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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the grass fire burning near the presidio for the last 90 minutes. this is the gate to the national cemetery located not far from here. we have pictures when firefighters got the call at 3:00 a.m. they found lots of smoke and flames in the area. this is the grass fire burning above the cemetery at park drive. there is lots of vegetation there and firefighters say it is partly contained at this point. firefighters say they can never remember ever fighting a fire here in the cemetery because it is so moist from all the fog. this is a national cemetery. there are gravestones and head stones and they are not threatened. a lot of people live on the presidio. no home are threatened.
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firefighters are getting the upper hand on this fire. we are monitoring the situation. we hope to talk with someone from the presidio trust shortly. we are in the presidio for abc7 news. >> an amber alert has police statewide search nothing to kids from southern california and the man suspected kidnapping them. abc7 news reporter matt keller has more. matt, there is a homicide involved? >> yes. caltran signs will have the amber alert information expanded to the bay area last night. the photos of the two missing kids and the person suspected of kidnapping them, 16-year-old hannah anderson and 8-year-old ethan anderson and james dimaggio. this is the breaking news coverage from san diego. this burning home is 60 miles southeast of san diego owned by
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dimaggio. the mother was found dead inside and the body of a child was found in a detapped garage. evidence points to difficult imagine i don't -- difficult imagine i -- dimaggio taking the children. we have in information where they are. >> here are the details on the car: a 2013 blue nissan four door with california license plate 6wcu986. many people received an amber alert t on their phone and this is an agreement between your wireless carrier and law enforcement agencies. you can opt out of the amber alert notifications. >> commuters face another strike dead line tonight by a.c. transit bus operators
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representing 1,800 transit workers gave notice they will go on strike after midnight. unless significant progress is made in talks. the current agreement expired at the end of june but they kept working affecting 181,000 passengers who use a.c. transit each day. bart trains are moving after governor brown stepped in to stop a strike. the governor has appoint add three-person panel to investigate the contract dispute between bart and the two biggest unions. tomorrow, bart riders will see what each side will present to the panel during a public hearing in oakland. the governor will get a report by week end and have to decide whether to call for 60-day cooling off period. katie marzullo will have a full report in the next half hour. >> you can find a range of commute resources in the event of a bart strike or a.c. transit strike on you can find real time traffic conditions and download our exclusive abc7 news traffic app
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and get breaking news updates on twitter by following us at abc7 news bay area. >> a major outage at a reservation system used by the top airlines could cause headaches for travelers. united, men, virgin and others affected by the outage to the reservation system at 9:00 last night and airlines had to manually check in passengers before it was restored. delays could still be an issue. the system is used by more than 300 airlines and more than 100 airports around the world. if you travel this morning check in with your airline before you head to the airport. >> the palo alto city council aproven add ban on people sleeping inside their cars. it is in response to compliments of people living in vehicles near the community center. residents claim that made the area dangerous for families. 60 people spoke out against the ordinance last night at the city council meeting calling it an attack on the needy residents.
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palo alto police will not enforce the law nil it has been on the book for 90 days. members of artemis team will race for the first time since the may 9 training accident capsized the boat and killed a crew member. artemis will be seen as a sentimental favorite but it will be an underdog taking on the italian team. artemis has been training on a new boat for two weeks. it is scheduled to begin at 1:15 and tickets are still available for the grandstand seating. >> chevron will pay two million dollars in fines and restitution in connection with a devastating fire at the richmond refinery a year ago today. the company pleaded no contest to six criminal charges including failure to fix deficiencies in equipment. a 40-year-old pipe burst and sparked the fire that sent black smoke, thick smoke, spewing into the air. thousands went to local hospitals feeling ill and critic
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s complaint this is a slap on the bright a company that made $5 billion second quarter. >> hems are needing to be protected in riverside county because of fire that has forced the evacuation of 100 homes. crews are aid by choppers and planes and so far the effort is doing a pretty good job of protecting homes. >> mike asked eric and me whether we had drizzle this morning and the answer was resounding yes. >> absolutely. more drizzle tomorrow. the height of it will be thursday coinciding with our coolest afternoon. as far as temperatures if you step out, mountain view is the warm spot at 60 and san francisco and san carlos at 55 and 56 in oakland, and hayward, san ramon, 54 in concord, novato and half moon bay, and los gatos and san jose are at 58.
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here is the day planner, mist and drizzle through the morning commute and temperatures are holding steady in the 50's and clouds will slowly open by noon and look at the temperatures at the coast, we never escape the middle-to-upper 50's and we are in the low-to-upper 50's from the bay to inland so hopefully you are sitting in the sun to stay warm. moving forward we have our cool of the days ahead of us and today will be like yesterday. tomorrow, a lot like today, and maybe a degree or two cooler but the coolest day is thursday when we will have measurable drizzle and we will fine the best chance of wet streets in the morning commute. speaking of streets and morning commute, here is leyla gulen. >> where did the summer go? that is the question. we have construction in the east bay with lanes blocked. southbound 880 we will see construction crews. in the northbound direction, we have this project with cones
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picked up by 5:00 a.m. northbound 880. we have clear conditions with top speeds in both directions. always slow for the cones and look at the drive time traffic westbound from tracy to dublin is 25 minutes and along highway 4 from antioch to concord it is 15 to 16 minutes and 101 headed out of san rafael to san francisco is just under 20 minutes at 16 minutes. in san jose, 280, coming away from 17, a few cars are out this northbound, one or two southbound, no construction, and no crashes to report. >> 4:38. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is lending support to a politically charged charge. >> korean jet liner making an emergency landing. that is ahead. >> the winning streaks continues for the bay area little sluggers .
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they had a crushing victory. but, first, america's money report. >> good morning, new money buying old media. founder is paying $250 to buy the "washington post" and says the valley, management and operations of the newspaper will continue without disruption, the sail company owned the paper for 80 years. mortgage payments have higher amount pay on time, and jetblue is adding a business class, saying they are adding special seats and private single suite seats with doors that close if privacy on the flights from new york to los angeles and san francisco starting next year. the great recession has spawned a new breed of tough mom. researchers studying 5,000 moms in 20 united states cities say the tough financial times have been linked to harsher parenting which includes more yelling and
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, from the embarcadero camera, downtown san francisco, you can probably tell, there are clouds and mike nicco predicted drizzle and it is materializing so we will check back with them to see how long the skies will stay gray. >> a south korean jet has been involved in an accident, this time, no one was hurt. a korean airlines plane failed to stop on approach and overshot the runway at the airport and crews towed the plane. the incident is the second in the past 30 days involving a south korean airline, asiana flight 214 crashed last month and killed three. >> mark zuckerberg is breaking new ground on the immigration
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debate. now more from the center for the arts. >> zuckerberg appeared before a packed house in san francisco's center for the arts. he did not waste any time explaining that a comment made by a student reshaped his view on immigration. he taught a class on entrepreneurship. >> one of the students raised his hand and said, i'm not sure that i will be able to go to college because i'm undocumented this value touched me. >> he now is using his clout to help with comprehensive immigration reform and kicked off the premiere of chronicles of immigrants living in the country illegally. a pulitzer prize winning journalists and undocumented immigrant wrote and directed the documentary and he says he is thrilled to have zuckerberg as an ally. >> the marriage of all these people coming together, if you were to ask me, what the bay
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area is about, to me this is what the bay area is about. >> it drew a wide mix of people from undocumented immigrants do politicians, including nancy pelosi. the tech industry has pushed congress to raise the cap for highly skilled immigrants he says his support is for a complete overhaul. >> this is important for the future of the people and do what is right. >> he hopes this will bring about change. in san francisco for abc7 news. >> president obama will renew the calls for sweeping mortgage refinancing legislation when he travels to phoenix outlining the plan to urge congress to back bipartisan efforts to shutter fannie mae and freddie mac, the north giants bailed out by the government in 2008 and will then make the 2st trip to california and stop in burbank for his appearance on "the tonight show," before visiting with marines tomorrow.
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>> baseball fever grips the peninsula as the little leaguers steam along. they won last night the third straight at the west regionals in san bernardino, one of three hits here in the game they had nine runs in the 5th to beat utah at 3-3 under the mercy rule and the next game is wednesday night. bit way, you remember 49ers a few years ago and his son is on the roster. >> mercy will help save the pitching in these quick games. >> you cannot burn out their arm. >> only so many pitches a game. >> they moving on. we have drizzle to deal with. >> like summer moved on. it is gone. somewhere else. it is not coming back. possibly this weekend. well get a little push of warmer
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and dry air but the big story this morning is the low clouds hanging around and the drizzle. there is not much in the way of fog but if you drive around our higher elevations and deal with the reduced visibility. we see drizzle in downtown san francisco so morning drizzle and chilled sunshine, chilled by the breeze off the 50-degree water over the ocean with more drizzle through friday morning and a dry push moves in this weekend and we will see the temperatures rebound. today, well below average by 7:00 to 10 degrees and 81 in morgan hill and los gatos and low-to-mid 70's for the santa clara valley. up the pent that, low-to-mid 70's until milbrae at 68. 60 at half moon bay is the warm spot on the coast. everyone else is in the upper 50's. and 61 in downtown san francisco like yesterday. south san francisco is 66, and
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head over the golden gate bridge and you are 65 in sausalito and upper 60's to low 70's through the 101 corridor and to sonoma and napa we could hit 73. the beaches are mid-to-upper 50's. areas that see the sunshine first, union city, fremont, and castro valley, you may squeak into the low 70's. in the east bay valley, mid-to-upper 70's and antioch and brentwood, possibly a few areas that reach 80 degrees. a lot of clouds tonight and temperatures are in the 50's, another round of drizzle for the morning commute. it will be thicker and more widespread. the cool pool of air with the upper low will be moving our way tomorrow, thursday, and friday morning. probably the deepest we are going to be in it. because of that, thursday afternoon into friday is some of our coolest temperatures. we will not escape the 70's thursday, barely get to 80 on
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friday, and temperatures are get closer to average with mid-80's inland and mid-70's around the bay and near 60 at the coast for the weekend forecast. have a great day. >> we still have the accident in san francisco south of the 280 extension and it was involving four vehicles and they have pushed it to the shoulder, however, and it is starting to build up and spectator slowing away from 280 northbound along the 280 extension and we are looking at slow-and-go conditions. as we head over to the east bay over the altamont pass we have a report of a stalled vehicle, eastbound 580 at 205 in a construction zone moving along in the westbound direction starting to build quite a bit and bumper-to-bumper traffic and into fremont along 680 you are at top speeds at the sunol and the nimitz is moving along fine and outside to the golden gate bridge, you can see where traffic is running smoothly and you could see some mist or
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drizzle on the windshield so it could be slippery. >> thank you, leyla gulen. there will be a gathering in livermore on the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing of of the bell. the event led by the prime minister was fold by a moment of silence to remember the victims. today's event at livermore laboratory calls for the elimination of nuclear womens and features a moment of silence followed by a march starting at 7:00 a.m. at the laboratory. >> new york yankees start rodriguez was greeted with boos in chicago as he fights a suspension that could take him out of baseball through all of next season. a-rod's first at bat was the only hit in the 8-1 loss to the
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white sox. he has just come back and he is the only one of 13 players fighting the suspension handed down over performance-enhancing drugs. the others got 50 games suspension but he faces four times that for allegedly impeding the investigation. the ruling is not expected until november at the usualliest. >> coming up, tainted candy and you will want to avoid this sugar treat at all costs. >> trying to get pregnant? the supplements that doctors say will not do you
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>> 4:52 on the abc7 news and at look at the bay bridge and you can see there could be a ship moving. mike will have more on the forecast this morning with mist out there and leyla gulen will have the traffic. >> a second auction for a nevada
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man's gold fortune and the only heir is a substitute teacher, a 69-year-old died in nevada in last summer and crews discovered thousands of gold coins. a judge determined that the mother from san rafael is the only surviving relative and the gold is worth $7.5 million and the first batch mostly bullion was sold at auction in february for $3.5 million. today's auction at the carson city courthouse includes 2,600 gold coins. >> several companies will fill 450 jobs at a hiring event in san jose today, and they need measures, real estate agents and engineers from noon to 4:00 at the double tree hotel in san jose at gateway place. details are on >> and now, given what we are seeing this morning i will bet it will not be terribly warm. >> that is a good bet if only it
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was worth $400 million. like the power ball. at&t park this evening will be a cool one, hopefully the lay is hot on the field. 60 degrees at 7:15 and dropping down to 56 and there could be drizzle by the end of the game. most of the thunderstorms are staying in arizona but if you are headed to san diego and maybe in the high desert 105 in palm springs and san diego at 70, and los angeles at 74 and only 85 in sacramento. in tahoe, again, much cooler than all of us at 82 >> now at look at 80 southbound from walnut creek to dublin/pleasanton it is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is a quick 4th minute commute and 17 away from highway one to los gatos through the santa cruz mountains is 24 minute commute and now, outside, no, first,
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over to mass transit, all on time. walnut creek southbound 680, as you make the drive away from highway 4 to the 24 junction, you can see quite a few cars on the road, and everything is still moving along just fine. >> a recall is underway this morning for a candy, a san jose company imports it from vietnam with lead exceeding state guidelines in ginger candy coming in clear plastic containers labeled with "ginger candy" and pregnant women and parents of children who may is eaten the family ask your doctor about being tested. >> one in five kids who go to the emergency room are there because of a sports-related injury is the conclusion of a new study from a nonprofit group. the report says that sports injuries sent 1.3 million kids between six and 19 to the
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hospital or $930 million in hospital bills. sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions are among the most common injury. >> fast food industry is spending $2 billion on marketing to kids and most promote junk food and fast food. online games and tech and social networks show a large increase. >> a study suggests that antioxidants do not help you conceive a baby. researchers tested them, including vitamin e, c, d and calcium and there was no significant increase of women becoming pregnant when taking this contradicting a british study suggesting vitamins could doubling a woman's chance of getting pregnant. >> a survey shows americans are keeping their cars and trucks longer than ever and that trend
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will likely increase. the research firm says that the average vehicle on the roads is nearly 11 1/2 years old two years older than 2007 before the great recession. folks say people are not anxious to get back into dealt when the car is paid off and the quality of cars is better allowing them to run longer. new car sales are on the rise, as well. >> we are following two breaking news stories, next at 5:00 a.m., the search that expands the bay area for two missing children and a man accused of kidnapping them. their lives could be in danger. >> there is a fast moving grass fire in the presidio.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:00, thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. you may find mist or drizzle. >> we did. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> it is juicy out there. it is not rain, it is drizzle, very fine drizzle hanging in the air and floating to the ground. i don't think it is enough to coat the ground but it could be tomorrow and more so thursday morning. we talk about the first forecast. 75 to 80 inland with sunshine at noon. clouds ambassador the bay by 1:00 o'clock, 66 to 75 and cool at the coast into san francisco and 57 to 61 and partly unany conditio


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