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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 5, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good news for commuters this monday morning. no bart strike this morning after a last-minute move by the governor. thanks for joining us. >> we have full team coverage on the bart strike averted from the governor stepping in as we mentioned to commuters and whether the word got out. >> we begin with abc7 news reporter cornell bernard on what this means for negotiations and where we go from here. about only line, bart trains will roll this morning and for at least another week after the governor stepped in last night to trailerly block a strike hours before the deadline. the move came at the request of
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bart management after contract talks stalled last night. the governor told both sides in a letter he was stepping in because the strike would endanger public safety. union members are angry about there and they are slamming bart management for posturing and in their words refusing to bargain in good faith but bart says that it had no other choice. >> our wage offer has gone up and up and we have been working on the persons and on the medical issues to try and reach a deal. we are not bargaining backwards but bargaining forwards. >> this employ was bag around without good faith and created the first strike. it is creating the second strike. >> that is the sentiment of all bart unions involved in the talks. the governors has appointed a three-member board to look into the heated contract talks. after seven day inquiry the governor may decide to impose a 60 day cooling off period between bart and the union.
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no new talks are scheduleed here at the building where all labor negotiations have been going on and for now the trains are roll ing. >> public board of inquiry is an official review of events or actions. the governor is appoint add board of three investigators do look into the contract dispute between bart and the unions. they will provide a written report to the governor in the next seven days and the governor use add law to allow the state to intervene if it endangers safety and welfare the. >> the strike is off but it came to late to avoid commuter stress. wayne is at the bart station in west oakland. >> the first train left here right on time at 4:30 this morning and we were there on the platform when the first customers arrived. this is robert, a father four,
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and a grandfather, headed to work in live more and he may have had to make at fat plans. we asked how he dealt with the uncertainty? >> frustration. honestly, anger. when they said they were going to run, i was thinking, i have to hurry and get my own transportation because i don't want to catch bart anymore. i don't feel like bart cares about us or the passengers, the if emwho need to get to work. the workers should care about us because they work and they understand they want to make a living and they are fighting for aing but they are willing to risk our way of making a living. i don't like it. >> a few seconds later the first train arrived on time and robert got on and went to work in livermore. the trains are running as expected. it is business as usual and this is nothing unique about the fact that it is business as usual but
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no one expected it after all the buildup. west oakland is moving smoothly, cuss tores arriving and training leaving. >> that is good news, wayne. >> the roads, leyla gulen? >> we are look at more traffic building on the freeways. antioch now is 67 miles per hour and in some areas we are much slower making the push westbound. at the altamont pass we have slowing at 33 miles per hour for the top speed. from tracy, bumper-to-bumper traffic into livermore and then the speeds pick up and at top speed into pleasanton. along highway 84, 48 miles per hour, and 70 miles per hour is too fast as you make the drive in the southbound direction
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along 680. and our drive time traffic across our bridges, 580, the richmond san rafael is eight minutes westbound. san mateo is 13 minutes and dumbarton bridge is 11 minutes westbound. and the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes loading up but the rest of the fast track lanes are moving along at top speeds from emeryville to san francisco. >> thanks. although no strike for now, you may still need this information and we have a wide range of resources at including more on the governor's inquiry. we have real time traffic conditions to see how the commute is shaping up as you head out and you can download our exclusive traffic app to navigate the freeways. follow us on twitter@abcnews for updates. >> a two-alarm fire in an
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apartment building. abc7 news reporter matt keller is on the scene. >> the firefighters cleared the scene but the red cross is here. they wrapped up with the last client. they are helping out 17 people displaced by the fire. firefighters say they received multiple calls at 12:20 of a fire in an apartment. they found a heavy column of smoke and two apartments in flames. a woman who lives in the apartment where the fire started say it started in the kitchen and she got her two kids and boyfriend out. no one was injured. the same area has seen a tragic fire, when three were killed in december including a child a street over in a similar apartment. that fire also started in the overnight hours when flames are dangerous. >> people can be sleeping or hoping the smoke debters are working, the familiar got out because they were awake and they exited right away.
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they just got out safely. >> the heat from the fire damaged another building breaking out windows in three apartments and i am told by the red cross that one apartment was gutted, two apartments had severe water and smoke damage, and this apartment building lost its power because of the fire, it has been restored and those people are now allowed in the building and they can sleep there and 17 are getting help from the red cross and staying in hotels. >> breaking news from san francisco's mission district a fire at a building injured one this morning and it happened on 24th. the fire started after 1:00 o'clock and crews quickly put it out. >> the private ambulance service that sevens santa clara county filed for chapter learn bankruptcy protection. rural metro filed for bankruptcy
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protection in federal court yesterday after striking a deal with lenders to cut the debt if half. arizona-based rural metro is the largest ambulance operator serving rural commuters. santa clara county officials property the c.e.o. into explain the financial problems after it missed a crucial $15.5 million been payment. the filing will allow it to keep the plans running for now. >> this morning, i will let mike categorize it i had wet stuff on the windshield. this is mist and drizzle? >> both. it is not thick enough or wide-spread enough for live doppler 7 hd to show you you are going to run into any rain this morning it is very widespread and light. we are in the 50 in san francisco. from forest hill at 52 to everyone else at 55 and portrero
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hill is a reminder warmer spot at 56. across the golden gate bridge or the ferry at 55. to the financial district, it is the same. petaluma is coolest at 52. and 51 at palo alto, and 60 at santa clara and 58 in walnut creek and pleasanton and 55 in half moon bay. now what will happen today, the next 12 hours, we will be below average and by the time we hit our high we are five to nine degree cooler than we should be. we will start out with mist and drizzle through 7:00, and we do not warm much at the coast at 56, and 64 is the temperature but warmer inland topping out at 84 inland and 70 at the bay and 60 at the coast with the clouds back at noon with some fog hanging around the golden gate bridge reaching to berkeley and oakland. we will call it partly cloudy in
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the afternoon and the rest of us are sunny away from the coast and it will be chilly this evening at 56 around our coast and 62 around the bay and 72 inland. the next three days have dropped two to four degrees each day. kristen and eric? >> much more ahead on the abc7 news only news, bart trains will run today and we are keeping an eye on at commute for trouble spots. >> the united states is on high alert the chilling threat from al-qaeda letting officials to step up security. >> the tower ball -- powerball ticket worth $1 million was told in the area. >> in the tech bytes prices are tumbling for microsoft offering a $100 discount on the tablet after cutting the price of the less powerful surface. in the video game review, a game focusing on shipwrecked space travelers who search for food.
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sole -- social media network looks. >> it is fun. it is easy, and the guys are cute. >> it retails for $60 and is available exclusively for nintendo. >> and a droid manager helps people find misplaced iphones and
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, location leg and -- los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> there is no bart strike this morning, because of a last minute maneuver by governor brown with an inquiry into the contract dispute. this is the oakland hazy. we are trying to get the word out to people before they hit the road they can take bart the we have the impact on the commute ahead. >> the united states military helicopter has crashed at a marine base in japan. one of the four crew members died and the condition of the survivors is not released. no fans were hurt. okinawa hosts what of the 50,000 troops in japan. residents have complained of
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accidents, climb, and pollution related to the military presence. >> embassies across the middle east are closed this morning after the united states intercepted communications from the al qaeda affiliate in yemen revealing details of a plot against the united states. homeland security has increased their presence at airports and train stations across the country and a travel alert is in affect for americans overseas. >> this is the wake-up call. al-qaeda is stronger than before 9/11. >> we received information high level people from al qaeda are talking about a major attack. these are people in the high level. >> as a precaution, two dozen embassies can consulates will remain closed through the end of the week. san francisco, police received a bulletin from the f.b.i. and
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will determine if additional resources are needed. no specific location has been mentioned authorities are acting out of abundance of caution and keeping a close eye on airports, train stations, bridges and other transportation hubs. >> burger lovers, there is news and surprising news on who is buying new cars. >> good morning, how much of a good hamburger? the first beef burger created by stem cells from a living cow. you will not see this at a burger joint, the burger being taste tested in london costs $330,000 to produce. are you anying of buying a car? chances are you are a baby boomer, 55 to 65-year-olds are most likely to buy the car suggesting that the billions the industry spends trying to convince young people to buy wheels is better to target older drivers. higher closes for stocks on
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friday with weaker-than-expected job growth igniting spendlation they would continue stimulus efforts. 59 percent of married men make decisions on investing but only 13 percent marry women say the spouse is the primary decisionmaker and the private bank also says that 38 percent of women say they are the primary decisionmaker and only 5 percent of marry men agree. that is the news from the new york stock exchange with bloomberg business report. >> and now, the commute is not bad. music is sleepy ears we have 38 trains, bart trains, running on time and now the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see cars are stacking up, otherwise, you are in good shape. just going to take you 11
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minutes to get this across the maze. now, the traffic is golden, and coming from sausalito and into san francisco that is nine minutes and holding strong on the good travel times, and as we go to the san mateo bridge clear conditions there, as well, and a hazy picture there, but, a few extra cars are making it westbound from hayward to foster city but you are still at 14 minutes from the eastbound direction that drive is not bad at all, and you are look at an accident-free commute as you make it into hayward. we are looking at traffic loaded up in the usual places with more on that in a little bit. for now, we will head over to mike nicco and the weather forecast. >> good morning, everyone, we have cloud cover out there and visibility is four miles at half moon bay and everyone else is doing pretty well until you get to santa rosa at seven miles and the cloud cover is fairly shallow and up to 2,46' from
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mount tamalpais with a few stars faded arrest -- away into the morning sunrise. late sun today and more cooling than we had yesterday, and it will be overcast tonight, drizzle is likely with below average until the weekend. then we will see a warming trend. the first areas that will see sunshine today are 10:00, down in the south bay and over to the inland eastbound the rest of us have to wait until noon to be sunny and we will have a last stubborn cloud cover in the deep valley where you will have sun and mostly cloudy along the coast today with temperatures stuck in the 50's in a lost areas. in the south by we will hit 80 in los gatos and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's and mid-70's for parts of the peninsula and half moon bay is at 60.
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that is a warm spot along the coast. and daly city and colma, 58, and we should be around 68 and south san francisco is 66 and we will have 66 in sausalito and 68 in san rafael and novato and petaluma only 69, and we will crack 70 around santa rosa, sonoma at 72 and napa and vallejo, 74 and upper 50's around the bay and 64 in sink ton beach and upper 60's in that area, as well. and we will have low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley. at the game, brewers are in town taking on the giants at first pitch at 7:15 and dropping town to 56 with clouds by end of the game and there could be drizzle by the end of the game. tomorrow is the same at today and wednesday, thursday, and friday, temperatures are five- to ten-degrees
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cooler-than-average temperatures and the slow warming trend through the weekend and thursday and friday we could have drizzle for the commute. kristen and eric? >> a san jose travel agent has filed for bankruptcy after being accused of taking thousands from the customers. sunlight travel closed the office in june after the owner made off with the money and passports. they bought airlines tickets through vietnam through the company. the prosecution has been looking into the accusations. the bankruptcy attorney claims that there is in money to refund the customers. >> someone is richer this morning, considerably richer, after winning more than $1 million playing powerball in milpitas. there were five of six winning numbers on saturday night. it is "a" winning ticket. no ticket matched all six numbers in the multistate game so wednesday's jack spot is $
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million. >> seven things to know before you go. >> what does it take to be a leader? one fellow in the midwest has the answer.
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>> whether you are just joining are head out the door, here are seven things to know. governor brown ordered a seven day inquiry into the bart dispute so trains will run for a
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week. the biggest unions are at odds over a new contract. >> commuters who found out that bart trains will continue to run this morning say it is a huge relief. they say they can relax for now if l until negotiators work something out. >> three, 40 trains are running on time. right now the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up in the cash-paying lanes and the fast track is moving, too, but we do not have much traffic on the freeways. >> breaking news in san jose where a fire put 120 residents out of an apartment home. they got out safely. the two apartments where it starts are destroyed and power is out for several other apartments. >> united states embassies and consulates across the middle east and north africa remain closed this morning. the united states intercepted communications from al-qaeda affiliate in yemen revealing details of a theyor plot against the united states with the closings continuing through the end of the week of the. >> nor yankees star rodriguez is
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expected to be suspended over accusations that the yankee third baseman used performance-enhancing drugs. he can play while he appeals including in the game against the white sox. he could be benched for 200 games keeping him off the field into the 2015 season. >> 15, summer is gone from the forecast again. year's cooling friend was just the beginning. i have wet weather in the seven-day forecast. >> the youngest mayor has been re-elected, a four-year-old is getting worldwide election after being elected for a second term. the population is 28 in the town but thousands donate add dollar at a festival over the weekend. the town has no formal government so this is just a ceremonial title and the voter donations went into the town fund so he is raising cash to
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benefit his constituents. >> there are no opponents claiming too inexperienced to lead? >> that is in the midwest. 28 people in town, and thousands of votes? >> we continue at 5:30 with the top stories including how facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg is going political, with a new cause he is pushing for the week in the bay area the. >> but, first, new details on a weekend homicide
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:29 on this monday morning and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with cars trying to cross the bay. some of the folks could be motivated bit fact they did not know there was not going to be a
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bart strike and that part is the good news. thanks for joining us. the crash paying lanes are backing up. and now, abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on avert the strike. >> good morning, counts -- unions are not happy. bart trains will be rolling this morning and for at least another week after the governor stepped in to trailerly block a strike hours before the midnight deadline which came at the request of bart management after contract talks stalled without an agreement. the governor told both sides if a let he was stepping in because the strike would endanger public state. union members are angry and slamming bart management for posturing and refusing to budget an in good faith. bart says that it had no other choice. >> we are extremely disappointed. from the onset we have said we did not want disrupt the riding
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public. if the district would come to the table and bargain in good faith for a pair and equitable contract, this would not be necessary. >> if you look at our latest offer and compare it to what other public workers are getting doing the same job it is a very generous offer and it is not a union busting offer or board. >> the governor has appoint add three help member board to look into the heated contract talks after a seven day inquire, then he could decide to impose a 60 day cooling off period between bart and the union. we are still waiting to hear if contract talks will be happening here at the caltran building this morning. this is a copy of the letter that the president of the board sent to the governor. the governor did not issue a
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cooling off period and, instead, ordered an investigation into the dispute between bart and the unions but in the letter the president said and i quote, "we believe the public should not be deprived of this essential public service unless all alternatives are utilized." bart and the unions held news conference last night after the governor intervened and we posted both of those news conferences online and you can watch them at abc7 and follow us on twitter@abcnews unevening bay area for breaking news alerts on strikes. >> the bart strike is averted some folks how do you interpret the bay bridge toll plaza? >> the bay bridge toll plaza was very busy with the cash-paying lanes loading up. we we see traffic running smoothly on the fast track and we have a buildup of traffic and offer the altamont pass with
5:33 am
drive times coming up but as we look in the north bay, 37 is running well in both the eastbound and westbound direction and a little bit of slowing eastbound on highway 37 away from 101. as we focus in the drive on highway 4 coming down -- highway 80 from highway 4, the top speeds are at 75 still. but that is too fast the all in all we are this good shape tracy from dublin is 44 minutes and highway 4 is 20 minutes and 101 is clear at 17 minutes from san rafael to san francisco. >> the last minute strike avoidance did not mean avoidance of headache and worry for many bay area commuters. and now from the dublin bart station, what are the commuters saying? >> they are saying thank god. we have a chance to catch up with early morning commuters who
5:34 am
cash the train at this time and they say they stayed up late so they could hear the news on abc7 news to find out what the trains would be on schedule. early morning commuters at the dublin/pleasanton were relieved to learn the trains would run. the order averts passenger rail disruption and commuter chaos on the stretch of i-580. >> i have have a right-to-work for seven more days? i am happy. >> now we can work next sunday what will happen. exactly. i don't agree with everything governor brown does but i am happy he interveneed. as a rider. >> she is right. we could be back at this in seven days. as my colleague reported the governor has appoint add board to investigate the stalled negotiations. the governor thought the strike would disrupt public transportation services and will
5:35 am
danger the public health, safety, and welfare, and trains leashing the west dublin/pleasanton are leaving on no and the gate is open. everyone i spoke with on platform was happy, thankful they can get to work. we have a wide range of resources at abc7 including the letter from the governor preventing a strike. we have real time traffic conditions and you can download our exclusive abc7 news traffic app to navigate the freeways. >> breaking news from the south bay where firefighters have been battling a blaze in an apartment building. matt? >> in the past couple of hours, the boards have gone up and you can sigh that a man is actually fixing one of the windows and will board that up much it was damaged by the heat from across
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the way where one apartment was destroy asked two had serious smoke and heat damage and water damage. had was a fire in an apartment behind santa monica expressway and a second alarm was called quickly. everyone escaped. a resident says her boyfriend came home from fishing and started cooking and this is what she said happened next. >> i heard the smoke alarm and there was black smoke everywhere. i ran in the kitchen it was on fire. he was on the floor. i ran if my kids' room and got my daughter and son out and we got out. and this was fire everywhere. >> the heat from the fire damaged another building breaking out ones in three apartments and the man was working on the window the power is out and those people are
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allowed back into their homes and the red cross just last in the last 15 minutes and they say they are putting up 17 people in hotels. more revelations concerning miscommunication over the crash of 214 at sfo. this is video from a firefighter helmet camera indicating a fire department supervisor was never told that a young passenger had been placed on the runway where a fire rig hit and killed her. this was according to a report in the chronicle accompanied by amazing pictures. the camera shows the survivor being run over by a rig after mistaken for dead and placed on the runway. >> the san mateo her is searching for a is-year-old who walked away from a juvenile detention facility around 6:30 last night, a minimum security
5:38 am
facility. he is described as a black male wearing a burgundy shirt and tap pants. we know the name of a woman shot to death in san jose usually on saturday morning. the unanimous-year-old kimberly joyce was shot in south 2nd and died. she was riding in a car and someone fired on the vehicle. detectives want to find out the motive. this is san jose's 30th homicide of the year. >> time to check on the weather. i don't know if it was mist or drizzle had me turning on the wipers. >> a little bit of both, mist and drizzle. anything that is really wet and going to cause issues this morning as far as slick streets, we do not see that. get used to the drizzle, it will be around for the better part of the week of the temperatures are running in the 50's close to where we were this time yesterday with 52 in santa rosa, and 56 in oakland, hayward, san ramon, concord, 55 in antioch,
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san francisco, half moon bay, and a warm spot is mountain view at 61 and los gatos and fremont at 58, and in san jose dress for around 59. from the roof camera this morning you can see the cloud cover out there and we are watching sfo and everything is on time but usually 20 minutes they say if they are having issues. next 12 hours, a mist morning with temperatures in the mist and temperatures at 56 at the coast to 70 inland at 12:00 and 80 is the warm of the spot inland at 4:00, and 60 at the coast and 56 to 72 and everyone is going to need a life jacket in the evening. our next three days temperatures hold steady tomorrow and they get cooler on wednesday. look at thursday, temperatures are five- to ten-degrees cooler-than-average account possibility of more drizzle. we will show you that in the seven-day forecast and we will bring leyla gulen. >> speaking of on time we have 43 bart trains running on time.
5:40 am
we will look at what is happening in san jose where we have construction that will run until 7:00 this morning with on and off-ramps blocked and southbound along the nimitz we have delays away from 87 right up to this area so offer at 280 we will see slow and go traffic. along the peninsula in the northbound and southbound, to 80 and 101, everyone is on time in and out of san mateo and burlingame is clear. hour mass transit bart, muni, and caltrain all running on time. at the maze traffic is moving there. it is smooth. we have a few extra tail lights at 580 along westbound 80 but other than that we are in good shape but the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up. >> facebook mark zuckerberg's gets in the middle of a
5:41 am
political debate. >> the reason rodriguez is still expected to pay for the yankees tonight despite the harsh punishment looming offer him. >> this is 680 and walnut creek with traffic moving fine.
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>> covering san francisco, santa clara, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:44. there is no bart strike. the traffic is looking fine at the maze. we will check with leyla gulen in a moment. >> los angeles police have not released a motive in the case of a 38-year-old driver accused of plowing into a pedestrian walkway killing a woman. the suspect is nathan campbell, a transients, arrested on suspicion of murder in the hit-and-run crash. surveillance videos caught him swerving down the boardwalk on saturday and there was no doubt about the suspect's intention. >> he was looking for blood. he was...he was intentionally doing it. he was not honking the horn or anything, just hitting people at 40 miles per hour.
5:45 am
>> 32-year-old italian tourist died of her injuries and she was on her honeymoon. campbell turned himself in an hour after the crash and is held in lieu of $1 million bail. >> hen dreads are bound to australia on a backup plan after an emergency landing at sfo. the pilots of united 863 reported one of the engines failed after take off on saturday night. the boeing 747 that returned to sfo while emergency crews stood by along the runway. no injuries to any of the 348 passengers or 18 crew. >> facebook founder zuckerberg is throw his considerable influence behind comprehensive immigration reform. zuckerberg will speak tomorrow in san francisco at a screening of a film about illegal immigrants. this is zuckerberg's first step in building a social political network. >> new york yankees star rodriguez could play against the
5:46 am
white sox tonight even if major league baseball has other plans. later today the league is expected to suspend him for the season over accusations that the third baseman used performance-enhancing drugs which could top 200 games and keep him off the field through the 2014 and into the 2015 season. however, rodriguez could still be allowed to play while fighting the suspension. >> there were steroids. no one i don't do what he did. >> innocent until proven guilty. until you have concrete evidence he should play. >> 13 others are expected to be suspended, as well, for links to performance-enhancing drugs at a drug clinic. >> now, leyla gulen and the traffic. >> leyla gulen has been checking things for us and, so far, it hasn't looked too bad out there this morning. folks are getting the word.
5:47 am
what do you have to say, man? >> i am standing tall and proud this morning and happy to report that we have at least 40 trains running on time so bart is running and it is running well. as we look right now at bay bridge toll plaza the cash-paying lanes are loading up. if you are in the fast track it is 11 minutes away from the maze to san francisco and to the golden gate bridge, you can see it is moving well, as we look at that, sausalito into san francisco, that is nine minutes, and you could see a little bit of mist on the windshield. the traffic is moving well on the san mateo bridge at 14 minutes from hayward to foster city so far, so good, very quiet conditions in terms of accidents, and we will hope it stays that way for the remaining morning drive. mike nicco, is this mist or
5:48 am
drizzle going to last? >> possibly up to 9:00 at the coast. here is live doppler 7 hd showing how cloudy it is outside. the clouds are stubborn and that will keep our temperatures below average. in fact, more cooling after starting that yesterday, and we will keep it rolling and we will not have a warming trend until friday. look for more mist and drizzle during the morning commute the closer you are to the coast, the peninsula and the higher elevations. the bowl of cool air, we are stuck, and it will not budge. the pattern is backed up everywhere across the united states and that means we are going to stay close to this, if not cooler as we reinforce the cooler air player on in the week with another low pressure dropping down from alaska coming our way. >> though mid-70's for the santa clara valley and we will make a run at the upper 70's to low
5:49 am
80's and upper 60's in santa cruz and not is much sunshine as yesterday. to our beaches it will be cool, upper 50's to low 60's and on the bay side, mid-60's around millbrae to upper 60's in san mateo and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of the peninsula. daly city and colma, 58 and breezy, and 66 and breezy south san francisco and downtown is 62 and breezy, today, and in the mid-60's around sausalito and bodega bay is 58, and possibly up to 74 in napa and vallejo and upper 60's both to the east bay and you can see where the clouds will hang around, hercules, richmond, san leandro and hayward and everyone else in the low 70's and in the east bay valley, the first area to see sunshine we are in the low-to-mid 80's and we are not paying for air conditioning. speaking of air conditioning, it will be a nice stiff breeze at at&t park at 59 degrees at 7:15.
5:50 am
tomorrow is a lot like today and the next low is closer and wednesday we are cooler and thursday and friday, five- to ten-degrees cooler-than-average. we will keep our fingers crossed where per is returned this weekend. >> have not seen much of that, fighting fast food, the new steps some employees are taking to get higher wages from fast food giants.
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>> good morning, everyone, on the morning news, interstate 80 through berkeley, you can see traffic is moving fine with no bart strike. that is the important thing. we will tell you why. fast food workers are demanding better pay and the right to unionize. some workers who hold down two jobs are not earning enough to make end's meet. the demand came over calls from the white house with members of congress and economists calling for a modest raise. many want to double the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour. the restaurant industry argues that $15 hourly wage to lead to
5:54 am
businesses closing and fewer jobs. >> no bart strike this morning. what does that mean to traffic? leyla gulen? >> well county it would mean good things. we have 42 trains running on time. we have a brand new problem in the westbound direction at treasure island on-ramp and we are looking at slow conditions but that could hamper the commute significantly in the next few minutes. we are starting to see the cash-paying laning loading up from the maze to the tolls. the altamont pass has packed condition over the altamont pass from tracy to dublin at 45 to 50 minutes to make that drive from the westbound direction headed along the eastbound, we have this project from greenville to north flynn road and a few lanes are taken away until 11:00 this morning and that is causing a bottle neck from livermore to the altamont pass. we could see drizzle on our
5:55 am
windshield and we may have to use our wipers we will see what mike has to say about that. >> have not used them in so long have to pry them off the windshield to get them to work. from mount tamalpais, you can see the clouds on top of us so temperatures are below average, livermore is five degrees cooler-than-average and oakland and san francisco are six and san jose is seven and 74 in napa and redwood city and nine degrees curer. now, the temperature trend in livermore, a hotter spot around the bay, you may not even get out of the 70's, wednesday, thursday, and friday and the average high is about 88 degrees. so, it will get cooler later in the weekend so if you want to find warm weather it will be warmer in tahoe than most of our neighborhoods at 82 and 98 in fresno and cooler-than-average with los angeles doing the same as we are at 77 but headed in the desert, 107. now, more news with eric and kristen. >> thank you, my, at 5:55. the mars rover curiosity is
5:56 am
observing a one-year anniversary on the planet, and the nasa rover touched down a year ago to much fanfare. they used cables to set it down on the surface but it has found evidence of a past environment that could have supported microbes. it will now look for building blocks of life. >> bart strike averted but the let is not over yet. complete coverage on the last-minute action from the governor brown keeping trains running this morning. >> breaking news from san jose, flames ripped through an apartment complex late at night and more than a dozen people are left homeless. a financial emergency for the ambulance company that served the south bay and the new steps
5:57 am
over the week putting rural metro future in jeopardy. >> look at the traffic westbound on the bay bridge we are told this is a big-rig fire this and you can see the backup with traffic barely moving along. leyla gulen is gathering data for you and will have the complete picture coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the fact is, for the next seven days, the trains will run. there will be no lock out. there will be no strike. >> at 6:00, the governor steps into the middle of the bart strike negotiations and trains are running. but the dispute is far from over. >> breaking news, a look at the bay bridge, westbound traffic on the upper deck, a truck fire is affecting things here and leyla gulen will tell us the impact on the cork commute.
6:00 am
>> breaking news, fire breaks out in a san jose apartment complex. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> we start the morning with the bart strike averted. the governor brown stepped into the dispute making sure the trains are running this morning. we have abc7 news reporter cornell bernard in oakland. >> union members are not happy. many riders are happy. bart trains are rolling this morning and another week after the governor stepped in last night to temporarily block a strike hours before the midnight deadline. that move came as the request of bart management after contract talks stalled last night without an agreement. the governor told both sides in a let are he was stepping in because a strike would disrupt transportation and endanger public safety. union members are angry, and slamming bart management for posturing and


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