around the corner. with will you see summer heat? the forecast coming up. >> our breaking news this is sky 7 on the way to a fire
4:59 pm
near. >> officials sate fire is burning near site 300 near the lab's explosives testing area. the blaze is so far growing. >> we're going to continue to follow this four coming up as soon as -- you can see we're over it. dan telling us about 20 acres firefighters got to work on this, one structure burn wed do not have reports of injuries at this point. >> again this, is near site 300. on report because of the proximity, no doubt they wanted to pounce on this quickly. >> if we need to bring you anymore updates we'll do that on abc 7
5:00 pm
>> good evening. a day in court this afternoon for family and friends of two women killed during a jewelry store rampage this month. the 23-year-old barry white bleed pleeded not guilty to murdering the two over a price dispute at san francisco jewelry mart. white faces 16 charges in all, including attempted murder and assaulting a police officer. family of the victims packed td hearing and they were understandably upset. his sister walked out of the hearing in tear autos a broke man, premeditated murder. he can say he's innocent but justice will be served. i know he's going to be found guilty. >> his defense attorney blamed killings on a mental breakdown. the family of the victims asked to see video but we're told it's just too graphic. the victims shot and stabbed to death. >> you may have seen that troubling video showing a


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